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: Symantec 250-421 : Design of DP Solutions for UNIX using NBU 5.0

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1. You have already designed a proposed solution for a department's data protection requirements. Now you want to validate the design with the department. Which change in the department's environment affects your design the most? A. increased server memory capacity B. upgrade the Master Server C. increased distance between clients and servers D. a dedicated backup network Answer: D 2. In reviewing the bpbkar logs on a NetBackup client to investigate slow backups it is noticed that several drives are being backed up concurrently rather than sequentially. on a single physical disk drive. Which is disabled to avoid disk thrashing on this client and other similarly configured clients? A. multistreaming B. True Image Restore C. parallel backups D. multiplexing Answer: A 3. The current NetBackup environment has grown to the point where catalog backups can no longer fit on one tape. Which two methods resolve this issue? (Choose two.) A. back up the catalog using multistaged backup B. compress the catalog C. stop backing up the catalog D. compress the catalog with gzip Answer: AB 4. When determining the required backup performance of a Data Protection design, which three items should be determined? (Choose three.) A. media server backup performance B. network and SAN data rates C. capacity of tape media D. client backup windows Answer: ABD 5. In which case will the FlashBackup feature be of benefit? A. a large Oracle database that contains lots of data B. a server with file systems that are 80% full, containing several million files each C. a server with file systems that are 20% full, containing old files Each of the logical drives is a partition

D. a server with file systems that are 20% full, containing a few files, each several hundred MB Answer: B 6. A database must be able to recover from a logical data error in which invalid application data has been entered and saved. Which data protection technique is most likely to help in this situation? A. database server clustering B. a backup of the database and daily logs C. disk array based real-time replication D. active storage mirroring Answer: B 7. Which two special considerations do you keep in mind when designing an environment to use the NetBackup Advanced Client option in a clustered environment? (Choose two.) A. The advanced client automatically configures itself for clustered environments. B. The NODE_NAME=<virtual hostname> value must appear in bp.conf of each node in the cluster. C. The NBU Policy must reflect the hostname of each node in the cluster. D. The NBU Policy must reflect the virtual hostname of the application group to be backed up. Answer: CD 8. Which three items are considered in a Data Protection design? (Choose three.) A. company hardware standards B. the type of cabling used for networks and SAN C. data throughput speeds over networks and SAN D. business requirements for recovery point and time Answer: ACD 9. Human Resources has three servers being backed up in a NetBackup 5.0 environment with a requirement to be able to perform full server restores from any particular day going back three weeks. Given the following environment standards: Full backups are performed every other Friday. Cumulative incremental backups are performed on all other days. What are the minimum retention levels you should configure? A. Full: two weeks Incremental: three weeks

B. Full: three weeks Incremental: one week C. Full: four weeks D. Full: two months Answer: C 10. You have a Microsoft Windows 2003 client, which you want to add to the NetBackup domain. You do not use VSP or NetBackup database options (for example, MSSQL, Exchange, Oracle, and so on) on this Incremental: three weeks Incremental: three weeks

client. What would be the impact to downtime? A. There will be two reboots required: one reboot to load the VERITAS installer and one reboot for NetBackup installation. B. There is no need for a reboot for NetBackup to be properly installed. C. There will be one reboot to load the VERITAS installer, but NetBackup will not require a separate reboot. D. There will be a need for one reboot for NetBackup to be properly installed. Answer: B 11. A system administrator has communicated an interest in using the NetBackup FlashBackup feature of the Advanced Client. What key technical information must you gather in order to know whether this feature would be appropriate? A. number of files on the file system B. frequency of backups needed C. density of the tapes being used for backups D. age of the files on the file system Answer: A 12. A large number of Windows 2003 clients are failing with status code 11. It is suspected that the snapshot process is failing. In reviewing the Activity Monitor logs it is found that backups of certain clients are very slow. this issue? A. VNETD B. VOPIED C. multiplexing D. multistreaming Answer: C 13. A new file server is being added to your NetBackup 5.0 environment. It is being used to store 1-GB product data files for the marketing department. The marketing department already has 5,000 product data files in place (5 TB of total disk space) and expects to add about 500 product files per week for the next 30 weeks. After files are added they are never edited or modified. You have an SLA with Marketing that you will perform a full backup every Saturday, and the backup must be performed between 12:01 a.m. Saturday and Noon Sunday (a 36-hour window). Given this, what is the minimum network bandwidth you need to handle the full backup? A. teamed 1-gigabit (168 MB/s) B. single 1-gigabit (84 MB/s) C. 100 base T (8.4 MB/s) D. 10 base T (0.8 MB/s) These clients host a large number of small files. Which NetBackup feature helps resolve

