Enhancing the employees effectivness by helping to identify their strengths & weaknesses.identifying the traning & development needs of employees 4. Airtel is an Indian telecommunication company.handling of any dissatisfacation in appraisals Main objectives of performance appraisal are: 1.Give the employee the performance elements AND standards in writing 2.development needs.appraisal this method maintain daily log of what the employee does. 3.critical incident techniques: acc.develop interpersonal relationships between superior & subordinates 5.preparation of appraisal 4.INTRODUCTION Bharti airtel limited commomly known as airtel. develop or discipline as appropriate.performance &potential of its group members.disscussion. Performance management describes the processes by which managers improve the performance of their employees by utilizing their power to reward.transfer. It can be negotiated through individual contracts or by collective bargaining either directly with employees or with the involvement of a union.weaknesses.termination 2. .incentives Techniques of performance apraisal at airtel 1. A performance management system documents these processes as company policy and may form a legally binding contract between the company and employees.maintaining log records 3.counseling.susceptible to favouritism. Steps involved in performance appraisals: 1.wage fixation. Essay techniques: in this method appraiser records overall impressions about employee: strengths. 2.employees given appraisal reports for performance 5.performance appraisal can help in development of scientific basis for reward is largest private integrated telecom company in India it is largest wireless operator in world and largest telecom company listed on inian stock exchange PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Performance appraisal refers to all those procedures that are used to evaluate the personality.provide a basis for prmotion.promotability.

sometimes it happens that in order to fit in all the employees in the pre-decided normalization percentage. there is lack of transparency in the system • At times forced distribution takes place • There is a lot of paper work involved which can be avoided Recommendations: BHARTI possesses a robust performance management system which is designed keeping in mind both the organizational as well as the individual goals and aspirations. there is no feedback system at Bharti through which employees can express whether they are happy with their appraisals or not. self and boss or manager At Bharti Airtel the performance management system is quite robust which is designed keeping in mind both organizational as well as the individual goals and aspirations. • There is lack of transparency in the entire system. So there should be a provision that the employee can take regular feedback from his reporting manager and the HR department regarding the ratings awarded to them . • Secondly.employees allotted to certain performance category. . I have recommended certain measures for the overall betterment of BHARTI’s performance management. they do not know anything about the ratings given to them by their respective reporting manager. but still there are some loopholes in the entire system:• Firstly. which would facilitate accurate responses from the employees.180 degree performance apprasial Technique: in this method employees are appraised by two people i. • The whole process is based upon paper work.e. reviewer and the normalization committee. which is very tedious and leads to many discrepancies.these are: • First and most important is the fact that there is lack of a feedback system for employees by which they can express their feelings about the appraisals. This would lead to faster and better implementation of the PMS. An online system should be developed so that the employees can fill up their KRA forms and also the PMS process should be carried out online.3. Due emphasis should be laid down on quantifying the ratings that are given to the employees for this aspect. Moreover a lot of filing work has to be taken care of which is a very time consuming process.difficult justification of result 4.forced distribution ranking: relative rankings of employees with each other. • The ratings awarded to an employee on the basis of his behavioural traits are only qualitative in nature and the quantitative aspect of the same is neglected. the employees of a particular function cannot be awarded the ratings that the deserve since there is a fixed percentage of employees that fall into a particular performance rating. • During the normalization process. Once the employees have filled up the KRAs and self-appraisals.

Counseling: Counseling is an interpersonal dialogue between manager and subordinates. On the basis of these observations I have recommended certain measures for the overall betterment of Bharti’s performance management system. PMS Airtel includes Developing job descriptions. The method which Airtel follows for Appraisal is 180-degree. Enhancing Job Satisfaction: Job satisfaction of employees has a motivational impact on their own performance as well as performance of the organization. Coaching and feedback is provided which is followed by compensation. recognition and reward for people’s contributions. based on their achievements against set performance goals and required competencies and working out a plan for their development. attitude training and psychological problem identification should be incorporated in order . Job satisfaction of employees depends upon a number of factors which need identified by HRD manag Conclusion: A sound appraisal system can contribute both to organizational morale and organizational performance. values.Though the Performance Management System applied in Bharti Airtel is effective. rewarding them. Most organizations only focus on skill training for workmen. Performance management system should include intervention programmes to identify and overcome such problems. by improving the probability that a good performance will be recognized and rewarded and poor performance corrected. selecting appropriate people with an appropriate selection process and providing effective orientation. Attitude Training for Workmen:Attitude factor has a powerful influence on personal as well as organizational performance.Other Suggestions for Improving Performance Management System 1. stress and compatibility. At Airtel the HR team Measures the individual’s performance linked to Organizational goals by giving employees a feedback. Therefore some might have problems like frustration.Leadership and other competencies of individuals are assessed and improved through various workshops and training programmes. It is demonstrable that employees having positive attitudes usually perform better. Although the performance management system is quite sound at Bharti. Study Psychological Problems of Employees: All the employees working in an organization have their own unique personalities. It helps in improving the attitude and behaviour and in avoiding climate of mistrust and hostility. few things such as Counseling of the employees. education and Training. education. but forget that skills are attitude driven. Training can facilitate an attitudinal makeover. performance management system of bharti is rebust which is made keeping in mind both the organizational as well as the individual goals and aspirations. experiences etc.Promotional and career development opportunities for staff are provided. Developmental gaps are identified during PMS and Self Development Plans.

to make their PMS more effective. .

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