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: Lotus 190-846 : Creating Applic.Components Using IBM Lotus Component Des.6

Version : R6.1

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1. Sofie intends to deploy a component to users who speak two languages, so would like to support each in their native language. How can she best accomplish this? A. Use an IBM WebSphere Translation Server as a front-end to the component B. Create external files for text localization for each language using component options C. Write separate pages for each language, computing the correct starting page based on a cookie D. Write two components, one in each language, and ask users to select the language they desire on a single page in Portal Answer: B 2. Jason has developed a component and discovered that in rare circumstances, a user can cause an error to occur in the application. While he works on correcting the problem, he would like to make sure that a friendly error message is displayed when this happens. How can he accomplish this? A. Create the page, then set the Error page in Component Options B. Create an external page, then reference the URL in Component Options C. Create an external page, then reference the URL in the Preferences dialog D. Create the page, then set the default error page in the Preferences dialog Answer: A 3. As Will is developing a component with sensitive data, he needs to set access control on the database. Where can he perform this task? A. Page Properties B. Component Options C. Preference dialog D. Deployment Profile Answer: B 4. As Jeremy prepares to deploy his component as part of a composite application, he discovers that only a single portlet is displayed in WebSphere Portal. He had created many pages in the component with the intent of deploying more portlets. What is the problem? A. The administrator does not have rights to the other pages in the component B. The deployment profile needs to be modified to generate portlets for pages C. The default portlet was created automatically, he needs to define other portlets in component options D. Each page that is the default view for a portlet needs the portlet definition options set in the Properties panel Answer: C 5. What is a difference between the Editor and Author Roles in Lotus Component Designer? A. Editors can create new documents, Authors cannot. B. There is no difference between the two in Lotus Component Designer.

C. Authors can create, edit, and delete documents, Editors may only edit them. D. Authors can only read other peoples' documents and create and edit their own; Editors can read, create, and edit any document. Answer: D 6. Jill's WebSphere Portal administrator has informed her that it is the administrator's job to use the WebSphere Portal Portlet Wiring Tool to wire portlets. However in order to transfer instances of these properties and their values to and from portlets to initiate actions, Jill must work with which design element in Lotus Component Designer? A. Roles B. Wiring properties C. Action properties D. Script properties Answer: B 7. Iona is readying her composite application for deployment. In addition to defining portlets and setting parameters on source and target portlets, what other activity is required in order for the portlets in her application to cooperate? A. Wiring the portlets B. Setting property broker actions C. Writing a composite application script D. Modifying the deployment profile for multiple portlets Answer: B 8. Once Xavier has completed his composite application and deployed it to the WebSphere Portal server, he discovers that it would be better to have some configurable parameters for the Portal administrator to manage, like the header text for the portlet(s). How would he accomplish this development task? A. Modify the deployment profile to add administration parameters B. Add composite application parameters from the menu or Designer Navigator C. Modify the role for composite applications to the exact text "Administrator" D. Modify the Deployment Descriptor Language (DDL) file prior to delivering the application Answer: B 9. Heather is going to create item a template for her WebSphere Portal environment. However when she logs into the server she does not see the Template's button from the window top menu. What is the most likely reason? A. The environment does not support templates. B. She needs to Authenticate as an administrator. C. The environment already has a template deployed.

D. She does not have access to create Templates for her environment. Answer: D 10. Paul is deploying a composite application and would like to define a script that is run when the application instance is created - not when it is first accessed or a portlet is used, but on creation. Which of the following is the correct event he should be concerned with? A. newInstance B. createInstance C. createComponent D. createApplication Answer: B 11. Before users can generate an application from a template on the WebSphere Portal server, Matt must first add them to Template Users. Where can he get a list of available users? A. From the server's Directory. B. From the defined Template Roles C. Each user must be entered manually D. From the Administrators provisioning page Answer: A 12. Monica needs to set the roles for her component. Where will she need to do this? A. In Lotus Component Designer under the Roles component B. In Lotus Component Designer by creating a Roles control C. On the WebSphere Portal server on the Applications page D. In Lotus Component Designer under Composite Applications - Roles, and also in WebSphere Portal if more than User and Administrator roles are required Answer: D 13. What control would Harry use if he wanted to provide the ability to view and edit data from a data repository inside a control, assuming the control accepts input? A. Panel Container B. Edit Area Control C. Data Table Control D. Multiline Edit Box Control Answer: C 14. Which UI Control would allow Darius to place the contents of an computed-text-only page at the foot of other pages, so he does not have to repeat the work each time he wants to make a change? A. Base Text Control B. Include Page Control

