Haptics is the science of creating a realistic sense of touch to the user in a virtual environment. For more than 55 years, we have been creating solutions in flight and automotive simulation that effectively apply this technology. At any given moment, in training centers around the world, a Moog simulation solution is at work providing an unsurpassed level of performance, fidelity and reliability. Known as a market leader in haptic controls for flight simulation Moog has also been a pioneer of the so called "admittance control" technology. The admittance control paradigm gives our devices unprecedented stiffness, mechanical robustness and stability, without sacrificing crisp and light motion in simulated "free air". Whenever they need to remove tooth decay, fill cavities, and repair fractured teeth dentists need to use a dental burr. The dental trainer is a high fidelity simulator used precisely to learn dentist students to drill in a dedicated, extremely realistic virtual reality trainer.

• High fidelity simulator for optimum quality of training • Drilling with realistic force feedback • Unprecedented stiffness, mechanical robustness and stability • Crisp and light motion in simulated "free air" • Realistic experience through high performance visual and audio renderings

• Dental trainings • Courseware interface (courseware from ACTA) • Dental schools


and easily distinguished from dentin and pulpa. The courseware interface is open. A growing library of scans of real teeth is available for use in the exercises. For more information or the office nearest you. together with rest of the mouth. modern dental curriculum.SPECIFICATIONS The basis of our products for haptics and robotics is our patented "admittance control" technology which allows for the most precise of movements in training. as well as the forces on the tip of the burr. Moog dental trainer provides high end dental simulation and training and is a complete. high fidelity simulator for teaching dental students how to drill in a dedicated environment. Like courseware. Three of our core systems offered to the marketplace are: The HapticMaster. drives a built in sound module which faithfully renders the sound of an air rotor or other types of drill. Our high performance range of products helps solve real-world problems in new ways. true size collocated visual display approaches the acuity limits of the human eye. and its subsidiaries.com\industrial Moog is a registered trademark of Moog. tooth scans from various sources can be added to increase the variety and the realism in the simulator. A tracked dental mirror handle allows realistic inspection of the teeth from all sides.com TOOTH LIBRARY www. The dental mirror and its mirror image are a true size. ©2007 Moog. Inc. All rights reserved. contact us online. . Inc. Inc. A library of hand piece and burr shapes is available. Exercises for a number of training stations can be monitored and replayed on a central instructor station. full stereo image to be seen "in" the physical workspace of the hand piece. natural and realistic part of the visual scene. The very sharp. All trademarks as indicated herein are the property of Moog.moog. The image is "seen" in the visual display. INTERFACE CENTRAL MANAGEMENT HAPTIC BURR DENTAL MIRROR FOOTPEDAL VISUAL DISPLAY AUDIO Moog has offices around the world. Courseware created by the renowned ACTA institute is available with the trainer to support a full. The use of a force sensor in the drill hand piece allows unusually crisp and realistic rendering of drill and contact forces. The unprecedented realism of the visual. operational or assembly situations. proven training system for dental schools. The hardness of the enamel is faithfully replicated. KEY FEATURES • Advanced control technology: a unique admittance control paradigm using a force sensor for high fidelity feel • Reliability: proven technology and patented control algorithm allow the full spectrum of movement from very high to very delicate forces DEDICATED SIMULATOR The dental simulator is a high-quality. A realistic model of the behavior of the drill speed. under the control of the foot pedal and the force exerted by the student on the drill. Projection and mirror technology allow the full resolution. A real foot pedal is used to control the speed of the virtual drill. e-mail: haptics@moog. and different types of courseware can be easily interfaced to the trainer if desired. Datasheet Haptics "Dental Trainer" (UK) Moog/RBD/1208 This technical data is based on current available information and is subject to change at any time by Moog. Rotations of the drill hand piece are felt and reflected on screen. The haptics is based on the patented Moog admittance control paradigm. Wristalyzer and Dental Trainer. haptic and audio experience gives optimal transfer from the trainer to actual practice. and its subsidiaries. The courseware is displayed on a screen carried by a separate arm. All changes are reserved. Specifications for specific systems or applications may vary.

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