FORM 5 Mathematics Assignment - 2 Functions and relations Due: 11th March 2011 (11:50 a.m.

Late submissions will result in a penalty of 10% per day

1. A relation is defined such that

for the domain set 


Determine the range set, , for the relation. 2. What is a function? 3. Given that (a) Evaluate (b) State one value of (c) Solve the equation (d) Solve the equation 4. Given that   . and     .   for which      

(a) State the inverses of (b) Find (c) Find

(d) State the domain of (e) Solve the equation (f) Solve the equation 5. Given that (a) Find the values of (i) (ii) (iii) (b) By taking values of  from   , taking values as for which:   .  in increments of one unit, and from for which:  

draw a graph of 

(c) On the same sketch the graph

(d) Hence, find, to 1 decimal place, the values of

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