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The purpose of RP 578 is to provide guidelines for a material and QA system to verify the composition and alloy components within the piping system are consistent with the specified construction materials to minimize the potential for release of toxic or hazardous liquids or vapors.

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RP 578 also provides guidelines for material control and material verification programs on ferrous and non-ferrous alloys of new and existing systems specifically covered by B 31.3 (New Process Piping) and API 570 (In Service inspection) during: Construction Installation Maintenance Inspection

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RP 578 applies to metallic alloy materials purchased for use: Directly by the owner. Indirectly through vendors, fabricators, or contractors. Includes the supply, fabrication and erection of these materials.

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Substitutions of hardenable alloy materials in carbon steel systems have resulted in failure and loss of containment. the owner/user should consider what effect the process stream could have on a substituted alloy material.1. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.2 Alloy Substitutions in Carbon Steel Systems When determining if carbon steel systems require material verification.com Eng. Ibrahim Eldesoky 5 . CIC-Egypt.

Examples: Wet H2S Hydrofluoric acid And sulfuric acid Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. CIC-Egypt. Ibrahim Eldesoky 6 .com Eng.

Groups can include:  Purchasing  Engineering  Warehousing/receiving  Operations  Reliability  Maintenance  Inspection Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.com Eng. vendors or fabricators should have roles and responsibilities clearly defined and documented. CIC-Egypt. Ibrahim Eldesoky 7 .3 Roles and Responsibilities Consideration should be given to the roles and responsibilities that each group involved in the material verification program has.1. Groups within the operating plant or shops of contractors.

CIC-Egypt.com Eng. Ibrahim Eldesoky 8 . 3.0 Definitions Refer to section 3 for definitions related to Material Verification Programs.2. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.0 References Refer to the listed referenced publications in Section 2.

com Eng.4. CIC-Egypt.1 General The owner/user should establish a written material verification program indicating the extent and type of PMI testing to be conducted during construction of:  New piping systems  Retroactively on existing piping systems  Maintenance and repair  Alterations Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.0 Extent of Verification 4. Ibrahim Eldesoky 9 .

Ibrahim Eldesoky 10 . Material substitution problems tend to be random and small sampling may not locate all substitutions. CIC-Egypt. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.com Eng. C. Lower risk-systems could have random sampling performed.A. B. The owner/user should consider performing a high percentage of examinations for higher-risk systems.

4.2 New Construction Q/A Material Verification Program Covers shop and field fabrication of alloy pipe. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.com Eng. CIC-Egypt. Ibrahim Eldesoky 11 .  Is restricted to pressure containing boundaries.  Prior to being put into service.

Verify implementation and conduct of the program is performed in accordance with RP 578. Ibrahim Eldesoky 12 . C. CIC-Egypt. Verify that alloy materials placed into service are as specified. B. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.com Eng. Determining the extent of examination needed. D.2.1 Responsibilities The owner/user or designee is responsible for: A.4. Documentation of the material program is in accordance with this recommended practice.

Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. the owner/user should review and approve the adequacy of the material verification program and testing procedure of the fabricator or material supplier prior to testing.com Eng. Ibrahim Eldesoky 13 .2.4.2 Material Verification Test Procedure Review When PMI testing is performed by the material supplier or third-party agency. CIC-Egypt.

2. 4.3 Scheduling of Material Verification Testing PMI testing should be conducted at a time that ensures that proper alloy materials have been used in the fabrication of an identifiable assembly.4. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.com Eng. CIC-Egypt. Ibrahim Eldesoky 14 .4 Mill Test Report Although this is an important part of a material QA program. MTRs should not be considered a substitute for PMI testing.2.

special forgings e. bolting j. weld overlays or cladding i.2.com Eng.4. CIC-Egypt. instruments h.5 Components Covered in a Material Verification Program Examples: a. Ibrahim Eldesoky 15 . pipe fittings c. expansion joints and bellows Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. pipe lengths b. flanges d. processes valves and RVs f.

2.  Should compare remainder of the lot to sample to verify markings are correct. Ibrahim Eldesoky 16 . CIC-Egypt.6 PMI Testing of Welding Consumables  Should PMI one electrode or wire sample form each lot or package of alloy weld rods. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. Because of alloying elements in flux.com Eng.4. PMI testing of weld metal is an acceptable alternative provided it is conducted immediately after welding or during the welding process.

