Framatome Connectors OEN Ltd. was incorporated on 2-6-1981 by Mr. K. A. Mathew with equity support from Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation and OEN India Ltd. Report contains all the details about the companies major products, departments, procedures, organization structure etc. Aim of the report is to give a brief description about the institutional training under FCI OEN Connectors Ltd.


FCI OEN Connectors Ltd is the India's prime supplier of Professional Grade Connectors. The company is a subsidiary of FCI France (earlier called Framatome Connectors France). It was incorporated on the 2nd day of June 1981. FCI - Framatome Connectors International OEN - Oak Electro Netics

FCI OEN is located far away from the madding crowds of the city of Cochin in Kerala, on the outskirts of Mulanthuruthy, atop a hillock aptly named Electrogiri, the Company commands a calm and peaceful milieu.

Way back in 1984, when the Company commenced its commercial operations, the product range was limited. However enriched by the

technical backing of the joint venture partner, M/S FCI France and its subsidiaries, also catalysed by the Company's ever continuing quest for excellence and completeness, the accretion of the Company every passing day has been prodigious. The result FCI OEN Connectors Ltd. is today capable of producing Hard Metric Connectors Smartcards, Rack & Panel Connectors, Terminal Connectors, Circular Connectors, PCB Connectors, Heavy Duty Connectors and IC Sockets. FCI France is the technology supplier of the Company since inception. In 1989 they acquired 26% of the Company's equity share capital. In August 1993, the equity stake increased to 40%. Immediately thereafter, the stake further increased to 51%. In 1999, their equity increased from 51% to 61.5%. Currently FCI France holds 67.83% ownership in FCI OEN.

Created in 1989, FCI - an AREVA Group company - rapidly secured its place among the world's top three manufactures of connectors and interconnect systems.

With manufacturing facilities in over 40 countries and a sales network in over 100, AREVA offers customers technological solutions for nuclear power generation and electricity transmission and distribution. The group also provides interconnect systems to the telecommunications, computer and automotive markets. These business engage 70,000 employees in the 21st century's greatest challenges: making energy and communication resources available to all, protecting the planet, and acting responsibly towards future generations.

This includes the National Productivity Award. The Award was in recognition for the indigenisation done for Bharat Electronics in back plane assemblies including contacts for a military communication project. Elcina Award for Export and Quality. company won the National Award for Excellence in indigenisation of defense products instituted by the Ministry of Defense. German. DOE Award for Excellence in Electronics etc. French and Italian automotive quality system standards with the global automotive industry. FCI OEN Connectors is the first connector manufacturer in India to receive ISO 9002 Certification. The Company has also received QPL approval from the Defense Electronics Study Centre. C. This will enable the Company to market the products in the US & European aerospace and defense markets. the Company certified ISO TS 16949 and recertification of ISO 9002 to ISO/TS 16949:2002 an ISO Technical Specification which aligns existing US.ACCOLADES The company is embellished by the many laurels it has won to its credit. making it the first Company in Asia to receive such an approval. Their products range includes connectors and inter activity systems for : ‡ Communication and IT ‡ Automotive and Energy . Government of India. Kerala State Productivity Award.DoT Vendors Productivity Award. PRODUCTS FCI has the largest range of connectors and inter connectivity systems. During the year 2003. USA. CERTIFICATIONS Quality is a way of life and an article of faith at the manufacturing site. for manufacturing Circular Connectors.

Its product range find a wide range of applications in telecom. MARKET AND MARKETING NETWORK With central marketing office at Cochin. SALES NETWORK IN INDIA ‡ New Delhi ‡ Mumbai ‡ Hyderabad ‡ Bangalore ‡ Chennai ‡ Cochin . the company has regional offices in all major cities with field personnel carrying forward the work put in by our Design/ Production/ Quality team.‡ Consumer products ‡ Industry and Instrumentation ‡ Defense and Aerospace Some of their products are :‡ Delta D ‡ Euro ‡ IC Sockets ‡ D Sub . Due to the technology transfer from the Collaborators the company could come out with the state of the art connectors and thereby compete in global market.for Industry.for PCBs INDUSTRY STRUCTURE AND DEVELOPMENT FCI OEN Connectors is engaged in the manufacture and sale of electronic connectors for the past 20 years. automotive. industrial and aero-space.for Tele communications .for Delta Markets .for Tele communications and Electronic Industry . Military. Tele communications ‡ Modular Connectors . data.


