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Re-Launching a Radio Station


New Media Assignment | Category: Media & Entertainment | Brand: AIR FM Rainbow


There are a total of 232 FM channels, private and government owned in India. Current size of the radio industry (2008) is estimated at US$ 170.87 million. According to a PwC study, the radio industry is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18 per cent over 2009-13, reaching US$ 391.15 million. In terms of its share of the advertising pie, it is projected that the radio advertising industry will be able to increase its share from 3.8 per cent to 5.2 per cent between 2009 and 2013. The government earned US$ 11.05 million from private radio channels during 2008-09. Radio Mirchi, along with its alliances, is number one in the Indian private FM radio industry, with a 46.5-million listenership according to Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2009.


*CII-KPMG (2005) Indian entertainment industry, Focus 2010: Dreams to Reality.


Witness fierce competition . Metro markets contribute maximum revenue to the industry No room for expansion in metro markets – metro markets already have maximum number of permitted stations in operation.THE METRO MARKET PHENOMENON     18% of all private FM stations in metro markets.

Matchless Music Hour.19 lakh. Live Wire etc. You asked for It. AIR Rainbow is on the fifth position with a total listenership of 85.ABOUT AIR FM RAINBOW  A group of FM Radio Channels across India run by All India Radio – a government owned enterprise. Some of the most loved shows on the channel are Music on the Rocks. Friend to Friend. Wicked Hour. The programme content of these channels is mainly popular Indian and Western music.    News bulletins and current affairs programmes are also broadcasted at regular intervals through the day. Weekend Powerhouse. Take Off Time Out. Running since 1992. As per IRS R2 2009. currently in 12 cities on various frequencies.  . compered in a vivacious and contemporary style and therefore highly popular with the urban youth.

so that they can get to know each other.      .org) The above website is a very dormant and boring website.EXISTING PRESENCE ON NEW MEDIA  No dedicated website for Rainbow – only a page dedication on the All India Radio website (www. FM Rainbow Ning Page claimed to be meant for all Rainbow FM listeners across India. Most of the members are fairly active. FM Rainbow India group on Facebook. currently with 343 members. Active discussions and sharing of music happening on this space. with no interesting content for the young listeners. As AIR is the only channel allowed to stream the terrestrial radio online. but most of them are not as popular. with regular conversations on the wall page.allindiaradio. A few other fan pages and groups dedicated to Rainbow FM also existing on Facebook. there is a feature of Online Audio Programs as well. .

FACEBOOK GROUP – 343 Members! .

NING Page .

We need to break the clutter. defy the conventions. and disrupt the radio station promotion methodology in a way that ensures penetration into the minds of the new listener!!! .WHY CHANGE? Most popular FM Channels in India focus on playing mainstream Hindi film music or regional music. or establishing a connection with them.  Music enthusiasts are slowly turning passive in terms of radio audience.  Most station’s programming is based only on the time of the day. and the mood – no importance given to understanding the TA. There is a need to revive them. and make them active listeners. No focus on English music particularly.

WHAT WE PROPOSE… Rethinking Station Objectives Redefining Target Audience TRANSFORMING the positioning of the channel – Theory of DISRUPTION!! .

and enthusiastic RJs to be hired.  Promoting music.  Young. the station should include as little advertisements as possible – most of it as against the strategic tie-ups. AIR is a government channel.  Promotion of the station as a place that speaks out loud – “Latest English Music”. and NOT advertising. .  Take up the cause of promoting music as a career option as a station.RETHINKING STATION OBJECTIVES  Need to revamp the feel of the AIR Station – has to be more energetic. More interaction amongst the team in order to promote the station as a whole. Thus. full of color and fervor. with keen interest in the various genres of English Music. and hence as such there is no need to turn commercial.

RETHINKING TARGET AUDIENCE The “undefined” existing target audience is: AND OUR REDEFINED TG will be…. .


Age 14-26 .

Educated .

Urban .

Passionate .

Fun Loving .

Aspiring .

Social .

on the MOVE .

Music Lovers .

Budding MUSICIANS Vocalists | Instrumentalists | Composers .

Stylish Trendy .

Tech Savvy .


folk.     Interactive. reggae. jazz. rap. etc Young and Peppy Overall Feel.THE NEW POSITIONING  English Music – pop. metal. fusion. oldies. rock. MORE Music.   . R&B. Slash the Ads. country. classics. Latest Playlists. rock-n-roll. AIR FM RAINBOW – for the people. of the people and by the people. Less Talk. hip-hop.

“RE-BRANDING THE OLDEST BRAND IN THE COUNTRY”  Outdoor Campaign Print & Television Campaign New Media Campaign Reinvented Programming Strategic Marketing Tie-Ups Unique Product Innovations On Ground Activation Merchandising        .

