First Year Bachelor of Business Administration Academic Year: 2007-08 Submitted To Saurashtra University Rajkot

Prepared by
Hetal Makwana FY B.B.A.

Mrs. Abhipsa Vagadia


I, Miss Makwana Hetal G. the student of F.Y.B.B.A. here by declare that the project work presented in this report is prepared by me. I abide by this that work has not been previously submitted it any other university for any other examination and it is own work and being done under the supervision of Prof. Abhipsha Vagadiya.

M akwana Hetal G F.Y.B.B.A. T.N.Rao College


B.PREFACE In our F. We have to take Compulsory industrial visit. Practical knowledge is the best experience to understand the theoretical aspect of any field.A.A is to under take visit to any industry to take practical training.Y.B. Which is included a subject in our syllabus.B.Y. One of the basic requires during the study terms for the student of B. In Management management sometimes parties are it may be from possible that differs management theories but mostly to run any organization smoothly the theories are applied and they be come practical. the main aim of arranging such visit is fir guiding practical knowledge and experience in the various files of management to this student for the various files of management to the student.B. level is to develop among students feelings of 4 . The objective behind this type of practical training F. The B.A. Syllabus. course has its own distinguished and unique solidarity by professional course.

industrial environment and constitutes and business patterns. Level. In this context practical training program during or academic year 2007 2008. 5 .A.B. I have visited at Makson Eng. I here that this report would better serve the need of enriching and increase the practical knowledge of F.B.Y. Export located at Surendranagar.

Dhanjibhai Makasana and his staff for giving me all details and information about “Makson Engineering Export”.Abhipsha Vagdiya who helped me to collect the true information along with the concerned officers of the unit. 6 . I have tried my level best to present available information in the best possible way. I am very thankful to Mr. I hope this report will satisfy you. I am very thanking to Prof. This is my great for to present this report.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am hearing by indented to “Makson Engineering Export” for giving me the permission to prepare the project report of their huge organization.

Sr. No. Particulars 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 6) Introduction Year of Establishment And brief history General information Form of organization and organization chart Location Various Departments 6.1) Production Department 6.2) Financial Department 6.3) Marketing Chart 6.4) Personal Department 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) Quality control Department Research and development Department Industrial Relation Problems and Suggestions Conclusion




The personnel

function is concerned with


procurement, development, integration and maintenance of the personnel of an organization for the purpose of contribution towards the accomplishment of the unit’s major goals and objectives. Personnel management is very important in the smooth functioning of any kind of organization. Whether it is a manufacturing firm, a government organization or a non – profit making trust or club. Man is an active factor of production which controls and co-ordinates all other factors. Makson Engineering Export Located at

Surendranagar is the most leading industrial units of district. It was established in 1st March 1997 This unit produces machineries like chocolates machines processing and packaging machineries.

Works are continuously encouraged and motivated from management. The

It take care very much of manufactured machineries still it is not to be sales. This unit works very nicely. 10 . They check their product. This unit is also very conscious about its products. The unit believes in human resources development and files to help their workers in the best possible way.relation between managers and employees is very nice.


He had been awarded import Substitution award for developing and manufacturing cut and wrap machine first time in India he is also member of IIC. This unit is making growth since 1997 because of their hard work. There are many branches of Makson’s Company which are stared in India. The proprietary of makson Engineering Export is Dhanjibhai Amandijibhai Makasana. The Makson Company produces many things like food confectionery and pharmaceutical. He 5started this unit in Surendranagar to diversity and expand the business in manufacturing complete set of processing and packaging machineries for food confectionery and pharmaceuticals. confectionery and lakes but in present time it has total 85 12 . If also produces the machineries which are need for processing and packaging of food.The form of orgation of Makson Engineering Export is sole proprietary concern.

13 . In this way we can say this company is progressing rapidly in the market. The reasons behind this advancement are sincere ettoset of workers and co-operation with each-other because of the good behavior and efficient management of proprietor.Lakes.