VARIOUS DEPARTMENTS The various departments in FCI OEN are: ‡ Production ‡ Automation ‡ Document Control ‡ Engineering ‡ General Service ‡ Industrial Engineering ‡ Logistic and Customer Service ‡ Maintenance ‡ Marketing ‡ Material Control ‡ Production Planning ‡ Sub Contacting ‡ Vendor Development ‡ Quality Control ‡ Tool Room ‡ Project and Cost Management ‡ Human Resources Department PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT The production department at FCI OEN is responsible for the production of all components.  The planning departments decides on the tome required to produce the .  Marketing department attract negotiate and signs contact with the customers. The production process at FCI OEN has the following steps.

they are ‡ Insulator: It is the plastic shell that forms the base to which the terminals are attached. ‡ Terminal : It is the metallic end of the connector that actually connects two devices. ASSEMBLY The assembly department is responsible for the assembly of connector from its components.G. The production department can be divided into: ‡ Fabrication ‡ Plating ‡ Assembly FABRICATION This department is responsible for the molding of the insulator and the fabrication of the terminals. There are 2 components.  The work order of the various departments is then generated along with bill of materials. . Assistant Manager Plating reports to DGM operators.M operations.required quantity of product keeping in mind the lead time for quality analysis packaging. PLATING The Plating department takes care of electroplating of terminals used for the connectors. The plating department is headed by Assistant Manager Plating who is assisted by 3 supervisors. Fabrication department is headed by Deputy Manager Fabrication who reports to D.

The department designs and makes non standardized tools used in connector manufacture. AUTOMATION DEPARTMENT This department is headed by senior manager automation. QUALITY ASSURANCE This department is headed by Senior Manager Quality Assurance. The Department has three main functions. two fitters and two mechanists.The assembly department is headed by Deputy Manager assembly. Incoming Quality Assurance The raw materials are usually bought from two sources ‡ Local Vendors ‡ Imported Items . The automation then proceeds with design and production (in house or out source) of the tool. The manufacturing is mostly out sourced. The Quality Assurance Department mainly functions to ensure that the raw materials and finished goods are of the desired quality. The design is done in house using CAD (Computer Aided Designing). He is assisted by senior engineer. He reports to DGM operators. i. The also employs one draftsman. Once marketing department receives an order the automation department decides on the time required time the delivery time is fixed.

‡ Sub Contracted Items The raw materials are checked for visual dimensional other physical properties.US Military specification ‡ JSS (Joint Services Specification) . These products are called as resale items which are made in FCI units are not checked for assurance. At the finished goods store the goods are checked for visual defects. ‡ Milli Spec . dimension and intermating/ fitting. The item bought from sub contractors are checked for visual dimensions. The work is done as the military and defense specifications. fitting and other physical properties. ii. they are checked only for visual defects. Military and Aviations Industry Division This is the special unit of the quality assurance department that does the quality assurance for products meant for defense and aviations industry. The samples are drawn by random sampling method. Random sampling technique is used to take samples. The defective items are sent back to the concerned department along with a NCR (Non Conformance Report) iii. The rejected are then sent back to the vendor to rectify the faults. Finished Goods The finished goods are transferred to the finished goods store. where they are stored till they are packaged and transported. If the samples do not meet the required standards the whole lot is rejected.Indian defense specifications . The incoming also deals with FCI products made in other units which are meant for sale in India.

ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT The department is headed by Deputy Manager Engineering who reports to GM Operations. The various functions of the department includes : ‡ Release of new document ‡ Modified documents distribution and recollecting old ones so as to prevent confusion. In case of modifications (all major modification require approval from Engineering Department) the old documents are recollected from the departments and new documents are distributed. ‡ Transfer of documents between various FCI units. The Engineering Department basically looks after the R&B in the company. The department also consists of 7 engineers (four in product development and three in tool design). ‡ Allocation of serial number to products as per the work order. It looks after: ‡ Product Development ‡ Tool Design . The technical documents after approval by the Engineering Department is sent to the document control which retains the master copy of the drawings and sent copies to all the required departments. This department controls the movement of technical documents between the various departments.DOCUMENT CONTROL This department is headed by Senior Manager Quality Assurance.

Couriers. Tool Design They estimate the cost of developing and manufacturing tools. He is assisted by Deputy Manager General Service and four Clerks. payment of duty etc. This department takes care of freight forwards consolidation of cargo and booking of airfreight. RPP. Dispatches The department also takes care of dispatch of goods from the factory via. The Major functions of this department include : ‡ Import and Export clearance ‡ Dispatch of finished products ‡ Insurance ‡ Printing and Distribution of Stationary Import and Export Clearance The department takes care of the Import and Export of raw material and finished goods. GENERAL SERVICE This department is headed by DGM General Services. Lorry and Airfreight. The controlled product drawings are receive from the product designs which are then used for two designs.Product Development The development of the new product is done using CAD. The company has tie-up with Blue-Dart . Communication Data Consumables are mostly designed by the Engineering Department. bringing materials to port and from port to factory..

The data required to do the forecasting is supplied by the Marketing Department which has a number of offices throughout India.) Stock maintenance and distribution LOGISTICS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT This department looks after the demand management and customer service. (January to December) The forecasts are done for a period ranging from 3 months to 3 years. Demand Management: This is done mainly with aid of various forecasting techniques and with the help of sales orders that the company receives. Air Transit ‡ Health and Accidents Printing and Distribution of Stationary The various functions include : ‡ Maintaining stock and distribution ‡ Internal stationary (letter pads etc. . Insurance The company has tie-up with New India Assurance for various coverage like: ‡ Fire ‡ Breakdown ‡ Marine Transit. The forecast is one region wise and is based on the FCI Calendar.and First Flight Courier Services for local deliveries and DHL for international couriers.

This is done when a machine has a breakdown. The report is signed by the concerned department confirming that the repair has been done. C and General Shifts) with one operator per shift. The major functions of the maintenance department include:  Breakdown Maintenance : Maintenance and repair of machinery.  Utility Service : This function includes maintenance and repair of the air compressor.  Predictive Maintenance : This is carried out by observation (Visual and audio). The concerned department gives information and repair report. B. These are four shifts (A. He is assisted by Assistant Manager Maintenance and two Supervisors (one each for electrical and mechanical maintenance).The various forecasting methods used include : Value based technique. generator etc. . The department also has four operators. water supply. diagnosis and maintenance. house product line forecasts. product forecast y Customer Service:  The customer service function has three main elements such as :  Pre Transaction Elements (Corporate Policies Programmes)  Transaction Elements (Physical Production Facility and on time delivery)  Post Transaction Element (After sales support and services) MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT The maintenance department is headed by DGM Maintenance.

There is separate are for each material. The material control department is mainly concerned with: Receiving and Storage of Incoming Material : The materials are received along with a receiving request. PURCHASE DEPARTMENT . This is done using a calibration meter. quantity gauges and values. pressure. He is assisted by a Business Executive. Metals and other materials that are susceptible to humidity are placed on special dehumidified chamber. Calibration : V\ Calibration of the various temperature. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT This department is headed by a Senior Manager Business Development. He is assisted in a Store Keeper and five unskilled labours. The also issue raw material against the working order. The incoming materials are stores in the incoming store. A machine installation report is also generated. MATERIAL CONTROL DEPARTMENT The department is headed by DGM Material. Packing and Dispatch : The goods are packed and dispatch. The department functions to find out the total cost of doing business worth a customer. The goods are packed and send according to the customer pick-list which specifies the total quantity and the lot meant for each customer.  Machine Installation : The machine installation is done as per the instruction manual.

