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Subject Teachers: Name of the teacher Mr Balu Ms. Jimmy Sam Ms. Joggi Mathew Mr. Saklesh .N
COURSE OBJECTIVE: The objective is to consider implications of strategic decisions for business firms and for individuals in a changing environment. To study the generation, and dissemination of knowledge about key strategic management issues to managers, consultants, students, and researchers.
Specific Objective: Primary: 1. To inculcate theoretical knowledge about strategic management 2. To expose students to current corporate practices on strategic management Secondary: 1. To apply strategic management in their career as well as in their personal life.

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1. C.N Sontakki,Strategic Management,Text and Cases:Kalyani Publishers

3 References: -C. third edition 5. Charles Hill and Gareth.Jauch. Strategic Management: an integrated approach. Alex miller. William F Glueck.N Sontakki.Strategi c Management.1 -Explains the concept of strategy and its limitation s -Describe the historical developm ent of strategic managem ent in the world and in India LECTURE FLOW 1. Modu levels at le I which STRATE strategy operates GIC PLANNI NG AND STRATE GIC MANAG EMENT LEARNIN G OBJECTI VE 1. Irwin Mc graw hill. Fifth edition 6. Excel Books 2. strategic management. Strategic management: Text and cases.N Sontakki. Azar kazmi.2 -Lecture Method+PP T presentatio n+illustratio ns/Business Examples REFERENCES DATE Hr REMAR KS 1.Strategic Management. Business Policy 3. V Hari Krishna. Business Policy and strategic management. Excel Books 6/6/11 &7/6/1 1 2 - approach es to strategic -Discuss various schools of thoughts -Lecture Method+Ca selet discussion -Case Reference:Strat egic Maneuvers at Bharti Enterprises -Case Reference:Mana ging Hindustan Unilever strategically Same as above 8/6 / 11&9/6 /11 2 .Text and Cases:Kalyani Publishers MODUL E TOPICS -Defining strategy.Tex t and Cases:Kalyani Publishers -VSP Rao. biztantra.R. Lawrence R.REFERENCES: 1 VSP Rao. Strategic management: Text and cases. Mc Graw Hill international editions.Jones. sixth edition 4. C. V Hari Krishna.

comp onents of external and internal environm 2.decision making.Business Policy and Strategic Management. Subba Rao. mission statemen ts and business definition 2.Tex t and .3 P.2 -Lecture Method+Br ainstorming +Activity 2.Hi malaya Publishing House -C.Strategi c Management.1 -to describe the concept of environm ent in the context of strategic managem ent -to exemplify -Lecture Method+Sit uation Analysis Same as above 13/6/11 2 &14/6/ 11 MODUL E 2: ENVIOR NMENT AL ANALYS IS . Strategic intent: Vision.The organizati ons environm ent -External and internal environm ent. mission and objectives -to Business describe examples the strategic managem ent process -to explain the three dimensio ns of business definition -to exemplify the concept of vision and mission -to evaluate the quality of vision. the strategic managem ent process.N 15/6/11 2 &16/6/ 11 Sontakki.

1 framewor To E 3: explain INDUST k for industry the RYAND analysis. manner RESOUR Michael in which CE porter’s strategic ANALYS analysis.---------------MODUL A 3.2 Lecture Method+Ca selet discussion CIAII(Test/Quiz)--3.ent eight environm ental sectors Cases:Kalyani Publishers -VSP Rao. usefulnes and IS competiti s of ve Industry analysis. Strategic management: Text and cases. Strategic management: Text and cases. by the companie s in response to environm ental changes -------------.Tex t and Cases:Kalyani Publishers -VSP Rao. Excel Books To describe the process of environm ental scanning Organizat To ions explain responses the to the strategy environm adopted ent. V Hari Krishna.3 22/6/11 1 23/6/11 2 &27/6/ 11 -C. Excel Books Case Reference: . advantag e is develope d -to Environm ent scanning -Practical Exercise(pr epare the ETOP for an organizatio n) -Case Analysis -Group Discussion 20/6/11 1 Case 21/6/11 1 Reference:Envir onmental issues in the Food Processing Industry of India -----------------3. V Hari Krishna.N Sontakki.Strategi c Management.

the resource based view. interpreti ng the five force model. approach discuss major methods and technique s used for organizati onal appraisal -to Same as identify above the core competen cies of an enterpris e -to discuss five competiti ve strategies as per given by Michael Porter What lies in store for the retailing industry in India? Same as above 28/6/11 3 . and competito r analysis Internal analysis: Resource based strategy. Resource s.Competiti ve analysis: Forces shaping competiti on in an industry.29/6/1 1&30/6 /11 -to study the meaning of internal analysis -to study the dynamics of internal environm ent through internal analysis -to study -Lecture Method+Ca se Analysis+Ac tivity Case Reference: 4/7/11 State Bank of &5/7/1 India Banks on 1 its capabilities 2 . capabiliti es and competen cies. Strategic group.

