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The purity of the food you ea~ and
gfiOW ~nyour' ga men is important to yuu - and the sa me ptrinci p611 (I ~!ifl should applv to your fus~ oil
Most pU rif ~dN filsh oi ls are 1made fro m assorted species of fish that req'M ~we (he mka.ll, pre cess i"S to rnake them usa bl e. Th,@S-i9'harsh them lea Is ca n destroy the natu rai bel nefi6, of fish 0 it d ep rjvirn,g you of its whore be [iLmil


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A diet rkh in pure, whole' foods provid es you

benefits t1ha~ last a lifef me, and growing your own food is a w~m great

w:rrh optirn urn health

J ust as th e best extra vi'l~g olive in ni I reSIlJI~~5, m pu re, fr~sh" wh{)h:~' fro in-g~oojems and nMlJiral1 ha nd[in& the

b est 'fish CD iI i-s. rna d e f rom natu ra Ily
p ure wi ld-ca ught fiis h that
no har5 h rhe mlK;.a'1pr1lllCESsingr,

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way to bela nee you r d iet Consid er th ese tips fa r rna king you r

gsrden part of your fa-mily s he,althy €'atijng ne,gimen:

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E~tlingwe!ll~is ea sy when 'YOU r ,g,a, rden is full of fresh o:rgaln ic

Made from 1000/0 s~~a'm3b!'y

lot :W·:lif~' ~ varietv ·0-'f antioxidant-rich·JI:I foods ... ~,!U~I such a5 spina ch and ka h~:" el ~ d deus lvcop ene-rkh hei rlo orn
prod -U'C-,i!2Ii Pack !] .._:....
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wild~anj~ht askan 5al rnon oil .A~
• PWij~~de'jnatuf\~5,





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tomatoes, and calcium booste rs Iike broccoli an d edema me,

whole compiement of TI6 Vlital o'me-g:a~ m:.a~UJllrf3 occu mng lIy

Preserve your harvest by 'freez~:ng and canning your fresh vegetables to en~oy If round. ys,a

and viwlm ins

~ Nartlj,r,alily handfed and never c~ ernica I~y cessed r wi ~cwif]g pro
ttl e New Ch aif,HE'r p~ilosophy th at UNatu re got i~ right the

.. Rie'P~ce processed foo dis in your diet with fresh ' e

org8 n ic ]rUi~~ts. and vegetables frOim your garden to reduce your consumption of dangerou s chemicals and pesticides

fiISt timet

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D9rr't b,e"·f~:ole(f ply f'~PJunfrad"''fis~1oils.

O'nly s nratura'lll~t '~Uf'~'~ ulitahited~111()O:~
'wih;]""caollghlt. AI~fSRd n sa ~mon ,oiiil ~ike Whollfml'@ga~ J;~H~H~'ks. 'whOilreI, ltJ'H~ltut·,aJI '~~,e
,gimleg~~Sj anUo~iqant~,and


in ·natur:e ....the gOflid stuff r,f,pu rif~ fi~h~ls ~dJ)'
~eandlestr~oyWiil~1ch;e'mlcaJ ,prQe)eSS,ln~.,

'WtfOjl(e m,e:g'Q~s~I ~nliit:°a~Iill hO'Wl~' to ~nlter S

ce]1 m,em~br~ne'$flOr '~~ltim,~,,1 <oj~, f~:sh

DQnetlrt's~ thaln'ks '~npalirt to {)rJ r ,glen~l~,r ,extra. vi~grnmJJ!rcaess· that

retains naturits

'who,~e power hOI~f,e of a 11~16.t;) m~egas,... ,.
inti~udinlg Olmeg~a53, .5,~6,. 7 abd 9' s!

plus n~tuFal Vlt~m'[n D'II

Ta,J.{Q' ~ook a


Wh0Ilem~~lais so natuf'ally

l1o~ne' nd un1ta1n~ed Y'OlJcan llctually ~e& a
the drffer~jncE!. Its rich., n,'a~ olor c

Wimlt; lO:Q~ ~tairtt1}J'1

,exactlly 'what n~tureiflten(led~A:tl1d ~het;s "Oil
lexa(t~y 'V~h:att 'OU1F btQd~' loq:~ for., y

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.se pard :r!~ Emm:. Atl~~il!SQpbemoor. Bug" Bad 'B.gan."' ···· '" . from the good .lilJ1i't!i no f'llJr:1her Clbl i~iQI!'i 36 . 70 74 30 F'lower Power Herbal 'bath salts take the chili offwilnte~rdays" 3. 1Pi...J4IrylM~C"Clh A~riI/M~.Cook. . conifers tor a city garden.. Pressure cooking serves up hearty meals fast.. ONTAFNO U~ GST'tnU22. PI. ..slc Ol. ~ "" 46 ::: . 1iI'11l 1 ".ll~s. Kimpton Hotels Sr'Restaurants" 80 . .yrisht 2010 b. po6·t!i!ge Is p~. = 26 . D'e"'-p ar·-·t'.!t E'ied'.s! Baskets that give in many ways"..j\GSs.lioi'lal m8~1Jf1i"B Qf~i~\. S.atld..ANAD\i\.4 'ProfiiI1e's Nft-i Leondakis. 'irQ'1. . 'sa. GIOOd. IEmmsu5.eJsig'mI Lij1ke a Pr'Q! Creating a sense of place. IIJ~I 5ZS.. trees from wi nter damage -e .U. an ·..a.. & AbiUtii'ie.I\~ A!!)IJRESS£:S 10: 'ORGANIC GAR~EI'\I~MG.i III. ORGANIC GAI"lUENING OSSM :lm~l'!)8>::.. CHANGES TO ORGAMIC GARDEMI MG..2· A.aoo at ..A crop of hot :p eppers inspires a poet . Commlt)11il 1 Glr"OUIlild I Hunger ilinAmerica.'..0003752.2.cllelne...9S3£. pub11sfIGd '0 tlmes pt!lF ytrar (Febfl.30 .~ Rbtl'<lli!} 11111::..July.lnell" / 2 . in the garden. 26 Plr'o'viden'~. Cic:tCib~/ Ncve m bel...icG'alrdefd'tI".s.I . 'We iiilu!'I 'hi.. wilil1[n BJ.. OJll3'N(li~ Ptlbllcat[ons A8r~ement N{Ll'i. Storin. 66 67 68 F:ind u Here Grtu~'n Shoots . 51593· 138G. Bioehar... 0.libendu!ml Te"o ir' separates the great wines.. - -=.TlIRM UNDELIV~MBLE CANi\Ol. 1~9 .e rI'J i11Ui!l1'y) tl.:J'\ )fOur i s tii1..:". :iliultlL:mHe5alert ma~zif'l(j mCC:i1\!'(i a us' Ilh.t:..r-. tap water for house plants.s Protect.eln5.. "'1' j 4 Thought IlLiimle:$.sl't.ooH~tQd ia Wlomit"!5.d~hteitlble..g terre-cotta pots. Mi illCil' St. Jl. 3:3' E.i[lat Ga~. PO"&TMAcSliER~ SE~ I) AJOORES~..e'"'n' t s" 11. dog'S in the garden. Earth MI.ubsatOOfS~ If Un'!es5 we add'. PA 1OO!}& Ctip.- '" l'N'T A string ofbeads to grow.". '='. oil! fiJi:! !D e c e R'1 t. fwrodi:eal!i poo~-a.-~ """ '18 1 'D. iii!). not wear.. '~s f. fA.-:' .. 20001 14TH AVf.Sk. 6... IN C. and more.' 1 2. 1} i~.g Rid houseplants of scale. PO IBOX 5aB6. ~e:. Hailan. M is'S:iS:MIUP. and more.

.il£ty" it underscores our message. ~ _ ~M •• ~ •• ~.' first' frost' date in. Iy dreami ng and wishing.c'--. g .er pI"ogram she was doi ng with her 7th-grade English class Was [here a nyth ing. and at O"gali'ic Gardening.. ."1 wee k. .f.editoriaJ.t' .le¢::ri. ".ar. From..'". "!I:II'~'II?\~'~i0'n· .Org41li:t.".C.Y':"Q:n:ll.' "'.found.....g..~oclebook.r . Tirled Fr:erhl17Qutb VQt~('~J PfJQ-d'I.rl ~ ··1 - I .~. and in . We:l!v'e' ome' a" lon.W.Fru.t.v n'(:' f..Gardening '. where 'we met fellow gardeners who .~.. note.. [. _ • ~. t. sign ing her book Orgarl' . 5:'1C iL n.w}. "i!'ii '.~mi[Jla _ Sec'Ond'(l. friends... ~'-""._ . in.• on's ~ m "roM' g'.ays.. which is one 'filled wirh hope for the future ~supported 'by the knowledge that we really can make the wo.U.nd 'then~ basJe is ' the . '11:". the otga.iE......'-b:e..r '.I.andering ike: -m g.Seco -~:-. ...ess? E:at!chday' was.(ini'c g' vis.e. .1 : -.rt' ttm..GtlrJen-i'fl. 'Where..nw3Ly.~Hty SUl.. chiles were the most popular.ia c 'Il.inspiring o '.TI'M.r. places. offices.. ili-'U I I~ '... out '1 eavene d'b J!!aJ1lguorousmoments spent .rden path.arveus ideas for our own organic gardens and encouraged us' to' try' something different. did the So I write this.' 'f ~..e:od. this was the Foodie Year of '[be Pepper. '. I~. '.1~1··"·~'~1~..g.dout .0·· . the RoOda le I nstitute.H featured duringthe ye.~ ad .r. the :yea. '1 S··.Jj evera ater. l.fJ. at teacher c.r Lxa.I~ M' . that OrgilN/lt . rd . c~. Indeed. . That's kind of whar ies been like this past dnction fr:001..~.uua:ry:.T'HO'UG: "H'I T' L--N' ESc" __ . m''Ii''liIC'.its' th.bUshed so. Maria RoO dale talking about the food and susta:run~b. othe e.QI'n._ L in. . and the Iives of (lint families.!! I '0 d.g pa..!t ( tl.k. I".reco.IU'Ql~' "th~gr-{ujeda.~.a e.t:ut:'y learned a'bout ol.' I .v~d..'W.'c. n. small s. fo . . I~i . ..W. 'n '.ss' most obvious signal 'chat things bad changed...3S there in ra . ro_'. .!II.U:::L' the '0r.' recipes =seandouts for me were rhe rich vegetable rews all iPad."I1(/' SUJttlin.'R'.: . She introduced hersel f) and we: .Hmelight. appearin.rllid. 10u.IIL ~ an. 'where' t.' _".e:& ~lOrga.. R better place for OUE (:11 ildren by taki n.."' "L" ~unlC "k.-''"8' ..~.~··". e. .d'ath -. : 1·- .~. '!j"II.. our first "new mook" issue' in Jan'llary~.'. ~(!i J iJi ·!li .. So was Meredith Hill..a. e c ass visite d".P all C:-·.the.W.l.vI b~r!f~~~ . I.ffi . F!O!o d.le -'f'.·nrs . . .p y.·-y tlc. qy a nd eborah ..O'd'1V'".~v_..-: s fe !'IIt.~ "'Ii jlj a: ' .r~' . . I wonder. .._ '.i!I.I:.r..'.gtmm boots._ ..." :. :aa~"\l.dit~?~s"a-na o-rg.. and ..I~~ l~~ • ~ ~ • 'y.I.-.g: rain to sample the products that m ake Iiving organicelly a reality.' i pla !!J.. 0'" em.t:heJune/Jufy issue's la'P'P'f Hens coverwas the ~O'ur. _ . she asked.::.c Mal1.o:nip.z. t.V A-' mono.esta.Jl..nie G~["dening.-: School l . us editors. thw$ is:sue .. ra M·" L = Fiutu'y'e W'T'll'ters~.o. -e .~o.m:e:p~ r by . bc"n... ~. c guided by ou r ulany and var ied expert conrributors.r. .~ ~ .ifi1to.iI<R~.a:n.~~ ~. Green Shoots l' Engin.g wary in a short tim"e.f' stretched ahead of us ~ at .#"Sure d 0' a' m aaazine n -J w.rt'iener:s..spw. "''''II'~d:"Let's a. h·' . qnestion.'.II. cause to think ab ou t the' planet and our rves. on a .nlng'-:1'Y110~ . f!.!. '.that first..- ~l .and 'p eople gav.' .:pri~W"~'. we had perhaps not considered 'be:fore'~ and to rake action to improve what 'we .i"'t/s . h .nery 'fruits in at new depart tb.:ga..go( 'Do you remember how' chiklhood's summer vacatlons seemed .j!.---: -. mmans is ~oom= ing.rd." W.[' he '. c. Matthew Benson's photography captured the aflure and humor 0'£ au r feathery models as.. .' ~ '! •• I· I I· .0::. t be F ood C enter. !.Linie G." 10".GarJ~1J.rtners...m.' -.O·lTh'm." -J. OUI' t~me:. I.event he:1d _ ~ ••••• _.S.:m do" h'.l.g.: . .One s'och 'w..W."'":fl.recenmJy pro received . packed 'with. Perhaps .' .gu1est chefs served up some fabulous C '!WI...!! .. ".U [1I':i "Tun.: 'A'N~iC'f!'A ~M .ov... ~~ ~~'iL! ~~~!I!~ . •• .rth.ii.l!i..' 11 '1. Harlem.ruly meani._ .I!lr. '0'11'" ~ .iey to thts past Aprl 1in L nion Sq ua re We' creared . .' I ~' .. I .I~jrl~ first ~ _'P' roof 'o"r rIh· eir Ji~''II' events. I . . Some of these' places .n.ncoat and .as tbe NYiC G £ow's .ers" a...s r·~...~~v~ -.. one that to o."~ . issue a~aHa hIe.~rw h' ~~lr' ~~i~ in ID' man "\1' L~a.~D. '~~' C!l]' programs with our :adv-ertis. a.a-nevent CIUit brought folks out in the pouri D. .g in.:. they strut ted t heir stu'ff along Of'g{lnir GtlI'ite:tlcing"J.. .ti.fres. i~~pfli"'iimilt )lW bo..gnitlon we: close the season with a poem dedicated to these ._ _ _' f_.g~ and we'j've .'lbr~ from.:)~'''-'. " '. n.w. ' I : -_ lIl'l!.=g''''' .le 6rs. w. fa:mily farm. ~\ii"iI.g.:.~UI! . ~A' -.h many irDJ._ '_ .~.' ].e edit~r~al QII1.1·''-.".me t.rric ga]id'en steplpled in.

Pacsin a smaller baq with the same amount of cereal.shippingl 'To boot. so' they're easier to find and easier to store. they've finally' learned to stand up for themselves. AI. .Ithat. and they now come with a nifty re-sealable sticker to keep the qreat taste fresher lonqer. so there's less waste' and more efficient .We've reconfigured our popular Eco-.

Kit.e:n. His award-winning work appears wid.ete.k.. ~."com a. how!eve:r~ kept him nearer to home while 'bringing that slice cf Tuscan heaven to us. "the Q1l1EH~11..pl8l-l1ts . organic g~rdenin.g and. Vigit her at l·orna-8.a. Dario travels to capture the world's most b eautiful gardens . Fro:m his studio.3.lS..1.ic Gal'd." has wrlttsn Is cookbooks.eRI's.S·. Mazzi tii 9ra. omamental edibles began fun19.Shooting Pogg][oAlloro for Qrganic om. a.ely~. .den. ! and 'the people who-tend them for more than 210 jl. Italy. his recent books include The E7lcycloj)(!Jdi·(. She's s the author of The ·C(n»pl.Follow her at ell'enog.Based in Ambler. J'81mes Beard Award. . Great Veg)eta'rlan ICOOl('iiift9 Pressure.88 on a.zie~ Dariol Lorna Sass.(. Rob admits to overplanting and underweeding. ellen ecker ogden Ellen's interest in.of'Pressure Cooking.. near 'Turin. including GooJci'no' under Pressure. outhern vei 58~:1 .t~hen Gar-den and cofounder otT:hs: Cook's Garden seed catalog .ry Way!.t olContainer Pla'nts . Pennsylvania. c 6 'Orga.rob cardillo Rob's been photographing gardens .and the comprehensive '~ole' Grains Every under Day~ Ev.and.. which won .0 -aere farm fun.

IRR DW:N E.F'A:R M: .E.D .

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MIDWEST 101 RIECl!""OR' li"amm~Habar.72.i ffiI ski SiE:1NI~OR EDITOR 'SALES.5&96.]1.A'fliQf14 IPLANNIf14G.alEl''Il['[~agGt .' .fjtj dIck on CuS'tfiIfiil2iF :SQfi!'IOQ~ !H1l~11 OG D-oo:st'Utrv@mdalI2'JiXim. c:.DlrfOR' 'Ell'llc Hur.·.rdeni~lf)' readers. .. SALES DIR~C!i()R Mfch. Gran ~~'all Mana9t~ . . Each product '~s'inspected by hand and designed to last.IllI:iipaoie50 w:ho~e pF{iduG'~~or servlees rna!.rt phY5~~I: AD..'iileo ME!II'i~ior.!. 212·.e Baby 'OJ Tatz Calor ca nnot be IFeQu:estOO. Fl!'e. PA.2009 The RADIUS 'Guarc'ln ae people to Improve their lives an d the wo rld around them. VP: G r. C'i~mi su nner AJCfill'ER"'[li$I~G.ed Ma rke'ti:ng and Sades.!5<·S050.TOR ilori l3ollflo/'tJ}['[ ASSOCIAH: CONsuMER M'ARK. ~' .an and C hi.3yW-aJ'd.rueFoq.I~EC.hb~lush~ 201 Ra. ra•. I .odlalle CEO and Chi~'f hsp. $liD·. Well:. 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lb!iJrpee".Catt~l(ailr ~l~t .~ii'!t.-:L44V7 1l1!!'!!. yOR:)i" 108' C\t~L ill1iL FIi~"~~ '.===. Fo~' -r~N~Hs.!!88.1 ==== 211):1:1 .!!' '"Q 'B.llX 1239j.e ~:..l: (B~li'iJe:rY're~w@ CMalog (inlin.lll.BURPEE® VIES!! ~h~:~d FREE :m..B~~~ee!G~~def1S."O-". '~. BIH[p!!le BuUding Wiirr:mm$ret~ PA :1l8~14 .2="IP=..' =(rJI=1f¥=~ =========8=[I='=I..comn IPlUl'tSE MiIIlL TO~ :B~rpee.

. '.L ~ d.. '..·• •. '.. .R_/ 1-'.iece p IIq'V:..lrre71. \'111. suggestio n 3. ".. t.• .11.• B·\lig·· •.1 .eac}1 Us _ Send us your corn- men ts.' 're:]" serve" . Emmaus. ': TI). The further we manipulat e our existence awayfrom the. l . T1h -" ····_······e.and the "Cavendish We·have spread the fungus threatening this m ajo:r foo d source around the world ... Rare bre ads of 'bananas are vanishing durato sickness and habitat loss" We' maybe irrevocably-on the path to . 33 be done incrementally by small actions that build into the whole .L.I.Sj .········•. we are . {ll'ld keep readers inforl1lB. or releasing an 'invasive plant's natural enemy into the plarrt's new habitat to try to control It.S·····•·•··"···.l l'·t B' d" d . will 11':lOn~likely help to s ustain us into the futu re.rndlistic endeauor is to' OiR' ques.. PA 18098 :10 0 r g ani eGa.······. Bananas are the most popular fruttworldwtde.< .r h ' . Usl ng less tri{:ky and more life.rden. .ing.I'U. t!'.' ' •. ro.' I .OUf overp opul ation ere ates rna ]. E:mail::og@roda~e com . and ti ps. 'I'his Is why I garden and live as natu rally as I can.tiOl1.d oii.-E----S . . 1 e············ ".foster discussion.nt O'(#fYW :tW() OJ tne responses recerue. ' ..1.···g ·. Koeppel clearly descrfbes a problem in his contrarian variety is.~. natural." ze •• ~. with only ever-more-risky options to remedy big problems .m tc lick C u sto me r Service) P(H~c~all I:: o'r.()'I~"0rga nIe Gardeni ng while' committed to orga1~'. E.affirming methods like localizing and thus dlversifvingour worldwide food. the one W'9 eat" ..r' .' -:'. r d e' n i n g 'V 0 l .'n o:pen table and our contrarian.'ltor t j. markets to prevent QUI H. p... It will re qu iret a gre at 8111ft in attitude.5 8 . IE" J .t discourse surr{)undb2g orgrrnir: "iSSUtfS . article [Common Ground. j j Dan. but th is can Kathlee. (lpp']' to pr'f.t. ruv.G(.' . .:L..( .e role . '.. 'We are not wise enough to man age the incre asing imbalance. . ..ic 'ractlce hosts tl.lY of our greatest pro blems ~But even given the present re ality' some of us believe that actions such as genetic modification to 'feed more people..· !.. unintended consequence s."...S_···.ow to :R.. j October/November]. the harder it wtll get 'to sustain ourselves." .- .Alexa1Id:ri a~'Virgini a G8'. . Minor si. are the wrong answers.· · ••• ··.Conventional hybri d izin g is a 1most imp'nic maii Gardening Editors. our mantpulations always have. ".• Our' last issue tackled genetic "l(Jdific(J. The· W'eb:: O~ganic' disease spread..I.of'any jou.. I.."TTE.U p'l~rp()ste. questi Q ns.l.t Ku. and maintatnlng Irvely agricultural soil everywhere.

. e~etabl e v oiL brown .W his k tn~eth er 1n a la rg!e bow IIsesame 0 i!~. [0 (oat. A (ol~ fu L heal thfu I 'way to 19et yo idees. cut into 1 in(h (~bes. pork.rown Jasmine ri[e]. Great with barbecued shrimp. cooked l' red onion.3 (U PiS. visiit www~~lu ndberq.r wh 0 Ie gl ra i: n s.rO'wn lesm ine rke .send Ii me jui(e. iI ~ {] f.etabi e or I l' Iabh~spoon.esh pineepple. Preheat oven to 400~ F. rut into thin weagle) 11a h I'espoo n toasted sesame 0 iI l la bles po D n veg.or more dell i~i1ous _.sugar~red pepper 'Hake. water 1 fr. belli pepper and onion on a rimmed bak~n91sheet anc roast in oven for 30 minetes To serve a rra n ge roasied pi n eapp Ie/b e II pe ppers/o n i0 ml 0 n [00 ked Brow n Basmat i rife wide ri m med bow L Serves . Add cubed pineapple. brown sugar Juke of one ~ime(1 tablespocm) 1/8 Teas pe 0 n dri ed red pep per fi a kes . about 4 (U ps '1ired bell pepper cored and sseded cut into 1 inch -cubes Spke Up your ~J~e ~d'[hthis easy~de~[Jdousredpe made v 'w[th Lundbelrgl® Organic (alifornia B.. Spread 't he pi neappl e. bell peppet an dI on ion :and toss. or (h i{ken!. o (_ooikLu nd bergl Brown Jasm r ne ri[e per pac kaqe r ~ stnxtlons an d set aside.~ulndberg Famny Farm Calffornia B.1: ill (U ps .

eClpes Y "R" ~ .pe'$. 'i t.... ·'.oP 11~'1 Tome.r. 'r . VCHJr fa[mi~y st.--. . Put frhe power of: 1000 elderberries -1\-·. e di t ion of the- magazine and a couple offun and useful Preferencee.'f. d' 11"j o Ry up and Especially cool was .... - I'iil- muddying the waters? . yo'u he~lp. '. . co ok without always having to' refer to haw much of something= she just knew.I} ..~. 1." ~ fii .king ed . -.·.ne:)m..2~Zmnd ar the University o:f South Florida..'./ .c gardene.aru•• !lle_. : <'1_ ~"I':' '-<1" '1'"'''." _..ell e n 'i n g 'V' 0 .. I~' • Chri:s Ste'tfde w~c..n ia 'Ge~rman who could. In. recr .~~e 1iI w-hei ----'I .ol.M~"" .."::' 1-' 'I' . you can subscriptions. They w . . . . rsked -. GeriRhode5 her recipe s. . '--11---0-.~.~ ~ next year.on . asseciaeeo .". et ve 11···.finding one with its wi ngs Sri: ~. be useful for our offspring someday.'"R··.~ Drug AdminTgh-aUon.8 of the August/September issue' featured my son. safe 'p-.~I ··'1.'-_~- .rt about w.. -.orrginc~cln'd most iruste'd Siole ~ IElde..n '. .----·':.-d·. .sa: •.'II.'. -.. Zamis.. ".i.asked our 'Fa. look.P.:.OI4~ '~~. : :[ 1- .mymot "er -"iIi:'. . b Sam.. '..cebOlok fa.torn gard. LiII.ff'.1GM'O"-.i..lCK..a :kfd they w'ould 11.~ly tbe pa.g~ ummer is S S ou r sweltering off-season" Tom Carey Qvi ed'oJ Fl~:n"id'a ] .re¥snt Or1¥ diseCfise~ been eva luat:ed 'by' 12 'O:r g a n :i eGa r .eD'tly n~'x~' yea. .patw.'.. Was'king.r and shopper ..~. .(his . bard at work creating a new look and garden in g app s for your 'iPhone".'~s are ~ot 'i'nt-e'l11oed .--0gefli.. -'. ".fol. It is in f~ct the sn']J..d.Ii·. com which we.:8: 1..o di'ff'~J"..gatz.or iJ~' by' name ~ SaIMlbuc:' me ant ime. 1.tra.A:y.'..' --I'~'~ .. th rough manyphases over qu ietly 011 our hands as we .IIJ..r" .o. Si nee then..boost your So when everyone oround you 'is cOlugh~ng' S1ne 9. .n~C IS :[h.oml lih~e '£f'('Jr~lements have not For more ]nformloti.ud:w." . ' .anicGarden'tng..WWW.$ Fears" IA:ugust/Se'pitember}.• -.H.·· ~ ~ r .: k . a d r. ludl me uliLW. '. [Earth Mat ters]. ]':t'" -' ..e_lCa.. uU.. 1'":.'0' en o. I can on~~y ~~"nl. jll. m " "~b .. "( ~..··.--':"U\~ ~l '-'.-~:-.~ittb e .n..f·-. Hopefu 11y' ..n-m: producers lab el '"I . .ooe ~] siam id '~!d'~1 1'. 1treat~..salmbucolul.z Sea ttJe.." organic food with nOIDi. R-" .c:.. -." New Mexico Cover Boy v J: '" our magaZllne: That WO'o"'t Fly 011 p1a.~ber1nt E>ttra.a.h·· .r~ Pu t the soaker hCt~H~Sin place' D'fJ/ore plan enough to tty. arttc es £.!f.-l--" s.=G'MOs" Why are you '. . ... and even now I'm not alwl1lys su re I shoo kl.. .n.ens have belen . . nymph stage.m ·'11'1.ami ~l .. =:a~ e . years..a.. you want. ( We .s. ..·ravoraose ed . esp ecia. '.~ "li. _ rJ: -f 1\'< ~.ingtne ones' f" rom M ..:g:the curren tissue' .i.~. d3\OlSlelfly" I remem ber as.. OILUJ p(f"oduc. 'L.e..o '..T om ...r . Salmbuc'oP Bllcc:k E:llderbeny IEx... :I~orn-1jjgn a. 'S'almbuc'oP~ the ...d..--I"'I-:·''''''' how' much easier ne '" W ·m] LUJ'e :~t L.--'''Iii- were' str.Rodole. I].g:e 6. <" . .n ~'O·· -= v. to work..gon. for the iP ad. .'1" .\l~s~t . ~:'.' : :-'. et from.-' '..40 yea. U. " . ] have been an orga. "f threw sn'l. a.. in..·:·1 . will be relaunching j sign up for our newsletter only t118 newsletters to get the latest 6S~To soon! In the seasonal ga rden 'help and rectp manage you!" newsletter receive at Joi n us 'Oil Face book for liP da tes."-' . waJYs ":.---T--S LET'~'ER_c Wejre.nen yOll --_. ~f .' II~' .3.t..sit "I~ trUSiI:. -..New Mexico.ill.cur-e or: JD. Zamia is now .-' --.nd remarkably :frien. !(l. __ Il-h-I -.h-" .ilt]l. Be sure to better organizatfon for Or-g. or yo lJ.• : ed en_.:laceto d -ll out unti] they . but still remain much the same.I . -"".r.a.oy hlsGlithy ~ Ask f. .[ beginni 11. donl't know bow manv .'m. I. d 'l'"' .'1 ~ - 1 Your mta.have a recipe book with O'IU r favorite 'iL.ria .: ror quanrnnes trmes I' a. 'I-!':'·~ for vour children.'v. She was a.a... s~ or:g. e on'y .g nose. O'iv~ nt o ItO' them a..ct· cain hallp you and. . i .:.ny phoros).to dit). you incorrectly identified the -stai ned Insect as..:. ern up.ns~ Whatt wlU..K. ' . .erbroth-!er temper tantrum ehat day a nd wasn't in :~.zlng and: dow'n recipes the food . on its ..OpS~) ler on October 1992 issue cover..J:Dy . . Pen nsy]. ~'mmune sysw'srrt c developed .l'I' 1·Y as prmteu .!g.ri"tru.c:[~ is ciinicailly tested and v:~rIDllogmst '". The starr of our gardening year' :"' j U'S.