One Copy of the Outdoor Hoarding could read “this hour is brought to you by Nikhita Arora – a communication management trainee from Symbiosis who claims to love all genres of English Music” Promoting UNINTERRUPTED MUSIC CONCERT (discussed further) via outdoor. danglers on trees. road signs. but a lot of ambient media to be used as well – bus stands. before the final change of positioning comes into execution. etc. petrol pumps. subways. Outdoor to send out the Key Message of “promoting budding musicians”. Rainbow colors to be used to catch the attention of the passer-bys. metros and metro station. banners in popular hang out markets.OUTDOOR CAMPAIGN  Colorful and Playful Outdoor Hoardings to act as a teaser campaign. Not just Hoardings.      .

Zee Café. The Times Of India. DU Beat etc). and the other young papers to be targeted across India.      . A television commercial to be created. that can be aired at regular intervals on channels like MTV. Advertisements focusing on the new programming to appear in newspapers as well. etc). music related magazines (RSJ. and other teen tabloids. Ads to appear in youth magazines (YUVA. Star World. Outdoor Messaging can be replicated in print as well. HBO. JAM. DNA. VH1. energetic and colorful. Teen Today. Mid Day. Look and feel of the ad to be again very young. Evening Hour (YOUR PLAYLIST) to be specially advertised across mediums. HT City. Raga To Rock. Star Movies. Zoom TV. AXN.PRINT & TV CAMPAIGN  Print Ad announcing the re-positioning of the channel. Channel V.

Music Reviews. to be created. News Ticker – Current Affairs.AIR FM RAINBOW WEBSITE  www. and energetic. Look and feel of the website to be youthful. general interaction.        . Chat with RJ’s – personal requests.airfmrainbow. Uploads. Merchandising (Order it Online). colorful. Interactive User Interface – helps to create a connection with the users. Live Online Radio. Latest Updates in Music & Entertainment Industry. Dedicated section on the programming content of the channel and the daily schedule. fan stories.

lucky draws & Contests Podcasts: Our shows & your content .in Downloads: Wallpapers.airfmrainbow. news and info Live Online Radio Know your favorite RJ. music. screensavers Blog. Shows. surveys. interactive forum & FAQs section Live ticker with latest updates. Chat with them Games & Quizzes Polls.www.

music stalwarts to visit station on Sundays. This content to be picked up from the upload section of the AIR FM Rainbow website. COLORFUL SUNDAY to be celebrated – Upcoming RJs (as selected from their video uploads on the website) to co-host shows with the Rainbow RJs.     . and then make music playlists based on genre. Everyday one lucky account user’s playlist will be selected and logged in the next day in a dedicated hour – “This hour is brought to you By – XYZ” Campaign. Winners of Contests to be rewarded and taken on-air.PROMOTING ARTISTS ONLINE  CREATE YOUR OWN PLAYLIST option wherein people can create an account of theirs. Listener’s to be invited to the station to meet the RJs on Sundays. SUNDAY TO BE POSITIONED AS LISTENER’S DAY. with most of the music content to include new music from upcoming artists and bands.

contest winners and celebrity visits to Rainbow – Members to post links of their music: audio and video – Application supporting music downloads. RJs. amateur artists. RJs. music lovers. college groups etc.PRESENCE ON SOCIAL MEDIA  Facebook – Profile/ Fan Page / Group – To connect the English music fan community. – Campaign and contest updates – Polls and surveys – Photographs of station events. upcoming Indian bands. “liking” music tracks. and adding music to their own profiles  Orkut – Profile/ Community – Photographs of station events. contest winners and celebrity visits to Rainbow – AIR FM Rainbow Theme Page – Interactive Games – Upload your Music section .

special shows. RJs. Music etc  Ning Page – Revamping the existing Ning page. results of polls and much more – Chance for listener’s to react to RJ’s updates on Twitter – Chance for listener’s to share their music – give out their links – Feedback Mechanism in order to understand listener’s take on Shows. contest. . contest winners.PRESENCE ON SOCIAL MEDIA  Twitter Account – Regular tweets about music. latest station updates. and connecting with their admin – Using Ning to take forward the cause of promotion of music artists – Making it the Music Space for Artists online: the page to be inserted as a microsite link on the Rainbow website.

etc). MySpace. Facebook Ads Massive Digital Ad Spends on MySpace. OML.ONLINE ADVERTISING  Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing – Google AdWords. Banner Advertising – on music related websites. Getting MySpace users to upload their music on Rainbow website. websites of partners (as mentioned in upcoming slides: RSJ. Colleges. AdSense. PlanetM. so as to promote the concept of Rainbow promoting budding musicians. CCD. social networking websites.    .

