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: Symantec 250-504 : Virus Protection & Inteqrated Client Security Solutions

Version : R6.1

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1. What are three components of Symantec Client Security? (Choose three.) A. LiveUpdate B. Symantec Client Security client C. Symantec Client IDS Administrator D. Symantec Client Firewall Administrator Answer: ABD 2. What are three functions of Symantec Client Security? (Choose three.) A. monitors and verifies the integrity of important system files B. obtains a consolidated view of multiple security components across workstations in a network C. provides antivirus and firewall protection to mobile users with intermittent network connections D. manages reporting of antivirus, firewall and intrusion detection from an integrated management console Answer: BCD 3. Which three can be configured in Symantec AntiVirus for Handhelds - Corporate Edition? (Choose three.) A. alerts B. events C. backups D. histories Answer: ABD 4. Which configurations take precedence on a handheld device with Symantec AntiVirus for Handhelds Corporate Edition with Event and Configuration Manager installed? A. SESA B. Desktop C. Handheld D. Event Manager Answer: A 5. How does Symantec Client Security prevent blended threats from propagating during system startup? A. DefWatch B. Virus Tracer C. Auto-Protect D. Boot Checksum Answer: C 6. Which two statements are true about Symantec Client Security alerting using Symantec Enterprise Security Architecture (SESA)? (Choose two.) A. Unmanaged clients use SESA to generate alerts.

B. Managed clients send events to SESA to generate alerts. C. SESA is used to manage alerting for firewall components. D. SESA is used to manage alerting for Vulnerability Assessment components. Answer: BC 7. Which three types of information are logged by the Symantec Client Security firewall component? (Choose three.) A. Internet Access Control alerts B. history of all scanned packets C. history of all TCP/IP network connections D. cookies that have been permitted or blocked E. history of permitted or blocked system registry changes Answer: ACD 8. Which two objects allow you to deploy the same configuration to multiple Symantec Client Security clients? (Choose two.) A. client group B. SESA group C. server group D. enterprise configuration E. system-wide configuration Answer: AC 9. What are three functions of Symantec Client Security? (Choose three.) A. blocks traffic on designated ports B. creates trusted IP address zones C. uses application-specific security proxies D. applies comforting to improve performance E. monitors network traffic for attack signatures Answer: ABE 10. Which two statements are true about Symantec Client Security pRules? (Choose two.) A. They are stored in the client registry. B. There is a default set installed with the client. C. They are managed by master primary server. D. They are used when clients have diverse applications. Answer: BD 11. What is a benefit of Symantec AntiVirus for Handhelds - Corporate Edition? A. detects infected files from expansion cards

B. scans viruses in the handheld mail message queue C. updates virus definitions using the short message protocol D. protects the desktop computer running the desktop component Answer: A 12. Which two statements are true about Symantec Client Security firewall client policies? (Choose two.) A. Policies can be tested on the primary server. B. Policies can be distributed through third-party tools. C. New policies can be created with the Symantec System Center console. D. Successful policy updates can be verified with the Symantec System Center console. Answer: BD 13. Which two events are logged in the history data for Symantec AntiVirus for Handhelds - Corporate Edition? (Choose two.) A. TCP/IP packets blocked B. desktop synchronization C. antivirus software updates D. internet access control alerts Answer: BC 14. Which statement is true about a Trojan horse? A. It masquerades as a useful program. B. It infects the most commonly run applications. C. It self-replicates by using the local email client. D. It self-replicates by infecting program files on the disk. Answer: A 15. Which malicious technique changes the sender address? A. aliasing B. spoofing C. spamming D. shadowing Answer: B 16. Which security solution protects a desktop computer from port scans? A. firewall B. antivirus C. ad blocker D. port analyzer E. scan detector