.skijntrat's cem and beau.arrti'oxjdantg. m.unZOr.® . S&iin R· .r~Owor '--' ·I"-·. " • ...A C T" ~I E ~'".". Me···---···e· ···-n:>·-·Q·-·"-·--··'·'·-··· .."IC!ia-'n-ser ·to-···· entlvlft .[rrlON -- ~~III'!d~..... Ie ' a-... l. 'o'-'~I. Learn more about AVEENO'® Vis'it AVEIENrQ....t...8W"a. . .Al..~1iiM. IR..wutch to a soap-tree cleanser ~ilk"e VEENIO® IUILTRA-C:ALMING A Foam-"-:'['In-'g. a.e'althy~looking all w~nter I.skln 'from the elements.'---:-~.II"e·-...I • NOUJWS.lE:ENJ..\-... Mi. NIr'iI -wh. .-y d 'Irt'. have 18 reclpe fora beauty care d~lemma.~ 1.i!j' V "".1.HI+ Shampoo. Swap Your Soap S..~ I .Jln MVC. j . 11: all so co ntal n s we'Ve rfe'w'j one of neture 's . ··· . .-. NOUIIRIS.f ~OrS:TIi.-".·llo .ather is hard on your har.!GO: Bathing Beauty A hot bath .O..iiPlI~"liNG .'0-1 I... Layers of Love Layeredl clothingl protects.._"_ I ' .~fying effects..Conoidal SIPIF' 1 s..:-' -n- and. I call'miing and oondi''tioning: your skin.m for more inTormlation on s~{inlcare So~'utionsfor eVl(ary s'kiintype. . So its. Fun in the SUI1 ~'II ...n_111 1GII!r\!Cr'ILI~'" . 'g-o... L.. .. tave ... and SKi -1 .8/ ·······0<>n'' ::'' . and harsh heatingr and vo.. "_~~.H't ~ONDITUJN ..'." •.I .- - ~~$i' 1]~6!1'~:1NI .AVEIENiOI@ ·S_-·-·k··.LA...tiiful. .TU it A I~S ..-e'd' .. ~ - .ovs Your Locks W~nterwe..oII·-il. kS'9. Conditioner and lleav€Hln Treatment for the hsakthiest-Ilookling hair iin even the harshest conditlons. ..u.fS' '. Keep 'it hydrart'sd with .x that with whipping Willds....e' dn. o Sun reflects off snow and lee.y~r --: '~I-""--:"-S'+-I ..t'j. .~.~'whleh helps to so othe 8ensi~live'skln and vis~bly reduce the appearance of redress 'for . Bath O'iil folllOrWi[5d by Skin ReHef Mo~stur~zing i'or~ lo1 is a powenUlI one-two punch..-JJ . ~ntens...'. .NO@ to.ADVERTISEMENT 18 . Try these procuctfps frorr AVEE.P your skin and hair naturally h..lls g'ood.tuli!U m Q.. So keep water lukewarm and add AV'IEEN:O®Somh~hgBathTreatrnent w[th 1! oo/~pure Natural . but it can leave skin dry and itchy". slather on AVEEINO® IULTRA=CAUMINIG Da~ly M'oiisturiz. ' When the temperature drops] so' does the moisture levelln the air. .

as rope Ilghts and zip-tied them to my wlre shelves. Bl~ od'if] Island Rlelcyc~e "Three ""'i n.~ghts. Tes hing. thus keep iFig smells en d tru it f'lies away. L.One" II keep an 0 Ids packle b uc ket uncle r my kitchen ::. an d add ifig funct ion to it. Whet her diving. lie" The cost to r grow mats was too h~lii:h. I't rnay be lots of seaweed or an ex p~.ov'ers.ritt Le:wis G~en (J~vell' New York .e'ret t.iv i ng near the 0 cesn is a g real exa m p~ e of this. wash ing t ·t -.u p crab and muss'S I she 11:s.. T h 8:se add gn~a't n utr: ti on to the 0r Ma. gets rna ldy. 'I thi nk t h 8' ne igh bars were: a bilt contosec about the g lowing red and pu r pie Iights.stown. I 5to pped by t h Fa . I grew stare and '~hray gave me two big. we take 5--gallon buckets with us to T AL Y • coil e ct 0 Ur b ounty. w Iii en II keeps the: kitchen scraps dry (Recycl'e #3).I ke to sni p i on n~y sugar-pea .. I grew the best basil. but becau se they a r€ s ha rp they ca tl be spri nk~ed arou n d sens ltive pla nits to wa ra 0 tf slugs- Mickalel'Shalko'wski Sa'un d'. of the screen down with 'bricks" and I reaMy ! I used [my Chrilsim... Some favor i tes are washed.ter Gardener in Snohomish County" last JH3ar. The birds . ~ said om needs.Ioee I hard1S wa.stmas Sta. Janice TaUman Ev.eth~s better than noating row CQV. and it worki ng real Iy wei r. at on ~ydo they add ca ~cium N a nd nth er m i illera Is.i nk to U Sf? as a compost bi n (Recycle #1)" lt' s half-full of shredded paper -(Recycl'e #2). but they a I i benefi te d wit h hee Ithy pi a nt starts. ta k'ing wnat others toss.Chlrii. I am h:olding the edges.e b ecause I cain see ttle peas and they get me re ~ rs lght: The best pa rt Ii 5 that the birds ca n't get th em ~ Beachcomber Mo:st organic gardeners are opportunistic. or go i rag to the beac h..osj ra o'~stalrfisn a 1.I thought It was a goo d use of the non -LE D rope' I. peppers. I empty the bu c kert into the compo-st pi Ie.000 vegetab Ie sta rts for our annual plant sa. Whene\N: r go to tbe gre'iS nnou se. long pieces of old scrr&en~ng from doors that we re rescreened.1 was hec up on 'the o beac h.rl:ers I I am a Mas. I dnaped them owe r the chicken w'i re that between the rows of peas.i 5 p Iants. Wa8hingtQ~ Screen C:. and tomatoes wlth that added bot- to m h eat .

()/ F~'(Jnd(lorg.-~-=--==---------------=-=--=-=------=---------=--=---~-=--==----.' 196'0 natural It. seed llngs ~ nto the garden.~: F:J~tf{6Iuf cheeses.corn Order ocn:I'ir1e elegant award 01- wrnn~ng artisan cheese for entertaining holiday gjf[ givi'ng - Perieci: IllJt Look for :j .oomormail should be your original work ofte n a s I shou Id.IF'~o'lr'a~1 ompost C somen rnes I con 't empty my 'kitchen co m post bucket 81S Sen d us your ill tlpSEmllilyourtiPsoous. . FL 34712. even days later.a Milt~~ . Submissions 'Or a couple of and no more t'hanlOO words.83 E. do screen out anything drops ot ~:aV8 nder €ssentia I 01 lin the bottom of my b uc ket m sans Nlat I .ey'w'illwork. i f I~ the cups.They -.Bon.. salad: co nta ~ne:rs... become the property of'Rodale..~ Emmeus." . put th e ]ld 5 on.Yh:ln-i(i Gardening Editors.. . The result is 8J to . so we can't guarantee tl. Anyth i ng wi'~h a chance at selection. b. every garden. Submissions. and telephone number. 'W'WW'~ redwoodh iIIII ..tltlfta(f OltPt £Sut '. . Clermont.. in. cl ear lid ca n be a greenhouse.II\e _t: JlIl40:·~" i'~~' _ I.''t:' ~ .ll. As' wil~' a. - IS ttitrusfn. PA JL8098... _. Nick€. and (2) adhere 11 ce to the word-cou nt ~rmt at i on_Tile i decision of the editor in clue! ot OrganJC Garden.adertrp. ~ recycle the pi asti c atte r ~ trails plant my.ed' "We Love This Tij)!'~~' . Redwood H~IIFarm's delicleus yogu~t and kefil'" at your favorite natural foods or specialty store.~ni~ Rodale Inc . . No purchase nee es 5 a ry to e nter and a pure has e W III not Im prove y OUf me ke great rni ni greenho uses.osieldl CUp I s ave a II my pilastlc lced-coffee cu ps aile! ~ds. .'_' .. Emmaus. Highway 50. PA 18098-0099. includ ing photos and illustrations.: .a m greete.atog@Mdrue. Lo:rra':ine . 33 E. VOid wl"lere prohibited.OJ''. 'We don't test these tips. month·loW' :3 mon. and take -out i c e-crea m dishes. go to Or-g8rlrcGardenHlg.e: . 707=823-. Mothe r Nattu re to the Crus hed lave n dar blossoms resc ue. Minar St.U Via mnail we think migh t be harmful. final. phohe.. For otfrClal rules.. Wtt h sol I a nd steed 5. But we. Debra. are the operators.tit on c. Include your mailing rather d~ stefu I examp Ie of ant r -eromathersts apy.&.. I have u sed clear legg' cartons. to rece i ve the award based on the foil OWl ng: (1) effe ct Iveness and Ins igh ttu Iness of the advice. .' __ . OrganiC Gardening will select the tip and Uncle Matt"s and 'Iine them up on my wil1dowsi~ls. Mus. Minor St. address. and cannot be returned. .8250 fax 70:-7 a--'2~-6--'9']'6" .t be over 18 and legal residant of 49 US or DC (EXCLUDING RESIDENTS OF AZ) or Canada (EXCLUDiNG RESIDENTS or PROVtNCE OF QUEBEC}.:'.d with good 'Sm'eilis when II open the bucket.n. : • _ !I. email address. 1645 E. _.New Y~:rk The autl~oro-/tke' select.-------=--=-=--=-= IRelpur'p. SUite

ltchlnq. nspire lin c • I II - .at are ctlnlcally proven to help improve skin conditions such a..ealthy 'Living AVEENO@)believes natural beauty qoes beyond beautiful skin and hair.QU.I AVEENO®captures the benefits of natural ingredients to create a broad ran'gl9of sklncare products.s dry. r1ed and lrrttated skln and yet are qentle enouqh to use even aln delicate skin. . it's about the beauty you he war Id aroun d Y. many th.

1 IF'resh.a~glr. anld Vl!ig g iies.r'students and lnstant healitlh~'Chailr rnassaqes for local communirty. .rket at San F~anc.ADVERTISEMENT Mo.~thy~!.oSt.e.0 00 students and loeals atten fi.rcd u CI!U\"S..nlstratiio.ns showcased [ingred~elnts froml Iloc. ethnlh:: 'foQd'.010 AVEENO:® than 10.a.. bread.iisc.! relaxatlon-show hea.even basil phJln1iilng--were' alii frealured ~ In 2.ate UniversiitYi~ au P'IPOrf IffI 9 healt fly IIfle.l"lmelF"S Ma.d . o.ers: slnldl p..nelred wiith Organ'.~fJowers..o.fc Gard'enin'g'to create an on-cempue i.~ .o frulits.deml'O.rg.elsan d Ihe\althy 'r!Jatillng fa. Cookimlg .sty~.

I' herb and vegetable gardens both are .... 'Creating that sense of place outside is inspired byd regronai II' anrd sc'apes anr ecosystems as we l'~. ~' ' .~ I'll" '. . [he garden. gravel rather than turni n. of'[ he place.into a and region aJ.·." -.' t h e. from hall.. · r f·····-..••. R'" k .. I \".. I' 1····. . ... . an.rnntl." .-~." 0-' ~ e xpos ed Q.ed.. of old brick belongi 11 a Charleseon.ts~ C'.1 .. _.· . 'iIc'. '. Your garden Feels just right.I" black 10cust in the regions where they .e. .bb.3 'sound garden sheds and out buildings...•....rden~~.gIo'".·.en. ·= lilt feels settled in that pilace.~ .tor· example ~where J Iive and .' .o..t.••. .•.' 1 ""' - _. jl ..·.ard. . '.._ ost p eople 6 nd it easier to create a sense ofplace .~ ru shed C 00 r A.ou.rt of my garden .! " '-."'nisidethe home than outside :'. In.IQu$ stone.rdem..If you Iive four-quadran t j. Structures ... as are old (and.' '····1 · e.-.a.U:' .1- '.." ountains.seasca. " .co tr e re..~ iirestory.p ~"_" L •. .:'l~ :_:' . That is. you. ..~I!l!!!. I . In w hi h you m1ve. · I . fences and g3t. southern ..urg gariien:s in a web search engmne. _ _ 11_ · . you dis.~ _ _ 1 . . .erences ..r. choose indigenous materials: di .nd igen. .th --.•.·"..... look ar 'how'adobe walls are used to enclose gardens .. ". and display it ill your home. g materials. . might incorporate ..' 0..0.g.. -..ngs o. ... 'l ' V... M" .··· . .e:s~ the likes of which. '. _-.. ..... _I I ._" ·Pa.. O.heo your home: resonates with re fe -.)e. . nsnucnve...kiogsticks are on show in the :.r g.0bj ects that \V:i" ll help you to define a. . If -. '_I""> . __ "." ! . . ~ive In the Southwest... .' 1- _' I.. 1 . Ifyon 'enjoy sleek mo dern sculpt ure .mam. the: national def:au'~t surfaces: bark mulch or lawn . a-nd..· •.Drive around your region looking for examples of old arbors and pergolas.mages s. ..'..e~iDatu f.a:lld the la:r:g. . to ...~JIJ..'. - .o. . The same can be' true: of y.. i in. oak. -.sens e of place ..' -.a. .r-J..g to. yo~. .••. loose materjals such as pea stone' or ICI'WJl5h.. ." 'j'" 1"" ..". .'. for I as n~g~on.c··/e·. -.I::U~ wa Us are everywhere.rhorne.•••. • .n... hemlock. -.Pennsylvania bluestone belongs on terraces and forma ~ paths here in the Northeast ~'whUe sandstone belongs in we stern ... Virginia or the mid-Adantie states enter C:()lo1iial'\Villid. ·• _' _" [. h a.'~.aI a:rde:ni ng {or a.. _ . I • rods and 'va~. 6 -·i ncb b~UN:~ f eru shed grave '10ok o .. you. -g. IS rcoteo.Ri world. _ .find i.. '. "_ ' . ._-'II: I~~ '. Com fort results. put a modern sculpture made of indigenous stone .bh .g you r house..righlt.. _'_-. -'I' '[ . South 'Carol·".style.h. If n YOTU Iive on Cape Cod..n. or you'r region. cedar. -' '-~ 21. ....-....--. you cenfidently choose .:!II stye J. _ .. '.i ".p es on tne wa WI .Vermont._ DESIG-N LI'KE A PRO '. Paehs : i~ diV./..rfac¢'s ~ Ch(]i()se i.".'. ' . II .'.When buildi n. '/. .. ' 'I"! " . '_.. .. .garde..-. _... _". My wife and I li ve in . 'W here e [~l I" I. ...' I your home is in ru rat Colorado..3 zzo-year-eld farmhou s. Ii. n your -entry garden. I·..." I" i· - -'.. _."' Cr u shed oyster shells as a r-i nch topdressIna on a.' n ".. _i .g~.._.. and native plants..." '.. .enm As... ... ". · rden.i}$sv.cts enat.1 ' .. .1Li.1 - - -_ ..-'" . .ny cottage garden)."'.aJtir)nship' a. g-''_' cone re surfaces feel ]t~~htin the Southwest.. .··--s-·.. locally made brick. straight dry-laid stO.. ..~.. . yO'~...g: structures ill your garden.[ . • -. '. -'.gr-o~. . . 6'.just . ._.ill... ····.. and inevitable._.n-I·_S Cre .. establ ish. .' '.~.' I' Ii: I I "..e.-.s.'.> your. Hevi) garden sheds to whic h are attached fenced h examp I"YOM. o~:>y . t.. '. d how ga...n coastal Maryland orMaine. .reo .: . . fOl a sunny informal garden path .f'. J . . j.y _" I . ".p--a·. . -.. _ .&:. .. str uctures./~-..- __ ". -' . .ate '~O Yiou" your . : . . .• 'I'.h:OOSie IU...:. .' at _~ '" g~"r.f' t h.. .ua= .develop a personal and indi..w...' ] f you... outbuildi ngs fuse . I a.! .. '~.I. engi ne along ~lIl"ni iIRi.( besi terms 0:f"· ]!lOcat10n"..:~d... ~ Icour:~:i[.r.p:~yfelt.w!llt.s. . humid air.e:e. The b.Jj0~""" . relation ship between your garden and the plant commun itie s '" -~ " o f yuu.itJl..hink about uour garden 'in terms of its wi rh 'the na me 'of you r state Of' region to find 1ists. F--rn h ermore.l"'loGb JlJ.c'Garde'n in gcc o m t9 .e'l(. n" a..__ ..i.c8'basa ~'t 'agS'tf)'tM:.d~ oyster s\he.g. begin to think about your garden . '~.L..ttlh.(1.'~t:ic m~y m!jg' __ ~ .1 ors :atS$o(:.' .'IF\! _~~ gwma'zed -."-.. Your den yea rs ago.Gord()n Ha:yward . beiee g"'''''!''1io. The N orrheast .o '''.n p ace where their suitability for the :3." Native plants.I~~ .e"Loe· _ and fiery autumn foliage (:01-.. dry air.'-'rh . and perenn ia Is is one ofthe ma] or 'trends In .lU.~~~rdenin.~~~'!iJ4r~'_ in'lG> i"1..[.. ".vides yOiU.£~ft t. ..10 cal son is pr-ovlen. T.t'Hta.e7le..iu(ilus South... !\Tativc .'':0"'.0 .' w.a.. :JI.'I ".:. "ve'r.O rigid.}.t h en see t h"e. materials.'"""ots Il~.::r\t!li'~1_'el(lfu:hier) trees ''" our g..H cTus:ke. paint id f' a hex si ex sl..u.ot Sanra Fe red geraniums in I~' ..JlJ' ~ ~ l~' shadblow (.A.g~r den is llfU]Lkea to:rntssu rroanodi UJ. they rein force a visual and felt. The Southwest is associated . ndstone'td'sand' Ca-ma. and yellow=seen through hazy. a nd ..Uwalltways' a'na a picketJ.ab.. .s 'i~~ n :thifl' Pacific N()ythwest" set' on steps in the garden underpin a sense of rhe history of the place. -'...f'ViTgini~ .ry h nas I with it.riUi$ilfit g.~.} crs=red. Each reginn ofrhe '.~ 'a.arden 'Ii. " .r o r g a.rag'f". orange. .': 50 definedb-f gce.:~ aen YOIU..!Il~~ _ g. natrve ~ in.nts Into a. 01' mt~ :llsture-'@vitlg p'.~spen$" ad'abe wall's" a'nd t'~ddy sttnd'st'O'ne in thie mo[. .. -I" i -.r.. Enter nat/rice pta. C.ra1.arden style s p..OiOF'.J1I~:~.plan'ts underpin a sense 0.' "-.!.' £IIi " .:.!~ in th~' Ttd'ewatfiT IfJP'ea (.:H" ..n].non 'ithte !!:. . PIa nting native trees. ~ to compete with sunl i8ht th at washes Iife from bland garden 'colors. .alplants. 'P " .~th re.. tb.'eatux. ~~gio~~J a~'Sl.rough bright. . ey:'ft ourisnt..-" ".'Uu:U ..y mid-April.'" " ... bl . -i).'..}~. . coasidere .'''j. '~.a. We planted a.t._. rru 'C'o.IlIL.d . and g.'.. Wh. climate and . with.} '1IT1i. u ~..d ..:r..~. shru bs.we'.:.. . If you live in Pennsylvania. location.en gras So bl ue s__ ky. nil· d to WI...w.lll. A.'-'. :":'.tZii'Iii"i. we see our shadblow '. Creati ng a ..[~Jon.' e 0" rUMor shed 0._~~~ for li]I. "iIUII. E n .t. a. . noom arud. :~.~·~. = iU.. . o rusty m Hk cans .fOlltm abloom in nearby woodlands.. youeglD to see your its 'm· design thinking changing away from cliches and towa rd something more dlee'.:!. _.i:n North America today.'''. reassuring sense ofbelonging.. " " -...

. this succulenr yields another SoU rpri se: :A. ry out and d between warerings. .g ~.-.." •.'..' ~_[V'...· ~n'p· '~I Iight Inside each bead so that h can harness more ene:ar:gy 'iltb1t()"ugh photosynthesis.neclo . water-storing orbs about the size and color of fresh peas.e '~-:'I ...eep we.1. the guaranteed .'1' . _ "1 J • -:- _".n. I _I.owe:rs. phosphorus and potassium.rela tive of the annual be dding plant dusty illlliUer.r. 0'"[ p. Just remember '[0 bring the plants in as the nights cool so yo~ don't miss 'chose fragrant. or vanilla.'-iI_.fl. '.h31n. or combined with other succulents :s. low' in nitrogen and high in a.!f}· QI ble-~d'Si·C(1.g of beads is elegant g.· ~J~JI[III!·""~IOU .e. +1' h I' [" [.: I~ ai' d I-I" "".g.m.of beads in fre1e=d. Take divisions..s·/:.cIee:p horizontally for a knob by...~.nd~)OI:S Of' out '-. .NT IT.nti ' .i[ uuh tie 'paJ.•• - 11'- ..tri n. -. I~. brush. Y mto t.~' drapes .]IlL .". The leaves of 'lois pfant.C·O.·. J" .. note that the plant is toxic if eaten) . or cuttings from your m ndoor specimen to use outdoors....~t"..•.a.. .ru.spri ng and fall=with an organic fertilizer.a:~'soaptly c.-N. ide aUy one: formu ared fOorsucculents. .~ sttnny in. .' . .9tS.. . 1 .~.- .ow~ing with..•.'. Posltion indoors i~-l .. -.=' s in. StTi:n. ~: .p'p...Wate'f dee·.' I' -..Q1:f southwest Africa.he ground to . plant ill full s. .IIlrL ~'"-Jt '~" . (For example.ertw lizer at one.In ·W~~nter. wit h a rich aroma suggestive of C]...g.-.~e d O~:.I hi t shad . ".~u].ance weren't enough."_ '1 Plant stri ng.r' o~t~tJOTS' in . string of beads is a.i Good conta i ner plant he first sight of string of . I.o.. Hardy 'to on:~Y'4·f·F" it is most o.. .-" .L..K.5 8 .· . .(II1"'S .. - .s:~mme7j ~~n ·~U~ Jid~ (W d'a:ppled S'hadie~Its op..Iv i over t h. .OV'~S~ cinnamon.IS roore d .r.. ' rame.As if its disttnctlve a.ji' .-shaped 'white flowers about vs inch long appear. - .cineraria)..e..."_ ...1"... They're arranged along a th .hal f to one-quarter the suggested rate.. ' '. -'I . ".rOlwn.n stem that runs horizontally or spills OVIer edges. like seasonal cookies fresh from the oven. "_" 'ill Unusual lealves lIi.'. . w.aH. a south. ".r den 1. of peas-e-are . ...g~~:[e~ stem cuttings or individual lay -.ain.~ ~.g.fleshy. ': In m.i]j IIJjl ~LW--l~ 'Y.s-.A. ~ . .' -: -: I ".]I l~~ ii.'ii'jo+..h~n as a houseplanr.. (Though they look edible. mIX .::0:..[.·. • '.. ed -P ot itln.rp05'e organic t. winter blooms! -Laurel 'Varan 1 •.-.o r har j. Look closely at each ball -shaped leaf to notice a thin translucent stripe .a'. .y 1 :-." • I: "'. w~buj'owJ. 'but it can go outdoors in..e. '.~ .g SIO~rul. • . _g110wnindoors f.ed into .or west-facing 'w"" ndow. over. . '-!III "I" . jade b eads.f!.g basket.a...p~Yj let the $oi~. in summer . . su In mer.g."_ TI · 'I-rIng St ····d r: 0fB ··.A--..1I f·a ~'] .ar.y5is.(Se.•. t h e SOl·t '0 aare ~. quirkygroundcover. 1eaves on top 0.m.J' U"V~LlI!'ir~C-tJ ~:il'.s€pwnt in~O..f.··.. strioe serves .odi h. "I"m-d:. T--h.ntal:nel .n(:ea ye...To prop\a. ~-. printed OJl the package might read 0-3-:1~)Or use' ageneral:pu...:&1.'l ant :It 'd'" e'·. . . n g V' 00 l _ .amd-. ':' I ". U·!f!r'. m:re'ct. - 1 - I >.-..n be gr-own as ko~.. .u" .. .£-.un or dappled shade F errilize only t w." - . -.••.. '-. .ledstrin. t:..'J'.A native .• .a.. Fragrant flowers .P.'beads cascading over the rim of it pot will call to mind a jeweb"y box.. ~I :20 0 r g a 11 i eGa. 1-' • I -: " - '-"1 r. :$/0 10~n a .r.':.o.

us. Wo.e Bradfield Organics" fertilizers.gainst :it~.Seed. the soil feeds your plants" just the w~y nature can caunt an The secret to lush 'lawns and vibrant plants is fertilizer that feeds the soil naturally. becomes. Not A. Brad fie ld Organics® fertilizers. the more beautiful life.eem I 800... "WW'W.I. the longer you.Remember.'64 . are safe for your seedlings and children and pets too .rking' with Nature. You feed the soil and.9 . bradfieldorganics. .

reduced 'work hours and wag'es..! .I''a..iFltS \1..g.over. savings. while costs for fuel. Those 'who manage our country's . :~..'1-' system.y assume that .' CO' "'M'.. .. ano ·b···. ..ment food P'l!" .".)" ..ergency food system 'would like us to know that that belief is unfounded...J '~ __ ":UN-' D .' . e know. 'MO'" ····-N· G"'-" _: _. The curren t recession has crested or exacerba t.... ..erlca. .. ._ .~·IL\. and ·':es no wonder maury pe ople are f .shingt![)n and m n srare capirals across 'the (~O'un-trythreaten eo make those . and groceries continue to rise. .backward problem here In the land of plenty.g.. is .gl" '..".I .~ "i' "'·0'''. or think 'we:know..-'' _ . incl uding prolonged unemployment.'_.' c balancing austerity measures being discussed and im plemented in 'W~.ed fi nancial ~prles~ s:ures.. gaps ...··.m.kin..0.. .in.r' ~ struggling to keep food on the table .Ue ..•. deman d .) '. and the numbers are S'C' 11rising. shr.( us who are "food secnre'<-rhe 'USDA"s Wil:~lof describ ~ ~nghouseholds with access '1['0 enough . And we believe we're to a.i """....' .111.'.. -. " . Ff1edi:ng America.·:: au d :3 ·. U"rited Staees :C' .e:mierg'ency sources..'.. health care...'.d'.conom. ..'. hur 'iell!nes~ and the IGt~' oil dis aster. . !I!. . nowever.~ i'" e. au.. ..'..I .There are'... 0:" ·~··'i :_.cha:rlly in iij-In. .'. "11"1 : . .j.":h'-:t. f.. d _ge~nere .. 1... the . . 2.lS.' ne Ul e.imreo rates.""''-''V-'-'~i' :. d nu .ms for the needy j~ls(t' as .. '.'iI" domestic hunger=reHe:f..+-.y s: .em.[ .uJf ..... In r te -. .4u percent increase m cuents betv netween '~'O'···0·.-.g~'plSwider byrargeting pro.. .··m.R"O" -.. f'f :r'1'.g: retirement . Those a . II.".. children) now' receive at least 'p3.' '.tt:" .'-. scphistjcared to have such a.:. " :" ll'b" " .rl! of their food from . . rams come to the rescue when the' e.g .! and home foreclosures. Add the des traction wrought by floods romadoes..:~ A:." " '. . ratters . .n. whar hunger Iooks 1ike. saw a ..'··:·._.(" ..1(..