Ibrahim Eldesoky 17 . 4.7 PMI testing of Components Supplied by a Distributor A higher degree of PMI testing should be performed due to the potential for material mix-ups. 4.2 Autogenous welds If required.6. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. CIC-Egypt.com Eng.1 Longitudinal Pipe and Fitting Welds Should receive random PMI of the base metal and weld metal. it only necessary to test the base metals.6.

CIC-Egypt.3 Material Verification Program For Existing Piping Systems Section covers alloy piping in service where material verification programs were not in accordance with 4.4. Ibrahim Eldesoky 18 .com Eng. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.2  Material verification is limited to pressure containing components and attachments welds.

1 Responsibilities The owner/user is responsible for:  Determining if a retroactive material verification program is required for existing piping systems.  Determining the extent of PMI testing required.4. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. CIC-Egypt.  Prioritizing the piping systems to receive retroactive PMI testing. Ibrahim Eldesoky 19 .com Eng.3.

com Eng.2 Prioritizing piping systems for retroactive PMI Testing When determining if retroactive PMI testing is necessary. likelihood of material mix up b. Ibrahim Eldesoky 20 . Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. the owner/user should consider the following: a.3. CIC-Egypt. reason for alloy specification d. related historical data.non-conformance report Owner/user should establish a methodology for prioritizing PMI testing. Methodology may be based on a qualitative or quantitative risk analysis.4. consequence of a failure c.

2.4. Factor to consider: A.com Eng.2. B.3. Historically.3. CIC-Egypt. Reasons for the alloy specification Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.2 Other Factors to Consider When Prioritizing Piping Systems Site specific or experienced-based factors should be considered when prioritizing piping systems. low alloy steel has the greatest number of material non-conformances with serious consequences. Constructions and maintenance practices.1 Carbon Steel Substitutions in Low Alloy Steel Systems. 4. Ibrahim Eldesoky 21 .

valves and other removable devices d. warm up and bypass lines on pumps or check valves. c.4. b. small diameter piping systems. thermowells e. components without an ASTM stamp Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. piping as apart of a packaged system g.com Eng. CIC-Egypt.3 Component Prioritization Factors Piping components may have a higher likelihood or inadvertent substitutions of a non-specific material. bolting f. Ibrahim Eldesoky 22 . Examples are: a.3.

d. e. Consequence of release.4 Factors to Consider when Determining the Extent of PMI testing a. b. Material verification program during construction and fabrication.4. Historical inspection material verification records. f. Material control during original fabrication. c. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. CIC-Egypt. Number of plant modifications. Likelihood of corrosion/degradation.com Eng. Ibrahim Eldesoky 23 .3.

4. 4. CIC-Egypt. A material verification procedure should also be written to address the repair of piping systems during maintenance outages. Ibrahim Eldesoky 24 .4.2 and API 570 should be reviewed and applied as applicable.4 Material Verification Program as Element of Maintenance Systems Concepts in 4.1 Responsibilities It is the owner/user’s responsibility to verify programs are designed and implemented to support the MI of alloy piping.com Eng. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.

4. Material verification in the warehouse should be regarded as a QA practice to minimize potential discrepancies during subsequent PMI testing but should not be regarded as an alternative to PMI testing of fabricated systems when required.com Eng.4. CIC-Egypt. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. Ibrahim Eldesoky 25 .2 Control of Incoming Materials and Warehousing PMI testing can be as part of receiving function or performed at the supplier’s location (as a condition of release for shipment).

Ibrahim Eldesoky 26 .3 Maintenance Repairs of Piping Systems  Important to consider PMI testing of the repair materials.4.com Eng. CIC-Egypt. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.4.

Depending on the test method used. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.com Eng. Ibrahim Eldesoky 27 .1 Material Verification Program Test Method Objectives Methods of RP 578 are intended to ID alloy materials and not intended to establish the exact conformance of material to a particular spec. PMI testing may identify the nominal composition of the material. ID of materials by visual stamps/markings alone should not be considered a substitute for PMI testing. CIC-Egypt.5.

com Eng. Ibrahim Eldesoky 28 . These techniques can include magnetic testing to differentiate between ferritic and austenitic. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. CIC-Egypt.2 PMI Test Methods Portable x.ray fluorescence portable optical emission spectroscopy laboratory chemical analysis There are also alloy-sorting techniques may be appropriate.5.

