nthe best campaigns, the world and the rules arereAections of one another. We've spent a fair bit of rime here In the Paizo offices yakking about what a world might look like if there really were several sentient races, monsters with dangerous magical powers, and the other fantastic elements of the Ov..O game. Central to these discussions is the idea rhar introducing a new game element or a new rule could change the setting. Removing a familiar rule or element could, if destred, also send ripples through the setting and change the feel of the game. One of our favorite examples is the mind Aayer-the average Illithid has an intelligence that rivals the greatest human minds, the race is inherently orderly, and they have crazily powerful mental abilities. When trying to think how the rules would impact the world. it sometimes seems like mind flayers should control everything, and it's not too hard to imagine that a race with such prodigious mental faculties could easily manipulate the players. Although it wouldn't be much fun, I can easily see a campaign where every time the players reached a significant milestone they received a note or message that goes something like, "Thank you. You have mer our expectations perfectly, and we'd like to reward you. -Xixlitharcan, Illithid envoy." Making the mind flayers seem all-knowing by responding this way to everything that the players do is a simple trick, an exaggerated example of the rules impacting the setting, but it's still a trick that makes the world reflect one aspect of the rules. There are literally thousands of game elements that could potentially affect rhe world this way, so the OM has a lot of freedom to decide which are most important in any given campaign or which aspects of the game have had the most visible effects on the world. A OM designing a campaign set in the early days of a young setting might want to make the magic of the world feel raw and primitive in its application. That OM could remove the wizard and cleric classes From the campaign entirely, restricting magic just as he decides to restrict weapon technology. Powerful spell casters might still dot the setting, but they are always druids or sorcerers. It goes the other way too-OMs and players alike can starr with an idea for a culture, a world, or a single character, and tailor the rules to match. Perhaps the OM decides that the fighTers from one culture value learning more than those from other cultures do and wants to reinforce this idea by adding an underlying game mechanic. With little trouble. the OM decides that all fjghters from the northern continent do not get a Free proficiency with heavy armor at rsr level but instead get a free Skill Focus feat. A minor change. to be sure, but one that the players will notice. and one that reminds them that the rules reflect the flavor of The game world. Every bit of flavor in a setting and each interesting cultural variation doesn't need to have unique game mechanics associated with it, but these tailored rules variations give OMs and players alike the tools to create tangible effects of the setting's flavor. This issue, along with the two following issues, focus on providing just these kinds of tools-variants that are suitable for any game and any setting. awaiting only OM or player choice to guide their inclusion in a campaign. We're always looking for new ways to add interesting flavor to our games, so whenever you rncorporare the variants from this issue into your campaign in an interesting way, drop a note to scalemail@paizo.com. and share your ideas.



To inquire aboul sub."lpl,ons. email dr6gon!'!'pcspubllnk.com or call, (800) 395-n60. To conrllCl DiIA(/()/V about editorial concerns, email s<;ulemaUllllp1l;.opubn.n;ng.com. reproduced In the magazJne may be edtred for clarily 1lnd Irmgrh. All leners must include your full name and home clly. Due. 10 lime CQJ)SIr<Iints lind the volume of leners
responses ate nor aiWllVs


Letters received,


6 August 2003

and I'm headed home to set my dice out with the highest numbers facing up. IndiVidual mqulrc a bout . Jason Schulte Address Withheld READERS TALK BACK are considered hideous by himself and the other players. solid yellow dBs that are bright enough to be distracting. but we have set our dice up this way ever since that night. He only uses dice that Blooper Reel I think I have had one of the worst experiences as a DM ever. raspenses are not always possible. These include a pink d4 that looks like solidified PeptoBismol."gon@pc. izopublishing. I spent a couple of hours making a dungeon for the players and then managed to lose it.. Another player insists on having a different set of dice for each character. To corilact DII/I. email d. and other monstrosities. He even goes as far as to not use complete sets of dice. I've seen folks put their dice on 'he table with the highest numbers up-the ''logic''being thet the dice would remember the high numbers or get in the habit of landing with the high numbers up. all the daos in our house vanished overnight-all of them. (800) 3115-7760. However.com.ubscrjphon. Due to time consrrerras and the volume of letters received.pubtin~.. usually by pouring 20 sets of dice into her lap and finding the ones that she needs.. Jesse Decker £difor-in-Chief Punish Theml like many DMs. a rebellious d20.. somebody brought up the idea that old glass windows are thicker at the bottom because of gravity. he actually picked up his wrist rocket slingshot and fired the die from our second-story balcony out into the city in a fit of rage and disgust. Then my group's character sheets got recycled by a well-meaning parent. He had no other problems with his other dice that evening-coincidence? Erin McRoy Address Withheld I've seen lots of players arrange their dice with 8 specific number up. I've also seen folks arrange their dice with the lowest numbers up-the again spurious logic being thst you can voodoo-out the low numbers. as these are "far too pretty" for his liking. and they seemed to straighten out their act." Here are some of the more unique habits in the group. I have a player who will not use "pretty" dice. We hypothesized that the same thing might work on dice. but rather keeps them all in the same container and digs for them as she needs them. Then. We were having one of those sessions were the whole parry was having trouble staying on track. 8 August 2003 . To make matters worse. He would periodically stick his dice in the microwave to punish them for rolling badly. was particularly unruly and had to be repeatedly punished and still continued its evil ways. I have players in my crew who have weird dice fetishes. She knows which dice are for which character. All lerrers must include your full name and borne dry. she doesn't bother to separate dice into different bags or compartments. Your reasoning is much better rhough.com Or tall. so everybody turned all of their dice to the highest number so that "dice creep" would make them roll better. Yet the funniest dice story I have is from another player. I barely saved them in time. Letters reproduced in the magazlnl! may be edited FQr clarity and lengJh. During one of the many stalls in the session. but this is the best logic I've ever heard behind such a decision. regardless of how individually grotesque they are. when one of his dice. These run the gamut from simply "don't touch my dice" to "I can't have dice for different characters in the same tray. Twenty seconds on high nuke. even without labels and with the fact that she has over 20 sets of dice. email scslemaile . I am not sure how many years you would have to keep your dice in this position before gravity would have any effect on the roll of the dice.(KJIY about ediTorial concerns.SCALE MAIL GAMERS LOVE THEM DICE Dice Creep My story is actually more of an "I can't believe that everybody fell for this" kind of tale.

I 0 August 2003 . Due 10 rime constraints aM tile volume of letters received. Wizards of the Coast is producing a new ODtD miniatures game. but as soon as Erik's wizard turned Chris S intelligent dire boar into a stone giant.S Dp.I". To comacr D/lAOONabour edllcrl.. J can't wart to launch a campaign set in Westeros. As a OM. WI As readers might already know from hinTS in DRAGON and news online.Z5GollJA So ler that be a warning to you: Always keep character sheets away From parents. ALL ELF LA. Also. Martin's A Song of lee and Fire into the d20 system.ine may be edlred for clarily end le"glh. is there any chance we will see an article on using the CHAINMAJL system to conduct some of the smaller battles? I think that CHAINMAIL'S scope and use of commanders would lend itself well to simulating the smaller battles from the books. . SO WI-I'( OOMT You "'" ELF WISI-I . If that doesn't do it for you. the capture of Jamie Lannister.c:om or . Future issues OfORAGON will contain .ilOpalzo. So please keep printing dao material for A Song of Ice and Fire.c. things got ugly in a hurry. . there is always the option of getting a ship and sailing to and exploring the other kingdoms and lands that Martin has hinted at . (80c) 305-7780. teners reproduced m.TE E. Although readers won't see any more CHAINMAIL features in the magazine.rem.L£Y in 1M are nOl To i~"ulr .. AU lotte rs musl IlIcl"de your Full name and t. . the worst OM experience ever was had by the poor guy who drew Chris Thomasson (editor of DUNGEON). and any other rules modrflcarions that apply specifically to war-gaming in Westeros.. email . individual response. notable personalities like Bronn. Between diplomacy. warfare. the last we heard.. the upcoming Miniatures Handbook or the Wizards of the Coast website will contain guidelines for conversion to and from CHAINMAfL rules. ..!l'fs possible.. Jesse Decker Wonderful Wester os I think you are doing a wonderful job of bringing the world of George R.1 ceneerns. and The Brotherhood's encounter with the wild men beyond the wall.gaz. and the threat beyond the wall..ccm. Erik Mona (editor OfPOLYHillRON). but for my money. I'd like to see stats for the menat-arms of the different houses. Jared Sutton Sparta.. Just a thought.LVES . Westeros offers unlimited roleplaying porentlal.. R. Ian Rouse Address Withheld Sounds horrid. Scenarios could include scenes like King Robert's boar hunt. Sll. He was well prepared and all.D ? Ih' TQNY MosE. and me in the first round of the ODtD Open at Gen Con test year. O\J'#JE'RE I NSTEA.. . ~mail dragonlllpc..ome cily. aeeur subscripllons.pub!lnk.all.\JI£.

As I mentioned in previous letters columns. but they make nice disposable aids for convention play.pll. Einarrin. Pictures of a few of these miniatures appear on the inside of the OM screen included with this issue. Another good idea I've seen at conventions is photocopies of the adventure maps. The two alternatives that I used (prior to the big. but we didn't care.l d".11.. If you missed them. and if you re a CHAINMAlL fan. you should easily adapt. and a soda can for the purple worm.. We currentty have no plans to publish more George R. IndillldU"1 14 August 200l .content that relates to the new miniatures. making a more modular pJay aid than one large map (the drawback. If you have a favorite fantasy fiction series that you'd like to see developed in/a a DUJD seNing. If only someone would bring all thai mfo: marlon to us In one plac. Due TOlime eons.lernlllll1l. They're not big enough for miniatures.. MaNhew Sernett Quitting Tips The most expensive part of using miniatures in OUrO is the map. To contact DIMGGW abOUT edlrOrial coneerns.. and I would love to see more. more.com. Eventually a map would be too full of holes to use. or a flre-breathlng. laQo) 39S-n60. Also.n rs and rM volume or leners respenses are nor always possible.opubllotling. marshmallow chick half-dragon? Scott Janke Moscow. Jesse Decker World Stealing I look forward to issues with campaign sou ce material for popular ficrion settings (like the recent Westeros material in issue #307. All 1. Matlhew Sernett Senior Editor investigate the possibilities. crafring rich detailed histories and populating these worlds with fascinating cultures and people who dwell in exotic and fanrasnc locales.'. I've also watched friends photocopy I-inch square grids onro clear overlay paper.c. dry erase gaming maps) were quilting boards and STandard graph paper. is that the maps can move around aCCidentally). In my gaming sessions. draw the area. R.... There are so many great settings out there In rhe world of fantasy fiction that the authors have already done most of the hard work on (Earrhsea.com. matchbox cars for horses. because of its size.. each player has his own miniature. Quilting boards were cardboard (now most are plastic) and already had oneinch grids.. loners reeeived. you might want to head to www. So. but it has always fallen TOthe OM to provide The map. The press release was made in March.10 muS! 'rlcluru..paizo.zine may be edul:d for d. the free miniature-scale maps and object tokens provided in recent issues should come in handy soon. email . These were cool because we could use dice for characters. repl'Oduced In the mag. send more. there should be more lnformation about it online. Martin struck a deal with Guardians of Order to produce a d20 version of the novel setting.ng boards.ein a format we can easily use ro start adventurlug there Joe PruiN Clearwater. especially if they don't cost a lot. The Far Kingdoms).. If you want more information about the new miniatures and game. of course. and obViously they don't take up a lot of room when Travelling. Idaho QUitt.. Graph paper. which was an excellent supplement for an excellent book series). more.gon@pcspubhn~. check auf the feature srticto about . The new game uses pre-painted plastic figures done in the scale where I inch equals 5 feet-perfect for normal OtitO play and a huge time saver.<:gm or call.ry arnllenglh. You could always tear another sheet from the pad. and start again. send an email about it to scalemail@paizo.t in the next issue. FL We're always looking for opportunities to peir grear fantasy fiction with great roleplaying.e and ho"". We'll Takea look at the readers' favoriTes and To Inquire aboul ~ub~crlptl"" s. your full . but we solved this with pins and tacks.. can be difficult to use. Imagine how exerted we were when the firST coPy machines came out! A Tic Tac or Skittle works great or counters on the graph paper. I'm always interested in hearing ideas for using miniatures. dry. but Mr. They come in all colors and offe a yummy experience reward for defeating a monster! When was the last time your party faced down a gang of gummi bugbears. so by the time you read this. a chocolate kiss roper.com/dragon and pick up a few back issues. ems. eh? Good idea. Martin roleplaying material in DRAGON.

by Aaron Williams wunu_ftodwick_com 18 August 2003 .


ignorant. Indomitable Will: Raging barbarians of 14th level and higher receive a +4 bonus on Will saves to resist enchantment spells. and the sciences take a back seat fa hunting. Overall.May by Rich Redman • illustrated by James Ryman • cartography "Barbarian" is an old word. and living close TOnature. 16th.5 Player's Handbook yet. 15th. over bred. and fields. gth. Tireless Rage: Instead of waiting until zorh level to gain the ability to rage without fatigue.()I. Some barbarians think that city dwellers are arrogant. barbarians come from places and cultures where agriculture. barbarian" is also a class filled with battle-rage and skilled in wilderf " ness survival. weak. savage. and 18Th level). with complex rules and highly developed arts. Barbarians know of domesticated places and might travel to them regularly for trade. Of course. The barbarian begins receiving these bonuses at 3rd level. but since Intuit Direction was eliminated in the revision. building cities. This bonus stacks with all other modifiers. gathering. in DUNGEONSit DRAOONS. to AC against attacks made by traps. and they increase every three levels after that (at 6th. and Igth level). () Multiclassing the evised Barbarian by Mike .. then a person living outside the Roman Empire (especially in the north). When developing a barbarian character. cowardly. This can lead to trouble when the barbarian doesn't realize the food growing beside the path belongs to a farmer. Damage Reduction: The revised barbarian gets damage reduction beginning at 7fh level and increasing every three levels after that (at iorh. 13th. use ranks that were once in Intuit Direction to maximize Survival first. and a +4 morale bonus to Will (the penalty to AC remains -2). Skills: The barbarian's skill points don't change. but everyone with levels in the class has lived in such a society. whether a new ability or an improvement of a previous one. Such "outsider" cultures are often very sophisticated. originally meaning anyone who didn't speak Greek. roads. uncouth. barbarian cultures exist outside lands covered by cities. The chaotic. the barbarian has fewer skills across which to distribute those points. CUll'URAl BACKGROUND Some city dwellers think that barbarians are primitive. Trap Sense: This ability used to be part of the uncanny dodge ability. By definition. TI-lE REVISIONS If you don't have your 3. raging instrument of desrruction that is the barbarian remains much the same in The revision as it did when you first cracked open your 3rdEdition Player's Handbook. For the purposes of this article. Not all members of barbarian societies have levels in the class. Greater Rage: This ability now arrives at nth level rather than at '5th. revised barbarians have something to look forward to at every level. or worse. That makes those points more useful. including the morale bonus on Will saves they receive during rage. ignorant. the barbarian can now do so starting at 17fh level. here's a summation of Therevisions. iarh. They . Mighty Rage: Those barbarians who stick with their class until aorh level find that their rage now provides a +8 bonus to Strength and Constitution.. set aside these ethnocentric opinions and develop the barbarian's culture with help from your OM. If you're converting a barbarian to the revision. It gives a bonus on Reflex saves to avoid traps and a dodge bonus. or worse. Neither one is completely correct. filthy. and still later someone from outside Christian civilization.

furs. and Athletic. Thi. with relatively large distances between such groups. Nomadic barbarians also act as merchants. Members of this society might focus on the Mounted Combat fear tree. living off the ocean and the jungles of their island homes. subsisting on taigadwelling caribou. and the circle of stones could be an importam place for religious ceremonies. Remember that barbarian societies can be quite large. Just as barbarian societies differ. or tr could be a holy sire thaI nomadic barbarians make periodic pilgrimages roo The second largest building might be a shaman's living qusrters. and the PointBlank Shot feat tree. With rich histories and varied customs. Members of this society might focus on Endurance. A society of dwarves fiving in the frozen north. for more inspiration about how to use this map. Endurance. What city dwellers consider blood-lust or battle frenzy has a deep signiFicance to barbarian cultures. Members of this society most likelytake Self-Sufficlent. Members with levels of barbarian might have honored positions within the Rage . and the Power Attack feat tree. and guarding the secret wealth of the cloud-shrouded volcanoes that dot their Frozen home. Stealthy. Self-Sufficient. see rhe orher maps presented in This issue. Consider what sort lifestyle of society birthed your character. Because of the forest's abundance. Members of this society might focus on the Dodge feat tree. or other commodities gathered in the wild. allied with centaurs and other grassland races. Some examples include: Steppe-dwelling dans of halflings herd bison or other livestock across the prairie. they never need to develop a more technically advanced society. but because they lack highly developed agriculture. Tribes of elves living in a vast. An island-hopping culture of humans skilled in reading the stars and the curTents to travel from island to island. Members of this society might concentrate on feats such as Self-Sufficient. They might also trade herbs that grow in the far reaches of their rerrtrory. and choose feats and skills that reflect that. so do sources of rage. and could pursue almost any combat feat tree as well. These groups might gather several times a year. Players looking for additional inspiration for barbarian characters and cultures should read "Outlanders" from DRAGON#292. shunning the settled lifestyle. often domesticate animals. Traveling gnome families that wander so-called civilized lands in gaUdily painted wagons. their numbers force them to live in small groups or clans.This map presents a log longhouse and several smaller dwellings. traveling between cultures and profiTing from trade in exotic goods.s map could represem the permanent home of a barbarian tribe ihar uses il as a base for hunting and raiding. such as horses. primordial forest that supplies them with plentiful food and all they need to make dothing and shelter. barbarian cultures can provide deep and interesting backgrounds for characters and NPCs. trading labor and crafts for food and manufactured goods. and trade their stock for manufactured goods. Two watch rowers stand on Ihe perimeter of the camp. but they spend most of their time in their own territories where there is enough wild food to support them.

when raging. Deities: Your patron deity is one of war or physical prowess. teachers. ability increase Feal (Spring Attack) Improved uncanny dodge Brda/Bbna Brd3/Bbn2 Brd3/Bbn3 Brd4/Bbn3 Brd4/Bbn4 Brds/Bbn4 Brds/BbnS Brd6/Bbn5 Brd6/Bbn6 Brd7/Bbn6 Brd7/Bbn7 BrdS/Bbn7 Brd8/BbnB Brdg/Bbn8 Brdg/Bbn9 6 7 +5 +5 +5 +5 +6 +7 +7 +7 +8 +8 +8 +9 ""10 8 9 10 11 56 62 Suggesrion Trap sense +2.Vou might even take on minor physical aspects of the totem. feat (Mobility) and-level spells Rage 2/day. that of Law. ability increase Inspire grearness 18 19 Trap sense +3. the immovable wall of the forest. bardic knowledge. Save +0 Ref. making them holy and worthy of respect. Nature. even if all the characters are from barbarian societies: Barbarians. it is an importanr entry feat for Improved Feint and Whirlwind fightingforces of their societies. and Strength. Ancestors: Your rage grants you the battle cunning and experience of your ancestors. abiliry increase Attack. even in the front lines. They involve adventures under the open sky. They have no impact on game mechanics. bards are historians" lawyers.BARD/BARBARIAN Class MULTICLASS ADVANCEMENT BaseAtrack. inspire courage +1. or the majestic flood of the ocean. Bonus +0 +1 Fort. and havoc for your deity. cross-country travel. When you rage. the unstoppable force of the avalanche. or stance. as if from tattoos or ritual scars. manifesting in the bemuses you receive from rage. Chaos. Many historical cultures put their bagpipers and other musicians in the forefront. Rangers function as scouts and as hunters of particular enemies or ancestral foes. Since monks must take an ideology opposite that of most barbarians. Environment: You are the fury of the storm. countersong. and they were often protected from direct attack by taboo or tradition. you might rake on minor physical aspects of your deity such as changing eye or hair color to march (followers of Gruumsh could even seem to become one-eyed). you receive a tiny fragment of your patron's divine power. Druids.6 102 Inspire courage +2. You serve as nature's reminder of her power and authority. chaos. but all were considered touched by a deity. however. ability increase Inspire competence Trap sense +1. feat (Combat ExpertiSe'). such as changes in posture. Consider the roles that various classes could play. to explore new ways of doing things. fear rDodge) Uncanny dodge. Such individuals were allowed to routinely break traditions or taboos. Fighters. Fighters. Barbarians excel as melee fighters. You become a livinginstrument of your family's destiny. might be the tribe's archers or cavalry. Clan symbols might faintly appear on your face and body. fast movement fascinate. Clerics and Druids: The importance of holy men applies among barbarians as well as among city dwellers. but they do affect how you play your character. Some were clowns. the ruins of clvilizations long forgotten by city dwellers. or tribal totem animal. ability increase 3Td-level spells Damage reduction 12 13 14 +7 +7 +7 +8 +B +8 +9 +10 +10 66 72 1/Arrack) IS 16 17 76 82 86 92 9. or your skin might take on bark-like texture. hermits with strange and wondrous powers. shake the ground when you move. Bards: In cultures rife with illiteracy. limited to characters with levels of barbarian. fear (Combar Casting) Level levels Brdi 2 6 12 16 22 26 32 36 42 46 52 Brdl/Bbm Brd2/Bbnl +2 +2 +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 +s +s +6 +7 +7 +7 +7 +8 +9 +9 +9 +10 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4 +5 +5 +5 +s +6 3 4 5 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +7 +8 "9 +10 +" +12 +13 +14 +14 +15 16 +17 isr-level spells. clan. They are not. you might foam at the mouth. with their ability to wild shape. BARBARIAN CAMPAIGNS "Barbarian" campaigns and "wilderness" campaigns have much in common. encounters with other clans. and Rangers: These classes are the elite warriors of their tribe or dan. and valued advisors. the rolling power of the earthquake. Some examples include: Totems: When you rage. Monks: Many historical "barbarian" cultures had roles filled by outcasts. they might fill the role of . Barbarian clerics favor domains like Animal. o-level spells. and thus encourage the tribe's development. of course. and all the magnificent creatures that live in the wild. such as Erythnul or Kord. Rage I/day. feat (Improved Femr) 4th-level spells Damage reduction Brdro/Bbnq Brdlo/Bbmo 20 +10 2/-. with their extensive suite of feats. Their ability to support others in battle makes them invaluable. often represent the direct voice of nature in council sessions. •All hough barbarians cannot use This feat while raging. Your voice and mannerisms might become those of a significantancestral hero. Fear (Whirlwind Rage 3/day. becoming an instrument of blood. When you rage. for example men who wore women's clothes and performed most of the traditional roles of women. Your voice might become louder and more powerful. you borrow the power of a personal. Save +2 WiLL Save +2 +2 +3 +3 ""3 +4 Average Hit Points Abilities Gained and {Recommended Feats} Bardic music. voice. Consider different sources for your character's rage. although more martial characters add Destruction and War to that list.

Some barbarians might be awed by the extensive construction and teeming masses of the cities. The dan listens in rapt silence while the skald recites epic poems of the clan's past victories and greatest heroes. and especially Tumble (Dex). levels of barbarian are a tremendous advantage for bards. As a result. and a favorable Fortitude saving throw progression in return for favorable Reflex and Will saving throw progressions. below. Barbarians live in an elaborate web of tradition. After 6th level. When ClASS COMBOS The barbarian is still a creature of chaos. taboo. and barbarian actions might be misinterpreted as lawlessness or brawling while he establishes his place in everyone's mind. slows their attack progression. 0. personal honor and respect as an individual require him to act in many situations where a cify dweller would be forbidden by law. Consider the impact of the environment on such spellcasters and the items they create. They understand the concept of laws and regulation. Save +2 Class levels Bbrn Base Attack Bonus -<I Ref. many historical societies considered writing to have its own magic power. no access to high-level bard abilities. spells. feat (Rage Casting') Ability increase Trap sense +1 and-level spells. better base attack. base attack bonus. sorcerers are more common in barbarian societies than wizards. CRY DWELLERS It's just as important to consider what barbarians think of city dwellers as to consider what city dwellers think of your barbarians.and rsr-level spells Uncanny dodge. and others might see it as a weakness. The skald holds an honored position in barbarian cultures. characters are likely to continue multiclassing for extended periods because the combinations fit the player's vision of the character. Perform (Cha). proficiency with all simple and martial weapons. Will Save +0 +0 +0 +0 Save +0 +2 +2 Average Hit Points 12 3 4 5 6 Bbm/Cln Bbna/Clri Bbn2/CIr2 Bbn3/CIr2 Bbn3/Clr3 +1 ->2 +4 +5 +6 16 23 27 +3 +4 +5 +6 +6 +1 +2 "'3 -1-4 +4 34 38 Abilities Gained and (Recommended feats) fast movement. and this can lead to trouble. and they know that they are necessary for people to live together. making rogues and other stealthy individuals extremely important to the tribe. and bardic abilities. What mystifies them is the idea of writing law down and making it permanent. bur they give up another point of base attack bonus and an average of 6 hlr points. Instead. Attitudes are as varied as cultures. a hush falls around the fire pit as the skald steps from the shadows. paJadins could be considered as bards or priests with particular gifts in several areas. While rare. take levels of paladin or monk. Your barbarian culture might hold wizards and sorcerers in equally high esteem. Conversely. rather than in books. A barbarian's place in society is dear to everyone both from his personal actions and from the deeds of his ancestors. However. Barbarians give up hit points. He will rarely. Rogues: The ability to move through the wilderness unseen is crucial to the success of the tribe's hunters. mOSIcharacters advance as Single-class barbarians. Keeping in mind that they don't have as many hit points as single-class barbarians. dispel magic. For the barbarian. Every addinonallevel of cleric reduces rheir access to barbarian abilities. . additional skill points. Compared to a Single Class Bard Advantages: More hit points. characters that use this combination depend on their barbarian levels for ranks in Handle Animal (Cha) and Survival (Wis). A change in circumstance can change which "law" takes precedence for barbarians. and these cultures allow these holy warriors to behave in ways not acceptable to other members of the culture. Others see them as little more than cages. Wizards might inscribe their spells on bone or wood from sacred trees. feal (Combar Casting) Turn or rebuke undead. The revision makes it less likely that players wilt "cherry pick" other classes (taking the rsr level for its benefits and then abandoning the new class). Remaining skill points go into things like Bluff (Cha). When the morning comes. Paladins: Barbarian cultures respect those touched by gods. better Fortitude saves. making them hardier and more skilled combatants. serving as repository for the culture's knowledge and lore. Potions might be stored In eggs or gourds rather than the typical vial. Such things are meaningless among strangers. unlike with The laws of city dwellers. Jump (str). rage l/day. Some might envy the materialistic wealth of the cities. Their "laws" are living things. They know the skald will ride out with the war band and lend his voice to songs of inspiration. Character Choices Barbarians and bards have few skills in common. Sorcerers and Wizards: With their freedom from spellbooks and bias toward chaos. Characters who advance to 5th-level cleric gain access to useful 3rd-level spells like cure serious wDunds. if ever. making the literate minority people of respect. and ritual. including that of combat. "holy fool" or devll's advocate in barbarian society.BARBARIAN/CLERIC level 2 MULTICLASS ADVANCEMENT fort. held in the hearts and minds of those subject to them. and invisibility purge. most concentrate their bard skill points on movement skills like Climb (Srr). and wonder how the wind can ever get into them. Their stealth and sneak attack abilities make them excellent scouts and valuable members of any barbarian war party. Disadvantages: Slower spell progression. feat (Power Arrack) 'See fears of Rage. and Use Magic Device (Cha). Barbarian/Bard In the great hall of the barbarian chieftain. or on animal hides. and decreases rheir average hir points.

Such characters focus on spells that are unaffected by duration (which is usually determined by caster level) and spell resistance (for example. By taking levels of druid. 0. This combination works best for halforcs and humans (both of whom can avoid the XP penalty for mulrlclasslng). but Their numbers assure victory. Barbarian/cleric characters tend to favor domains like Animal. so the combination can have some very high skill ranks. fear (Natural Spell·) Unanned Sfrike") Drdr 2 Drdl/Bbm Dr~/Bbnl +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +-7 +7 3 4 5 5 7 8 Drdz/Bbna Drd3/Bbn2 Drd3/Bbna Drd4lBbn3 Drd4/Bbn4 Drds/Bbn4 Drds/BbnS Drd5/BbnS Drd6/Bbn6 Drd7/Bbn6 Drd7/Bbn7 Drd8/Bbn7 Drd8/Bbn8 Drdg/Bbn8 Drdg/Bbng DrdlO/Bbng '9 25 +1 +2 +2 "'2 30 36 41 +6 +7 +8 +8 47 52 9 10 +2 +2 +3 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +5 . and hit points to gain the ability to tum or rebuke undead. most concentrate their cleric skill points on Concentration (Con) and Spellcraft (lnt). better Will saves. fear (Combat Casting) Rage I/day. base attack bonus. limited access to high-level spells. Compared to a SIngle Class Barbarian Advantages: Divine spells. taking advantage of barbarian rage. Experienced warriors. cast a useful selection of low-level spells. taking advantage of barbarian rage.. Save +2 +4 +5 +6 +6 Ref. Bears are powerful. faster movement. wild empathy. Levels of druid improve the barbarian's Will save. The cleric gains skill paints. 5th-level Trap sense +3. The hobgoblins have just enough time to recognize the gleam of intelligence in the bear's eyes before it is among them. holding a private vigil before riding out to bring his deity's magic to the battlefield. below . The barbarian loses base attack bonus. Chaos. a feal useful to many animal forms that don't possess the ability. perhaps even chaos's answer to the paladin. 3rd-level Improved uncanny dodge Wild shape (2/day) Trap sense +2. Character Choices The drawback to this combination. tum or rebuke undead. In addition. run.. Since they have no intention of being the primary cleric or healer for their party. . Disadvantages: Slower attack progression. increased ability to use magic items. As long as the barbarian/ druid avoids metal armor. In the flickering torchlight. +17 . A few levels of cleric grant some useful spells and access to domain abilities. feat (Rage Casting') Uncanny dodge. and the hobgoblins know they won't escape unscathed. possible. Characters combining these classes prefer melee combat over ranged combat. he can wear medium armor and benefit From a higher armor class.15 85 91 96 102 107 113 Wild shape (Large). 6 +6 +6 +8 +9 +-10 +II +12 +8 +9 +10 11 +5 +8 +7 +7 +7 +8 +8 +8 +9 .. fear (Power Arrack) Rage 3/day. •"lrnproved Unanned Strike allows the character 10 take Improved Grapple. Destruction. Tha hobgoblin raiders advance through the grove in disciplined silence.0 tI- 15 15 17 18 19 +13 +14 +14 . 4th-level spells Damage reduction spells. skill points. and War. When the ritual ends. ability lncrease Wild shape (I/day). of course. the holy people of the tribe gather to invoke their deities and to consecrate a holy warrior to the tribe. and hunt. This makes for a formidable holy warrior. cure light wounds or boll's strength). and the power of rage. the simple yet elegant paintings of animals and warriors seem TO dance. The rsr level of druid grants wild empathy Barbarian/Druid .. Then the bear rises to its hind legs and swells with fury and power. neither class suffers from wearing medium armor. ability Increase Wild shape (a/day). Barbarian druids physically embody the raw power of nature. so they choose feats that help them avoid getting hit in melee. nature sense. they take 5 ranks in Knowledge (History) for the bonus to their bardic knowledge checks. they switch to battle formation as soon as the bear breaks through the underbrush. feat (Improved Grapple). Characters combining these classes prefer melee combat over ranged combat...'10 +10 58 53 69 74 80 12 13 14 +10 +10 +11 +12 +1<'.DRUID/BARBARIAN Class Level Levels MUlTICLASS ADVANCEMENT BaseAttack Bonus +0 fort. Save +0 +0 +0 +0 Will Save +2 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4 1'5 +5 +5 Average Hit Points 8 14 Abilities Gained and (Recommended Feats) Animal companion. is loss of caster levels. ability increase spells +Ie. the barbarian surrenders some hit points and base attack bonus for the obvious benefit of spells and wild shape. barbarian abilities. so they choose feats rhar help them cast spells in combat. The two classes share some skills. feat (Cleave) Wild shape (4/day) Damage reduction 2/-. Barbarians and clerics generally have no skills in common aside from Craft. The cost is that the character will never have as many hit points as a single-class barbarian or as good a base attack bonus. and-level spells Trap sense +1. Barbarian/Cleric On the walls of a sacred cave. characters that use this combination depend on their barbarian levels for ranks in Handle Animal (ChaJ and Survival (Wis).'1. the newly consecrated holy warrior remains. Strength. ability increase Venom immunity. ability increase Trackless step. and gain a more favorable Will save. real (Improved Resist nature's lure Rage z/day. 3 1 +14 20 Drdio/Bhruo 'See feats or Rage.and istlellel spells. fast movement WOO<Ilandstride. As a result.

fear (Mobility). feat (Weapon Focus) Bonus feal (Weapon Spectaltzanon) Rage z/day. sometimes after as many as ten years. Although she lacks some hit points and skill points gained by single class barbarians. the barbarian surrenders some . Barbarian/Ranger The bugbears retreat to a box canyon after raiding the barbarian tribe. Survival (Wis).6 +13 +14 +15 +16 +17 Fear (Oreater Resiliency""). Every year they come. Such characters need the ranks in Concentration and the Combat Casting feat. such as wolves. Combining medium armor and shields. and every year some adventurous youngsters leave with them. and then comes the big benefit of the druid: wild shape. because they're most likely to be casting spells in the midst of melee combat. The loot is not as impressive as the loot From a more settled village or from a caravan might be. To the fighter's multitude of feats. wolverines. feal (Improved Damage reduction 1/ability increase Charge) Levels Fir. Save ~O Base Attack Bonus +1 Will Save +0 Average '0 Abilities Gained feat (Mounted Combat). bonus fear (Ride-by Attack) Rage . Feal (Diehard) Bonus Fear (Spring Arrack) Damage reduction 2/-. increased access to fighter bonus feats. more hit points. As a primal force of nature. serving their societies as scouts and hunters. Barbarian/Fighter The city dwellers climbrhe vertiginous mountain trails every year. better attack progression. Disadvantages: Slower spell progression.AGHTER/BARBARlAN Class Level 2. untiring trackers. including Weapon Specialization. Listen (Wis). no access to high-level druid abilities./day. this skilled combatant has a respectable Armor Glass. improved Fortitude saves. Woodland stride. and Swim (Str) as class skills. bur those raids have become roo dangerous.88 94 100 '2 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +5 +6 +6 +6 13 14 IS . fewer hit points Character Choices Barbarians have all the same class skdls as fighters. the barbarian adds his physical abilities and rage. Save +2 +4 +S +6 +6 +6 +7 +8 +8 +8 +g +10 +10 +. 17 18 Ig ~o 106 +18 +19 +20 112 Trap sense +3. and the tribe's hunters have found them. Characters that use this combination focus less on the spell casting aspect of the druid class. and the bugbears are hungry. and resist nature's lure follow over the next Three levels. fast movement Feat (Trample). Character Choices The barbarian and the druid share Craft (lnr). Not until the first arrows whistle from the darkness do they realize that their sentries are dead. and emphasize mounted combat with their feat choices. Ride (Oex). hardened as mercenaries in the city dweller's armies. gasping in the thin air of the plateau where the tribes gather annually to trade and arrange marriages. MULTICLASS ADVANCEMENT fort. Barbarian rangers are cunning. Of all the races. and teaching impressive combat techniques to their fellows. bonus fear (Dodge) Rage 3/day. Compared to a Single Class Barbarian Advantages: Proficient with all armor and shields. many barbarians will want eight levels of druid so they can become Large animals. Compared to a Single Class Druid Advantages: Improved Fortitude save progression. she makes up for it with rapid acqulsition of feats. badgers. ability increase Trap sense +1. and more on combining the raw combat prowess of the barbarian with advantageous animal forms. ability increase Bonus feat (Quick Draw) Trap sense +2. laden with the spoils of war. and bears. They need no fire to divide their loot. trackless step. lest one tribe gain too many skilled combatants and conquer the others. Disadvantages: No access to high-level barbarian abilities. Ftn/BbO! Ftr2/Bbm F1r2/Bbn2 Ftr3/Sbn2 ftr3/Bbn3 Ftr4/Bbn3 Ftr4/Bbn4 ftrs/Bbn4 flr5/Bbns Ftr6/BbnS ftr6/Bbn6 Ftr7/Bbn6 Ftl7/Bbn7 F1r8/Bbn7 F1r8/Sbn8 Flrg/Bbn8 ftrg/Bbng Ftrlo/Bbng Hit Points (Recommended Feats) +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12 +0 +0 +0 16 22 28 34 40 46 52 3 4 5 6 7 8 +0 +0 +1 +2 -+-0 +. but light one to cook their food. believing themselves in a safe and defensible posltion. Characters combining barbarian and fighter often have particularly high ranks in Handle Animal (Cha) and Ride (Oex).0 +\1 +'2 +12 +I<! +13 +'4 Ref. dwarves and half-orcs are the most likely races to combine these classes. Handle Animal (Cha). characters combining these classes use druid skill points to buy ranks in Concentration (Con). +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +3 +z +2 +2 +2 +3 +4 +4 +4 +4 +"l +5 +6 9 10 11 58 64 70 76 82 . The barbarian fighter is the expert combatant of her tribe. ability increase +6 +6 118 Frrio/Bbruo "See Feats of Rage. plus more. They return after a season or a year. Greater Weapon Focus. Where possible. bonus feat (Spirited Uncanny dodge. By taking levels of ranger. ability increase Feat (Endurance) Improved uncanny dodge Initiative). below. and Greater Weapon Specialization. The tribes have had to go so far as to limit each clan ro a certain number of volunteers. '2<1 and an animal companion to the barbarian.