.ng and dean.friiend~yf'armi.-. Igj:~a.N'e. F lorida ( :rys:tailis u til de rsta nds the iI mpo rta nce of rnak ing a posit i \Ie.-..' ..e eco~. pro d ucts an d·l.ty .1 l!rlA-...:.e take pride in our quality'b~n on your skin. .~ •...] IU ~icei'ifS'e' by Distdbliltar. renewable -F2'nergy prod ucti on.C_YClAILE -. @2CHO D¢m. Corpo~atiOll1.•. .a nii c an d Nlatu raI Su ga rs a re th e fJ'ii n 0 rst American suqa r prod ucts to bf.: PACKAGIN'G '.• nus .we rna'! nta II n 9 reen b -ness pracnces.. cane suqar .. Ia'St~ g ilm pact 0 n ou r ·CO..11..' " RE. Scoopa teasp con or two of th e·scrub 0 n you r Horida[~I~ r.-. . ~' co nta iirner with Ir d Co m b ine' ~IIIIof the.. .. iN5t P~hr£lB:each.r 1 cup veqeta all e oi II ail from 1 vitamin E capsule 1 -0 r 2: drops. Mix before US! ng. Flo rl da C rysta ~s@ rg...Ii . i~'gred ierrts ina medium bowll untill we.mmQj nit es amd t he wor~d n around us. ~ f act.W. C:arbonF~is a regl5te~ 'II...4 0.yli! -n . transfer mlx Into the conta in€r an d secu re!Hrlark of dte F.C• . Using a spatule.e® certified by (arrbo nfu nd. 1 CLJ P FIend a C rysta Is@ N atu ra II or o rQ a ri lc :Su ga.' " ·N...4 ~ u~ _00· . 0 rg .... d --fur "-~!!. . ._ . I·k au r ..rl1C_ .. ~jstf..ifll) hands and gent~y rnassaee in circular m oti ens o nto 'wlet ski n~ lelBve· on for 3 to 4 minutes hefo re' thOfOUg hlly ri RS ~n 'with warm water The scrub g willi tj.F~334'012.ll blended.I"JI! w. of esse rntia~ -0 i II lave nd e r or ora nge it 1 t 16-e:z..··· al Cane atur .. C ontents willi set-de..[I.·..oFg iii .. -•....ired uOO'ema' of Fb'ida Crystals... " .1fJ...4 t'l-O_ • "ttl. Ca rbo nFre..

serv·e. k h f b '.{'lom/p.1 .~ sidies for corn and soy. ."..he . an!! using the i!. At a ti me when '4.a.eharvest.!" p. ill l !!II I • it ' ill And rhe problem goes beyond the relatlvely small number of people who simply don't getenough to.J r-ommu""-+'I. .po.rdm!ing.. n g V 0 R_.Is spelled during t·ra.lvan'ia.)1 •. . ~h. . n 1.h~.1le. gardeners The locate ya. bad weather and Pf'st . __ ~~.~ I'"' '~I"'I ." ..O 'L.ri.[\fcog1nize the: second" since it sometimes takes on the paradoxical d isgu ise of obe.. .orei:n. ~'!.J'. ga rd eners have donated rno re than 14 mi IIron pou nes O'f herbs and ve-geta bles 't h rough th [s program to he Ip 'feed the hungry . C~"n their stomachs to prevent starvaeion=but rhei r diets are centered 011 calorie-rich but nur rient-p 0 0[' processed foods.". ". Iowa.5 8 .. ! :.eptl.g11tag.elp i~ Un1dt'ed. I ~.either. '.G··R·O····U'-ND .····· .1 nd 'i n neighborhood pa r ks and arQund schoo Is and co m m un ity s he liters to a or""w--..).affordable food.g_" ''d( "_' ~~ ~.. 'II Com m unity groups such BISscout t roo ps and 'fa~th cOflgregat~ ons me i ntai n gardeners WD garden pilots devoted to raising tood for donation.""0.govlhea1thytoods.severyday citizens.ght in our halck some: is discarded because') although p. and sou p kite hens... since these foods are often cheaper.J.l~ 'croll""l~ '.. il nize t W.eeding:Cr. :_.. 'iii Many small food pantries can't . sponsored by the Garden Write rs Assoclat ion _chal ~Bng€S gardeners to grow extra produce 'for food banks. is this.. CO""M' M' O·······-N· ~ I.and nat i'Ona~Ievel are g. we spend mill ions.llngry~ ":Ii'ilflild' wh ere l~ . f.-.' F2M" me rs' markets a re ~ ncreas i rlgly accept i ng SN A P cards as a fo rm ~Jf payment.. fi~.affices of the USDA. she lters.go' to Org.Lw.'t.of 'm:bem he to recognize th e secon d e '.1fEy.s\~.:!I! gamen.~.. to • GIea n ~ng eelrnpa igns like F Dod Forward (lD ootorw» rd.a. we: can 'd0 eve WImoree 'tvre can • w .'0'" 'U r '-O-"W' '[1 'I'.. Vo Iunteer he Ip may be aval Iable 'from su rp r15.He some is most to... '£":'00'.rt.ivitr. ~) . " tlh'~ rJi'Y 'ncre" '-Q!0 v. Corpondron 'for can help. org/seven ~st€ps~snap-ebt· manke " '. the k. .ey manage to keep euou. youth under the suoervlsion the Lehigh Cou ntv j uveni IIe probetlon cepa nment lea rn ga rdel1 i ng s ki I'~ from the pi'enn 5 State Ma. :24 0 r g ani (} Gar d €..IlL.ster Gardeners who rnemtaln the' food balnk.. I.r. -:-' 1·. [0 h..may recognize t h. . ".and handling.T~he .s'ru. -. SInce It.LIl-~.e'lF._'!.. - .lIJ. for example. esity.1 iricians a re proposing . . . ·1" chen 'f"Ii' e .F. Nationa! & C'Onlmunit~l Service.]j.of' fresh fru i'~and vegetables each year" Then.ol1). tJL . sense-« th. . S~nee 1995..miidst of' bel ng. it 1:'1 10'O. At the Second Harvest Food: Han k of Le high Va IIey and No rth0" east Perhnsy. .l1ic ' Gt:f. '". 'we can hemp connec ["those who have excess food with.. i_...ished p-r{)g. .I !:. .erfectly . Ample Harvest ( 114J1l. U.a.ity food distrihurinn s-YS[lems' work" when our p 0.Many 'Of Alne:rm.. 'I.ed m.en.- - :. :-'.3JI. - - Plant a Row 'for the Hungry.0 mi Ilion Americans are enrolled in SNAP (the Snpplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. W~~.n is . 1 .org) offers an onllne "virtual bulletin board" connecting growers with excess produce 'food ba rjks 't halt accra pt it.caJ.f not on:ly food.."" 1 Hunger and overconsumption are simply two faces of malnutrition. divert' some of our abundance ~w:ayfrom the waste stream and toward hungry people .s'j]J'i:n~!tru.g).rds.~n festations in. C fieated (se:e '~.m:ay recognize the. the field a nd some. those who need it" by tak ing the 'time mber 10:(' ways we 'rall h.rity and acc€s s to c u Itu r al ~y a pp ropri a te and nu~rltio U 5 fa ad.or Publ ic Spaces.l !.of '[he waste" .I' .J . _" . .''v' ! 'v '.. Co' '"l iQI V .tion that harms the h.-N"an'cy Rutma1~' Healthy Foods initiative ftt United We Serve (the.We can help ensure that they hav..~.ea..leni.S' shown the h an d s upervis e' a donation ga rd en. And consumers are g'U~ru1tyof'buyin~ and diseardi ng 'tons. many e $:trnl]~'~. sometimes takes on tie paraed oxica Id rsguise o: 0.- :-t"" ".first o but (:aUto ..e-ng p'ILl b'le ."~'One of the' most fr u.~ g-' 'W' sredG i"rirl'·nl'!'Id" 1·i"'Nlg~. crops and the 'Portland Fruit Tree Proiect (porUandfnJjto~g) o rgan lze crews of volu nte ers to resc ue fruit and vegetab I8. . never makes it from farms.lI WoQ! .i ng S~)U rces.. There's a large . formerly known as food stamp's}" bil lions of p ounds of food. - -.bme... .ough fo od 'but enough ffiesh~ :nutrltio[] S':i . ':.i se fu nds to bILlY coolers fo r these t hey have no mea ns 'Of'sto ri ng pantries: ~f'i the rneantime..A.e fj" rrst but £.l//flgrj' in 'ft..ys. Most have hea rd of t h'e vegetab~egard@ns at the White. avai Iab Ie If you r loca I m a rk.g.r ru n1:agi nJ. fi nd out how to encou rage ~tto beoome . _\ ' .g. H aU59 and the . For those on the front lines in the :6.' . (Federal ..tion. '.r.roup! of' A mericans whose fo 0 d choices are lim ited 'by their budgets.s:m.eUirig involv€d growing 't:oocl.offer fresh produce to their clients because it so cl ients are Iiim ited to can ned and d r i ed otferi ngs.m~y never be J.'ces f easy so[utions~ isn 't 0 n e of them.g:e'f and overconsu mprion are simply 'two.eats problems seem.a'ting fac its.. eat. 'On ny·by O'u. Gove rn m e nts at the IDca I" state./! nIT 'food secu.ndothers ~u'ein 'it.tions. Experlerced may try rk r ng with the loca I too d ban k or sou p kite hen to e s.5 left behi no afte r are harvested. ··1·····-· •.'s garden.ey ingredients in many processed b fo 0 ina 'free pu 1011 ication '~rom the IProj e ct 'f.. til '.. or.ns..einVf'R't the wheel..~~l~ . .::..." to add insult te in ju IY. _ . (gardenwrifers./~ e&e v ! ~p'""i:IC~ in '. ~' l IP"lIMIL Fie e ding Creativity -------------------------------------------------------------------fj. learn about how our toe aill.i n es.ains." .ke Des Moines. - "'1'1 1'-'" -:-:.'c huuger shouldn't 'be one . -tD r down load .asp) sefvlice appo rtun ili e s or reg~ster a Dra j ect ~ thei r commu n~t. _I~~ 'Ll~ _ '_ ..ty:. help make this possible) flu n.' ~.§d'l. but citi. We: .."~right l' and .t :hung. 'Wll. We don~t:nee d to .t'} :for ~m. They .. Vi !'Iage Ha rvest (viJIageharvestorg). Commu nity group s co uId r a. to dispose .J J.~ it does not meet the' aesthetjc standards of :modern supermarket shoppers. orchards" and gardens 'to the dinner table. A isem zens _ _' . We ha.

.:"I]'f""F'~~ ~ . 0 ..ilJ. '\Vhite Flower Farm FreyWi ne."·I'. .' . II!!!I bell.-._ N' S· "~~t- l FREY Si'Ila!lg80 VI NEY.- ~£.' va I ueSi ' dry ~n !3lrlV setti ng. '" .' " rJ~lt with ~.ect k.".o··. en'~er~Cllill'il '9 iH' ~$.bulbs and economical collections make great holida.--.' ere e..r (] II (lges. pe1rf.'.lkwate r AI p a.--~ -------~------------~--------~--HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE. .) G:ifts! teet comfy a..veri. . mention Source Code '".'I ." ~ rn~e e WLl__ .:in. ~ -...D S..are rna de " 'ko m su pe r soft AJ pa ce fleece.' "."IU'. on Hn./ 6> . . ith . Hollda I Gift .. .. Please order online' or call us at I ~80~""S03=96..&::_1 J -.4 .". i' 1 '~jmletcpoo videos of your pICij~I'S.8'~' .Qlrg:"ani1c... TH~S HOLliDAY ..corn 0'.:n:· O. _-. Am.····.RESOLUTION 'The Best Amaryllis for Stunning 'Winter Displays 'Choose from 50 varieties of top-quality. < -- r:(IJ" tlifJpi.s deo~ on O~I'~ l._nfj" I..e:~ fOJ o rder yo Uif s oc k s a t ere IE!! kwa 1t~ rp ITed UI ClS. '.0.' ... l..e.~ ~ .. ~ il. as well as the office send. i'ng rllGH .lapse: F Pian'~am olllJ'lomcrlicallllfy $iOO. }? Outd 0 (II r Soc ks ...~_~_':. _ I ".AR.'/ ' :. 'i'!'!!.' .24 and... ' r IS' of ~..CB -& ..-' 8 " .ll·~GI1!" '~~ . Famlily .1 &.11'.'!. --'!III Add 6 d __0 ..AX922. or 5:oftwo~e. III pre-potted . ne·eded" 1nh flu fIl/ ed ueeflenel ond ~s. _ .[_e'. Wok:~ OIn El'nti re QlrO'wi'ngl mC! Her of ~I~fdd (] in tOO~S'1 Wifl~5.)'. 3 .: .' I.htlOJI' fln the $~all. O" r r ~ -rvll ~'s'~ .._ .n Cf\ea:tes. shipping is "C I TIMEtAPSE I WEATHE:RPRClOF induded)...M. .. '9···.:.i~i_'I' billltfifol ~ iflJe...Ji~ '. _.r.ftfl/PhI ().m. Coulnpaafj ~ fr~e: ICatllo.JlilatyUi8.. lJJuJP." 7.r~: . '. I .. • I !Ii'" .~ .ir. op' w_·· th ese...o~·· .SEA._.' . . merchants and support their commitment to sustai nabi l'itYI c. ' .t. ooml . and the world wle all share. by giving gifts that celebrate organic . No " .u'd1l..Am ~LI ~~. how-to AlnmryUi..$(:i. . erow . 'S'"h·· . easy" -eo ..!J 1 Y URGA I T~me.:" d .t O~(!:nic 1AVi ne. e ~I FIll Us e C cade ORGA fiNe for Fre e S h ippl n'g Call SjJI.. ~d£ts to 3 addresses for $99 (standard. ~l. '"!a~ch short.SON.'i~.~~~" ~s'gl!!aranteed~ w'hlb~flowle'r&]'m. beat' oue hells.' '..' 'a ~'fGt-ee" .>::IIV'~ . rnl nules 001' seconds.:'7 3. and garde~n s.Ji iU.y gifts for friends and family.7. USA.-P...IIC··:··''i!ca S' 1s.oaJ~!Jfinn&... show your love for family and friends. "I. ". They' II kJ~e yuu r p _..ctmfmd m Maine".L Y V~I[J '1.. (U./Jerfod HfililllJ.

flfsslu'e <coulter ._ L .o frnm id. BI~ SC:·CUf€ with the wisdom Irma Rombauer expressed in the :aI94!!b' edition of 'The.~y" pre:s s. n13Jl'V' . . water boi ls at ::i.igh pressu re. to 611.C'[ it ing a YleD render for if? Or pork ribs that are falling-off-the-bene in.y is._ L'_ Cookin "'Ig-. . This not onm.' . .'.. Thougb pressu re cookers are ICOU1monplace in ld.'.e'mad.ft.a.'.~. but.B~t .€. ma. {t'nd 'Ve:g'e'tabkSo~pi=a luslty a'nd 1"ustic m€ is a gadget on the market that permits a cook to scoff .k$.• ~ ~ _1< .ap.rJtdesigned.' '. It is . foods fiber breaks down quicklyj cooking in one-third the standard cooking time..Boo'n·.ingi'~~.I quake 'r n fear when the ph rase pnes:.. leave the flame turned UPi and accidentally g'O our eo walk ]ido.'P··R···O·-··'V-D·""""""E-NT C·: 0""'0""'K' . to pulse racing. .ien.'. . ooo. . _'. r ·'·'···. when pressure-ceoked foods tend.' ~.u n tder P' ····'···'·rt·.~T071N!.t-1:!I'. .:' .. ". .'.. .g. ow . _.'.d. ] n essence./I~..abO'~t being able to savor lenti 1 soup some 20. ..And~l nlike food zapped in u a mieI'OWQVe"pressure -co oked meals can treat you to a.' .Joy (}f'C:~()l:.'\·'e·'···'"Si'···'.~-bo<-wl~i's l·-oody in (Dnly ~bQu:t 30 m~~. ~ 1."_i.. So how exactly how' do :pressuJrecookers perform their sp eed.Bartey~.. -.tehens the 'world over.. The good news is this: Since Lucille Ban infamously let hers blow up on 1" Loue Lu. And with.. .~y.. a.. . . > . . elefficient and lecoff. even if you. so~p wil~~flU you'r ktrnie w~:th . ..~nd' ~at't.".ure cookers have been.3 mere 'I)' minute s? Such t~tpi(:allylong-cooking fare can g. So take heart."igntd cookers.~umerous backup mechan j sms will n =. .-all~'ct~. auromarical ly release excess pressu re rher builds up inside the vac uum-sealed p ot.U'f'6' cooker is uttered There's j use someth ing about that rattl ing IPressure g~. •.Lorn'a Sass (~f)ntilmlfJd (J1J p-a:p' 21) Lima. the newly des...t'he thic. .'~ ~_' '_ \' get a. .gj(:?' :i\rorrnally..:._ .' •. I' .l horne with warmth.. mi nutes after .J[ 2~F"but once a cooker is up to h. rich hom.3.. water boils at 24itP" At th is higher-than-normal boiling point' temperatu re. k .3 boon to busy' cooks. pressu re cooker on the stovetop and turn up the heat._ I" .""/ '.it 's also fu.~'it time.f'a tOI plate In record thne 1:f yon set . .' . _ '. _. the new cookers are entirelyfoolproof And they~re p erfect for wintertjrne. .~S'······'··'~[Ur'····'e· '.._ •.. ... flavor rhat 's mnch more soul-sarisfying. .'U.

" . '. "1 '_ .Mu't!A.'n'i learn 41'Ote. -y A. f ROT EJ N ._ ..g.-._ ..SCALE .es 'lour eereal Measure - · '..tJJet~I'i19' I· S'urprfSIJ1f} j'.. slic... t)..y :started w._= _.p·'n'. as a» .ed' alA101l.'fA serne« .fel...S······.-I-f.·AN to the test pro. ~ __ ." 1/ ~j).' - .ds of" SlAleet yourself.. ~ .l1d get v=« da.. . .D.- !! UfJ? . ._ ..shi ®'o -'~A.Put GOt·E..J- ~o~~~ There J's $f).... ~ -p O'... _ _ - "'..v.ters. .N' cuea.' - . crulJ'chY dus. Plus.. at I:iJshl~(lJ'AI ... L1.o·••>fp·>\.

cooker to a cool burner) more 1~H. until the onions are' H. (If 1 (IS-ounce) can diced tomatoes.e91t2. Don't be tempted to stint on the initial 2 tablespoons of oil.ece'ss. soup cooks. the fl. chunks with 3" _I of'the olive oil in a 16'-'ij. s.en the timer goes off~ turn o:ffth..sJawly and the~lre' more d~'fflCllJt to c Iea 11.age the quicle-release.owner's manual that comes with your cooker.oo. and . and... o.iidJy~ In the II :1 pressure 0001rer" . Stir well as 'y'Ou add the final tahlesp Don of. silt down for a minute and check the. It retei 15 for about $100 and is arvai Iab I9' in some cookwa re s hops and 'from various onl ine so urces (see kurmrikon com to r more etectn c cookers because they n! programrnable. Rodal'e kitchens intorrnat i on). with the back of . It~s ery v important to learn howto lock and unlock the lid.Add[ tbe onions and.'P"R"O"~r-D"E-N'T -O-I. ····0·· "'K" ". he best ..tablespoons beans for doneness by cutting a few i:11. the. '. set the' timer for 12 minutes (om' . . LOW'6rthe heat enough lent cooking requirements than large ones-no presoaking :req~iIled.. CIO" ."Wb. stir Pressure Points lii Before you hit the stove running.. Be sure to use' baby Iimas.TId ~s. sliced COlrrJJ._ I I". r d e·n l.i Eli j'k'()n l!iCO: .e heat and let the pressure 3 ribs celery.Marb blend using' an electric cooker. ~. LiO'0_..'~ (ahou t 20 min utes on an electric burner). 'nclud~ng juice 1 JA teaspoons dried I taJian .iki -gfc . foaming of'the beans and barley as they cook under pressure.yremove the lid.Uflrt or larger . t:Uting it a:w:ay' from you 'to avoid a! ~H)llJlp vlery 1 Bailey and lima beans make this colorful *sman oesr! barley stems thfnJy sucea." Place the carrots on top.-. . to recognize when high pressure. re.0'.. {~·elliellty cook over me dium-high heat. . Season to '[aste 'with salt and enough bals amie vinegm' to sharpen.. a. After the soup is. to taste 1 to 2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar % cup grated Pa'rmesan or Romano cheesB~.i nce eventua 111'thei r motors burn out :28 0 r g ani a G a.onions 6.2".e . II II 4~ Add the kale ]e81'v[es and press them. thick texture. 3' tablespoons oUve eng. place and bring the cooker up to high pre SSUIe a luscious. is reached.1 n~_.) 1 cup dried baby Jima beans Very c~:re._" 'J. l!o'r la. 9 Divide among 6.15 minutes if using an electric cooker). _ L/_ hearty and give it 5.cups low-sodiun11 vegetabfe or chick. leaves coarseJy cup 1 bunch ka/e'r chopped' 4 Jarge carrots. A ltho ugh 111any people are drawn to an d fQul~d tna t t~e Swis's. dfvided lJh cups coarsely chopped . into the liquid.R bow~ '::at the table.II I M[eaty'va:riatioD.Lock the mid in._~er '.oil. rt ten the difference between the ii natural release and quick release 'Of pressure.' n' "s1 U. . I'ce 0 or y' .m'~ I _ n__.a:VOI'S.' _ -. 7. Iarge spa 011. (Cut them in half crosswise. rat. '. be aware that they cook more . And they are n at as 10ng~ I lasting as stove top mode 15. Gamish each P()t:IE:JiOfi 'willi a generous 1 " sprlnkling of cheese and serve the' remaining cheese in . Check the Salt..:. 1.g-hUY' browned.bowls. V _. 8~Slice the c arrots into.en broth stovetop. if I1. ~_ ___ _ ~ __ tte o"Uer~d t. '" _ . half They 0'010'f should be one throughout.1 .5 8 .-·made. '!: to maintain the pressure at high (usually a simmer).fuU.t'v''' I.. let while the. n g V 0 l..a:ry~litofrt.s toveto p Ku htta I. (If using an electric 4. If the beans aren't fully' cooke d. whi!rn have differ.tirriling frequently.B. about 10 minutes.any remainase 4 cups wa'ter fungpressure by setting the cooker under cold running water. move the. simmer the: soup uncovered a few minu tes more until done" Iong kn ife.: Fry' chicken Oil' turkey sausage sl ices :in a skil =. grad u..·C·:· iker? We tested verlous cookers in the.i _I steam bath.S down naturally. trimmed and scrubbed Oeave whole) if desired .) 'jl [I .. al i t' .




Holiday Recipe Contest
,an,d''the winners are..
Gra.nd. Prize and winner of an.. ll-expenses plaid a trip to Rancho La Puerta Resort in Baja" CA_:

idith ,U_It


'.erma,n.-xama,,-a, ·ort:UI.n ..,· -'R", B", .. --" .. ,,' 'V,. -. «la ··--d·' : O'
'p' '.• -.



...• ~

11 I!! lUlUlll1 I111ml111111111111111mlll 11111 !1IUUIII! 1IIIIIIIIIIInmI11l11U1111111111111111111I1[1! fIIIIIUlIIIIIIIIL1111IUUlI!! 111111111111IIUtlll 111111111 I1II11U! 111U1llli 1 IIIHIIII II! 1111rI! IIIIIIIL

Galrdene'ir's Seasonal Comp,any Gal,e _Ie
3: ta bll,e:s.p'C10lnIS011 ii\iH~~ II oii 3 ... CIUIIP·S of a eo mlb irJJ,aUo'!i1 ,of d ii·ted ,4 sease na II veget.a b~es such as on ion, ,ga 1"'1ie., ea rro't I' sqlu,ash i:nd c,s:I@,Ii':, 6 ...,8 ell ps, C03IfJi:s,e lil" c h Q'PIPed kall e ~ s.piiiilal·ch or other sea,so!fllalll g'ree'lil S i 4 'hJjb~!esIP"0111 S of a 'C:'OII11 Dli Iil ~:d.i of IOn COBlrSIE! II~I' h ii)1[P e d 5·8,a510 na II fresh c P h erbs, sue til ali palrs,lle, 'til "mlie" Ir'OSlelml:alry'~, sage,!, basll, .sav,o,Il'Y en" mila Il'j ora m Sea sal t ,an d fres til Ily"glrOlund IbIlslcik peIP-p,e 11' 'bj taste 2: ta bll,e.51!l!OOII1S IB:ob's IR"ed M i~ 'W'1nl oh! I w'hej~'1 IP\a:sb'y' "IIGu'li" ll.l:2 IC:UP s,tu"',ed dl,d P~Irmesa n (::111 esse 3-4, eu ps mashed plO~a~oes",'Yl1Ikt:Hl GIf)Id Ho mema de cru st (s,ee ree i'p,e b,ellow,) P,iIP,riika and pars!,ey' to .garniish

4\0 Fa ld edges of dough over vegetab les iriC ILid ing the potatoes to su noun d the fii II ing not cover it. Ba ke r n preheated oven fa r 25-30 m ins" Rotaite pan and ba ke a n Q na I 20 -25 m iI'iI utes, unit ill c rust iis go lden aroun dI edges a nd bottom C rust seem s i,i rm, GiJa ish 'W nt h chopped rn pa rs h3Y. Cool 10 111 in utes, Cut into wsdges.

Rus,tiii,c C:riWist for 'Galett,e
'1/:2 cup B olb's, Fh~d ,M; m wh,o II@'wh e,at
pa s;t ry 'fiI,o'I1IIr' .1/2 c,up Bo,b~s Hied MiiII~corn flolUlr ,1 ,t at bles p eon ,gra I1Ill1 bIte d s,Il,iI·.ga.r'

1/2. ,cup Bob'~s Red MiiU WI1b leached



First place and winner of a
Chef's Package including a IO-piece Wusthof Classic Ikon Block knife set:

1/:2 tea s·nl!O n sea Il'"

:5,31 lit:

,S tab I e'5,pcNl ns iOlr,galnii,c Va II e,~y UIJI$8 Ite-dl b:lJl'iter'!, e iii n Ile'd a.n d curt ., t ,. IIIn Jil' pll e,c:e's, '1/2 e u pi [) rg',a:n iie "tall ~'IY' SOIU r cream +- ll2 C111 iiC~' wate rim j'xe,d1 t'D,ge·tih,e;lt P

Brett Youmans, Reading, PA
Kissed Cornmeal Shortcakes with Balsamic Strawberries & Heavenly Ha·ney Cream
IIIUII IIJill lit I II IlIllIlU IIIUIIII~! I 1111111111 1I.1II1ff!!lUlllrtlll


:1.. Pre heat ova 111 to 400 degrees,

Gho p vegs·t a bl e san d prepare mashie d


Com hi ne til e 'fllou mil' suga r a n d sa I't in the bow I of a food pro cessc r: Pu Ise a 'few Urnes to b Iend. Add butter a nd p u Ise u nti ,I m ixtu re resern bles coa rse mea I" Wi~t:tn the machine stil I runrllling~. s..lowly add the
SOIJl r cream/water

!IIIIIIII IIUUlIIllJmmtlllJUII!Ulllmllll!


2,. Heat nil in a ]2'~·inch neavy bottomed pain and saute vegetables 5-7 minutes or unt~i tender, Adell herbs, seasonings and chap p ed gree n s b) pan, C over ,8 n d cook 3 rnlnutes to wi lt, Unco'V!8'r and sprinkle with .2 T whole wne,a;t_ pastry Hour... Stir w'le~ I"

u nt i~doug h form s rno ist c ~ ps, 'Remove urn m ixtu re from processo r bowl, for m Ii nto a ball and 'flartten into a dis.k. Wrap in p last Ic wra p 'or wax:ed pa per 81nd ch I~I tor
at I east
0 ne

rn I xt u rEt- Precess j IJl st

hour or

ove rn lght,

Second Place and winner of an Anolan Ultra Clad lO-piece Cookware set:

3,,. IP repare crus t: accorc ~ to re c,1 pe ng
below, and roll into a 14 inch circle .. Place onto a Ilghtlly oiled baking sheet or pizza pa n. S pre ad cooked veg'~hl bl es even Iy over c rus t, ~ Ing 3 ii nc hes O;W d (,)ugh eav on alii sides. Sprinkle ]/2 CU~ cheese ave r the ve·g'eta 0,1 S m oct h 'mashie d es. potato as ave. r ,t h e 'fi II I!ng r 0 r; us ing it pastry ba,g pipe potato es deco raJti ve ~Y"

Jenn"fer Beckman, Falls Church, VA
Roasted Mushroom

Panz,anella FOR All W'INNIING

R'ECIP'E.S VIS,IT o rga nn~_a~d e'n~llg.cD'mlreclpeeentest

Top with paprika.






·,M···.·· WHO.'· aeso .;:,



«(!I},~,~J,lul-edfl'o'm.1)'(tg~-Q) J

Prepa re extra bath. salts and ,gWvethem as gif ts ~presented in. cellulose bags ,vim:·h
natural twine ~hand-sewn 'bags of colorful material, or pre'it'ty recycled-glass ~ars. Ma.klng ,and U·s, :O,ath Sa~.ts, "Healing Combinatioes," bel ow, presents '~·Wm ple 11,.~ ~,. ~ lU=, thera P;IJii,U !j-·~rbath sales formula ,iIl:'f-, r ~«I~~~, 'Choose at single 'type of salt or blend two or three from the Iisr "Salts for Soaki ng" on pa,ge ,30. The clear crystals of Epsom salt and the natural pink shades ,of'H,3waiiia.n,
~~ !...__ '_








I~;P-r-:!ll ,~!ILr!I!:IIL

- ,~a .. '. p'lIi"'"o d-I 'le'~'- b.~Ja'u' It~f-'"rI!'i 1- r'e-- 1:'1111 ~. ~t. :,_ - -. - -1- -"
~ =:-J " .II!.

1'1 L

'-. ,....

I "'-...






..... ,;!!,



Start'.asu.r.i:ng the salts :rn nita a gl~s.s or stainless-steel bowt Add the essential oil, adjusting the amount for a. Iighter or

s'tron,g,er scent. Mix fhorough~y, Sri r in the herbs" reserving a. fe:w {or decorar ·'onif y,QU wish, Pour into ,3 pint ja r, Place the reserved herb sprigs or petals on 'top of the salt before seall ng,the jar, The amount of 'bath s alt used is a matter 'Of preference, fOLf a hea rty S03),k" use the
entire jar, Pour the salts mntu the flow' of water to mix and d issolve the sale errs tals, Relax and soak .. -,Bile,en' 't%insteiger

Bath Teas
Combine herb leaves, flower pe .als, and roots ,ora nothe r satrsty i ng way to relax in the tu b. To

pre pa re the herbal ba th tea. p lac e ab out 2 cup
0' fresh or dried heres In a cheesecloth
_ __ .


bag or

Invieo ,:ra,t~IO.ln-H;O;'!'Ji,d-' ac 'h' ie·:
_~ . ~ ~ " 'l!i.rg. _ g.

_ _,.,


and lndilgestion

or 1. tables 1'00115 dried calendula petals

m "'1 lIi, essenn "' a m O~~, w,

nylon stocking.