and their music. Shows dedicated to the Who’s Who of English Music to be created. gigs. LISTENER’S SUNDAY – a whole day dedicated to the listener’s choices. Only morning and evening shows to have commercial music. OUTDOOR BROADCASTS of youth events.REINVENTED PROGRAMMING WHO’s THE BOSS?? – THE LISTENER!!  This hour is brought to you by “XYZ” Campaign as mentioned earlier. RJ Hunt through online uploads – weekly winner to co-host a show on Sunday.     . their dedications. and performances by student RJ’s. otherwise promotion of music uploaded by the listener’s on the website.

youth centric activities in the city. bands. Symbiosis. and their music – Partnering with their shows . SNDT University.STRATEGIC MARKETING TIE-UPS TIE-UPS WITH UNIVERSITIES/COLLEGES – Example – Delhi University. Jadavpur University. Pune University. Amity University. NIFT. – University Radio Hour (city-wise) – Sunday Student RJs – Outside Broadcast Jockeys from Colleges – report their fests. etc TIE-UP WITH ONLY MUCH LOUDER (Artist Management Company) – Promoting new albums of artists – Promoting the shows of the artists being handled by OML – Contests on-air and free tickets to these concerts being given out TIE-UP WITH ROLLING STONES – Promotion on Website. Journal and TV Show – Promoting budding musicians. Calcutta University. BHU. IIMs. and many more. Mumbai University. Manipal. IITs. – Banner Ads on website – Music Games to be created – E-Mailers to all users about the station and their artist promotion scheme TIE-UP WITH Planet M – In Store Music to be AIR Rainbow FM – Posters/Flyers of Contests to be placed in the store – Music Walks to be promoted here – Discount Coupons to be given On-Air TIE-UP WITH CCD – In Cafe Music to be AIR Rainbow FM – Posters/Flyers of Contests to be placed in the cafes – “Coffee Date” to be promoted On-Air .REINVENTING MARKETING METHODOLOGIES TIE-UP WITH www.

Marine Lines Malls – courtyard. which not only help people while away time. Dilli Haat.g. but also familiarize them with AIR FM Rainbow   Cultural Hubs . Max Mueller Bhawan Parks – Jogger’s Park. Eat Out Joints. etc     . British Council. The booths to primarily act as “on-the-go” music parlors.UNIQUE PRODUCT INNOVATIONS BRANDED RADIO KIOSKS AIR FM Rainbow to put up music booths with their frequency set on the headphones at various locations in various cities across the country. The American Center. India International Center. Bus Stops. Hanging Garden Beaches – e. Carter Road.India Habitat Center. food courts. Lodhi Garden. Priyadarshini Park (PDP). foyer University Areas – Common Hang Out Places. NCPA.

and also on inside. AIR FM Rainbow frequency to be played inside the buses. institutes and universities. Handle Bars to be AIR FM Rainbow branded. Covers. Back of Seats. . in order to brand their staff and student buses – outside. AIR FM Rainbow logo and colors to be painted on the exteriors: Rainbow FM “on-the-move” positioned.UNIQUE PRODUCT INNOVATIONS BRANDED BUSES     Strategic Partnerships with colleges.

where in amateur musicians will form a group at the different locations and walk around playing their style of music. Grand Concert to have stalwarts of the music industry performing.   . The promotion of the activation will involve a “Music Walk” option. ONLY MUSIC. etc) in the city each day of the week.  Music Nights to be organized at various locations (pubs. NO BREATHES. along with the most famous youth bands of the city. 4 hours of uninterrupted music.a grand music festival played across the 6 metros. The crowd will be encouraged to join in with the artists. NO BREAK. leading to a Grand Concert at a large level. cultural centres. providing fresh uninterrupted music by the city musicians.ON GROUND ACTIVATION PROMOTION OF NEW POSITIONING OF STATION ON-GROUND  “The Uninterrupted Concert” .

play at city locations Videos of each groups activities to be uploaded online. radio and outdoor Interested Musicians to Upload their Music Video/Audio on AIR Rainbow Website Listeners can view each other’s uploads. Visitors to rate the groups. Contest and Microsite Link to be promoted On-Air Groups to rehearse together. social network groups of Rainbow.UNINTERRUPTED CONCERT Integration with New Media Building up of Uninterrupted Concert Campaign across Metros via print. etc . and make their own walk-groups. Top 3 Groups with maximum ratings to be selected to play at the Grand City Concert Rating to happen on partner websites. promote the concert via walks. TV.

Notebooks. Bookmarks. Folders Mouse Pads Sling Bags .MERCHANDISING T Shirts Badges Mugs IPod Covers Merchandise Options Umbrellas Stationery – Diaries. Pens.