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Road to Freedom

Through out history, many people were subjected to cruel and ruthless

occupations. It is interesting and inspiring to study the many different occupations

and the journey of the occupied to freedom.

In particular, the story of the Palestinian people to free their homeland from the

Israeli occupations stands out at mile. Their un-finished journey to freedom is

interesting and inspiring. Their struggle is inspiring to those seeking freedom

around the world. The suffering of the Palestinian people is striking. It is hard to

find other nations who endured as much. Their future is an optimistic one

considering the fate of previous occupations.

The struggle of the Palestinian people through out the world is a vivid

demonstration of their well to liberate their homeland and achieve freedom. In the

1920's and 1930's, many resisted the attempts of-the British government at that

time to settle the European Jewish in Palestine. They demonstrated and

conducted many civil disobedient campaigns. Many were killed and jailed. A six
month general strike was held in 1936 to protest against the confiscation of land

and Jewish immigration. In 1948, many died defending their villages against a

well armed enemy. Others joined the Arab armies that were sent to defend

Palestine. In 1965, the Palestine Liberation Organization was established and

continues to lead the struggle against the Jewish state. The PLO conducted a

long campaign to liberate Palestine. The first bullet was fired in January 1 $\


This was a symbolic message to the Zionist state that the lightly armed PLO will
carry out the struggle to freedom.The first Intifada began on December 1987 in

the Gaza strip. It subsequently spread, despite the many attempts to suppress it.

- 1,300 Palestinians were martyred and 80 Israelis were killed in the

uprising up to the end of 1991. Many Palestinian private homes were dynamited

by military orders. The 2nd Intifada began in the year 2000 around the AL-Aqsa

mosque. This Intifada is still going on and is costing many lives, Over 2000 men,

women and children have died so far. Many believe that the Intifada is the only

way to force the Jewish people out of the west bank and Gaza strip. Several new

organizations such as Hamas continue to resist the occupation. Several effective

operations were conducted by Hamas and others to spread fear in the hearts of

the enemy. The political struggle to educate the world about the Palestinian

cause continues. It is very important to gain the support of the world through

political means.

The suffering of the Palestinian people continues today. Prior to 1948, many died

in resisting the attempts of the British government to settle the Jewish people in

Palestine. The great revolution of 1936 contributed many martyrs. During 1948,

Jewish underground terrorist groups such as Haganah, Irgun and Stern had the
mission to terrorize the Palestinian population, destroy villages and slaughter

entire Palestinian families. An estimated 34 massacres were committed within a

few months: AI-Abbasiyya, Beit Daras, Bir AI-Saba', AI-Kabri, Haifa, Qisarya.

These attacks aimed to annihilate the entire Palestinian territory and population,

50% of the Palestinian villages were destroyed in and many cities were cleared

from its Palestinian population: Aker, Bir AI-Saba', Bisan, AI-Lod, AI-Majdal,
Nazareth, Haifa, Tiberias, Jaffa, West-Jerusalem. Jewish forces killed an

estimated 13,000 Palestinians. They forcibly evicted 737,166 Palestinians from

their homes and land. An estimated 531 Palestinian villages were entirely

depopulated and destroyed. The Palestinian populations in Aker, Sir AI-Saba',

Haifa, Jaffa, Lydda, AI-Majdal, AI Ramla, Safad, Tiberias, and West Jerusalem

were almost entirely removed. The historical hero of Palestine Yasser Arafat was

surrounded by the Zionist sate. Food and medicines were blocked to enter to

him. Moreover, parts of his compound destroyed. Unfortunately, no one

helped him as he wished even the Arabic regimes. After that Arafat was

poisoned in 2004, AS they said.

Today, millions of Palestinian refugees are scattered around the world

without a place to call home. Good example for that Panic has overtaken

the 34000 Palestinian refugees in Iraq, when many have faced evictions,

threats and harassment inthe past few years.

Many continued to suffer from the Israeli army and the brutal Arab regimes.

Others were deprived from their basic human rights and were forced to crowd in

refugee camps without basic services. The financial suffering was tremendous.

Many were not able to find jobs and were forced to live without hope. Most
countries do not allow the Palestinians to travel into and through their borders.

They treat them as diseased people and trouble makers. In addition, many

Palestinians were killed by the Jordanian army in 1970 when the PLO was driven

out of Jordan and into Lebanon. Similar fate faced the Palestinian people in

Lebanon when different armed factions took their turns in killing innocent
Palestinian civilians. The massacres of Sabra and Shatella are a clear example

of the crimes committed against civilians. It is probably true that equal number or

more of innocent Palestinians were killed by the different Arab governments than

were killed by the Zionist state.

The future of the Palestinian people is an optimistic one. Through out history, the

fate of the occupiers was always doomed. One only needs to consider the

French occupation to Algeria. France was defeated and the Algerian people

gained their freedom. India through the efforts of its people had gained it's

independence from England as well as Pakistan. Most of the Arab world was at

one time or another under occupation. The entire Arab world is now free from

direct foreign occupation. The sacrifice of the Palestinian people will result in an

end to the occupation. The persistence and the strong well will result in a free

and democratic Palestine. Millions of Palestinians keep their hopes to return to

Palestine alive. They insist on educating their children about their home land.
The support of people around the world contributes to the high spirit enjoyed by

the Palestinians all over the world.

In conclusion, the Palestinian people have struggled and continue to struggle by

giving their lives for their country. The tremendous suffering they experienced did

not stop them from their desire1o' '; free Palestine. It is the hope and


that will guarantee them freedom one day. Like many other oppressed and

occupied nations, the future is a bright and optimistic one for the Palestinians. As

they said east or west home is the best.