12/7/1 1&13/7 /11 .3 -C. Stability strategy.2 Lecture Method+Gr oup discussion 4. Growth/E xpansion strategy various methods and technique s for internal analysis 4. combinati on strategy. -to discuss the risk of using concentra tion. Grand strategies . The balanced score card.N &7/7/1 Sontakki.1 -to define and explain four types of generic corporate level strategies -to describe the various types of expansio n strategies 4. Excel Books 6/7/11 2 Diversific ation Strategy.Strategi 1 c Management.integ ration Case Reference:Strat egic moves by the Mahindra Group 11/7/11 3 .integ ration and diversific ation strategies are used. carrying out SWOT MODUL E4 STRATE GY FORMU LATION AND CHOICE Corporate level strategy: Introducti on. V Hari to internal analysis. Strategic management: Text and cases. -to Same as discuss above+Cas the e Analysis condition under which concentra tion. Retrench ment strategy.Tex t and Cases:Kalyani Publishers -VSP Rao.

the CUTRIN process of restructur G restructur ing strategies ing -to examine the restructur ing strategies in the Indian context mergers -to and discuss 5.and diversific ation strategies -to describe three types of stability strategies -to describe three types of retrenche ment strategies -to discuss the complex network of combinati on strategies MODUL 5. V Hari Krishna.Strategi c Management. Excel Books 14/7/11 1 Lecture+Gr oup 18/7/11 2 &19/7/ .2 Lecture Method+Gr oup discussion 5. Strategic management: Text and cases.N Sontakki.Tex t and Cases:Kalyani Publishers -VSP Rao.3 -C.1 The E5 -to concept discuss CORPOR of the corporate ATE rationale RESTRU restructur of ing.

cooperati ve strategies . takeovers . risks.take overs and cooperati ve strategies Reasons -to study for the strategic meaning alliances. deciding which market to enter. how Discusssion 11 Same as above+Cas elet Same as above Case Reference:Reali sing Global ambition at Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. the MNC strategies mission statement . Excel Books 21/7/11 2 positionin g of the firm in the industry help to determin Lecture Method+Sit uation Analysis Same as above 26/7/11 1 . 6.Tex t and Cases:Kalyani Publishers -VSP Rao.1 Globalisat -to ion. market entry strategy.3 20/7/11 1 6.N &25/7/ Sontakki. examine global the global expansion expansio strategies n . internatio nal strategy Business To level observe strategy. of risks and strategic costs of alliances strategic and the alliances risk involved in it 6. V Hari Krishna.acquisitio n.2 Lecture Method+PP T presentaito n -C. Strategic management: Text and cases.Strategi 11 c Management. MODUL E6 GLOBAL STRATE GIES the condition for M&A.

2 Lecture Method+Gr oup Discussion 7. V Hari 2/8/11 2 .Strategic analysis and choice MODUL E7 STRATE GY IMPLEM ENTATI ON AND FUNCTI Issues in strategy implemen tation e the competiti ve advantag e -to explain business strategies for four different industry condition s -to describe the process of strategic choice -to explore the tools and technique for strategic analysis -to discuss the subjectiv e factors in strategic choice 7.Tex t and Cases:Kalyani Publishers -VSP Rao.28/7/1 1&1/8/ 11 7.N &3/8/1 Sontakki.1 -to examine the nature of strategy implemen tation -to Lecture Method+Sit uation Analysis Same as above Case Reference:Strat egic choices for Bajaj Allianz General Insurance 27/7/11 3 .3 -C.Strategi 1 c Management.

Strategic management: Text and cases. Excel Books Same as above 4/8/11 &16/8/ 11 2 .ONAL STATEGI ES Activating strategy and resource allocation describe the barrier to strategy implemen tation -to study the interrelati onship of formulati on and implemen tation -to explain the three themes that constitute our model of strategy implemen tation -to Same as deliberate above on the value of aligning resource allocation to strategy -to discuss the factors that affect resource allocation and difficultie s that arise in Krishna.

resource allocaatio n stategyTo Same as structure discuss above relationsh organizati ip. the on functional structure structure.------------------ CIA-III(Role -----------play/Pre 23/8/11 4 . strategy implemen tation -to observe the emerging forms of structures being devised to meet emerging challenge s Function Same as al level above strategie s: Operation al strategy. financial strategy.24/8/1 . Marketing strategy and Human resource strategy Same as above 17/8/11 &18/8/ 11 2 Same as above 22/8/11 1 ------------.-------------. from the divisionali view point of sation.

