Medium Voltage Distribution

Feeder Automation
With Schneider Electric’s solution, feeder automation gets easy and affordable.

Power outages are costly
Defective power supply affects...

... your revenues and assets... - Loss from non-distributed energy - Regulator penalties - Increase of operational costs - Equipment early replacement due to stress

... and your Customer’s satisfation - Loss of revenues due to non-productive time - Deterioration of electrical installations

We offer you an easy and affordable solution to preserve your customer’s satisfaction and reduce your operational costs. Reducing outage time Getting immediate return on investment

In the event of a fault, 50% of the network supply can be restored within a few minutes.

Improving the quality of distributed energy

Accurate information about permanent and transient faults allows corrective and preventive maintenance to be carried out to reduce fault repeatability.

Thanks to the Easergy L500 Scada, focus your investment on network instrumentation: Easergy L500 is a preconfigured basic Scada for Easergy devices with just enough functions to manage data, not more. Remote control of your networks can be achieved in stages using simple systems that can be implemented within a few months. The modularity and integrability of the Easergy products range significantly reduce installation and commissioning costs and, allow you to invest exactly what is required and to benefit from an immediate return on investment. You can then add extra equipment when your budget allows.

Reducing operational costs
Accurate fault information considerably reduces fault detection time.

The SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) can vary from a few minutes to several hours. Our feeder automation solution helps you decrease the number and duration of outages, reduce the size of zones affected by the faults and thus optimise your network’s reliability of supply.

Because a single failure has the potential to generate considerable financial losses, continuity of service is a strategic challenge. An outage might cost up to millions of euros for a semiconductor production or for a company in the banking sector, and damage credibility and confidence.

Take advantage of our Feeder Automation Solution to...
• improve quality of service • reduce operational and maintenance costs • defer capital expenditures

... through

step by step and easy implementation of an affordable and global solution for underground and overhead network management

... within

the frame of your operational budget.

How does it work?
2 1 5 3 6 7 8 4

R TN P PS t G / rne M S e G Eth



O r ve he ad

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1 Remote control system: 2 3 4 5

Easergy L500 SMS Alert Remote control unit for underground networks: Easergy T200I Communicating fault passage indicator for underground networks: Easergy Flair 200C Medium voltage ring main unit: RM6

6 Pre-fabricated MV/LV substation: 7 8 9
Biosco Communicating fault passage indicator for overhead networks: Easergy Flite 116-SA/G200 Recloser: N series remote controlled by ADVC Sectionaliser: PM6 load break switch remote controlled by Easergy T200P

A comprehensive catalogue to help you manage your overhead and underground MV networks
Fault passage indicators for underground and overhead networks
• Local fault indication • Remote network monitoring

Easergy Flair Din (integrated into the switchgear)

Easergy Flair 279 (stand-alone)

Easergy Flite 110-SA

Easergy Flair 200C

Easergy Flite 116-SA/ G200

Control units for underground and overhead networks

Network supervisor

Easergy L500 remote control system Easergy T200I Easergy T200P ADVC

Medium voltage underground and overhead distribution products

Biosco MV/LV substation

RM6 ring main unit

Minera, Vegeta transformers

PM6 load break switch (sectionaliser capabilities)

RL-series load break switch (sectionaliser capabilities)

N-series recloser

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“It is the management of energy use through measurement, monitoring and control that effects permanent change. Moreover, compared with the costs (and technical skills necessary to avoid risks) of installing thermal solutions, energy control can be implemented at a relatively modest price and a very rapid payback. This is especially true when measured against escalating energy prices – most energy control solutions can be amortised very quickly.” Extract from Schneider Electric’s White Paper “Making permanent savings through active energy efficiency”

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