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: Symantec 250-924 : DP Troubleshooting for Windows using NetBAckup 5.x

Version : R6.1

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1. Which schedule type backs up files that have changed since the last successful incremental backup? A. full B. differential incremental C. cumulative incremental D. automatic differential-incremental Answer: B 2. What are two reasons why a Windows operating system does NOT detect a SCSI device? (Choose two.) A. NetBackup drivers are not installed correctly. B. The device is not attached to the SCSI adapter. C. The device is SCSI SE, and the adapter is SCSI DIFF. D. The SCSI device is not on the list of NBU-supported devices. Answer: BC 3. By default, which two user groups have sufficient permissions to update device drivers? (Choose two.) A. Power Users B. Administrators C. Domain Admins D. Backup Operators Answer: BC 4. NetBackup can no longer use the tape devices or robots attached to the system. Which two software utilities could have caused this? A. Logical Disk Manager B. Removable Storage Manager C. monitoring software that scans actively D. monitoring software that scans passively Answer: BC 5. Which file is reviewed to ensure that network ports are resolved correctly? A. lmhosts B. hosts C. services D. protocol Answer: C 6. For a calendar schedule, to which three backup types does the option detries allowed after runday apply? (Choose three.) A. full B. user directed (Choose two.)

C. differential incremental D. cumulative incremental E. user archive Answer: ACD 7. You have experienced a catastrophic failure on your master server, and you need to restore your environment to a stand-by server. Which command would you use to restore your catalog database? A. bpdbrecover B. vmrecover C. bpimport D. bprecover Answer: D 8. Which command is used to determine a machine's hostname? A. arp B. ping C. ipconfig /all D. winipconfig /all Answer: C 9. Where are two places that network speed can be configured? (Choose two.) A. routing tables B. switch port settings C. arp tables D. network card settings Answer: BD 10. Which two commands can be used to verify that the fully qualified domain name is being resolved? (Choose two.) A. ping B. trace C. nslookup D. ifconfig Answer: AC 11. Which command displays current TCP/IP connections, protocol statistics, in addition to the local routing table? A. ping B. netstat C. tracert

D. nslookup Answer: B 12. When can a user-directed backup be performed? A. whenever this backup is manually initiated B. after all other scheduled backups have finished C. during the time period configured within the schedule D. when the NetBackup Client Service is no longer running Answer: C 13. Which client process handles connection requests? A. bptar B. bpcd C. bprd D. bpbkar Answer: B 14. Which process is responsible for handling the mounting of media? A. ltid B. bpbrm C. bptm (child) D. bptm (parent) Answer: A 15. Which two processes run only on the master server? A. bpcd B. bpbrm C. bpdbm D. bpsched Answer: CD 16. Which global attribute specifies how often bpsched determines if schedules are to be run? A. wakeup interval B. job run latency C. schedule frequency D. schedule backup attempts Answer: A 17. Choose three methods to initiate catalog backups. (Choose three.) A. manually B. after a catalog cleanup (Choose two.)

C. after each session of scheduled backups D. before each session of scheduled backups E. after each session of scheduled, user, or manual backups Answer: ACE 18. What are three valid options when configuring robotic control? (Choose three.) A. Robot control is handled by a clustered device host. B. Robot control is determined dynamically. C. Robot control is attached to an NDMP host. D. Robot control is handled by a remote host. E. The robot is controlled locally by this device host. Answer: CDE 19. Which feature enables multiple simultaneous copies during backup? A. Vault B. Image copy C. Inline tape copy D. Disk staging Answer: C 20. During a restore, which client log provides information about the files being restored? A. bpcd B. tar C. bpjava-usvc D. bpbkar Answer: B 21. Which NetBackup process must be running on the master server in order to initiate any backups and restores? A. bpcd B. bptm C. bpbrm D. bprd Answer: D 22. Which two volume pools cannot be deleted? (Choose two.) A. DataStore B. Catalog C. Scratch D. NetBackup