Answer: A 17. Which security technology can detect a Trojan horse? A. VPN B. antivirus C. port blocking D. spyware filter Answer: B 18. Which threat replicates and potentially carries a payload? A. Virus B. Spam C. Zombie D. Trojan horse Answer: A 19. Which two reduce the risk associated with viruses? (Choose two.) A. regularly patching software B. archiving old email messages C. disabling cookies in a Web browser D. disabling script execution on Web servers Answer: AD 20. Which three security solutions should be implemented on client desktop systems? (Choose three.) A. firewall B. antivirus C. honeypot D. intrusion detection E. backup and recovery Answer: ABD 21. Which two are benefits of Symantec AntiVirus Enterprise Edition? (Choose two.) A. FTP raw data can be automatically logged. B. HTTP traffic can be filtered based on content. C. Web-based email can be scanned for viruses. D. All components can be managed by Symantec System Center Console. Answer: BC 22. Which component do you need to install with the Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition when using the Symantec Enterprise Security Architecture (SESA) for alerting? A. Symantec System Center

B. Symantec Management Center C. Microsoft Management Console D. Symantec Event Manager for AntiVirus Answer: D 23. What are two features of Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition roaming client? (Choose two.) A. failover B. load-balancing C. dynamic state management D. configuration synchronization Answer: AB 24. Which two need to be installed prior to installing Symantec Event Manager for AntiVirus? (Choose two.) A. Microsoft Active Directory B. Java Runtime Environment C. Symantec System Console D. Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange E. Symantec Enterprise Security Architecture (SESA) Answer: BE 25. Which three methods are used for updating virus definitions for Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition? (Choose three.) A. LiveUpdate B. Windows Update C. Intelligent Updater D. Virus Definition Updater E. Central Quarantine polling Answer: ACE 26. Which three statements are true about virus scans for Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition? (Choose three.) A. Managed users can schedule virus sweeps for all clients and servers. B. A server group virus sweep scans all servers and clients in the selected server group. C. Auto-Protect continuously inspects files and email data as they are read from or written to a computer. D. If a computer is turned off before a scheduled scan, the scan will not run unless the computer has been configured to run missed scan events. Answer: BCD 27. You are responsible for administrating Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition in an environment consisting of four primary servers. Which two servers can you install the Symantec Event Manager for

AntiVirus on? (Choose two.) A. primary server B. stand alone server C. Symantec Enterprise Server D. Symantec Gateway Security server Answer: AB 28. Which routing option of Symantec Mail Security for SMTP defines special rules for relaying scanned email? A. local B. default C. remote D. standard Answer: A 29. What is the default time interval that Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition clients check in with the parent server? A. once per minute B. once per hour C. twice per hour D. twice per day Answer: B 30. Click the Exhibit button. Which solution should you install to protect data on device E shown in the exhibit?

A. Symantec Web Security B. Symantec Mail Security for SMTP C. Symantec AntiVirus for NetApp Filers D. Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition E. Symantec AntiVirus Enterprise Edition Answer: C 31. What is a benefit of Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition? A. receives immediate alerts from fully managed clients B. automatically assigns unmanaged clients to a parent server C. unmanaged clients receive virus definitions from parent server D. automatically upgrades intrusion signatures on fully managed clients Answer: A 32. Which three statements are true about Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition server groups? (Choose three.) A. Members must be in the same Windows domain. B. Members can contain both NetWare and Windows computers. C. Members must be managed from the Symantec System Center. D. Members can share a Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition configuration. Answer: BCD

33. Click the Exhibit button. Which solution should you install on computer C shown in the exhibit?

A. Symantec Web Security B. Symantec AntiVirus Scan Engine C. Symantec Mail Security for SMTP D. Symantec AntiVirus for NetApp Filers E. Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition Answer: E 34. Which three methods can be used to install Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition clients? (Choose three.) A. Web-based B. SESA Console C. System Center D. Windows Update E. Active Directory Group Policy Answer: ACE 35. Which two are benefits of Symantec AntiVirus Enterprise Edition? (Choose two.) A. can scan outbound Web traffic B. can prevent inbound port scans C. can prevent outbound port scans

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