Move Silently (Oex). the barbarian/ranger can keep maxing out skills like Climb. 1St favored enemy. feat (Grear Cleave or Point-Blank Animal companion. 0 Base Attack Bonus +1 +2 Average 8 14 19 Abilities Gained and Track. feat (Power Atlack or Dodge) Rage J/day. a favorable Fortitude saving throw progression. Animal. and-level spells. Many half-orcs pursuing this combination will opt for the melee combar style at 3rd level. and the rogue's generous skill point acquisition. Ride (Oex).6 '7 18 19 20 +16 +17 +18 +19 +20 +12 +12 +IZ Rage 3!day. as long as she has to.RANGER/BARBARIAN Class Level . the two classes share class abilities that stack (uncanny dodge and trap sense).2 MULllCLASS Fort. and she will pounce silently. ability increase hit points in return for additional skill points (the revised ranger now gets 6 + Intelligence modifier at each level) and a boost to Reflex saves. Becaus-e the skill selections overlap. this combination makes for a real wilderness expert in the party. taking Exotic Weapon Proficiency (are double axe) as their feat at the same time. Feat (Cleave or Mobility) Uncanny dodge. In their arrogance. Their chieftain ordered them to leave one alive. listen (Wis). and he continues to gain benefits by multi classing. . Disadvantages: Slower access to ranger's high-level abilities. and base attack bonus for skill points. most such characters focus on Climb (Srr). By the time the city dwellers understand what has happened. The barbarian trades hit points. Compared to a Single Class Ranger Advantages: Better average hit points. Some prefer to allocate some skill points to Hide (Oex). ability increase znd favored enemy. Save +2+4 +5 +6 +6 +6 +7 +8 +8 +8 ADVANCEMENT Ref. Survival. She and her companions will not kill all the foolish city folk. most will see their life's blood staining the trail.01 branch above the traiL The forest is her home. ist-level spells Rage z!day. wild empathy. feat (Self-Sufftcient 3rd favored enemy Damage reducrion or Weapon Focus) +8 +9 +10 "'10 +5 +6 +6 +6 Rgr9/Bbng Rgno/Bbng Rgl'1o/Bbmo +13 +'4 113 2/-. the barbartan/ranger shares some skills between his two classes. a favorable Reflex saving throw progresston. feat (Combat Reflexes or Shot on the Run) Improved Uncanny Dodge Improved combat style Trap sense +2. Character Choices The most significant choice for the barbarian/ ranger is which combat style to pursue. Of all the races. Save +2+2 Will Save +0 +0 +0 . concealed by the foliage. Handle Animal (Cha).. of course. Barbarian/Rogue The scout waits. and she can wait. Handle. Her companions wait on other branches and In the underbrush along the trail. and Swim. slower improvement of Reflex saves. Soon they will march beneath her hiding place.0 +11 +12 +13 +14 +15 9 10 II 12 Rgrs/Bbn4 Rgr5/Bbn5 Rgr6/Bbn5 Rgr6/Bbn6 Rgl'7/Bbn6 Rgl'7/Bbn7 RgrS/Bbn7 Rgr8/BbnS Rgrg/Bbn8 "9 +10 +10 +10 'I'll 63 69 74 So 13 '4 15 -"-4 "'4 +4 1/- 85 91 96 102 107 Swift tracker. abllilY increase Evasion Trap sense +3. Jump (srr). and Swim (Srr). and the ranged combat style benefits from things like Point-Blank Shot and Shot on the Run. Although the 1Stlevel of ranger no longer gives the benefits of Two-Weapon Fighting (Combat Style comes at znd level now). ability increase Endurance Trap sense +1. and one or more of the ranger's Knowledge skills. is thar the ranger's abilities suffer if the character chooses to wear medium armor. draped like a leopard over . Note that rangers now get the full benefits of Two-Weapon fighTing when following rhe melee combat style. The drawback. to testify of the hazards of trespassing on halfling lands. like the barbarian/rogue.. Anyone who reads Fritz Leiber's stories of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser considers this combination. This has a tremendous impact on feat choices. since the melee combat STyle benefits From things like Power Attack and Combat Reflexes. the city dwellers thought they could come out From behind their walls and raid her Tribe without consequence. fast movement Combat style. In addition. feat (Iron Will or Precise Shot). Combining the barbarian's favorable Fortitude saving throw with the rogue's favorable Reflex saving throw means that those traps the character can't avoid aren't likely to kill him. Combining sneak attack damage with the barbarian's more favorable base attack progression makes for a deadly foe. feal (Weapon Focus w~n . Listen. abrlity increase Woodland stride Damage reduction or Iron Shotl levels Hit Points (Recommended Feats) Rgn Rgn/Bbnl Rgr2/Bbm Rgl'2/Bbn2 Rgr3/Bbnz Rgr3/Bbn3 Rgr4/Bbn3 Rgr4lBhn4 3 4 5 6 7 8 +3 +4 +5 +3 +3 +3 +4 +5 +5 +5 +5 +6 +7 +7 +7 +8 +8 25 30 36 "II 47 52 5S +1 +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +3 +4 +4 +6 +7 +8 +9 +. and a favored enemy with a single level of ranger. The barbarian gains Track. meaning they can use it with double weapons. better Fortitude saves. halfllngs and half-orcs are the most likely races to combine these classes. barbarian rage and fast movement. As a result. Survival (Wis).

. Trap sense +2. ray of enfeeblement (used only on creatures without spell resistance) resist energy.. to feel hot blood on his chin and meat in his belly. and Survival (Wis). Character Choices Barbarians and rogues share the uncanny dodge and trap sense abilities. and to improve the . a far better base attack bonus progression. To his horror. and spells like bear's endurance can enhance other aspect's of the barbarian's combat abilities. however. and skill points. Character Choices Barbarians and sorcerers have no skills in common aside from Craft. One. fast movement. jump. barbarians with four sorcerer levels will find the following spells useful: blur. feal (Grear Cleave). The barbarian trades hit points. a favorable Fortitude saving throw progression. or none ar all. The barbarian/sorcerer needs to wear light armor. Jump (Str). many skills affected by armor check penalties.. fear (Greater ReSiliency·) Ability increase Trap sense +5 Sneak attack +Sd6. Listen (Wis). focuses on using a limited selection of spells fa enhance specific aspects of her combat abilities. Fear (Improved Evasion. They tend to focus on Climb (Str) . Barbarians who add a few levels of sorcerer should do so in order to learn a few specific. In addition to the two excellent choices mentioned above." Barbarian/Sorcerer The ogre has not eaten for days. familiar. ability Increase Fear (Cleave) Sneak aTtack +3dS IniTlarive) levels Bbnl Bbm/Rogi Hit Points (Recommended feats) IS 22 3 4 5 6 7 Bbne/Rog: Bbn2/Rog2 Bbn3/Rog2 Bbn3/Ro$3 Bbn4/RogJ Bbn4/Rog4 Bbns/RoM Bbn5/Rogs Bbn6/Rogs Bbn6/Rog6 Bbn7/Rag6 Bbn7/Rag7 Bbn8/Rog7 BbnB/Rog8 Bbng/Rog8 Bbng/Rog9 Bbnlo/Rogg Bbmo/RoglO +3 +3 +4 +5 +5 +5 +5 +5 +6 +7 +7 +7 +8 +8 +8 +9 +10 "'10 25 32 '"4 +5 +6 +7 +2 +2 -1-2 +2 +2 +3 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +5 +6 +6 +6 35 42 45 52 55 62 65 72 75 82 8 9 10 11 +B +B +9 +10 +11 +I<! +13 +14 +15 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Trap sense +-3 Trap sense +. The cost is that the character will never has as many hit points as a single-class barbarian or as good a base attack bonus. The sorcerer gains hit points. fear (Quick Draw) Sneak arrack +ld6. including the ranged attack feats that begin with Point-Blank Shot since that improves their ray attacks. Compared to a Single Class Barbarian Advantages: Arcane spells. no access to rogue's higher level abilities. abiliTy increase Trap sense -1-1 Sneak attack 2d6. The little scouting party From the are tribe seems likea gift From Eryrhnul. spider climb. allocate points to Hide (Dex) and Move Silently (Dex). as well as a number of skills. They spend their sorcerer skill points on Concentration (Con). barbarian/sorcerers often have very high Constitution scores and correspondingly high Concentration skill bonuses. a half-ore. and Bluff (Cha). To his surprise. Trap sense +6. trapfmding Uncanny dodge. increased ability to use magic items. the half-ore is ready for the attack. While it's an unlikely trade. see invisibility. Spells like shield (especially when cast from an inexpensive wand) can drastically improve the barbarian's Armor Class. Spellcraft (lnr). a Favorable Fortitude saving throw progression. They excel at finding traps by walking into them.BARBARIAN/ROGUE Class Level 2 MULTIClASS Save +2 +2 ADVANCMENT Ref. and a fan of fire leaps from the scout's fingertips. and base attack bonus for spells and a Favorable Willsaving throw progression. ability increase 1/- +B +9 +9 85 92 95 102 105 +15 "'16 +17 +9 +10 Compared to a Single Class Rogue Advantages: Significantly better hit points. limited access to high-level barbarian abilities. in order to avoid spell failure. but their abilities make them very likely to survive. Barbarian/sorcerers often spend their barbarian skill points on Intimidate (Cha). The pain in his stomach is a constant source of fury. enlarge person expeditious retreat. Many. feat (Iron Will) Damage reduction 2/Rogue special ability. Listen (Wis). and Swim (Str). and true strike. This allows characters with levels in both to utilize their skill points to continue advancing in important skills. and the ogre decides to take the straggler from hiding and attempt to escape with his victim before the rest of the scouts can react. betrer Willsaves. making them deadly front-line spellcasters. however. Disadvantages: Slower access to rogue class skills. He wants nothing so much as to rip the flesh from some hapless victim. The most effective barbarian/sorcerer. Bonus +1 +1 +2 +3 Average 12 Abilities Gained and Rage I/day. abilily increase Damage reduction Sneak anack +4d6 Rage 3/day. access to barbarian's rage abilities. the half-ore raises his hands. low-level spells that greatly improve their combat abilities. Intimidate (Cha). Disadvantages: Slower attack progression. A few levels of sorcerer grant some useful spells. Save +0 +2 +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +7 +7 +7 +7 Will Save +0 +0 +0 +0 +I Base Attack Fort. mirror image. Feats are chosen both to improve spellcasting. falls slightly behind the rest of the scouts. improving their utility as scouts. fear (Power Arrack) Rage a/day Improved uncanny dodge. Many adventuring parties like putting such characters "on point. proficient with all simple and martial weapons. invisibility.

and as the orcs resume their attack. ability increase Levels Bbrn Bbnl/Son 3 4 S Bbna/Sori Bbn2/S0r2 +2 +3 +4 +4 +5 +6 Bbng/Scrz Bbn3/Sor3 Bbn4/Sor3 Bbn4/Sor4 +1 +2 +2 +2 6 7 8 +4 +S 39 41 'See Feats of Rage. Feats are chosen both to improve spellcasting. This is a troubling thing. Character Choices Barbarians and wizards have no skills in common other rhan Craft. In addition to the two excellent choices mentioned above. expeditious retreat. and he can make marks that convey meaning to others outside the Tribe with the same magic. enlarge per- resistance) resist energy. farnliar. Sing! Class Barbarian Advantages: Arcane spells. Compared to . Barbarlan/Wlzanl The are war chief is unhappy about bringing his half-ore cousin on the raid. access to Uncanny dodge. and to improve the character's survivability. feat (Rage Casting") Ability increase Trap sense +1 Access to and-level spells. jump. The advantages and disadvantages to this combination are similar to those of the barbarian/sorcerer. feat (Combat Casting) Summon familiar. while son. His cousin steps between the human and the raiders. better Will saves. straightforward tactics. access to 0. Wizard is their favored class. This combination trades the sorcerer's spontaneous casting ability for the wizard's increased access to arcane spells. Every additional level of sorcerer and decreases Their average hit points. Save +2 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4 ADVANCMENT Ref. and speaks in a language the chieftain does not understand. feat (Rage Casnng") Ability increase Trap sense +1 Feat (Dodge) Rage 2/day Access to and-level spells. He does understand the horror and confusion on the human's face when his spell fails. Such characters focus on spells that are unaffected by duration (which is usually determined by caster level? and spell resistance.2 Bbn3/Wi1. raises his own hands. or none at ali. particularly those Knowledge skills that provide information about the monsters they're likely to face.and rat-level spells Uncanny dodge. Even worse. a favorable Fortitude saving throw progression. fasr movement. Save +0 +0 +0 Base Arrack Bonus +1 +1 +2 +3 +4 +4 Will Save +0 +2 +2 +3 +4 Average Abilities Gained and Levels Bbm Bblll!Wizl Bbn2/Wizl Bbn2/Wi1. Barbarian/wizards often spend their barbarian skill points on Infimidate (Cba). weaker Fortitude saves. Disadvanfages: Slower attack progression. When the raiders fall upon the caravan. barbarians with four sorcerer levels will find the following spells useful: blur. advance as single-class barbarians. The barbarian/wizard needs to wear light armor. Save +2 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4 +5 +5 Ref. The most effective barbarian/wizard focuses on using a limited selection of spells to enhance specific aspects of her combat abilities. fast movement. most characters slows their attack progression. they have no penalty to Intelligence . allowing them to learn displacement. most character slows their attack progression.BARBARIAN/SORCERER MUrnCLASS ADVANCMENT CI&ss Level 2 Base Attack Bonus +1 +1 Fort. Save +0 +0 +0 +0 Will Save +0 +2 +2 +3 +4 +4 Average Hit Points 12 14 21 23 30 32 Abilities Gained and (Recommended Feats) Rage I/day. bull's strength suits such a character. including the ranged attack free that begins with Point-Blank Shot since that improves their ray attacks. Such characters focus on spells that enhance their combat abilities. and Survival (Wis). For example. and often neglects the purity of simple. and unlike half-orcs. invisibility. fly. bult's strength suits such a character. listen (Wis).2 Bbn3!Wiz3 Hi' Points (Recommended Feats) 12 Rage I/day. His cousin is too clever for a true arc. advance as single-class barbarians. below. and true strike. BARBARIAN/WIZARD Class Level 2 MUlllClASS fOM. see invisibility. his cousin knows the magic of words. ray of enfeeblement (used only on creatures without spell . he revises his opinion about his bookish cousin. perhaps even a dreaded fireball. and decreases their average hit points. Spellcraft (lnr). elves are most likely to combine these classes. Every additional level of wizard reduces Their access to barbarian abilities. The barbarian trades hit points. or heroism. Scribe Scroll. an unarmored human begins what the war chief recognizes as a spell. character's survivability. and surely an affront to Gruumsh. feat (Dodge) 0' and rsr-level spells 3 4 +0 +1 +2 5 6 +4 from this point. spider climb. increased ability to use magic items.. and base attack bonus for spells and a favorable Will saving throw progression. in order to avoid spell failure. Characters reduces their access to barbarian abllhles.This combination works best for elves and half-orcs with unusually high Intelligence scores. and Knowledge (lnr). mirror image. Of all the races. They spend their wizard skill points on Concentration (Con). For example. limited access to high-level barbarian abilities. From this point. feal (Combat Casfing) 14 21 23 30 32 Summon familiar. while summon monster I does not because of its short duration. levels can gain access to 3rd- rhar gain a few more sorcerer level spells.

spell completion. breaking through spell resistance more readily than normal.d20 + caster level) made to overcome a creature's spell resistance. '" . you gain a +4 bonus on the opposed Strength check you make to push back the defender. You ean also activate magic items by spell trigger. Benefit: When you're raging and make a bull rush attack. Prerequisites: Str 13.arrack an object held or carried by another character. change charge or run) for the duration of the current encounter. This bonus stacks with the +4 bonus from Improved Bull Rush. Rage casting (General] fears that Your rage does not prevent you from casting certain spells. Raging Sunder [General] Your rage can hurl opponents back from you. Improved Sunder. Raging Bull Rush [Gener. Prerequisites: Ability to cast isr-level spells. Spell Penetration. Improved Bull Rush. Benefit: When raging. Prerequisites: Srr 13. Prerequisites: Ability to cast rsr-level spells. Benefit: When you're raging and attempt to overrun an opponent. after which you lose the bonus provided by this feat and become fatigued (-2 penalty to Strength. you gain a +4 bonus on any attack roll made to. Concentration 5 ranks. Power Attack. Rage Casting. Power Attack. Raging Overrun [Generafl Your rage enhances your ability to run down opponents. Improved Overrun. or command word. Combat Casting. Raging Spell Penetration [General] Your rage brings power to your spells. or command word. Power Attack. Quicken Spell. -2 penalty to Dexterity.summon monster I does not because of its short duration. Concentration 5 ranks. This bonus stacks with the +4 bonus from Improved Overrun. This includes spells that have been qulckened with the Quicken Spell fear. you gain a +4 bonus on your Strength check to knock down your opponent. ability to rage or frenzy. spell completion. you can cast spells that you can cast as a free action.aJ] Prerequisites: Str 13. ability to rage or frenzy. Normal: The barbarian's rage ability prohibits spellcasting. ability to rage or frenzy Benefif:When you're raging. ability to rage or frenzy. FEATS OF RAGE These are updated and new require the ability to rage. Combat Casting. Your rage improves your attacks against your opponents' weapons and shields. Benefit: You can sacrifice a daily use of rage to gain a +2 bonus on caster level checks (. This bonus stacks with the +4 bonus from Improved Sunder. a barbarian cannot cast spells or use a magtc item activated by a spell trigger. When raging. This bonus stacks with the +2 bonus from Spell Penetration and lasts a number of rounds equal to 3 + your Constitution modifier. ability to rage or frenzy.


Combat Expertise. or both. cartography by Mike May he fighter class allows you to create an archer. If the bodyguard wishes. they also share some of the same restrictions specialist wizards face. Combat Reflexes. The dodge bonus or shield bonus provided by the bodyguard stack with such bonuses the protected character already has. Weapon Specialization. test food for polson. but the bodyguard must select bonus feats from the following list: Alertness. but not quite there. Unless otherwise noted. illustrated by Todd Harris . uses the Combat Expertise feat. However. a dervish. If an adjacent creature gaining protection moves more than 5 feet from the bodyguard. Sense Motive (Wis). there are times when the f. levels of the fighrer class to qualify for fears like Weapon Speclallaation and other game elements. Dodge. Bodyguards need TO be just as adept in battle as any other fighter. Toughness. and class features of the same name replace class features of the fighter. When the bodyguard does this. Clear the Path: The bodyguard gains the Cleave and Great Cleave feats. the bodyguard is a warrior specifically trained to protect a charge. a specialist fighter progresses through levels and has the same class features as the standard fighter class. With its wide range of bonus feats. she may give her shield bonus to one adjacent creature and her dodge bonus due to Combat Expertise to a different adjacent creature as a free action. a flailwielding foot soldier. Shouldn't a fighter who trains in the wilderness have Survival as a class skill? Shouldn't a master of the shield have a few more options available for that shield? When the answer is yes. lighming Reflexes. Investigator. but they only apply when the bodyguard fights defensively. Persuasive. Improved Disarm. Intimidate (Cha). as a free action. they share many common traits with that class. '"'1-"5 Fea res All the Fonowing are class features of rhe bodyguard. and tough enough can serve as a guard. a mounted knight. Improved Initiative. meaning that they have no entry requirements and advance through 20 levels. Iron Will. Quick Draw. the fighter class accommodates all types of men-at-arms. listen (Wis). and as such. These classes are to the fighter what specialist wizards are to the wizard core class. Improved Trip.ghter class is nearly right for a concept. Search (lnt). In any situation. A character can choose to take the fighter class or a specialist fighter class. Levels of a specialist fighter class count as. Whirlwind Attack. Gather Information (Cba). and a host of other character types. Run. They remain alert for ambushes. the character can't then multidass T into the fighter class or a different specialist fighter class. but once the choice is made. Many bodyguards become skilled bargainers so that they can deal With situations that force of arms cannot solve. Improved Shield Bash. and identify liars and deceivers. their first thought must be not how to defeat the enemy. a specialist fighter might be the answer. or grves her shield bonus to another creature by using the cover special ability. alert. ODYGUARD While anyone suspicious. The classes presented below are core classes. Weapon Focus. s Skills The bodyguard's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Diplomacy (Cha). Handle Animal (Cha). Negotiator. Great Fortitude. Bonus Feats: The bodyguard gains bonus feats as the normal fighter class does. Mobility. and Spot (Wis). she does nOTgain these benefits to her AC. Since they are all derivates of the fighter. Ride (Dex). Special Abilities: The bodyguard can choose any of the following special abilitiesin place of a bonus feat: Cover: The bodyguard can give an adjacent creature the benefit of her shield bonus ro Armor Class or the dodge bonus provided by use of the Combat Expertise feat.Variant Fighter Classes for Your Game by Clifford Horrowitz . Changes to class features are noted under each specialist fighter's description. it immediately loses the defensive bonus. Animal Affinity. but how to best prorect their charge. but they cannot content themselves with that. Blind-Fight. Power Attack. Spring Attack. COMMA DER Commanders are soldiers trained in recognizing and using other's . Improved Critical.

commanders have a way of delivering stirring speeches that inspire those who stand with them. Skill Focus (any class skill). (See "Power Fantasy" in issue #306 for rules on rope swinging. rhar does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Toughness. Animal Affinity. Weapon Speciallzatlon. Prettier pirates might charm their victims into giving over riches. take charge of a battalion of soldiers. vine. she can use the momentum to her benefit. In addition. Craft (lnt). she forces the opponent back an additional s feet. but the corsair can only slow her fall for the length of the cloth or rope. tapestry. Great Fortitude. The corsair can additionally use the Jump and Tumble skills to treat the fall as a shorter distance if she wishes. These men and women can lead hordes and armies. but because a check is made every other round. Quick Draw. Improved Shield Bash. Like with Tumble. The corsalr may rake this ability multiple times. The commander must succeed at a Diplomacy check (DC 15). Swinging Bull Rush: Grabbing a rope and swinging hard. CORSAIR The corsair is a marine warrior as deadly with her blade as any landlubber soldier and twice as dangerous in her home territory-the shifting decks of a ship. Combat Reflexes. Whirlwind Attack. When using this ability. Power Attack. Iron Will. but that only forces her to be more skillful. sending him stumbling back. Improved Initiative. For every S feet swung in the attack. but the commander must select bonus feats from the following list: Alertness. and the distance stacks each time. Negotiator. Rousing Speech: Whether it's before the battle or in the midst of it. Leadership. so long as the attack comes before the commander's next tum. Improved Grapple. Bonus Feats: The corsair gains bonus fears as the normal fighTer class does. Improved Bull Rush. This allows the commander to use the aid another action from up to 60 feet away. Improved Critical. the corsair takes plunder by might. Special Abilities: The commander can choose any of the following special abilities in place of a bonus feat: Helpfvf Hints: By standing back and surveying a fight. or even direct a small group of elite troops. or something else from which she can swing. pointing out openings and incoming attacks. Weapon Focus. Persuasrve. the corsair treats the fall as 30 feet shorter than its actual distance for purposes of calculating damage. Mobility. rope. the commander can give such a speech to his companions. Dodge. The check still increases by one each time. Profession (siege engineer) (Wis).) Big Breath: The corsair learns to control her need for air. Trample. If the corsair wins the opposed check. Athletic. When she must start making Constitution checks to avoid drowning. All the following are class features of the commander. she may use it to slow her fall provided she has a bladed weapon in her hand. Greater Weapon Focus. Combat Expertise. cagey. Jump (Srr). Intimidate (Cha). Rope Movement: The corsair may use the Use Rope skill in place of Tumble when trying to move through threatened areas. This attack still provokes an attack of opportunity unless the corsair has the Improved Bull Rush fear. Spedal Abilities: The corsair gains one of the following special abilities for free at 1Stand and level and may choose any of the following special abilities in place of a bonus feat: Climb-Ftghting: The corsair becomes so used to Fighting in the rigging of a ship that she is no longer considered tlat footed when climbing. Sense Motive (Cha). TwoWeapon Fighting. Toughness. Cleave. S or more ranks in Jump grant a +2 synergy bonus to Use Rope checks made to tumble past foes. Combat Reflexes. Dodge. but "the corsair must select bonus feats from the following list: Acrobatic. Quick Draw. Spot (Wis). provided there is rigging. and dangerous. . Knowledge (architecture and engineering) (lnr). Improved Disarm. Improved Overrun. The commander may use this ability once per day for every two commander class levels he has. Balance (Dex). Improved Initiative. Slow Fait: Whenever the corsair is within reach of a sail. As a fullround action s Sk' 5 The corsair's class skills (and the key ebllity for each skill) are Appraise (lnt). All the following are class features of the corsair. and with shields (except tower shields). or similar item. such as a party of adventurers. Cleave. A corsair with This ability could also use a rope or pole to slow her fall provided if can fit in her hand. and Swim (Srr). Improved Sunder.abilities in battle along with their own skill. providing allies within 60 feet with a +1 morale bonus to attacks for 1 round. he cannot take this ability until znd level. Weapon Focus. Great Fortitude. Weapon finesse. Exotic Weapon Proficiency. the corsair does not need to move with the opponent for these 5 feet. Ride (De»). Handle Animal (Che). Diplomacy (Cha). Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The corsair is proficient in the use of all simple and martial weapons. If the corsair can swing from something while making a bull rush attack. Improved TwoWeapon Fighting. the corsair only needs to make the check every other round. giving an ally in melee combat with an opponent a +2 bonus to her next attack roll against that opponent or a +2 bonus to AC for the next attack against her that opponent makes. Use Rope (Dex). Exotic Weapon Proficiency. and Spot (Wis). Spring Attack. ass The commander's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Craft (lnt). it increases at half the normal rate. She scorns heavy armor for fear of drowning. The effects of his speech last I additional round for each point by which the commander's roll exceeds the DC. add +1 to the opposed Strength check. driving the blade through the doth and riding it down. the corsair plants both heels into an opponent. the commander can shout quick directions to his comrades. Mounted Combat. Bonus Feats: The commander gains bonus feats as the normal Fighrer class does. Profession (sailor) (Wis). Improved Trip. the ally must be able to hear and understand the commander. Improved Critical. Power Attack. Improved Bull Rush. with light armor. Great Cleave. Greater Two-Weapon Fighting. The commander must use a STandard action and successfully make an attack roll against AC 10 as normal. Two-Weapon Defense. Agile. Improved Unarmed Strike. Climb (Std.

Combat Reflexes. Improved Two-Weapon Fighting. Rapid Reload. Spring Attack. sonic. and his Iffe of luxury only leaves him more time to train-as the foolish learn the hard way. its base attack bonus is penalized by -2. Shield Proficiency. all armor (heavy. The exoricisr gains a +2 bonus to opposed trip attempts she iniriates using her exotic weapon and opposed disarm rolls. Taunts and jibes are as integral to his methods as feints and thrusts. Improved Initiative. the fencer may bait and taunt a foe. Quick Draw. Greater Weapon Specialization. Exoticists forgo training in traditional. las e tures FENCER Some fight for riches. she can use a Swim check. Improved Feint. Some fighters Train so they can seek adventure. Bonus Feats: The exoticisT gains bonus feats as the normal fighter class does. She gains a +1 competence bonus to all attack rolls jf her opponent is not proficient with the weapon the exorieist wields. Special Abilities: The exorioist may choose any of the following in place of a bonus feat. Dodge. Improved TwoWeapon Fighting. mundane weapons and focus solely on the rare and bizarre. Jump (Str) . but the fencer must select bonus feats from The follOWinglist: AcrobatiC.lmproved Sunder. for only a proper fight will satisfy his honor. wield an exotic weapon with which she is proficient. The exoticist also gains proficiency wirh four exotic weapons at 1St level. lightning Reflexes. This ability does not work against creatures with an Intelligence score lower than 3 or those immune to mind-influencing effects. Greater Two-Weapon FIghting. an accomplished fencer can do more than insult his opponent. The fencer fights for pride and personal honer. Improved Disarm. Denigrating Benter: The fencer's method of fighting assaults his opponent's self-confidence and pride. Weapon Focus. Creatures who cannot understand or hear fhe fencer are . This penalty increases by one foT' every 5 paints by which the creature failed to equal the fencer's Charisma check. and Tumble (Dex). Power Attack. To use any of the abilities described below. regardless of whether it becomes it successful critical. This effect lasts a number of rounds equal to the fencer's Charisma bonus plus 1 (minimum of 1). Weapon Focus. Improved Initiative. Far Shot. and with the buckler. Bonus Feats: The fencer gains bonus feats as the normal fighter class does. Greater Weapon Focus. Ride (Dex). DauJing Display: By making a flamboyant display of her weapon. medium. Diplomacy (Cha). Combat Expertise. He might stink of expensive perfume and lack the calluses of labor on his hands. and light). Handle Animal (Cha). Great Cleave. Others tum their training into an adventure. As a standard action. If the target's base attack bonus slips below the minimum required for any feat. dass Featu es All the following are class features of the fencer. special ability. Exotic Arrack: The exortetsr not only learns to wield strange weapons. and Tumble (Oex). Lightning Reflexes. he gains a +3 morale bonus to his Armor Class against that foe's attacks for a number of rounds equal to his Charisma bonus (minimum of r). Swim (Srr). and this unusual technique is more difficult to counter. Manyshor. but the exortcisr must select bonus feats from the following list (any of the bonus feats that apply to a specific kind of weapon must be applied to an exotic weapon that the exoticist is proficient with): BlindFight. mind-affecting effect. He is a refined warrior trained in a specialized style of combat steeped in ritual and rule. Weapon Finesse. bur few would dare say so to his face. Weapon Finesse. A target whose base attack falls below what is needed to make multiple attacks with a full attack loses the appropriate number of attacks. but his sword is as sharp as any grizzled mercenary's. suddenly lashing our wlrh an unexpected blow. The fencer and the target creature make an opposed Charisma check. the exoncist hides attack maneuvers. Special Abilities: Starting at 4th level. and shields (including tower shields). Some call him a dandy or a fop. Two-Weapon Defense. Precise Shot. Mobility. Greater Weapon Specialization. others for the love of combat. The fencer may choose any of the following spectal abllities in place of a bonus feat: Encouraging Blow: Whenever the fencer scores a threat against an opponent. but to wield them strangely. Persuasive. Improved Disarm. double the morale bonus. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The exoticist is proficient in the use of simple weapons. instead of a grapple check in any opposed grapple check. They rely not only on their ability to wield these weapons. Combat Expertise. Craft (I nr). Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The fencer is proficient in the use of all simple and martial weapons. Dodge. Whirlwind Attack. Skill Focus (any class skill). the exottcisr must Class Skills The fencer's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Bluff (Cha). Two-Weapon Fighting. Intimidate (Cha). Paint Blank Shot. Two-Weapon Defense. Intimidate (Cha). All the following are class features of the exoticist. BlindFight. Improved Precise Shot. Improved Critical. Two-Weapon Fighting. cowing others. Gather Information (Cha). Shot on the Run. Greater Two-Weapon Fighting. he can add great weight to his superior air. Combat Reflexes. Mobility. If the target creature fails TO equal the fencer's Charisma check. Weapon Specialization. The effects of multiple denigrating banter attempts do not stack. Strange Strike: The exericist learns to fully exploit her knowledge of exotic fighting styles. with light armor. Spring Attack. However. This is a language-dependant. Greater Weapon Focus.Ocean Tangle: When grappling underwater. The corsair's expertise in swimming grants her mobility denied to other creatures. or prestige class she possesses. Weapon Specialization. she loses use of it until her base attack bonus again meets the requirement. If the threat becomes a critical. The exosrlcisr gains a +4 bonus to Bluff checks to feint in combat. Quick Draw. Cleave. Whenever the corsair is in water deep enough to swim in. sxoncrsr lass Skills The exoticist's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Climb (Srr). Rapid Shot. Improved Feint. Improved Cnncsl. but on their opponent's Inability to counter them.