Place the bag sa warm watsr

cups salt
~, = =

,4 to 8 drops pf'p!p-" rminr e

salt ,.;fl to 8 drops lavender "'iIi" _. essential oil

a mixture of the two) lor 2 tablespoons dried lemon verbena leaves

nows 'through the herbs. as the tub fills: ailow
the contained herbs to contmue soal~lngin the

bathwater Try these herbal combinations
said lo

that are

essentsai .or , O't Z table s,po()ns d ried
., m .,]

COlld.s and Flu
salt 4 to' ~,drops sop earrni nr Of, rosemary essential oin (or a In~ ure of the two) xt I or 2, tablespoons dr ied mint and orega no leave s or

have therapeutrc benefits. .. For headaches: be e b a Im l eaves.
lemon ba Im J eaves

rosema ry leaves
,D,eJrln~:ti.tiis m: up salt c
. cup ~':pso.m salt ~ cup baking soda. 4- to .8 d tOp's lavender essential oil


or :1 'm:ab.~,espoons dried
lavender' ,Row·ers and
rosebud s

• F,or'dermatitis: calendula flowers. E ch ~na.cei3 root. e Idar IIowe rs • A,nt i-in~1 mab)ty: grated g i nge rrcot. am
fresh ginkgo leaves
• To reduce stress: lavender flowers,

Sore Muscles
salt 4- tc 8 drops wintergreen
2 CUp'S

rose rna ry Ieaves • F or ilndii.g't$,~ilon~, ill m


leaves, grated gmge r root

,32 0 r g a n i 0 G a


d e' n 1. n g V


l , .5 8 .;1

Pr,QV1en if) attr'8ct lmora birds in yo,ur rlegion~ ,SDnyb~kds '~lhe':ire').u!s,ight. to Hnid "o,od, U~H~ and d~fferle.nt sIP\eC]liS pnefer dlliffer@!nt. gitaln,s,. Kaytee',& Reglion,al !BI'endia are mixed te m~alk1e'~hamml~,r'f:'V;lsl'bFe.~ makilrig ~t 'ssief far 'the b~o:kyard b,ilms 'YtHJ l~ve to ~Ilnd,the seeds they hJlve:~ These nl~W Re~lofl,al~ e EUendcg ,"": ···--·I···· ....'"~'I!~'-I'-I'~/d,--ri,·~··I···,-·,. t--'l>+;~...l'·, "-d-II-' pro'v,en, 1~0a'- t-t-----,.,--'t-. -~-" -. b·,',.J:-·~· )',UUf I~e~er. 'W' "'-,~1..,1:I; '~t',-S . ,f,2M~:, more '. ~,ruS to ~illeUIII~r, I h ave b..een so emmca J ." ever ope:d (j8Sl:e,U. anc -"I_~ Towhees ~n CaJifomia! Of CaJd'inals In M,affUle~ your regiional ~avn,r:ites·'wi'~i'fifld irreslstib~e!V~U: us' iat k,ay~,e,e.cQlm "',Based ,~ resul'l§ G! tr&J :(es's. m KAYffE!' Rf¥.IioRa-l,~JffNids'S ~fJ!'l~slW''3c-k. ;$~lflfow~ ~erJ~ad ,~lhm;,nOJ/..regi(thal blends". f!}f1'







'ndi~{1flJ ftl$jJlIiS Will Y8f1rf~ W (ooal ~fivironm9IilE!t Mct&;ts ihiJfath'flg bim miGlrfo'fffulMd1;loolriB~,t;M~ le~i{j, i~iJ~$C,M'jn(r6(fQ' ri6~th~t.

wo ye, ago, Niki Leondakis and her husband , renovated their home, In Sonoma, California .. For mspiratioer, it'hey tu rned to a hotel. Fi.ft·y· of t hem, actually, Leondakis is pres idenr and chief operat ing officer of Kimpton Iotels & Restaurants, a collect~on of b outiq ue hotels acres s che country, But it wasn't design ideas the-y were cribbing. Ir was eeofriendly ones. 'W·.h.e:tberIr's using nontoxic cleaning products, or design .'n,g,a L,EED -certified hotel, Leondakis and Kimpton are leaders ,in the movement to make the .lodging industry more sustainable and I~)rg,awic travel ~ 'widely und.e:rs,tno d concept, An ourside :age,~]lcy~, Gn;ien Seal, certi ties that 4,6 of the company's 5'0 properties adhere to guidelines for conserving ene.rgy and resources. And impton does, im.:· without "compromising the guesr experience," hotels-peak for making sure customers don't feel they're s.acriJ.t1cing the comforts, '[hey ,ex.pee[t, from an upscale hotel, ] nan industry where ev,ery da.y is laundry d~y and hcspitality is defined by leaving the lights on, t hei r sustainahility 'p,rogram" called Kimpton Earthcare, aims to make ea.c:h. roperty as 'carbon neutral as it can be, p So for Leondak is, in,cludJ ing Raft hca re's injtiatives :~.n her renovat ion truly brought ehe ethos home, '_'er house' fearures reclaimed-wood floors panels, and water-saving devices ,'. doors and out, And a vegetable garden: organic, of course n Originally an. ornamental gardener with a passion for roses and Iavender, Leondakis didn't garden organtcally. Enlightenment carne, as it often does, in the war .ag,a.ins:t bugs, when she reali zed that the so-called cure 'was 'worse than the: ,p,roblem,. F orgoID~g,synthetics, she star ted using natu ral P est- coot rol S'~raeegie s a nd pla nting €110Ugh 'to a now' for some 'CIO,P loss. !~,_f ] lose a 'bjJ of somethi D,g, to the bugs, and crirrers. that's okay," rd Leondakis SaI.ys.{( have a.very perfection isr natu re, Time in [he I garden helped me evolve Nature's .DO![ p erfect, and, it helped me to
I ..



gIle""rIIp on. Crete, and his family :fa,r med, P1"'e',s~'de1tta\]\ta 0'00' So our entire suburban y,ard was a of Kimptrut'n, H'~it-ei~'S'. ,. ..e - 'I veg'et3_ .bi " g,a:r'd- en, 2'li 511.e say.s., "'JI"I'.L.... ., '-" ,,.Mi ,company ,alms "~;M··_y, .[- -I .1{';,r as an mtense ,gar d·,(~Ml,el.e 'H Ii , . : .' ar '-'il ",":",_ ,", '. .- ~I,' " w to make each ,f!)I"~'t$, ·WOuld corne hi0: m 'irfl'm wor k ,']); .. 1 n .d; rn floodlights 00 and garden in the dark, I Ie said digging in the earr 1is,good for the .--1-Th· mac . .. _... . ' 1 eone '~l ..· sou. . rat~- .d',e'a s:t::ron,g JJ mpresslom. on me i; rec ar~1's·L·· - ...J 3A1S., Her grandmother wasn't the only cook inthe family, tiMy fat.hei" .ID31de his ,own ,pickl.e·s, his, Own wine, I'd watch ,3J I that food ,prt'p 3,r,atio,.n.., I have a. s:[~rong !G·'.ri'rt,i,g,f, where ir's about being arou nd the: table and eat ~.l1g'£olgeth,i~r.,AJR. summer, we ate from rhe garden, s 0 it 's my connection to fo ad and fam fly and health," The connection continues in the' food served hi Kimpton's , ~II!I.;j tt--' nt v. r I.e..... ,1:0' r .. 1111.1 :.iii ~ ii"~W·~ II , -.' I ....,:.;).111.,81~rants a 'iIiii a ~ of nride ror Le 'on d 0 ..l' ;::" e don't'td,t'.have a
. _' ','.' . 1-

1'1 .: ,_'



















B l.!~y ~~Vl.!!!!

__ !J





j;o'!I~1 !l!rl~

















A .;, .- 'Ii...


th ~ I" m.perfe .... n .,.. to ·m·ke .p: e W': 1· th _~:i' nd I_·'l., .l~_'L ·iIj";;,..... Read Leondakis's bio, and it a.ppea\fs that the to CIO 0' at
. Ib 6 ... If - a1 .. ',.

the b


·t·y:' of V








o"ii I ,U


i;C!."'lII' ..... rr...WI!...r·_


~'f~ .. lII.lIl. ..

K irnpton starred when she ,gr,adua.ted from the U niversity of .Ma;s, sac,~'n]Js"etts w'ith a degree' in . .llote~ and ,f,esti.u.ran t 111,a.fID,a,g,eme,o.t.. 'But


corpor,ate: buying :program~ Our chefs make their own. buying: .;m], __ ~:·~-i ' A..:·· ..':, _., comrnnteo t ,'~,,} ,(',- I ' ,an. ,po\-ver.s., ··'·'iII'iI':-·'·,d·· .~O oecisiona.An id ·th,.· ey are ., ..,. ,1I.0C~,.[ rarmers '. " Id' 1Ir ""d -- [. - -" £ _ -- --~ " :·e -dod' - - ··.····.···,.en S-Ih· a. ... S,-, ~!I:·W········:·h - JIL was ,ttl, k'.•.m'_.~ ,my [,at·h'- ·.fJ'- too·- k' us lO .I[,a:r.mer;s 'i'_. nl,B'trLets, b-.,efute ti: .ey 'wlere popu mW,a.r", A.. n:-· .li, SlID '1-1-' I,tr\lvt',1-',al-'m _- ,t".-.. h .: d_ . go" .~,
':""10 " '111"'

': .., ,'"

:her :~,u,lt~re~s'Cs .food ,and. ho,spit~nty' .[le~lIy st3xt,~d ,as a chi ~d.):Sirn.truu

LC:O:m1o,al1ds, says~'~~How' :peopl.e c'at a.nd what (t'hey glow is a.'way tins;: m '[be :ki'tchen of her grandp,aren[s.~ dini~r ill West Spr~ngfield., to 'understand a c1tdtu.r'G;;and a COmlD'u.llity. t eonnec ts people,~,it M ass:aehusetts, watching hel" ,g~[;and od~'u~r ok" m co . Yj "~:My ,g;nlndmoeber m,3de ,eve.qrchin,g. i.n he-,r di ner from sc.ra.tJch~;j' c'Onne,cts the pla,n.elt~ a.nd it connects all of us. ·=1iJ,er;e5tt Cie:Ji'' Leo.ndilki~ says. ~S.he:w,ou:id n.'it buy p'Fema,de piroducts.., I Sil.w '~J:Ui\t; ;a.:nd w,as ru.nspified by it." :m· atlso !' fro.m her fa:tller: ~~Hf'



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-I' - h- ,e .f:- - .. ,Ie WOl'. ~d .,' .In.d- . W h-'..en~·Ve,f'[ aJ.m",, ,go [-;0 t-....1 . .. alliUle.r ' "
. . ,. , ,.. • ".." . .' t' _ '.
I •. ".' , '. .. ." . • ,


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- 't{. r,m,ar.;, .e, )n
-. .. . ' ", •


..5 most r-e,sear(hed mediiciilnal mushrooms: Irametes, ,Shiitake" M,aii'ttake' Re'jsh i, and (ordyceps
•., 00% organic, USA sourced



• Steam~processed for best bioa.vailability • vegetarian capsules
• ,A lergen SafeG ard- purity free of gluten, yeast m jJ k, eg gs, soy, nuts

and fish/shellfish

:"p--'t::> .i. thei r s that reveal trrrroir? '0 ne answer .menta. j '. The t rick.:astoo Htde~ W'.e y. n'· '.fS fetUtlJif '~S. = be' _ .cbief t:8l.g:e:[ting OUit' of the. thin.n.i lend kH~.ys.the plaDts~ natu.11..nd released '[l... WlnemaJ'kers are constantly 5·earehing {or has a terrsir vrait'ing to be disc."". to bring out terroir in their wines.n taste t ae roc. he disks from thousands of other p. '._1 - /'1_-_ .g..oIlBla.~.ent: organic. ed b-'~""'·d-'yliril'.. " I_I . Unless a VI ine has the flavor 0:£ its place of lor-illgi. ..... Where vigor is 'too lirtle..san-m:._ speci fie 'I!ar..'~ b eve. The overarchi ng ide a is rhar as farmers. h ave U ~.•. in a wine of the' place where irs grapes were grown._ [.~or control.n (:ontinues.zJer the vines and ernsion ... .'Ve'n s ~.ud" There are a.ines. That French word (pronounced "".3 n.'tt.. .W3J.BI. but resolute and lean.way of ..'es dig tbemslelves..abern.U ~J!a~l dearly to taste . . '-_ .'b.hly the granite ridge's of these Sierra Nevada.' - •.tag.flLrL.---- .j: "'n:. ~"yO'u.a -..auvi.3 p. he disks dow:".a .·. P-lace shows .~:an d ' . '.it.••• :' .ltu ~turis £ and w:i nemaker Gideon. /~·e • " "_ "..t.i.jr by . : Inc' every v.i.and one Merlots for example.etaboUsm~lj On.a. U'!t-'·.e:llt s. I 'L.. W]im:hone sip.II!!Il. a'il1I.' "1-' -·'. th~'t .gm:cid e s:.:_ ~~J aged fo f 'u.nee V.i ".' Dolan RrJd.s 'w:ru. w.. l~ do..n.. organ ic and biodynamic wine..ides!. well=behaved vInes. 7'0 acres of Demeter-certjfied vines) in.and ilt 's not' worth the extra Dloney that wines of terroir can co mm a..n to fr1Jl]Jit' qti8J. Dolan's 'W.:.e.. vetch.v'ered if ou. . .and _you'. '.rJJ.r a.tty. . Berns rock" .' ~ and needs" =:_ eedless to say..~': J '.rn:s.·:'~1I ' .gn. none more so tha n in. .' 0·· the vin.'!joy'" Ci It':".over.nis~ms below' grou fDld" 'Org.Il_t~..1 i !"" <jj ..s.e~st o'bstf'u. b.icide's" ins. aff1er the virDJ.u. petroleum p.t"f'Oir. "T. :. ·: f ..c~'r--'me 'Y.' he' .:" .nt o:f'te.w.s nd WineJty in a Oregon 110u se.rust and sheer will ~'O live that the vines e-xp. Californ ia.d .1:: J!.ity:.. :he.ste .... a-!l6. '. Dolan has been called 'Americ a's le ader in.ei[nstock agree:: is terroir.age that's indistinguishable produce.creatSlng.. The wi nes are not fat .C'.. 'w..'''''1:0' ' - 'IL.anic: (arming cOl1itribull:'e'S to te..rages on t he' shelves of m:beworld's wine shops . 'ro 'iil-. 'Pinot Noir'. years '[0.:B. sp ecific pla .much v igor is a. qu 0. - :c. ""R.W.wll~Je? The go. .B. and !~C. W'heu' vigor is too great.::0.-··NDUM · ---E--. The most dramatic interventions are p e stic. _ '.. or two. __ .. soils that .C:h. marrure-cwhich provides ferm:~HID. and vitj.h~M~:Y~fd. . . ..'it h outsid.ides.:rdnnna:y".aJ( barrels I. .To' pro.grape il' "if.avor.r gf'it vines to produce gra.~. foothf t md.eVf:r. ~... .haJ[~s ne'eded lIfe lthr. our responsibi lity is to ere atie .so.s f fhe wi.'._ .ra:n m..I i.' •.' other w ord. recogn ize a Renaissance wine..h'-y.. <'i ~..[I.:. grapevi nes and the' e viticulturist . he ' .p:rntst dec .iE>.~.r. l~'s Jus:[ .have' tbe satl'l1e dw...f' Renaissa.rr().hra. n .. 1. A m.mote te.~ gra.u. (~u. you' ~la ~."'piZih.n.]I.r is 'to m." k d 3. . a modest but :higb=quality crop" So between the vine rows" 'Dolan plants clover.lcans .n.. it's possible to reeogni ze the dist:inctjv:e ft avor that comes only from a certain vineyard.Renaissance wi nes are UftUSUal ie:rl'llenta.RWAAR~)means the' unique' taste..'U.a .aturaUy coloni. m:loy ways. ': itt . e I ." Beinstock says. :fun. the roll in_. C ali fomia.3 healthy environment so the vine 51. the de:ve~. d he has :r:~..n~ss" The vineyard So are ]I 0 0 perc'.tio'....n.."JJ D.hom..e' o v.gnon. 10 ~ .J. ." vig1o..e' ducts on the SIQ(ru.h1Jj_..1y the: site WS handled prop erly. ai.. Too .J:-)II!l. ter-vo. oars.. on h is own l!(i..rtilize'rs ~. '~'\-.. ~~ ~ :.zes the' . -Jeff CO'X ·'t ou-m: or f .P' 1: 2.d you ca. this rakes a wise and deep relation sh ip berwe en th .as 'YOU ha:ve' w:ith so. .. -iIis. oj.a ter t llat pium. can. '..If'h' -. i ru R ussian River.~}easa..: JI!. and n.!1)\~.. find 'm:beholy .1ii1! h .rail of serious winemakers around the ..he t manure) only every 0 ther row.' • . glass.e ctie...!\_iW!.anag.ey:a.. '..rb.. _. ~ ~ ..~.reranch (with." For the .]l ..'..eya:rds.iJt:Y' ._. 'i'C..ea.r.g~aH of terratr" promote' health in 'ithe vin.tri. extend m nto the aisles to either albsorb rhat manu re or search for it in vain itf le ss visor is wanted.:j. That same deep relationship ex ists between the vine s o. 'Why'would ylOu put.d (:ve. • ski 118 in ~he vioieyard .B ordeaux and Rhone varietie s struggle .versity above m gn:n..s to.::".A"'~ 1._.n mjcroQrga.. . hut only one C:h.g:f\OW those grape s organicaljy.1. «Every intervention reduces !exp'f'fSS '~S this: "Feed the soil rather than the to . and ben beans to become g:m~t:en.•~ ....o.:fi"' w'Jhy .Hy farme rs.asi[ n.""'~ !!r. ····-1 . 'Zinfandel'..lQ. YU:!I!-_ s 'Ii:-.o·~ac..thousand .have: to g'ft the . '..' ~ . he says.tJ.''' !.ir. L".e of the. ....roir" So ~ 'Use wh:autevcr ye. .5 de. .. Ita'~te'')~.. fuUy themsel V-f:S. _:._I - .d fru. ttl up ""h:-_. I .p to 4 yea rs in old . but a] so convlenti(u][a 1 fe.i.. ." .e~ A'ft-e..oo ID'u.r'iam·-·l' .g" golden h Us above t bej' 1 down everyemv" Then he cultivares the' vines so that their feeder roots. I~IC_ d.P--a .n.c. . .che:m.J:w~:.p'e growe.Q..•.. That's what' Paul Dolan does in Mendocino County. Each variety is culrivared aceordi ng to' its specific habits I~' <!J.. .pf'S from his vineyard and other local fa m. So how does a gr~.'jj _I. cal ny. .a.· ·.y .6.


nd"ea.'Qppoft'te .nn.tlictL (left) B and A...p.J' ".S£~te'(l: r.gEn' The ..Jbur-fo(jted ~ . ..llolntr: and.~1 DO'Tan (k(Jltling Dnnie~)~ Mallb S'arak· a'ndRackei. Standi~Q~L~ft to right~ L~uraJl Mar1~a. .en~~pli1llS'e IflUt$lue the millrinQ barn.::I' .Jl " "".

: ~l ~ler. An annual end-of-fall feast reflects the Holm family'slove of organics-can d e a ch oth .. ~ _ . . ..Sl • • ng '.......' I ....' :.. '". '.l. • _. .

n's plan .' . '1-: .c.. dance.~:'. " '. '.' 'I "'.. . A' tune'.n... .:. and why._ 'i .'1'~ on a crow dd suw."c.. Paul.~ _:a.':.0 ..'b·." ' '. .viole p'lioviden.e:i .~ ID. let . i· . .. Doran .ro.s.:) d' lneludi W''''h aoout 70 heao 0 f: cart l'e to nalla8e. .. !I~' ..t·:-'..rm ...!II. (-.. . . .ay ."f' . bad dreams of run:n.~!I' .n 0 I'f:' e..anic Va.'ILP . that viery same area after moving to Amerjca f~oml. OJ! 'Ii..a moedesuy size d f' rarm _. -.- l_' I' .ce:' D oran's father's .~JJ...H...J!1e· d 1!l..·: . their kitchen .Elk M.-. . and plarenls Martann and.jilj '. f . lSbr·ol_ n.on ' Dora n contacted his fathe r in Wiscon ~ s'·n and asked him to.r b ye. 'to 'I. .'" ~t'rh .3 farm?" The que·st~.' ~..'··· . j!Ll!!. can we have .'...mUy o.s." ""t-" •• ~ . W• isconsm rs run.. -" -.happily transferred him.f !L.. .~ d sma I"~I ill an :m. .· .an. it organic SL ·~Ofi. :.e 'O.s: Holm Girls Dairy.'.- - i ..the Pieces to Looe by Patricia Macl..k~. . ... '. f-"rom.i~·an.Pm at Eo eo b . -I" On one rare evening at home.1 .. bur when..lie._.e . the "1""-". 'hi.."wa ~ 'J"ill"~i'(.3.M:~. member of'th. when Sarah.!. '.J:_.t. d ..n.o'h. wir h" th that. Th..g .".l..!~.eati D.I. (0..ilt." . the Midwest. : .. The idea :fOr the I-IoID.zin.-' " 'I'" l. I(Jn. niversir. 'h' -1' . ......ring of meals. .f~t:m. ...r Or:rganic Val~ey~ belpling other farmers 'itf.L. r·..·· .nrn. " "1 [ I •.. Doran's plan was to milk cows and replace the grueling road rrins WI" ~1111fa m 1·"~y~~ m e M·· '.~.'': '~f: " lee. -. ~~es become a. i I -.rrui3!~ t the time" Dti1~mnhad a hrngh-p:ro:6:te A :S ales j ob cover ing a! seven-stare region that kep t him 011 the road more often than hie Iiked. :~ ..'~> . uxe Wl. IS.jl ".1C~1l' b "iiI' .achlan.:.8n . '_ .afi~d.ily~.' Hu. .'ildd .."" " .ound" .o" ··or'fW·.. she ~.. be on the Iookour fo.··.r 7 ~..~..0 . fr'h e raising . And when .flij.- '-!'. in.aJ.'.··c .. back to.~. seemed to be the ideal option. '~I'iii":'. .~Jace m. the girls are ama..58.Uybusiness" A. -':'" " 1. ".~u:ng . based in .'. .. b ''li ne IS<' 3~ne ~'nr~b e anie" : :~..'o "Ji'Vtl:" .' . Daniel. S-foor table squeezed in fur the sh a.Uey Fa.e'\vpo:rt Beach. :.ilI'"S 0. aU 'C··-·I·. huge p..3. he . .' '. occasionar UJlJpur.. .. teamwork in the kitchen mimics that ofthe organic dairy farm run 'by the girls. lorwa.: 1iI.eose $SlO.tion.f at t·h·-I"f'U.·g.Ji". (Eighteen-month.I nat.~f'~~.Cit: 'E.more -'. . . ' miles east of St.. . '. .~~j.y dairy is ansa aJ. C. ~'i i I'. nd Mariann bought .. I 'I .- .lrch'l: en.' ..~.... . .3S one tha t her father had often asked himself D nran. -' I I '. Today's performance is the an nual lace fall harvest teas. took .' -" .'ds:nil1g IUUIIL . -k es -l' .1 .. tl. IQ'Ur' fami~y goes to. :. ~ ci-. IlL .. the youngest' . ]es obvious that they hav-e. t:· out· of err ...famlly had set rled in.u . ~ :~ "1 _". asked. tuned . II!. And. hie 'W:l1S [lead ing a bedtime story abou t farm life ~.. Sei zing the iaspiration. . e:r (l.root~ :D!oran now "forks .r farml and. starting 'with d raising '£ h e c h.'.tne.v'lLPfSl y.··.-. from 'the farm is deeply fulfilling" Fa..e· fam. 'Yes. then 6 y!ears old. an opportunity also a seerned Iike' of our Iives""" r !HlySI eldesc !"':1"'1. The 'fluid . arching the nine-member Holm 'fami~:rpI'e'pan:~ d inner in.W· rg.rg.."" 11\'0' lIl.-' -'.y~ N and his company.~'~: ~.R roo-acre farm became availab .. The Th . ."-". gre'at lengths to make real chicken soup.'.. '~O the w fRm. one underfoot baby brother..3. hold_ he b 0.' . .' '"...' ·1·'·.sh Idea .. the gir]. Min) nesota..11 Iaborarive effort of the six sisters. " " I.jj..:.'t. 'J' .".:Fre'.t .-o.dairy farm 'whae in hig.:~I.ot its starr about lTI3 yerurs ag'.:m _' use.e u}JJng 35 cows to it: b milk. IIJ..h.:. . newoorn cat .~ '..g:1y organized despite their ea syg:oing. is not yem:a member of the' human resou rces team.-.~ .. J.'. .g 0 f·£' d ' roo :.• ti ri I" ·-1····· .s. parents.~ i~ .:. -·.ter lILly 'i'_...j Thus dille :family husfne. a higher ca llingi organic living. youthful demeanors.ce 'f' '-'1b'a. . '... ":'. nror .'b'If th e sisters WliH:.. .~ !!l)'\I!JII!il" 1~1'Ii-~ 40 Organic Ga. '. 1'1 -' ta ".'" a gra.rm. i""Oii'I'~ ~U..All. :ages 1][ through ]9...c·..a:f' . . .:OJ1 ie r "t.' . Doran Holm .. pract:lce.".. . farm g.• i.:iI: ". "Daddy.··S~:lo:'ii::. ab 1 "..o in :. ". who had worked on a..." l' •.i:ng a.nnesota!.aHJOr... E.'.an.' " I' -J. ' - _ - " .w.·I... _' ""'1" ' . . .'·I' I' " " 'I""~'· enjoyment of learni ng how' and what' to eat.h scho ol.-.

.1·the'i'f" ..ble 1~"W.nnu"ai ha..~.g .~'ife.!~r S\ qf m \~1"1:~61 .o..j' l warm and welci!]m~~g fa1'mkor-u~e..j a~d S~mh" .kwis. o-n~'F(!.q:~mili-~. .P' leftl' LMra"n H~"lm ho. D'aniei in :the mi~'king Olam" which i811:'t. ..~n IO'rg'anic'.ftecti:n.opposite) (uid' la~'l.~i's:tel"s .y .~ thanks.~ .rt:f!' j..rve's..Cloc. .d prepar~' .a.fia'irto the ta...i'::l. ~n.t'" die' l'll!. .efrom :t.s~tyle.".t the' Holm . LaU1~~· 'r~tI':t.1' .n'ittreajl a'n'~. .ld't!.

one .]]_S "oppe d.avende. me "'" !!. · .c" . '-. $.o.ry a 1'0 'tne c: .." E e:YOl1.a.nn Sa.'·II''fI!.a~.m.Farms ~the rru.~. 'fJ!"'l summer.. I""" . $be saY8'j' ".... . an anernatrve . :m. Lused 'ItO pride myselfbec·a.k'e·ssense...·..tI."1' ""Jl. .V ~..1·aK~' ".F<'1I.'j' .country :E(. alod t. Y 1-1101." .a_ bi..twins" also attend the Universiry of Wis'cons~nat Eaa Claire.. .L' our poli't~lcal sys:tlem tban our 'poHey toward...PS1tS.~.j..l[l..('1 i .er they have the" chafu:e" ~fk:e jrumst: be'(ore the ..rve~n:: ''''nne.M.rt. t' ....' .. 1.." !U! ll..· -.n d' .'.D'i[· 'tha.o. :fi111.P'U~ A' . and OUI understa'nding of fnod.-_. ]8..nothi n... nealri .OsJ \WOuld be " .I ~ l\'.]l'1 I'~ ~ ~~"ii.'_::c .. " .use] was not a • .ys. .T'i!.il". o.' !W.• - j!ji j! I' ..j'no 'p_. . . W:ain.~~riO b····.m:p.g.jl' :not d snrpEid.' limi 'm1.. cC'm. ti'j.lII. ". ' '.wite s:wln.•. the girls on this day ate: hastily put rrmng the 6n. I~'IU . """"UJll.". 'esse.{jJ).a:£'va:r.po.crrivitile's.i!!··· !O".Ii<:J.C d • .' tim ~ nr. ~ -_''1m''~i'lk' ' A'.eac h . ·ik. J1lt.all of the girls either are being or have 'belen homesehooled.u· .iris to their OW.'~i.. --~ . 'lii'III"iJ'e' our.... _. !1'I'l't'Iirti' le·.rcoo t· at .[ i an Qlfganic. .']lU-.~..y and env ironmentally sustains ble ~h · ~'h d ·d ~ w... w." 'J' ' •' ''On e= 1_- .0.~~ S t...llllU 1!I... If .r~l1ton. .na.Q!UI"' mission is to have a financia u.: ..ror lHy .o .>..-.r.d' 'l:"'i~cl"I. organic. .~..y e ater.~."The farm is!a U.n fa 0 d.IIi - M. They often.. "UJIlU ~. DJ~. ExpiIrins i"im.l-A(!J!'v".:) rh Il...~ It ma.'F' ~mlii. q.. . a.and. p'QUrni.g.ea.'D .talns Qi~8ani(: D flour. .' B~I·~rt·~'rif!'~'Ii.. .~~~ I 1!...":.:: l:. s:a.tiQtn'~~sargest :f~. U~.nJ-W'ot iLl!> .'..R book". e Ia.~A·-:·. . (JII. I" '''"r' .h-'.:.g. the bb. that b~r 1l"":biiEfl'i"i"I.IJ]L1. 100 prcMi.. To celebrate t heir commitment to farm H·Fe and :i11 'things. ~'I r-eruHy have fal"miLng:tOr thank fof' mY' oontinued . . and pum . 0 ..regional 'filn'ctioosl. .-'.!tII! ._.ak-# 'v:oilc~les~oJl8~ The old~r girls sing ...j!'1 '.ya.1i devices.oW.".tJj'n·oit-:hl!>I'·· ii:'1'--'~'.. IS> '.iIO... ()E:S se .-.-m~ oitch . And.~' :. .' s . ear'~l.. .n..:)'..' I ... : .Plii8 -.'i!.·Ii..'1' ·5·:··. .' .QI>'"-f'l-. ~. and the tlouD'teroops are soon covered with ingredients .'with mi neral oil" Lmk~their gj ster Sarah. ~ '~.m..Q.B. loves rna ki.t.l.' 't'!:·:·.e spm.J.r-de'n=. . 'bO f~rm) wr:it. essent iad oils ~f ncl udi ..?lr 4-H eve~fDJ:ts .lJ..:li. .1IU~ a.t-.J~ :m:. u.i~nn.. unp..anu .'..g~..FJo lifo II\' ..-.rS.''''shilllg: touches on th' e. sweet potatoe s are drIzzled..[" .C.' I~" .C. l·~U.bem ieX_PI€tinlerrlt.e ... ..:.-"iT·.'to.11.a_ . '. . butter.:-''''lir'\t flies. ' im:porta.' .' 1 • ." ill 1'm.II'liill' u nder the age of ]I 0 ..l!J sa..~' '.'Ifi·i chie e: _. 1J'f·m. ' .g t is .Ullp'1 steame..'..~iFrV "" o.. they serve p with the pie is organic and flavered with a S']p(finkJing of cinnamon.p . and keep ""W" samtU. oceu rred when ._a...."...m '1"'" /. the gilds sPJray the barn a nd cows with.. n cinaeh ~" .e .itlidl'·!d' e 'i!l" 'Ib Ii. IILD.t:e' the lFillcm Biil~ ~he -say~i Fler' &il~i\j i!':m.O law .meai im.~n ottu~I' ways.n~c' ho..:~..t" UIIlJ!J .. kin. .h.£:"'.'.' d ...lI<!!i.. .K..d t he fa:[:m~the sistrt.~\II... _ G'l JU .and. .he:f de$1:. .. .....w.111"' i'. ':'iI .'. !Go k 1..I!. -."...from their . '1 ". '~l l !If ol'i.'. reaked . le[' become " .es :1Oru~vej'tlst got to' ...ybusines·s· wbere all off us can ll.' ~~x ~~ ~ oJ:· ..m.op eratien..... . -'.. ha\~e .fI! mo..tng= in perfect h~:rmo. o:'"-~. ".J.."J One of the first lessons It~b.lli. v.w.-'" iI·.-·k···· 'w. " ..e:tim.. ·..JI f-~.llli.. .r begin.~y:. .' tne . RO\lsted squash and.n... ..lJerk. I I - f~S.e! . -'When I \VaS I irrle..d Y .. .R1 .org.Fio'LleC.·if..dd".ru~. '.. salads and vegetable dishes... . the kitchen.t .. . G i.1e 0 ~.... f a~~~ she 1'ii..' I' OJ'. . VJ. A. Le ave the .:'.. res.. o:fkri n..r-d~.bu~d.".a~oF.nres.·· • -" .C' eta cneese an d '.'. .: con rrIO.3.. we could 'work together as ..r.~.'.. " .pkrnn .w. h' 8J!l.Hfe~s. .as..]or1·'ilion d'· u'...lab(H~t~l'C()lry full oflessons in science. vererinarian advised her about the chew icals D~cless."" ..ply· 011 r unique talents to ·~the'good of the £.1. I r<'!! IL.o. h'_ ILl" ~U. '... N'Gt~. We fam 1·' v")'M adding thac at rhe.• _.~ '~ ""ht:> . open c ookbooks as they 'tr:-f out: new d ishe's~ ~'A c~co] H'" "~. '-"1'" ".r-gal1l...i.. 1IO ..e F· [.' ..nd the ."'··'·it··· c .ch spu rred butter. 'to...• :b .alyltD worm <~:h'.L ~ 1. d' rh_ilt they all sin:g.- ~ .Htical Slc~.". "".~[~. ~ F 1.·t. nmunili'ty a.m.0 one can re sist being creative .Y·'· on 'It r if( . .-} ~ ~~iI. ...LilL.. I' .·'it"lid· .r... dabbed with . ~ <'liI''''·iI.n:g:-'tel"'m g. ..rm~r-owned organic 00 op erative ~ a ~ .lll~U.!ii1'~ . 'I~ '-.:0 ch emicais ." .rom.C-I ..rgool. 'tlra~~lthe: ..t}. til t·"h-·.r'e:s."!'. ~.'~'.r.m..t-: .film i.I1.=~s.1'1~'~' -.1'"' .The Helms bought tows and event ually . 'w. .rue ".. '.. tbeu.'· "b" ~ .'Waill' m'~ nL.·'·.f'n. .. h. i· .'g ... a.·'1Il.ILlIl."i the decision !V1JII. "..pat. :wll ·L. ir's rh .W..far. .It· '.g :~.a.'" th 1.smnt-e' mes. ~. of o~-g~. han .·.. on 'iIIl. 'liflri!.pl. crane'ffijerne s..~-~Nt'hlqg: is.. "'Som.ving·. . ""-1..r\!jj'h fl." . .rami Yj' and rewr". .e hl co. the: ." o srn.ay ope.. ].'~ wanted something where..~ .ous. _.en:(:e ... ·s· . a. an. st'reMs:e~-to7pPtd prum. -.Ryi''. . f~inbow' cha..Q --'-. .w."~'· 'b.". f -I-"f ~. if-..n. ecided 'to become <certified.r cm. \ad!ln~..... .sed....I. O'W .ys..nic .1 h..• ~Up'II\~. . expleri ~u~nt with ...'. .1b.d ~ ..~llEan...ith orga.]I. :"'...8.~.. Even thewhipped cream.i:n[e~r-est :in.@!ji'_··fl. _.~ I C1{!j(~C1 ..i~..m~rne "JI.ia..n' it ..I. .~ and ·M···:·'...w..'.rn.~FchO'Ol.a\tMariann learned.d It is tne Opposlltie . d-' 1SiIiIi. d..od""""'om " .. Ib IlL ."J...--'~l~ Uta.~t~." . tOI jj i"'~' •.. AndI\ea and Erika.·d· . a1ll_ . had .ll.fo0 d~ no~hi.I~.c. And .~ II)' . C.Pl. on tho.lie. 1.cs. ..< . . partici.~Mar.L~n. Saran sa.~'p'O~'mlt .'. ara ah. 'LO .:'II.l). r .111..

