Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are skills you have acquired through any number of activities - such as courses, clubs, volunteering, and working full or part-time that can be used in any new activity. Major categories for marketable transferable skills are: Communication, Research and Planning, Human Relations, Organization, Management and Leadership, and General Work Behaviors. Talents, traits and practical knowledge are all part of the skills spectrum. Some of these skills have more transfer value than others for employment opportunities. So it is important to think about your skills and their value to what you want to do or are applying for. Skills are not stagnant so it is always possible to build the ones that you are good at, and to strengthen or develop the ones you are not so good at in your work, volunteering or education. Skills can be divided into: Core Skills (Foundation) Sociability

Transferable (Marketable) Creative thinking

Reading, writing & numeracy

Analysis & logical thinking

Computer literacy


Job-specific (Specialized) Analyzing specific biological species or law cases related to murder, or human resource policies regarding harassment, or ... Use of proprietary software for data analysis, or product design, or research results, or« Specialized training or education in a field, such as engineering, law« You must have credentials related to the specialization requirement

Self-management Teamwork aptitude Cognition (thinking)

Organizing (things, people) Communication written & verbal Interpersonal rapport

Work requires different combinations of skills, so it is important to understand your core, transferable, and job-specific skills. You will find that some of your core skills overlap with your transferable skills, and that many are integrated into your job-specific skills. Let¶s look at how this is possible and how you can integrate these into your writing for various job opportunities. Your goal is to match what you offer to what the employer needs.

which would all be strengths in the Computer Technician position. Example 1: You are interested in working as a Customer Service Representative for a bank. and computer literacy. specifically in my final computer program design project involving firewall integrity. you should be able to detect use of transferable skills. Job-specific skills are found in the listed specific programs known. as a Customer Care Representative. You have a Computer Science Degree. which as indicated by my GPA of 4. Also. as the job advertisement wants to hire people with these skills and abilities. in your cover letter. cognitive. also you have experience working at a computer store as a Customer Care Representative for the past 2 years. Following are some other examples for you to review to ensure that you understand how to approach your own writing of transferable skills. about your skills that will transfer to the Computer Technician position. I am competent in building and maintaining client relationships through courteous. knowledge based service provision. such as social. In these two paragraphs emphasis is placed on core skills. the degree in related field. analysis and logical thinking. and provide guidance and direction for troubleshooting various computer set-up issues. problem-solving. remember you have many skills the trick is to be able to state what those are and match your skills and abilities to the work role you are applying for. and creative thinking.The job you are seeking is for a Computer Technologist position. and the direct troubleshooting skill reference. Here is an example of how to write. with course work using specific programming software and hardware repair techniques/tools. problem-solving.0 I excel in and enjoy. Here is how one might approach stating transferable skills using the McDonald¶s experience: . In my studies I repeatedly was adept at coming up with creative solutions to difficult problems. and using computer technology tools relevant to your industry. My degree in computer science from the University of New Brunswick (UNB) provided specific training in (name the programming software and hardware repair techniques/tools used). Your past work as a Kitchen Supervisor with McDonald¶s needs to be used to help support your skills and abilities for providing customer service and relationship management. Working at XXX store for the past 2 years. such as interpersonal relations. My education and work related experience provide me with over two years solid experience working with customers. I frequently answer customer questions regarding product recommendations for specific client interface needs.

Marketable. I had the opportunity to perform research work on fungus which required following sampling and lab protocols. Did I use: 1. and ensured morale was positive and productive by actively listening and problem solving. . express opinions or ideas tactfully. for example. Human Relations or Interpersonal Skills. Here is how one might demonstrate transferable skills: During my forth year Biology lab work. Using courses that are relevant to the work to be done is also a great way to demonstrate transferable skills. unite a team with differences. negotiate with people. they simply state the duties they have performed in a particular job. build cooperation/support. engage others. presenting. such as active-listening. such as teach/assist. provide service to people. recording of findings. following protocols. record. I am competent in analysis. and producing a comprehensive six month report on activity. Job-Specific skills) When you think of a job activity (duty) ask yourself how you did that duty ± for example. which I would maintain when dealing with your banking customers. delegate tasks/supervise. make decisions. and report on findings. Many times students do not assess what they can do. (Core. You see a job for a pharmaceutical lab worker that says they want someone with some experience dealing with lab protocols. motivate.. ask yourself the following kinds of questions. analyze. Communication and/or Critical Thinking Skills. Example 2: You have completed a Biology Lab course that required that you deal with fungus samples. was responsible for scheduling. identify quickly and accurately critical issues when making decisions or solving problems. work in a group of two. 2. analysis. facilitating. use diplomacy. and recording results. problem-solve. equipment sterilization.As a Kitchen Supervisor with McDonald¶s I managed five night shift staff. regular scheduled climate control maintenance and sample analysis.. convey messages effectively. My ability to build positive work relationships and mange employee needs demonstrates my caring service management orientation. train or mentor. and accurately recording findings. use general principles in interrelated . Think about what you have the ability to do. lab equipment.

utilize several perspectives to analyze interrelations between events. identify problems and needs. evaluate. create innovative solutions to complex problems.. work.hrsdc.experiences or based on facts.. . and resources). use protocols/procedures. assess needs. design. set goals/objectives. allocate resources (time.aspx This location provides information on all labour performed in Canada. « For more assistance in developing your knowledge of your transferable skills through your various experiences (courses. The job descriptions can help you learn what skills and abilities a job requires. 3. . and some language that you should try to incorporate in your documents to help match you to your chosen profession. and volunteering) visit the National Occupation Codes website at http://www5. Research. draft. 4. sort. compile. and Planning Skills. use varied sources of information. predict future trends or patterns. adapt concepts and behaviours as needed. Design. synthesize. deadlines). formulate. accommodate competing demands. prioritizing. apply information creatively. clarify problems. determining resources needed (human and materials) for projects or tasks. such as identify alternative courses of action. Information Management or Administration Skills. Investigation.. organize.. timelines. motivate and lead. apply various methods/techniques to test validity. such as analyzing tasks. coordinate energy. multi-task. manage time (schedules. delegate. set priorities. training. implement.gc.

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