Tex t and Cases:Kalyani Publishers -VSP Rao.Strategi c Management. 1 Team based Same as above Activity+Ga me 5/9/11 1 Team based Same as above activity 6/9/11 1 . V Hari Krishna.25/8/ y) 11&29/ 8/11 8.MODUL E8 BEHAVI OURAL IMPLEM ENTATI ON Corporat e Governa nce and strategic manage ment Strategic Leadersh ip Corporat e culture and Strategic manage ment Corporat e Politics and Power 8. Strategic management: Text and cases.1 -to examine how strategic managem ent contribut es to effective corporate governan ce of an organisati on To review the tasks.styl es and roles of strategic leaders of organisati on -To study the relationsh ip between strategy and culture -to demonstr ate and understan d how corporate politics and use of power can be made use 8. Excel Books.N Sontakki.2 Lecture Method+PP T presentatio n sentation/Activit 1.3 30/8/11 -C.

Strategic management: Text and cases.Strategi c hics and strategy MODUL 9.N Sontakki.Tex t and Cases:Kalyani Publishers -VSP Rao. four types operation of Activity+Rol Same as above e play 7/9/11 1 9.1 Importanc To E9 e.of in strategic managem ent of an organisait on Personal To study values the and importanc Business e of Ethics values and ethics in Business -to demonstr ate the relationsh ip between values. explain STRATE barriers. V Hari Krishna.3 -C. the evaluatio GIC nature EVALUA n criteria. and TION importanc AND e of CONTRO strategic evaluatio L n and control -to describe the barriers to evaluatio n strategic -to study control.13/9/1 1&14/9 3 .2 Lecture Method+Ca selet 9. Excel Books Case Reference:Strate gic Evaluation at the Apollo Hospitals Net work 8/9/11 1 Lecture method+Gr oup Same as above 12/9/11 .

3 /11 MODUL E 10 Designing a STRATE technolog GY AND y TECHNO strategy.1 -to describe the importanc e of informati on technolog y in an organsiati on’s strategy 10. evaluatio n technique s for operation al control.Tex t and Cases:Kalyani Publishers -VSP Rao. Strategies for acquisitio n and absorptio n of technolog y. Social audit -C.2 Lecture Method+Ca selet discussion 10. characteri stics of an effective control system strategic Discussion controls -to discuss the process of operation al control -to know and understan d various technique s of strategic evaluatio n and control 10. Excel Books Case Refernce:Knowle dge Management Initiatives at Infosys 15/9/11 1 To study the need and use of social audit Same as above Same as above 19/9/11 1 .N Sontakki. V Hari control.Strategi c Management. Strategic management: Text and cases. Technolo LOGY gy MANAG forecastin EMENT g and R & D Strategies .

----------------.Case Date of Submission 23/7/11 Marks 10 Continuous assessment 05 .20/9/11 ----to30/9/ 11 CIA DETAILS: CIA-I CIA II CIA III Mid semester Exam for 50 marks Written assignment Other than written assignment 50 20 20 CIA-II DETAILS: Components 1 Written Assignment+Situation Analysis( 10 Marks) -Strategic Planning at a local company -Evaluating the mission and vision statements of companies -External Assessment -Developing a Competitive Profile Matrix for a company -Constructing ETOP profile for a company -Michael Porter Five force Analysis for a company 2.--------------- -------------.Revision----------.

Activity+Roleplay+games+Exc ercises +presentation *Topics strategic management(conducted considered 3. Quiz/Test(Module 1 22/7/11 &2)(conducted marks of for 10 5% TOTAL which caselet 10 marks of which 5% discussion(before 05 would be considered 20 CIA-III DETAILS: Components 1 Article Review -Value chain Analysis -Benchmarking -Business level strategies -Corporate Restructuring -Corporate Culture and strategic management -Social Audit -Balanced Scorecard -Environmental Audit -Strategic Business Unit 2.Analysis(conducted for via would be considered 24/7/11) 3.Class participation for 10 marks of which 5% would be Continuous assessment(before 10/9/11) TOTAL 20 05 should be related Date of Submission 10/9/11 Marks 10 Continuous assessment(before2/9/ 05 to 11) .