25.Name of Organization Export Office: Engineering Export : Makson Engineering Makson Rajkot High way Surendranagar Year of Establishment Form of Organisation Accounting Year Main Product : : : : 1997 Proprietary concern April to March Food. Visited unit product Name of product Lathe machine Snapping machine Hero machine Hand drill Air compressor : Initial Stages 1. drill. processing and packing machineries. Confectionary and Pharmaceuticals.000 25.000 25.000 5. 00. 00.000 1. table.000 15 .000 Generator set 25kva Welding machine 1. etc… 85.000 Tools.000 35.

I.makson-group. of Employee Weekly off Bankers Legal Advisor Auditors Phone E-Mail : : : : : : : : All Over in INDIA and EGYPT.S.com Dhanjibhai 16 .in Fax Web site Promoter’s Name Makasana Size of unit Power Facility Working Hours Competitors Bonus to workers Shift : : : : : Small Scale Unit From P. Shah +91-02752-285991 maksongroup@sancharnet.I. U. P. C.L.C.C.B.in makson@sancharnet. D. & I.C.G.Major Market No. : 8 Hours Many big Companies As per Government rule Two shift 8 to 12 and 1 to 5 : : : +91-2752-285009 Anandjibhai www.A. Patel D.V.I. etc 131 Thursday S.


18 .Meaning of Sole Proprietorship Sometimes known as a one man business is a type of business unit where one person is solely responsible for providing the capital for bearing the risk of the enterprise and for the management of the business. Now he has 1 Core. L. J. Above in definition are see about sole proprietorship Dhanjibhai started it with 48 Lakes where 36 Lakes of his own and other 12 Lakes are taken from his friend and relatives. Hanson Makson Engineering Exports is sole proprietary concern.


Chairman 20 .

21 .


Surendranagar. We way give some reasons for it why if was started at Surendranagar.Location of industrial means the place where the industry is established a location requires intensive thinking and implementation it may contribute either to success or to loss. It one wants to change in location it is very difficult It location is proper then company gets success. 23 . When the Organisation is located is highly effected to its evolution location of an industry in other words “The method and desirability and concentrating industry in different areas of location”. “Makson Engineering Export” is located at Rajkot Highway.

AVAILABILITY OF LABORS Adequate supply of skilled and cheap labour is necessary for the smooth running of the business. Makson Engineering Export has easily available for this unit form Mumbai. 24 .RAW MATERIALS: Raw materials very important toll for the production of any product if is basic need for any products. Rajkot and Ahmedabad. Various labours in this unit A. The factor of labours is important in business. Unskilled Employees. Workers are available from near the city. B. Skilled Employees.

If the Industry is near to the market. The present status of marketing is handled sole marketing agent who he had large contact of the international level so this unit gets big market and no needs of franchise. 25 .MARKET: Market is the flood of any industry as well as finance. then the product of the unit can be easily sent use full for the production. Makson Engineering Export is used power facilities to the market and transportation cost also reduces so industry gets bests marketing. Industry does not face any problem about marketing.

It is very important for business it is very useful for the production. It is use port ways to supply machineries too there foreign country. 26 .TRANSPORTATION FACILITIES Transportation facilities are taken into consideration before locating any industry supply of national level and state level. It is available to the sole proprietor Dhanjibhai Makasana. POWER Power facilities are very important for business. Makson Engineering Export is Gujarat Electricity Board. FINANCE Finance is the flood of industry there is no requirement of for routing money from others. It is mostly use of RajkotAhmedabad and Bombay roads.

27 .

28 .

Production function is the conversion of raw materials into finished products. these all items will have to be manufactured every month as per requirement. The whole firm functions for the purpose of producing something. DEFINITION Production management is the process of planning organizing. It is the heart of the firm. “Makson Engineering Export” unit produce packing and processing machineries. 29 . directing and raw materially the activities of the production function.PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT INTRODUCTION Production is an important part of any industry.

Casting and gunmetal casting. Electric Motor and electric Switches and wire cord etc. M. Sheets and Plates. S. Paints. S. 11) Vacuums Pump and Gear Bod. S.RAW MATERIALS 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) C. 12) Panel Board. Casting. Bearings. Brushes. 10) Cooker etc. I. 30 . Nut Bolts. Aluminum Casting.