To do this. are the masters of mounted combat and command. Greater Weapon Focus. Craft (lnt). Improved Sunder. light armor. Weapon Focus. Two. and the elite of noble soldiers. Class Skills The kensal's class skills (and 'the key ability for each skill) are Balance (Dex). These warriors are known as kensai. Great Cleave. The kensai must have the rain of blows special ability to take this abtlity. maces. Dodge. the fencer identifies one of his foe's techniques and assumes a fighting posture rhat nullifies it. Mounted Archery." r: ass ~ a e All the following are class features of the kensal. Two-Weapon Defense. Spur: The horseman can urge his mount to greater speeds. does a squire graduate to knighthood. A fencer may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Charisma bonus. KNIGHT Knights. Special Abilities: The kensai can choose any of the following special abilities in place of a bonus feat. adding 10 feet to the mount's base speed for one round. Improved Initiative. These warriors weave their way through the ranks and leave trails of corpses behind them. the fencer gains a +2 dodge bonus to AC. and Ride (De x). both good and bad. Exotic Weapon Proficiency. even flails and spiked chains. Rain of Blows: When taking the full attack action with her chosen weapon. the kensai gains a +1 bonus to all attack and damage rolls with her chosen weapon. taking care of the weapons and armor. and shields (except tower shields). Greater Weapon Specialization. Weapon Specialization. treat the roll as a successful Will save for the mount. Weapon and Annor Proflclency: The kensal is proficient in the use of all simple weapons. such as tending to the horses. Gleave. Weapon Focus. Concentration (Con). Jump (Str). Special Abilities: The horseman may choose any of the follOWing special abilities ins read of a bonus feat. Improved Critical. and a single martial or exotic melee weapon that is the kensal's chosen weapon. Craft (lnr). Great Cleave. Share Shield· The horseman may share his shield bonus with his mount as a move action by making a successful Ride check (DC 15). the kensal can choose to suffer a -3 penalty to all attack rolls in the round and make an additional melee attack with her chosen weapon at her highest attack bonus. A mount can be spurred a number of times per day equal to its Constitution bonus. CI~ 5 Fe es All the following are class features of the horseman. Storm of Blows: When taking the full attack action with her chosen weapon. KENSAl Instead of investing their time in learning how to wield all manner of weapons. Dodge. Jump (Str). All the follOWing are class Features of the knight. equal to the mount's Dexterity modifier. Ride-By Attack.immune. Ride (Dex). Combat Reflexes. Combat Expertise. Only after many years of menial tasks. but the horseman must select bonus feats from the following list: Combat Expertise. Jump (Srr) . Any time the mount must succeed at a Will save to overcome a rnind-influencjng effect. the horseman may make a Ride check (DC 10 + spell DC). Rather than run roughshod over the front lines. all occasionally broken up with lessons From a master. Bonus Feats: The kensai does not gain a bonus feat at rst level like the normal fighter class does. Although the word literally means "sword saint. and fixing meals. What defines the kensal is the singleminded devotion to a particular weapon. Combat Reflexes. some warriors spend all of their time training with a single melee weapon and become masters of it almost from the start of their adventuring careers. Insurmountable Counter: With a quick read of his opponent. If successful. Weapon Finesse. Mounted Combat. HORSEMAN Horsemen trade encumbering armor for enhanced mobility and swap a single devastating lance charge for a series of punishing ride-by attacks. Improved Critical. Diplomacy (Cha). Mobility. nor the weapon itself. and Swim (Std. . Spring Attack. These ebillries only apply to the kensai's chosen weapon. and Tumble (Dex). Handle Animal (Cha). Class Ski Is The knight's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Craft (lnr). lightning Reflexes. Instead. Steady Hand: The horseman devel0pS such a sense of trust with his mount that he can help it overcome its primal fears and foreign influences. Tumble (Dex). the horseman must succeed at a Ride check (DC IS) at each tum or the charge The kensai gains bonus feats as the normal fighter class does. Greater Weapon focus.Weapon fighting. each not more than go degrees. Improved Initiative. Spirited Charge. Greater Weapon Specialization. There are kensal of axes. the kensai can suffer a -6 penalty to all attack rolls in the round and make two additional melee attacks with her chosen weapon at her highest attack bonus. This bonus increases by +1 at 5th level and increases by +1 again every five levels thereafter. light armor. Class 5kll5 The horseman's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Balance (Dex). Trample. When attacked by a foe using Power Attack or Combat Expertise. Greater Two-Weapon Fighting. Weapon Finesse. Quick Turn: When making a charge on a mount. Quick Draw. Heal (Wis). Handle Animal (Cha). Improved Sunder. the horseman may make a number of turns. Those without the perseverance to complete the apprenticeship never earn the ritle "Sir. Mobility. Bonus Feats: The horseman gains bonus feats as the normal fighter class does. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The horseman is proficient in the use of all simple and martial weapons. Power Attack. Power Attack. becomes a double move and the mount cannot attack. Weapon Specialization. Ughtning Reflexes. but the kensal must select bonus feats from the following list (any of the bonus feats that apply to a specific kind of weapon must be applied to the kensal's chosen weapon): Cleave. Whirlwind Attack. Improved-Two Weapon Fighting." a kensai can devote herself to any weapon she chooses.

or maybe elves have the fencer as a favored class in addition to wizard. The knight must have the Trample feat to take this ability. unconscious opponents. In addition. you could say that all fighters trained ar this particular school are kensal of a given weapon. his starting concept and class frt into a campaign niche. Perhaps dwarves only have shield bearer as their favored class. Persuasive. Dodge. Weapon Focus. even when the pugilist strikes to deal Prestige classes exist to fillcertain niches in a campaign world. Vicious Mount: The knight works with his mount to make it especially potent when it attacks. Improved Trip. Intimidate (Cha). Improved Grapple. medium. Toughness. Trample. Sense Motive (Wis). The pugilist can take this ability mulriple times but cannot take iT until and level. Great Fortitude. Whirlwine Attack. they are completely off limitsto starting characters and to many NPCs. all armor (heavy. average the pugilist's first two unarmed strike attacks in a full attack and use the resulting bonus for both strikes. Greater Weapon Specialization. For example. tough people who punch hard and weather savage beatings. he does not suffer a -2 penalty to his Armor Class (bur his mount still does). each time adding one more attack gained from a high base attack bonus to the combo. Cleave. The problem is that prestige classes all have requirements. and shields (except tower shields). You can use the same method with these core class variants. a pugilist with a +10/+5 attack progression has a +71+7 attack progression when using a combo. Climb (Srr). Great Fortitude. and light). Improved Sunder. Mobility. Jousting Charge: If the knight has a heavy or light shield readied when making a mounted charge. Combat Expertise. Weapon Specialization. Mobility. Special Abilities: The knight may choose any of the following special abillrles in place of a bonus feat: Hard Charge: When a knight makes a mounted charge. The pugilist may choose any of the following special abilities in place of a bonus feat: Combo: The pugilist practices a series of blows designed to flow one after the other. Athletic. ~ ~ FOR YOUR CAMPAIGN CI3:5 a ures All the following are class features of the pugilisT. Exotic Weapon Proficiency. but the pugilist must select bonus Feats from the following list (any of the bonus feats that apply to a speoflc kind of weapon must be applied to unarmed strike): A!ertness. By their nature. Improved Overrun. Combat Reflexes. Power Attack. They are boxers and brawlers. Heavy Himng: The pugilist's unarmed strikes inflict an extra +2 nonlethal damage. suggests using a selection of prestige classes 10 help define your campaign world. Snatch Arrows. Weapon Finesse. TwoWeapon Fighting. Improved Initiative.Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The knight is proficient in the use of all simple and martial weapons. Greater Weapon focus. Bonus Feats: The knight gains bonus feats as the normal fighter class does. but this doesn't have to be rhe case. Improved TwoWeapon Fighting. Bonus Feats: The pugilist gains bonus feats as the normal fighter class does. Toughness. the damage is reduced by a number equal to the pugilist's Constitution bonus. This is where alternate core classes can help. Great Cleave. Iron Jaw: Whenever rhe pugilist suffers nonlethal damage. lethal damage. Improved Critical. But if you want to showcase the Significanceof thls background more. Power Attack. Improved Overrun. PUGILIST Pugilists don't waste rime learning a large assortment of weapons. The article "CampaigningWith Class. Improved Disarm. fights with pugilists end with battered. Instead they master rhe simplest of weapons: their own hands. Small pugilists inflict rd3 points of damage. Weapon and Annor Proficiency: The pugiliSTis proficient in the use of all simple weapons and with all armor (heavy. they are. and Swim (srr). Negotiator. Also. it eliminates the possjbillty of makIng specialized niches available to your PCs at low levels. Weapon focus. more merciful than most. medium. C ass Sills The pugilist's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Bluff (Cha). He could take the Weapon Focus fear and consider that sufficient. Great Cleave. Ride-By Attack. you might instead remove the base class and replace il with a sampling of variants. Improved Bull Rush. Blind-FighT. the campaign would have a very different feel than If all fighters were fencers or pugilists. While fights with more traditionally armed fighters end with dead littering the ground. Perhaps a PC trained In a school of expert swordsmen." found in DRAGON #293. Improved Feint. The pugilist can take this ability more than once. The pugilist also gains a +1 bonus to saves to resist any attack . Spring Attack. Instead of seeding the world with general fighters. this article assumes that any specialist fighter class counts as Ihe fighter class for a race's favored class. his mount may take a -2 penalty to all its attack rolls for the round in order to gain a second hoof attack against the tripped opponent. her unarmed strikes inflict rd4 points of damage per strike. bur the knight must select bonus feats From the following list: Athletic. Immediatelythe character's role is a bit more speclallzed. Weapon Specialization. Diehard. each one setting up the next. Combat Reflexes. Improved Critical. Greater Weapon Specialization. If your world has a famous sword school that only lakes select applicants. When using a combo. The mount's attacks gain a +1 bonus to damage when the knight is riding the mount. Staggered Gait: If the knight successfully overruns an opponent using the Trample feat. a prestige class representing students and masters of mis school fits nicely Into your game. If all fighters In a game were bodyguards or survivalists. Special Abilities: The pugiliSTgains the lmproved Unarmed Strike and Endurance feats for free at rsr level. While often harsh in their fighting and brutal in their appearance. and light). Greater Two-Weapon fighting. Mounted Combat. Stunning fist. Improved Bull Rush. both the knight's and the mount's attacks gain a +2 bonus to damage so long as The mount has moved a distance equal to or greater than its speed. While thiSis part of the concept. Spot (Wis). by the very nature of their flShting style. Spirited Charge. Greater Weapon Focus. Cleave.

While certainly proficient with a blade. Treat the Shield Strike ability as the Improved Unarmed Attack feat for purposes of taking other feats in the unarmed arrack chain.learning to twist and shrft in order to take blows on the most protective parts or the armor. but each time It applies to a new type of armor. but each time it applies to a new type of armor. Stunning Fist. Improved Precise Shot. This does not reduce the armor's weight category for the barbarian bonus movement. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The survivalist is trained in the use of all simple and martial weapons. and then there is the targetteer. and with shields (except tower shields). Toughness. They often surprise opponents with their technique.ist can take this ability multiple times. Shot on the Run. but she must select bonus feats from the following list (any of the bonus feats that apply to a speciflc kind of weapon must be applied to a type of shield for the purposes of making shield bash attacks). the survivalist is prepared. Improved Disarm. Greater Two-Weapon Fighting. Improved Bull Rush. Armored Gait: Choose one type of armor. such as a breastplate. Improved Disarm. with a minimum of 1 round. Improved Grapple. Whirlwind Attack. The shield bearer may take this ability multiple times. and Use Rope (Dex). Power Attack. and Ride (Dex). the targetteer is a dangerous opponent. Weapon Finesse. These people might not love the wilderness. Special Abilities: The shield bearer may choose any of the following special abilities in place of a bonus feat. and when that happens. The shield bearer treats the armor as one weight category lighter for determining speed penalties. CI s Ills The survivalist's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Balance (Dex). parrying with their weapons while smashing back with their shields. Great Fortitude. including Armor Optimization. and shields (including tower shields). Shield Strike: The shield bearer may use her shield in place of an unarmed arrack to perform special maneuvers. Improved Trip. Bonus Feats: Shield bearers must take the Improved Shield Bash feat as their first fighter bonus feat. they charge to the front ranks. Lightning ReFlexes. Bonus Feats: The survivalist gains bonus feats as the normal fighter class does. Improved Two-Weapon Fighting. Combat Expertise. SelfSufficient. Improved Trip. Greater Weapon Focus. Improved Initiative. Greater Weapon Specialization. Survival (Wis). The pugil. Cleave. Weapon Finesse. . they would stay within the confines of civilization. Weapon Spedalization. Thus medium armor would not hinder her speed. Weapon Focus. Armor Optimization: Choose one type of armor. Improved Initiative. Power Arrack. This armor bonus stacks with all other armor bonuses. Far Shot. The shield bearer loses this bonus whenever she is denied her Dexterity bonus to AC. Armored Grace: Choose one type of armor. and find Fresh water. Focusing on the totality of ranged combat rather than settling on a single weapon. Track. Combat Expertise. The shield bearer may take this ability multiple times. but each time it applies to a new type of armor. Improved Feint. Shake it Off: The pugilist develops non-lethal damage only and reduces the duration of all stunning effects by 1 round. such as a breastplate. Great Fortitude. Stealthy. The shield bearer otherwise gains bonus feats as the normal fighter class does. shield bearers are proficienr with armor spikes. for he possesses a reach often longer than it first appears and deadly accuracy. Iron Will. Endurance. Run. Hide (Dex). Combat Reflexes. The shield bearer adds +2 to the armor bonus of this armor. but the survivalist must select bonus feats from the following list: Blind-Fight. Mobility. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The shield bearer is proficient in the use of all simple and martial weapons. dangers sometimes force people out of the cities. The shield bearer adds +1 to the armor bonus of this armor when she wears it. such as a breastplate. Intimidate (Cha). but they can trap game. make shelter. Spring Arrack. Improved Critical. The shield bearer may take this ability rnultlple times. Spring Arrack. las S dlls The shield bearer's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Climb (Str) . Diehard. Jump (Str). with light and medium armor. Greater Weapon Specialization. but this bonus only applies when an opponent is rolling fa confirm a critical hit.there are marksmen. such as Stunning Fist and Deflect Arrows. SHIELD BEARER Shield bearers are fighters rhar make the shield their primary focus instead of their weapon. while heavy armor would still reduce lr. When Violence comes. its effects stack. Dodge. Two-Weapon Fighting. Weapon Specialization. Diplomacy (Cha). the shield bearer must have her shield readied in order to use these feats. SURVIVALIST Survivalists are not nature lovers. Mobility. Toughness. Clas a res All the following are class Features of the shield bearer. Weapon Focus. Craft (lnt). In addition. Endurance. Forrification: Choose one type of armor. and light). but each time it applies ro a new type of armor. Precise Shot. all armor (heavy. ranger class abilities. The shield beater increases the maximum Dexterity bonus of the armor by one when she wears if. Unfortunately. Swim (Srr). Persuasive. They do not see themselves as a part of the wilds. Improved Critical. shield bearers possess unparalleled mastery of armor and shields. Cia 5 atu es All the following are class features of the survivalist. eschewing most ranged weapons because of their incompatibility with the warriors' beloved shields. Handle Animal (Cha). Diehard. such as a breastplate. TARGETTEER There are archers . or other abilities dependent on the armor's welghr ceregory. but still allow her to run ar four times her normal rate. Climb (Str). Greater Weapon Focus. Improved Unarmed Strike. The shield bearer may take this ability multiple times. Move Silently (Dex). Point Blank Shot. Instead of having a free hand. Jump (Str).. Combat Reflexes. Dodge. and if they had a choice. medium.that would leave her stunned. Improved Overrun. Blind-Fight. for they are melee fighters first and foremost. Grear Cleave. Improved Grapple. Craft (lnr). Improved Bull Rush. Two-Weapon Fighting. Improved Overrun. Skill Focus (any class sktll).

The targetteer cannot replace a Strength penalty to damage rolls with his Dexterity modifier unless his Dexterity modifier is also a penalty..cy: The rargerreer is trained in the use of all simple weapons. Mobility. but these must be ranged weapons. He may also choose two exotic weapon proficlencies at first level'._. Improved C. However.. training area. Sniper: When using the full attack option. OMs mlght also use iT as The encernpmen: at' regimented hobgoblins or some other lawful-aligned race.. Vital Aim: The rargetteer may add his Dexterity modifier to his damage rolls wlrh a. For each attack from a full attack sacrificed. A sacrificed attack only enhances the next attack. Run. Greater Weapon Focus. end a large forge. M. sacrificing one attack from a full attack would increase the threat range to 18-20.: The targetteer gains bonus feats as the normal fighter class does. Weapon Special ization. Weapon and Armor Prol'icien.rirical. Weapon Focus. see the ether maps presented In this issue. Shot on the Run. Point Blank . Bonus Fee!ts. Rapid Reload. a rargerreer can sacrifice multiple attacks to further increase the threat range. but the targerreer must select bonus feats from the following list: Dodge. stables. a small fort. with all armors (light. Stealthy. the targetteer can sacrifice attacks to gain deadly accuracy. and Ride CDex').ass· Skills The rargerteer's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Climb (Str). the threat range of the targetreer's weapon increases by 1. AGHTER'S BARRACKS This map shows a barracks. a~(" re".ove Silently COex). or the barracks ror part of a cily's army. Improved Initiative. A targetteer cannot sacrifice all attacks fram a full attack action. the targetreer may make two additional ranged attacks at his highest attack bonus. Arrow SWErm: By taking a -5 penalty to all attack rolls for a round. Hide (Dex). Manyshot.apon Profici. Craft (100. II could be used as a the training school for a Fighter character. . Ughfning Reflexes. Greater Weapon Specialization. For more Inspiration about how 10 use This map. Improved Precise Shot. . all ranged martial weapons. Precise Shot. and wi!th the buckler.ency.' res Allthe following are class features of the targetteer.ing special abilities in place of a bonus feat. medium. id Shot. The targetteer must have the Rapid Shot feat to take thjs ability and must be making a full attack ro make use of Arrow Swarm. Thus if the rargertser's ranged attack normally has a threat range of 19-20. Profession (W~s). The talrgetteer cannot use his Dexterity modifier to replace his Strength modifier when attacking creatures immune to critical hits. Special Abilities: The targetteer may choose any of the follow. Improved Unarmed Sfrike. and heavy). Exorlc Weapon Proficiency. Far Shot. ranged-weapon artackinsread of his Strength bonus . Martial We.

Monk Variants
by Andy Collins· illustrated by Todd Harris· cartography by Mike May "YOUI-e no march for my Shso Lin monk!" "Yeah. but I'llbury you with my Crouching Tiger!" -Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

In literature and lore, the combat styles and aptitudes of a martial artist-in DUrO terms, a monk-depend greatly on where (or by whom) she was trained. The base monk class in the Player's Handbook, however, presents only a limited variety of options to personalize your monk. This article presents a variety of spectahzed fighting styles, each dedicated to a particular tradition, art, or school. You can add as many or as few of these to your campaign as you desire, depending on how much variety you want in your campaign. These fighting styles can serve a variety of purposes in your campaign. Each one might symbolize a different monastery, creating a rivalry (friendly or unfriendly) between their students. Perhaps a specific master teaches each style only to a few select students, meaning that a monk must prove herself worthy before pursuing the training. Or maybe each monk simply chooses her own way in life, styling herself after great martial artists of the past. Monks might vary by region or continent, or different races or types of creatures might practice martial arts in different ways. A campaign steeped in mar;tial arts might include several or all of these, plus

he monk is simultaneously a versatile character class-with a wide range of class skills, 4 skill points per level, and a selection of bonus feats-and limited in irs avenues of development. In a typical DUrD campaign, monks are uncommon enough that each can strive to be unique, burin a game where monks are more common (such as a martial-arts action campaign), the one class doesn't really allow a lot of character development. This article presents two different approaches to individualizing the monks in your campaign. The first retains all the class features of the Player's Handbook monk but allows greater diversity in fighting styles through the choice of bonus feats. The second presents a halfdozen class variants of the monk, each of which trades away one or more monk class features for those of other classes. In your campaign, you can pick and choose from these approaches, sampling a couple of fighting styles along with a variant or three, or simply adopt the whole range of options for a truly kaleidoscopic vision of martial-arts frenzy!


additional styles created by the OM. On the other hand, a campaign where monks are less common might feature only one or two of these styles, with the rest either never discovered or lost to the mists of time.

When your character gains her first level of monk (regardless of her character level), you mUSTselect a fighting style from those available in the campaign. This choice might dictate the school you have chosen TO attend, the tradition you are studying, or the master who has taken you under his wing. By selecrlng one of these fighting styles, you dictate which bonus feats you gain at ist, and, and 6th level (the levels at which a monk normally gains one of two bonus Feats as listed in the Players Handbook). You need not have the normal prerequisites in order to gain these feats. In exchange for giving up this versatility, you get a +2 bonus to a single specific skill (listed in the style description) at isr level. Finally, you gain a bonus ability at 6th level if you have met the listed prerequisites by that time. If you haven't yet met the prerequisites, you don't gain the bonus ability, even if you meet the prerequisites at some later time.

You can turn away from your fighting style by selecting a different bonus fear at ist, and, or 6th level; however, if you do so you lose the skill bonus gained at isr level and can never gain the bonus ability at 6th level (even if you meet rhe prerequisites).

Fighting Style Descriptions
Each fighting style includes contextual information to help you place it in your campaign, as well as brief notes on the tactics of a character who uses the style. Skill Bonus: The character gains a +2 bonus ro this skill at rsr level. This bonus is lost if the character turns away from her chosen style by selecting a different bonus feat at 1St, and, or 6th level. A skill's inclusion in this entry doesn't change a cross-class skill to a class skill. isr Level: The bonus feat gained with the character's firsl class level of monk. and level: The bonus fear gained with the character's second class level of monk. 6th Level: The bonus feat gained with the character's sixth class level of monk. Bonus Ability: The class feature gained with the character's sixth class level of monk. as long as the character meets the listed prerequisites by rhe time she reaches that level (that is, after choosing her feats and spending her skill points from her sixth level of monk). IF the character fails to meet these prerequisites, or has turned away from her chosen style by selecting a different bonus feat at rsr, and, or 6th level, this bonus ability is forever lost. Typical Alignment: The alignment traditionally associated with this style (if any). This is not a restriction, but merely indicates the most common alignment of those monks who follow the particular tradition. Monks of different alignments might be outcasts from the school, renegade warriors, or studying the tradition without her teachers realizing her true nature. Sample Member: Some style entries include a sample NPC who practices that style. The DM can use these characters as allies, opponents, fellow students, or potential masters, as appropriate to the character and the campaign. Cobra Strike Monks of the Cobra Strike Academy specialize in agility and defense. Inspired by the lighting-fast strike of the venomous serpent, the Cobra Strike school

of martial arts teaches its students to combine mobility with deadly accuracy. By making herself hard to pin down, the Cobra Strike monk forces rhe enemy to fight on her terms. Although some claim the school was founded twelve centuries ago by a renegade yuan-ti, this is most likely an idle boast. Nevertheless, the masters of the Cobra Strike Academy are legendary for their cruel methods of teaching, a tradition that tends to create hard-hearted students. The masters of the school point to the lack of failed Cobra Strike students in the world as evidence of the efficiency of their methods, but many whisper that it more accurately points to ~he efflclency of the school in eliminating those who meet with the displeasure of the masters. Skill Bonus: Escape Artist rst level: Dodge and Level: Mobility 6th leveJ: Spring Attack Bonus Ability: The dodge bonus to AC granted by your Dodge feat increases to +2. Prerequisites: Balance 4 ranks, Escape Artist 9 ranks. Typical Alignment: Lawful evil Sample Member: Eddarkar was one of the prize pupils of the Cobra Strike Academy until the day he elected to "graduate" by killing his teacher and three other students. Rather than drawing the ire of the other masters, this act garnered their respect. Today, Eddarkar walks the earth loo.king for enemies to test his skill. Eddarkar.: Male elf Mnk 6; CR 6; Medium humanoid (elf); HD 6d8, hp 29; Inlt +4; Spd 50 ft.; AC 19, touch IB, flat-footed 15; Base Ark +4; Grp +5; Atk +9 melee (,d6+I, masterwork kama) or +B melee (ldB+l, unarmed strike); Full Ark +9 melee (ld6+1, masterwork kama) or +8/+8 melee (ld6+1, flurry of blows, masterwork kama) or +8 melee (ld8+1, unarmed strike) or +7/ +7 melee (ld8+1, unarmed strike, flurry of blows); SA flurry of blows, ki strike (magic); SQ evasion, purity of body, slow fall 30 fr., still mind; AL lE; SV Fort +5, Ref +9, Will +7 (+11 vs. enchantment); Str 12, Dex 18, Con 11, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8. Ski/Is and Feats: Balance +8, Escape Artist +15. Hide +10, Jump +18, Listen +10, Search +4, Spot +10; Alertness, Dodge, Improved Unarmed Strike, Mobility, Quick Draw, Spring Attack, Weapon Finesse.

Possessions: Masterwork kamas (2), ring of protection +1. amUlet of natural armor +1, potion of cat's grace, potion of owl's wisdom, 330 gpo

Denying Stance
The Denying Stance seeks to neutralize rhe opponent's maneuvers, thwarting him at every turn until he becomes so frustrated that he makes a crucial error. An inherently defensive tradition, the Denying Stance was created many years ago by a hailling ';V_hose town was controlled by a gang of monks practicing the Overwhelming Attack style (see below). It spread like wildfire through the youth of the rown, and within three years the cruel overlords had been driven out. Today, Denying Stance is widely practiced by those willing to learn the discipline of a patient defense. Skill Bonus: Tumble 1St Level: Improved Grapple and level: Combat Reflexes 6th level: Improved Disarm Bonus Ability: When fighting defensively or using the Combat Expertise feat, you gain a +2 bonus to grapp.le checks and disarm attempts. Prerequisites: Tumble 9 ranks, Combat Expertise. Typical Alignment: Lawful good Hand and Foot Students of the Hand and Foot style learn to use their appendages for both offense and defense. This style closely resembles the "traditional" fighting style of the Df1tD monk, and thus Is usually among the most common in any campaign that includes martial artists. The origins of the Hand and Foot rechnique are lost fa rhe mists of time. Today, it is raughr in almost every town large enough to SUppOl"'T"school of a martial arts, and by solitary masters even in tiny villages. Its simple elegance and effectiveness ensures rhar it never goes completely out of style. Combining offense and defense, it is among the most well-rounded and balanced fighting styles practiced today. Skill Bonus: Balance 1St level: Stunning Fist and level: Deflect Arrows 6th level: Improved Trip Bonus Ability: You gain a +2 bonus to attacks of opportunity made against an opponent attempting to bull rush or trip you, and a +4 bonus on Dexterity or Strength checks to avoid being tripped

or bull rushed. Prerequisites: Balan€e 9 ranks, Tumble 4 ranks. Typical Alignment: Any lawful Invisible Eye Monks of the Invisible Eye rely on their other senses, particularly hearing, to aid them in combat. To the uninitiated. the style appears essentially defensive. yet a master of the Invisible Eye learns to turn defensive awareness Into offensive prowess. The Invisible Eye style was created by an order of monks who voluntarily blinded rhemselves in order to gain a deeper spiritual awareness. Thankfully to newer students, the modern teachers of the style don't demand such personal sacrifice. In memory of the founders of the style, however, all students spend the entire first year of their training blindfolded. These blindfolds are removed in a ceremony called "The Awakening." Skill Bonus: Listen 1Stlevel: Combat Reflexes

and Level: lightning Reflexes 6th level: Blind-Fight Bonus Ability: When unarmed and fighting defensively. using Combat Expertise, or using the total defense action, increase the dodge bonus to AC that you gain From using that tactic by +1. Prerequisites: Agile, Listen 9 ranks. Typical Alignment: Lawful neutral Sample Member: Due to his paclfistic nature, Korosh was a pariah among other ogre mages. By the time he was approaching adulthood, the cruel Jibes of his folk turned to deadly abuse, and Korosh fled his home in shame. Assuming the form of a dwarf, he rook refuge in a monastery and soon found the monks' teachings to his liking. On the day of Awakening, he resumed his normal form in plain view of all, and was surprised to be accepted regardless of his size. While Korosh knows he still has much to learn about his true place in the world, he feels more comfortable among the other monks of the Invisible Eye than anywhere else.

Korosh: Male ogre mage Mnk 2; CR 10; Large giant; HD 7d8+28, hp 60; Init +2; Spd 40 Ft., fly 40 ft. (good); AC 21, touch '5, flat-footed 19; Base Ark +4; Grp +12; Atk +8 melee (ld8+5, unarmed strike); Full Ark +8 melee (ld8+5. unarmed strike) or +6/+6 melee (ld8+5. unarmed strike, flurry of blows); Space/Reach 10 Ft.ho ft.; SA flurry of blows, spell-like abilities; SQ darkvislcn 60 ft., evasion, Flight, low-light vision, regeneration 5, SR '9; AL LN; SV Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +8; Srr 19, Dex '4, Con ,g. lnr 14, Wis 18, Cha 17. Skills and Fears: Balance +4. Concentration +12, Jump +10, Listen +16, Spellcraft +10, Spot +12, Tumble +12; Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative, Improved Unarmed Strike. lighTning Reflexes. Flight (Su): An ogre mage can cease or resume flight as a free action. While using gaseous form it can fly ar iTSnormal speed and has perfect maneuverability.

The map above presents a walled monastery that coutd be the school of a monk character or of a rival school. If more than one character in the parry has monk levels, perhaps both trained at rbls school. This map can also be used by a player 10 indlcate her character's home or some other place from her character's history. For more inspiration about how to use this map, see the other maps presented in thls issue.

Any creature immune to sneak attacks is immune to this ability. Prerequisites: Intimidate 4 ranks. Today. Dex 21. Over the many generations. polymorph sleep (DC Caster level 9th. 1St quick. Skill Bonus: Concentration rsr Level: Toughness and level: Endurance 6th Level: Diehard Bonus Ability:. the monk. a legendary master of the Undying Way. HD 6dB. The Undying Way is popular among dwarves. Str 14. Prerequisites: Concentration 9 ranks. She periodically appears at the doorsteps of masters teaching the style. brooch of shielding (75 points remaining). L'Renci: female githzeraiMnk 6.'I/day-charm person (DC 14). cone of cold (DC 18). thanks to an old enmity between the two styles. Typical Alignment: Any lawful Undying Way Monks of the Undying Way believe in patience above all else. They work to outlast their opponent by means of superior endurance. preferably from a position of ambush. you must then undergo rigorous tests of body and mind to prove your worth. Con 10. Skill Focus (Bluff). BluFf +8. When fighting defenslvely. Base Ark +4. AL LN. Typical Alignment: Lawful neutral or lawful evil PassiVe Way The Passive Way focuses on making your opponent overreach himself or underestimate your skill. SQ darkvision. The save DCs are Charisma based. he hasn't yet decided that Sleeping Tiger The Sleeping Tiger style mixes smooth motions with powerful strikes. Tumble +14. potion of bull's strength. Typical Alignment: Lawful neutral Sample Member: Tordgrim learned from the Immovable Borzhov. Will +9 (+11VS. Ref +10. Spd 50 It. SR 11. Improved Trip.v.lnit +9. when an opponent would be denied his Dexterity bonus to AC. The masters of the Undying Way are called "Immovables" and are highly respected within dwarven communities. However. you gain a +4 bonus to Strength checks made to bull rush or overrun that opponent. using Combat Expertise. Sense Motive +13. although it is believed that some rare githyanki might also teach it to willing students. Skills and Fears: Balance +7. He seeks one day to become a dwarven defender. This is among the more physically challenging of the known fighting styles. Whether or not she speaks the truth is difficult to determine-although no master of the Passive Way claims her as a former student. it has been passed down from teacher to student. Improved Initiative. Possessions: Amulet of milfhry fisrs +1.AC 24. CR 7. Skill Bonus: Intimidate ist Level: Power Attack and Level: Improved Bull Rush 6th Level: Improved Overrun Bonus Ability: If you have used Intimidate to demoralize your opponent at any point Within the previous 10 rounds. Skill Bonus: Bluff Level: Combat Expertise and Level: Improved Trip 6th Level: Improved feint Bonus Ability: You gain a +4 bonus TO Strength checks made to trip an opponent who is denied his Dexterity bonus to AC. inertial armor. unarmed strike. touch 24. Wis 18. taught by only a handful of senseis throughout the lands. purity of body. OVerwhelming Attack A monk trained in the Overwhelming Attack style always presses the advantage.. Diplomacy +2. The fact that these masters produce students weB-qualified to defend those communities doesn't hurt. The save DCs are Charisma based. Monks who practice this style Tend to be enemies of monks of the Denying Stance (see above). Skill Bonus: Hide 1St Level: Weapon Finesse and Level: Improved Initiative 6th Level: Improved Sunder Bonus Ability: Once per round.. including half-orcs and even the occasional stone giant. . Some monks trained in other styles accuse them of unnecessary brutality. This complex style originated among the gith during their long enslavement by the mind flayers. Ark +10 melee (ld8+2. deals rd6 extra points of damage with a melee attack made with a light weapon. it is also one of the rarer styles. She takes poorly to those who question her claims. lnt 10. SV Fort +5. she nevertheless displays all the skill and expertise of one trained in the style. gaseous Iorm. or using the total defense action. invisibJ1ity. Sense Motive 4 ranks. bracers of armor +1. following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. Psionics: 31day-daze (DC 9). first taking measure of her opponent before stepping in to take advantage of a momentary opening in the opponent's defenses. Combat Expertise. flat-footed '9. A monk who practices this style typically opens combat in a defensive stance. slow fall 30 ft. ki strike (magic). Improved Unarmed Strike. shatter (DC 11). Improved Feint. Most believe this claim without difficulty. psionics. unarmed strike) or +9/+9 melee (. Cha 8. It favors a . Even after you find one of these rare teachers. Full Ark -1-10 melee (rd8+2. demanding a combination of strength and agility of those who would master it. Spot +13. SA flurry of blows. Weapon Finesse. PerForm (dance) 4 ranks. Hide 9 ranks. usually in private tutelage. evasion. preferring all-out offense over any form of defense. Spell-Like Abilities: At will-darkness. with many intimidating Flourishes mixed in with devastating strikes. Medium humanoid (exrraplanar). Prerequisites: Power Attack. the githzerai remain the most common practitioners of the style. Typical Alignment: Lawful neutral Sample Member: L'Renci claims to be a direct descendant of one of the original githzerai creators of the Passive Way. Grp +6.Regeneration (Ex). still mind. Inertial Armor (Sp): Equivalent of a tsr-level spell. Skill Focus (Bluff). unarmed strike). since the style takes advantage of dwarven durability. who claim to have invented the style. expecting to be given favored treatment in exchange for her imparting a bit of wisdom to the students there. Possessions: Gloves of Dexterity +2. flurry of blows). Jump +12. Fire and acid deal normal damage to an ogre mage. first-strike approach. Prerequisites: Bluff 4 ranks.d8+2. Weapon Focus (unarmed strike). the monk gains DR 2/-. It tends to be a very showy style. The Overwhelming Attack style is popular among the larger and stronger races. this ability grants the githzerai a +4 armor bonus to AC so long as the githzerai is conscious. hp 31. feather fall. enchantment). 500 gpo l. For that reason. but it's hard to argue with the results. as these teachers don't waste their time with those unfit for the training.