Potential suppliers are identified from catalogues. Steps in Purchasing Procedure The following is the routine followed by the purchase department of FCI OEN Ltd. ‡ Follow up of purchase order and payment. Purchasing department consolidates the requirements from various departments to know the total requirement for each item.The department is concerned with the procurement of raw materials. ‡ Rating vendors and sub . ii. piece parts.. He is assisted by Deputy Manager Purchase. Various departments are requested to send their requirements on a proper requisition form in accordance with time period specified. to issue purchase order. Market exploration is made to locate the goods and serviced of desired quality and quantity at the reasonable price. This authorizes the purchase department to procure the requisitioned items i. that are used for production. ‡ Cost reduction activities. The various functions of department include : ‡ Coordinate with supplier ‡ Evaluation of quotations based of quality. iii.. This department is headed by DGM Materials. delivery and cost aspects. iv. ‡ Placing purchase order.e. quotations and past . chemical etc. ‡ Liaising between vendor development department and vendor development activities.

Training. Recruitment.records. The checking of the delivery goods is done with regard to : Prices charged and quoted Approval of the invoice Ascertainment of quality and quantity of the items HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT This department is headed by Senior Manager . Selection: The HR department as collection of data of applicants. The follow up procedure implies acceptance of the order and promise to supply of items on desired date. Purchase order is the commitment of the buyer to the supplier establishing a contractual relationship between buyer and the seller. vii. experience etc. The department also has two clerks. The items are received by the purchasing department at the time of delivery and the items received are compared with purchase order. After some time of placing the order. v.HR and is assisted by Deputy Manager . training. vi. These are usually the checked foe suitability like qualification. Purchase order in specified form is prepared and sent to the approved suppliers. if no suitable candidate is found then . The major functions of the department include: ‡ ‡ Communications between management and workers. follow-up process starts to get quick delivery of items.

manufactures wide variety of connectors as given below: ² D Connectors Standard D Series D . implementation annual training plan. ‡ Performance Appraisal ‡ Personnel Records Maintenance: There is a computerized system for the maintenance of personnel records of the employees. Gratuity ‡ Training of new recruits : Arranging in House Training programs both executives and non executives. ‡ Canteen Management ‡ Safety and Security PRODUCT RANGE OEN Connectors Ltd.candidates are recruited through advertisements. The manpower requirements are than given to the HR department. ‡ Manpower Planning: The manpower planning is done by the respective department based on the workload. general orientation and training for all new recruit to the company and coordinate the post training evaluation activities. ESI. ‡ Administration of PF. Nomination of employees to external training programs..

MANUFACTURING FUNCTIONS Operation Flow Chart .Delta D Compact D DP/8656 MILC 24308 ² ² ² ² ² Card Edge Connectors Flat Cable Connectors IC Socket Connectors Post and Bon Connectors Circular Connectors MIL C 26482 MIL C 26482 MIL C 38999 ² ² ² DIN Connectors DIN Power Connectors Electrical Connectors - Series ID Series ICD Series DP/8656 Series DM Series 8607/8607 E Series 8613 Series 8604 Series 8614 Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 - Series 851 Series 8526 Series 8 D Series 8609 Series 5159 Some of the connectors are manufactured on sub-contract basis and on customer need. which passes through a series of activities . fabrication and electroplating. The production department is the basic core on which other departments are built upon.molding. is responsible for the conversion of raw materials in to finished products.. PRODUCTION PROCESS The Production department in FCI OEN Ltd.

Insulators are indigenised and fabricated in the plant itself.1. The raw materials used for the production of insulators are thermo-set plastics like PBT. FABRICATION . In the molding process insulation fabrication is done. MOLDING The factory has got to injunction molding machines which churns out male and female. 2. PPT. Initially the PBT granules are heated at 250°C and fed into high pressure molding machine and is then pressed with a caste to form the shape that is needed. Nylon etc.