Body of machine with manufactured parts together with brought-out parts like bearings electric motor reduction gear box nut-bolts panel board is assembled.MANUFACTURING PROCESS The 1. Steel Bars/Shafts are processed on lathe machine. 5. 6. Some of the parts sub assembly To be prepared outside by job-work critical components which can be produced on machinery will be manufactured in plant. 7. 4. manufacturing processes for producing machineries are as under:Body of machine is purchase in the form of casting and other parts are purchased in the form of steel bats. 31 . P. Ready machine will be packed in wooden cases for dispatch. Final assembly process will be carry-out. Body of machine has machining operation on radial drilling machine for drilling boarding. Machineries will be spraying by colours.S. 2. 3.

32 .

33 .FINANCE DEPARTMENT DEFINITION: Finance is that administrative area r set or administrative functions in an organization which relate with the arrangement of cash and credit. Finance is lifeblood of fusinets it is rightly termed as the science of money we need finance for the production of goods and services as well as that distribution of financial requirement in about future and decided ratio of fixed capital and working capital take into future. so that the organization may have the means to carry out its objectives as satisfactorily as possible Howard.

For long time survival of business unit. Finance for expansion. Success of Promotion. 34 . 3. Smooth running of enterprise. In Makson Engineering Export has finance department which is handled by Kanubhai A. 5. 6. The financial organization of this unit is as under in graphical form. Efficiency.IMPORTANCE: 1. Patel. Cash Planning. 2. 4.

10 Lacks. 09. ASSETS: It has following investment assets. 35.MAKSON ENGINEERING EXPORT: Is sole Proprietorship firm here we have some financial information as under: CAPITAL STRUCTURE: Capital Structure retrers to the mix of long term sources of funds such as debts capital and involving reserves and surplus. Other Assets. Total. 85. 40.10 Lacks. 35 .00 Lacks.80 Lacks. Land and Building Plant and Machinery.

PROFITABILITY: Makson Engineering Export having main purpose of maximizing the genetics utilizes internal approvals to make long term source without borrowing form outside source. Hence. Sales: 40652851=33 Rs. by the way there is long for utilization of funds is obtained easily. term finance 36 .

37 .

Marketing are slot. Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller define marketing management as "the art and science of choosing target markets and getting. The term of marketing has been derived from a word from market. 38 . and composition of customer demand in a manner that will achieve the company's objectives. and communicating superior customer value”. A market menace the buyer and seller of a product and the interdict who facilities the purchases and sell. Marketing means. management is an important area of business. Production of good is meaningless unless the goods Marketing enables a business. by which product are matched with the demand and through which the consumer is able to use and enjoy the product. delivering. Marketing managers are often responsible for influencing the level. keeping and growing customers through creating. timing.INTRODUCTION Marketing management is a business discipline focused on the practical application of marketing techniques and the management of a firm's marketing resources and activities.

The channel of distribution plays an important role in market activity in the movement of flow of funds. the marketing activity is most important then other activity of business. If any firm adopt long channel then for him that is very harmful for the bank. 39 . In the bank marketing activity is related to give more loan and getting money from the public.VIEW OF MARKETING MANAGER: As per the view of the marketing manager.

radio. Advertisement decision is a very crucial decision because it may effect and reflect the whole marketing strategy. and billboards. Every major medium is used to deliver these messages. including: television. video games. Advertising is often placed by an advertising agency on behalf of a company. magazines. movies.ADVERTISING Advertising is a one-way communication whose purpose is to inform potential customers about products and services and how to obtain them. Through advertisement we can increase the sales or produce more and more production. News Papers Magazines Television Hoardings 40 . newspapers. the Internet (see Internet advertising). Makson Engineering gives advertise through………….

marketing research studies and on going marketing information system. Scientific approach:41 . Forge & Forge Pvt.Philip Kotler. MARKET & MARKETING RESEARCH Marketing research may be defined as “The scientific and controlled process of gathering of non routine marketing information helping management to solve marketing problems. Decision tool:Here marketing decision rely more and more on formal.MARKETING DEPARTMENT DEFINITION: Marketing mgt is the process of planning and executing the conception pricing promotion and distribution of ideas goods services to creates exchange that satisfy individual and organization objectives. Ltd.g. Sometimes the company also undertakes a scientific approach. uses various elements for marketing research for e. .

