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Interior Crafts of the Islands, Inc. Furniture Manufacturing Company Background Interior Crafts of the Islands, Inc.

, home to one of Asia's most prestigious furniture brand KennethCOBONPUE is a leading original design manufacturer of innovative and beautiful objects for Asian, American and European high-end furniture vendors. The company is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission Reg. No CEO0300 dated 27 November 1984 with an authorized capital stock of P 4 million with a par value of P 100.00 per share. The company's primary purpose is to engage in manufacturing, selling of furniture and fixtures to distribute whether wholesale or retail, household furniture made of wood, rattan, metal or any other raw materials. Interior Crafts of the Islands, Inc. is located in 3-A General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City Philippines and currently has 235 employees. Its vision is to LEAD in the DESIGN and MANUFACTURE of innovative and beautiful OBJECTS with superior quality and prompt service. Mission: 1. To maintain mutually-beneficial and lasting relationships with internal and external customers. 2. To combine modern technology with impeccable craftsmanship using natural and synthetic materials. 3. To safeguard the health and welfare of every stakeholder by using environment-friendly practices and processes. 4. To grow profitably every year. 5. To attract, retain, and develop best-in market talents. 6. To compete with the worlds best. 7. To achieve all these in an atmosphere of family. Goals & Objectives: 1. To improve overall operations by establishing and documenting Standard Operating Procedures and utilizing appropriate Information and Communication Technology. 2. To effectively and efficiently introduce innovative and beautiful designs that meet international quality standards. 3. To expand and strengthen our markets by enhancing the KC Brand. Possible Problem Areas On-time Manufacturing of Products the company is experiencing some backlogs. Orders placed during peak seasons (i.e. Christmas) are not manufactured on time. Since, the company is manufacturing high-end furniture, product specifications would vary from orders. This results to job-orders that could not be finished on time and would require overtime just to meet the scheduled shipment.

Quality Control before shipment to customers, finished goods undergo quality control procedures to ensure that all specifications for that order are followed. And during this stage, there are a number of products not passing the standard quality. This would need additional time to rework the products to meet the requirements. This is an inefficiency of the manufacturing function.