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Sep 15, 2008 Choose a region Edge Malaysia 6

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12.30pm: KLCI 1,028.17 (-15.86); FBMEmas 6,833.28 (-110.85); FBM2BRD 4,948.70 (-79.88); Up 66; Down 385; Unch 149; Vol: 126

15-09-2008: BPAM working on solutions to boost bond market

by Sharmila Ganapathy
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KUALA LUMPUR: The country’s bond pricing agency, Bond Pricing Agency Malaysia Sdn Bhd Your Money
(BPAM), formerly Bondweb Malaysia Sdn Bhd, is working on several solutions to aid the Protection for your
development of the domestic bond market. bank savings up to
RM60,000. Find
“We have developed a bond index and we hope to have it online by year-end,” its chief operating out how.
officer Meor Amri Meor Ayob told The Edge Financial Daily in a recent interview.

Bondweb’s name change to BPAM takes effect today. Meor Amri said the renaming of the agency
was to more accurately reflect its function as a bond pricing agency. Try Forex
Currently, there is no central index for investors to track bond prices and trades in the Malaysian
Free $50,000
bond market, be it for corporate or government bonds.
practice account
This was unlike for equities, Meor Amri pointed out, where both retail and with charts, news,
professional investors were able to access equity quotes and trades online research &
via the Bursa Malaysia website as well as various other online sources. analysis.
He explained that once bondholders and potential investors were able to
access the most current bond data via the index,it could eventually lead to
the development of a bond futures market. Retirement
The index, which is currently undergoing final user testing, will be made Free report on how
available to Bondweb subscribers.
to Collect cash this
Another solution that Bondweb is looking at is market-implied ratings, a year and every
relatively new concept in this part of the world although it has been implemented in developed year for life
bond markets such as the United States and Europe.

“We are studying the feasibility of introducing market-implied ratings. In the equities space, you
have analysts who focus on the technicals and others on the fundamentals of equities and
companies,” Meor Amri said. Fixed Income
Worldwide, market-implied ratings are offered by global rating agencies Moody’s, Fitch and global 3 Biggest Myths of
equity indices provider MSCI Barra. Dividend Investing
Locally, credit rating analysts address the fundamentals of bonds and their issuers. “However, it is - Free Report!
possible that if a ratings agency does not have access to management accounts or management,
they may end up using historical data and this could lead to a lagging effect,” Meor Amri added.

Market-implied ratings, on the other hand, are a predictive model that derives ratings from the
market prices of bonds and other types of debt instruments as well as credit default swaps. Hence,
proponents said this model was able to more accurately predict ratings movements by ratings EdgeDaily Exclusives
15-09-2008: Deutshce
According to Meor Amri, through its own internal research, Bondweb has been able to predict a Bank slashes KLCI target
70% likelihood that a company would experience a rating change within six months. to 975 points.

For instance, bondholders who actively trade bonds would be able to take pre-emptive measures, 15-09-2008: KLCI at
as they would have six months to hedge their portfolios, he said. lowest since Nov06 at
“We also hope to offer volatility data to clients such as banks, insurance companies and other

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bondholders. Then they would be available to study daily volatility and by knowing the most and
15-09-2008: Tenaga:
least volatile debt instruments being traded, bondholders would be able to do more active portfolio
No more than 40% of
management,” he said.
The bond pricing agency is also exploring the possibility of exporting its expertise and offer 15-09-2008: Journalists
consultancy to neighbouring Asian countries. He said the agency was hoping to work with not above the law, but
Indonesia, which is establishing its own bond pricing agency PT Penilai Harga Efek. Bondweb, police should not use ISA
which has over 70 clients, had also visited Egypt, Meor Amri said. to intimidate

15-09-2008: The
subject that won’t go
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mulls new derivatives
contracts to boost global

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year-end timeline yet
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windfall levy
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funds outflow to continue

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price yet to ease high
15-09-2008: Slower
growth of 5.3% for M’sia
in 2009, says DBS
15-09-2008: Cement
industry fears 9MP
projects further delayed
AmResearch cuts
plantation firms earnings

15-09-2008: Positive
outlook on glove industry

15-09-2008: Sunzen
focusing on regional
15-09-2008: RBS
launches new series of
structured investment

15-09-2008: BPAM
working on solutions to
boost bond market

15-09-2008: Sukuk
issuance hit by global
credit conditions

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Court judgment on BBA

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political parties

13-09-2008: Syed
Hamid: Journalist could
be released today

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