4 cup olive 011 pieoes~sea gia]t and just enough water to cover the nuts" Cover and let stand overnight..l1.dly. . and! serve. combme the spinach. lOr lUl.. stirring oooasienally.torn into bits=size pieces 1.g.iS~'S in ..Dijon mustard teaspoon freshly ground bJack 1. and pepper. Store in an airtight container.s. Keep refrigerated until ready touse. Slowly add! the oliv-e oil.til dry and crisp.u.2.te:' T'lA~ tet"s' take at right) bowl. a.h si~t. .g until lettuce. whi s]Un.d' . Drizzle 'w-ith about lAcup HOl].3' cups spinach Crispy Walnuts leaves 4 cups walnut pieces 1 teaspoon sea salt 1.~e' . hO'n.d Crfspy Wa Inuts (recf.small bowl..1"niS u$hce'rln.ti~l' harvest mtla~'".' and 'Cri.C\~d produce and their ~Wil a'airy.Holm fam~'ly.O'W$ . C'~p tard Dressing" Toss to co at..e'pa:ring tke'f'(JIQd~. on 9. cup dried cranbe'rri.includ'i~~~J ~pe. baking pan. *oeocer I--laney Mustard D1resslng (recipe at right) '1" . wh-isk together the vinegar.amic vinegar 1 tablespoon honey 1 large head romaine lettuce. ~ SpEh. Cr auberry. A~ove': 'The' . cranberries. co-mbine the walnut 1 reasooon .~lNt.ome f. B'81ke for 1:2 to 24 hours.2". cheese. a large bowl. combined.eT' ka d a k~"n..(itl~ers ft.. .~.dt~J' a ~ d'~'l!)'h 'mad. and Walnut Sa ad 2 to . Feta.or milNi'ng. them.c.Eac.i8Y s:pre ad. Drain the water from the nuts and L 4 ounces reta cheese 2 cups coarsely choppe..e fr''@7n iij.. Mus- Makes about~. In 3\ large' Honey Mustard Dressing 2 tab'espoons bals.ey~'mustard.Oppo'si.s.g t.

$we~~e~-t!o. or untllilvegetables at!e tender..bak~d C~~UcS't. uncovered.ecrust !I' sts ps to ereat ing 21 n easy-to-hand ~e..'liGI Use very cold butter to cu. Before nJ~~iflg out the pastry" pat ~tinto a disc shape. pie p Iate.e:s: t.u. AI. OflPump.8)e~ Q. rate.. 5 i nee that may caese it to pi n...: 8 ... Bake for 1.~wee'tjJotatQe. €: n 1 n g: V" II 0 _.e. cut Into l~inch pieces 1 pou. peefed~ 1 largle onion.t h. too. cnoooeo (optj'onal) 1/3 cup dried cranberries 1 tabl. =or.l R.ed.''. and cinnamon. . the sweet potatoes andl 'COVel" an with foil.R"Ii! .Pour the melted butter into al8 x:9~:.c. and cut intO' J-inch oieces . minutes.e of the ir specia~ties erf t~e house _ .espoon honey 1 teaspoon granulated sugar 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon seed. cran b €':l':riesll r g a n 1 C '" d ar" '. ~tViI i III be easier to roll en i~ling.'p!. p .. onion (if desired). cover it in plastic wrap.2'~ inch pan.he .. add 'the}t €fl. ~~: ~~~~ ""'l:.' 5 .2.nd acorn squash. . The He 1111 sisters offer a few si m pie fl a.nd sweet potatoes. U59 ice-cold water.the fbi I and.JlII ~ 0' "G'. it for 20 munutes 0 r more. 4~Bake.~~~~' i[~ .~-~ .~:"'.ky p i.. Remove..5. Stir to combine. sugar. Gi~gel' Pastry i:11:tO the' pie .3. and ret rige after ute 5.:. ..fdn PI'ie (oJlPosi'U-).. ea silng 't he pastry doug h i nto ..1 .. cover it wi til a cuIi' led st rl p of fol I. then un ro II it over the pta'te.lS~ A&ov~t E{r~''uJle~~ Knjock'-You':r-·S~ocks .Sweet Blessings Squash 2 tablespoons salted butteG melted 1 pou..) TO' tr anster pa stry dough to th e. Avo~d stretch i ng 0 r tugg i ng the dough in pfaoo!.t into the flou r. for 35 to 40 minutes.P1l"'~ r ~~~."il. Add.e otate. .. i!!' If the c rust edge browns too qu ic kly. shrm k a s it ba kes . leave an extra 1/2·to·l~inch pastry overhang to fold into a thick edge that can be fluted wi th your 'f'ingers or the ti I1I€S of a 'fork..j).The:ll c.d. (I f leavi ng the dough in the retr lgerator rno re than 200min- Oi' ~et stand at roo m te m peratu re fo rIO m tn ute be:fore out !!. IOOS€ IY wra P it a FOU nd the rol ling Andrea porurs the' pumpkin p'Ui'nfJ into the' p~~tiaUy' .~.

t'lJ~11 ..) JL Jl..aU-purpose flour 1/3 cup 3 t'a. sugar.d) a n.aspoon .. 3. v.]I "".1 .(1 -. In Bl small b owl.5. '..a. ars "11·eal --. ' lll lJ.the yolk.d butter ~ cup oecans. cut in the ' ~ ~'butter until the mixture resembles coarse ~crumbs.3 cups a'n~purpQ. ... flour.2 tabJespoons .J!.·ggs Streusel Topping 1 cup .v. Transfer 'to a 9 -ineh pie plate. tlL.' r' ' .: m.' 1teaspoon at a time. Wrap in plastic wrap and chilli for 20 minutes 01"' up 'to 2. 5~Bake 'for about ..i .lUi.. Meanwhile... cinnamon. JI. 2 tabJespoor1s ice-coid more as needed wat€'r~ pius 1. _lL 2 tabtespoons iresn .e'~· d . make the Streusel Topping. j nser. Cool on .. dditiona 1cold water . Pour into the prebaked pieerust.. Into 11l ball and. .. and ]et stand for 10 minutes to set'.ped L In a medium bowl.blender. I.ght) 1 (15-ounce) can pu. nutmeg. brown.. In a large bowl.tV.~..'e plate.~. Bind. .~.' '''i:'~. "..'On at HoulE'ed surface. . fOttl1ing .salt Streuse! Topping (recipe at right) ~ brown su di.f'I... sugar... roll the Gi. ._ l. unsa... L : .s. combine the. with a 'fork until the.g.-::ii!1L:.~':kwell). 0" ~ .nger ~ Pastry. e ombine the .se' flour . b eans wO. . Foilldlhe edges under t the crust" C rinIp deeorativelj.'1'111"11 "'-< 1""11.blespoons honey 1.2.2=iru::h.4 hours. cut in. ·····b ··t 2~' .t. light golden brown. m inutes R.Knock-Your-Socks-Off Pumpkin Pie Ginger Pastry (recipe at ri.ou .. mixture . eggs. gin gerroot.. cups .. t an .. and salt.. ..3. cloves. finely chap. or until the crust is set Sind..1.egg yolk with 2 tablespoons water.. ~J.>::J. _ and beans and foll U J. allspice. ' the .. _ .~stry..8: wire rack. 2"'Using a pasty blender..: . .. honey.. Allow the dough to sit at room temperature about 10 minutes before rolling intoa plecrust..intc a 1.mpkin ]113 cups heavy whipping cream lh cup sugar 3 large e. C:l"1LISt .!::lb. - .R Ginger Pastry 11. 4. allspice.te. 8erV'9 with whipped cream. if desired..mixture 'lir"i. FOFln the dough. r6'. 1Ll. '"' o:. Remove from the oven..!llJ .~: .. whisk together' the pumpkin. . .sJlghts (dried.Add.. ...sugar high ~standing crust (a'bout 1/~ inch ab ove the rim of the dish) . 'Return the pie to the' hot oven" Bake. 'I'rim the pastry to Linch beyond the p:m. >:::J'!J. ... '!CiI !l:)II . Sprinkle-the topping over the pie as directed in the ple recip e. .o bake another 10minutes. . the chopped p ecans and u ~ cry.:l~ pie is s. Stir in.. . alt until thoroughly s combined.J" ·. ~ '...:.."'' " "np'co '(A-. chopped 113' cup crystaUized ginger~.}' 't\ mmntes more or u.lI' and around ~ . circle.J.g JA t'e.'i.~ teaspoons ground cinnamon lA teasooon ground clove's il II brawn sugar 1 teaspoon ground gh1ger M cup coui. mixture forms moi c:. In a large bowl. for 10 to. the streusel is golden. t1/scups heavy whipping cream.'.0 minutes or until the fill ing begins to set.~ il ~ il ~ Mak e.i teaspoon ground aiJsplce JA teaspoon nutme.!G ..a<. Bake the llliv.. ' .IIiI..:.i[. to the flour mixture and toss. :. .. stir together the flour... ~ . -YOU. " • . ..n. Sprinkle the topping over the pi.4".gingerroot~ peeled and minced ~ teaspoon grow nd 81 'spf ce 'with foil and then fin with piusw.01..'J.1..Freeze tor IS minutes. if the dough is too dry. the butter semble ginger.... flatten into a disk. Usin ~ II Whipped cream (optJon.. 'fj"'l:ti IV' JL C!' ei..: 12. ':Lil'I!:..i llegg yolk * tea-spoon unsalted butter saJt lh' cup cold ...e. 'Line the 1. ··2 ... 20 .~ c.".



mall but prolific vegetable s garden you dri V'~ rhrough a winding labyrinrh of narrow streets and then climb hi:~hinto the' 1"'."le -" -d'i olive oil.:.'..frameil .bo w:a.9:.~~w. head 'Of collard .'. volume.ra nc .OOi~" "0 l Deans describes growing food crops in a layer-cake-like pile of' newspap er. s. . . I.I'TI'Ll.. :~) "'-I ..(/I".~"".g:re:e:ns.'e..amlag. I. fin:d an urban gardener tending to."'.eru~ . kale...~ . · D ea.goet .' L\·. tiny c:a·[WUflowf:m'. " . ~.c run~ ".' ll'I' I"'h 'I '-.-i 1'.'s.!. ''II?'"W' 'I!. Th. can ·b"t.." _::.end~in.. But rhese condi tions are less than conducive to growing vegetables.ft.y'ers ma~e gr'OwiNog' ve:$hg'table:s. .1. . _..' st rali a .:l.g. reach Pat Marfisili'.rln w rnee E· l. pI .-."'..."l. "The gleolliogy of the Hollywood hills is set up to flush the nutrients out' of the soil..' veg·e Il!. !qu.-".": gar..saute iL em. s p .l. m.rB" ~a. .rs.".9.~1"TJ' .e. 4l1\. JJ' .'.. . ' to .Pa.k W. end up with a.ryears.. 1i"."'1-alee.rcl.-:' ·w~.}f1fre .ini f-room tll(~''ht.'1 -'-I-"iI\""".." Biy'h....ea.··t.J-. In a.~6nirnU .' ra1 ran sty~e. ~'.(1rilid rocky hinside where g~ant .c. i Fro. -. .P1opiu..- . th at occurs . '".rJgJ. basil..'t:f'.•u 1-trmare.i?*.a~U. top (If a sN::ep.. .··'~·..e'ntconsulranr tJ. --.e.i'O finn~ ~ Rl!111aIY~~'IC'~l ~.<1'. '-tJ. '" " s ""'. '.. - ~ .y d.ngt.dig gartd:en.rfisi fo.-? ch -ta 11.1:].agave: " plants have thr~ved for ·yeal.9'e~. red "1\ ' IIiJI!Ul.IS.'et(~ompos...sJJ'..·'··.fs..- "-".Pt.~.'-:.1II d.~y fl. B:e. .)1 Fortune ._es an.. had Iirtle 't:~nl. (. Iow-impac t gardening technique inspired by' the. an ' .:L]j."-JU-.'.w . I'~ 'j 'I Ii..y resui S rrom a[$ 'fLO ."'''.1'm 'fiij . Marfisi ." Marfisi explains.rfisi ItEna 'll'aBei1lie' t." J:~~ r an".an.lllu '.nd it produce s Intense flavors .:Ii" 9.t Ma.~ .'.0"'1"' . chard._ u allJ. and that famous HOLl.0h-' us e rs Pe.}II" C "-d]' i h ". hin a . .xl l[_ir.~y.neIghbo.e-..'M"'"' . hue Es' . J llL· .rumse I-'fl' ndtc snare.ays" l~ a r "I'~i "': .'. ..·l" t'(l!matO€'$. beans. and :frui.' it ince . L D" '.~~ Ha:ms to' design a low-water garden srair-steppedi nto the ...}. '::itt' C ."--.o.. ~~ll!"~ to\lerant· nat~ye. bloodmealand bonemeal.t:.~ s.. J. ". g~'"li 'IF''d' !""'."C' ti if' "C.e'[00 ~l!den~ He and his late wife.. "t.. ._ vesti fl8 a..g . enough :food 'F." n utrienr-nch med ium. .-. j 1 . ' :~mprove't:1 e natrve sou beneath'IL . hundreds of meals out of 'this patch.~t.~.--".'f/· the .' ·.5''00 clients.:iUccR.. '~'~~ '\Y' hich rc.' . '1 h '.:']lL 11L. m:fs. ..:j1YJwin0 wittji(j. u .d.'lct . .'.!h_ ".:O.--. 1 r=. at Deans's method is "ideal fo .l.. iil B'oo. CI(')!r.. . :. Vegetables flourish in the :r6.RiS'n.~vio:us pR.0 ref.f..'...t: trees. . A bric'k' pa:tiQI .rhood . "'. J.I. 1_!lL· r" De n ~ self-t Q'!mlgh-cf' A..1\4::a.ner '0ffice' to Pea Patch A m.II.W. .m.p. zucchi ni.rna _.c. .grow' their own -11!.H:fOt'nia.grows...'!LW.[lc. at ..$.el-.lII.a:rt'e'f=3lCTe p"a.. surprising to '0 ~I [~ I' '.. natives. Dounl". st raw) compost..ime :m..C c . '-:d..""-.YWIOO'l) sign. I.Nic. !II. '-jmen. ·I~ .e~gre ens) an. .tne~bitter .s.1 ..1.U'II1.'. his organic CI'O..lIle'. . ~:h"ard.he desc-ribes how to :0rst stea m "h _ ittet 'l 'VI.lared.t:.w. W@):ter~w. Med. "So you work and w-ork and you. alfalfa hay. spi nach. "I'm getti 11g..Swis'!!.'1"1 ilr . and purnpki ns.."..8 slender 'wedge of land terraced with C.. In. n '.• t.J[llJ.a. ..rlfJl!/n!9.-c' '"I"\~ ..anyone ·w..'Hs'"G J '. by mi llion-dollarplus homes.:J!'~i '-. ~ii "'!II ~ . '1ll.em..I' ".fi:51.. .1IL· In 1. Bteitbli asked Los Angeles landscape d~sj.S'.. ich ·d" wo 0. :at" th e ~..~rdt: "Brri'ght Li'ght. m. . '1940 . new '..m.I." Marfisi says.101 ~Y' ~~ .. ... uhs 1:.-...P of"j ._.[['ra nean plan ts. few hundred squilre feet.

M 0 r sten the soi I tho rQughly wi ttl a hose and add a generous dusting of bloodmeal and bone- iI!'.~ brno. the tW'IO r sow 0r (·B).A. ..iI!"'" ~C" 1J. borrowed from organic farms in Digging or HER' T.) i nc iud~I1g l-by -12:-inc h .We-ar GIl rna sk to avold method needs a lot so start are 'fai rhl stebte..l\1Il Am II'i ~. nrst: nu~!nl or h '..adv ises . .ardeners pr~1.t (:C).. Top -dress wi til more straw grass eli pp i ngs.deep pads of a Ifa Ita hay 0n boards. inc1hes liO cubic 'feet of co m post.. IDon"t :skwpl ·~[tu.0 a better vegetable patch w lith thl s no ~dlig method. reJuv.How a Grow withou Bu r 1.. I 'I...2 b) 3 oou nos bi Dod m ea I and bonemeal . c . 'Between crops.h to bu i Id ." News pa pers seeds in the cornpo st laver.inch -d eep pads of 5 traw on top of the a Ilf.9 news-pap e r. layer with 2 '~O 3 ~~ngsmioiis. or a staked tra m e of c hlcken wli re. not feeo straw. of str'aw and 3 to -4 ~nc nes of' (pref. to the layers.-iiim Irl IW!lil~ II'i """t'IIi . in ha ii ng the d u st. 51.2. '151~ PIa I1It vegeta ole sta rts Q Stalr~ w'ith s hallllow'-rQ!~i~ed pol'-almts.. but some g. Cover the ground with . Ir[""~I"li ""'ir'h 'I Ii!' "". 1810 ad meal ad ds Flt~tregen and bonsrnea I add s ph osp horus top 0'" the material s be low are en oug. to 4-·by-8-·'foot ra i sed bed" fosterl ng dseom posi tion o'~the straw.:..all (Iphoria A'!I be Ilow) . hi.3" P~ace 4-i nrch ." he says_ IKee·p YOlUn\!' seeds and seed- ! ba Ie of he rb i clde -free straw (U'&e bedd i ng shaw.~ to :~ inch of news papers .. which has viable seeds) 'i '1.enate the top.PIant seed lings rat 11... than seeds in the nrst crop.Ip. .ot:illl'iiileall and adding each ~ayler to the pile.S: R _. .erably homemade) compost .. The' b ollillelme.ll_." H"t' 10·YIl'1 .j ru ral Aust ral ia _ T he n o-d r g pi ires mea I.w. Top with 4 inc hes ot compost.aIfa hay. stacked s ton es.~1 ba Ie' of he rb i c [de -free alfalfa hay 't.4~ Add 8.'fer 'to bu i Id boxes to co nta i n t hem. hay and wh ich is key. Various rnatenel s WD rk. (Repeat the watering and d ust~ step aft~r IlB a com post pi lie or find a good so u res of com post else-wh~reo " Ma rfi s i . b r icks cone rete bloc ks.. WaterTng can b ~ cut back s lgn i fi c a ntly atter D-Ialli'~tsare' 6 to 7 mches tall.

y c sun" cbec'km. Iiving.' n.'$: :M'eth'od 'WhHe his ." ' Of" with I talian phrase "going well.' pa~ti'.HL'iJ<!I1.:'L <'Iii t.. j\}Jtko~~.:org)..tlll:i'n sits .~ ei d.r:am matches organic farmers with volunteer workers in exchange for meals and fodg.' b can inside.~'ot '~If ". but I was seeing the no-dig kind of In 2002~ his mid-cos by watching his agile l L."IIA:o!l.. 0.o'. plant-identi fi.~Of' the B:sther :Oeans.itcase l' '~l~ .Followed closely hy his dog: Va'lB.ia .any and plants.~el'ow) OO€. ~ ~iD."Many places in Australia have poor. Iike I'm starring to be . tha t needed.g: a U~elo.S.eLA studies convinced Marfisi ofchcvaluc I~l ofadding more narive and low-waeer-u se ornamencals to his backyard.( his c'rnp..epu1'p~tSted .e Farms ~wwo.~ O""""".{.i.a rden 'IILID"'"n---o..s. "I always :feb: that lrn... ~:9.OFer (World Wide Opporruairres on Organ i. the pr.1V "*""' movements named In the garden . 0..\'.. . and swapped his business suit for a straw hat and a pair of ga rden g~av.07' he vo~.."".". bot.~~.-1.g..~ " .ngre. and'I'e··.3 gardener.g in . .lot of time here... III.. 10 .\l"'j.g.~which border a mulched path :run 10 -by-ao-foot space..'.'Ii.r. He harvests salad a g~r' raised bed \vim:·hnew 1aye'rs' of organic compose and fertilizer..outa ..catf.s 'I' .es."*"".A Extension's horticulrure pfogra.." he SillrS..~ g! i. oacx \. m ncludins i!' I~I 'Ta sma nia=plsces with even more challenging cultural cond itions than drought -threarened Southern Cal ifornia-c to change the 'w.m. ~". The garden has more vigor..<!.a·.. eld .s.o" ""'. romatoes.jb.. Ie mJay spend a.~Ol1g: before I could.q"t: A n( i'~rn-:mrnedf-oun.o1\CI!&.L.the top' of each 4. ': ." Since he's 'trim and arhleticwieh an easygoing manner. there each .ay he grows vegetables.. ~~I finally now . This international p.. A fter losing ]8 eth to cancer in 20 o):~ Alfa.{".:ack.m.llll'L '.frame.enke:r 11.s.g. '~I was io. and so! doe s he.1IJ 1l.~is interest in.Unmer h squashes for the day's meal! 0 cc asionally refreshi n. em.t. it 'took traveline 'to N'fW Zealand and rural An stralia.~K £1_"" "".. but it's not ~s much to toil as ro enjoy the moment.rfisi 'took nfDlanyof his friends by surprise when in 2.·] 'had" -was a backp ."!U.r.on and pr'[Wnm. one :Ii./orm.i1!J nteered as a W'WO. you wouldn't guess Mar.a.~' ad~ qlbr-(ik'e'n m coocret.n' h U·..~ ~~ ifi'~.(l'~ Q.D.'D$ a. and farming "down n nder" was a major lifestvle ch '''''IifiI'g'P 'UA". clas ses . and .i' . closed his firm. Traveling.g'h 'maidntl nod~g beds '!U4!" 'r€{I"u":i1'..l~..e 1'. to be connected roo[he ear th..e.arfisi retired.ene'i build..' . actually do ilit~" e confides._""$.3t the U'CL..rnm.He enrolled in..oOll1." Marfisi can be .~· .

'.oo].. ana 'I' C. '. ~ .srher Dean s created rhi s organ ic " ab oveground environ menr in which to...Ph...en The: methods Marfisi learned in Auseral ia are not origi nal to Esther Dean s. who began pr.c 'U~bOD." .'" s .ng." Marfisi s:alY.1 o notebook.-. transcribed p'3::ge's f Deans's advice into!o~.r a ~..arfisi reinterpreted and adapted what be Iearned hal f a. arnsi h anu.m. " d" lngs.1"'.III. a '~do nothing:" 3. '~l"ssons resonate 'd-.e f{ . :~.nd virtually weed.G.eil1e~ I~' snaf'pttt=btoodhound 'j . is more 'p. 111..dryi ng out (thus rt'qu:iring less . G.. grow vegetabks=and in .F project ended. while Deans finisheda bed wieh only com= p OS.. e . s.peJrature'$".g.J' . B'ight." Marfisi says" "It's v.'• . He boosts the gardens produc tivity by tOp -d ressing beds 'with £rtrarwand organic compost and retari ng crops eo maximize yields.Olng rnroug h the errorr Oilf eV'Cf' t.. nd ie .gl"a!Jl u M..impoverished" '. 'ill.'.g. ..0 .~ . ne'wly planted~ chard' :s~e:d~1~n9's a 'nol.ithO.l... ed.0..ery easy and.L'~ _.9'7 shared her experiences in .[.' • : .Q I'1II'1i1 the ~oj. including R nth Stout'.~'-'1". and compost..~ P''''''I.3].ch to growing :"D'" -I'.'d' .. """ ~'.urban back yards. .-. . . .liow'.4.liIl"'~"'" ' 00 i -ier JL.lifi.: h r '~"-. ""~O me.n.' " nds of . _"_ Ill' ~ '_'.. "~'M.ue:nt .[ .-. sc M ar . It was in Australia that he: discovered rhe "no-dig" food gardening method..a. j I.e 60.m d:rying out./)W.Ue these approaches vary slightly.b'. "".months.rd.£.fis·' works." be . _' .cc. J01 " -" " ae '" .. ..o.tit an Aching Bitck.ny5..anI. For examp e. 'Ill.L ~ ~ .h M"" rust" " anc h " oe .'" com. Everyone who U~~H~g '[his method is a big composter.'.JI!"II!'~'JIi~i!L" rrot ~ abo _ who he C f' trac k him down on . . ton-dresses s the: new} plIJJam. L_Q'IIIiII-Ti!!li w . r: '. . .. ''''Tl time 1S r:a:~.' Wit" ". ' .ilt feels g.s. in.. YS]J.~an" th. -.rrmrn.'.fiI t 0"" .l need I see".oiod not ro water often. . ·g.away to his own property's soil and Sour hem Cal iforn ia's arid climate..nlf.".Ma. ._ 1. me . they aile insulated frnm extreme bot or cold 'ifLt'ID. _' r. -'.e."'~ ~UJn ~~"" lC.9 hO~$e.r. . ""'l ' . the. . given bel' s:andy~infertile soil.nat h d . tb "p.his newfound practices as 'wen as :3 'bountiful fo (1 d sou ref' ." A....'world . .'" k 0 f' .3 growl ng leb for ..1IL.g:e'. M.$' i2 OJ' ~ :01' 'I&QU~a..fa.'. 'with straw to Ibe:e'p'hem fro._ '~'11 U.l1r. t 'iIj" 'iI1.r-os.!II.3 hole again._'h e .3 long= distance runner.'1Ih rot " gardening. . I:.'t as the topmosr layer.I!Il." be points out. work tha n traditional planting.ggln.lan. week alongside yonn.tUO dig bed . .icticing a ad p.". straw._ . .h: works everywhere.$.' .'.andjspanese researcher Masanobu Fuknoka. . blood.and bonemeal into c c'..t «I a.::.freq.ecbn ique :rn..'1""' '.Ii".Los~gtj!aGardening."'[ thi sway 0' strong as if he had trained 3:$.[ W'WOOFers.I ollywood I [ills backyard that Marfisi now tends ..~... kept fr. _a.j~ planti ng and be'ca...'.e.'..""" .]·III1iI'ilI'IIl1:II~. I 'I ' IE 'II i' -··· 1 . ~ deman "so t":~l":I'" ''"'3. this approach require s a lot less.. ' ][ which carne home 'with..0 .t'-e 'ii?9"9. dieui uSi.!rden.elyti zi ng.hey are si milar to layered sheet-mulching techniq ues popularize d 'by others.:h'. (" .8 -:.g . _.. . . 'Wh. n l~n & ~ n '0 m _' . The tiny .0' _-" I"' (:f! '~Oil _' '~litF > n .ng rural Austral ]..and pest-free.".~rl"' rne '. .pOSI!l. n . _' . I I' I ." d' _ e ~.igation)• ..~IIIJI. '0:'11 :[ayen~d t'.iI!"W..g. '""7 ." .>Q!.nrone with pOOl' soil in search of less Iabor-intensive foodgrowing. en op " re sse -'...:ng met hods f(Jf use in..J.WOJF.'.'.e" and .'."7'-. nterner.C"-.t't. .."'. .Y' . 'Hie loved the ch~nenge and 'the' sense of comple'".. tbeir concepts will appeal to .IIi.. farming happening everywhere there.e.ngpreviae-d ." :B.. r' (::' . an Americ an 'who wrote Flow' to Hsoe a Gree« Th.::.o.. ~'~i~B.Ma'rfi'. t' .As vegetable roots extend through Iayers of al falfa.' st-set m.p.3 L.lL..'o-d enthusiast shares Esther Deans's recipe' ~g 'with communiry grouplS" local schools.a. 1!Z!IL!.' - .!Il.' "C I A 'P:r'Q. ' maol~of deCQmplO'8ea J gm~ite a~d'bordered by' Me:x-i()a'nfeather {M<'''''''S'''''' . and even sm:Jtan.f\od~ctiv.. ." Aljov~: Th~$'p(J.-.~c. t· " II '.n &oda'~"e)s.u1fJ.'k".laboring six days a...'. " .""'.a. signed up to work at six farms in 4.e imagine: g.r:"'~'C-'I''.rnl." _ .~Ma~fi$:i~t~?.'. can .a.y necessity.p. '-~: I' I I -.." '".i~a.".. him after the W'W100."..