Answer: A 14. A current NetBackup environment takes the entire backup window to complete. environment: You do not use multiplexing. There are eight clients each capable of producing 5 MB/s. The network is capable of sustaining 60 MB/s. The media server has three tape drives, each capable of sustaining 20 MB/s. How do you continue to meet the backup window while adding six more similarly configured clients? A. increase the multitape option B. increase the network bandwidth C. increase the number of backup schedules D. increase the number of tape drives Answer: D 15. You want to evaluate an environment for a NetBackup 5.0 implementation. You are already aware of Given the following

which servers will be the master and media servers and which agents will be used. What else do you determine in order to provide the proper installation requirements for NetBackup? A. Is Name Resolution functioning properly? B. Is every client present in the master server hosts file? C. Is the root partition on the master server mirrored? D. Is mySQL installed? Answer: A 16. Your NetBackup environment will consist of two media servers (ServerA and ServerB) and a robot with four tape drives. Each media server also functions as a large file server on the network. Which design

best uses the available hardware? A. configure ServerA as the robot control host; configure the four drives on ServerB B. configure ServerA as the robot control host; configure two drives on each media server C. configure both media servers as robot control hosts; configure the four drives on ServerA D. configure both media servers as robot control hosts; configure two drives on each Media Server Answer: B 17. You are in the process of disaster recovery planning. Your focus is on the recovery of IT systems. In

your evaluation of the environment you must collect data regarding the physical locations. Which list contains the main categories of disasters? A. logical (hardware-related) logical (software-related) environmental

B. management failures logical (software-related) environmental C. SPOFA logical (software-related) environmental (software-related) D. hardware failure logical (software-related) environmental Answer: D 18. You have a NetBackup environment with all UNIX NetBackup servers and clients. You have been

asked to look into adding Windows servers from another department as clients of your NetBackup Domain. However, you have not been given any technical information available about the Windows servers. What should the four questions be? (Choose four.) A. Have they enabled UNIX translation ports on their servers? B. For how many files does each server have to be backed up? C. What is the network speed of the clients? D. Does the environment include any firewalls? E. Is WINS the only name resolution service available? Answer: BCDE 19. Your NetBackup environment will consist of four media servers and a robot with two tape drives. The media servers and the robot are SAN attached. Each media server also functions as a large file server on

the network. Which three goals will be addressed by implementing the Shared Storage Option in this environment? (Choose three.) A. minimized network traffic during the backup window B. high performance on the four local media server backups C. high performance on remote (network) client backups D. improved tape drive usage among media servers E. improved performance data collection for backups Answer: ABD 20. There is a clustered pair of servers that you have been asked to add into your NetBackup 5.0 backup domain. These servers are running in an Active/Active mode with one application being active on each node. You have determined that only a NetBackup client is required to back up the data during the backup window. For recovery purposes what is a minimum recommended backup strategy? A. use two policies: one policy for the applications and one for the local drives