Forge & Forge Pvt. Accuracy is insured in observation. calculation and reporting. Ltd. Ltd. PRODUCT PLANNING Product planning means planning or the product that is to decide what type of product is to be produced or what needs and requirement or to satisfy for whom the product is made in Forge & Forge Pvt. the process is standardized. PRISING Pricing means fixation of value of product in monetary terms. Ltd. product planning is done as per requirement of consumer & cost control is given higher consideration.Here the researches adopt a rational outlook based on reason and logic. Pricing governs the very feasibility of marketing program. does not utilize the element of intensive study in marketing research. Price is a fine mechanism to convert into rupees and paisa at the preserved value of a product to a consumer at appoint of time. the method used for pricing a product is cost plus mark up method. It is seen that productivity of the goods manufactured is higher to sustain in the market. 42 . Price=production expenses to various heads + labor charge + profit margin. In the Forge & Forge Pvt.

Forge & Forge Pvt. Its products mostly supplied to USA. National Market. Large and valuable customers are offered lower price & better discount. Marketing is divided in three categories. adopts variable pricing policy where discrimination is made between the buyers. “Makson Engineering Export” is producing accounting to customer’s demand and some foreign contract. The objectives kept in mind while determining the price of products are 1) Market share 2) Sales growth Marketing mgt is the heart of management marketing consists of those efforts which effect transfer in ownership of goods and care for the physical distribution. International Market. Here the prices are negotiable. Local Market. PRICING POLICY: 43 . The marketing purpose of a industry unit is to create a customer. Bombay Chennai etc. Ltd.

Pricing a marketing function form the price of a product as compared with quality. quantity and time. quantity and the package offered by the terms to determines whether he will have anything with the terms or not. 44 . The unit determined price in basis of using raw materials its quality. Here. Makson Engineering Export has not determined price in sequence.

it is also concerned with procurement development and maintenance of a satisfactory and satisfied labour force through requirement promotion and transitory.PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT DEFINITION: Personnel work force. Personnel Department is also most important management is concerned with the obtaining and maintaining of satisfactory and satisfied department some responsibility of workers. The record is a piece of written or a chart which provides ready information and which preserve evidence for future reference of behaviors opinion efficiency it is helpful in job analysis and promotion policy. 45 . George. Terry Personnel mgt is concerned with human relation. R.Dr. .

The industry providing basic facilities to workers well as provides vast opportunity for development though mat.Mat lays down more emphasis in the human elements in the need of human resources in U. Mr. Patel is in-charge of personnel department he always find new talent for Company.A.S. 46 . companies and many big companies of other country spend 60% money o their profit for human being resources we can clearly see the important given to the human elements it is very essential to Avoid the level of mgt. Chaturbhai P.

REQUIREMENT: It is first step in employment process which is for developing man-power efficiency if employee get actual recruit they will be work with more effectively industry development when the productivity and efficiency are increase and these are increase when employee get proper requirement.RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION: It is prime duty of personnel department to procure and maintain an adequate qualified working force of various personnel for managing the organization. Requirement is a process to discover the sources of manpower to meet the requirement of the staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting that man power in adequate members to facilitate effective selection of an effective work force. In Makson Engineering Export employees are recruitment as per their qualification and talent if 47 .

necessary training are required so as per their job training is given. Makson Engineering Export gives proper training according to job. Makson Engineering Export select employees by checking their efficiency at different level it checks many things which are behind in candidates. Training is an act of increasing the knowledge and skill of worker fordoing a certain job efficiently in other words training is on organization producer by which people acquire Knowledge on skill for definite parapets. SELECTION It is the process of choosing the candidates which are talented and qualified for proper job. 48 . TRAINING: If candidate selected and need some training.