The shell is usually a metallic component coated with nickel. High speed stampers:The delicate thin contacts required for the connector are manufactured using high speed stamping presses.Contacts are being processed in the fabrication department. which ensure fast and precise cutting. Altogether there are 9 machines in the fabrication department. Kyori. The shelling takes place within the stamper in 3 phrases. The basic raw materials used for contacts are Phosphorous. The machines require carbide tools. There are stamping and forming machines. Stainless Steel etc. ii. The stampers used are:i. a) b) c) Cutting of the internal groove Punching the metal with a dye to give it shape Cutting of the shells individually to separate them from the strip iii. Shell Stampers:The outer cover of the connector is usually referred to as a SHELL. Bronze. The input of these machines are Phosphor bronze rolls. Some of the machines used are:3Brudder. Sleeve Turning Machine:The importance of IC in this generation is indesirable. Yamada . The contacts are rolled on to the rollers and send to the plating department. The machine operates at the stamping speed of 400 to 500 stamps per minute. Quality is assured at every step of stamping. Brass. cadmium and copper depending upon the requirements. The shell stampers are fed in with sheets of high carbon steel of various width. 2 Brudder. but have we ever .a tool Stamping is a process by which the reels are punched to the desired shapes.

iv. Plating is done to improve its conducting property and also to give a finishing touch.Is used to plate shells Vibratory Plating :.To plate small objects like sleeves. Circular Connector Machine The circular connectors are considered to be the highest class of connectors.Multiple plating on contacts . Here 182mm brass are fed into the sleeve turning machines and are converted from meter long brass rods into millimeter long sleeves. a) b) c) Barrel Plating:. PLATING The contacts and shells that are manufactured in the fabrication department is the input received by this department.000 sleeves per day. A thin copper metal strip is also used as contact to fed into the wirecon machine. accurately measured. Selective Plating:. The raw materials used for these machines are aluminium pipes and the output received is the body of the connector. v.thought of how this component is being made? The answer to the latter lies in the sleeve turning machines at FCI OEN Ltd. The machines are fully automated and machine has a capacity to produce 109. The wire is This machine is 2. cut and inserted into the brass mat. clips etc. Wirecon Machine:The connector pins are held together using a thin brass. The plating department of FCIOEN has four divisions. These are used for military and telecom cables. The sleeve is basically the leg of the IC holder socket. developed at the company itself.

which includes Ethylene wash. the parts undergo a preliminary treatment.For circular contact Barrel Plating It is a unique technique which is an inexpensive and a quick method of plating. The pan has metallic contacts inserted in it. Soak wash. which comes in contact with the parts to be plated. Cu Plating Tin Lead Plating Zn Plating Cadmium Plating The entire operations from washing till electroplating is done by the machines with little human help. The barrel plating has four types of plating. Process chart of Barrel and Vibratory Plating . The parts to be plated are put into a vibratory pan.d) a) Electroless Plating:. Before plating. The entire pan is vibrated constantly to ensure uniform plating. Cold water wash. b) Vibratory Plating Done to plate the smallest parts available.

The primary cleaning is followed by acid dip. Then they are dipped into electrolytic solution for . iv) Copper plating: The parts are sent for activation using H2SO4 after preliminary wash. This is to ensure more of plating life. The parts are initially given a very thin coating of gold called gold strike. i) Tin lead plating: cleaning. The parts ii) Nickel plating: are then washed with water and dipped into nickel electrolyte for plating. Catholic cleaning follows the process of primary The parts are then washed with solder ion acid to ensure proper These are then dipped in tin lead electrolyte for plating. iii) Gold Plating: Gold plating is an expensive method. plating. After plating the parts are again washed.4 types of plating are done after this stage.

The major connectors dealt with are: .Connectors. ASSEMBLING Plated contacts and materials from the store is brought to this department for final assembling. Compact D Connectors. D-sub Connectors. These machines are completely automated. Assembly I deals with the following types of connectors: Delta D. In assembly I millipac machines are used and each finished product is being tested. The advantage of this machine is that it allows multiple plating on the same material with great efficiency. 8613 Flat Cable Connectors. This is a very costly method. The contact rolls are fed into these machines. Most of the assembly work is done manually. However. Assembly II This department is a combination of men and machines. c) Selective Plating These machines are a wonderful creation of new technology. only nickel and cadmium plating for circular connectors are currently being implemented here. 20% of the turnover comes from Assembly I and 80% comes from Assembly II.plating. FCI OEN has 2 assembly departments-Assembly I and Assembly II. d) Electroless Plating Electroplating requires high voltage to be applied between the two electrolytes.