ftstrike. although ar the cost of some of her physical and mental grace.Int 8. 800-322-6040 241us. unarmored AC bonus (retains Wisdom bonus to AC when unarmored). Swi.Weapon Focus (quarterstaff). Medium humanoid (elf). slow fall. Medium humanoid (dwarf).. Ex-Monk Options: If this character becomes chaotic and begins gaining levers of barbarian. Diehard. Init +I. ring of protection +1. A monk who is particularly devoted to her religious beliefs gains divine powers in trade for some of her other talents ..touch 16. SQ evasion. Her monk classlevels stack with ranger levels fur determining When she gains new favored enemies. Init +2. still mind.mce. AC 18.. greater rage. Wis 14. Endur. swift tracker (as ranged. Gain: Favored enemy (as ranged. Improved Unarmed Strike.. SA flurry of blows. part of an elireforce of staff-Wielding mystic warriors who defend the Monasrery of Light. t-shiris. Concentration +14.. Spring Attack. SO darkvision 60 ft.lnt 10.Grp +8. still mind. flurry of blows).. He appears al'oof ro most. Raging Monk A monk who learns to master her inner fury is capable of channeling this into great physical power. porion of eat's grace. Two-Weapon Defense. HD 8d8+27. Con 12. flat-footed '3: Base Atk +3. Dodge. quivering palm. Mobility... whimsical dragons in all dragon catalog! Ul1i9ue gifts & collectIbles. ·_·. " OTHER MONK VARIANTS There are many ways to tweak the monk class without creati:ng entirely new sets of class features simply by exchanging some existing class features for those of other classes. and 6th level): Intimidate is class skill. Wis 16. Tordgrim: Male dwarfMnk 8. and. Ref +5. hp 66. . "'DanCing Dragon" www. Lyspek: Male ha!F-elf Mnk z/Ftr2. potion of cure moderate wounds. lose: -1 skill point per level (and -4 skillpaints at rst level). Al IN. Will +9 (+Il vs. Improved Unarmed Strike. Weapon Focus (unarmed strike). unarmed slTike}. but have less time to practice other skills. greater awareness gains the talent to' identify her enemies more easily. Ref +7. the world's only mysterious. Dex 13. Possessions: Swifrsrrike (masterwork quarterstaff).dancingdragon .flat-footed 17. Spd 40 ft. Lose: Unarmored speed bonus. flurry of blows). he can be quite persuasive .. . mighty rage (atl as barbarian). Will + s. Gain: Fighter bonus feat list to choose monk bonus feats (at rsr. HD 2d8+2 plus .Can 16. Dex '5. unarmed sfrike). wholeness of body. evasion. prints. you can add any or all of these variants to your game depending on the range of variety you desire in your monk characters . ring of jumping. masterwork quarterstaff) or + 5 melee (ld6+1. Spd 30 fr. Gather Information +1. Listen +3. Str 14. SV Fort +7. masterwork quarterstaff) or +4/+4 melee (ld6+1.. touch 14. Move Silently HO. Spot +3: Dodge. Rage. pewter. Her monk class levels no stack wlrh paladin levels for determining her daily uses of smite evil and her effective turning level. Fun Atk +6 melee (ld6H. Hunter Monk After mastering the basic talents of martial arts. Below are some examples. unarmed strike) or +3/+3 melee (ld6+t. CR 8. purity of body. unarmed strike.He never goes anywhere wirhour his quarterstaff. CR 4. Str 14. Toughness. Jump +8. Multidass Options: This monk can multklass between fighter and monk with no penalty. Search +1... These martial artists have a greater range of combat talents. but when he deigns to speak. hp 27. slow fall 40 ft. Cha 8. AllN. 11 gpo multiclass between ranger and monk with no penalty.. SA flurry of blows.. flurry of blows. TW0-Weapon Fight:ing. as with the fighting styles presented elsewhere in this article. Gain: Damage reduction (as barbarian). & limited edition artifacts. & :i. Alk +8 melee hdlO+2. Multiclass Options: This monk can Holy Monk Discover Dragons/ E ncounier rare. Grp +$ Ark +6 melee (ld6+3. Lose: Bonus feats at znd and 6th level.. Lose: Bonus feat (rstIevel). Skills and Feats: Balance +3. Gain: Aura of courage. rope of climbing. still mind. bur she gives up some of her inner peace. Jump +14. SVFort +9. lose: Flurry of blows. Skills and Feats: Balance +3! Climb +g.he's ready to settle down and still leads the life of a wanderer.adio-a. Vigilant Monk A monk whQ can open her mind to a. no Knowledge skills as class skills. kl strike (magic).. Lose: Bonus fears at ist and 6th level. Cha 8. smite evil. Survival as class skill. high in the Shard Mountains. greater flurry.. Martial Monk Some monks train as soldiers rather than asascertc mystic warriors. she retains her monk rage abilities and can add her monk class levels to her barbarian levels to determine the number of times per day she can rage (as well as when she gains greater rage and mighty rage).e» gpo Gain. turn undead (all as paladin). Deflect Arrows. Steadfast Monk A monk might choose to give up some of his mobility in exchange for the ability to withstand arracks. Full Ark +8/+8/+3 melee (tdio-z.. AC '5. Tumble +10. Passessions: Bracers of armor +2. some monks are selected to trade life in the monastery for a liFe hunting the enemies of his order. Base Ark +15.. Sample Member: lyspek is a templetrained soldier. Gain: Defect chaos (as paladin's derecr evil abiliry). uncanny dodge (as barbarian)' improved uncanny dodge (as barbarian). masterwork quarterstaff) or +5 melee (ld6-tl.. enchantment).. Mulriclass Options: This monk can mulrtclass between paladin and monk WiTh penalty. unarmed strike. Diplomacy +5.


and light). Smite (Su): All holy warriors can smite a certain type of enemy a number of times per day. Others claim that change is the natural state of the world. and her ab11ityto channel energy. it functions the same as the paladin's ability to smite evil. This article explores six of these holy warriors in detail. A Wisdom score of '4 or higher is required to get access to the most powerful holy warrior spells. Strength is important for its role in combat. and most change their opinion many times. This ability orherwise functions as the paladin ability to turn undead. and ansrchs) use it for other purposes. If they stray from their tenets and alignment. Chaotic deities of war and destruction often have anarchs . Channeling Energy (Su): All holy warriors gain the ability to channel positive energy when they reach 4th level. Skill Points at ist Level: (2 + lnt modifier) X4. Spells: All holy warriors gain the ability to cast divine spells at as early as 4th level (if their Wisdom score is high enough to grant bonus isr-level spells). Abilities: Charisma enhances a holy warrior's ability to smite.C 8FTHE by James Jacobs· illustrated p II + + by Jason Engle· cartography by Mike May + PALADins 0F 8THER ALiGnIhEnTS hey are collectively known as holy warriors. Some anarchs profess that chaos is the ultimate freedom. which functions as the paladin ability of the same name. as indicated T on the followtng table. Anarchs must be chaotic neutral. medium. her self-protective capabilities. The good-aligned holy warriors (avengers. paladins. but otherwise. yet there are numerous other orders that uphold ideals keyed to alignments other than lawful good. Divine Grace (Su): All holy warriors gain this ability at and level. This ability targets different alignments depending on the holy warrior in question. and with shields (except tower shields). Alignment: All holy warriors must be of a specific alignment. SHARED GAJhC RULES Despite their different beliefs. Class Features: All of the following are class features shared in common between all holy warriors: Weapon and Annor Proficiency: All holy warriors are proficient with all simple and martial weapons. which often draw dangerously close to fanaticism or ebsession. they all gain skill points at the same rate. Each holy warrior has a unique spell list. Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 2 + Int modifier. champions of the divine who strive for a lifetime to live up to and personify a specific ideal in honor of a divine patron. Few anarchs view their holy mission in the same way. while the neutrally aligned holy warriors (enforcers. and sentinels) can use this energy to turn undead. Required Alignment Holy Warrior Lawful Good Paladin Sentinel Neutral Good Avenger Chaotic Good Lawful Neutral Enforcer Incarnate Neutral Anarch Chaotic Neutral Hit Die: idio Class Skills: Although all six holy warrior classes have different skill lists. He is a roving force of chaos. incarnates. Yet despite their shared devotions. The paladin is the most common and widely known holy warrior. Aura of Courage (Su): All holy warriors gain this ability at 3rd level. never remaining in one location for long but leaving his mark in the form of mayhem wherever he goes. they are all basically martial classes and often serve as guardians and soldiers for their chosen religion. and a score of 11 or higher is required to cast any holy warrior spells at all. Yet each has a specific and unique focus. they lose their divine powers just as a paladin would. with all types of armor (heavy. Each of these holy warriors is fundamentally similar to the paladin in certain ways. Holy warriors gain spells at the same rate as paladins. since they embody the unpredictable nature of entropy. the various holy warriors cover a Wide range of ideals and beliefs. an area in which all holy warriors are expected to excel. AnAR H The anarch is a holy warrior tasked with opposing law and order and encouraging others to do the same. which functions as the paladin ability of the same name. all holy warriors share certain similar abilities and features as detailed below.

Craft (lnt). Dispel Law (Sp): At 8th level.£!-. He may use this ability an additional time each week every additional four levels. Sense Motive (wts). just as a paladin does.. to a maximum of 4 times a week at zoth level. Intimidate (Cha).. All of the follOWing are class features of the anarch. at 5th level. an anarch can use detect lew. The anarch turns constructs as a cleric three levels lower would tum undead. . once per week.h can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier. Turn Construct (Su): When an anarch reaches 4th level. Failing this second saving throw does not grant the anarch further saving throws against the enchantment. Aura of Chaos: The power of an anarch's aura of chaos (see the detect chaos spell) is equal to his anarch level. and the statue in the center room could be the order's founder. He may inflict critical hit damage (but not sneak attack damage) on an object or construct a number of times per day equal to his Charisma modifier. Concerrrrarion (Con). Knowledge (religion) (lnt).r.&l. Two anarchs are just as likely to come into conflict with one another as they are to work together for a common goal. Perhaps fallen might have special rnagtcal effects For more Inspiration on how to a rempie that could be used as a place of worship and preparation for aspiring holy warriors and those about members of the order who perish in a heroic manner are laid to rest here.. an anarch gains the ability to dispel lsw. see the other maps presented in thts issue. The anarch makes the decision to use this ability after a critical hit is rolled but before the roll to confirm Is made. W an anarch is affected by an enchantment spell or effect and fails his saving throw. use this map. and Survival (Wis). Slippery Mind (Ex): The anarch has a qo.al control than most other minds. Disable Device (lnt). that use of destructive strike is wasted.. Destructive Strike (Su): A and-level anarch gains the abilityto critically nit objects and constructs with melee attacks. they work alone or in small groups. AnARCH CLA S fEATURE. If the anarch fails to confirm the oritical hit." c.~~QJ. Defect Law (Sp): At will. and his mind fights much harder against magic. Knowledge (architecture and engineering) (lnr). fulfilling The building in this map represents to head iruo ban le. The anarc. he gains the supernatural ability to turn or destroy constructs. Code of Conduct: An anarch must be of chaotic neutral alignment and loses all class abilities if he ever willingly commits a blatantly lawful act (such as abiding by an oath.serving their needs. Caster level is equal to the anarch s class level. Smite Law (Su): An anarch's smite ability affects lawful creatures.l<lLLS The anarch's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Bluff (Cha). Profession (Wis). Special Mount (Sp): Anarchs gain a special mount. Certain mosiacs in the floor pattern or be used in rituals. as the spell.'Itll'l. as the spell. even if the chaotic nature of the anarch is sometimes at odds with the goals of the god's followers. he can attempt the saving throw again 1 round later to break free of the effect. AnARCH CLA . self and freewill. Anarchs do not form knighthoods or slmllar societies.

THE AnARCH Base Level 1St 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6rh Attack Bonus +1 +2 +3 +4 +S +6/+1 +7/+2 +8/+3 +9/+4 +10/+5 +11/+6/+1 +12/+7/+2 +13/+8/+3 +14/+9/+4 +15/+10/+5 +16/ 11/+6/+1 +17/+12/ . An anarch can accept only henchmen. an avenger with a Charisma score of 12 or higher can heal wounds (her own or 'those of others) by touch. eagle's splendor. Diplomacy (Cba). destructive Aura of courage. as the spell. AVEnGER CLASS SKilLS The avenger's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Bluff (Che). Yet despite the avenger's obsession with vengeance and punishment of those who do evil to others. Aside from this. contusion. avengers gain an animal minion that can . Craft (lnr). 4th Level: Break enchantment. o o o +7 +7 +8 +8 +9 +9 +IG +10 +11 +11 +12 Dispel Jaw a/week o 2 2 2 2 2. poison. lesser contusion. deeper dark. greater megtc n weapon. entropic shield. She is a loner.7/+2 +18/'1-13/.8/+3 +19/+14/1"9/+4 +20/+15/+10/+5 Fort. magic circle against law. cure moderate wounds.. and Level: Align weapon. 3rd Level: Blindness/deafness. They prefer to keep their faith personal and generally look down upon organized religious worship. protection from law. Aura of Chaos: The power of an avenger's aura of chaos (see the detect chaos spell) is equal to his avenger level. AnARCH PELl LiST Anarchs choose their spells from the following list: 1St Level: Bane. Defect Law (Sp): At will. Knowledge (local) (lnt). special mount strike mind Spells Per Day 3 4 +0 +1 "1"1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 o o 7Th 8rh glh loth nth 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th aorh Dispel law I/week Smite law 3/day +-3 +3 +3 +4 +4 +4 +S +5 smite law 4/day 2 2. she can attempt the saving throw again 1 round later to break free of the effect. familiars. mirror image. Failing this second saving throw does not grant the anarch further saving throws against the enchantment. and her mind fights much harder against magical control than most other minds. she gains the supernatural ability to turn undead just like a paladin. slippery Turn consrruer Smite law 2/day. blur. Concentration (Con). reserved only for the truly evil and despicable. Avengers must be chaotic good. Execution is a punishment of last resort. Slippery Mind (Ex): The avenger has a powerful sense of self and Free will. ess. She aims to temper her acts of vengeance so that the punishment fits the crime. the anarch's code is really little more than a lack of code. doom. Save +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 Will Save +0 +0 +1 +1 +1 "1"2 +2 +2 Special Aura of chaos. Move Silently (Dex). dispel magic. darkness. undetectable alignment. They usually serve deities that value personal freedom or vengeance. This ability is otherwise the same as the paladin ability of the same name. divine favor.. smite law s/day +6 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 3 a contract. nor will he continue an association with someone who conslsrenriy offends his moral code. I (religion) (lnt). or cohorts who are chaotic neutral. bear's endurance. lesser planar ally. As long as he continues to cause chaos and foment disrespect for law in others. Smite Law (Su): An avenger's smite targets creatures with a lawful alignment. cure light wounds. chaos hammer. smite law I/day Divine grace. Associates: An anarch never knowingly associates with lawful characters. To an avenger a deity is best served by action than by lip service. Hide (Dex). Sense Motive (Wis). scare. Knowledge All of the following are class features of the avenger. Lay on Hands (Su): Beginning at znd level. Animal Minion (Su): Af 5th level. she is not a cruel or sadistic person. magiC weapon.. his status as anarch is secure. cure serious wounds. obscuring mist. AVEnGER The avenger is a guardian of the downtrodden and a champion of the victims of the world. or joining an organization such as a brotherhood or fellowship). slow. touch of idiocy. an avenger can detect law. misdirection. followers. rage. bless weapon. Intimidate (Cha). Save +0 Ref. +5 +5 +6 +6 Dispel law 3/week 2 2 +5 +6 +6 +6 3 Dispel law 4/week. freedom of movement. wandering from town ro town in constant search of wrongs to right and oppressive dictators and rulers to overthrow. contagion. shout. cause dispel/aw. defect law. AVEnCER LA S FEATURE fear.. shstter. endure elements. Turn Undead (Su): When an avenger reaches 4th level. If an avenger is affected by an enchantment spell or effect and fails her saving throw. Avengers prefer to work alone and form groups with other avengers only for brief missions. defect poison.

Killing should be the last resort of the avenger when a more appropriate and less destructive form of vengeance will do. bless water. stone shape. ~EnTlnEL The sentinel is a wandering crusader who often lives the life of a nomad. He does so in order to patrol the breadth of the world. Associates: An avenger may adventure with characters of any good or neutral alignment. cure fight wounds. he is forced to fight alone. protection from law. She can use this ability one additional time per week for every three levels after 6th (twice per week at 9Th. order. nor will she continue an association with someone who consistently offends her moral code. neutralize poison. a sentinel uses the laws of the land and local governments 'to fight against incursions of evil. and Level: Align weapon. It can be hidden under a haze of entropy and chaos. she must temper this vengeance appropriately. a combatant. smite law 4/day 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Break enchentment 5/week Smite law 19th 20th . divine favor. An avenger can accepr only henchmen. dispel magic. but just as often. since they are never used as mounts. detect poison. smite law 2/day Break _enchantment . evil is simply that: evil. three times at 12th. freedom of movement. invisibility. or it can revel in the truth 0f its cruelty. The fight against evil is treacherous . lesser restoration. endure elements. or group. she will never knowingly associate with evil characters. Most avengers select some Form of bird as their minion.2 Spells Pel" Oay Special Aura of chaos. alter self. It makes no difference to the sentinel. greater invisibility. make whole. The sentinel finds the endless hordes of demons.'0 +0 +1 +1 . Although she can associate with lawful characters for a limited time. constantly watching for incursions from the Lower Planes. mending.L Llsr Avengers choose their spells from the followmg list: rsr level: Bless. Avengers must aid and assist anyone who asks fer help (within reason) and must not join any organized assoctation. lay on hands Aura of courage.tweek 0 Break enchantment 2/week Smtre law 3/day 0 +3 +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +6 +6 nth iath 131h 14th 0 Break enchantment 3/week 2 0 ISlh 16th 17th 181h Break enchantment 4/week. Break Enchantment (Sp): At 6th level. Often. and even then. dIsguise self.. While the avenger's life is based around achieving vengeance and retribution for the oppressed and downtrodden.THE Level 1St 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th loth VE n(.. and against the will of society. slippery mind . and S0 forth). dispel law. eat's grace. 1 +2 +z -1'2 +3 Will Save . flame arrow. She may attend the services of her church but is encouraged to worship in private. an avenger can cast break enchantment as a spell-like ability once per week. Code of Conduct: An avenger must be of chaotic good alignment and loses all class abilities if she ever willingly commits an evil act or willingly allies with a lawful government or affiliated agency. or cohorts who are chaotic good. dispel evil. shield other undetectable alignment. including additional abilities gained as the avenger gains levels and the repercussions if the minion is lost. detect scrying.ER Base Arrack Bonus . magiC weapon.-6 slday 3 3 3 2 3 3 3 3 2 3 serve as a scout. Save . dedicated to preventing them from gaining any further hold on the world he loves. misdirection resist energy. eagle's splendor.. AVEnGER SI'Fl. slaying an oppressor should be reserved only for the most evil villains. and he has sacrificed much in order to become the perfect warrior. The animal minion must be equal in size or smaller than the avenger's size. greater magic weapon. sleeping under the stars and raking what sustenance he can from the natural world.. 3rd level: Cure moderate wounds. followers.2 3 4 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 1'5 +6 +6 +7 +7 +8 +8 +9 +9 -t10 +10 +11 +11 +12 +3+4 +5 +6/+1 +7/+2 +8/+3 +9/+4 +10/+5 +11/+6/+1 +lz/+d+2 -1-13/+8/+3 +14/+9/+4 +15/+10/+5 +16/+11/+6/+1 +17/ +12/+7/->2 +18/ +13/+8/ +3 +19/ +14/ +91 +4 +20/ +15/+10/'" 5 Tum undead 0 0 Animal minion. restorstton. read magic. cure moderate wounds. protection from evil. magic circle against law. nonderection. devils.1 . magic vestment. smite law I/day Divine grace. Save +0 +0 +1 +1 1'1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +6 Ref. fox's Cunning.. and other fiends to be the mOST offensive and dangerous threat to life. bless weapon. defect law. shield of faith. holy sword.'2 Fort. magic circle Elgainst evil. To the sentinel. 4th Level: Cure serious wounds. magiC stone. This animal minIon is otherwise treated as a paladin's special mount in all ways. against established tradition. nor do the methods he uses to combat it. it can masquerade under a hundred diabolically written laws. protection from eVil. or a guardian. obscure object.

Associates: A sentinel can adventure with characters of any non-evil alignment but remains suspicious and wary . if ever. He may use this ability an additional time each week every additional four levels.!day Divine grace. he instead takes no damage and suffers no partial effects.. Additionally. 6 -1-7 +7 +8 +8 +g +g +10 +10 +11 +11 o o Dispel ev/12/week 2 nth iath 13th 14th 15Th 16th 17th . and they often work with members of those classes to accomplish a common goal. celestial fortitude Turn outsider Smite evil 2/day. as the spell. Aura of Good (Ex): The power of a sentinel's aura of good (see the detect good spell) is equal to his. Defect Evil (Sp): At will.. He gains a +2 sacred bonus to all Fortitude saving throws against effects from evil outsiders and evil spells. They usually worship good deities that have loosely organized churches.THE Level ist 2nd 3rd 4fh 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th loth s arrrtn et. C. Resist Fiendish lure (Su): At and level. He only journeys into cities when absolutely necessary. Base Arrack Bonus +1 +2 -1-3 -1-4 +5 +6/+1 +7/+2 +8/+3 +9/+4 +10/+5 +n/+6/+1 +12/+7/+2 +13/+8/+3 +14/+9/+4 +15/+10/+5 +16/ -1-11/6/ +1 . Search (I nr) . Celestial Minion (Sp): Upon reaching 5th level. Profession (Wis). These vows call for him to protect the natural order of rhe Material Plane from becoming influenced or tainted by the forces of the evil OUTer Planes. Additionally. the sentinel is honor-bound to provide assistance to any non-outsider who becomes lost or endangered while in the wilderness. a sentinel gains the ability to summon a Medium or smaller size celestial animal (with the celesrial creature template) as a standard action usable once a day. Ssrrrtnai. Sense Motive (Wis).ro a maximum of 4 times a week at zorh level. Spot (Wis)..81h 19th zorh +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +6 +6 Dispel evil 4/week.sentinel level. CLASS SKins The sentinel's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Concentration (Con). Code of Conduct: A sentinel must be of neutral good alignment and loses all class abilities if he ever Willingly commits an evil act. smile evil 5/day Smite evil 41day DIspel eVi/3/week o 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 +12 3 3 3 3 2 3 though. defect evil. and other special abilities that a paladin's special mount gains as the sentinel increases in level. a sentinel's endurance and fortitude are enhanced against fiendish attacks. The sentinel can use this ability a number of times per day equal ro 3 + his Charisma modifier. Smite Evil (Su): A sentinel's smite" targets all evil creatures. Craft (lnr). This celestial minion carries the same responsibilities as a paladin's special mount and gains the same bonuses to its HD. and he avoids travel to other planes except in the most dire need. the celestial minion only remains for 1 hour/level before returning to the outer plane from whence it came. lest he become that which he loathes. Dispel Evi! {Sp): At 8th level. Unlike the paladin's special mount. +17/+12/+7/+2 +.8/+13/+8/+3 +lg/ ""4/ +9/ +4 +20/+15/+10/+5 fort. Turn Outsider (Su): When a sentinel reaches 4tl"l level. and Survival (Wis). Knowledge (religion) (lnr).LA':>S rr:ATUI~t~ All of the foHowing are class features of the sentinel. a sentinel gains a +4 sacred bonus to all saving throws against mind-affecting attacks ef evil outsiders. celestial minion 2 3 4 +1 o o +. +2 +2 +2 +3 +3 Dispel evit. Save +2 +3 "*'3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6 Ref. +1 +. Intelligence. he gains the supernatural ability to turn or destroy outsiders by channeling energy. the meetings take place in large lodges and are both brief and to the point. as long as the victim in need honors the sanctity of the wilderness. Sarrnnu .t. natural armor. When they do meet. if he makes a successful Fortitude saving throw against an effect from an evil spell or evil outsider that normally deals half damage or partial effects on a successful save. a sentinel gains the ability to dispel evil. resist fiendish lure Aura of courage. since his vows require him to battle evil on his home plane. physicalfy meet. Strength./week Smite evil 3/day o . once per week. Celestial Fortitude (Su): At 3rd level. for the sentinel must take care to protect that which is good and pure in the world. smite evil . Save +0 +0 +. as the spell. The sentinel is most at home in the wilderness of the Material Plane. +2 +2 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +6 +6 Will Save +0 +0 +I Spells Per Day Special Aura of good. Sentinels prefer to communicate with their kin via an elaborate network of trail glyphs and markers. Knowledge (The planes) (lnr). Sentinels form into loosely knit groups that rarely. They enjoy the company of druids and rangers. Sentinels are always neutral good. a sentinel can defect evil. The sentinel turns constructs as a cleric three levels lower would turn undead. Listen (WiS). just like the aura of a cleric of a good deity.

an mcarnaregalns the ability to summon a 'Medium elemental (air. summon monster l.. nor will he continue an association with someone who consistently offends his moral code. chaotic good. She must select one of these pairings upon taking her first incarnatelevel. Check out the "Previews" secnon of issue #311. The non-aligned aspect of the natural world appeals to many incarnates. followers. Use of this supernatural ability is a standard action. This elemental minion carries the same respcnslbmrtesasa paladin's special mount and gains the same bonuses to its HD. lawful evil. Knowledge (nature) (lnr). but most such alliances eventually fall apart due to the incarnates' belief rhar civilization. Search (lnr). shield of faith. The meetings of these groups take place in large secular buildings or natural regions and often involve long debates about whether imbalance exists and how to best correct lt. fire'. Diplomacy (Gha). 31'd Level: Cure moderate wounds. Lh. shegains the supernatural ability to rebuke or command outsiders. magic circle against . She can direct this burst of energy atany target within 60 feet as a ranged touch attack. shield other. Knowledge (religion) (lnr). Profession (Wis). summon monster 1/1. natural armor. daylight. Strength. A successful hit deals Id4 points of damage plus the incarnate's Charisma modifier of both the Incarnate's associated energy types. 1St Level: Bless. both lawful and chaortc. Incarnates are always neutral. an incarnate has a particular affinity to two elements. The incarnate can generate a number of elemental bursts in a day equal to her Charisma bonus. Associated !Energy Type Element Electricity Air Earth Acid Fire Fire Water Cold Smite Extremist (SI.Next issue continues the Sp'ecial Update Series Wlfh the spellcasting classes of DfJtD. 'Intelligence. Each element is associated with a form of energy. cure serious wounds. Thus an incarnate who has a Charisma of 13 and is associated with both fire and water would deal ld4+1 points of fir·e damage and Id4""t points of cold damage to a target struck by the attack. Spot (Wis). that the best of all possible worlds is both good and evil. bless Wafer.lOWing llsr. She receives her divine spells and abilities through her uriwaverlng devorron to Balance. an incarnate with a Charisma score of 12 or higher can create a burst of energy appropriate to her elemental afftnlry.This elemental must be One of the types she is associated with due to her elemental affinity. remove disease. of those who draw their powers from the evil outer planes. The Incarnate can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier. the incarnate gains energy resistance 5 to the types of energy assoclated with her elemental affinity. cleric. An overly lawful sociery that oppresses its populace is just as wrong in the incarnate's eyes as a society that collapses into anarchy and 'barbarism. either air and earth or fire and water. bear's endurance. J nCARMATE CLASS ~KfLLS s The incarnate's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Concentration (Con). Incarnates form into loosely knit groups to better protect the Balance. summon monster IV allYing with the opposing force or fighting on her own. she focuses her faith and belief in the philosophy of Balance. spiritual weapon. she fights to restore the balance. Elemental Affinity (Ex): The elemental planes are closer To rhe mind of an incarnate Than the Outer Planes. Rebuke Outsider (Su): When an lncarna1te reaches 4th level. Elemenfal Minion (Sp): Upon reaching 5th level. They enjoy the company of druids and often work with them to accomplish a common goal. and most of them prefer to live in the wild. 4th Level: Break enchantment. The incarnate. as detailed below. a creature that indiscriminately treats everything with kindness and understanding is just as offensive as one that kills and slaughters without remorse. all in equal balance. lesser restoration.I): An incarnate's smite targets creatures of the following alignments: lawful good. bull's strength..and chaotic evil. This ability functions as the detect undead spell.or water) as a standard action usable once a day . endure elements. remove curse.Unlike the paladin's special: mount. Listen (Wis). summon monster II. A sentinel may only accept henchmen. turns outsiders as a cleric three levels lower would tum undead. When the incamate makes a smite attack. i MCARn4TE ClASS FEATURE'S inCARnATE The incarnate Is unique among the divine champions in that she does not serve a: patron deity. she must decide which alignment she is smiting. Detect Imbalance (Sp). He never knowingly associates with evil characters. death ward.eVll.T Sentinels choose their spells From the fol. When one force becomes too powerful in a region. mount gains when the incarnate gains levels . Likewise. druid. She can only use this ability while she is on the Material Plane. restoration. dispel magic. He tolerates the presence of native evil outsiders. This ability does not determine the alignment or subtype of the creature. and level: Align weapon. detect poison. sorcerer. dismissal freedom of movement.earth. remove blindness/deafness. As a result. such as ti'eflings. Incarnates are sensitive to the presence of creatures wtrh alrg)1ment subtypes because of how unbalancing the presence of such creatures can be. invisibility purge. eagle splendor. SEnTinEL Sr'EII. protection from evil protection from good" remove fear.prayer. and Survival (Wis). They rarely have patron deities. The cepsrcne of the series. and the natural world must also find balance. neutralize poison. Issue 1. bur would prefer not to share their company if possible. the elemental minion only remains . cure light wounds. save that it detects creatures with an alignment subtype rather than the type. dimensional enchor. or cohorts who are neutral good. and wizard. Energy Resistance (Ex): At 3rd level.312 features the "evil classes" of DfJtD. Graft (lnr). just the presence. bless weapon. hold portal magic weapon. Rather. consecrate. Elemental Burst (Su): BElginning at and level. either by All of the Followm_gare class Features of the incarnate. and other special abilitles that a paladin's special. bard. divine favor. holy sword. includl ng the e viI co unre rparrs to rh Is issue's holy warriors.

. owl's wisdom. elemental burst Aura of courage.rELL LiST Incarnates choose their spells From the following list: 1St level: Bless. punishment. 3rd level: Cure moderate wounds. the laws of the land are as holy as the laws of his religion. divine favor. dominate anima!. Smite extremist 3/day 0 0 0 9th ierh 11th 121h 13th 14th 15th 161h +7 +B +8 +9 +9 +10 +10 +11 +11 +12 Commune with nature 2/week 0 Commune with nature 3/week 17th lBth 19th 20lh 2 2 3 3 2 3 3 3 2 3 Commune wit" narure 4/week. resist energy. msgic circle against chaos. but appropriate. +1 +I Will Save +0 +0 H Spells Per Day Special 2 3 4 Defect imbalance. Knowledge (religion) (lnt) . spike growth. pass without trace. smite extremist liday +3 +3 +4 +4 +3 +4 "'5 +6/+1 +7/+2 +1 +1 +2 0 elemental minion 0 6th +5 +5 +6 +6 +7 +2 +2 7Ih Blh +2 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4 1'4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +6 +6 Smite extremist 4/day 2 a 2 2 2 2 +B/+3 +9/+4 +10/+5 +11/+6/+1 +12/+7/+2 +13/+8/+3 +14/1'9/+4 +15/+10/+5 1'16/+11/+6/+1 +17/ +12/ +7/ +2 +IS/ +13/ 1'8/ +3 +19/+14/+9/+4 1'20/+15/+10/+5 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +6 +6 Commune with nature l/week. entangle. Gather Information (Cha). speak with plan:fs. Theincarnare is most at home in the wilderness. magic circle against evil. nor will she continue an association with someone who consistently offends her moral code. 4th Level: Break enchantment. protection from law. lesser restoration. Aura of law: The power of an enforcer's aura of law (see the detect law spell) is equal to his enforcer level. bull's strength eagle's splendor. Save +0 +0 +. especially in large cities where such deities are worshiped heavily. Intimidate (Cha). Search (lnr). She avoids travel to other planes (With the exception of the Elemental Planes to which she has an affinity) except in the most dire need. or cohorts who are neutral. to a maximum of 4 times a week at aorh level.S All of the following are class features of the enforcer. ARnATE Base Level 1St 2nd 3rd 4Th 5th Attack +1 +2 fort. Commune with Neture (Sp): At 8th level. Code of Conduct: An incarnate must be of neutral alignment and loses all class abilities if she ever willingly commits an act that endangers the natural balance of the world.an enforcer can use detect chaos. magic weapon. cure light wounds.greater magic fang. Associates: An incarnate can adventure with characters of any alignment but remains suspicious and wary of those who draw their powers from the Outer Planes (including most clerics and other holy warriors). elemental affinity. Enf0RCEI< CLAS SKiLL" The enforcer's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Concenrrarton <Con). endure elements.. cure serious wounds. Detect Chaos (Sp): At Will. but would prefer not to share their company if possible. Craft (lnr). as the spell. tree shape. Divine grace. dispel evil dispel good dispel law. An enforcer is always lawful neutral. Diplomacy (Cha). an incarnate gains the ability to commune with nature. barkskin. protection from good. energy resistance Rebuke outsider Smite extremist 2/day. dispel chaos. EnF0RCER CLASS FEATURt. She tolerates the presence of native outsiders such as aasimar and rieflings. An incarnate may only accept henchmen. freedom of movement. and Sense Motive (Wis). shield other. and Level: Animal mBssenger. but she does not take any special vows to avoid city life.THE inc. hold person. plant growth prayer. bless water. She never knowingly associates with creatures of an alignment subtype. magic fang. detect poison. She may use this ability an additional time each week every additlonal four levels. Deities of protection and nobility often have enforcer followers. diminish plants. Bonus Save +2 Ref. smite extremist 5/day 3 3 for 1 hour/level before returning to the elemental plane from whence it came. charm anima!. followers. dismissal. Knowledge (history) (lnr). speak with animals. protection from evil. magic circle against good magiC circle against law. tree stride. bless weapon. once per week. The incarnate prefers to arrive at peaceful solutions but is fully eapable of using force against unwanted intrusions into this realm from beyond. EnFORCER The enforcer is the ultimate warrior for law and works hand in hand with his patron deity and his liege. as the spell. and those who would flaunt or ignore the law deserve swift. inCARnATE C. longstrider. To an enforcer. Enforcers form large knighthoods that are usually based within a structure built on the grounds of the local ruler's estate and often work with paladins to fight against crime and civil unrest. protection from chaos. command plants. Profession (Wis). bear's endurance. Upholding and enforcing the laws take complete precedence over all other factors.

