€ From patient. from other source such as the parent € Provide insight about the personal relationships of patient formative years up to present .€ Hx. record of patient life.

data € Chief complaint € History of present illness € Identifying Onset ƒ precipitating ƒ € Past ƒ illnesses Psychiatric illness ƒ medical ƒ Alcohol and other substance history .

€ family € Personal History Prenatal and perinatal ƒ Early childhood ƒ Middle childhood ƒ Late childhood ƒ Adulthood: ƒ .

prenatal and perinatal marital and relationship history military history educational history religion social activity current living situation legal history sexual history ƒ Fantasies and dreams ƒ Values ƒ .

verbatim when was the onset.patients own words. signs and symptoms. sex. Chronological € Chief € HPI- . precipitating events.€ Name. complaint. occupation. nature of dysfunction. understanding. age. source. language. anxieties. marital status. illness.

symptoms. effect of illness.medical and psychiatric. Frame your question .€ Past Illnesses. treatment received.

€ General €´ how would you describe how you lookµ. clothing. forehead perspires. € Moist hands. as reflected by posture. tense postures . € Appearance ² and overall physical impression.Description. grooming. poise.

gestures. wringing of the hands. and other physical manifestations. gait.€ Mannerisms. twitches. flexibility. Body movements Cerea flexibilitas - - . pacing. tics.

duration. guilty. interested. € depth. fluctuating. guarded € Mood and affect€ Mood. expansive. frank.friendly. empty. angry. depressed. . perplexed. defensive.€ Attitude toward examiner. fluctuations. intensity. labile. anxious. hostile.pervasive and sustained emotion that colors the person·s perception of the world. cooperative.

inferred from patient·s facial expression € .constricted. blunted.tone of voice. use of hands. .€ Affect- patient·s present emotional responsiveness. € appropriateness of affect. flat. found in schizo. .

dysprosody..€ Speech ² in terms of rate.rapid. pressured. quality. production. hesitant.unusual rhythmn . slow.

formication. € Hypnagogic € Have you ever heard voices or other sounds that no one else cold hear or when no one else was around? . and hypnopompic.€ Perception- hallucinations and illusions.

€ Thought content and mental trends- € Process- person puts ideas and association. € rapid thinking of ideas ² flight of ideas € Loose association ² idiosyncratic and unrelated comments € Blocking. tangentiality . neologisms.interruption of the train of thought € Word salad. clang. circumstantiality.

obsessions. preoccupations. compulsions are there things you must do in particular orderµ you know why you do things that way €´ € Do .€ Content- delusions.

alertness. memory. calculations. concentration. fund of knowledge.€ Sensorium and cognition € MMSE (mini) ² attention to enviromental € Consciousness stimuli € Cognitive. abstract reasoning .

write simple and complete sentence.copy a figure. a clock.read a sentence. € Visiospatial € Abstract thought- . ability.€ Reading and writing .

aggressive and other impulses . vocabular. € Impulsivity- capable of controlling sexual.€ Information and intelligence ² counting of change.

€ Judgment and Insight - - Social situations. True emotional insight ² emotional awareness of the motives and feelings that can lead to basic changes in behavior. patient can accept their disability or illness. .

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