C. Header and Footer Control D. Shared HTML Source Control Answer: B 15. George has completed his schema definitions, and a new requirement has surfaced to add default values to several edit controls. Where can this option be found? A. Only in the XSD text editor B. In the list of schema elements C. On each page where the element is used D. On the schema element properties palette and also in the controls data properties panel Answer: D 16. Melissa wishes to create a new page in Lotus Component Designer. Which three options of associating the page with data are available to her? A. Start without creating a data source, create an XML schema, or use an existing XML schema B. Start without creating a data source, import a Domino form, or inherit a page design from a schema C. Start without creating a data source, import an ASP application, or inherit a form design from a schema D. Import a Domino form, inherit a form design from a schema, or extract a form design from a deployed component Answer: A 17. Zoe needs to use a style sheet that resides on a company web server and is under the control of another development group. How can she accomplish this while not missing any changes the other developers may make to the style sheet? A. Enable frequent resource update checks in Preference dialog B. Add the style sheet as an external style sheet by using "Link to a style sheet from a URL" C. Import the style sheet programmatically on a regular basis using a scheduled server script library D. Provide the other development team with a WAR file with instructions on how to update the CSS file it encapsulates Answer: B 18. When Melissa creates a new schema element, there are options for the relationship of the element to the schema or other elements. Which of the following are valid schema element relationships? A. Child only B. Sibling only C. Descendent or parent D. Parent, child or sibling Answer: D 19. Troy wants very granular control of the data elements he places on his pages. Which of the following

describes the properties he can control using the schema Properties panel? A. Basic, Connections, Constraints, and Values B. Basic, XSD Validation, Security and Connections C. Basic, Security, Enumerate Values and Constraints D. Basic, Enumerate Values, Constraints, and Annotation Answer: D 20. Julian wishes to create a new Portal application using Lotus Component Designer. Which of the following sets of design elements best describes the high-level design elements in a component? A. Forms, views, images and buttons B. Pages, images, schemas and templates C. Forms, templates, schemas, view queries, and UI design controls D. Pages, XML schemas, external data, view queries, resources and composite application elements Answer: D 21. Kaylee is working on a complex page in Lotus Component Designer. Where can she find a hierarchical list of all the design elements on her page? A. Outline view B. Properties panel C. Designer navigator D. Database schema view Answer: A 22. As Mitch is developing his schema, he wishes to make sure a data element is never entered with extra spaces. Where can this be accomplished? A. Using Annotation B. Using a JavaScript script library C. On the Basic tab of the Properties panel D. Using the Transform whitespace property on the Constraints tab of the Properties panel Answer: D 23. Pavel wishes to define the characteristics of his component's page data elements using a schema. Which of the following can be defined in a schema? A. Field name, type, properties, values, constraints, and annotation B. Field name, placement, page association, constraints, and values C. Field name, initial value, page association, view placement, and type D. Field name, page association, type, constraints, values and placement Answer: A 24. As George is building a new schema, he creates an element of the type Integer. He has several options