CIC-Egypt.4.2.4. Ibrahim Eldesoky 29 .2.3 Other Techniques Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.4 Other Qualitative Tests 5.3 Chemical Laboratory Chemical Analysis 5.com Eng.2.2.1 Chemical Spot Testing 5.2 Resistivity Testing 5.1 Portable X-ray Fluorescence Portable Optical Emission Spectrometry

Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.3 Equipment Calibration Calibrate or verify the test equipment as specified by the equipment manufacturer PMI test procedure should provide frequency interval. Ibrahim Eldesoky 30 . If the manufacturer does not provide calibration procedures. Procedures should include calibration verification using certified standards. CIC-Egypt.5. the owner/user should establish them.com Eng.

CIC-Egypt.5.com Eng.4 Equipment Precision Should be consistent with established test objectives (see 5. When composition is required. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. the owner/user should establish the acceptable precision and repeatability.1). Ibrahim Eldesoky 31 .

Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. Consider appropriate electrical and hot work permits. Take safety precautions when handling chemicals used in chemical spot testing. Ibrahim Eldesoky 32 .5.6 Safety Issues Should consider electrical arching and hot spots.com Eng. CIC-Egypt.

ASME Sec II or ASTM).0 Evaluation of PMI Test Results 6. CIC-Egypt.com Eng. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.g.1 Material Acceptance Methods Confirmation of materials by the use of relevant material specifications (e. Materials can be classified through qualitative sorting techniques.6. Ibrahim Eldesoky 33 .

If portable or qualitative PMI testing leads to a potential rejection. CIC-Egypt. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.com Eng. Ibrahim Eldesoky 34 . a more accurate analysis may be used to determine component acceptance.When PMI testing indicates alloying elements are outside the material specification ranges. the owner/ user can choose to allow the use of the materials provide a knowledgeable person confirms that the material will perform satisfactorily in the service.

6. which occurs during. CIC-Egypt. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. consider the effects of dilution. weld deposition.6.2 Dissimilar Metal Welds And Weld Overlays When testing dissimilar welds.com Eng.3 Follow-Up PMI Testing After Discovery Of A Nonconformity If a representative sample is rejected. all of that lot should be considered suspect and more extensive inspection should be conducted of the remaining lot. Ibrahim Eldesoky 35 .

com Eng. CIC-Egypt. Documentation of PMI results and test locations Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. Color coding by alloy b. Ibrahim Eldesoky 36 . Stamp marking c.7 Marking and Record-keeping 7.1 Materials Identification Process Acceptable examples: a.

Ibrahim Eldesoky 37 . Color-coding is not a substitute for permanent manufacturers markings required by ASTM or other material specs. CIC-Egypt.com Eng.1 Color Coding/Marker If visual identification (color coding or marking) is required by the material verification program. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.1.7. records of the alloy material/ color-code combinations should be maintained by the owner/user.

CIC-Egypt.1.com Eng.2 Marking or Components Documentation process should specify one of the following: If the marking system is to remain for the expected life of the component.7. the marking system is only to be temporary. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. Ibrahim Eldesoky 38 .

7.7. Ibrahim Eldesoky 39 . Should not be considered a substitute for PMI testing. CIC-Egypt.com Eng.2 Material Certifications.3 Shop And Field PMI Test Documentation Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.

com Eng.4 New And Existing Piping System Documentation Records of results for PMI testing should be kept as long as the piping system exists in its original location. Ibrahim Eldesoky 40 . Should consider PMI testing prior to placing relocated components into service for piping that has no records of material verification Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.7. CIC-Egypt.

Ibrahim Eldesoky 41 .5 PMI Test Records Test records should contain: a. b.7. Test instruments identification number or serial number (where appropriate) Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.com Eng. c. Reference to the PMI test procedure(s) used. CIC-Egypt. Date of testing.

com Eng.d. f. Name of each person and company performing the test. g. Ibrahim Eldesoky 42 . Documentation of the criteria used for prioritization of piping systems and the extent of PMI testing performed. Basis and action for resolving and documenting PMI test including those that have been left in service. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. CIC-Egypt. e. Results of the test.

Ibrahim Eldesoky 43 .7.com Eng.6 PMI Test Procedures Should include: Techniques used Equipment calibration Qualification requirements for PMI test performed The testing methodology Documentation requirements Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. CIC-Egypt.

Ibrahim Eldesoky 44 . CIC-Egypt.com Eng.7 Traceability To Field Components The information in 7.5 should be reported in such a manner that they are traceable to the point of installation.7. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.

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