Answer: AD 23. A robotic device and tape drives have been configured on your media server. What device control state may indicate a robotic communication problem? A. AVR B. TLD C. ACS D. TLM Answer: A 24. You want to back up a system that is a NetBackup media server. Which mechanism is used by default to transfer the data from bpbkar to bptm? A. UDP B. TCP/IP C. shared memory D. shared file pointers Answer: C 25. Which command can be used to display configuration information or as a helper command for the backuptrace and restoretrace commands? A. bpgetconfig B. bpdisconfig C. bpshowconfig D. bpviewconfig Answer: A 26. Which command makes a copy of a backup image? A. bpcopy B. bpimage C. bpbackup D. bpduplicate Answer: D 27. Which statement applies when performing a restore using True Image Restore (TIR)? A. TIR excludes the use of alternate path restore. B. Files created since the last TIR backup are not removed. C. The administrator can specify a list of individual files for TIR. D. TIR always restores the data blocks to the same place on the disk. Answer: B 28. Your storage unit is configured for in demand only, which you now want to disable. You operate a

24-hour center and cannot restart the master server daemons for the configuration changes to take effect. Which command reads the storage unit changes? A. bpstu ead_changes B. bpsched ead_stunits C. bpschedreq ead_stunits D. bpstunits ead_changes Answer: C 29. Which command physically accesses the tapes? A. bpimagelist B. bplist C. bpimmedia D. bpdbjobs Answer: C 30. Which two schedule types allow client-directed backups? (Choose two.) A. user backup B. full backup C. user archive D. automatic backup E. cumulative-incremental backup Answer: AC 31. Which three commands are used to create, back up, and archive selected files in the Images Database? (Choose three.) A. bpcatrm B. bparchive C. bpcatarc D. bpdbarc E. bpcatlist Answer: ACE 32. In which three situations might you experience a problem when adding multihosted drives using the Device Configuration Wizard? (Choose three.)

A. when the drives are nonserialized B. when the robot has not been defined C. when bpdbm is not started D. when vmd is not started Answer: ABD

33. Which command displays the scan host information about drives? A. tpconfig -d B. vmoprcmd -d C. vmdareq -display D. vmdareq -scan_host Answer: C 34. The main function of bpjobd is to ____. A. push job activity to the Job Activity Monitor B. pull job activity from the Job Activity Monitor C. pull job activity, forcing a refresh of the Job Activity Monitor D. push job activity, requesting a refresh of the Job Activity Monitor Answer: A 35. Which process is used when patching a NetBackup installation? A. The current files are replaced without a backup of the current files. B. The current files are copied to a backup folder, and then replaced with the patched files. C. The current files are copied to a backup folder only if you decide to do so, and then they are replaced with the patched files. D. The current files are renamed and left in the same directory, and then replaced with the patched files. Answer: B 36. By default, on which port does bprd listen? A. 13720 B. 13721 C. 13782 D. 13783 Answer: A 37. Which command can be used to configure and view devices? A. bpmedia B. tpconfig C. bpconfig D. tpautoconf Answer: B 38. Which command enables administrators to add, delete, and view license keys using the command line on a Windows master or media server? A. bpkeyfile B. bpminlicense

C. bpconfig D. bpauthorize Answer: B 39. Which two commands can be used to check the integrity of a backup image? (Choose two.) A. bpverify B. bprestore C. bpimage D. bpbackup Answer: AB 40. You receive a 236 error, pecified client does not exist in any active policy. Which command views the policies associated with a client? A. bppllist yclient client_name B. bpclient client_name -policylist C. bppolicy yclient client_name D. bplist oliciesclient_name Answer: A 41. Which command displays the currently configured catalog backup media? A. bprecover B. bpcatinfo C. bpsyncinfo D. bpmedia Answer: C 42. Which two processes start when needed during a backup operation? (Choose two.) A. bpbkar B. ltid C. bpjobd D. bpbrm Answer: AD 43. After using the tpconfig command to change a library configuration, which processes must be restarted? A. ltid B. avrd C. bpdbm D. bpcd Answer: A 44. You have been assigned to decommission a media server. Which command is used to migrate media

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