GIFT AND BONUS: Every festival Makson Engineering Export gives good and surprising bonus and gifts to their employees and also gives sweets. In recess time employee go their and taking a rest. 49 . WELFARE FACILITIES: Makson Engineering Export has good criteria where employees get food and soft drinks at reasonable prices.WAGES AND SALARY: A wage may be defined as a sum of money paid under contract by an employer to a worker for services rendered. In the word of reminder T.000=00.3. by wages then we mean a price paid for the services of above of any kind. bye.48. Makson Engineering Export paid wages and salaries as per month of this units Rs.

the relation customer is also good and also with other industry. 50 . Makasana is the owner of this Industry behave like the family members with their employees also on top mat people behave like him with middle and bottom level people.INDUSTRIAL RELATION Dhanjibhai A.

51 .

This unit has separate quality control department. 52 . There is a staff and person who are well qualified and talented in their field this unit has also well equipped quality control laboratory to conduct quality control test in house. “Makson Engineering Export has quality control department.QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTMENT This department is very important and interesting department. This department is helpful to maintain the quality of production. It has small department but signification to give all satisfaction to customers for quality is own aim and this department is necessary in this unit there are many modern machineries this department is always tried to increase the quality of the product.


They spend large amount how to decrease the cast of production is find by this department. To-day development.To-day if any one attends to stand in this competitive world one new to maintain its quality research and department is very important for any industry to-day in business world there is lots of competition. multinational This companies grow research rapidly and because they believes in quality control research and department development work is done they find development and up gradation of new item and research they are doing lots experiment during the year. 54 . They to increase marginal productivity of workers by managers.


We can say that industrial relation is very important for progress of company.Every business activity is spread when industrial relation and communication are good. Makson Engineering Export is also maintaining the relation with other firms and companies so this unit also supplies machineries in foreign countries this unit has get its great position due to this industrial relation. Industry provides higher level of inspiration to its employees. Many big companies give order and contract to this unit. FUTURE PLAN 56 . In this unit relationship between managers and workers are very peaceful. Now-a-days this unit export machineries in Egypt.

Each and every industry has its own wishes and plan. The company aims at modifying their quality product & reduction in cost of production. It is going in a short time to appoint expansion the company. Income tax. Company plays various revenue such as duty. The company future policy includes the doubling the capacity of sales through higher volume of production. other change applicable from the time to time as may be in imposed by the government. 57 . The company gives training to the personal for their better performance. It is unit among different store. Makson is a company which is going on day to day to toward top. The organization should provide opportunities for the development of their skills. The company wants to produce a good of product in minimum price. Company provides best quality of product of his company to the society. In the modern competitive area the Makon has made very good process. It also wants much and more demand in future. octopi tax. sales tax.


59 .Makson Engineering Export is the unit of makson. It has not skilled labour and lack of co-operation of each other labour some time the problem create electricity of PGVCL. We know that in big industry has some problem like that it has a problem of skilled labour.

60 .

And the second thing if that here there is not much skilled labour in the suggestion of this problem is that it should be supplied the skilled labour.SUGGESTION After visiting “Makson Engineering Export” of want to give some suggestion to them from experience and knowledge. Thirdly the problem of electricity should be established by some generator set purchased. 1. 3. This unit market give emphasis on human factor. 61 . If must gives important to the human beings and gives some guideline and motivation. 2. Even it is company but selection must be good so this type of problem like lack of co-operation is not arises.

62 .

 They should increase their export.SWOT ANALYSYS * Strength *  Quality of product  Loyal customers & employees  Financially sound  Use of latest technology * Weakness *  Less advertisements * Opportunity *  They have opportunity to take over international market because of law price and good quality both together. * Threats *  Business competitors  Economic slow down 63 .

64 .

CONCLUSION I am happy to visit “Makson Engineering Export”. we can say that all the components of this unit are much more powerful so this company well get more progress in future and it is also achieve its goals which they have to achieve. 65 . This visit and walk of project report given is best experience and useful knowledge to me so it is very much benefited tome. After the study of “Makson Engineering Export”. My best are always with the unit to achieve more and more development in its future period.

66 .

BIBLIOGRAPHY In preparation of this report.TATA-AIG-LIFE. I have used following books which are useful in collecting the data about project work.COM 67 .  MARKETING MANAGEMENT – By Philip Kotler  PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT – By K.Aswathappa  FINANCIAL MANGEMNT – By I M Panday  WWW.

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