18/1'13/" 81 +3 +19/+14/+9/+<1 +20/ -1-'5/-1-10/+ 5 Dominare person 2/week Suggestion 3/day 2 iarh 13th 14th 15th 16th 17lh 18th 19th aoth o 2 2 2 2 Dominate person 3/week. but they must also serve the will of their worldly liege. He can use this ability one additional time per week for every four levels after lih. Dom. hold monster. divine favor. Caster level is equal to the enforcer's class level. The enforcer can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier. he may use this ability one additional time per day. command. cure light wounds. If an enforcer believes his liege is not acrmg in the best interests of his deity. status. although the maximum number and level of their followers and cohorts remains standard. hold person. Leadership (Ex): Upon reaching 5th level. Subdue (Ex): A and-level enforcer has learned how to efficienrty inflict nonlethal damage with weapons. At 3rd level. even when the laws would prevent him from fully accomplishing a desired personal goal.-3 +3 +4 +4 +4 -1-5 +5 +5 +6 +6 Ref. magic weapon. as long as he is proficient with the weapon being used. nor will he continue an association with someone who consistently offends his moral code. mark of justice. and level: Bull's strength. 3rd level: Cure moderate wounds. bless weapon. suggestion Rebuke/Command Leadership. Their primary liege remains their divine patron. as Thespell. an enforcer may cast suggestion. smite chaos 4/day 2 2 2 -1-6 +6 +12 Suggestion 4/day Dominate person 4/week Smite chaos s/day 3 3 3 2 3 3 3 3 2 3 Smite Chaos (Su): An enforcer's smite targets creatures with a chaotic alignment. Enforcers are expected to use commanded undead to further the cause of Jaw and generally don't keep commanded undead under their control for more than 24 hours. detect poison. shield other. restoration: " .cure serious wounds. smite chaos l/day Divine grace. once per week. prayer. magic circle against chaos. An enforcer is not allowed to accept a position of leadership that would place him in a position where he would not have a liege above him in the rank of command. En f0 RC EO R 1'1: LL L is'r Enforcers choose their spells from the following list: 1St level: Alarm. remove curse.-6 +6 +7 +7 +8 +8 +9 +9 +10 +10 +'11 +II Spells Per Day Special Aura of law. remove blindness/deafness. Unlike the other holy warriors. Associates: An enforcer can adventure with characters of any non-chaotic alignment but remains suspicious and wary of those who are not lawful. as the spell. At 8th level. Suggestion (Sp). An enforcer may only accept henchmen. dispel chaos. neutralize poison. followers. Enforcers gain a +1 bonus to their leadership score. detect chaos. gre3ter command. discern lies. to a maximum of four times a day at 18th level. subdue Aura of courage. and every five levels thereafter. He may use this ability once per day at 3rd level. endure elements. an enforcer gains the Leadership fear as a bonus feat. Bonus Save +0 +0 +1 +1 -1-1 -1-2 +2 +2 +3 . He will never knowingly associate with chaotic characters. an enforcer can cast dominate person. for no more rhan 24 hours). The enforcer's patron deify and his liege's patron deity must be the same. he gains the supernatural ability to rebuke or command undead as an evil cleric three levels lower would. bless water.. fox's cunning. Code of Conduct: An enforcer must be of lawful neutral alignment and loses all class abilities if he ever willingly commits a chaotic act (such as breaking a vow or contract or betraying an ally). Save +0 +0 +1 -1-1 +1 +2 '1-2 +2 Will Save +2 +3 +3 -1-<1 +4 +5 +5 . remove disease. resistance. hold portel. except in the case of an emergency (and even then. Rebuke/Command Undead (Su): When an enforcer reaches 4th level.THE FnF0RCER Base Level rst Fort.nate Person (Sp): At lih level. enforcers are bound to the will of two beings. The enforcer must uphold and enforce the laws of the church and land at all rimes. He does not suffer the standard -4 penalty to attack rolls when he attacks to inflict non-lethal damage with a weapon that normally deals lethal damage. virtue. Caster level is equal to the enforcer's class level. sleep. eagle's splendor. when an enforcer attacks to inflict non-lethal damage with a weapon specifically designed to do non-lethal damage (such as a sap or whip). especially if the presence of undead causes chaos in society. protection from chaos. resist energy. bless. In addition..-17/+12/+7/+2 . Undead I/day 2 Attack +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6/+1 +7/+2 +8/. or cohorts who are lawful neutral. he gains a +2 bonus to weapon damage rolls. he is permitted to act against his liege as long as he can expose his liege's heresy within 24 hours. 4th Level: Break enchantment.-3 +9/+4 +10/+5 3 4 and 3rd <1lh o o 5Th 6th smile chaos a/day ph 8th Dominate person 1/week Suggestion 2/day Smite chaos 9th 10Th nth +3 +3 +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +6 o o o 3/day +11/+6/+1 +121+7/-1-2 +13/+8/+3 +14/+9/+4 +15/-1-10/+5 +16/+11/+6/+1 ". zone of truth.


and no ediTion of DUrO would be complete without it. the player chooses whether her character wishes to specialize in melee combat or ranged combat. but rangers now get Knowledge (dungeoneering) and Knowledge (geography) as class skills. here's a summation of the revisions.R. rangers have their own combat styles and a canny ability to use terrain to their best advantage. she can chooses to assign an increase to her bonuses against the new favored enemy or an existing one. Improved TwoWeapon Fighting (6th level). Big changes include: Hit Die: Some people will freak out over the revised ranger's d8 Hit Dice.classing the Revised Ranger by Rich Redman . If you're converting a ranger to the revision. Rangers are hunters. Of all the classes.RAGONS. the expert hunter.R. the class has grown. When a ranger gains a favored enemy after 1St level. available at znd level and improving at 6th and roth levels. There are a number of changes from the class presented in the 3rd Edition Player's Handbook. Animal Empathy is no longer a skill. but in the context of the revised class. Skill Points: A mighty 6 + Int modifier sets the ranger above barbarians. pathfinders. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. druids. In fact. rangers are found in every type of terrain. Rangers stili get divine spells and Track. Woodland Stride (7th level). While they lack a fighter's feats. Since Irs inception. and explorers. In the past. illustrated by Jason Engle . Now it has a life of its own. they get some new or improved ability at almost every level. use ranks that were once in Intuit Direction to maximize Survival first. then Knowledge (nature). A RE lSION If you don't have your 3. a paladin's divine powers. ranger clearly has . The revision provides guidelines about how a character might know something about a particular monster with a successful Knowledge check. Rangers are protectors of the wilderness. Evasion (gth level). so the ranger's increased skill points won't g0 unused. The skills of the outdoor survivalist.the his roots in Aragorn from J. Melee combat specialists get Two-Weapon Fighting (znd level). all of which are designed to support that core. Swift Tracker {8th levell. and finally . it works. and the champion stalker remain at the core of the revised ranger. including the Underdark and beneath the seas. scouts. only rogues can even hope to match the scouring abilities of the ranger.Mult. however. allows players to further customize their rangers. Favored Enemies: Ranger favored enemy bonuses no longer autornaricaJly increase as they did. players with ranger characters had to choose whether to focus on a creature their characters would face at higher levels (so their rangers would eventually have high bonuses against that creature) or on a creature they would face sooner (so their rangers would have bonuses they could use almost immediately but at later levels would find next to useless). Endurance (3rd level). but now get Wild Empathy (a class ability that replaces the Animal Empathy skill). Although the class description given in the Player's Handbook mentions forests.5 Player's Handbook yet. Camouflage (13th level). At znd level. and monks. trackers. Combat Style: This Feature. and Hide in Plain Sight (17th level). cartography by Mike May s a class in DUNOEONS fit D. or a barbarian's rage. and Intuit Direction is gone as well.

If's worth noting here that the melee combat style gives the complete benefits of those feats. Manyshot (6th level). Their small size and relatively low Strength scores can be a handicap in melee. and might include owls. favored enemy. Their favored enemies are those creatures who are the biggest threats to their homes and people. Spot. wolves. Others prefer to use their own initiative and to work primarily alone. Some examples of ranger backgrounds include: Dwarf rangers are ofren focused on threats encountered in their people's mines. Good haff-orc rangers often choose Humanoid (arc) as their favored enemy. Benefit: Chose one of your favored enemies. and Humanoid (goblinold). Search. so they often prefer the ranged combat style. Rangers generally grow up aware of nature's rich. Power Attack is their preferred feat. This stacks with the ranger's existing favored enemy bonus. Jump. ranging the outskirts of their homes. The Legolas character from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies is the archetypical elf ranger. Ride. They benefit from many . Their typical skills include Climb. Move Silently. Knowledge (nature). and bears. This feat is a supernatural abillry. Ride. rangers need a more detailed character background to help focus their development. They might further capitalize on their Strength and skills by taking Athletic. especially ccnsidering the d8 Hit Die. Humanoid (ore). add 3 rimes the number. and teamwork. Spot. Benefit: Chose one of your favored enemies. bats. Spot. always alert for trouble. FAVORED POWER ATTACK IGENERAL) You are able to inflicr more damage on your hated enemies. dwarf rangers often prefer the ranged combat style since that means they can stay in one place and shoot. You deal an additional +2 points of damage to thar favored enemy. When you use the Power Attack Feat against thar favored enemy. they have no particular bias for law or chaos. but they are much closer to and part of the natural world than cities. Prerequisites: Abiliry 10 cast arcane spells. you may subtract II number from your melee attack rolls and add twice rhar number to your melee damage rolls. Ranged combat specialists get Rapid Shot (and level). base attack bonus +4. Halfling rangers are guardians of their people. Their animal companions might be flying scouts. while evil half-ore rangers often choose Humanoid (human). Prerequisites: Power Attack. For each level of the spell sacrificed. such as eagles and owls. and Survival. and Survival. or bears. bur jf you sacrifice a spell of such a level rna: the bonus to hit exceeds your base attack. Combat style benefits only apply when the ranger wears light or no armor. or melee fighting partners such as boars. In addition to combat feats and Self-Sufficient. FAVORED ENEMY Greater Two-Weapon Fighting (roth level). Knowledge (dungeoneerlng).FEATS OF HUNTERS Here are some new feats. Their typical skills include Hide. Fortunately. These communities are not as wild or isolated as barbarian communities. Listen. so the ranged combat style is likely to be popular. ARCANE STRIKE [GENERALJ You can channel arcane energy into your melee attacks. complex web of life alongslde that of civilization. which is great because quarterstaff-wielding rangers are just cool. The normal restrictions of the Power Attack feat apply. Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +5. Their typical skills include Climb. and that list varies depending on where their home is.and gnomes treat the gnome hooked hammer as a martial weapon. capitalizing on their famously high Strength scores. below). Benefit: As a free action usable once per round. They choose favored enemies from among the ancestral foes of the dwarves LE including Giant. Theil' typical skills include Hide. The bonus you gain to hit cannot exceed your base attack bonus. Move Silently. Search. primarily for rangers. Move Silently. Elf rangers prefer the ranged combat style. Rangers are usually from rural environments (but see Urban Rangers. yov gain a +2 bonus to hit and deal an extra +ld6 points of damage. As a result. Elf rangers see strong benefits from Stealthy. Because dwarves are slower than other Medium creatures. the sky's the limit. partly because of their relatively high Dexterity scores and partly because their relatively low Constitution scores combined with a ranger's d8 Hit Die make them uncomfortable in melee. and finally Improved Precise Shot (loth level). Jump. If you are using a two-handed weapon. and some cool characters become easier to make. Their animal companions are generally those that have less trouble maneuvering underground. at least one favored enemy. They are the most likelyto follow the melee combat style. you may sacrifice one of your arcane spells for The day to grant benefits to your next melee or ranged attack. rules. Combine this with the fact that dwarves now treat the dwarven urgrosh as a martial weapon. IMPROVED [GENERA[J You know how ro hit your favored enemies where it hurts. unlike in the previous version of the ranger. Some rangers prefer hierarchical organizations. coincidentally the same sorts of threats encountered by adventurers in dungeons. Because they can be such generalists. Survival. you st1Jigain the normal extra damage due to the spell's level. Rangers can now use double weapons with the melee combat style. and Survival. Of all the races. Their animal companions are likely to be creatures that they can ride. and Swim. Those elf rangers who pursue the melee combat style likely take Combat Reflexes to build off their relatively high Dexterity scores. wolves. dwarf rangers might also see strong uses for Stealthy. A liROU OS RA E Rangers are setf-sufflclenr characters that work with other rangers and individuals from other classes because they see a need to do so. base attack +4. improving their ability to cover their territories. Half-orcs form the shock troops of the rangers.

or It could be parr of a larger forest city high above rbe ground. many rangers will likely follow the Dodge feat tree. however. • Trade the Track feat for the Stealthy feat. You might want to see if your DM will allow trades from different class lists as well. and dire badgers. This area could be the dwelling of a ranger PC or NPC. SA: The two basic choices for combat style. limited to light armor. and these feats help.and Stealthy. Every rule mentioned there also applies to an urban ranger. RANGER'S TREE DWELLING The series of platforms and walkways presented in thIs map exist high in the canopy of three huge trees. and rangers following the ranged combat style will most likely want that feat. Elves often choose this style because of their bonus to Dexterity and penalty to - - -~ _L_ - - ------- . • Swap out a few ranger spells for bard spells of equal level. Range CC"m Ie Characters with high Dexterity scores are not only more accurate with all heir ranged attacks but have a higher Dexterity bonus to AC as well. plant growth for phantom steed. Some trades to consider include detect snares and pits for detect secret doors. r__ - • Take an organization or culture rather than a creature type as a favored enemy. see the other maps presented in Ihis issue. or spies. Be sure to make such choices in concert with your OM. For example. melee or ranged. or you could end up with a favored enemy you never encounter. Dodge and Mobility are part of The pre-requisites for Shot on the Run. for more inspiration about how to use this map. but not to other mercenaries. To play an urban ranger. and tree stride for dimension door. bur they roam the mean streets of the city rather than the wilderness. but don't expect to get chain lightning OUT of it.including Alertness. With your OM's permission. speak with plants fer detect thoughts. impact your weapon and feat choices. bounty hunters. Rangers following the melee combat style just want the higher AC granted by Dodge and Mobility. Their animal companions double as mounts and guardians. They include creatures such as wolves. supplemented by Combat Expertise. To begin with. RA There are those whose keen senses and combat skills lead them down a path similar to that of traditional rangers. which would allow you to use your favored enemy bonuses against mercenaries who belong to that organization. Many rangers take Self-Sufficient at 1St level for the bonuses to Heal and Survival. boars. use the rules from the ranger class description in Chapter 3 of the revised Player's Handbook. you can adopt a few modifications designed to make your character more effective in an urban environment: • Change class skills by swapping Knowledge (geography) for Knowledge (local). In addirlcn. Athletic. rangers should start looking for ways to boost their AC early. you might choose the Nameless Legion (ORAGON #304). and Knowledge (nature) for Gather Information. These characters are likely to be officers of the watch.

in forests or jungles. Cleave. weapons with large threat ranges are ideal. They seek to emulate those tools. High-Dexterity characters who choose this style typically choose Weapon Finesse. ability Increase bard spells 12 13 14 1. a rider in combat must make a Ride check as a move action. elee na Characters with high Strength scores prefer this combat style. courage +. or warhammel's with handaxes or shortswords. Save +2 +-4 +5 Will Save +2 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4 +5 +5 +s +5 +6 +7 +7 +7 +8 +8 +8 +9 +10 +10 Average Hit Points 6 10 14 18 22 26 Abilities Gained and (Recommended Feats) Bardlc music.gh Strength scores often choose this style since they have a bonus to Constitution. Either may choose to use a spiked shield as an off-hand weapon. the key is to get the most damage out of standard weapons. longswords. Dodge. Fear (Shot on rhe Run). bardic knowledge. such as prairies. or among mountain ranges often produce rangers that use the melee combat style. For neutral rangers. To Those Who Abuse Nature Regardless of Their alignment. Some feel the abuse can best be countered through education. from exposure to avalanches to wild beasts. Peal (Far Shot) Swift tracker. They typically see themselves less as protectors and more as avengers.BARD/RANGER Class level levels Brdl 2 Brdl/Rgn Brda/Rgn Brd2/Rgn! Brd3/Rgr2 Brda/Rgl"3 Brd4. so too do rangers have different arrirudes about nature. flails. RA Just as barbarians have varied attitudes about cities and city-dwellers. Halflings often choose rhis style because of their racial bonus with thrown weapons. rangers choosing this style often take ranks in Ride and choose animal companions that can double as mounts. those who abuse nature. nature is often something so awesome and ever-present that nothing can ever truly destroy it.8 T9 20 +15 +16 +17 Consrlturlon. TwoWeapon Defense. making people terrified of the darkness outside their windows. reat (DodgeJ 1Stfavored enemy. are popular with rangers using this style because of their large range increments. access to and-level ranger spells. Improved Initiative. feal (Spring Aftack) Access to 4th-level bard spells 3rd favored enemy. out to punish the most egregious destroyers. in which case the character often chooses Improved Shield Bash as a feat. and the ranger must step forward and assist. and Mounted Archery. inspire bard spells. These rangers pair battleaxes. Quick Draw. Precise Shot. and Spring Attack. Such rangers often pair the scimitar or rapier and the kukrl. and steppes often produce rangers that use the ranged combat style. Mounted Combat.Mobility. nature is something that must be protected. elementals. Dodge. ability increase Inspire competence Endurance. ability increase feat (Mobility) znd favored enemy +6 +6 +6 +7 +8 +8 +8 6 7 8 30 34 38 42 46 50 9 10 II +9 +10 +10 +10 +11 +-12 Suggesr/on Improved combat style.5 16 17 +11 +12 +13 +14 +14 54 58 62 66 70 74 78 82 +12 +12 +13 +14 . access to a-level faSCinate. Power Attack. Composite bows. feat (Point Blank Shot) Combat style (ranged). such as underground. ability increase Inspire greatness Evaslon. rangers despise those who abuse the natural world. They respect and admire all the destructive tools at nature's disposal. Save +0 +2 +2 +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +7 +7 +7 +7 +8 +g +9 +9 +10 Ref. plants. ability increase Access to 3rd-level Woodland stride Inspire courage +2. Good rangers educate people about the value of preserving and cooperating with nature. In addition. Arctic taiga. so mounted characters cannot make full-attack actions and that makes two-weapon fighting impossible. Half-orcs often choose this style because they have high Strength scores. ccunrerscng. Combat Reflexes.Rgra Brd4/Rgl"4 Brd5/Rgr4 Brd5/Rgl"5 Brd6/Rgrs Brd6/RgrB Brd7/Rgr6 8rd7/Rgr7 Brd8/Rgr7 Brd8/Rgr8 Brdg/RgrS Brdg/Rgrg Brdlo/Rgrg Brdlo/Rgno MULTlClASS ADVANCEMENT Base Attack Bonus +0 +1 +2 1'3 -1-4 +5 +6 +7 +7 +8 +9 +10 fort.. Quick Draw. tridents. It is incapable of completely protecting itself. on page 58). Rangers typically carry composite longbows because they deliver excellent damage and have a long range. Since shorrbows can be used while mounted. and Favored Power Attack (see Feats of Hunters. Evil rangers use the natural world as a way to kill. access to ist-levet ranger spells. and everyone else. Track. Societies that live on open ground. Improved Initiative. Feats chosen are typically Point-Blank Shot. Societies that live in places with limited lines of sight. particularly if they also have high Constitution scores (to absorb more damage) or high Dexterity scores (to avoid getting hit). Shot on the Run. or undead. For rangers whose favored enemies are constructs. wild empathy 3 4 5 Access to rsr-level bard spells. For rangers whose favored enemies are vulnerable to critical hits. unless the mount is a warhorse or warpony. Dwarves with hi. HighStrength characters who choose this style typically choose Alertness. To Nature For good rangers. Mobility. with the highest possible Strength bonus for the character. . fear (Precise Shot) Access to and-level bard spells Animal companion.

ability increase Access to 4th-level Woodland stride Feat (Power Attack) Swift tracker. To Others Most rangers are comfortable with change. and aren't covered here. elementals. characters l:lsing this combination often pursue the ranged combat style. these characters often make excellent scouts. feal (Two-Weapon Defense) Animal companion. for example. but otherwise display a wide variety of choices.CLERIC/RANGER Class Level Levels Cln 2 MULTICLASS ADVANCEMENT Base Arrack Bonus +0 +1 +2 Fort. Additional bard skill points are spent on Perform and Knowledge (history) until the character has 5 ranks in the latter for the boost it gives ro bardic knowledge checks. Rangers have a more favorable base attack bonus progression and a more favorable Fortitude saving throw progression. plants. Still others see all beings as prey for nature's destructive urges. and Knowledge (nature) over ensuing levels. their cities would be swallowed by the narurat world. Gnomes are more likely to favor this combination than any other race. feal (favored 3rd favored enemy cleric spells Cln/Rgn Clr2/Rgn Clr2/Rgr2 Clrg/Rgr2 CII'3/Rgr3 Clr4fRgr3 C14/Rgr4 Clr5/Rgr4 Cirs/Rgrs Clr6/Rgr5 Clr6/Rgr6 Clr?lRgr6 Ch7/Rgr7 Clr8/Rgry C!r8/Rgr8 Cltg/RgtB Clrg/Rgrg Clno/Rgrg Cirlo/Rgno 3 4 "3 "'4 +5 +6 +7 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12 +13 +14 +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +7 +7 "3 +3 +4 +5 5 6 7 +6 +6 +7 26 30 35 39 44 48 53 57 62 8 9 10 II +B +8 +8 +g +10 +10 HO +11 +5 +5 +5 +6 +7 +7 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 +7 +7 +8 +g +9 +9 +10 +7 +8 +8 +g +9 +10 +10 66 71 +12 +12 75 80 84 89 93 H4 +15 +16 +17 +. better Will save progression. slower base attack Range /8 brian This class comblnarlon is covered in "The Roles of Rage" in this issue. They encourage planting forests to eventually replace trees cut for lumber. Additional ranger skill points are spent on Ride and Survival. Paladins and monks. below. feal (Improved Favored Enemy·) 2nd favored enemy Improved combat style. Save ~o +2 -+2 Will Save +2 +2 +3 Average Hit Points 8 I. Save +2 -1-4 "'5 +6 Ref. Character Choices These characters spend skill points from both classes on Climb (Srr). or undead as favored enemies. so rangers understand that civilization changes the natural wortd. fear (Dodge) 1Stfavored enemy. only taking the first level for its benefits. They rarely choose constructs. feat (Spring Attack). characters are likely to continue multiclassing for extended periods because the combinations fit the player's vision of the .. There is very little difference in their average hit points . something must be put back. wild empathy Feat (MobillIY) Combar style (melee}. are least likely to make class combos. Compared to a Single-Class Ranger Advantages: Earlier access to spells.: 17 21 Abilities Gained and (Recommended Feats) Turn or rebuke undead. Some believe that for everything taken. access 10 isr-level ranger spells. ability increase Access to 5th-level cleric spells Power Anaok") Evasion. Concentration (Con). Because of their light armor and lower average hit points. They even have skills in cornrnon. They divide remaining skill points between Knowledge (dungeoneerlng). because of their restrictions on multiclassing. Bards have a more favorable Will save progression and begin casting spells sooner. Track. Hide (Dex). Knowledge (geography). Small characters choosing this combination most often seek anima1 MBOS The revision makes it less likely that any class will "cherry pick" other classes. The issue is where the ranger draws the line. Disadvantages: No access to ranger's high-level abilities. The natural world goes through seasonal changes over and over again. and some ideas on how their abilities can enhance the rest of the party while dealing with it. access to and-level spells. returning to the party with news of what lies ahead. weapons.2 +13 +14 '9 20 'See feats of Hunters. Others point to grass and weeds growing up through cobblestones or moss growing on roofs and remind dry-dwellers that without constant maintenance. and Move Silently (Oex). Some of those want to take credit for nature's revenge. access to 0. bardic knowledge related to the threat.and rsr-level cleric spells. Because they treat gnome hooked hammers as martial. ability increase Access to grd-Ievel cleric spells. With their combined access to Hide and Move Silently and their very high Reflex savling throw bonuses. Both geT the same number of skill points at each level. gnome progresston. Access to bard skills. ability Increase Access to and-level cleric spells Endurance. Instead. character. others through retribution. angerlS The ranger and the bard are similar in several ways. and others would rather hide their hands and make the revenge look as though it was caused by a natural event. ranger/bards are slightly more likely to take the melee combat style.

Strength. Save +2 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4 +5 +5 +5 +5 +6 +7 +7 +7 +8 +8 TB Will Save +0 +2 +2 +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 Average Hit Points Abilities Gained end FeaTS) nature sense. Death. Thi-scombination offers an excellent Fortitude saving throw bonus with good Reflex and Will saving throw bonuses.RANGER/DRUID Class Level 2 levels Rgrl Rgn/Drdl Rgr2/Drdl Rgr2/Drd2 MULTICLASS ADVANCEMENT Base Attack. Wild shape (2/day). When chooslng spells. ability to combine cleric magic items wlrh ranger class abilities. and often chooses a light spiked shield as its offhand weapon. Save T2 +4 Ref. fear 5 6 7 R81"3/Drd2 Rgr3/Drd3 Rgr4/Drd3 Rgr4/Drd4 Rgrs/Drd4 Rgrs/Drd5 Rgr6/Drd5 Rgr6/Drd6 RgrdDrd6 Rg'7/Drd7 Rgr8/Drd7 Rgr8/Drd8 Rgrg/DrdB Rgrg/Drdg Rgno/Drd9 Rgrlo/Drdlo 26 30 35 39 44 48 +6 +7 +8 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12 TI3 +14 8 9 10 11 +5 +5 +6 +7 +7 +7 +7 T8 +9 +B +9 +10 +10 +10 I'll 53 57 62 combat style Feal (Natural SpelO. Knowledge (nature) (mr). access to and-level ranger spells. fortunately. Disadvantages: No access to cleric spells above 5th level. wild ernparhv. Most common are Healing. Sun. particularly bears and lions. Bonus +1 FoM'. The example progression on page 61 follows the melee combat style. With a broad selecrion of spells. but not From the cleric's access to heavier armor.fday). Handle Animal (Cha). Trickery. Protection. 'their hit points equal either a single-class clerk or a single-class ranger. fire. and the ability to turn or rebuke undead. feat (Shot on the Run) access to 3rd-level druid spells Wild shape . Healing. ability increase access 10 4th-level druid spells 12 13 14 15 66 71 75 80 84 89 rrackar. Strong domain choices include Air. Wild shape (3/day). Compared to a Single-Class Cleric e I rrc Advantages: Berter attack progression. Plant. ability increase Evasion Venom immunity. Characters are evenly divided on which combat style is best.6 17 18 19 20 -"12 Wild shape (large). Animal companions that can dish our large amounts of melee damage are often favored by this class. Track. sst-level druid spells 3 4 +5 +6 +6 +6 +7 +8 +8 '7 21 Combat style. limited Tolight armor. feat (tvlobilityl WoodLand stride. Swifl (Mounted Combat) druid spells. Good. The ranger/cleric often chooses Undead as its favored enemy and repeats that choice at 5th and iorh level to increase the bonuses. or War. fear (Dodge) (Recommended 1St favered 8 12 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 Animal companion. berter Reflex save progression. Survival (Wis). and either Knowledge (dungeoneering) (lnr) or Knowledge (geography) (Inr). They choose feats that support their combat style. ability increase Endurance Trackless step. access to 0. Protection. Bigger characters seek animal companions with strong fighting abilities. The ranger/cleric makes a solid undead hunter. ability increase companions rhey can ride and that are capable of defending the character. Travel. abilily increase znd favored Improved enemy. access to ranger class abilities and skills. His high Fortitude and Will saving throw bonuses prepare him TO succeed at saving throws invoked by undead abilities. particularly those with instantaneous durations since they are unaffected by caster level. access to and-level (POinT-Blank Shot) Access To isr-level ranger spells Resist nature's lure. Knowledge. Additional cleric skill points also go into Knowledge (religion) (Int) for the boost it gives to artempts to turn or rebuke undead. Such characters' base artack bonus progressions are slow compared to a single-class ranger and never get a cleric's high-level spells or a ranger's high-level abllities. Additional ranger skill points go into Concentration. characters with this combination prefer spells that aren't opposed by Spell Resistance since they will never have the caster level of a single-class cleric. Even more than druids or paladins. wild empaThy. They benefit from a ranger's broad weapon proftctencles. ~ ge f ul Where the barbarian/druid embodies nature's fury unleashed the ranger druid demonstrates the cunning of nature's wiliest hunters and nature's infinite patience. fear +15 +15 +12 +12 Tl3 +14 +9 TIO +10 +9 +9 +10 +16 +17 93 Wild shape (41day). and War. since composite longbows do as much damage as most one-handed melee weapons and undead ignore critical hits. access to spells. they typically take Natural Spell so they can cast while in wild shape. Evil. and also take Self-Sufficient. this combination makes a ftne secondary healer for a party.and enemy. access to ranger weapon proficiencies. (Mounted Archery) enemy 3rd favored access to 5th-level druid spells.. chooslng undead as his favored enemy and combining favored enemy bonuses with feats like TwoWeapon Defense and Favored Power Attack (see the Feats of Hunters sidebar). Character Choices Characters choosing this combination use skill points from both classes to buy ranks in Heal. Strength. Spells that affect the caster or the caster's allies are favored. . feat . Magic. Destruction.

they focus ·on spells where caster level doesn't affect duration (for Instance. ability increase Feat (Cleave) and favored enemy Bonus feat (Greai Cleave) Improved combal style.al benefits agains. wm +0 +0 Save 3 4 5 6 7 +4 +5 +6 . as what they can't climb or jump over. spells wlfn instantaneous durations) and where Spell Resistance isn't an issue (for instance. This class combination essentially trades skill points f1)1'feats . a druid's animal companion ability and a ranger's animal companion ability stack for the purposes of determining the power of an animal companIon.8 . The fighter class provides additional hit points. ability Increase Woodland stride Feal (GreaTer Weapon Focus). Of all the races. so they most often choose riding animals appropriate to their size as animal compenlons. and Survival. This frees the primary casters to focus on more offensive spells. ang ·/Fighter The ranger/fighter is a combination for characters who care mare for combat prowess than for spellcasrlng or animal companions. Flr2/Rgn ftr2/Rgr2 ftl'3/Rgr2 Ftr3/Rgrg Flf4/Rgrg ftr4/Rgr4 flrs/Rgr4 FtrS/Rgro5 Flr6/Rgrs Ftr6/Rgr6 Ft'7/Rgr6 Flry/Rf!n Ftr8!Rgf7 Flr8/RgrB FI'rg/Rgr8 Ftrg/Rgrg Ftno/Rgrg flr1o/Rgr.20 CombaT styl'e. Fortunately.FIGHTER/RANGER level 2 Glass levels Fin FtrJ/Rgr. slightly better the fact that very few obstacles . access to ranger abilities through druid class. Save +0 +2 +2 "'3 +4 +4 Fort. wild empathy 15 Fear (Power Arrack). ranger/sorcerer.this makes for a deadly combatant. bonus fear (Improved Sunder) Swlf1 tracker. While they can be stealthier than fighters. that doesn't mean they are adequate substll utes fa r cleri. they can swim across. so rce re rs. abUity increase 25 30 35 40 45 Endurance.o 95 100 10 +13 +''1 +10 5 The ranger gives up some skill points and base attack bonus progression. ability to use druid magic items. Additional. dwarves are the most likely to pursue this combination. spells cast on party members or on the caster). improved Will saving throw progression. bonus fear (Combat Expertise) '0 . and either Knowledge (dungeoneering) (int) or Knowledge (geography) (lnt). ability increase +12 +12 . bur they will possess significantly more feats. Combined with the ranger's combat style. bonus Peat (Improved Disarm) . but also has some overlapping abillrtes that do not stack (wild empathy and woodland stride). with the dwarven urgrosh or with a shield and dwarven waraxe. they aren't as stealthy as single-class rangers . Save +2.8 +lg +20 "9 +4 +4 +4 +4 +5 +6 +6 +6 8S g. but this suits the ranger's combat style restriction on armor. Additional. ranger skill points go to Hide (Oex). The druid class cannot use metal armor. or wlzards In your party. 6 +6 -t-7 +8 +8 +8 +9 +10 HO +0 +0 +1 +2 +2 Average Abilities Gained and Hit Points (Recommended Feats) Feat (Iron Wilil. ranger/drUid. Covering long distances is 'important to these characters. feats that support it for their lethality at distances. druid skill points go to Spellcrafr (Int). fear (Weapon Focus) 8 9 10 II 12 13 14 '5 . MULllClASS SPELLCASTERS Although the ranger/clerIc. feat (Diehard) Bonus fear (Combat Reflexes) 3r-u favored enemy..o MULTlClASS Base Arrack :Bo1:1uS +1 +2 ""3 +4 "'05 +6 ADVANCEMENT Ref. Their favored enemies are often some type of humanoid or giants. Dwarf ranger/fighters typically mate rhe melee combat style. Access to druid spells and class abilities.. Character Choices Characters who pursue this class comblnation generally focus their skin points on Concentration. ability Increase Evasion.d r uIds. overlapping class abilines that don't stack. The combination gets both druid and ranger spells.ntages: No access to ranger's highest level combat style feature.. and ranger/Wizard are all presented as eo-level progressions.. as well as fighter bonus feats. providing the party wUh more options and increased flexlbllllY.$1 favored enemy. Compared to a Single-Class Ranger Advantages: Excellent Fortitude sa. Move Silently (Dex). The druid/ranger is most comfortable in the great outdoors and prefers the ranged combat style and the.g 20 t. but gains druid spells and loses no hit points. Dwarves and gnomes who follow this combination prefer giants as their favored enemy. Peat (Two-Weapon Defense).Their strength lies in represent more than a delay to them. Knowledge (nature).11I ever be as skilled as n other rangers. faster animal companion advancement. Compared to a Single-Class Ranger Advantages. In general. They are secondary casters.ving throw progression. Track. access to rsr-level ranger spells. enhanCing raci. Disadva.6 17 +7 +8 +g +10 +11 +12 +13 +14 +'5 "4 +5 +05 +05 +6 +2 +2 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 +2 +3 +10 til +12 +16 +'7 +7 +7 +7 +7 +8 +g +g +4 Bonus feat (Weapon SpecializatIon) Animal companion. Characters that pursue this combination w.t these foes. access 10 and-level ranger spells.cs.

Use Magic Device (Cha). Save '1-2- Will Save +0 +0 .2- Ref. 2 . good Reflex saving throw progression. ability increase +B +B +9 +10 +10 +12 +Hi! .. fewer overall skill points.. most characters pursuing 1t follow the ranged combat style and choose feats to accentuate that.2 18 19 20 +15 "'16 ~17 below '1'13 +14 76 80 84 Sneak attack +5d6. and Survival (Wis). The fWO classes are equally proficient with weapons. Compared to a Single-Class Ranger (Wis). wild empathy. While this character shouldn't be either the primary fighter or the primary arcane spellcaster for his party.. spending skill points from both classes on those skills. listen (Wis). Survival (Wis). Character Choices This class combination usually spends fighter skill points on Climb (Srr) and Swim (Srr). 0 +0 +1 +2- Average Hit Points 8 1216 20 24 28 32 Abilifies Gained and (Recommended 151 Levels Feats) Rgn Rgrl/Rogl Rgr2/Rogl RgrdRog2 favored enemy. Move Silently (Dex). ability increase "See Feats of Hunters.15 60 54 68 72 Swlf1 tracker. The slight edge in hit points given by the fighter's larger Hit Die means this combination is more likely to Followthe melee combat style. feat (Shot on the Run) Improved uncanny dodge. he knows which ones are most likely to give him. who wants light armor to avoid armor penalties. an advantage over any particular opponent. Disadvantages: No access to ranger's high-level abilities. This combination puts the ranger in the odd position of being the class that reduces the character's skill points.. weaker animal companion. and access to ranger weapons. rea1 (Dodge] Sneak attack +3d5 combat style ability increase Trap sense +2. as many others cannot handle the rugged terrain this combination travels. and Use Rope (Dex). and either Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Inr). trapfinding Combat style. Save . Additional rogue skill points go to Climb (Srr). feat (STealthy) 3rd favored enemy Rogue special ability. Most characters do not choose constructs. feat (Point-Blank Evasion. sneak attack damage.. Knowledge (geography) (lot). 6 +7 6 7 8 5 +6 "4 "'5 +5 +5 +2 +2 +2 +2 +3 +4 '. The ranger/fighter's favored animals are often flying creatures. feat (Iron Will) Shotl -1-1 +2- +4 "'5 Sneak attack "'ld5. Ranger/Sorcerer and ger/ izard The ranger/sorcerer or ranger/Wizard not only has a broad selection of spells. Because of the combination's relatively low hit points. No favored enemy is more commonly chosen than another. the combinati. In order to take advantage of the ranger's combat style. Peat (Precise Shor) Animal companion. The ranger's limitation to light armor is no drawback for the rogue. trap sense "'3. Additional ranger skill points go to Knowledge (dungeoneermg) Om). access to and-level ranger spells. ReI The ranger/rogue is second in combat prowess only To the ranger/fighter and has the potential to inflict a great deal more damage thanks to sneak attack damage and the two classes' shared expertise in stealth. very good Reflex saving throw bonuses. and his party. This nimble. Animal companions are often flying (for their scouting abilities) or feline (for their stealth).'4 +4 +5 +6 +6 +6 +7 +8 +8 +g +10 +11 ". average hit points. these characters cannot take advantage of the fighter's proficiency with all forms of armor. access to fighter bonus Feats. Disadvantages: No access to highlevel ranger abilities.on gers more hit points than a Single-class rogue and more skill points than a single-class ranger. elementals. stealthy combination makes for an excellent hunter and scout. Spot . or Knowledge (nature) (lnt). specifically Hide (Dex) and Move Silently (Oex).. Knowledge (geography) (lnr). Tumble (Oex). fewer hit points on average. Overall. Jump (Srr).'4 +4 '. Ranger/rogues give monsters nightmares.. access to Weapon Specialization. Knowledge (nature) (lnr).RANGER/ROGUE Class Level 2- MULTICLASS ADVANCEMENT Base Attack Bonus '1 Fort. or undead as favored enemies since these are unaffected by the ranger/rogue's sneak attack damage. Track.. trap sense +1. plants. feat (Mobility). It has good Fortitude saving throw bonuses. This character can sneak into an enemy camp and unleash a silent fireball beFore the enemy knows he's there. ability Increase Endurance Sneak attack +2d6. Jump (Srr).. ability Increase enemy. Woodland stride Sneak attack +4d6 3 +3 -1-3 +3 4 5 Rgr3/Rog2 Rgr3/Rog3 Rgr4/Rog3 Rgr4/Rog4 RgrS/Rog4 RgrS/RogS Rgr6/RQf!5 Rgr6/Rog6 Rgr7/Rog6 Rgr7lRog7 RgrB/Rog? Rgr8/Rog8 Rgrg/RogB Rgrg/Rogg Rg'rlo/Rogg Rgno/Reglo "3 +4 +6 +6 .8 +8 1'8 +g +10 +10 +10 "'11 36 9 1O 11 +5 +6 +7 +7 +7 +8 40 44 48 52 56 12 13 14 15 16 17 +12 +13 +-14 .. Ranger skill potnrs go to Hide (Dex). and favored Improved access to ist-level ranger spells Uncanny dodge. The list of advantages the sorcerer or wizard class gives to The ranger Advantages: More skill points. Character Choices Characters pursuing this eombtnatlon focus on stealth. he does provide useful flexibility and a wide range of options.


