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ACE Parking

Advance Elevator Tower Parking System for Head Office project, Seoul

Mechanical Parking System considerations

To create 52 Parking lots Easy to park and retrieve cars Proven modern parking system Safe and secure parking environment Above ground solution to reduce excavation cost Minimal footprint to maximize usable office space Cost effective solution against Multi Storey Car Park

Ideal Solution Ace Parking from South Korea

ACE Parking Twin Tower System with 52 lots
ACE Parking Twin Tower

What is ACE Parking?

Ace Parking is a proven fully automated high speed elevator parking system widely deployed all over South Korea.
Ace Parking is an extremely space efficient system with a footprint of only 3 parking spaces.

Technical Drawings of Ace Parking

2 sets of Ace Parking with 26 lots in each tower total 52 parking lots

Parking and Retrieving a car

ACE Parking System is a driver self operated system Empty pallet always in waiting Advance touch screen interface RFID touch card for easy access Built in internal turntable for easy exit Drive in and Park Parking Exit System Tap Access card on reader

Retrieving Tap Card to retrieve car

Selected Car brought down to entrance facing out

Enter car and drive away

Unique Features of ACE Parking (1/2)

Spacious ground level entry 2.1m Lamborghini Murcilago 4.2m Unique Octagon Lift design Generous Internal height of 2.3m Multiple sensors to protect cars and personnel Lamborghini Gallardo
Source: Lamborghini Singapore, 2009

Unique Features of ACE Parking (2/2)

Patented Bracing Method of Construction Normal hinge and hook method will transmit vibration to the RC wall and thus to the building Ace Parking adopts a Push bracing to reduce noise and vibration

Air Pocket

2 layers of Rubber Padding with different density to absorb vibration

Maintenance and service support

Remote location Operation Control and monitoring module for added safety and assistance. Spare parts stored locally to support up to 2 years operation Comprehensive Maintenance package with 24/7 support

Ace Parking Vs Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP)

Constructing a MSCP needs a very large footprint which was not feasible for this Seoul project.

ACE Parking System

Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP) Large imposing actual floor area of 1820sqm for 52 cars (35sqm/lot including ramps and driveway) Deeper and costly foundation Entire floor must be completed before upper floors can start Dead spaces - ramps and drive way Requires many lights Low maintenance cost

Small actual floor area footprint of only 90 sqm for 2 sets of Ace Parking tower parking 52 cars Simple foundation Small confined work area. Faster project development No dead spaces Minimal lighting requirement

Moderately low maintenance cost