96mm contact pitch.54mm contact pitch. test and measuring instruments. . Designing products. managing the supply chain and planning and scheduling the flow of products throughout the system are all areas of operations management that depend on quality. ‡ Taking effective corrective and preventive actions. planning the production process. locating and developing the production facility.having 3 parts i) Insulation ii) Sleeves iii) Clip ‡ 8614 terminal connectors ‡ Circular connectors QUALITY ASSURANCE Quality underlines all operational decisions.‡ 8609 Connectors ‡ IDC Connectors ‡ 8607 Connectors . ‡ Interaction with the customers regarding complaints. Quality Assurance Department is responsible ‡ To guarantee compliance of a product delivered. ‡ Calibration of inspection.IC sockets . 8607B with 3. ‡ Documentation and monitory control of total inspection and quality assurance programme.8607 with 2. ‡ 8604 . designing jobs and work activities. The level of quality of a company seeks to achieve eventually determines how a product is made or a service is delivered.

and it might include up to 3 levels of materials. it goes to the shipping department for secondary and shipping package.Secondary Package . Primary packing is done by the quality assurance department and after that.5 inch/2 inch top and bottom carton. Finally. form sheet is placed to maintain the same height. the connectors are packed in thermoformed trays. The container is called the package. After packing the items are moved to the dispatch section in the stores. contact resistance etc. Trays to the dimensions of the connectors are used for exports. EXPORT DOCUMENTS . Depending on the demand. .Shipping Package Packaging is done depending upon the product and also the demand of the customer.Assembly Line Quality Assurance Basically. here there are 4 types of inspection: ‡ Physical (visual) ‡ Dimensional (using vernier/dial calipers) ‡ Electrical (Voltage capacity. First the Thermo Cole sheet is kept and then the product.Primary Package .) ‡ Mechanical PACKAGING Packaging may be defined as "all the activities of designing and producing the container for a product". Primary packing is done in 1.

Some times. Terms of Delivery FOB (Free On Board) Free On Board means the expenses incurred till the goods are on board will be taken by the company. CIF (Cost of Insurance & Freight) In this the cost of Insurance and freight will be charged in the invoice separately and will be added in the payment.Purchase Order Purchase order is the order made by the purchaser to the company. The Purchase order contains the following: Consignee Address Billing Address Order Number Order Date Supplier Address Telephone Number In export. original of AREI form. airway bill and shipping bill is presented to the authority within 6 months as a proof of export. 1) Customs Invoice The customs invoice are kept in the company itself. 2 types of invoice are prepared. 2) Central Excise Invoice The original of Central Excise invoice. The expenses procured will be changed to the product. it will not be shown separately but may be adjusted in the .

The original and duplicate of form 26 is needed in order to over come check post. Copies to be given to clearing Agents Fine copies of Customer invoice Customs purchase order G. Form (Foreign exchange control form issued by RBI) If DEPB is there. . 1) Duty free shipping bill 2) DEPB shipping bill  If the shipping bill is duty free then the colour will be white.R. Form ARE I The ARE I form is essential and without this shipment is not possible. Original Duplicate Triplicate Quadruplicate Quintuplicate White Orange Red Green Yellow The ARE I form should go with the consignment. Form ARE I is prepared in 5 copies The colours are different for different copies. The clearing Agent prepares the shipping bill.amount. There are two types of shipping bill. then its declaration Covering letter to the clearing agent.  If the shipping bill is DEPB then the colour will be blue. They clear the customs After this one copy is given to forwarder who prepares the airway bill. It is prepared by the company after preparing the Central Excise Invoice.

and it is certainly poised to become one of the leading supplier of Professional Grade Connectors. a concern with a very good professional background has all the requisites necessary for being a successful supplier. FCI OEN Connectors Ltd.. . has developed strategically over the years..CONCLUSION FCI OEN Connectors Ltd.