I Before you can build a cool rogue character. such as the rogue. If you rely on a wand of fireballs at early levels. received only minor changes. try to find a safe way to flank an opponent. sneak attack damage. its strengths. While in combat.it is important to consider how the rogue class works. focus on magic items that playa role outside of combat such as a wand of cure light wounds. The rogue can wear armor. the rogue is a valued member of any adventuring party. and its weaknesses. and new prestige classes for building interesting rogue characters. advice. proficiency with a variety of weapons and armor. a fighter might charge into battle. the rogue can wreak havoc on enemies who are already engaged in battle with the party's melee fighters. Wizards and sorcerers might run out of spells. She can use many weapons. Team up with your allies to defeat an opponent before it can do much damage. Finally. the character classes received revisions and updates. but a rogue can use her skills again and again. and Prestige Classes for the Revised Rogue by Michael Mearls and Jeff Quick. it gives her much more versatility during an adventure. A few classes changed significantly. but she is restricted to leather and other light protection. and her sneak attack damage combined with her stealth allows her to defeat even mighty foes with a single strike. supporting role in combat. you might find your skill failing you at crirical moments. To defeat a squad of soldiers guarding a tower.Options. Until you reach nth level. or read their lips (using Spot) while employing the Hide skill to learn their password and walk right by them. With her copious skill ranks. Although the rogue didn't undergo a complete overhaul. a rogue could sneak P&st them. Combinations. use her glib tongue to bribe them. and her ability 10 playa critical. there are still a number of new tricks for the class that even experienced players might have overlooked. Weaknesses Since the rogue relies on light armor. Despite these drawbacks. extensive list of class skills. assume a disguise to trick them. it can be quite useful once the rogue reaches lfh level. Not only does this provide you with a lot of options when designing your character. although players often overlook the Use Magic Device skill. Remember. while others. a key talent in dungeon adventures. Her secondary strengths include her ability to defeat traps. and Tumble skill. This article provides options. there are few situations in which a r0gue cannot playa role. With her light armor. the rogue is perhaps the most versatile of all character classes. illustrated by James Ryman· cartography by Mike May nD&tD 3·5. Her ability to defeat traps is unparalleled. but most of them are one-handed or deal relatively light damage. your rogue cannot afford to go it alone in battle. You can repeatedly use such Items fa help the party without worrying about any major complications if your Use Magic Device check fails. The rogue is at her best when she uses an indirect approach to overcome an obstacle. Her hit points are mediocre at best. with her low AC and poor hit points. The key lies in figuring out how much of a role a rogue can play. her low hit points can quickly become . and sneak attack ability. while a sorcerer might unleash a fireball In contrast. allowing you to use wands reliably. making her a poor choice to face off against tough monsters alone. A Rogue's Role On adventures. Strengths The rogue's primary strength is her wide selection of skills.

and a large dining nail. and other creatures that specialize in melee combat. meeting spaces. However. . Try to find magic items thai increase your AC. or melee. a muhiclassed dwarf fighter/rogue excels if you avoid skills that suffer armor check penalties. Disable Device. race can dictate if your rogue is best suited for social situations. ranged combat. the dwarf's low speed makes it more difficult 1'0 get info posirlon for a sneak attack or to escape a powerful creature. sneaking. take ranks in Search. with the hightll' ranking members enjoying the biP'8er bedrooms. and storage rooms.or 4th-level rogue to zero or fewer hit points. Open Lock. Dwarf The dwarf's Consnturlen bonus helps balance out the rogue's low hit points. One lucky hit from an ore can drop even a 3rd. avoid melee. The building could be the permanent headquarters and living residence for a local rogue's gUild. To overcome these weaknesses. A human rogue is perhaps the most versatile character combination possible. Instead. ROGUE'S GUILD HEADQUARTERS This map presents a dwelilng with multiple bedrooms. Perhaps rhe most important choice in molding how your character operates. rogues should stay away from tough monsters and let the fighteps deal with them. Alternately. With this combinafion of feats. leather armor or a chain shirt provides little protection against giants. H irnan The bonus feat humans gain comes in very handy for low-level rogues who favor ranged weapons. For more lnsplratlen on how 10 use ihls map. providing weary travelers with a place to rest and rogues a place to pick II few pockets and practlce their trade. Even worse. and similar skills to defeat traps and overcome social obstacles while wearing the heaviest plate armor you can find.a pressing issue in battle. Even with a high Dexterity score. Amulets of natural armor are great for rogues since they don't carry an armor check penalty and can stack with magical armor. but the penalty to Charisma makes class skills like Bluff and Diplomacy poor choices. ()C I c. Unless you can flank an opponent or the situation is truly dire. even a ist-level rogue can ably perform as an archer. see the olner maps presented in this 'issue. as it allows you to combine POint Blank Shot with Rapid Shot or Precise Shot. as the bonus feat and skill points expand the rogue's already wide range of talents. the building could be used as an inn. trolls.

While half-orcs generally perform poorly as scours and spokesmen. Ranger ln some ways. Fighter While rhe ~ighrer's reliance on heavy armor seems to make her a poor partner for the stealthy rogue. The. The rogue's primary strengths..abUity to sneak attack. but you are unarmed. Furthermore. Focus on Dodge. you may take away any number of dice Halfling Perhaps the best-suited race 10 the rogue class. her sneakartack dam<!ge and size bonus to hit more than compensate. The new fears presented here are designed to enhance the rogue's strengths.. rogue's primary drawback is her low speed. Benefit: Any time an opponent proyokes an attack of opportunity from you. but if you have a 14 or higher ability score. and Search checks isn't as strong· as an elves' skill bonuses. but the rogue can gain more than she loses with a well-chosen additional class. such as Disable Devlce.as it allows you to use daggers and thrOWing axes without wasting actions te ready a second shot. taking a single level of ranger was a great option to gain access to bonus feats. this race's bonus to Strength and affinity for the barbarian class makes a IT\ulticlassed barbarian/rogue a powerful combination. you draw your weapon and slash at an opponent. Neither of these abiUries suffers much if it lags behind due to multiclassing. Thus. Mercurial Strike [General) With a single motion.. The archery combat option is probably the superior choice for a ranger/rogue.ity. The fighTer's main drawback is that she contributes pitiably few skills to the equation. Half-E. For example. Alrhough the race's . Barbarian The barbarian class's reliance on light armor is a perfect march with the rogue's abilities. Many of the rogue's most usefulclass skills. Avoid melee combat.. allowing you to regularly gain your sneak attack damage..man's versatility.. A weH-timed ghost sound can dlsrract a guard long enough to let you loot an evil temple's treasury . Prerequisites: Dex 13. and Gleave to make the most of YOUT sneak attacks . halfling's ski!! wirh thrown weapons makes Quick Draw a good feat choite·. his poor Strength is offset by his size bonus to arrack rolls. a gnome rogue should make the mosr of her +4 size bonus to Hide checks and focus on stealth. base attack bonus +5. These two classes are a good combination. Focus on improving your combat abilities with Weapon Focus. SI Gnome Due to her Small size. With these three feats you can easily move around a monster and attack on your action. giving even more reason for the rnulticlassed ranger/rogue to stay out of close combat. In battle.good skills. Wizards and clerics lose crltlcal spellcasnng levels if they take a second class. as they have slrnllar strengths and weaknesses. her innate spells are ideally suited to creating tricks to confuse and neutralize opponents.lf While the half-elf lacks the f:u". the DUrO 3.1bonus to Listen.5.ghter. In addition. a Fighter/rogue can wear The heaviest armor avadable and still take advantage of many of rh~ rogue's class skills. skill bonuses make him a scout and sneak without equal. Mobil. but remember that although the classes play on one another's strengths. Still. Spot. you can rely on your heavy armor to wade into the thick of things and flank your enemies.. armor class. as two-weapon fighting causes penalties that a'ggravaTe the rogue's already mediocre base attack bonus . her size bonus to AC helps overcome the rogue's reliance on light armor. Best of all. two areas that benefit from this race's Dexterity bonus.. bur his penalty to Censtitufion aggravates the class's weaknesses. Hide checks. and sneak attack damage. but her many Feats morethan compensate for this. dashing rogue. Mercurial Strike emphasizes the rogue's speed and role asa supporting Fi. (" ":.Elf The elf's Dexterity bonus makes it an arrracrive choice for a rogue characrer. while Tutor plays into his wealth of skill ranks. An elf rogue works best when he emphasizes stealth and archery.L 1('. Precise Strike [General] You are skilled in finding your opponent's weakness and striking whereir hurts mOST.. ranger duplicates many of the rogue's sblllties . do not suff~r armor cheek penalties. DOing so allows you to build a very effective elf character.. and sneak attack damage blend well with almost any other character class. The targer of your arrack of opportunity is caught flar footed for rhar arrack . However. and Spring Attack for feats to make the most of this class's improved speed. Weapon Speciellzarion..0. they can balance 0Ur tile rogue's weaknesses and tum this class into a potent melee warrior. the ranger's rellance on light armor and her ablllties that help her avoid detection (camouflage and hide in plain sight) make her a good choice for a rogue who wants to mulrtclass. the ranger class does lirrle to balance the rogue class's weaknesses. Many players found that in DDtD 3. Benefit: When making an attack that would qualify as a sneak attack. the halflin~fs sinall size and .rTS Half-Orc With his penalty to Intelligence and Charisma. The gnome. her racial bonuses to Diplomacy and Gather Information skills make her an excellent choice if you want to play a Silver-tongued rogue who charms her victims while robblng them blind. you may draw a melee weaponand make your arrack of opportunity with it. As with the gnome. Furthermore. this belief assumes that rogues must be stealthy. GLIES . but that option is no longer avellable. the ranger's d8 Hit Die does little to compensate for the rogue's mediocre hit points. the barbariangains damage reduction and uses a d12 hit die. While the gnome suffers a! penalty to Strength. C011sider assigning it to Constitution. the half-ore seems like a poor choice to be a clever. the perfect remedies to the rogue's poor hit points .. Prerequisite: Quick Draw.jhey still help halfelven rogues become good scouts .

as do druids and bards. Save +0 +0 +I Ref. Wis: listen. Their service is "gifted" for a period of time.BRANCH DANCER REQUIREMENTS To quall~y character criteria. Skill Mastery (Ex): AFter months of intense training among the trees. Jump. not sneak attack damage. Elves pioneered thts discipline. and they remain until the threat is removed. and rogues make excellent branch dancers with appropriate muiticlassing. IF she hits. Knowledge Special: Feats: Track. skill mastery Improved branch fighling. Dex: Con:- Balance. Given their ability to duck behind trees and even disappear within them. They gain proficiency with light armor. Those who serve under leaders are sometimes sent TO serve as tokens of esteem or honor guards to other forests Throughout the world. the branch dancer becomes so assured in the use of certain skills that she can use them reliably even under adverse conditions. II Fort. Spot. (nerure): 5 ranks. Benefit: You can grant an ally a +2competence bonus to any skill that you have trained in. Branch dancers dress for stealth and comfort. It the target Fails this save. her target must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + I per die of sneak attack damage + Intelligence modifier). Races with shorter life spans are typically given shorter service periods. Survival. You may convert as many of your dice from your sneak attack damage as you wish ~n this manner. Other classes do not fare as well. including cross-class skills. when a rogue uses this ability. Branch dancers are also occasionally sent to counter specific threats to a forest. and remain until the tree reaches maturity. You may furor a total number of allies equal to your Intelligence bonus. Move Silently. 5th Tree stride BRANCH DANCER ClASS SKILLS The branch dancer's cl3SS skills (and Ihe key abilities for each) are: Srr: Climb. branch dancers are often mistaken for fey creatures. be a branch dancer. but not shields. he must make a Concentration check (DC 15 + I per die of sneak attack damage + spell level) to cast a spell or use a spell-like ability for the next Id6 rounds. Knowledge (nature). she may take 10 even UE The prestige classes presented below provide rogue characters with more direction. befriend them. If she hits. or Survival check. The rogue must make a sneak attack attempt with an unarmed strike. Save +2 Will Save +0 +0 +1 +1 +1 Hit Die: d8 become a branch Level Isf Anack +1 +2 +3 Special Branch fighting Speak fO frees. Elves. Anyone who qualifies for the class and acts in a forest's defense can learn to Starting at loth level. Cha: Skill points at each level: 4 . Jump. When making a Climb. lnstanr fletching (+1 arrows) +4 +S +1 +1 Climb: 5 ranks. and each ally may only receive the bonus to one skill. must receive 3 months' lraining under another branch dancer. They are intended to help focus your rogue while still leaving you room to pick up the class's best features. They live their Jives in the canopy layer. allowing them to temporarily improve their performance. However. if you make more than one sneak attack during a round and are using this feat. Rangers commonly become branch dancers. lnsraru fletching must fulfill all the following 2nd +3 +3 "4 +4 5 ranks. and they fight allied with trees as much as they fight to defend them. Knockout Blow: When a rogue would make a sneak attack that deals subdual damage. Painful Strike: The rogue's knowledge of anatomy allows her to inflict tremendous pain. Must receive rhe blessing of a rresnt for heroism in defense of a forest. Instructing an ally requires POllr days of work. Alignment: Balance: Any non-evil. These supple arboreal warriors are known as branch dancers. Int 13.. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Branch dancers gain proficiency with simple weapons and all bows. but they are not stingy with its secrets. spectal abilities. Presented here are a couple new options you can choose. from your sneak attack damage and add a +2 circumstance bonus to your attack roll for each die reduction you make. They learn to listen to trees. adorning their clothes with bark and twigs from their home forests. 3rd 41h Moss toot. Prerequisite. NPC branch dancers are usually committed to the protection of a particular Forest or grove. 10 BRANCH DANCER ClASS FEATURES Base dancer. as the solitude in the forest suits their discipline. and fight alongside them in their defense. Balance. In I': Craft. The target suffers only normal damage for the unarmed strike. Tutor (General] You have a talent for instructing others in the areas of your expertise. she may instead attempt to stun her opponent before rolling her arrack. In! modifier.. Branch Dancer Class Features All the following are class features of the branch dancer prestige class. her opponent must succeed at a fortitude save (DC 15 + I per die of sneak attack damage) or be stunned for 1d3 rounds. Branch Dancer. Move Silently. €lIven branch dancers are usually sent with a seed. and the ally loses this bonus tf you do not spend one hour each day refreshing her training. fey creatures. you must convert the same number of dice for each one. Monks sometimes walk this path. Hide. and some have not touched the ground in years. and others who spend a great deal of time in the verdanr depths of ancient forests develop a kinship with the forests' main residents: trees. the rogue gains the option to choose from a list of ~ ES .

she may strike with it as if it were a +1 weapon. a branch dancer's damage with a tree increases to idro points of damage that may be either bludgeoning or pierctng damage. Wis: listen. branch dancer gains a +5 circumstance bonus to Move Silently checks when moving on a tree. Improved Branch Fighting (Ex): At 4th level. Branch Fighting (Ex): At 1St level. moles are still capable of . Survival Cha: Skill pelnrs at each level: 6 -t- lnt modifier. Jump. and they launch devasrating blows from the safety of an alcove. Further. if stress and distractions would normally preverrt her from doing so. No matter how thin or Fragile the wood. they are single-minded in their attempts to wring a few more gems out of the earth. The arrows have wooden arrowheads. including humans." although the distinction seems wasted on non-moles. Dex: Hide. a few diggers occasionally gain an unusual affinity for earth and digging. Save +2 Ref.. stone sight Burrow (10 ft. Special: Must have worked in a mine for at least I year or lived underground for at 'east 5 years. Instant Fletching (Su): At znd level. The branch dancer may move at full speed when using this ability. bards. she may use its branches as a bludgeoning weapon that deals IdB points of damage.0 +1 +1 +1 Hit Die: d6 Special Burrow (s fr. As long as she is within 5 feet of some part of a living tree. Hide: 3 ranks.). Although they are tradftionaJly dwarves. meld info stone la/day) Improved burrow. these underground dwellers sometimes become moles. BaSil Attack.). As workers and miners. Profession (any). a mole's special abilities are less useful. The greatest impediment to reaching this class is the necessary amount of time spent underground. As combatants. and rangers qualify for this class quickly. but the ability can kill a sapling or weaken a young tree with repeated use. and the tree will not shake or tremble because of her movement. they can excavate amazing amounts of earth in a fraction of the time it would take a normal miner to dig out a vein of precious metal. Appraise: 2 ranks. moles fare best underground. Knowledge (dungeoneertng). Their clothes and skin Similarly remain covered with dirt. Mole In underground communities where members dig their homes and livelihoods out of the living earth. no other plants. At '1th level.MOLE ADVANCEMENT level lSI Base Anack ~o +1 +2 +3 +3 fort. a branch dancer can enter trees and move from lnslde one tree to inside another tree as per the free stride spell cast by a druid of 9th level. like the stone from which they carve their livelihoods. especially in wooded or urban settings. but the smudges and stains are a symbol of station for moles. sneak attack "'1dB Meld into stone. Although this ability is mainly used to maintain footing on trees.ildings. a ceiling beam. Move Silently. and draw. This ablllry has a duratton of 1 minute and allows the user to speak only with trees. Sometimes these individuals aren't seen for two or three shifts afterward. Moss Foot (Sp): Twice per day. Knowledge (architecture and engineering). Moles are patient and tenacious. In a mining operation. Trees generally do not mind this. the branch dancer can fight using the branches and trunk of a tree. Most mole pes should have either spent the time underground in their pre-adventuring life or taken a long break from adventuring to fulfill this requirement. Search. Save +0 +0 +1 +1 Will Save +0 . gnomes. sneak snack -bSd6 MOLE REQUIREMENTS To qualify to become a mole. so it is generally reserved for mature frees (usually of Huge size or larger). or the side of wooden bu. a branch dancer can use speak with ptsnrs as a spell-like ability ro speak with trees. Bonus: +3. Drawing an arrow From a tree is a free action. Profession (miner): 1 rank. Mole is a relatively easy prestige class to qualify for. a grim lock had even developed mole class abilities. They claim a difference between "good dirt" and "dirty. as part of the branch dancer's heightened affinity for trees. the branch dancer may stick to wooden surfaces as if under the effects of a spider climh spell cast by a roth-level sorcerer. Additionally. Speak to Trees (Sp): Twice per day. 2nd +3 ard 4th 5th +3 +-4 't'4 +. In addition. When combined with a warrior's spirit. its power may be used on any object made from trees such as a ship's masts. or within solJd rock. Aboveground. Con: ConcenlraTlon. and it can benefit nearly anyone in a dungeon setting. However. she may draw arrows directly from a tree's surface. and always dirty. a. They can wait for hours in a cramped space for quarry to come along. lnt: Appraise. Rogues. In one instance. the branch dancer can walk on if safely. because of her practice using trees as weapons and cover. sneak attack +2d6 STone shape. The character essentially gains "tree" as an exotic weapon proficiency. they live for the ambush. a character must fulfill all the following crtterta. Other classes can also learn to be moles With an appropriate focus on skill choice. In addition. the branch dancer may use the tree as cover. MOLE CLASS SKILLS The mole's class skl"s (and the key abilities for each) are: SIT: Climb. Obviously. Tree Stride (Sp): Twice per day. any arrows created this way act as +1 arrows. M0les' fingernails are usually long. tough. members of any race who spend time digging underground have been known to become moles. Each 20 arrows drawn from a tree reduces iTS age by one year. Search: 3 ranks. bUTthey act as arrows for all purposes when used by a branch dancer. The branch dancer may also use the tree as a double weapon thar deals IdB points of damage with both ends. moles are usually given a passage to themselves and told to come back when they get hungry.

Due to her extensive study of her chosen race and training in the proper techniques for persuading such creatures. Dex: Balance. For instance. Note rnar wealth is measured in more than coins. Wizards are Famous for having expensive and dangerous baubles lying around rheir towers. a jobber of and-level or higher can use the Hide skill even while being observed. This ability is blocked by even a thin sheet of lead. gobltnold.. Wizards are JUSf the most likely people to have collected books. a lord's art collection might be the greatest concentration of weah h in his fief. The jobber chooses what will befall the deal MAGIC FILCHER CLASS SK1LL5 The magic filcher's class skills land the key abilitiesfor each) are: Str: Climb. The handshake magically binds rhe parmer to the terms of the deal.2 Save 2 Special Defect magic 2nd 3rd 4th +2 1-3 +3 "'3 +3 +4 +4 +1 1"1 "3 . SpOT.lsting class "'1 MAGIC RLCHER REQUIREMENTS To qualify to become a magic filcher. friendly Smile (Ex): When attempting to alter an NPC's attitude. the damage bonuses stack. and so on) as a favored mark. Int modifier. Open Lock.. medium armor.MAGIC ALCHER ADVANCEMENT Ref. breaker when the deal is closed. Fast Friend (Ex): At and level. For the egotistical. The jobber may refry a failed check 3 times in the same evening without drawing attention or suspicion. Spellcraft: 5 ranks. expertise means they can command higher prices and percentages. For the adventurous.. requiring more expertise to steal them. The ability's area of effect has a radius of a quarter mile: the ability's duration Is one minute. Diplomacy. specialization allows their reputation to spread more quickly and sets them apart from the crowd. Tumble. Hide. Hide in Plain Sight (Ex): While in any sort of natural terrain. she usually ends the negottarlons with a handshake (or shaking the appropriate appendage of her new business partner). it creates the opportunity for more intricate challenges. J:scape Artist. and Sense Motive checks when using these skills in negotiation with creatures of this type. How the jobber can get and liquidate that wealth for the betterment of her community is left up to her discretion. Jump. human. Cha: Bluff. light armor. This is exactly like the rogue's sneak attack ability described in the Player's Handbook. Magic fllchers specialize in stealing from the most dangerous targets: wizards.. Detect Wealth (SpJ: Once per day at 3rd level. and artifacts worth stealing. jobbers pick up the lay of the land very quickly. Skill poin" at each level: 6 . Of course. Seal the Deal rSp): At 4th level. For the business-minded. Spellcraft. and even though a jobber determines where a valuable object Is. Move Silently. items. Swim.. If the partner ever breaks the deaf for any reason-willingly or not-he is affected as if the jobber had cast a bestow curse spell on him. Jobber Clas-s Features AI! the following are class features of the jobber prestige class. This is a specific kind of divination. Collections include bits of . Use Maglc Device: 5 ranks. Search. A jobber may make a Gather Information check after only I hour of SOCializing rather than the normal td4+1 hours. and these terms are committed to paper. Gather Information. a jobber may select a humanoid race (dwarf. The jobber gains +td6 damage with this attack initially. Decipher Script. and the ability deTeCTSthe greatest single source of wealth within the area.. Wizards also go to the greatest lengths to protect their possessions. After a jobber negotiates an opportunity and terms. If sfie already has the sneak attack ability From a previous class. a character must fulfill all the follOWing criteria. Polymorph any object fools this ability. Base fOM. the bonus against anyone favored mark (lncludlng the one just selected. a jobber gains the ability to enforce her deals. or any available speHcaster. Magic filchers adorn themselves with trophies from their conquests. If a source of wealth is diffused over an area (such as a flock of sheep or a vein of precious ore). Attack "'0 H Save +0 10 t-1 Save . Use Rope. Int: Appraise. Bluff. Sneak Attack: The jobber gains the sneak attack ability at and level. Revealing the use of this ability Is at the jobber's discretion. At rsr level. she does not necessarily know why something is valuable or how to dispose of the wealth. Knowledge (arcana): 8 ranks. Craft (alchemy). Use MagiC Device. rnagfc fllchers also steal from sorcerers. if so desired) increases by 2. Sleight of Hand. In addition. Will Level 1St Hit Die: d6 Spells/Day + 1 level of ex. Disable Device. similar to a locate object spell cast by a 5th-level wizard with the following exceptions. Con: Concentration. Favored Mark (Ex). the jobber may select an additional favored mark. at each such interval. but this rises to +2d6 at 4th level. the jobber gains a +2 bonus to Appraise. elf. Knowledge (arcana). 3 +4 +4 Wizard mimic Dispel magic Magical certainty Read aura +1 level of existing class level of existing class 5th Dlsable Device: 10 ranks. Many make it a point of pride to collect specific trinkets from each wizard they rob. Spt!cial: MusT be able to cast arcane spells. a jobber can detect the presence and approximate amount of the greatest concentration of wealth in an area. and shields (except tower shields). the jobber only gets a sense of direction until he reaches the approximate geographical center of the area. AI 3rd and 5th levels. Magic Richer Thieves like to specialize. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A jobber is proficient with all simple and martial weapons. Wis: listen. a jobber gains a +5 competence bonus to Diplomacy checks. clerics.

She combines a quick wit with a stern will. Feats: Persuasive. STONEFACE ADVANCEMENT Level lSI Attack +0 +1 +2 Base Save +0 +0 +1 +1 +1 Fort.STONEFACE REQUIREMENTS To qualify TO become a stone face. If he wants to gain more information. but They almost always require levels of rogue or bard in order to meet the requirements. 3rd. Knowledge. Unsurprlstngly. the rnagtc filcher has a pretty good idea of how magic works. Save 2nd 3rd 41h 5th +3 +3 +3 +3 +4 +4 +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 Hit Will Special Convicted mind. This essentially means that he adds the level of magic filcher to the level of some other spellcasting class the character has. the magic filcher knows how to think like a Wizard. Bluff: 8 ranks. hair from familiars. but only with great effort. for example). This collecting fetish has been the downfall of a few magic fllchers. Stoneface Some start out as actors. Note that mishaps might still occur. Spellcasrers with a deceitful bent also can become good stonefaces in time. Those who fall prey to their targets deserve thelr fate for failing to cover their tracks. Sleight or Hand. or even something as bold as rings. As long as a magic Filcher has his sight. Dispel Magic (Sp): Once per day at 3rd level. I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . Read Aura (Su): By 5th level. then determines spells per day and caster level accordingly. although a bard must be focused in his skill selection to qualify. the magic filcher may begin the study as if he had already used the ability for 2 rounds. he can. The stoneface is a consummate liar. He gains a +5 bonus to Use Magic Device checks when attempting to emulate an ability score. Concenrraticn: 3 ranks. although the requirements for the class force a rogue to take levels of wizard or sorcerer to get into the business full time. Perform. and he never suffers damage from mishaps. allowing him to begin at the 3rd round of effectiveness. Skill points at each level: 8 modifier. Wizards and sorcerers can choose this path. Defect Magic (Sp): At isr level. Bards also step into this class with relative ease. Cha: Btuff. He can take 10 on Use Magic Device checks. particularly wizards who specialize in illusion magic or clerics who take the Trickery domain. but also her aura. which allows them to run scams and deceive people more effectively. He does not. The best lies contain lots of detail and are built on a solid foundation of truth. Move Silently. However. DIsguise. adds each level when he gains the rnagtc filGher level. Wis: LIsten. Spot. at will. Persuasive Resolute mind Guiltless aura Ul'lerly dl:98VOW Die: d8 STONEFACE ClASS SKILl5 The steneface's class skills (and the key abilities for each) are: Str: Dex: Hide. Alignment: A sroneface may not be of lawful alignment. or activate blindly when these checks pertain to items with arcane spells or wizardspecific class features. Among more obvious benefits. gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained (improved chance of turning undead. Magical Certainty (Ex): At 4th level. and 5th levels. Save +2 Ref. stonefaces seek and hoard all kinds of information and often develop an area of specialty.ost ridiculous fabrications and when to change her story to better soothe her audience. the magic filcher may act as though under the effects of a detect magic spell cast by a sorcerer of a level equal to the magic filcher's. Rogues and bards make excellent stonefaces. If a character had more than one spellcasting class before becoming a magic fflcher. thr0wing off even divination spells directed against her. Con: Concentration. rhe magic fllcher gains new spells per day as if he had also gained a level in a spellcasrlng class he belonged to before he added the prestige class. Spells Per Day: At 1St. this ability grants a rogue a + 5 bonus to Disable Device checks when attempting to disarm or bypass magical traps. Through constant practice. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A magic ftlcher gains no new weapon or armor proficiencies. rogues make the best magic ftlchers. he must use the defect magic spell or ability. any sroneface worth the name can pull off a spontaneous scam on nearly any topic. but the magtc filcher is never harmed by them. Gather Information. and some claim to do it for the good cause. detect the presence or absence of magical auras within his field of vision and the location of each aura. but everyone knows in the end that a stoneface obscures truth for her own ends. but the consensus among the rest is that only The sloppy filchers get caught. he must decide to whieh class he. + Inr parchment. Monks never follow this path due to their alignment conflict. Skill focus (Knowledge [any]). the magic filcher has spent so much time studying magic items that their auras become visible to him. the stoneface learns to alter not only her voice and body language. Open Lock. Most other classes can become stonefaces. Given this premise. some were con men. Search. A stoneface often tries to make her lies relate to her area of expertise to bolster her credibility. Investigator Honest countenance. Int: Forgery. She knows When to hold on to even rhe m. Wizard Mimic (Ex): At 2nd level. eirher with the Use Magic Device skill or From attempting to use a scroll of higher caster level than he possesses. Magic Aicher Class Features All the following are class features of the magic filcher prestige class. The magic filcher may use this abll1ty 3 times per day. Sense Motive. a character must fulfill all the following criteria. the magic fllcher may cast the dispel magic spell as a rothlevel sorcerer. emulate a class feature. If he uses his ability. ~gustl003. however. Diplomacy.

all armor. get quick and easy results with this advanced and powerful RPG program. Stonefaces are well known to have a minimum of two escape plans in case a scam is discovered or things begin to fall apart. Honest Countenance (SpJ: At and level. a stoneface's rigorous mental training grants her a +2 bonus to saving throws against enchantment spells and effects. the sronefece may act as though under ihe effects of a nondetectton spell cast by a iarh-level sorcerer. divination attempt (either by spell or item) and what type of Divination effect it is. and although sronefaces are rarely good in alignment. or even whilst playing. simply because we have linked all related dale log81her. This abltlry stacks with her convicted mind ability. Not all sronefaces are overt scalawags. gaining a +2 bonus on all Bluff and Intimidate checks. smuggling information out to their masters while using their skills to mask Their true identities. the stoneface is sO skilled at masking her intentions that she acts at all rimes as if under the effects of a misdirection spell cast by a roth-level sorcerer.alhar that the tradition book method This allow~ (or qulcker access of Information in a more logical way R. at: http://www. ·Advanced -Adventure character generator builder & mapper -Advanced encounter generator -Full combat -Extensive Stoneface Class Features All the following are class features of the stoneface prestige class. The stoneface may use rhis ability once per day per stoneface level. such as D20 Modern.edl" eM ck out the demo 00 our website! . In addition. although not its origin. the stoneface's training allows her to evade detection from divination spells and magiC items that can determine locations. she chooses the person or item within range that she wishes the diviner to detect.el·aledpieces o( Inrormalion can be accessed quickly. however. and shields (except tower shields. Convicted Mind (Ex): At ist level. for other systems and house rules ·And more! Constantly updated with new feal:Ur'es Free download & expansions. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A sroneface gains proficiency with all simple and martial weapons. In rare cases. a sroneface can redirect attempted detection spells as though she were acting under the effects of a misdirection spell cast by a 5th-level sorcerer. e Surprise yourself and get the most out of your 3rd EdiLiongaming with RolePla yingMaster Preparing for your game. the stoneface instantly knows when she is the subject of a manager ( players and in-game & OMs) generators -Fully open and expandable. When alerted. Investigator {Ex}: A stone face gains the Investigator Feat for free. giving her a +4 bonus to saving throws to spells and effects that are both enchantment and mind-affecting.rle "II n's related n's I.com Dragon readers: Quote coupon #3145 for 20% off registration! e Future of Role-Playing! Now you can role-play at the "Speed of light" Voyager Gamu. Lies tend to catch up with them if They stay in one place too long.roleplayingmaster. Inc has creatsd a n1M'game system Integrated wlth a nch!y del ailed campaign ntHng which is accaesad Behold via a com puler Interfec~ . Once per day.Player or DM? Treat Yourself ! Most stonefaces keep a low profile and stay mobile. Utterly Disavow (Spj: At 5th level.nk. but the proficiency allows them to pretend to be competent fighters it necessary. Our n. Guiltless Aura (Su): At 4th level. a stoneface gains the Persuasive feat for free. a stcneface's training grants her a +2 bonus to saving throws against mindaffecting spells and effects. gaining a +2 bonus on all Gather Information and Search checks. such as crystal balls. some set up shop as information brokers or spies. Heavy armor and shields are seldom useful to a sroneface. Resolute Mind (Ex): At 3rd level. a few exist deep undercover in evil organlzanons. Persuasive (Ex): At 211<:1 level.