Photographs by 'Rob Cardillo matter how' early the garden is planted.g~The ti ny white flowers of ~pj ne st rawberries above shiny green . 52 0 r g ani eGa r den i n g .. The rosy knobs of .. e at well-sync h.3 sig~ that this sweet 'fEaste of spring is near..eSs.g. heralding. are mainstays of my Vermont kitchen garden in USDA Plant . herbs. . that never .Perennial crops bear a delectable harvest year after year without replanting . and fruits.Li.ey ~p.ring tQ tife each 'year. .f. H .:oming the pa rt of the kitchen gude. '. • By' Ellen Ecker Ogden .emerge in tune with '[he 'aspilI~lguS.. .are both 'ornarnental and productive and." the time between sowing seeds and the lli.wide range of perennial edthles= ' ava ilable to the gardener.Jln.rhubarb for ·exam. your spring garden l' consi der allocating someground to the four hardy perennial plants that follow. th.annual crops.· .0 .£~liage are .J!'" . They . good things to eat and bec. roni zed orchestra. interminab eo.!one of 'the fi rsr vegetable's of spri IT. A..5·topSgiving. rsr harvest seems.~. many of which are ready to eat earlier in the growing season than . Tha t's 'why I culnvste 'perennial edibles. Z"" one 4.. But ence 'the plants ar-e well established in thegarden. k lovage and other perennia herbs . As you plan. e-s···.ple.i..a.push l through the soil j ust as Trn sowi ng pea seeds . Because of thei r permanence J perennials benefit from carefulsoil preparation.

.C. .. ..:('.~.t can provide several month So of fresh eating and to eUmlna t'e slte s. ..' • " 'b.-' " -[~~ 'I ...n. . . W··:'.._.' -. . - 71 17[ . -...'] _.fa...s.."iI'.eter '0·(·t:he'..g and is the b est-known .~'Once. weeks l. ~. 1!I...ears as they emerge from.." .·:··.".-. don't plant a.gkt:ly c'lenC'.t·· . + ' . -H net -. 'b b..t.-·....' -'.troy .Wl grow .. for be'etle s·to .' ""-= ' f. I·'· '.'Um'. the soil" ~lIo\v thr..-' ..--._. .. .-.he. ' 1" - -"I - - .-..:8l£ ". "7 an.".> ~I[' ~I :~ -~ " i~ ..p.. ..C 0-8 resrs.ri...-" -." " '0" I. d. .h.usas been a staple in vegetable ga rdens for cenmrie s.."-·. .Io'W Qf j..' '. to 'b . l' aye "1il' ~~'B"y ~1~[~ · d.n..CiQ1rpO.:Jj . .al'.ng It .nd the~eaf[e'rj 'itbeplants should be vigo. ":'1'1 . l' -- OJ .e d .·~l-·mweaen -'.. near-nee Ut ra-1-P .I'..p'i.--. e. '.T::. "..m.ed'•. ':. I.·.~1 .. [ ... the tall. .:2hil]Ur8 . .- '. ' ...imtew" .~k-".~ . .sQ~n'.gusor l or 3 ye~lrshefojn~ f ha [ve s:tnn.8.s"p(Jr.. .a~ngespots :a:p'.e .rw. . " iln .. 'to yiend :8 weeks.s.tlme~'.. d' .If managed correctly.a.'!O . ...R'. w'hi.tili. . ry.gJow t>0". -.-.aY1Jest· wh~n the s. 'h'~'.Il.on...a-.:[-. "I '...s. .rs1ey cultiva:rs.... . '_1 -:::." '--'--.'1i!"0l' '.es 1. 8.:'.' i:nche'$' a·1~dw. f ter. '~".. ...:!I\W.g:il. a... - . '. . of h~rveste:d '.~~'s' the tip's' a~r'e at ~hll·ti.-. N·:--._r.. 15 mol.p. 1 'C'rene .~--.Be. -. h anout 10' mcnes apart ...Cl' ve rare ..lIlona. SpatOe the crowns iIJ. --'i If .ow . ' [ " _..'. -' " --I 1 '. .. . -···l. '·d·I·". ..-'tch 6 t.'....·-." ". - - I - . handful ofbigh-ph.l-.n appear hu:er in the ..~g...a1Y-·W·"-··'..ease tb~t ~~evidell t 'w'b. '. ... fungal disease Keep rhe ·C)-foot height of the: summer foliage in mind..:. 0. .""'l.~ri!![ IF. k.pl4nting tYeN... a.ears..y as deeo... ~: 'il:' / ~[~ .f:':t~' .." " '-...harv1esting l and. . ~I - '. st(lP' .ch ttu~n gre.BL.:..- -I' !-[-I-' ·"[--'--:]·'I-.·_' wilt. an d..J!iu.S . .'.~.u!.1. me "'IMi.OI' D!\." _.n. .r D' >.WIJ •. .. . ..Jersey strains. You c:a.h 2' :to :3 $:n'~ck~'s' .h" ._..:'ust~a funga.1IDlg p. 501 ':'1 as'..'~1 .111_ . i 1[[I.1" r.- ' - ·1'. m. s rqUlif. .0.peat. £erny.o.6 -.~. ms..._".' iod Prant a..s b ec:om... a...".-... I.e th€' . [-::I·.aJIi~.edIble sho ots in.:--'.. s ea.-::~a.r~n.befQ1'..3lg e to de:ven(Jp .f 'W:"'"a.. fOf'lnat~JOl1. ..s' d ormant. :[hI....W.3_ '... n ty .'. 'cll'·-l· '...- ._ I.s h OW5 L_..". (0' Doe. 11 ~ 'IL ·f'.. . b et ween.f·. =•. sucn as. _ ' - "- -.ifj.- 1-'.e :sa·n'_.JTlep=..a. ' •.~.malUe:1t ·t.~1 female plan ...e tie: a.1· "'_'e .aspa. 1- _. .es p1roduce pUlp1ille sp.·'~11c.' 1'"·'···· • I -..m.I ···.)·the crown ~s'being eonsta:n.d~rus.r·b ""~"-'n'. '.. the ferns. 'b' l'. IF-' - 1" 1'- -. ies best to le:I'Ve ~. see.1~. . and] e.p. gTown..tabUshed .u.. -'Ca..he: harviest of e·s.'.:f--.-. pe..• . in. . t.s only on their dinner plater.--}-.. :.alU.'"__ :~. f:'rom.te ..rcu con.-. Asparagus bee~d.e .. 50 .p..i' C'~OWm"i1 t.-.~.lantli.'. %~Y.-' -'.0 v.I . .n~ .~pe.'.and most widely planted perenriial v~'geta.:" 'I '. W1.-. • I- I .~...[tune.. T". l [ .I _.. Y '._.".y SpIl ' n. ciillwidth.' inc .aspa.'..ontrol. -or those who have seen asp a:r.c··t·' -. t:-·h·.:~-A~ < >' '.". SOl. in 1 sun o rh er crops . . h l".'[ . I .-. ~ .".0 6'-~ 1- " . l' d .~-'i! -. .lng .'''''..·tg·U·n-:-I':-VT->I11".e~co~er wit. ..G' rant:l'~~'R!' -.··:··h-'. rm .. 'v.n'I"'" ..d 1.Om: It _.1a. the s....'.. .".!.sp2llr~gus here ir will shade w Ch ' .-' ... """Ikct.: -'1 I' -I '.~. .r. t:h. the .anic ferrihzcr..t..g. .J ersey . · d.-' h ."-an ·'t·v.' :i" "i" • .. -'[" '...dling 'b ri'h. '.. .".u' 11 erst . :~: d s 0[' crowns.a·r.. H.s.'.··· . t -.0 \ . :. .- ':.osphate org...--· .~.g.. f:' to Sit~ of dl. -'.s.. d un...lill·it'he s. . soil sor . near $._ .a.g.(~ut::~ b-.d-' _ ny ·u.sp ea.m. ·...Ieet 11" '1' ... .ano cover tnem Wit h:~:2 'to 3 incnes 0'f' ~l[lC n to fusarium ·" .' JII.r h' d lPU~" Ulg ..·'··-d·-··: .s beds .h.e '~IM~[b'~ C'p9"Ji pe'. .A..("17-\.nQer It'ha.--.e.n r ·CI c' norMa]-·ri.rolW s· enou.. C c -.L·'W..1I1.w. . fE'~. ' . .' '--' -.e.e.-ts .gus.llg .ove·.J.. winters it re cold." taL 'b d -.IIlong.l-d' .." -• '1 a.. !:. ..J resea.:h-·· ..l. ..d .{lO '..Jt . Because :~sparagu s w~UIOI[CUPY its spafce in._e~rsey< . Dig 3 trench a ·d d .A ~d' more ~ £:lY.-.'" "."'f an .enty 0 f compost an d .i ..'K n 19r~~ anc ".' : ·II-·:.__ p.. l'~" -I - ·'1 - . ..aUy i:'n. I'N"Jt'mm:. . is: 'su5c··eptwble to aspa. -t·'/:"Y...oZZl.0iD:. ."[ ! . .-' 31l1i. l~~. 1'11-" . .:.[ .--. . '.~_ower. 1-' ~ · 001[ WI e an..' elO. ..prin. .para.l[erns.ra:[ Qn dle ·r·h·. I r· l L' 'l! .. -..: .··--. ~ l)e'1lll.. Oln.a."JiI·':~·....r-l'. ·. J1e'lrs·ey ._. ...~. - I I '..agus P 1ants comes a s a s urp.' .g.·.m w .gh(t· into Au.1es.~ .. .' t"afn a' or!or'ii:1il'1!' N'" """ifiln .a.1[' .ble growth .' -"Ii!!l) new .. an..t3!.'--. .. .a.'t.u:s. .mot-1-'lIler stU.-~.e~. . e."j_:_ "-'.ru:que ~ f\I'=or j A s:pa..e $. orr } .3~ .'. (. '. . . • ..fd foH.{J.ra.eep~ .'" W··'··:···l-I· "1 :···-t. 'I! ."'. " I\I.n harvest ils.hil.vJ'·'e~d:~h€ ro(lJ(ts'1~t)?'izo1d.s:tead of hal·ves.~s.en wben (-\ooked.ce pl~n ted. sue :1 .I·II11I.. h-' " '=' .'1:. ~ W!IJ ..''''. ~.." .ne 6. '..'J ..3.I '-' I' I' ..e'c h-.'.g the .' 'iI"'~. I~'II (1' '::Ii A~~:J iI(!I =' _ Q~ !~. e r~'~~ '."r.p.ese 3\ 1'~.. - I~ .'. I-V¥. ' [ .p. .~'L.. S._.~ . .an -: .bl~·. ' -~ -. avorstes._ : 1': I .In 'the' :fouC'[h sp. o. If: e..•conr d. i .-'1. C'" ··h··.IJ. " .rowth of mature.gruJ..- '. the garden tor a ·~I. .r.'m. '---: 1"'-'-" . . W h.. ·ifi.e· diam. "1-1 .:.r.llY ye:ars of reI na..:f:.lD.·· '.agus cr·'QWU8' l()iC}·k· iry~ ooak them d lot' 3. 'I-h e" fa 0 es b·='" · ll~f' '11UJL t....._ uc~e at ·M···· ichi7. gan.faigus l.' .enSJf to b·· b eca:use :n.d.. t· C' ~.n an d' "".eir enlergy is 'wasted on seled. ' I" .a.·. -l ' :... seJ.'.. :"-' . ". oose R we'U d.u.' .ag. I.g."1 I' "'I'!-'-::'-::'I-I'"1'_" • leK·ttndi ng t. h 'M" .. k-' e . •. ·.ar31gus produces you._ v~~~ .a.Cl~.."' .n. Some varieltj.. !]ve c-e(:}-1n.a.g . . "---. ]lng.' __ .. 'h'~i.o 8 'j - " ~.' H.e. -=... - . -..':.~. - '. .-w'three s.:"<~''''Y ~'IMII'tI--"""d'-u' ced rhe h-·-·y·li!-.i _ ~..-' : 1'1' ojJ i_ ftlJll.eUow to or. 1-"-'1'" .nrn.'.o:r'e: 'pro. :8.e .! ~ ' ':>.-. '1-' rdu d..tlUt/J. 4vM!: G:-" . ..()ft :.C .ocar ion In f t:W.en y.Asparagus A:s.. '1- JIL ·-1'" "'1(":- . faU or winter in milder climates.i':.. 1[- '['. ['-I. 'I .r..'.. . ' . grau.'-'.'.'... ..Vl.$ca..gus. 'L d."O.e. ' wy F'~I'1 ne I~' .n!!.'··-._ : a - "I L1. .e ._." ... .. .es.m. u. ... lIlJI!.' ~" '\!I)'. rst sp!ea:rs".o""'i_ ". vance. _... ..:n-1.-= I' ..reme··.Ii dv . ...1n_g.•.''. I -.L '.. .. I: " -...t]Jst m n Zo.A.g. ... U '1-:' . d 0 .. " .'.' [- -:::'1 ..IVL ...rat.~H"(lp'erSOlJlllR .IS.. tlTue'lZt:Ng .. C·" .aspa..'. ...-.p...e . "" J B. sthei .w.. .~.dy fed thrOiogh photosyn-· ·rtbesis. .:lI1 .toH.- . .~~oots re. .. d.. ..s:p\~l'r.

. !ea. _'..le eege surrounding plants.a..~ [be plant. =~.:. P acing .~ . t tl'bu ~. th. leafminers tunnel into the foliage.l.reme:y ..III W-~l!IIlI!.II Lovage is. . fall. 'iIi"~.. survive Plan-it rhubarb in rich.-_.. i'f.. . '"'ii''' "~:.JiI· "Ii]" sr d'.ifr.lIl . ". Rather rhan starti nil' fr om seed Ji _: a her b speci . '~'l" th . '~'Ji'ii.w.Nourfsh the soi 1 arou nd t he plants 'with.e ''[ ova....' . "I a-s : + ~': ". Harvest by gently t egging and twisting at It he base of a stalk. ..l. '-' for ....enough for it famar of fouE'and is .grow to 3 feet across 'w.._. " .esser degree its 1 ~a . . .than start from seeds. s .]I ~ pile.AjlJt blended into a cream sauce to bake over seal lop ed potatoes. VoW '. . ' ..f! '!!.r " says ROSie Marie Nichols McG. riJI'~. 'd:.. .container" because the ro 0'[ :sys. 'to pi nk to .. d or penoles.-. strong. _ ?Iii'[i< ~.pu rchase . A ..'" h as ra l'~I" 7~ee'!!!. causing white blotches.e.'•. tomatoes in D.i':>..'..'ce'm is massive. '-'" ". Lovage leaves Impacr't a.l. and :".o:01..antthem in. ~il "'i'-. n ttL '-i. S ..'.en fronds that e'm'frg. . Remove and de:st. .V ared ":iI'iily n .-.-h .. fl/fici'mtZ'e' '-~romthe unassuming gre.r~ys. IlL.'.:m~~-f plan '.e crown.eaves an d see-d.II.-.iJJ}o ." = ichols McG. e- ~ nh .'~ Sl ze 0 _ s d • .1UI~~"_' .:r b.. .a.l''.gar d-'_en~ or .'''''' '.".s .'Co.' :1 s owl.Y' the affected leaves.-_ .ci oriain }oil! culti.~.. Th is distinctive taste. 'Fed m.'.'~rll:l. president of Nichols Garden d h _'" ·iI1 JIl p'.lIlan!ll. Continue harvesting until rhe I.". h"er-'b"": rden.". IS ..]!· L!' A tr ue harbi nger of spring.'-:"-' j.ature d.e slowly ill early spring. spri ng and. th.-'_ rame d"". pies.1o. .. It's b est to..rhubilr'b crowns.8. e.'" .r .'Ll. rhe l}.. '~I • .~. • 'I' 'ilL· Il wi 'i(I. £lltJJl . ~.'. " l~ . 'd.generally pest-free but can appeal to .-".rstems can "E' ~~·K' .':':.. rarth.e.ant" .to a 1.'1.sur ..a... 'W. from red. One plant is plenty for the average :famJ1y. _. 'which should be hosed off rhe ~ ~~(~i'~ IQ. Remove the lowe'f leaves if they harbor slugs.-':'._-JckiIl". .: .~. ' a..'.~.K> eep p'." '" h .""J '.'. -'" . .. 1 'Ill.s .~ow . lovage rapidly unfolds. plant promptly Occasionally. r' NTmrsery. . which are toxic" inro '[hie 'COMpOSt .h igh!)!'ornamental.a· i'f. )J i" Ii U purchase a plant 'f.eaf stalks of new grow eh are slender. _.p..e .see d ana r er b retailer. S{)I.g 'way. t.'e .--'m. '\r. cold seup or 'iii' 'iii' '"II' _.".n" The b '[ .ee $ay:s~.0 rnamentai.g.g.Lovage Levisticum.ce". "-'''tIj "1g~. . . is ex l.[u: it'. -.' ..S.~J '.g[1ee.t~Ql1lt(: CIOn.-1·.She advis es against growing lovage in a. rtc 'we 1-'.w. tart leaf stalks.-or'f-' ~lITI. well-d rained soil in ftd 1sun or light .:..[.~'[JJ:1 straw berri es ana 0'1: h er fI runs .. II.1 • f'. into a dra matieally statuesque plant thac towers above everything else in the herb combine wei W.. _ .. Remove seed stalks :3S soon as rhey app ear.till R b~ha:tb culti vars vary j rot the: color of t hei r stam ks.'.o~-"JI'g' W cir. .· ' ba.smu. a. Euro pe' . rhubarb provides thick. susceptible to aphids. 1.r.l ' U·." "'.r new plants to escablish themselves before the first harve st.iust 'b.- -I' . Rhu barb is.:nte. • • deep ruoy-re: dl coior IS me more popu_. celery :fl¢lvorwith it. _ A single plant ylleJd~.err : 1n jams. . watered until established and dUlIring dry ". ~.-. yet: tne green vanenes are 0 ften 'more: pro ductive and more tolerant of hot weather in the' South and desert Southwest.wJtsromatic roots ancd:.-: -'I' . works 'with.. compost in. and cakes. . 1-='-:' . ~:~:J~lep'On ~.1' ich m d-' · . "Lovage 'JIj. .·'m.JUs..:.o. measuring 3 feet ta ll and wide.' "... hint of H. 'lIf'f'~! -1I.aI'. .en.' ..~. . .. I!UII I:.W.r late: .it'hthick..- ""'''''.u.~. where rhubarb struggles to.. A Uow' 2 years fo. go e.~Wlu sna de_C J!! as 11I.S sn mr tr0 .' -1.·'1'-:''- I'"'' ". Discard the leaves.S during rai nr spells.I.

ed ofF to d.Q.T I. ~ iJ!'.. UL. .~y nd add plenty of m .sca 'Woo dland strswb erries.~'• .es growth of fungus . r r· & . ~~ . ~E"::.a.TK7:(_c. on you r to.' makes them.ays. ' Y with Clomp 05:[ .if!.'UI"'-"'I .as 3J1.faiL Just' a few varieties of WQod land or a1p:ine st r. ·....m-··e "D •.flC ·._ vd'la d St.m .·" '. dura..t ·t.~o. fanning the roots in the soil and positioni n. :.iit". ".' ~. in. 1n~fI'IOig.r'" .I}a ~... 11 . top-dress rhe ~~Mt rawber: ... th...lw'bre. Barbara Pierson nursery manageJ" :~tWb~t:e Flower Farm. are n y _' .th...tion fr. .favori:t. ve." Pierson says. ." .'(t~6.:'i·.nlengar. I. 'bed illigh'.~ .g./ re tough PIants 1"u· 't'.JIj~'iI1ii.i. iPoe~. i ".. firuirt..:..r. !.. h. are lie acqmred tasre.av. I!l. have become I... sweet flavor f of lE:hepetite berries.'!· o~.!!..U.eP" whi..'. un d 1 . ~ ~I i.p'.. J ~Iii c".~J1J . id M.i. 'IilT. an '.r ~I ~ . t'..1' not ta k.Il:" O'i ll~~\.J ' lt stere .ll~r. admits that 'woQd~land strawberries 1l. in..Plants Demain compsct..g the' crown ='cn"e thick bit In. d a'p'. '.dt expect to harvest .o. 'L. a trait that makes them idea~.1' bo.awb"r:r' I~$ are: arvailab~~ 'ito the heme gardener.': .' L A . .[ies need ..(lttt.'£' ~ just ab ove the roots at ~Iul~m !!'el' Iii!'do elf!' n ~:'m lu'l "stern" I~ W· hI '.ay.rdering the ledge: of :l nd L'" L ~J:[G.-'ll.L are :OOit: tl~e'fL~~' .ch can be used to .' uey ~iUlJIjg~~ t son rto' .I. 'aJ..r. v . Vety :€Q.IIL!!!.g: into . pun::barse v-irus~':~ir.aJlyvarieties produce on runners.iI .fruirn: rrees 0.Uy.rl~.-"""a b tai~i'Iii'iI' the .plfiopagfJ1te new p~ants o.pecia.-'.O: "m· '.':'.. help minimize these pests.ieties:.. 110 s.S moistu re on the leaves ..g.! iL1IWIi 1~iIb. and :m..f!"o. .m:OO...t:'h' p1 .r..n..".-.Car s.ltrtlW 'e{ry~~. th ay b ome .oC>v and you ean ~~"p.e:m into pieces. "" /¥'.~..nsee i 'i J.' :" :. '.Qurs. ring straw berries yet '[hey bea suscepti ·1·.al ~y resistant eo many of.\..' . eS. th-' e. p6J... :_..r-.:.i:J! 'd.Wh'.or w h en ~ to' tl·vlue crowns every (I.I~ "-W .den. mnv "Th '10...'!' ble slues "..f intense sun :in order te.ey are priZied tOt the inJten se.55 .e. ·.·oi$~.h . Wo odland !tE." ong •e ants to esta h'·..latle spr.At f ne end of the harvest season. ID..e f"me. w~th an lnrense strawb erry-Sayor thar bUFSt:5. . wa _ ~on-1'" .m.e d iseases and pests that :afH ic t standard June .p.. I.s.• Plan . o r g a.i. one of hu mankind's oldest forage foods."The ~man."'" hi "~spr:m. .. tuoib e···:·'-r y' . I .f31W. ~i N.·· . Also called alpine strawber- ries i(')f jh4isor des /...rOiU the' base of' .' .. berry is Ve-FY sweet.].o/are... "' d." . ~'II. Prepare ehe soil d. w..' .·· em warerr ': n.ier. '_.hi.i...lil !:?'. ~I '. send out ~ . 'i I. .ell(l()u:rag'.i..fru1t p[loduc tio:n~ Woodland strawberries are genc·. ..rgiv1lng thaJt w.. / .ert .l1 ror more Z{"'J~J7rm:.. edging or in a container such as a strawberry plOt....e ~ t'or..i eGa rd e' n i n g a C ..'Ui ." soil and nor the foliage..£ :rJ '·0'. S""..tain fertile soil and adequate spa£)e between plants to.' planrs from a nursery Plant them in earle :spri ng in fu ll or part sun.. ' ~ . . harvest ..b crries.. "_"" n v v 00···· .L"f." _e V. ' .." .only (5 'h. c'mud Grow the 'plants fl'Qm seed or.ennu.b'""U.. .'.g some wi ll'whit~ frU:~~$. I.JI &"'r.. ]. a Space plants 8:ifiches 120 make: jam.--':' ~'n" """' 1." WhaJt the ha fvesl lacks in quantity it makes up :tor in.o 11j..£1 1~J1.n.:. ': ~"''..I->. b .ngue Yet do.



They are br.g:aded fa rmhouse r hotels.the .r manure oH into.own :fllonl !tbe ..:·""''-. in.asta. thel. as m any on the CAN-9 t he fields . Eatr.ryciD. "I f tbe p.ggio AUor.nes th. thlf :red tae rooftop of Po. . The farm's operation is a p erfect example of 'W nregrated organic horriculru re and agricu lm re: a contained system...ioll'j.. I know . red) o.e m:he outline of Sa.. (:onfki ng.. Tt:l [:8JS and as she scoops salt by the .pla.e $ ...eic' diet is. . 'pinch.. the willow is fn3€ -a .an. ]1'~ eor .y guests. wel com ing terrace. or fol ks !!:..lJld tourists tb at a~re. _ _ eh '0'. the vines are.s" Bu.fh. which each element s. w'. the sOlftly ·~..erti.000 bottles and eight different varieties. left fallow.ric medie.ofthe government-supported .. . increasingly visitors seek aut the region's rural heart by stay'fins.en~is that goo d o~hF'.. 'when appropriate.. 2lindobvf ou-sly ~t doe-sn't leave any walste at the ./. I 1 :m W.d. towal.e:s located across ItaJy.J..) using twists O'f w~ Iow _ It's.getab~!~s~.r-op.ady :ar~ crowding [be s. Ol·'~~ ~ .i..l~t:i h il~. a nd.nto l'he . j. and Am ico Fi0 ron i exp Iai 11'5 the.' Th ~ jIJ" L l~ .g ifo~ of natu re-'ano natura 111' attractive in t he Ia nd scarps.Rano. in love w.. f:w~ '.d.vate a J.~traffi.r '$:[.n.~.)"j oil belongs 011 the m's ~~A.~t b enefim: 6~'OlnoH in It'be w. which w s used ro produce the compost that sustains the hort icultu ral ac tiviries '01' the I ~ ioroni fam'"1Y:~ 'ill. .."""d.e pas.en. . the farm filiom.~ . .an.e:: I~. ~ ~~~_I __ ~~9!1s-1 'tL __ ~~_ a mi lIenn in m jl illed glass of [heir award-winning organic Vernaccia di San Gimignano.Q... and .On :a:r. ~'.m.d wi.autostr.t ra d it'iona ~ T lISCa11f) method 'thalt is ~ rare Iy seen fields. CU.rops.S..a~fOO ic :and fully'1I. b.rd another of"Fu sc:~. 'C' @ ..r!' .IIJ.into.ta water.J~e farher Q "IJjl~B:~ wa ~'fIo ~ -1!t~".to.:J-zsrrA briefly in H Fealta italimltl.!0' _ ~0 white Chianma cattle.and fill the stomachs of :bu.['Q'UP' oOI~h..! ~.M been 've drawn tbere.eZlldin.• .-...h ~ntop'town of Sam '·ch.~I."i1. three white and :fivt. cereal 'c.. In the k ntcben.3~his qu ick to ~v .farm.s t:hf~ and a.~ _ 1'1.nf_jsbis. POt$rriI:rJ -. :f~esh. so i they are as supple as string.' 'WI· I.i...migna_no is in plain view. referring production of wine (some .and th.thei r distant .er!iCan cooks measu. Tuslcan.lJO In ty]J\ water and ladles i Co.-_. organ it The takeaway message h.n Gj nti. Drop .ada (A. w~roJ1!e.eyed.~rt . . Animals are rotated t h Ilough. is.ces. food. ng co~..ety of the in.out f.e dried sort-i'ff won.-.e.i a nd her mot'ber . fOIF their bee.. trained to tuteurs (support's. Rosa.~Sarah introduces her gue's:f[s. San G.. not in the cooking w'a:te. ] es p[ be i ng th e way the v!Jnes are ti ed in the vi neyard.a.and point OtU:' .agritltrlnno circuit arc.' -". 'These all generate orga nic .rg:@lo.o'=yemlf=old house t and from . I~J~ ~Jl.~~ next sec tor. and catrle.esl['im.j.e.pious a mou nts loF 01m. Florence" Th. het mother.a.-.g..t Sa nth Fio. the: advent of organic It ravel. a p. the n kept i bl water to mai ntsin t heir 'f Iexlbl Iity.r.we and 'WOl1de.g..w. I 've attended Sarah's cookery classes at Central Ma rket in Austi n.g SO'UthWlfst 'toward Poggj.O AUoro~ you leave: the n10J:lU. or orto. .f ts wide.grad.han.g.s. eat' .ntl"y of the :f.I~y Natural Training Tu scan t rad itions are ev ident t h ro ugho ut the 'farm at Pag-gio AI lo ro . supplemented by Poggio Anof..8.ahle Tuscan m. ng l· ~ ~'!U'. Plus.ed and then you... at the sa~t .Bu'fJ:Sar. a .~!t. in a holistic seq uence tha t maintains soil ferrility and structure.n take on.£oundation of the classic .'. _ = 01nVie nd ' it De.o·. .'~ll'U~:O ts.ngt..c" i...f (the .g.~lr)~?hhe s ~lsks~"incred:tw:~ous . the' saUCf'-' .t~with..e n d (iF the eye I'e- t' p.f.. and. at Tusc any's high ly :r..~ . process: Tne young shoots (or suckers) fro m the wi ll ow tree aFe harvested when st iII fresh .organ ically raised grain.'d.200". Poggio AUoJ[o is one snch . ~ ~ _!ir-...e:rfe1c'[ backdrop [CQ Poggio Anoro'~s pastoral scene of organic vi neyards. .Amler'm." IC "'iii""" Tuscany has been a .[load . are prepari fig flesh pasta to' be served 'with a r ustie sauce composed simply of fresh romaroes.several times -lure d simply by. "'Why.'e .e. the:i.-e:ven tll.tbttc :s:be. :100 percent org..pan to' s~ure the v.olive oil 'to th. a rare breed thar was once found on every farm in Tuscany.JIJ. large kitchen garden.or at least half 1. Instead of nylon 'lw ilila: or another i110 rgsn ic materia I.m. the country la. .(Jgriturif'lJuJ p.e .istfX:Cd fh:i(:I}n~+1uIJ.~.e Am. to participate in rather than just observe the life of the roc ale. =":__> to share however e.o aJtop' its hi]] points tbe di n~C'tion~. ~ d ' elds fa.malgne't for tourists who arrive starry.c:m '1 ""'ruscan stye. olive groves a' tha:e.ed.~y in the morni n.i. basi nt.~tree'[:s.:11w:a:!I!"111 'W~'~I.ay back to.o~s. are making their 'w.1['-w.r'~ .re OUI oil in t:easpoons and.into view..ndu.nppol'lts the others.~'iEhart. harvested. W~I Q<_ Y .".t the eveni ng to her relatives and parents. the field is till. to supply the farmhouse 1:. the undeniable 'b the dms(t'anc.g ndscape and lilts historic vill as a-nd ga:rde'o.nd soil A: 'Ift-.'c olive oi].dfu:~.'v ~~ ~1I!"'i. at familyrun operation that is..iilI1y=. a mellow whiee wine of the 'i:~I~ anim ials are m. n.. a nd a bre arhtaking amounr of olive oil. which ]50 trodden into the: .does not ~dd . g.-m:owef'ed.t ou..r name is to its agricultural Fattori« (~~:tarm"~) Poggio Alloro.alruty and va:ri. .' ~e.r-on.I) ta' The headquarters of the n a.g.~al citie s.