for its properties. Which of the following is a valid development activity for the element as defined at the schema level? A. Set the display type B. Set the text color and style C. Associate with a data entry control D. Define element events and program them using the Script Editor Answer: C 25. When selecting File-Export from the menu bar to export Component or Deployable File, what option is NOT available in Lotus Component Designer? A. Components as a WDC file B. Components as a ZIP file C. Deployable files as a WAR file D. Component data store information as a DDL file Answer: B 26. Carl is not able to see his recently deployed component. What is the most likely reason why? A. Carl does not have the appropriate role as defined in the component. B. Carl deployed the components using a WAR file instead of a JAR file. C. Carl's component uses client side JavaScript and is not available from the server. D. Carl needs to have the WebSphere Portal administrator provision the component to him. Answer: A 27. Hugo is looking for the deployment profiles he created over time. Where can he find a listing of these within Lotus Component Designer? A. In the Component Navigator B. Under the Profiles menu bar option C. The deployment profiles reside outside of Lotus Component Designer in DDL files D. In the Preferences dialog under the IBM Lotus Component Designer - Deployment item Answer: D 28. What Document Store database type option is NOT available when creating a Deployment Profile? A. XML B. Derby C. Oracle D. Microsoft SQL Server Answer: A 29. Andy is ready to deploy his component to the WebSphere Portal server. What step can he to take in Lotus Component Designer to do this?

A. Right click on the component and select Export B. From the file menu, click on Component - Export C. From the file menu, click on Component ?Deploy D. From the file menu, click on Server - Deploy - Component Answer: C 30. To see a deployed component from the WebSphere Portal server, what must you do first? A. Add the component to a page B. Add the component to a portlet C. Add the component to an application template D. Deploy portlets with the same name as the component Answer: A 31. Which argument is NOT available for the Change document mode action? A. Toggle B. Read mode C. Edit mode D. Create mode Answer: D 32. David wants to pre-populate the Comments edit box on his page based on the selection made in a combo box field. In what event will he need to create a JavaScript expression to accomplish this? A. The edit box's onFocus event B. The combo box's onFocus event C. The edit box's onChange event D. The combo box's onChange event Answer: D 33. Which of the following events can be applied to a Computed Field control? A. onFocus B. onSelect C. onKeyPress D. None. The Computed Field control does not support events. Answer: D 34. Inara is exploring the various ways to use external (not XML document based) data in a new component. Which of the following accurately represents her choices using Lotus Component Designer's native features? A. Web Service Client Generators, Relational Queries, DB2 Connections, and ODBC B. Web Service Adapters, ODBC, External Data Connections, and View Queries with Domino data

C. Domino Forms, Relational Queries, External Data Connections, and View Queries with Domino views D. Web Service Adapters, Relational Queries, External Data Connections, and View Queries with Domino data Answer: D 35. Rich has created an Edit Box on his page and wants to write a JavaScript expression for the onChange event. Which of the following is a valid option for the event? A. Run local B. Run on web client C. Run on local or server D. Run on client and server Answer: B 36. Anthony has created a script for the onClick event of his button and would like to have it available as a Script Library. How can he accomplish this? A. Create a new Script Library and reference the button within the properties. B. Drag and drop the button into the Scripts section on the the Component Navigator. C. Copy the JavaScript from its current location and create a new Script Library resource. D. Create a Script Library with the same name as the button control so that it inherits its event code. Answer: C 37. Donny finds that he is writing the same function for many of the UI Controls on his page. What can he do to keep from having to create the same function repeatedly? A. He needs to define the function as part of the component Schema. B. He needs to put the function in one UI Control and call it from the others. C. He needs to put the function in a Script Library an call it from the UI Control. D. He needs to be sure that the function is running on the client so the client can optimize it at runtime. Answer: C 38. There are several options available to change the width of a table cell within Lotus Component Designer. Which one of the following describes a correct way to do this? A. From the table cell properties, enter the number of pixels into the Width attribute. B. Right click on the table cell and select the Column Width option to set the number of pixels. C. Highlight the table cell and use the left and right arrows on the keyboard to cause the cell to shrink or grow. D. From the table properties, select the Format tab and enter the number of pixels into the appropriate cell's Width attribute. Answer: A 39. Which of the following events is NOT available for the button control?

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