a bargain made. my lord. Even at its most insistent. To annoy me it wove a minor spell to augment my hearing. the moon gathered a halo around itself to protest its innocence. the shadows hid me from discovery. I would not let myself become like the others. The death-in-life of one man. As if it sensed my anger with it. All silver and agate. my hand never strays toward the sword I wear.Of Tancras (J)oor by Michael A. It wanted to consume me just like the cold did. but they did nothing to shield me from the man's full voice and passion as he sang.. and the music they coaxed from the lute sounded clear and bittersweet in the frigid night. but could not yet spy out my goal.paizo. 'Jl. I crested a low hilt. The wet breeze licking up from the sodden moors ignored my woolen cloak and thick winter clothing. "You will have much TO do tonight. and soaked deep into my bones. Until he met the Lady. Outside the firelight. though. It knew the song tormented me more than it ever could. bUTthere was nothing it could do about it. but one of them was SlTu(nming out a tune on his lute. "Hers was a throne on unsteady IJround. T'wss done all for the Lady. It hissed sarcastically. To Morgan fheir queen they quickly wed. I can make you warm again. Be silent! If that Is your wish ." It did not like my refusal. and hid the STones that might trip a traveler or shatter a wagon's wheel. And Morgan look her to his bed. I would have shouted a greeting and waited to be welcomed to the fire. Sung of in battle and in feast. "Atdero freed was a nation proud. "No/long alJo and to the East. C off to the right. I saw five men and heard the sound of laughter and song. but I held if ar bay. The ale was cool. Morgan shattered the enemy host. And then they both were happy. "Until she met Black Morgan Until she met Black Morgan. They flew across the silver strings with the speed of a kitten at play. Kill them. "No:' It never gives up lTying. Plotters and enemies did surround Her nation so weak and small QUite certain now soon to fall.. It deepened the shadows of the hills and hollows.com/dragon 77 . www. So with the sorcerers they did plan. Was a warrior tall and strong Aught for baffle did he long. I walked on. I smiled. It Took on the quiet of an abandoned crypt. I could feel anger coiling in it the same way its slender body writhed within the arteries of my brain. lllustrated by Brian Snoddy alder than the coins on a dead-man's eyes was that black night. Never again. The stars hl!lng like flakes of mica in the sky. said the voice within my skull. "Unm he met the Lady. "No. Stackpole . "But enemies scettered are nor foes dead. The cold crystallized in my marrow. will it be bloodied. Your favorite song. 'Twas done all for the Lady." I indulged myself and reveled in the prickly numbness in my fingers and face. "And then tbey both were happy. by my hand. the hollow rot of it wafted to erupt and take all of me. And aI/ of them wanted Morgan 's besd. in a hollow that sheltered the fire from the wind. a white ball of cotton succumbing to a gray fungus. they were lean and quick. the songs were loud. Then was heard to loudly boast. His fingers. deal was struck. Blood's the task and love was paid. though. made the night all that much colder for its warmth less light. It twisted and snaked between flesh and cloth. My nostrils flared for a red second. but still I ignored the petty game. The moon. Better you save yourself for that. kif/them all. but the edges of his eyes and the touches of gray in his hair bespoke experience and some years of living. He was long of limb and youthful looking. Still.

and bony. "l'rn Edward Mac Robert and this is my brother. it was more dry and warm than possessed of any actual flavor. You've gone and scared yourself with your playing of 'Black Morgan. the fire's light stripped the shadows away from me quickly enough and they saw a man who dwarfed even rhe largest of their number.." 78 August 2003 . what be ye?' His voice. but something in Patrick's song had touched him and he viewed me with suspicion. The fire warmed my face and encouraged color back into the frozen flesh stretched taut across high cheekbones. "He just drinks most of it. Suspicion likewise masked the face of the last man. I smiled easily and opened my cloak slowly.' and it's naught but the KreUs that ought to be afeared of that lay. Then it turned bitter and biting on my tongue even as it spread fire and warmth into my throat and chest. "Where be ye heading a' this time o' night. "Come now. Still. He had the answer to his question. 'tis not a night to be jumping at an the shadows. "ceuse Morlfan S revenge is breWing. OUf gazes met and instantly we reached an understanding. was easy and elegant. The men in the hollow breathed steam and laughed and clapped. jocular man-the one who recovered the flask before too much of the precious liquid in it quenched the earth's thirst-laughed aloud and slapped the singer on the back. "Tis said he stalks the sorcerous host Caused him to slay the one he loved most He tracks them down and hunts em dead. "Very good. "Morgan found her with another man. His cold eyes-narrowed so he could see what I truly was-were the color of his pipe-smoke. Cuts out the heart. He stood almost as tall as memaking him remarkable for a meersman-but was as gaunt as a battlefield scavenger or a plague-ridden starveling." Not anymore. Logan. A rotund. But time 5 not yet for him to die.. his talent and the ease of scaring gotten on my sister by his father.. warmth you can spare from the fire. standing across the fire from me. 'cause Morgan's revenge is brewing. as when he sang. The fire's for your outsides and this is for your insides. Foe after foe he forced to yield Rumors of his wife came to his ears. A traveler who heard your song and whose bones long for any Ue~. She and her brother both were slain." All five of the men laughed at Edward's joke-Andrew the loudest of them all. but that mattered little as few men like holding my stare long. was shorter than his brother and lean like a hungry wolf. but that's not the truth. He wore a smile on his face. Do you make it?" "Being that you're a STranger. He's my nephew. That's not the first time I've had that effect on men. My eyes narrowed and I resisted both spitting u OUT or draining the flask. I am Andrew Mac Alistair. Do not worry.~'#eYtJ-~ ~-(j. Time there was for him to fly. I raised it to my lips and let the liquid course across my tongue." He glanced at Andrew. he wore his clothes as if his body were nothing more than broomsticks and kindling. My eyes are dark enough to seem all pupil until an argent fork of magefire shoots through them. Morgan's revenge is final" The last note rang oFf into the night and burned there like a star. Old. Morgan was to be broken." I moved closer and kept my voice friendly and even. "Morgan was called with army ro field. A comrade cried out and righted it. One of her nation and of her clan. I am certain my eyes remained hidden in pockets of shadow. He took a proffered flask and drank. Patrick. then he nortced the leather thong wrapped over the crossguard to keep the blade sheathed. I doubt the fire lent any color at all to my long dark hair. "Morgan had killed his Lady. and the one with the golden voice is Patrick Mac Fergus. "I am merely a man.~ ••• The man turned to me. In a fit of rage he could not contain. I will care for you. on a night belike rhis. logan. grizzled. Time for his glory has gone by. "Who be ye? Or better to ask. The Singer lowered the flask. he'd try and teU you he did. . bums the head "Morgan5 revenge is final. Morgan had killed his Lady. "Be ye welcome to our fire. Over the flask's heel he caught sight of me and choked. They congratulated the singer and he smiled. just the thing for a fierce night like this. It tasted neither sour or sweet. and all the r~ Me-~~~r -4--e~ye-d m'HI-. The longsword at my left hip seemed to unsettle him. He put if down by releasing it from his hand nearly a fOOT above the ground. And played upon his worst fears. I willhandle everyfhing."Morgan was to be broken. I returned the flask to Andrew. He tried for courage and authority-the elements his training as a bard would have given him-but the tremor of fear betrayed him. He saw my gloved hands were empty and that I wore clothing not so different from his own. and turned the word stranger into a sinister accusation." He passed me the flask. The taste lingered on the edges of my tongue." A sandy-haired man to Andrew's right gave me an open-faced smile.. 'Time there was for him to cry. "Black Morgan sped home angry. then drained off like the day's heat at sundown. but the singer-brandishing his lute as if irs silver STrings or golden notes were a bane to me-never heard his protest. 'I'IrH-# ~ How many years has it been? Have more. We make the whiskey. Firelight flickered and flashed From the silver binding the leather to the bottle and made the flask appear to writhe in his grasp. Stranger?" He rolled his Rs lovingly and long. Black Morgan sped home angry.

mumbled something unintelligibl. My sight would pierce the fog like sunlight through thunderheads. It sliced through to my flesh like a headsman's ax. "There was no reason To kill them." Andrew smirked. "Be ye going to Richardston?" I nodded. a movement it did 1. my lord It should be at the hilltop just about now. It gathered the power needed so I could see through the darkness. no Krell's going to come within a mile of a man who dares sing of Black Morgan of Aldare. 'tis because of Hugh Krell and his moonsickness that we come out here. and steady your hand.ichardston. and Liam died. "QUickly. "This is not the night TO be crossing the moors." The rotund smiled as the flask reached him again. please. but he did not know what I have become. I've word an uncle is dying in Richardston. I thought I caught a flash of blue in her wild eyes. N'er one to dirty his hands. bare feet and froze when she sa". damn you. Stranger. She broke from the fog and stumbled down a small hillock.Mt~ 1. I shook my head. just runl'' I ignored her cries. "Sorry to keep ye from your journey. but now I welcomed its nip. and the vast emptiness of the moors. he's coming. "Where?" The girl. but I could nor feel it. he knew who you were. Werewolf or not." I nodded to the old man. "Don't be a fool or try to be a hero. Stranger." The old man's voice caused Logan to stiffen and urged a frown onto Edward's face. save perhaps his grandchildren on a cold night later in the winter. Her yellow-gold hair cloaked her face as she fell. She pleaded urgently with me to leave.:. "Again. like her eyes and hair.com/dragon 79 .~-:J. the liquor having brought a rosy tint to his cheeks. but it might have been nothing more than the spark of terror. It would gather the light From the stars and moon and let me see as if it was noon in the far Sand Sea. were her mother's legacy to her. I drew my cloak more closely about me and lengthened my stride." You should have killed them all.that I have to press on." "Even Remington Krell?" My eyes tightened slightly. If not for the cold I might have given myself time to enjoy the walk.e as she hugged the cloak tighter around herself. my friend. I stopped it. me. Behind me I heard a confusion of voices. They are no danger:' It lapsed into silence. and Hugh makes for a poor servant. "Beyond Tancras Moor . I reached a hand up and touched the frost-deadened flesh. especially in the dark." She ran to me and grabbed my right arm. the challenge it issued was clear. "Thank you for the fire and drink and song. Only her straight nose and the way she squlnred at me bespoke the Krell blood in her veins. Shame ye won't be passing this way again.~ ~rMu-efl4I~ n-"l'J. Her sleeping gown would have been ill suited to a night like this even before the wear and wetness of a mad flight through the moors shredded and stained it. "Sure it's not because we like the cold. It felt thick and stiff. Waiting for an answer.I have business to the north. play 'Black Morgan' again." I walked away from the fire and surrendered to the night the warmth I'd taken in. or would believe them in the way he told them. "Yes. or you. At the hill's base she rolled to her bleeding. Stranger. Andrew Mac Alistair. Gold hair lashed my shoulder as she shook her head and tried to pull me along with her. Although I could not understand the hisses and barks that it used wirh others of its kind." I inclined my head slightly and raised my left eyebrow. Is that why you are out here?" Andrew laughed aloud. He looked at me. God be with you. Patrick. ye would na know his uncle. Sing it loud." UNa.~ in- ~"J:~~ ~~en- ~~-M-e ¥--~~rC~. they have their own charm. I heard my long hair brush against my cheeks. I listened to it communicate with the other.paizo. The old man knew it for a lie. You must run!" She pointed back at the hilltop. Remind the Krells of Tancras Moor 0' what they brought on their house when they plotted against Morgan of Aldare.others he wanted to ask. despite the mocking moon and ice-chip stars. went off with Morgan. ITchopped away the weariness of the day's travel and sharpened my senses. He'll be home on a night 'like this. We are not alone. "To me. The moon bleached all color from her fair complexion-her skin tone. but the others accepted it as the truth. After his son." The old one. "Who is it? I have kin in R. Your uncle will not harm me. I knew the spell well. girl. where is he?" Be calm. I had his assurance that no one." "He's na a problem. "I've heard tales. but only one had any strength or edge to it It belonged to the old man." "God speed ye. Fire enough for aiL" I shook my head solemnly. thinking I addressed the question to her. would have those answers. The cold air attacked me with renewed vengeance as I foolishly left myself open to it. And he's the reason we have Patrick sing 'Black Morgan' a time or two in the night. Neil. Added 10 that was the splendor of the night sky. Just run. "Where.. Her hair slid like a veil from her face. not like very much. Aye. The mention of his name's enough to have all those God-cursed witches and warlocks cowering in their pentagrams. Edward shook his head. I might know him.M--rJ-~t' -. The mist folded in on itself like a curtain behind which a person poked www.-# ~~~. "I'm afraid. When I tire of the crowds I can dream of being alone in the gray-green expanses of moor. "I would have thought him of sterner stuff." Andrew rubbed his hands and held them out to the Fire. Andrew. "You'd be welcome to stand watch with us. Hugh Krell will be about. yet her voice betrayed no fear. I spun my cloak off and settled it round her shivering body. he has na to do outside his keep. While the moors are not beautiful in the way that a high mountain valley or thick green forest might be.

. "Is that pique r hear. you learned enough to deal with the likes of me? I have known the cheese! since before you were born. I. I said you would eat the Krell's heart. I saw her as I had first seen her-young and eager. "Well. did not appear surprised by my entry info the keep's grand hall. he felt the blow as if it were delivered with a hammer. " The image of my beloved Atlante surfaced in my mind. Bog water dripped from his muzzle and whiskers ro mat his chest pelt." Magefire arced ebony bolts through Krell's steely eyes. because rhe hearth had been fashioned after the head of a dragon. I need you 'to lead me to your grandfather. The upper parts of his riding boots still graced his calves. Clawed hands forward. He took two hopping steps down the hill. Still." I draped my arm over her shoulder and steered her back toward the clan keep of the Krells. "I eat you alive. and that I could not allow.. Auburn hair hung over her shoulders and framed a face that could make the gods jealous." My eyes hardened. Use if. and he tilted his head in an all-roo-canine attitude of €onfusion.n-e-e." His voice warbled and whined around human words-all of the Rs were growled. He sniffed the air once.. ?" "Dead?" I shook my head. "Trista. "You're him." The elder Krell's eyes narrowed at the mention of his son's name. but I dropped to my knees and ducked beneath his diving lunge. "Is he . leave us. but it is somewhat -Fragile itself. His feral eyes grew wider. Hugh reached for me." Remington Krell. He whipped his head back toward me JUST in time for my right hand to smash into his jaw from below. Silhouetted by the moon. rhen another blow from my left hand dropped him to the ground. What it did illuminate reminded me of nothing so much as dusty grave relics falling to decay in a sepulcher long forgotten. then raised her eyes to look at me. loamy soil.~ -tJ-u-I:~~ form of her uncle. "Come away from him so his blood will not stain your beauty. in the last twenty years. Now I kill you.and prodded to find an opening." I felt a shiver run through her body and knew it did not come from the cold. Clawed paws sliced through the leather of my jerkin as I stepped back and to the side.. I will use it to destroy you.." I caught a strange note in his voice. It was there always. "Do as your grandfather asks." The blade.. If I did I would become one of them. white marble throne. For now. then cold quiet. only the lighf spilling from between jagged teeth or glowing in amber eyes did anything to dispel the dim gloom. His fangs were the color of desert-bleached bone. His teeth snapped shut with a sharp click. To my left. but I had expected his attack ever since my ehacael had warned his checaelof my abilities. You need not be privy to this conversation. "But he speaks of my father!" I laid a hand on her left shoulder. He landed on all fours. blazing in a hearth the size of a peasant's hovel. turned and he rose spitting out mud and moss. Krell? Are you upset that I did not come for you first in my crusade. well." Trista glanced back at Hugh's body. lr has withdrawn its power from Hugh Krell and he is exhausted-the transformation will do that." he smiled. but I forced myself to concentrate-for to lose control would mean if would be free to act. Do you actually think. I saw Hugh's nose twitch as the breeze rose behind me. Go to your room and pack a light bag for traveling. I have harnessed its power. once flne and undoubtedly tailored. I've come to fulfill a promise I made to him. He came fast. He sailed over me and landed Face-first in the peat. The cheese! rides him in this state.. seated on his grayveined. then it parted. "I am an old friend of your father. "No. I will make it kill him! Hugh's enraged rush gave me no time to reply with words. Morgan. It lives within his brain and wields great power. or does it surprise you that I did not save you for last? Neil would have been amused by your reaction. He dropped his jaw in a canine grin.." 771e other says its master Is powerful. His ears pricked up as more barks and hisses echoed within my head. He stopped and croaked out a low laugh. then returned to me as good as I had given. are you?" "He'll live. "Oh. his hands and feet digging sharp claws into the soft. There was a sharp hiss and a whlpcrack. "As you destroyed your own son?" He snarled and clenched his fists. "Once only. He pulled his head up and twisted his lips back in a snarl. aren't you? You're Black Morgan of Aldare. I slammed my left fist into the side of Hugh's head as he swept past. Dress yourself in your warmest clothes." I hugged her tighter to my chest to reassure her. a fire blasted heat into the room. You are leaving here tonight. then leaped to the level ground below. Now you will die!" He sprang from his crouch. had been rent and soiled by the transformation of his muscular body. Remington leaned forward in his chair and steepled his fingers. He snapped his words. then raised his gray muzzle to the moon and howled out his delighf. "Better a killing with just cause than a slaughter of innocents . 80 August 2003 . I felt fire ignite in the bloody furrows he raked across my ribs." I lifted my bruised and bleeding knuckles into the moonlight. until . Trista looked down at the twitching lk-~redMe~ - 'fJ. come to your uncle. We have business to decide. yet possessed of a wisdom that belied her years and made me feel as if she knew all I had ever been and would ever be. Werewolf or not. Her green eyes had a spark of life in them that sizzled no matter how tired or worried she might have been. you are a bold one. "Come. but below the ankle they had been clawed away for running. you have come at last. Tufts of gray fur protruded from every split seam and tear. His clothing. "Come." Trista brought her head up questioningly. Hugh Krell crouched on the hill. but I fought its urgings to draw my sword. "You're not gOing to leave him out here. "It cannot tolerate much abuse. sweet Trista. ~ ~d~~ ~h-~ ~n~n--tJ. "Long time waiting.

But that is something that might have happened another time. You saw her there wirh her brother. The whispers of the chsceel's seductive suggestion evaporated as I choked down the lump in my 'throat. you know. I died as well. "Enough. "Neil died tor having betrayed our secrets to you.~e Ue. I acted in a way that I will regret for all time:' The mocking expression of sympathy Krell settled over his features leered at me.. Krell. "Hugh Krell struck a particularly poor bargain. he mastered the pain enough to tel! me that he was my wife's brother-the one who had been off traveling when she and I were wed . " When she saw me. These moors are mine! With my power they would have swallowed your army whole." I smiled coldly. Black Morgan! She www. "What you wanted to do and what you could have done are two ~u ~n ~~ -HPe- 4Mnp #-~"" ~ -p-'tJ--U *# t2-w-." I glanced ar The girl. my wife looked surprised at first. You can have me bring her back." I reached OUT and turned her to face me.. You laced them with bits of truth you'd gathered wiTh your dark arts. lying there on the floor he tried to raise himself up enough ro look at her. I snarled and heard the popping hiss of my cheese! challengIng his to a barrie of wills. but he was no march for me. "Do not listen to him. For a half-second I toyed with letting my chacae! loose and letting it wield The power we both possessed without regard to anything but making Remington Krell's last seconds seem like years of agony. then smiled with all the innocence in the world. "Have they told you what it means to become a sorcerer?" I tugged at the collar of my tunic and pulled it down enough to reveal a small scar over my carotid artery. You are right in your desire to become a sorceress.paizo. "Nothing you could have done would have stopped me from destroying you. drinking wine and laughing over a game of chess . entirely different things . he offered far more than he ever should have.." An unseen force ripped her from my grasp as Remington Krell shot to his feet. he survived long enough to train me in what I had to know to become a sorcerer.p'tJ--WrtJ!4f~e~ r~m. Biting back tears I told him she would live. "They must have told you how the cheese! will come to be part of you. You started the foul rumors of my having been cuckolded.. I reacted in the violent manner that had been the source of my strength for my whole life. They are perverse creatures that feed on hatred and greed and misery. "Have they told you the cost of this power? Have they told you that when you go to the place where the chacae! dwell that you have to beg for one of them to come to you? Have they told you that you must STrike a bargain with them? The chacael want more than the mobility you give them and the dreams you share with them. then stared blankly at her grandfather. -d--e--pnd Ue. Your uncle chased you through the moors tonight so hIS cheese! could revel in Hugh's wimperings and fears concerning what he might be forced to do if he caught up with you. I was not wrong. From places all throughout the Valaksanian Isles. It will give you wealth and pleasure and anything else you desire. He knew the stories of dozens of sorcerers whose reigns of terror had ended abruptly. Trista. "There was a time when I did blame you and the cabal of sorcerers of which you are but a minor part for her death. "I heard rhar you rode your horse into her chambers. and so you shall become one.. Your son pointed out to me that there was only one way to fight against sorcerers. though." The elder sorcerer laughed derisively. "No. The cheese! that chose him uses him like a lump of clay thrown on a potter's wheel." I shook my head gently. then cast her body aside with less feeling than I would have shown an enemy on the battlefield. the sense of caution and control I'd forced myself to develop sliced through it and choked the fury back.l-e. I knew the wound was fatal. I shoved a dagger through her heart." I saw the fear flash in Krell's eyes. For the longest time we had hoped he had been dealt with before he could make the final secret known to you. He is a heretic. He will not take you away from here. the stories of great magical combats won by a stranger had filtered even as far as the Krell Keep. for your having survived this long. Desperate to be out from under the shadow of his father and his brother. I have succeeded. She stood quickly and rushed to me as I vaulted frern my mount. He could nor. Remington ignored the fact that his granddaughter had not yet left the room." I pointed back toward the moors. He convinced me of the truth of his idea and I pursued it. #. and They had not escaped Krell's attention.- ~-rJ. This is what you must give them to have the power they offer. Then. Remington waved off her forlorn gaze. like your father. As her arms enfolded me. Her brother srood and drew his sword. in another reality." I gripped her firmly by her upper arms and held tighl until she struggled against the pain. KrelL" I forced my racing heart to slow. Neil. and I believed them. A quick parry and a thrust through the stomach. "Succinctly put.com/dragon 81 .." Trista blinked twice. Just ter me handle it. It will slip into your brain and know what you know. The song sung by the men warding the moors was just one of many."You murdered your own wife in a fit of rage. "You should thank your son. Somehow. He said he had come because she shared with him a secret-rhe secret that she had conceived my child. What a fool you were!" Remington's ridicule lashed me like a molten whip. but I'd struck him there because I knew it was a painful and hideous way to die.~ 1. After I buried Atlante I wanted to storm your keep here. as the rage built. It will allow you to wield incredible magical powers. I have the power ro return her from beyond the grave. He died happily.p-~"'t. "He made me promise I would come for his daughter and take her away before you could do to her what we have done to ourselves.

He was not alone. Nips al shoulders and ears drew blood. M~ h N4!-- a<J- ~i!!-p--r It-ip---:1-.~. thrashing. I did not hold back. I shook my head. but you do not allow yourselF the chacael's Full power!" Krell gestured at me and suddenly the floor flowed like water." Ever the hope of a slave! "You. then sheets of ice flew from his hands. I had to defend us. broke my grip on the incredible powers I constantly controlled." My anger remained unabated and I stabbed it like a spear into the checeel." It was a trap. "You acted without my leave. in which you can hold back. He clawed at the wind as if grappling with a physical foe. you and I are not like the others. I wJ11 crush him! "No!" Draining some of its power. ~~~h ~-/efA.." I looked at the smoldering body of Hugh Krell staring blindly at the ceiling. bristled at his relling me what I could and could not do. They are young and they 82 August 2003 . You even allow that of the others. Spells sprang from his fingers spawning hellborn bats flapping at me with leathery wings and mouths full of razored teeth. I fought with my chacael. screaming torch. "You killed him. I directed it at the demon living within me and used it to regain control. My windstorm likewise surprised many. "Remember. You hoped he would win and in victory allow you to do with me as you will. their piercing cries barely audible. We shall decide her fate after we have dealt with you!" With a half-murmured counterspell. had I faced Remington Krell alone. Yet. In the corner of my right eye I saw a hulking. a piece distant. My jerkin blunted some assaults. furred form crawling through an arched window. It exploded into a great licking tongue of flame that blackened Ihe dragon's snout and cracked one of rhe eyes.~ rvn-d ~ew. Those fiery bites burned and fever began to spread through me. he made up for in guile. encouraging rhe panic. "So you have told me with all the others. Her scream. and my rising panic about being trapped. Gray and black strands of his hair whipped across his face. In an eyeblink the chacael was free to act. Black Morgan." It twisted and writhed within my mind. He fell to the ground. The lightning turned Hugh Krell into a living. are we? Hosts come to the Joining Place after a few years of study. but the others had not expected me to be able to oppose them at all. The others act without leave of their hosts . A stone sheath could have been a sepulcher. a slave? You have forgotten much. Free me! Free me! "No!" I fought panic down. The counterspell for the fireball came easily since I had used it so often against my foes' first gambit. I will crush him. but with my feet bound. reignifing the pains I sought to quench. for they guarded agains1 lethal assaults. He had an ally.y -. Anger flared anew within my breast.e~fl. The stone encesing my body whirled away in a dervish of marble fragments that ripped the bats to pieces. "You have learned much. Of the foes I'd faced. The lighting hit Hugh Krell on the right side of his chest and exploded In a thunderclap. but it was not directed at Remington Krell or his dying son. then died in a rasped gurgle as he breathed fire into his lungs. The air around him hardened to a stone consistency and crumpled him. or we are done! He's fashioned a trap! My mind reeled for a moment. and then I realized thar Remington Krell was likewise holding back. then opened it and let his body slump at the base of his throne. He was waiting for somethjng.J . Free me. and act it did. It is a mistake to let a foe like rhis one live. half-blinding him. It flew unerringly at the Window. pressing in. I grabbed its power firmly and bent aU the chacael was to my will. then dropped down as the werewolf landed on the Floor. I saw ivory ribs for a halfsecond before the fire blackened them. They swooped and snapped.. twisting it to power the spell I needed to escape my prison. They formed themselves into a sphere that captured the Wind. The fluid stone surged upward and encased me up to my waist in marble. ~D-U~' ~-.belongs to us. Panic began to nibble at me as the stone crept higher. I could have defeated him. You will regret it. I could not escape them. He could have killed me himself. His howls sounded like those of a tortured dog. which mine was not. I extended my left hand toward Remington Krell and balled my fist. precluding any protest on its part. A half dozen bats nipping could have been one huge bat gorging. Burning embers scattered themselves across the gray floor to define a no-man'sland between us.. Krell brushed hair from his eyes. Trista screamed. making it hard to breathe. even with all these things. The stone rose over my belly and back. I kept my fist closed for long enough to insure his unconsciousness. The lurid red glow painted Remington's madness on his face in bold relief." Part of me. I fought to put aside the pain and concentrate. wreathing him in golden glory. It sprayed flesh and blood back against the wall and spattered it across the floor. but Neil and the old man had agreed: He never got his hands dirty. It fought all the harder. "This is not a battle. My cbeceel. he was hardly the most powerful. A searing silver ball of lightning launched itself from the fingertips of my right hand. but what? Before I could trigger a spell to free myself." Scorn laced my words. What the elder Krell lacked in pure power. The heavy winds buffeted Remington Krell and threatened to topple him back into his rhrone. rhen shrank down to compress and kill it. His pelt ignited like tinder.- ~D-d. I deflected the fireball shooting at me into the hearth. until the flames dwindled and became a column of sickly-sweet smoke. but who it was did not register in my brain until too late. I fashioned a spell that roared through the hall like a gale.. Wordlessly. "You acted without my leave. You will have fa remember. my pain. Finally the iceball dropped to the marble floor and shattered amid the coals. "You thought he might be my master.

my friend. "Both of their checsel's have acknowledged us their master?" Yes. "Am I to leave with you. "This is not the bargain we struck." I exhaled slowly. That being the case. just as I did with Hugh Krell. The blood and bits of Flesh on the walls and floor vanished. heading toward Rtchardsron. If I allowed you to talk me into that." Back on the road. you felt the power. By virtue of their defeat." She looked over at her unde and her grandfather. I laughed low and cruelly. I walked along locked in memories of far away places and times when I knew roy. that they can €ommand all you offer. No matter what your power. obscuring the body and the reconstruction process.. crackled speech of the chacaels and easily recognized the outrage in their replies to my demon." I looked back over at where Remington Krell lay sleeping. You know the formula." Why? Arlanre's face blurred and dissolved into Hugh Krell's smoking body. Your father. I cared less that it sped me on my way than for the strains of song it carried to my ears." n l-1t~~~~~ ~~e4 Host. Humming along 'to myself. "You have stopped their magic. I pray that in caring For these two you do find happiness. Black Morgan of Aldare is one creature I will never allow you to resurrect. I came to the Joining Place but I offered no concessions. Morgan Do not force me to do it again. "What? You would not have me keep my part of the bargain we struck so many years ago? You promised you would not act without my leave. How? "You have boasted that you can defeat even death. remember?" I promised not to act without your I heard the hissing.J. I stand between us and what the power could give us. They believe the sacrifices they have to make are worth the prize. It had charged them wlrh never using magic except in self-defense. You made a concession to me. That is how the others succeed and why the others can act without the leave of their host.believe. the night sucked heat from me like a leech. "Say nothing more. And you have violated this promise. it reminded me." leave. "I will not pay that price. You felt how easy it was to defeat both Krells. They are my kin . II hesitated.p~~rMe ~~". I walked on into the night. yes. Cure him of the things your compatriot has done to him. "Tell them 'to feed on their own misery. then added a plea. and he did not want you to become like your uncle." The cheese! fell silent-once again considerlng me impossible-and I lengthened my stride.ee- '0-9-'" ~~ ~fflM~ ~~h-HP'y -d~n-. "Then they will have to become accustomed to living without it.. but my anger gave it no release. -. or in a case where it helped another with no chance of remuneration or compensation reaching their host. the Krells' chacaels became bound to help those who had struck no bargains with them. Using just a bit of rnagtc I summoned a sllghr breeze at my back. and I promised to make you the master of your race within my world. Sparks and dark blue threads spun through it. The claw marks on my chest and the bites elsewhere stung but neither They nor the cold bothered me. You hungered after the revenge I harbored in my heart and the power you knew I could command. Energy flowed from my body and wrapped the charred corpse in an azure cocoon. Bind them forever. You will atone. I shook my head... "Because I know rhar the power. burden he had taken on. I would once again become the bloody-handed monster that slew his own wife. CJ Not again. no matter how much is used. can never give me what I desire." Trista Krell crossed to me and returned my cloak. I would not go back on my part of the agreement. -Me. gently this time. " I pressed a finger to her lips. he would want you to be happy. "No."tPu? Again Atlante's angelic face blossomed before my mind's-eye. in their youth." But I can give her back to you. You knew that I'd studied longer than most. He did not want you to labor under the 84 August 2003 . and that the debts they incur will never be collected. they will have magic no more:' Trista tucked a strand of golden hair behind her left ear. my lord?" I looked down into her green eyes and saw the same lifespark I had extinguished in my wife's eyes. I have honor. "fix him. haven't you?" I nodded solemnly. wanted me to come and take you away before you could become a sorceress. You have not forgotten how you battled and vied with others for the honor of becoming my chacael." I pointed at Hugh Krell's body.." It wanted to balk and rebel. and you sensed in me the pain and despair I carried with me for my past deeds. "You do not deflect me that easily. They complain they will starve to death. Why do you deny yourself the exhilaration of that power? There is nothing and no one in this world that could stand against the power we possess. "Do you understand what it means to become a sorcerer?" She nodded. then the cocoon spllr open to reveal the sleeping visage of a naked clean-limbed youth no longer warped by the form of his other self. "You are wrong. "Bind them. You said nothing of his clothing. I would allow you to talk me into all manner of hideous crimes-with you justifying it all because everything could be made right later. "Except in certain cases.

Plus. With their limited scope. replace burned bridges. She can quicken a flagging pace to keep player interest and focus high. Kick-Start Stalled AdVentures Mystery and puzzle adventures can stall easily if the PCs miss clues. If you are afraid that your players will become too dependent on a gUide. or can't figure out what to do next. or those that rely on heavy roleplaying. If your adventure includes a guide. action-oriented encounters. ~ ~ 8 $ ~ ~ ~ ciS 1" . or become careless and miss important clues. or weak for any other reason. might find themselves in need of help. serving to encourage your players to roleplay more. saving a OM from a lot of frantic planning adjustments. missing important racial abilities. Strong social contacts can help recover missed opportunirtes. The suggestions in this article will help you find new ways to include this classic NPC into your game. enhancing stories. give your guide decent Spot. E A GUIDE Wm-t MANY FACES Think of a guide as the OM's avatar in the party. they rarely made their way into many games. Consider giving the guide a few NPC contacts that the PCs can turn to for ideas when they are really in a rut. The Spot and Sense Motive skills can help your guide provide the PCs with overlooked clues as well. or if you don't want the PCs to have a constant companion. For these types of adventures. and kick-starting stalled adventures. the guide can be an amazing game management and storytelling tool. make a bad first impression. get flustered. Before rolling up statistics for your next NPC guide. T Bolster A Weak Group A party that is small. NPC guides helped player characters follow the path and find the dungeon. and they're handy for mediating disputes. guides can be much more than cardboard character compantons. Tweak Pacing A guide can speed up game play by helping characters and players act more decisively. however. and bring a guide in only when things seem desperate. Gather Information. These days. While guides are usually employed for story purposes an NPC can also "guide" a weak party through tough campaign periods. let your guide step in and take a role as mentor. or bail the PCs out of jail. and spend some time thinking about how you'd like to put your gulde to use. If your players are havtng a difficult time staying focused or the party is splintered or in doubt about a course of action.DM's Toolbox SHOW THEM THE WAY GUID S I YOUR GAME Social adventures. your gulde can make su~est'jons~ Sometimes the pacing of your game becomes too quick and players start to make mistakes. or start swinging steel. however. Your NPC guide can help you keep stories on track by influencing PC decisions. Search. At these rimes. narrow in class range. A guide with a great personality and high Diplomacy and Bluff skills can step in before things get ugly and smooth things over. you can solve two problems at once by tailoring the NPC with skills and abilities that will bolster the party. get bored. wounded. In this role. She can provide clues and hints to fix stalled adventures. cursed. there is always the danger that the PCs will rely too much on them to make decisions or to ger them out of tough spots. With all of the new roles open to guides. by Johnn Four raditionally. can derail if the player characters offend the wrong person. consider the different options and roles listed below. they can serve as valuable campaign and session management tools by giving the DM a voice within the character group. run a quick analysis of the party mid-game and between sessions. your avatar can become a role model. a few interesting plot hooks in the NPC's background can offer a break to bored or frustrated parties by offering short. and rarely did they stray from this role. while ensuring that your PCs aren't upstaged. Additionally. and Knowledge skills so he can help rhe investigation when needed. drained.

or providing dues and hints for the PCs. The mentor could do nothing more than take them from point A to point provide level advancement training or supply clues B. A guide can help steer the a social skills to the party. a possible solution. a game element. Friends. start up conversations in-character with the PCs. if you enjoy playing a charming NPC who region and can aid the PCs' journey. create an NPC guide with plenty of personality and a high Charisma score to set a shining example. NPCs help make stories come alive. be Consider what service the guide will provide your sure to avoid hogging the stage. and messed UID stpry thread. and players back on course by revealing Important inforsocial class of the guide might also open some doors mation or a plot hook. The knowledge might take the form of skills. and freedoms that the PCs do not have for Protect your adventure by giving your gUide a few travel. maps. and a DM tool. rights. plodding personality. and ensure that she'll mesh well with campaign will be the other PCs' largely city-based races. either intentionally as part of their devious plans. in-character. give your guide a high Wisdom score and a patient. PCs need to advance through the story. best to deal with problem situations DM-to-player. If your group is prone to this reckless. Even if your guide Wisdom: The guide is a mentor who helps one or plays the traditonal role and is hired by the players to more PCs resolve their conflicts. Sometimes. the guide's personality. If your before the game. most players don't know when they've region can be as difficult to navigate as a dungeon. and some local NPC contacts for you to abilities. Even villains can be guides. the typical guide who can give the lay to the background. a personalities. or by accident through a trail of evil breadcrumbs. The race. The region might adroltly steps in when personalities clash. often takes on the role of mentor as well. ranger parked in the shadows of a tavern. secrets. weather. feats. and background can and advice so the characters can work their way create interesting events along the way. Perhaps she has access to privileges.offering wise warnings or words of caution. or equipment the PCs need. Flesh out the NPC's personality of the land will be most useful to the PCs. Social: The social strata and relationships of a In addition. class to the plot. books. When doing so. or information gathering. and always work PCs based on the type of adventure or story line toward geting the PCs roleplaying among themselves you have planned. If you are planning a wilderness or with other NPCs so the guide can eventually return adventure. more useful. A guide's role in your game is based on two things: story development (choosing the right guide for the type of adventure you have planned) and participation level (how involved the guide will be in your story line). or even with other NPCs. Roleplaying If you'd like to encourage roleplaying in your group or you're gaming with players new to the hobby. see DRAGON Annual #5. Not every guide must be an unshaven Participation Level Determining how big of a role your NPC gutde will . Try to get as many players involved as possible by asking questions and catering Story Development to character or player interests. taken an unexpected turn. dangers. less traditional guide A gUide can also unshaven ranger parked in the who can supply conmediate both tacts or help PCs in player and characshadows of a tavern. The ability gUide draw upon mid-game. above ground or there's a chance you can resolve things during the below. then be a continent or a small area. and routes in a However. fauna. flora. and Not every guide must be an and full of intrigue. allies. and so on. a brief background that relates Ability: The guide has specific spells. or The social guide supplies contacts. The role of gUide can switch bodies faster than a rakshasa. As long as there's an NPC around. it's Regional: The guide knows the terrain. caught Y0U off-guard. classes. break-neck pacing. look to a guide as and running mentor NPCs. If you feel through the adventure. a guide is a story role. he can guide the party in some way. commerce. The point is. inhabitants. be creative when making your guides. and thus the NPC can "guide" Knowledge: The guide has specialized knowledge the the group through good roleplaying. This is often a less confrontaguide might also know about several special locations tional way to help players realize that their actions that the PCs might be interested In. divinaStory Enhancement tion magic. negotiations will be ter conflicts. TYPES OF GUIDES In essence. The game. are being disruptive. open-ended plot hooks. For more advice on creanng your story is missing an ingredient. on the Material Plane or another plane. that subtly reintegrate the PCs back into your plans. character class. At key times.