:Q .top tOcwn of San.P-'r..-ields cot1l:trib""t€ .hfJ.(JV1'QI$t~ 1J}(ltJes~'Tne:' vie w'f.t-o t. Poggiol Al~o.ic'Q Fi(n'~~'i.rQ tn.hlt b~uut~y and Vi'~'QT'Qj"t.s' Qlwillow u~ed' A j(JfJ''r.()f'the .$l~~y nd l.' T.Pogy1.d'S'tor':i~'hill..m": B.und]'e'. Right: O1'galn~c .A~'lol'!Q/S: '()"J'f}!J!1fi:cl..u~C'an lQna'sca:pe.ettu~~'" a .Above':. Blelow~1-eft:~1 n"". . Ceu't. ..oIS ~t'~F:tiaC€. Gi:m'ignano l .!d'ant t"_i~Sl'.

1 ... 1(' d G:n i 11 g V o 1..160 0 r g a n ic G 3. S 8 .:.

. uMfng fllLC.IVI EII-O' I Rep y by 1/3. ~""1:--r ~h~_fee ~~UG Ja ~ II'Y_ JS lIIMIITEI~TIIMEOFiFER! I~_ :SENICI NO MIONEV' INO. 151... '.' I• 12 'Y... 201l52S80~ I Pri nte-dl~n USA ....W~WE'll BIILLYOU LATEIFl. ii:ss. c a..~: "IN'" .... E.r subscri:ptiol11 andl send me my .: I ·····ff· "1 ...r a e'--....".1 '.nn...Q-~·..l..-...I·~y . .. just $23...1/11 r '! :·· . mrV' 0::" rganre. S··-'-· .-: :::._..:I'-n..ues)~ .... .·)1 a thts LIM' . .' f:········-· · liTE....' :'8..liB (1:2..8 -.·"1.94 (free deliverv) -hi8't:'S 2 years for the prlee 0""1 ..Pl:.D"I-T'I 11.I...

liB (1:2.W~WE'll BIILLYOU LATEIFl.I.l..' I• 12 'Y. S··-'-· .-: :::...' :'8..Pl:... c a...·)1 a thts LIM' ..:I'-n.r a e'--.~: "IN'" ..94 (free deliverv) -hi8't:'S 2 years for the prlee 0""1 .. .' f:········-· · liTE.. just $23. '..8 -.r subscri:ptiol11 andl send me my ..nn..I·~y ..-.. 151.. ii:ss.IVI EII-O' I Rep y by 1/3. 201l52S80~ I Pri nte-dl~n USA ... ."......: I ·····ff· "1 . .·"1.. uMfng fllLC. ~""1:--r ~h~_fee ~~UG Ja ~ II'Y_ JS lIIMIITEI~TIIMEOFiFER! I~_ :SENICI NO MIONEV' INO.. .ues)~ ...._.Q-~·.. E.1 '. mrV' 0::" rganre.....D"I-T'I 11....1/11 r '! :·· .

n) ~nd :nQW' witb ~'jl)k:u riin po l-~ .n these m.": '. s ''''.And ..added to its uD_Ii. a.. ·0. han d. grappa.'.n.'. . :fo.m o.1II.'II"m'~ ~ '~'[~~ for .s. d." a.1! _'l":~ .n.. hac k.t effects across Ita..e 'Va. brothers Umberto a.. ... through their own talents and ingen uity and assistance from rhe sraresupported agrltttrlslno program. I:'~.a. '.. L~ f~ lrn'i1"~~1:"_ . gliJlth' .Iloro in th e pub Iic eye...lIJ.d[' er W~I. acres...e .' .i c~l1y :m. -" .rismo=tYP'f desti nations at the inClli~'as.enjoyed c:reate m.-= ""j' -W'..." - .aly.~>'~'V.~. hilie: sysllJeln-t thlie ..aron~swho '~rei1e.. produce that more' rhan i()ompeasutes. (1' ins.Hatr '-.o acres .' : '1' I" 'I I '. ['0 accommod ate 1 i . lo=.J11 .ke the F io..~ at n :i c G . search iof' . the farm is. the story'w. 01' !I.aein.9. 'd ..B.-.:be selcre [s of a true c.any has ."_ =' of work to pro dues just: one ~i logram (less tha n =-.' ~ I _". _!.F.U.fa.V in.udrl si.".p. " noer .cany be'com~. Ju S:iI...: :. t'lla't shade one field. econom y wa s Iarge Iy' S U pported by the product lon a precious+end prlcey=corrtmcdlty..i O"I1--.. wine con noissf'U rs' . _. ..JIIJ!HI1~. who does not speak English but does s:peak gardeni ng. and in ~ __ ~1! ". nd ._. n g . moved 'to Poggio Alloro in Tusc ~lnyin the '[~J50S ~ and they were o.. . riSi'''J. C" sa'hilus =' '!l.'. :help 'w'~:'t-h·. ~ organicbrings a quality 'to Poggio AHor."'~ .l ini tia.• .1:b$. _ t landowners or .tions'. 0' ' z.gate's to Tu.:a.: in 1997.I!]. war m. grows especia~ly well benefit- It.l..:region.ay be: mnre labor-intensive I.---" -d:'... ""'.i.._ : tIL..··~' G••. including the United States. 10··••. is able to make non-Italian speakers understand that alth.piartu:lI"e left a.entt suppor t:s its sma. .{) .rm ing ~ 1.. . ing from Ute sharp drainage and the cold Winters and dry's ummers of ce ntra I T usca ny. Slm3JU 'i :fa:m.rem'() . the 1tl.avit made :from 'the remains of ehe wine-maki llg~..-.rn.ction of win. ..kePoggl. and the ..nari' were particu larly dis.' nil"!! p 1Il-~ . ."UJ1:Z{:l"n_na-un. l"'ifi'iI' It.AUaro 'to be more plopilda'Ced.". ffi 'L" J.JIi'JiY. mad e from the d ri eel s tlgrna s ot '~he flowering bu Ib Crocus sativus..ns.~ .w...I~: t' .ru..lo .as '~he Italtan.a. Tusc.a r d e:n i.ra to pn:ldu.J i!!Ii·S.periences.bV ~ ~ .artisanal of ve oil producfion and the .estof.:rurl:l grow_ food_ '£""~f' rheir ['..0 r . _~.ea.far.t he wo rId! s most expensive spice.'1. which a~tthe time' consisted of'.'I.~ ~' 0·· ~r ha :.g:".dsaround San G imignano.fforda. " HI!.. ...gree rrhat 'the authe'll[Dk: eX.: -.'. .elop.. 0. . I~.I..d· ..m.9ols)o m~... ".g rt:co. ... W'l-D' '.capitaJ Hze o. ie rarm 'B:' t!-'--'at p ostwar 'h .acqui f. 19) I but. -r'. _..r~ '[rullde:r Sarah's. .Sarah's family is originally from [he: Macche: her farher . e re. _' I .. ·· 11d..~. ~ toO .J~.s t next agric ult ura.ason" tbey . U stri al v.'I!.belen." a..ay:s. oil from 'the' si lver.' 'c:.. .ening .rm. The c ro p is ha rves ted by hand in 'the 'fall" and it had d nft7eren.······ s:.mal:. __ ..'.. I ".is dir1eetion as . - fliJlp' ~[~ ~.m~.rassy organic olive ~ nnovat i 011 that harks. ru..ting ehe :fa.' I ".ut ecade . e·.'I!. Amico.·I j9 ~'~I!:~/ :. gov1ernm. OS!~ " ': manu .' to P[]rchase Poggio Alloro.atfs' U--.' .leaved olive 'Crees. .o:m . 1 'd~"~M'"" . '. fa.i the region seiems. by '~O[w ris. ' ' '-'b- . I inv.g:e'm:' 'was on.fat/or-ia'" or production :farms~ buHt by families H. I~_lt ~ g' i!"'iI·1.".i ~. _.s" and is 90 pen:.:. 100 percent organic.t has .[' .s.esses p.~em'j' many rami '·'1':"" es> were kept he' law the' 'poverty line'.---tlle... popula:r' tourist destf lliti{:. ()ur 'USDA..~ i.p.s..erh~ps. '~he'farm added the production crop! saffron.t"'"'m . ~ " vanragec.• ..ves:tID.maU .s. .extend themt busi n. J ~. ".".·. d . By 197M.ys 'to !tre 8Jte sim.enm:seff-sufficient. hI most of the farm families operated was dis solved. e . tI' _' ith his"..tIIJ. op ions fu'r":~er 1!:'10''U ~1:1 'b· ng' ' ". Saffron is ( ont of ~'IIl'J~ 'wn r' d' "s ] "]jd' ·t ililg..'/. w ~i d ir-l·. c: "" 1 ~-'~~' \".n.' '.g..·. '[he' lab orers allocated w a portion on 'wh.S o.I~ ····-.. Du r~ the rned i eva! period and ng Renalis.(IU1Cfa'fm~.1DJ.' --' . or ch ~nge {or rura. ' m onocul rural ir'e' real production· ill'lI l~J~.'. guid:aoc'. '.alw.~yWe·ft the ~. ". the best barvest in a good yea r" A part 'from its raru' t13 kes a Iat In the southern .'_ .. : " I'• I ..: -. ~ . Ita Iian famil ru}es as the sharec ropping .n..rm o~gfl.'arrsve d .e":.a:[ru.u"""'.:' su.ou. ".'\' to -S:~ rvive..tio.. j!]i" 1iJI.rise of smaJ 1 . Prior 'to that. adv .t1 take :3 cooking: c:la's. a..vaUed 3j.his was qu~c:kly foUow'ed by . ".nti and.S.lI!.JI'U)p"p"o"f+'ed' . '~he 'flavor' it bri ngs to ({soUo is it 5 real gi oft I~~~I~ ~J. .in.g hill Jrf.fs in their d ri:ve to ._. numb e:rs.Il'"'ii u~ _. .r'[he coldest months.(:tivf: u~a'n'fr"· '~~ ~ . San G imignano'-'p. '".e.nd."·. 't10. . . Sta t~s.. . ~ :_..of poor stony soil IG' .id ~iobs in dev. as :"1 sharecrop1 ..)I!.:rtic!Jipated in!~..f..:_.emorf!f.: 'i'_. and big ' loo:k . .d" .. Anyone who has.l'nnu '.Y' ." • '.( " '_. Q'~ 'liP. .end Lng '0:0 the' se.thisIS .I~':UCys.r. and for rna rket..n. . ~.cls.-. e B"""l-'lDL'e·. .I:t·..·.ia. .yru n o[lg:a:n ic fa. r it. Tbe i[lCliea. g. at P'ogg~o AUor--o if:3iD be as a. Yet that is ' everywhere. . ~..I·. an.helped ..t..V~~. .. t tumbledown a Production include s their excellent Vernaccia already mentioned. .I...~. iII D.y Y -'I . IHl:..ent 0iJteuied the . ~ln. ~I'!! in the stony fie~.. and more tha n 225.~I~~~.l (' ~ i:li.n op. ~. .· . • • ~ . j' ping syst.It".r th. to be .lre d toO find wa.eal'C'''ions wiU aJ..~ q iP'I:ra.r"1Ii' -"-'~~I".Orei a.f~rro:h. erat1~.e has belen rebu ilt and enlarged i11rhe process. '""I" .: J~1I'li 'II!~~~~-.. h-.. o a .gaJ".:runello gr2lpes dd h were a te 'L.s :.. Today.~ .:.f"t' 're'd'"_ I.dgrltu.uci. the me:£z(J..' 3 pounds) (1'f saffron.rn1I. C .piporting our farm}ers' effurts :~1l:h.~ J~ '. '.' [ t. '. .pressilin.ed.rtand 8h his'l:o.~ .' .. the Iand 'tY~S owned 'by house.a:t illast a HfetIDme'. dep.ena ~T{)ScO:l:tai.'rerorm ..y~ ehe farmers were given parcels that we're too small to support the tradiricnal mixed farmi lxg~and so mosr were combined . .tive? • l' . and the production levels sl ~ghtlylower compared 'tin ~~~.I:Y)ahsen ..-picked stigm as are nee ded to make' a sing Ie ooun d! qua Ii'fY'i os szrffron as .1 '. is some 250. I .peJrations H. As Amico Fioroni explains.r ' . along with some sound red Chi~.tnike:ts.can.en:tr'ep[~neuri(&l spirits. The fa:mUy a' :$10 produces a .000 !cor' ~I t-.ric fo~ nda.. the Fioron .. c h emica '1 . ofTusca.ts. v tlv ~~ own t..~~ ll.' .u "'-u.rge sea e.'~ db" . d' .'I!. urb:6hn i:lldust'r. P':.ptV .·.ally ized .a'b]e 'itO d'[\QSS the U:n:i t.a.:igb.~ '~ _ t-'i"li".d.brothers we're ab.!@ """.'Q. ". the f~. j' ". I"W'~. '_.6:1 .lthan by Tus c~. o.. and helps to make it one of 'the most successful lh.ieedsto ta k. and I .g ~qu. .. u!l!JlU ".ough op..w.'"". Their de. Ji""'Q'. C. 1v. ['.' . and has belen so' for' many ye'a:r..rme.t!Iy::'-~'o." . ~lE :a:'. ': ""~.elli~.n. ith. on rhefarrr . agriturisll:llJ destinations in T~slcBny. _. (' 1 lII..5aln08.W. Gue'st:s. to traditio n keeps err-a blstorlc local Fattor i a Poggi 0 A.d' _.a.'~..v".. 'In the north.nd 'va.

tem. I purchased several beautiful terra-cotta pots last summer. :process._~' _L 'Q~Is it safe to water my houseplants with tap water? Bil~ (....~ 0"" ..ID ..ASK O·RG'. "Terra-cotta pots absorb moist ure from the soil they conra in..'tIj.Iro. . I : .. .I~Jl.':'):C'-":' .t· -.' 0 pJILan. .-. .il. ~og..rc GARD'E-NI'-NG ..~.' _. and does not OOdVe~fs. -"·:dl down on a level surface and ~ben placing pieces of flat scrap 1~ mber aero s-s. ace th the bottoms IO:f' p ots .: . How can] prevent them from cr acking over the wi nter? D. .][. . ...e ainers .. e..'h··-...~.sma '1-'-er ones . frosr-fre $ays . 1 . wih. e ...'b.especiaUy those._/_ •.ncm. .ply l!L./'. 5· '8" '.n oold I cJimate~" empt. a .n.ier. - -'-'.. ·t. '.-:_ :.. ou . · .110'"' 'Ii?.' -.. .. '~l_. hard water is often "sofre ned" through a.rn. _ .Terra-cotta o fit en cracks during cold winter weather because witter in the:porous clay materia palms.hou.1< __ .~... conraaners slu uld.(].~. ·. however..'.:iner. OQJ[.r..)SIII. '.] -.. €'xpil...t-·"-." . b ecause it: prevents 5():iPI :tronl..pence -".~ong~ narrow leaves . with . ace umulat ~.In T-.. Terrai 11 at Styte:r'~~ and specialty :nu.8 ano p'1-'.ait:w:res. 1fT 'F.1 S k'. garden accessories for."_ '1-'··· I e I-:'iil-' -:":i\.:-.. _" --.ating . u" snar ~.ltm).-".-c -.'." . Insists Spence. .['.:de' ca y 1· O'~ r s -.l~ . ". {}.contatners ofolants ano sou an _ sto. ..0 preven~croc . and other minera Is.1I!-'iIj-.'C .'ll:T. u.. '!l:E'·:·'--:·. I ' 'j - -.. .AN. . A". 1!J. . to ice and expands. '. '•• ' _ _ __ ' _' ~_ .·" :.'iIl. 'G' ..~.pence.-.aD:y.~'S'.]i.El'b.wth.:rIf. d...Or' up .. .. Avo~~d problems wlt~h salt. th ' F or . ] f a container eventually cracks.s se!.~.lj' the' conta... 'il'fl"-'JI R. 'Iii'lli jU~ Q. A" In genera.- rfi."If-'<'.'.~ig. that adds salt.~i .'·1'. . -. __ ." explains M andy Spence'.-:'.· ."akSpeUer ki Up C racking U' a...e br .11 adwi ek Kingsto'n~.rn. -. safe to dr·ln.. 11-'et an 'pan . hard wa 'Of I which contains high levels of d issolved calcium.. e " rore r.roug. New YOTl.l~ed t'(J'.rsiery in G' en Mills.9.' .-.' ' 1 C'".s· amd ~t!~T'e :them i-fit afri)$t-/1~''ee pl.o. .them to create shelves on which other pors can be stacked. r d € n 1.c.~.~ redu ce to o tho ." . .e rherr In a .'iIL..e. .. Indi.S 'b.g." Fluctustionsin humidity can m 31ke containers that are nested inside one another "'-1'~ _.= --. which dehydrates t he plants' roots and can lead to bfiown" d~y'leaf tips.I .:i "._':'m place.._ a.. .athe:ring well and can leave mineral deposits in pipes". 1..-.' -. IIl. Fluoride accum ulates in.-. "This preVell[S..s ..k.~.Plty Il.-.:ge~i[''Ill. ~i IQ!1}. and spider plan t (Ch'lorojJ'h"t1ttn C()'fluJ-J.g.. S·::··. The salr lean build up in the soil of containerized plants.plwater is a good choice £0':[' :ru r.L.- Te'r1'~~cl{J._:_' . 'but it ca n contain additives that adversely affec t plants. But m!any common.. . _ id SIILOre.~" ta. chipping and still allows you to store several pots in a small space. the general population.'e..Co. .-' sugge:Sl!!.· "-'.jr.. -" ind-"..a.c:'.·. 'il" t '-.n.p~'r.w. d .aGe' 'Ut!til Sjiri'tit._.-''i" <.:..~l".Rage'. a buyer who purchase s contai 11e'.' lapB_f. wtrn a ." em . I~'break the cracked pots 1 '. '_.-- _ '-'II"Ifio'" c·· "ji.. U... -: . 'a . ~. - JL - '.sleplan ts. . _ 1-. the tips of these 'plants'!' leaves. magnesium.nt:S m thee lar. rd .. .. =t' ""iIt"li!. Some areas of the United Srates have Indiallapoli $. '..maill.n and fluoride.eezin'f/ . Pennsylvania .ta .- c" .rOI. .. ~:.' J~: ·".. .u. swe :." '1 houseplants are sensitive to fluoride.elY'atf~ect' p1lants:.erra." 1 .:' iFr'\ii"II..g corn ·.r dra and slow gro.PSl. yi: ..n.ud:rung.-. '.: (~O!1.$I01i. Hard water is.J~ tiIl~-: liL' I I. n a -V'---:'0 .' 0 ftusb OU'[' salt concentrated in the soil" pour a. .-."" . M unic ":pla'liries often add fluoride to rh'~l". $UCCIl.winter-. .~'c - .. volume of water that is a:clea st three times the size of the plant's container through the . n ". sleIDJs\jt~vitY'by watering plants with rai nwater or fit tere d water. causing rhem to dry and type Qf claYJ can crack w'nen.III. -" storage. all is not Iost.U'a..~ree Im.~ 5. ap 0.~" :3.'..1 and aUo!w it: to drain out. '-d '1-' .

bar line up has. as weU as tasty upgrades t-o old favorites like Chococonut & Pumlpkin N Spice. ad!ditives.£om ii fa(ebook~c:om/lnaturespa.trn ' @naturespath . Certa.inlly' not US~Our chewy granola www~nalture5path. Nature/s Path's certified orqank qranola bars are' free 'from artificia. new flavors like Berry Strawberry. GMOs. and synthetic pesticides mak~lng them a smarter way to satisfy yo'ur sweet tooth.l preservatives.

.' . ''I!' ~ '.·. "takes about 20' y' ears to reach 3<.- I . t D ~'D. DIO years).fe~[['Soci~.ays .e' moisture the rest of the time feet in =_..l'~ge' lO~ on Saving' Paperwhites 'Q~.lIJ.' s . .~' '!il' . "" . need much the same treacment as. and large (IS feet or more in. 1._iI111i-.' .3-'-00-' .1''''£1.!"'~o!!#-' " ' __" ""-.rheirwild ancestors: hor.dorrnan t~ and 'vel'y mild conditions with . heigzht .- . -.. w" '.[. . o"'iit '(.~~ T~~.~~ . whit e spruce..'.11''1'.O ..ardy ty'pe$~~. Ii .'_ '.~.' .'Hi'.:II.J~. Delaney.icultu. .. . A rburetum.. . .ga_lll'i.~ .ID:ml·n· 9- O.. "Paperwh ires.' j ~. 'Hoopoe'.rsery specializi ng in conifers.. dwarf b ro !6.. for Iseli Nu rsery.'~V~!I'.-.'n explains Jason .vmtt$ O'a~l'ow'a." .-. .ram. enjoy paperwhites a indoors and plant winter-hardy Tazetta hybrids in the garden.JL. Navazio.ilmp i. 10 years).D. r--m' stu nn nI.l-foot-wide' column.:"i g. g.~ . The Anle:rican Conm." - - = ..'lc~ i :'.muid .' . . Delaney.a"nium._' "-'·'1 .I"I~"_"" thar st .. '...[S!' S h apes. -0 years.' ·. A······~... What do you suggest? Cas~anClmButler J." As 3Jl.B.ts~r Bee '{?low t{J1 R~ch :U8~' . .. .or O'·ur ~€:f'.i:s "Cole's Prostrate' (shown below) is a hemlock with pale gn::len foliage... c."....[-. . ..i'i. Ii:.'c:Gal!dem:ng l~' edf'ted' .- .'...putJfSf1JS 'Sester D'wil(rf~'"A slow-growing Colorado 'b'"Iu. . d. d· .. ~. .·.' .' '"'" "" _Al_.: " _. .o. In Wash. and 'Cragfol)'id~ are h. recommends Picea. . .p Narr:hm:r tazata. .u//de.~~ .A.. J:1. JIJ. .." ..~K"~!Lo-!U- . .: .'. Miniature Ib foot' taU in I 0 years).ru. . Louis.:.. ·[~bJt' . senior outdoor bort. . ""Ger. • 1-'1 [ .. -':Ii . '~"""P-11'I:'g~ .necti'cut l A.6feet.a hedge or screen.L~ I "I~ . p.' ·:.~.\~ rel arively Jl'Ji'l"IIf''OIW'''.8'k IQr. as. ·'. In northern areas where winters are f:. mtermediare (6 'to IS feet tall in TO years).'.~owgrower:~ moun J~ '. Ii. - .. roo t' circuiar "-'11-. . .u ·..Mnt M. .: 'Jiff' ~ '_~ ~" in smal] spaces... ". l.~ '." .. an I plant 'my holiday paperwhites ill the garden? C Mar~ Roedel" Na.f!'~ ~'~Y' p .i-al1!'.Jartjord Con. .ffe:cc.~huCl~ ew' Hampshire N A". a wholesale nu.j)"7Ii ". a'.. horticulturlst for the 'Go. 111 warm areas with occasional freezes.u.1 O.~ p'r. and '_..ry summers when the plant is.t~Ui Dwarf Conifer collec tinn at t he Na ..w. feet rt.Small Is Big Q~ We'd like to' grow conifers but have an average -sized city lot.a foorprint ofon'~y .' ." Delaney says In frostfree areas plant the bulbs Immediately after floweri ng. . _ !I!-!Jl. "'..W.inn. ~~ " .Joct.y ~ -= - .'.rows into a zo-foot-tall. 4'. ~'p'r-:u....rist at '[be M issouri Botanical Ga rden in St. . alcernarive to' the ubiquitous arborvitae rt. "' suaseses J. d ya.oe. a s. . '[-" ' '''I' ..l"size categories based on rhe approximate growth of a plant in. ~~".~'!i:1. a huge nru:=ty a. . {slunv. a 'type of daffo dtl It hat belongs 'to the Med iterranean daffo dil grou.K· .. HI .'.'"iJ!Ji.' .ld). . .QI~. Dem me mid Atlantic sales repre sentative.C.:EIl... {T·l~~J""fY "PI ·'e'i"'"ld: w._'.. "Paperwhi res perform best in. the Deep South throiugh Texas l' ehe Soutbwlest:~ and southern California. _J~ l. above].' j_-!!!"I!'. -.f co.. .'i\· '_". ~. lUIl..j'f .."a:"h'.I In . g: rows -v -' 'f .·. ~'n-" ':1' ater.'J N' .I" -d s.. . AU but Iarge conifers work well in smaller . .x' '_l. Tm"~« c(I/.'~" 'w' '. -":I!'.aUin.II! .J' _.~~r.I).aJ. . = " = • Gh .a:v. III Taller conifers are also 'e..sizes.ollidnd wet.1/' W~l~'~\ . .: ~fIL~jj. " '~-.·_. ':: . ~ . ..f._.).~'a·~' has nic g' olden colo.!I 'D':~.:'n" vew I" CIi".. ". mnd. A..f. nd _" sa}i·' ·N::. "'" " " !!•••"i-.t' 1-.'i~O· jjIY6"~1' j.~ - .:Ii.Madiya.Have' a qUestion . I . 'Y" ····: 10·. .. . long as lither ~!Lo-II. 'Golden Dawn'. w.aJ!~"~.i ngtnrru. ...I .D'. = i.-. .ao' comem.U. wait until after ehreat of frost.!'." ~ys. ."'" .. "lU.n'!O".aU.I'it' 'A-'u'r. . -r .[ygroups conifers into fbi~.~~ ...i .0' .i Ji. =. ...:io L ~ .ns. " '1' 'b-: L . $ .

.. • It .s-> _-- ----~ ..• J ~ -_ __ . ....I ... ..r '" ... I 'l ~ .. OJ .. II' • .. ~ .. . ~ ~ ..... . ~ . . . ..' ~ OJ ~ III ~ .. ~ ~ • . .I . • '"' ~ .. . . . • .. '" L . '"' " .