B. use one policy and back up the applications only through the virtual name C. use one policy and back up the application only through the node names D. use two policies: one policy for an application and its local drives and one for the other application and its local drives Answer: A 21. Which requires a NetBackup solution instead of a Backup Exec solution? A. UNIX attached tape devices B. Windows attached tape devices C. calendar schedule D. Linux client support Answer: A 22. You want to create a disaster recovery plan. The environment includes one location with a master server and one media server that is connected to a robot with ten drives and 216 slots. Which solution do you choose? A. Vault option B. Cluster Server C. Volume Replicator D. Instant Restore Answer: A 23. Which action will assist in reducing SAN and network traffic in a NetBackup 5.0 SSO environment? A. increase the default "Maximum Block Size" for each SSO storage unit B. zone only the necessary number of tape devices to each media server C. create a unique Robot Control Host for each tape device on the SAN D. enable dynamic multipathing for each media server on the SAN Answer: B 24. You are evaluating an existing NetBackup design and determine that the catalogs are not protected against a disk failure. Which VERITAS product could be recommended to provide online redundancy? A. Vault B. FlashBackup C. Command Central Service D. Volume Manager Answer: D 25. You want to ensure that your NetBackup catalogs can survive a site disaster. Which additional product do you install? A. VERITAS NetBackup Vault

B. Striping using Volume Manager C. VERITAS Cluster Server D. VERITAS NetBackup Replicator Answer: A 26. You are in the process of creating a disaster recovery plan. Your environment includes two locations,

and both locations have one NetBackup 5.0 master server and one media server that is connected to a tape library with ten tape drives and 216 slots. Which do you implement to enhance the recoverability of your environment? A. VM B. Vault C. VCS D. VDR Answer: B 27. You have been asked to assure that the environment has maximum recoverability and you can provide centralized, proactive management of the storage infrastructure. The environment includes three locations in one city, two locations in a second city, and the Main Network Operations Center (NOC) in a third city. Each location has two master servers and three media servers connected to a robot with eight tape drives all connected on a SAN. Everything should be managed from the NOC. Which three products or options should be recommended to meet the requirements? (Choose three.) A. Vault Option for NetBackup B. VERITAS Volume Replicator C. VERITAS Backup Exec D. Striping using Volume Manager E. VERITAS SANPoint Control Answer: ABE 28. There is a large Oracle server that generally takes four hours to fully back up and two hours to perform an incremental backup. Full backups run on Friday night, and incremental backups run every other night. There is a new SLA requiring the backup of this server be completed by 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. How do you ensure that backups are completed by this time? A. set the incremental backup schedule so that the backup window closes at 7:00 a.m. B. set the incremental backup schedule so that the backup window closes at 5:00 a.m. C. set the full backup schedule so that its backup window closes at 7:00 a.m. D. set all backup schedules so that the backup window closes by 6:30 a.m. Answer: B

29. You are setting up a small NetBackup 5.0 environment in a remote office. consists of 300GB of user files evenly shared between 30 clients. The data in the office

The clients are connected to a switch

through 100Mb Ethernet, but you have been given a master server with a 1-gigabit connection to the switch. Your backup window is four hours. You have one tape drive capable of 25 MB/s. How do you meet the requirement with the provided equipment? A. enable multiplexing in the Storage Unit and all policies B. enable multistreaming in the Storage Unit and all policies C. enable compression in all policies D. enable aximum?in bandwidth settings on the administration GUI Answer: A 30. Which test would confirm that VNETD is running on a media server and accepting connections? A. use FTP to transfer data from a client to the media server B. run the bpclntcmd command from a client to the media server C. telnet to the VNETD port from a client to the media server D. run bpprocess -vnetd from a client to the media server Answer: C 31. Given the following environment: RedHat Enterprise Linux AS/ES 2.1 one tape library with three tape drives Windows XP SP1 Linux 8.0 HP-UX 10.20 UNIX server AIX 4.3 UNIX system Which three items will meet the minimum requirements prior to installation of NetBackup 5.0? (Choose three.) A. NetBackup 4.5 client software for HP-UX 10.20 server B. NetBackup 5.0 for Windows XP SP1 and Linux 8.0 client software C. NetBackup 5.0 for RedHat EL 2.1 master server software D. tape drives seen at the OS level on the RedHat Enterprise Linux 2.1 server E. NetBackup 5.0 for Windows XP SP1 master server software Answer: BCD 32. You have an environment with 1 TB of data. The weekly backup consists of one full backup and four differential incremental backups with a 15% change rate. You are using tape drives that can store 100 GB

per tape. Assuming that compression is not used, approximately how many tapes can you expect to use in four weeks?

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