Add a hidden agenda or secret to the has a recurring role in your campaign as a minor or guide's background that relates to the story. which usually means a full-time position sharing alone. The time several encounters. Give the character an important goal. such as a personality trait that time constraints. If the NPC simply Campaign. The player must be a fully developed. spect fully realized NPCs. If he's getting paid. makes him an undesirable leader. Once revenge has pushed around. or perhaps the NPC seems to magically appear just when the PCs need him most. The reward should be commensurate in the party for one parNcular adventure. he is no longer needed. he'll also expect to be extra risks and depend on her to patch them up er respected. detailed character. and Single Adventure: The guide is needed throughout experienced guides know better than to rely on profit the adventure. Finish by adding As this NPC will continue to have a role throughout a name. not king of all The first challenge is that the players might rely too heavily on their guide. ing this NPC because his screen time will be so brief. treating her with little respect. is that the PCs might take the guide for the guide's background relates to the story. it is usually best to develop a full NPC's point of view. or maybe they rely on the guide to advice he gives within his field of knowledge. the PCs expect their guide to speak up only when directly affects how much you need to develop and the OM needs to provide a clue or give direction. Perhaps the PCs seek out her advice each vides you with additional roleplaying material to work time they are in the area. the lead them to safety. At flesh our the character. the PCs forget the character is there Single Encounter: The guide is only needed for a or mistreat her. not dominate game play. he should be a well-develbackground or history. with during the game. In this situahave in the adventure and how often he'll show up tion. all other times.) there are a few potential drawbacks that OMs might face at the game table. Up" in issue #303 for more ways to create dynamic. Plot-Thread: The guide is in play until a needs food and shelter. PCs are less inclined to disreoped character with a rich background and history. and the PCs from STraying too far off your intended path. Onthat piece) applies to Going: The guide NPCs as well. The good news is that infUSing the guide with a little personality can solve most issues TIPS FOR CREATING AND RUNNING A fairly easily before rhey occur. always devise at least with a history. the gulde might be helping the pes because they are both seeking ous jobs and demand payment up front. ally receives some kind of payment or reward. It's less likely she'll be revenge against the same person. This obviously creates a poor rolesingle encounter. personality quirk. and this material will ease your work load during game play. On the other hand. one secret related to Campaign. . What's in it for her? A guide usucharacter sheet for this NPC. and it will be easier for her to keep been had. and rightfully so. Avoid spending much time developplaying environment. For example. if you have the time. SUCCESSFUL NPC GUIDE The guide is the king of his domain. Don't create Another drawback to consider is that having yet an overly capable or powerful NPC. They might take true expertise in his field. and a well-thought-out the life of your campaign. making your job easier and adding another dimension to rhe NPC. The best solution For all these dilemmas is to define Multiple Encounters: The guide's role spans over a personality for the guide before the game. (See "Table Tune Guide Personality Despite all the benefits NPC guides have to offer. the guide's purpose has been fulfilled. Give can be overwhelming for a harried DM whe is under the guide weaknesses. not your NPCs. Start by considering things From the guide's purpose. but one that arises cecaguide's area of expertise.granted. An "Oungeoncraft" NPC Intended for a Add a hidden agenda or secret to (whenever you fill in plot thread in your a major piece of the campaign should be that campaign world. although not necessarily sequeninvested in this preparation will pay huge dividends tially. consider why the guide needs to get paid or details as needed. plus additional Also. This promajor NPC. Develop the with the risk as well. he should readily admit his Sionally. Outside of the A less common challenge. entire character sheet for this NPC. another NPC to run means more work for the OM. so he'll her for answers rather than seeking out answers expect them to listen to and carefully consider any themselves. If he has always make decisions for them. unique NPCs. within a single adventure. why she wants to help the pes. she'll shy away from dangercertain plot thread ends. The guide should complement the party and assist especially when the NPC is a guide or mentor who where possible. guide's abilities shouldn't upstage the PCs'. then his livelihood depends on his employers valuing his services. A plot thread often spans mulThe znd rule of tiple adventures. This characters should run the show. folly developed. Depending on the during play. Perhaps they always look to domains.

players usually take that as a cue that the DM is trying to pass along important information. The guide has a secret. The guide is wanted by the law for a serious 10. Enemy. 5. NPCs can often be forgotten or put aside when the DM gets busy. IFyour players have a lot of roleplaying experience. personality. Experience. unique NPC that the players will enjoy roleplaying with. crime. Remember. The gUide has mixed blood or is of a race that might cause controversy. abilities. Rescuing a friend or loved one 6. Attraction to a PC or g. they can become important team members during their employment. If you avoid using gutdes as a means to lead your players by the nose. Special ability. Revenge. and the group won't try to out-think you as much. The guide has a grudge against one of the PCs or the whole group. The guide has an enemy who could interfere with the PCs' plans. 9· Criminal. ask not what the guide can do for the PCs. Honor or redemption 7· Gaining experience 8. and provide gUides with a bit of personality and agendas of their own. powerful ability. but what the guide can do for the OM!tl To obtain a special treasure 10 NPC GUIDE SECRETS 1. Class. 3.10 NPC GUIDE REWARDS 1. You get out what you put in. The guide is much more or much less experienced than she claims. Allegiance. consider having your gulde give them wrong answers or bad advice every now and then so that they take the time to learn the boundaries of the guide's knowledge through roleplaying and trial and error. & MOTIVES Gold The thrill of discovery 2. doubleagent. or has an unexpected allegiance. The guide owns valuable. Imposter. Gaining new information 4. and keep all information about the NPC recorded on a character sheet. . 6. Special Equipment unusual. and history. They also present wonderful roleplaying and plot opportuniTies. The guide is a traitor. 3· Race. Fully develop the guide's statistics. They are useful OM tools for moderating adventures and managing game sessions. When a quiet NPC speaks. To gain a reputation 10. 4. NPC guides can do much more than simply help the player characters find the right path. 7. Take the time to create a rich. 2. Revenge 5. The guide's knowledge or ability comes from a magic item. An NPC that often parricipates helps players forger that the OM is running the character. Let the guide participate. or magical equipment. 6. The guide is of a different PC class or has hidden levels in an additional class. earn fame lack of knowledge and refrain from offering opinions or advice unless appropriate.

The forge might become an armory for them or a place to store their loot. the room hardly needs to be larger than approximately 20 feet by 40 feet. and wondrous treasures. piers (rectangular). keep the follOWingin mind: I. Again. it's probably a good idea to limit the number of rooms larger than 40 feet by 40 feet. assume that the troops probably slept in bunks. You can draw a map designed speclfically for some original purpose that you know is no longer appropriate. all of whom are now king gone. below a ruined castle lies a set of catacombs once used as a prison and a large forge by the inhabitants.' we started he looking at dungeon-based adventures. For example. 2. this is a perfect excuse to start designing your dungeon based on the map. Since they didn't build them and have no mining skills of their own. builders. They might still use the prison as a prison. A tribe of hobgoblin marauders has moved into the ruins and now occupies the catacombs. and the material through which the builders dugdetails that you probably won't find it too rewarding to concern yourself wirh. so rooms and passages are not going ro be larger than necessary. or some creature like a delver that can easily eat through earth and rock had a handin its creation. make sure it has supports. The builders aren't going to want to dig any more than they have to. Keep if compact. If construction methods were somewhat more mundane. devious traps. last installment of "Dungeoncraft.] ~ ~ ~ ~ . Realistic dungeons are compact. Think about what purpose a room was designed for and plan its size accordingly. corridors won't be long unless they really need to be. there is no "purpose" to the dungeon. If it was a barracks for 30 soldiers. perhaps converting some of the cells for storage or even living quarters. This month. and let's get started! I longer in use but still inhabited by some underground dwellers that moved in (creatures like a gelatinous cube or a basilisk that have found the place to Their liking). Likewise. PART 2: AP by Monte Cook nt. If you're like me. particularly if the dungeon Is no longer inhabited by the original. Draw whatever you want. or drawing a dwarven community no longer inhabited by dwarves. If the means of creation were magical. then the sky's the limit. such as drawing a mine when the area is no longer used as a mine. however. or a treasure vault in the dwarven community. Even if the room has to accommodate some tables and benches as well as the soldier's belongings.Dungeoncraft TH DUNGEON ADVENTURES. Sometimes it's just an underground area no ~ iii ~ '" 1 Cl ]. sometimes. we look at another way to start designing a dungeon: the map. We discussed designing dungeons based on the purpose of rhe dungeon (the reason why the dungeon exists in your story). When you include a large room. you like dungeon maps. In general. Of course. of pillars (round). DUNGEON DESIGN METHOD 2: Start With the Map Starting your design of a dungeon with the map rather than with the idea for whar's going to be placed in the dungeon can be interesting. large rooms are usually impractical. In a dungeon setting. There's something cool about looking at a layout of the rooms and corridors that beg to be filled with terrible monsters. pilasters (column-like supports projecting from the wall to the ceiling) buttresses (supports built into the ceifing and walls) or a truss (a network of beams built into the ceiling). Then. Creating the Map The first thing you should think about when creating your map is how the builders created the place. They aren't going to make a winding passage unless there's a reason for it (see #3). So get our your graph paper and your pencils. How big is too big? It depends on the environment. either in the form. Limit large rooms. these hobgoblins must make due with the layout that they found. you can take on the role of the current inhabitants and try to determine the best way to use rhe existing layout for the new purpose-a dragon's lair in the mine. the construction methods.

Some dwarven builders. and it might lead the players into making errors or becoming hopelessly confused. a natural underand rooms that lead directly into other rooms (with no ground stream running through the middle of the predictable ro-fcot-wlde corridor in between). You can do better than that. with a grand entrance and a wide haUleading into it. and be aware that it takes a lot longer to explain a strangely shaped room or odd feature. it will take more game time to describe and map the dungeon. splitting rooms and corridors in half. Although this conflicts with tip #1 and #2. do so carefully. Try to think in 3 dimensions. Creatures living in a dungeon complex with no kitchen probably eat room. creatures wrrh the means to create luxurious rooms often do so simply to impress others. but going into a 30 by 30 foot room with a handful of skeletons up on a wooden balPlacing Rooms cony reached only by an old rickety ladder is much When you place your rooms on the map.. are dungeon is going to vary the shapes and sizes of the says . This means much their purpose. When adding such elements to your dungeon. ramps. For example. esting. You draw a few rooms. making for interesting obstacles Room Sizes and Shapes If every room in the dungeon is exactly 30 feet by 30 that the PCs (and the inhabitants) must deal with. If the construction methods are available. make sian. in effect. vary the Lastly. route (because the other routes are inaccessible). tall rooms with balconies. door out of iron and filled the place with traps and guardrooms were most likely paranoid. just to impress visitors. If the tunnelers are digging through the earth and come upon a mass of solid rock. large underground chambers and passages can be used as demonstrations of wealth and power. Sometimes multi-level dungeons can be chamber is near the inhabitants' sleeping quarters. balconies. however. obviously had a plan Take this idea even further and give the and put the rooms where rhey made dungeon multiple lev. Stairs. they might find it easier to make a bend in the path and dig around it. It's okay to have an occasional "meandering" passage or an odd-shaped room. guardsheets of graph rooms usually lie at a lot about their disturbing outlook. In other words. the dungeon itself can provide clues and the only way through a dungeon a very circuitous information to your players. and you're done. if things commonplace (unless you are trying to stress that the usually make sense. paper. platforms. and elevator-like devices can join the difnear the cells where prisoner'S are kept. Damage can cause chasms to open up. to reach a particular says a lot about their disturbing outlook. For more than just two inhabitants' sleeping quarters. perhaps the players must take a staircase that leads them up one floor to a hidden ramp that goes only raw food. you might find your players getting easily bored.For example. Collapsed passages in old dungeons should be layout or the use of a room. one with athe the intersection of stairway up and two important pasother with a stairway down. pits. some of the ways you can add variety and interest to the dungeon. incorporating natural features with those shapes and sizes of the room as logic and space created by the builders is an easy way to create interallows. in fact. alcoves. If the torture ferent levels. feet. To create a more interesting play experience. An evil wrzard might use magic or a large number of slaves to create a huge chamber For herself. consider their original purpose. This kind of event can. might create vast halls filled with tall. Dungeon builders who made every down two floors. What's more. it example. If every room is bizarre in its layout. non-rectangular rooms.3. and recessed areas all make a dungeon more interesting. It's easy to fall into the trap of drawing a boring map when you're staring at a piece of graph paper. unique areas . they can activity or some other type of damage alter the strucbegin to learn and draw conclusions from the dungeon ture. it designed so that the pes are frequently traveling between the levels. This is a counterpoint to #1. ledges.fthe torture chamber is near the the most sense for els. Angled walls. 4. cutting off passages and whole sections of something seems not to make sense. Plrs. ers recognize that your dungeons have some semthe whole layout of the dungeon. Unstable areas can become natural traps.. spiral sages. ramps. For example. Whoever builtthe dungeon more interesting. Once the playOne way to vary room size and shape. they'll make the encounters in those areas more interesting as well. is to have seismic blance of logtc (even if that logic is twisted). Going into a 30 by 30 room with a handful of skeletons is perfectly fine. and they will investigate further or come to a decision or eoncluthe dungeon. The direct route isn t always the best route. the players will recognize when builders really knew what they were doing-like dwarves). while torture chambers are typically located staircases. connect them with some corridors. Size often equals power. Thus. and. intricately carved stone pillars as a way of demonstrating their sculpting skills. You can play with this logic.

lnteresrlng dungeon. or readying a defense. have to just sit in their bedroom waiting for the PCs to come to them. Rooms Inhabitants Need. If they're suspiCiOUS. Use the list as a reference point when you are drawing the dungeon's map. l)'pes of Rooms All too often. gratings. Players expecting traps move through dungeons very slowly. or anything else the inhabitants can use to their advantage or to assist them if an escape is needed. Story/Clue Rooms. Remember rhar if they encounter even one trap. or it might be as obscure as the fact that there are seven bedchambers in the dungeon but eight chairs around the table in the dining room. a trap. It might be the room where they find the key that opens the door to the vault they need to breach. These are the rooms the lnhabirants go TO when they know they are in danger. These are rooms where the PCs must do something in order to succeed in the adventure. a secret passage. If might be the room holding rhe kidnapped person they've been charged with rescuing. 1. and so on. however. Unless there's a reason for the PCs to be suspicious. 3. living Quarters. Rooms With a Secret. one of the dungeon's inhabitants can lure unwitting foes into the trap. these rooms are often simply window dressing-or rather dungeon dressing+to give a feeling of reality. playing a game. These are rooms thaI serve no purpose other than to extend the adventure or provide a bit of realism (not every room can have a trap or monster). Although the most straightforward place to encounter the inhabitant. Good OMs always have appropriate places for the inhabitants to live but sometimes forger that the inhabitants don'. the trap is the encounter. These are areas that explain where the inhabitants get food. To keep things interesting. use a mix of these room types. but it's something to keep in mind while you design your dungeon.hey'll go over it carefully. and be sure to fillrhem with "dressing" and details as appropriate. Key Rooms. place a number of the residents in one person's room. 4. most likely expectt ing traps. 7. Others might hold a secreted cache of treasure or a hidden clue.ntertainment Hall Execution Room Forge Gaming Room Gerderobe Guard Room Harem Kennel Kitchen Laboratory library Lounge Museum OfFice Pantry/Larder Playroom Prison Cell Privy Reliquary Salon Sanctum Shrine Sitling Room Slave Quarters Storeroom StUdy Summoning Room Temple Testing Room Theater Throne Room Torture Chamber Trnining Room Trophy Room Vault Vestibule Wardrobe Workshop rooms and require special accommodations-bridges. suggesting a secret bedchamber the PCs have not yet found. This doesn't mean you shouldn't have traps. such as a lever that you must pull to empty out the water in a flooded section of the complex. However. 6. 2. This type of room is best with some kind of Interesting feature-a balcony. it is not the most interesting. where they might be havlng a discussion. consider having the pes walk in on one of the dungeon's inhabitants who doesn't belong in the room. In order to have the inhabitants move around. Rooms With a Trap. To create a more interesting encounter. and NPCs are usually not present. It might be as straightforward as a library with a valuable book or a bedchamber's writing desk with the villain's plans all written out. Or. the NPC might be snooping or stealing. The list on this page breaks down the different types of rooms you can include in your dungeon. water. 5. or 10 help you add variety if you find that all of your rooms look alike. Ambush Rooms. players will expect ro encounter more. These rooms oFfer the PCs information. This is where the inhabitant makes its lair. It might be the secret method for finding and disabling a trap farther into the dungeon scrawled on the bottom of a table. Empty Rooms. Some rooms or areas are hidden or have secret doors. For example. In these rooms. Antechamber Arena Armory Audience Hall Aviary/Bestiary Barracks Bath Bedchamber Brewery Chapel Cistem Classroom Closet Crypt Dining Room Dormitory Dressing Room Embalming Room E. a low wall. encounters in dungeon settings happen in an NPC's bedroom or lair. Although they can be interesting places to stage unexpected encounters. you have to give them somewhere "togo. 8. they might just walk right through the room. DUNGEONS WITHOUT MAPS It almost seems like OUrO heresy to suggest one could have a dungeon adventure without a sheet of graph . or other necessities.is tic.

You don't need a map of the whole place if there is nothing else of interest to the players. but you can. NATURAL TRAPS Natural traps are usually easy to find bur nearly lmpesstble to disable (and almost always require the ceiling or cover Unstable the flood. more than simple tools to disable. fairly easy. perhaps the PCs need to get to The dwarven king's throne room to save him from the horde of demons teleporting into the room. Even someone with no artistic talent can take a piece of graph paper and draw some lines to indicate a passage connecting a few rooms.paper covered in sketched out rooms and corridors." Alternatively. You might decide just to have notes describing the various rooms and make up the actual map as you go along. nOTfor every twist TOthe tunnel and strange natural alcove. Besides." we'll get beyond the basics of dungeon design and talk about the lnhabiranrs of a dynamic dungeon. It's a game 'tool. It needn't be the best piece of artwork you've ever created (unless you want it to be. In the next installment of "Dungeoncraft. Maps were only provided For the areas where encounters occurred. (DC 15): Disable (DC 28). and compared to freehand sketches of objects or creatures. Sometimes. Lastly. the PCs must navigate through miles and miles of underground passages. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it is makes sense to you and will be clear to your players. some doors. Unstable Surface (near II 40-foot-deep at bottom pit or chasm): CR 3: 4d6 falling damage from sharp stones Search plus . maps are fun to draw. and so on. you JUST tell them: "you run through the stronghold and reach the throne room. remember that the map is a tool for you and your players. ideas. Instead. of course). although doing so can be challenging and tends to slow down the game.dB secondary damage of pit (Reflex save DC 16 halves secondary damage): Reflex save DC 20 negates. to all (DC 16). so rallorir to fit whatever needs you have. Take a peek at the maps provided in DUNOEON or other published adventures for examples. ~ . In the classic adventure Descent Into the Depths of the Earth. For example. such as a number of planks to prop up Ceiling: CR 3: 6d6 crushl1lg damage within 10 feet (Reflex save DC '4 halves): Search Disable (DC 30). and symbols to use. you might not have a map because it would be impossible to make one. the layout just isn't important.

but that's not so (read en). Some people think that Encounter level determines how much experience characters gain from an encounter." I'm confused by the current alphabef soup of abbreviations dealing wifh exacrly how tough a monster or a. Races that are more powerful than the standard races in the Players Handbook have level adjustments to help promote some equity among the player characters in a campaign and to help DMs decide how much danger a party containing members of those races can actually handle. about right. You can find definitions of most of these terms in the Player's Handbook glossary or in Savage Species. as does any level-based variable for a spell you cast as a member of that class. and CR? How do they relate to each other? Are they interchangeable? If not. and any level-based variables they have depend on your level in the class that gives you access to the domain.5 revisien.5. your character level determines how much experience you earn when you defeat a foe and how many experience points you need 1"0 gain your next class level. character is. The most important include: number of Hit Dice (I per class level).5 o FICIAL A SW RS Character level: The total number of class levels you have in all your classes. or too hard for a particular group of characters.. Character levels determine when you gain feats and ability score increases (see Table 3-2: Experience and LevelDependent Benefits in the Player's Handbook). Effective Character level (ECl): Effecrive character level is character level plus the level adjustment for the character's race. Class level: The total number of levels you have in a particular class. Powers from clerical domains are class features. § ~ dl . base attack bonus. T z ~ '0 1ii e E 's o '" 1l ~ . class level. An ogre 5th-level fighter! 5th-level wizard has 14 character levels (because it has 4 racial Hit Dice). Many people (and even one or two rulebooks) say "ECl" when they really mean "level adjustment. plus any racial Hit Dice you have. don't worryin the rare instance that the answer is different between 3rd Edition and the 3. What are character level. It has no real effect on play.5 revision of the core rules. A human 5th-level fighter/5th-level wizard has 10 character levels. and ponders the many aspects of the Manyshot feat. If a class gives you bonus feats. a draw has a level adjustment of +. Any feat you get by virtue of your character level is in addition to any bonus feats from your class levels. The CRs of all the by Skip Williams his month the Sage goes 3.Sage Advice THE SAGE GOES 3. and for as many months as we can see into the future. base saving throw bonuses. In addition. If you haven't yet adopted the revision. EL. In addition.uidance on the Savage Species book. A 5th-level fighter has 5 class levels in fighter. what are they used for? The terms are not interchangeable. but here's an overview.): Encounter level is strictly a tool for the OM to use when deciding if a particular encounter is too easy. offers g. Class level affects so many things it would be tedious to list them all in detail. most level-based variables for a class feature depend on your class level. the Sage's answers to your questions will reference the 3.. Challenge Rating (CR): Challenge Rating reflects a game designer's best judgment about how tough a monster will prove in a fight. Encounter level (El.2. it's your class level that determines when you get them. as noted on page 5 of Savage Species. For example. This month. Use the actual character level for everything else. A 5th-level fighter/5th-level wizard has 5 class levels in fighter and 5 class levels in wizard. we'll bring it to your attention with a call out that says "Revision Alert. all as shown in the description for the class. ECl." Use the character's ECl to determine starting equipment and how the character earns and benefits from experience. and number of skill points.

if this isn't a typo? You can use the Ability Focus feat with pretty to the much lower impact it has during a single encounter (which is what CR measures). and the bard's fascinate ability. A monster's character level is equal to its racial Hit Dice + class levels. or if the attacks deal more damage than a . its ECL continues to affect how much experience it earns and when it can add a new level. aren't affected. the assassin's As a player character. and ability score increases as a 13th-level has a CR of 9 (base CR of 8 for a mind flayer. Species is listed as a general feat instead of a monWhy the difference? strous feat. The example character fears. ple character presents. as opposed ify. single encounter. base saves. since it uses its mind blest. its CR determines the basic experience award. a 15th-level character. alphabet soup of abbreviations but a minotaur has 6 To determine the racial Hit Dice and a challenge your examdealing with how tough a +2 level adjustment. but it Challenge RaTings in Chapter 2: Using the Rules in Is a 13th-level character with skill points. The minotaur character starts with lSrhlevel equipment. By itself. You've figured from how dangerous it out the r. equal 20 or when your total Hit Dice equal 20? Is a monster character eligible for epic-level feats (such as Ep. A party of much anything that you can use to hurt or hinder a four 9th-level pes can reasonably expect to disfoe and that allows a saving throw. Which qualhave on a campaign as an ongoing PC. See the next question. To me. psionics. however. encounter after encounter. the mind flayer is death attack. 7 class levels. +1 for its character level). although once it becomes an epic character. and deadly tentacles against a succession of foes. attacks. taur character does use the rules for have an ECl of IS (6 determining NPC HD. The average party level is '5. and I acter. which in turn is adjusted according to the party's character levels or ECls (see Chapter 2: Using the Rules in the DUNOfON MASTERS GUide) It is perhaps unfortunate that an NPC who belongs to a standard Player's Handbook race has a CR equal to her character level. I say he can only have a 7th-level character challenge for a party of 16th-level characters or (say I barbarian level and 6 fighter levels) because for a party of 8th-level characters? Effective character level (ECL) is a measurement of the minotaur's Eel of 8 (8 minotaur + 1 barbarof a character's impact as a player character in a ian + 6 fighter = 15th level).creatures in an encounter help to determine the encounter's EL (see Chapter 4: Adventures in the DUNGEON MASTER'S GUide). and that is usually quite different track. The example character's ECL. however. such as sneak much more powerful. (See the second sidebar on page 25 of the Epic Level Handbook') A creature's ECl has no effect on when it becomes an epic character. the DUNGEQN MASTER'S Guide. The text for level adjustments on page 11of Savage Species says that if the monster gains multiple When is a monster character considered epic level? attacks in a singJe round before a fighter of equal Do you "go epic" when your total class levels level. is a whopping 16 (racial HD 8 + character level 1 + level I noticed that the Ability Focus feat in Savage adjustment 7).ic Toughness) when its character level is 21+ or when its ECL is 21+? A monster becomes an epic-level character when its character level hits 21. A player of mine wants to create a minotaur charI have been flipping through Savage Species. and earns experience as acter is a challenge for a party of four 9th-level player characters. character level. however. that Implies that some class It has to do with the impact the character would abilities are considered special attacks. Whel'l characters defeat a creature. and a +2 level adjustment). They aren't-CR and character level just happen to have the same values sometimes. Things that don't allow saving throws. because they measure two different things. adventure after adventure.ight number I'm confused by the current of class levels the is as an NPC during a character can have. Who's right? You're on the right campaign. ignore Eel and Your example rninocharacter or monster is. includes the monk's stunning attack. the example charcharacter. just like any other character. He says he can just make a sst-level barbarian/!4th-level fighter have become confused about the use of ECL. and ECL are the same. Would a ist-level mind f1ayer wizard be an appropriate minctaur and be equal to the other player characters. because it implies that CR. CR and ECl have nothing to do with each other. A short list patch The mind flayer wizard NPC in a few rounds.

then any racial traits are also retained. is your caster level for the cleric spells you can cast as a dragon 4th or rsr? Can the dragon cast any cleric spell as an arcane spell? What about monsters that cast spells as clerics? What would happen if the dragon added cleric levels? When a dragon. spells known. as the two claws do net exceed the damage a longsword can deal? Having more than one natural attack gets you a +1 level adjustment (no matter how much damage those natural weapons can deal) if a fighter of equivalent level does not have as many attacks. it would have to choose cure moderate wounds as one of the and-level spells it knows. Savage Species explains that you derive spells per day. It cannot simply cast any isr. Handbook. If you are favored class? Abilities in the Player's a young gold dragon. If a template says the new creature retains the special qualities of the base creature.or and-level cleric spell. My question is regarding the cleric spells you can learn as arcane spells. Can you take and-level cleric spells and cast them as arcane spetls because you are a dragon? Also. or do you lose these due to the benefits gained from the template? I suppose this applies to any template. Would that still be a TO level adjustment. do you still get the extra feat and extra 4 skill points at ist level. or two clews and a bite. it would cast sorcerer spells as a 4th~level sorcerer (including any cleric spells if has added to its list of spells known) and would prepare and cast cleric spells and turn undead as a tst-Ievel cleric. such as the Multiattack. see the Special Attacks entry on page 2'5 of cerer levels for other Savage Species. each dealing ld4 points of damage. When preparing cleric spells. or any other creature that can cast spells as a sorcerer. you have spells as a A dragon that can cast cleric spells as arcane spells casts such spells as though they were part of the sorcerer class list. When applying any template. If the How do racial Hit Dice factor into example dragon has a I was reading Savage familiar. feat requires? Say a monster has two claws.dS for a Medium creature). Just as any other ist-level cleric could. you also have a level adjustment of at least +1. those levels stack when determining how the character casts sorcerer spells. dwarves retain their saving throw . By "multiple attacks. then this is a level adjustment of at least +I. abilities? The dragon's innate caster level doesn't stack with its sorYes. If the example dragon wanted to cast cure moderate wounds. treat racial traits as special qualifies. it could choose any isr-level cleric spell. Suppose you then take 3 levels in sorcerer. the familiar Species. If you have one natural weapon that deals mere damage than you could deal with a one-handed simple or martial weapon (more than . If the example dragon adds a level of clertc. elves retain their skill bonuses and weapon profierencles. mutticlass If you make a character with the reptilian template and the base creature is a human. class features. Do anthropomorphic felines lose their pounce The example dragon casts spells as a 4th-level sorcerer. and its discusthe computation of a has abilities from a sion of caster level 3rd-level master as confused me with the character's uneven class and example of a young shown in Table 3-19: Familiar Special gold dragon. one-handed martial weapon. and caster level from the sum of your caster level as a dragon (1St) plus your caster level as a sorcerer (3rd). adds sorcerer levels. so you are a 4th-Jevel caster." do you mean two claws.rat-level sorcerer and can also pick clerical spells (and some spells from some domains) and cast them as arcane spells. It would cast the spell as a 4th-level caster (and heal ld8+4 points of damage when casting it). Humans retain their extra feats and skill points.

benefits of regeneration . Manyshot has a maximum of four arrows at base attack I noticed that regenerati.sthree attacks if he takes the full attack action.bonus.fion class feabonus above +6.. dard action. I think rbar the feat allows him to fi.on is listed TWicein the class +16 and higher. This player a mighty composite bow apply to each arrow's damage? claims that with Manyshot he can fire six Yes. Helpl any character could possibly have. not -2 as staled in the first printing). With a +20 base At 6th level. of thri-kreen? Ignore racial Hit Dice completely when calculating experience penalrles for mulrlclass characters. from a base attack bonus of When you use Manyshot. • Fire two arrows as a full-round action (+6/+1).listhere arr.20.and so on. magic bow.. you have a base attack bonus of +20 and an epic attack bonus of HO. is +20. and 2 hit points per round staning at level n.. a rhrl-kreen has 2 racial HiTDice (Thus 2 levels of rhe thri-kreen monster class) and has 8. He get. How do racial Hit Dice factor into the computation ·of a multidass character's uneven class and a favored class? Are they i.The latter requires the Manyshot feat from the Epic Level Handbook. the character has the FOllowingoptions: • Fire one arrow as a standard action (at +6)..shot. with Rapid Shot) The Improved Manyshof fea appears to have absolutely no benefit over Manyshot.Starting at attack action.including the abiltry to ple. would this cause an automatic -20% experience point penalty when the 4th level of rogue was taken because of rheexisting . You're right about Many. It allows the character to shoot two or more arrows as a standard action. It does not allow the character to fire two or more arrows in place ofa single attack..owsonly by your a separation of what abiUbase attack bonus: Does Manyshot. at attack bonus. you can shoot six arrows as a stanreattach or regrow organs and limbs. attack actions as well as standard my does. full attack action. I say he can't. and using Manyshot is a standard action.2 'levels. the base creature retains its human racial traits: an extra feat and 4 extra skill points.lf. and I need cl'arification. If arhrl-kreen character Wished to take rogue class lev els. for exam6th level. . an ogre mage has regeneration 1. actions? One of players seems ture doesn't say 'if the Page 6 of the Epic character gains all the abillevel Handbook says to think it I'Ties of regeneration ar base attack bonus 6th level (for example doesncr increase reattaching limbs) or after level . an ogre mage has regenerancn 2. The example character has no experience penalty. nor are they part of a full attack. when you appl~ythe reptilian template TO a human. full-round acnon. an ogre mage character regenerates I hit purposes except your number of attacks with the full point per round starting at level 6. Does Manyshot apply to full-attack actions as Canother feats like Precise Shot and Rapid Shot be used well' as standard actions? One of the players in connection wifh Manyshot? seems to think it does. no . shots during a standard action as opposed to the usual single shot that is allowed. That means the maximum base attack bonus at nthlevel.. Add your base attack bonus and yourepic attack bonus when using Improved Manyshot. His character has the Precise Shot. Improved Manyshot limits the number of advancement chart . Thus. • Are three arrows as a full-round action (+4/+4/~1. Improved Manyshot is still limited to four 11thlevel. 0 since the feat only applies to standard actions. Standard actions can't be combined with full attacks. yes. an ogre mage character gets all the general. In looking over the ogre mage class in Savage Species. • Fire two arrows as a standard action (at +a-rhe second printing of the Epic Level Handbook says the penalty for Manysh0t is -4. apply to fuUnes the ogre mage two arrows plus one derives from advancearrow for every 5 ment? The texron the points of base arrack regenera. A:s "Sage Advice" pointed out back in Issue #302.gnored completely? For example. The example character has a base attack bonus of +6. does your Strength bonus from +6/ H and the Rapid Shot feat. Rapid Shot. I would greatly appreciate it if you could shed some 'light on the situation. favored class of ranger (as listed in Savage Species).re two Email your quesrlons ro tsrsagessackcom. with the Rapid Shot and M'anyshot feats. your shown on the class chart epic attack bonus improves your base attack bonus for all That is. as would the enehanrrnenr bonus from a arrows as a. just as arrows.

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