Attach here 2 pcs of your 2 x2 ID photo taken

within the last six months. Photo must be front, facial close-up with white background. Write your complete name and signature at the back of the photo.




(This form may be reproduced) Print all entries legibly

GENDER: HEIGHT : BIRTHDATE (dd/mm/yyyy): BIRTHPLACE: AGE: MAILING ADDRESS (House No., Street, Barangay, Town or Municipality, City or Prov ince): REGION: ZIP CODE: MOBILE PHONE NO.: TELEPHONE NO. (Land line): E-MAIL ADDRESS:

EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT SECONDARY: HS Senior HS Graduate Year Graduated: _______________ COLLEGE:

1st Year 2ndYear 3rdYear 4th Year 5thYear Year Graduated: ____ Name of School: ________________________________________________________________ _________________________________

Valedictorian _____________________________ C E R T I F I C A T I O N I attest that all entries I made herein are true and correct. Any false or inco mplete entry may cause my disqualification for admission. I further certify that if I pass the PMA Entrance Examination, I will report for the Complete Physical and Medical Examination.

Left Thumbmark Right Thumbmark (Signature of Applicant) After accomplishing this form, mail it to the Office of Cadet Admission, Philip pine Military Academy, Fort del Pilar, Baguio City 2602 together with the following: authenticated or NSO copy of your birth certificate and certified true copy of your High School Form 137 (all documents

shall become OCA property). This form should be mailed not later than two weeks before the scheduled examination date. 29 August 2010 JOIN THE NOBLE PROFESSION OF ARMS Be a PMA Cadet! Be a Full Scholar! Be a Leader!

Applications are also accepted ONLINE at

Location: ______________________________________________________________________ _________________________________ Salutatorian Honorable Mention Scholarship: ___________________________________________________________________ _________________________________ Other Awards: __________________________________________________________________ _________________________________ Location: ______________________________________________________________________ _________________________________ Course: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________ Academic Honor: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________ Other Awards: __________________________________________________________________ _________________________________ GPA (4th or 3rd year):: _____________ Name of School: ________________________________________________________________ _________________________________ NOT FOR SALE Grade (Latest Semester):____


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

None * * Required, If not filled, application will be considered invalid

PMA ENTRANCE EXAMINATION CENTERS CODE PLACE 042 Lipa City 043 Puerto Princesa City 044 Lucena City 051 Legaspi City 052 Naga City 061 Bacolod City 062 Iloilo City 071 Cebu City 072 Dumaguete City 073 Tagbilaran City

CODE PLACE 083 Tacloban City 094 Zamboanga City

101 Butuan City 102 Cagayan de Oro City 103 Ozamis City 111 Davao City 112 General Santos City 121 Iligan City 122 Cotabato City 124 Jolo

Qualifications for Admission:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. or 6. ar

Natural born Filipino citizen. Physically fit and of good moral character. Single and have never been married. Height Requirements 5 4 if male; 5 2 if female; (not to exceed 6 4 for both) At least high school graduate with a grade point average (GPA) of 85 percent higher. At least 17 years old but not a day older than 22 years on 01 April of the ye following the date of examination taken.

Benefits and Privileges:

1. 2. 3. 4.

Receive a monthly salary while studying. A well-rounded education; academics, leadership and physical fitness.. Progressive career as an officer in the Philippine Army, Navy or Air Force. The rare privilege to serve your motherland.


MALE FEMALE Pull up 5 reps

Flexed arm hang

25 secs Sit up 33 reps 28 reps Push up for male/ bench push up for female 32 reps 28 reps Sit & Reach 40 cm 40 cm Standing Long Jump 5 8 4 4


Office of Cadet Admission PMA, Fort del Pilar, Baguio City PILTEL (074) 446-8002 Trunk Lines: (074) 447-3690 local 6751 or 6752 Mobile Phone Nrs: 0927-3810-493 or 0918-5872-384

Public Information Office PMA, Fort del Pilar, Baguio City Military Line: (074) 447-3690/447-3886 local 6620 PMA Liaison Office Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City (02) 913-6286

Other Important Information:

The PMA Entrance Examination covers Algebra and Geometry, Grammar and Compositi on, Reading and Comprehension, Verbal and Numerical Reasoning and Pattern Analysis. Examination permits are sent throu gh mail to the address reflected by the applicants in their application forms. Contact Numbers: CODE PLACE 001 Manila 003 Quezon City 011 Baguio City 013 Laoag City 015 Dagupan City 021 Bayombong 023 Tuguegarao City 032 Cabanatuan City 034 Tarlac City

036 City of San Fernando, Pampanga

081 Catbalogan City

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