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P la nt TNT: Stri"'1 I~r~. 13034 Ced ar Creek Rd.fJo1#ter'~'rm. B. Lovage: Johnny' s Selected Seeds and N icho Is Gar-dell IN ursery on ~y:$!ee (3lbove· 'for conte ct inform a ~ ) an d !1!r"11Jl\~~ _. COfTI'.800 -. CT 06239.ea€!S~. ME 04·901.: ·Iu. 4 800-'867'.r-v~~e~.010).s. g.srs" {p'lanrts only} .• D:an~eisoi1. IPoggi a A II'(H'O!. 800i :s eco ~ogy-ha·waii. I ntorrnat i on about fed e rai food assista nee pro- grams: USID!A F. 831. H a ven 5. 302-684~8092. A k rc n.i m provem repe:II'ent Sf) rays:' sold e nt .a s ket 'f ro m the B Ile:ss.s.7 258. Gra n i te City... '" then .Y'. com1'- found at some onl in e bookset Iers. CA 95052. styers.• _.. napkins. Sts·.k Erts 1'0 r G Q od.armlinster.2· 943.. p..ane. OR 97032..nta~n c RosJe He rtJ.t. Wins Iow.ilSp.ery. . cOf'nlbk~charlbiocharsales. arnpleharv. com. om'.i ti.ees . indegoe 'rica. 800-546 -7866..3!1 and Community Service. 860~.Wack.&. IA .5. W. ce'ticseasaJt _com.cents 'f\O..l Do Ian.a. Washi ngton.s~Bimo eha r. WI 53. 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one._.:'e. d Gar" en Tools _. - : 'I I' " . ~. .' [ .'..'.hot yet/l. . ..' I' I "'-. . 1) reed me 'tin fo l''. J··I'· ra ae Pe..' .3 door and go from there The acroscic form.L.' ..dents. . Before Iget' to why 1 have called 'L'TU.' . . . '-!' I L!' ' '·. ". '. . ...w..n.. '_ '~I'~.:»'" .ttom.·th"" th " ' ..0. h' J L.::.~ I ..- I •. The form I used is called acrostic..__.:._:_:'.' - ..:.Ma s·..·- I .' -_.*.w..·~ m had enough variety to seem destined for creative renderings.-. l... . you freedom to begin with.~. I could have simply asked them" but I felt a straighrforward question might not whet tbeir palates.a..peppe1f" could cost me that'life~ I 'T-"h" .- .·O'S" other forms of poetry have an end word ocr rhyme ~:hatmust be adhered ro.rts poetry work shop if rhey'd ~ik...a . '. is a Iot like :.".. fi'.- . .u.' ...'. when read from top .-. and.' .' I '. 1 I ' I' ". . • r- [" a .~....'itru.d one . I --. i' 1- .:"~~.J' 'JIlT. yor~. G-.". ._.. . no'·w~' ~~"~" ~1.I. _' '.e.I.fhor . ... n . Visit www.i'l .~. s:p.rh .my new g..a fter. ' _ '.. .. - ._ .• -. 'j' -'.·· rric for Exc··lu V""..0 k"'" ~t 1'pp . ghos t chi 1i.~.oriul in...n. .( '_' IV I~ l_'.my M.S:l.J~I . .I means to ask st u. ."..'m"~ ~'.. .'. _<'..."..erGardening. •• .~' :1". Ii' "'.3. -' • - "1 ''tier of Fine A. .. . led bY''(L bonne ted' Scotch-« Ok Iook at the soarinafiamee Ci D .' '" _" .' I' i' .J' .. "'1 I.lII._.•.past 'Tabas.. -. .- ...: ~- I~. .'1 I _ . I' from your tonaue! i -I' r.d' .' . [' - .nd "'. .I ~' ."". . . ut" aJ. :f.ut th._ ..~ I)e p. .__' ~" • ~m.:.'''"h''' K·::·' "W" .A'texander 1"on'. ..'" ... ._.'.:.Ill . ' -.' .~' I·' • ~ Ultr-a ........ ..~ ifI. l.. Just' as the heat inclinesfrom the ini'ti'al jal'~p'eno Out a/th. ~ "_' " !II .I be:ga.I:.comjOl'g.I" _. .~. l' 'm o " .. . . . 'il". Of cou rse..-.' the crass too' k peppers.'r·····-:-lle"·.··.~. ~ .nar wrote t hist .open . ' . _ .e-. . ine all! a tir .' s····. en.1·o D' e It.g.: Ietrers in each line.6 . ....-. r-' I" - .·. : -' . 0:" ···:····'n········· ' .l.. . 1"" .a~...o yn..: ". . r" .- -.• ~" Lapp.' en ~ fIling '"::Je -.'..: :..1"' tne enr .-.p I"ann ..poe~m. .: . .. .an ex.'n·"~"-::'U· -.."li '1Fiij" .' . _:...':!' - . ' I' I .ere . h'eard <:". ce were . '.~:'~ ..' ' _ I .!J~ 0.~~ . _.I - I _-..'.a:s __su'r.: .ng Iik a roacd map ItO somew h ere I cou I'd' not gift to ..ilit . . "."...' Garden Apparel es I~i R~'1n J~ ."he P arameters nar 'y" .-": ... -.. i.'.' i ". . . '" -'jl -:: . Planters . - I I - • -".W._.'" .~:. ng a ne ~d but 8. 1.':__" Potting Benches Pots &. although hillsgives."'t comes with a little cage at the end" 'With an acrostic.e:-o ma-e you'._:_. .ceptl0fiil lhar vest . me . • I . •._".. . '. The poem was .' 1 -. d hal fe: h ~I t .. "". '.fiavor . 1. __ ._.' ru...M"··" . .."n" S. . .. however." .:~ fi . - . nn easv [1I!'fIJ ~' hie .. "t'lIeppe..'..~ D ear_ "ass" I.I' .olid a···· Specia .." r-. : _' '.'" _ . :"1' .. .tJ'o 'I"OJtiLUl " to b" 0.. 't.esome of the peppers.. _. :'t· h"~ . . a" '~l r~. 0. • J'. I I.' "" . Pa '.:[.1 .. f. I... .'~ .your'.L W''_ .".L I!tV ~lll..'ng the field.·.' ".'. ers rrom .It trme.' ..n by wf.S' stratosphere. . t· . I':' '.e .ft· esc it hati is Its own h ve st T.i. ..K"~·'·"Ii'h"t 2~. . ~-d "..y. .:_· _' . WO['. .:' " 'I -." .L·.e"H' . ".'::' .dins 'B"h u t ". .0 _'. ·-I._." reasses. Th'. "a-:' U"'::('~y" "'g' .i.~lL~ II! ' . _....\.~.I '-.arase.. '.' - -. in which the 6. .:_". An.fre fm. e. .'.. ere:Js n p. "'-'"h' £>1' 't'n ~ "'gAt Lhaoe more than I can use in a li/e:tim.a.i:"iIf'..'. I ~ . .Y. IG: ''.~.. .. • '._ I.. - .. .~the world's hottest... ' \. Th'· e l'ettersin ~Bh. ~.' 1 _...~ .:. k' . ··· .:b8. . 1S poem.~ . 'I' . d or p. -. '.of the p epp er down the le:fith.. ..: .. .r. \..W~ly I ~L. . - .:0 '_.' .g! '. the name . . rd " .&~ .[<Oll~t. - ~ '. 111.s.'. I .~:. -'.. th.'..'.·1 ".1. e.-.• ·si y 1 .~I.. . -. .. ':.

". f~IV.gv. =-.:~(ik.I sprayer 'to .....'n...'a·. being moved indo ors :f6..···.. Including f:n.ii r!. plant sap!~ many of them excrete a sticky substance c alled honeydew..g ".. caUed L i'fI.. Because scales fee d 'br suckn .. scheffler ~.r:furth. = .e i rtJinoni mQld~.) Carefully inspec e newlY'purchased houseplants-cor those . Tl\t!e~rs. ·. the eggs hatch into crawlers that move around the host plant 'to find." Crush '[be insects w·m..· .lu. a suitable place to ~. ..s bu'mps on s." Davis says. .' . l.:~)wtj~lof sooty' Um• '.on pest of 111any houseis 'III I. it cotton ball or cotton swab soaked in . S' "!!li!!-= -~cW-o _.. !~I found td1th is stick y s'l!uff on the Roof' around my schefflera. eep infested plants .~/U.f :' :ufi.riW~'-C."...U1_ . pests... too" Use .o····..• ··-0.i~J(l. ..' '·'1 I II 1 ...weeks to ensure they haven't come with any p!iggyba.... fl!ltiJ. And. .. . . Fen 1..every 7 'to 10 days for. and palms 1(0 urdoors.....:1iI'""" '" ~. 'iil-'h'".''''U'''':. excretmg.~..'1.'t'i1.ivi ""..' j .s."~' eXlcretion . ~~he SalYs.. ¢~.a.'..0" . .1 fUm of blrl(J~ powde~ .r. ..'1.~y rime scales move is when they' a lie in."='~ i[lV . presence nn B.. -Jessica Wd'llis..·... _' '. .C'. spider plants. because they look much like a 'part ofthe plant and they're immobile._: lay eggs under thew r hard shell. "· _' _l!!_II!. '.....' ". as motio~deg.s'th~t eeees lfl"U. scales can be difficult '~O control.ap~plmyit to all plant sur faces . .~'. L' 0:'f= 1'... :SJ1lt~.. out . typie. . Mature scales appear as '~-to-'~-inch.away from k healthy kids of spi rUns something..i. 'I ".' nOlrJLeyd. I e·.... j " '.~ u __ .--'.e them .i\'!ltl. 'II!.. S'UC'Ul.1. __ I'!¥ infestations.rlt1J {Y' tlJ. me scale O~ one of her houseplants..... and '[here..._ ~ ~'. .~-_:>..a1.'I f. ' . ./."' ~I!I !~ .~1ILJIl ntil the scale is gOD.... Soon after they affix to the plant tissue. pathos". Com mercial preparations of insecticidal soap are effective.._ '~.. j' .r@!V'.. Its.. "Since their .a:Fantirn:ru.''''UiC'Cof't'-oJIlg".... ...··.onIs or ..." Davis's exp erience is 3..p. Sc'a:~.U... . 1_- .~ ~'~..·...oor __ ~ b'~r!f.w..~8' with a ..= . r' m . ~._" P il!"f-.': Seale ins€CtoS'ap~€ar .G .!.n....jJ _'ll"_'~"1~~I r~ l~_!..({:rue. .. one when se ale insects ale . the Ir... scale' can infe S.. $ "'_..£o':r3.1G' fi rst ~'i she .·iI"!P~J.tems alta lea.. '~I'~ 1.c·.'. moment Iater I realized I was stand ing in scale poop.GOOD BUG. I' e '"era wl ~_.fu. II.y~~U.r~ often the fs..:Ii 1·ne i 'IIId·:' iiOl fi~ " k' .· .pJla.W'.:ke:ning the plant.v€s·.. "The 'best nontoxic method is manual removal. :r.e a .. "I s firmly accused ..10 .r! _ ~~ G' .]0".~author 1>'3.they '~'.rni. n _"_~.I. . .g..fl'i[·mces.EID' ~L.. BAD BUG :"' the room. then 3! r . They're hard 'co :spot..Il: ma.-er wJ"~'\f IW(~~·.I:<!1I< nts.Ili!iP.CO' :uneered .. ue B' dien D'. attach t hemselves...out. __ :"..d:t: tree $.ew" and we.~ _ i.'.isoproplym alcohol and Coil tinually monitor the: plant £o. oval bumps along plant stems and on the undersides of leaves.." .Il!' __~~ ¥ l~ .I I~ ...Q'M.·IU~lJIIlL-l!:r.e.ny plants.·:··r·:'"·.k:ing. shell-like coat is ~otmghto penetrate. The on.z·months. .... they form thei r ow n hard protecti ve coveri ng.J~ ".H~~~J'\p 1IJ.. ·.]0.rthe' winrer=-and 'qu. 'I d S' In.6 rsr ind ication of an In festa~io-n. citrus......DO!m.tu. '.m..

. ER T Looking for [he Iates t news on the scientific benefits 0 f organics? Look no fu rt her than The Organic C enter.' 0' = :g ft.. '. ence su.! cooking closer to the earth. Each flavor na rurally seas ons beef pork.ow:. 7' Salt._iiIf'Iien.. 100% . . non-scratch.. c ' c.' ' .. beans."-11.c'-e r" °I'il"li'llAO'· 'e'lom' .t I Free!' Enter coupon code O'GFrceJ..gJ:ycemic holiday sweetening. b '.corn and enter promo code "bakel ~. an.d morel more" o." '. Bamboo Currj. 'Choose from Nl'"" Steak.IIL h· d'.iIi : '. man thly newsle rrer. a.".)% sweeter 'than su.. www.. "'11. veget ab ~e sauce s" and stews. . p. each 'Chef Salt seasoning blend fea tures u nrefine d artisanal sea. . the benefits of organic food and farming since ZOOl.'. grains.....gar and perfect for baking! sauces.arl ORGANIC CE .. Bacon BBQ Tuscan Ierb..HEF SALT Che f -crafred in small 'batches from Cinnamon.· '.. Organic Blue Agave Syrups" These nectars are 2.~ CERA COR Cook the green) healthy natural way. seafood. weal tho f resource's ." e St __ LY ORGANIC P Simply Organic offers six irre sistible organic...I1"l.. to receive a . five minutes or less. .. 'O""lrD '. pre sentat Ions" Or.. .'. .. '. These mixes require three or fewer ingredients and can be prepped in.. Fair "Irade Certified'" baking mixes that are gluten-free and simply delicious.stantrntmg me b.~ten ' ""~.. ~.[IJ..T "'-'1""'''' "'11'. ' a. Their comprehensive web site provides 3. natura] ceramlc materials provide durable and atteacrtve cookware for on top 'Of the stove ~in ' 11e' oven. iz b before l[z/3IlIo for a complimentary recipe booklet and . . s..20% discoun t on.~ Buy ].il.' .sc. ne fi-' 1:'5 ar sci e of organics.. E-mail in£o@' Discover and Learn! "I'IIT'Ii. any baki o.advert rserns nt: WHAT'S YOUR FLAVOR?' New' from VVhole-some' Sweeteners: C. salts and vole anic salts hand-harvested fro:m mineral-rich oceans and salt deposits around the globe. consumer-friendly blog. renowned non pro fir that has been. Healthy cookware for healthy living . Our new high temperature. Al~rs IGMO\.and gluten..asra. . c..'.coupons. "rg.. ~. carefully chosen ingredients. poultry.Xtrema Cookware brings YOll. Visit wwwsimplyorganicfoods..ree 0 f charge..a:rtlCSIO r. and 'Ianisi an Fire. Srrawb erry.. Maple.:g.. conducting research on.chefsale.. drinks ~and ru.g mix purchas e.".Jars" Ge. and Vatnllla. video s. ""'1'.. and under the

n11L.. biochat .[ -s.d .' al thoi igh he . ''C-'F.crops were gfiOW..:.""""". " ". and deliver it back to their host plants. .. originally laid down in thin. .. ... fields where .. .'. ' ij.. ..!li..U. "..:.'j' .-.. .' ·'1 .~.Ields. nu rsery.J..soil (b.x . Scientists have theorized that terra p."_ 0.o WI .(!.ng: bi. I . ~'.-.ree.~ " -u 'b'b e~ f.. .. Some ese i"mares put the total acreage covered 'by the charcoal-enriched soil at twice the sm ze of Great Brirai 11. .f W hat thev Wf'ii:"'tZi T.r.~ ·d·.A 'T' b" u. ·("'d'a. That is j ust the. ... Ad' ti.•• J"_...'f •.tons of carbon.. c.' OJ! '!..e them out at the opti fin ill rate . 'h .t'""on. acting ill m.' ..for sale at f.EARTH .. Scientists theorize tha t the' charcoal was. 'ffi'-"'. IC1"OipIS have been shown 'to . 'lim. ' .il. . WhUe teckniq~e fo. in which lower temp.'_ long". Rese arch.l!Lt cen '_" ~ .'··.1!lLii. '.0..'" .JI'V~J. or blocbar made from agricnlr ~ral residue s or renewable biomas s. """ "". o:fp. '_ -'j _'j : . . mulch.IiDOnllp ost. n the 't:fIl2 O· . l!I/ """' ._d.:)I ''"..apa'.tor plant: health. "drY. . substantially improved. A nd so is. feet deep in many places.! _. ~ .nng ofthe benefits of this strange soil..some with cities.-·h.. on.3!pi.Jee'Find It I-lert~ .. gradually increasing the soil's carbon content.~ e. Aborve'"~ [ [ . - 1-.._ - ~. biochar is.. ' .0 00 people) col lapsed.e' pro. ..····••·. sink.. then dol. .' I.' I 1. rie B.." W' .·• •• .f.r.yOu soon.' 'maki:ng' biochar could be mann fa~ctu. '[' . Biochar also srim ulate s mycorrhizal fungru.o(f more tha a I0 0 ..gpne.~.: ey ' -. r For . Amazon basin circa 450 AJJ.!Il..' .g:s 0 f' . microbial growth of all kinds is...a.d " ~ ~.tfl' soi 1versus poor soil P ferr ilized wirh chemical fertil izers.·.e:rrtl.abil it ~Ito {T' ~ hold nutrients unti] plants need them.11Lf:.'7 Cii V.l syrnbiontsthat live on plant ro O.J~ 0 .. .-. . .'IL~i!!.h'~ ~' .n. th~~ 'l. v . to hold the most promise as a carbon."" 0'-f sequestering • hI e at least three tons of carbon...._ ' _' •. ::c c.fli. ....IS c. ~ ~ .. .fi'o"l'.-:: rule.....::..n.d.' ( do now.':' jell'Co.... -..er31'tUf".rt" In p" OTtuguese.l '. begi. A ~ I.ocha. To.O· n·e"'I~= ..'3'·'!''a:rs. .. arcoa 1...t.. .~ 'iIl-'" down forests :D.. " ' _' I I- 66. _ .pre:ta....e:.f·C. ro the charcoal.·d:..~k' . ' an d.p.i!J!!.' huce" expa 11' ses of b'Iack soi 'm were r ed l' scovered '.[.. I . Every ton of this biochar in the' sol is capable of capruring and holding at least 3. o. Slash-a ad-char agricult ure 'was forgotten ~as were ehe fields of buried charcoal...r-. i'II.I.m!illll.. "h .rm.'.'h"~" were ~ 1 ~~ '.0 .f a thoesand-vpossibly thousands= of ycan~.c. to uril ize the bn~ be ions .tu r y'. extensive. Carbon ~n decomposing plants. roasting wood and leafy g.c.r-..rgptunsms p. It appears that the carbon will 'be sequestered fO. ""!..~.~). e.. Tbey practiced slash-and-char agriculture.iE.eta soils are selfpropagating and have grown in depth si nee' they were first made.r.einto the air as greenhouse gases".' . llj I. '.fungi~earthworms l' and other creatures. mLay Sf: e 'bc. ".!' . ".rl.injtJ..'. f.CCOld ing to scientists st ~dying the soi Is.' .l31d microh es. ..~th'bags.. -".'. of ana oxygen 'I'eveis resunlt-' . A."'- .U~ SCOU. n· in I!. .i..=those funga.r-ed by c'Utt~. more sensible a approach wou ~.[""..'.rn. had been colcnlzed by myE. 'iIj-. iii . . f!!.'l"·t.-.'Ib. .ttio.ot like humus. civi Hzat ~ons.. 111m in the form of greenhouse gases..'.eS " .IJb. I ash ."1fu.. ': .-" "c-ll...d'T . .roduced carb on-based molecu les that stuck..The cha rcoa . ch -' O ne ton or'f' ' green C'.: '.cap..:$'!tn:l~an expe't:i:ment:rd ness is beginning to show Interest. .·••• . W2:S seq uestered bf the biological y active charcoal m n the soil.'.' n.n.~ ""...''''''\-lIj.:~nable to contribute to global warmi n.='.. the soils extended up to 6.." .· . "v"· .: '.. nd A ~. Green charcoal. J~" .: 'Ifr ~ of [OI1S of organic waste thar now go~s in to landfills= a perfec e raw material for b"'och.. Most amazingly.nma.'" '. layers and that earthworms chewed through the' layers and mixed them dee1pmy into the soi 1. ..I.~.8. a<. .n.sin "smothered" fires..r. explain what 'b~o(:ha. . '.f C J.. IIO..~~ I' .'I.~. arcoar'm msteao . Bur [hey weren't ..'.MATTERS .our moe-rd.n.ot ling soil. ···. .: "... .ll~ 111" (11 il"Jl R.JI . these SQH..J ". d __ . . " I~. which wow ld otherwise es. .g.."~:tit·-. ' [' .. -.ut then I' 'with the arrival of Europea ns and their diseases the A mazon. the soil's.~.-t .. ~ ..." r .t I' hard-to-find phosphorus.l~.mort .m the.. : ':-.i:rn:ru.' 'n. Indigenous people d'idll"~'practice slash-and-burn farming as they 0'[' I j : .a..' BC . '..:- '" ".(]L.. y ""e".i!l..u rroundi ng.was blJl]J d.' .grow' 45 percent greater biomass on u nferti H zed t~"(!.:. The charcoal. JJ. . under way at uni versities around the: 'w--odd~and agri busi. .s~we need eo return to the. '!I.

' .. WFJ stand in awe of the accompfishments of' all applicants-s-and look forward to the promise of the healthy. . If's 'why w'le get up in the rnorninq. "I ..> " i" I.. In the: end..'~ Adno we putt our' money w here our '-heart ts..0 cornmunifies rO'S 8' t.. .e than 25.' path to sustainabitity '~~ I. . and co lectively more than 23~OOIO people raised their voices to. '. Community Action Partnership Solano..50'~'OIOO in gra." .8 company that wants to do more than just sell breakfast food.". "' "'c' ""j .." . . t Na ure's Path At Nature/s Path we Ililv'efor healthy Iglrlsat-tastiing oraanic foods.. . ". . I .ood grant contest. planet alonq the . "·~.".'.' .naturespat . '. . t.aUti.. u I ln 20'10 Wie put..nter for Success.wing the closure of thetr city's Naval Shipyard.hey hold ~ntheir hands.11 a~llowthe coalltien. the Betty Frank Se. ""'. The Qlrant. "".11 v Ie" eop' ar en is a community C€.. '.. . We 'were amazed by the response.. orqanic future t." .. . our Comp. . Mor. " .. . 'W'9 challenqed communities to lobby for a shsre . " 'c -r ' I" I'.c-:I" ..~ I.lnto Ac..eoDl ." I ' '.assion pool of applicants." . two winners were selected from an arnazinq A d the winners are: 1.. '..tion w'~iththe Gardlens for G. .•. I '"" W'e"aspire to advance the caUS'9' of pee 'ple' and. " But we are also.el~1s w'h'Ytheir community deserved tOI win. wi.' ' . '.ongrown out of hard times follo.: www..-:-:. and the Re'gio. .nior Lunch Proqrarn.' ".A Forest Service to create a "People's Garden" to provide fresh organic prod UDe' 'far people in need '" Abo' ...nt:s" 'food Jandt support tOI establish an orqanic community gard'en." I " I'" .of$. r '.." ." ..'I . .. . .nal Office ofthe USD'. '.." " •.O'this challenqe. comprised of votunteers 'from the G'~lob.·.

-h Ith .md· 11go. ~i2:9~i95 consumer recycled boxes Lauber of Austin) Texas 'to buy :L nrst.. .. Her next task consi sted of fi nding a class for]' asper . Patton . ..' tnllnlngj ano socianzati":-. .. .:iI'IIk. in your' area.' a rea 0...C. With 'prO'i)e~r m...- ..!lOV~'d ner tor 1·1' :SJIJ. Bred.. crea ting SP'fl()fS where dogs can romp without da. '...e:e' . "']T' .~ .3 ..American gardening1:#' and missed ~:!l 'Lauber savs.[ . '-1'· ae so . Co:vterrn. i I " .fuUy coexist with at ga:roen" Bored dogs tend to dig..hmi nation area could be the greenest area in. sp .. h ror. they can he toxic to dogs.-'.rn... A:-·"ii[~o·.. Some common garden plants are poisonous.""".' - .·. Enncing smells are' all invit~u:~on.r" :so:i~...ed O:ijt.pO~t""" : 0···· .· . tends to cute..g on . Lauber designated an . '. 'any dog can p el(:e. or ear plants. . .- f '. mulch is another way' to discourage digging..\or I.·······: ··og . .. Meletiog a dog's exercise needs prevents much of this de structive behavior. .. pou r witter over the area 'where the dog h~. "h!-.y. ~ In.P ~..' _.:- I L.os.. ~ . caun ..EA'RTH MATTE'RS i.ddenl:~...' ~-- "1 (' .lllJi1iI e- . ' I ers or soil amendments such as bonemeal. Talk ~riJth.a.-..s of Superv is ion. d . to you r hi ndscape ~3. '.". 'd'-own.K.rew ..Yo. oranqes..~.'l. valuable thina '. movement.. Choose a spot for the e.' 00 much nitro. . .iee eO 1"[" :l. do:g~! I . Giifts start.IPrrJ~Y Rlorida..ewor. . . L ...lg .J.Becan Sf dogs rarely t. ho ~ " !L.. ow.r!:. F··!i!····'·'D-. are another option .~"" '.."':!I . however: to preclude brown spots in the III wn. .. "The m as. n ..n()D. . A dog. r .an about which.. run deep paths along rhe fence.' . Morn's dDgS.SI urinated withi n .the list (). . sh .. I..(/..sed JIL~..·. tan'geriinIBsi.. ~ow as.(Jug h.' ill. d.matging pllant:s."'i':". f ~- '-I ... . -.J....o:mp.....e.:~'1·-.f' !L· iJ). ..: U' .grapemnulit: and tafllgellos lin - • i~ .. bT. .... of 11 First Garden.:·: . as.g~ncan burn roots.~I.r veterinar: :rn.:'. y J~L-..-' . "'OULU. :~I \Q-i. coo."~I~. .I~W...... . 't. an d'.r. o.4th gleneratiionl citrus fBmIUy 1 Bellect~oli1 10 0 %. ". "". plants are o.0'\ .gia~d. .for 'I F'JI 'U.ueteacher .er-' elf . It is more natural tn at dog's.l]j.' ~ ~ ..reaUy"'. ··1 .....g.J.m.[u .ano. '1 '..J[ ~ toxic plants ar the website' of the' .c ~I Thoughtful design helps in.paths..'" .e ..f 'I ill. .. 'Ie" I id _ d 3:0. '" known .. spend hou rs plarying ball there..y\ou~r' ard.'lli c 1 Society for the Prevenrion of Cruelry to Animals ae .r ..~111~lrG ._ •I '''lU_. -.£ . 1'Pir'+ -~-. due to the y nitrogen content of urine. push.r"~ !'g.. .. ... ..lI~ 'JI ~J..J.•. taueht -... '10'.'.....I I (1'11' Y '1-":' .. ...~ng p and training..£'.eiCl.• i·~.'new shse wanee d a.nn.' "U~ h..JPCaAJrg.en..faJ" high eflJie~gy levels. remtorcement . P\remluml IS' I.J! 0 f'h t\\V'log.S w'eU as digging. 'H1'~i'.ru. 1wanted IIdog that would make me have to g'. .'.. which :re'aUymeant . Raised g~:rdeu beds discou~~g'~ paths of Ieast resistance 3). .If' ~... C·ro uble.a b norc d. . - 1"-' I -:"1 . I. 1'-': '. ....: .le J'-a .F'h··' " y~...~ modthat meant Pomeranians.8 hours. .' up and. If YOUE well-behaved dog is' that is out of ynut' dog's reach mnd tfmp'ita:t.. mesmerized 'by a new addition.. o. on. . .d.leI' ..avl~lin straight lines. bloodmeal. !!i. --irst ' ._. build curves Into .... Although dog wastes are not apprQlP!f. neme.. . playthi ng. her OVi. = .. .-::: .~. b.f the most (:on. edgings and fences that render some are as of the yard off-limits. ~" I.. _. ehe overinterest.' .i31'te' for compesti ng~ yuu r dog's e.r ~L "I- that stressed relari onship building" positive I" .r3!.:.("ern.~.rI.. ~ "I I. that has been taught '[0 fetch sticks mary perceive a newly planted tree as 3. aUIIl)l"".'b ferti 1.. Use fiuely shredded bark or hardwood mulch =but avoid OO[OIa nlls or dyed mulches. ~JLll." ~ t.·d'·.. and fish meal.. -i' : . . . him was 'ost m "rla. Jani(-G F.r.. 81 a 1 k up with family dogs..go walk Instead of si['tin.was .

-Ama:W!llda K'lm!..fil1le~ In If..' '..I"!I'~!' ~.m....n:rga...Ii~IV~ll Inw'e·1" _ ..C" .'..~t'e'lffthotises' ioppiedl: with wind .R"te no.. ~. professor 'Of envi ronmental to ad to urban "One vertical farm with a footprint of one squa lie city blo ck and rising up 'to 3 a stories 'oou'~...1:a~e.. . No other product comes close! "U".'.. 'iIfflffll f't'Ij.'.'. WWiN~m._ \~/ .- ..sat:lion 'for months wUh our un lque 'fij I m whilch forms ne'w I..". .• _ .~'.."-'·1'· '. _'. - _- .I'. '_ _. ier.~0'"I~ IO~!E'< sxpen ~:....'.'. _' Ii'" 1...en:house farm in.'" ' .." " .!! .'. areas and beyond" Dickson.y ..._ ~--'-'= -'~~. .1 . '.oj. ~.l' "'. . .~'---.n. .ater stress due.. nu .._" I 1 .'" ..".... it tors co. I - ..I< !U" Provides lonq-l Bstin g IPIFot. ..'". antis ~~~~~:~~:' EASY TO USE =-'-~-~~--'~'-. an d' _'enoug h -..'!o'i'F!I~ I !"I".-" . :'.gya.: TlUer mooeils ~ndl. outer layer wears off DOne'OI' by' 1 . " ...g is a 'V~a'b' = . Des.)l~ . to !I.A. ( (.ng our £'00 d" sYStem accounts "or 19 p ercenr of the total fossil e'nergy bur-ned :'11 the U nited States..· _II 'I..u~~mn_m~I'~~.mansedbe-d.".Ma~~~mlc:r/C~~t~tm[~ ~uul ~ ..-'~~ ~'m " = _'_ J!L. '.~o.!!:te!tihe". bl or'g'anlc. over .~.!I w.. I . '" :-. .~:s" b '3 nd a 5""ye..-. 0·:1urn na 'C':'· .' .from .J.azand'ous. IE'! Put yD u r tf'lS'~:in 'W i[I~:-Plruf ~ Will ki9h~fis~ . I I .. and his graduate students have suggested scaled-up hydroponic greenhouses that recycle nutrients and 'ill.r:w.. I' d 10." .'n. '·'~II··" Universtry... _.d. ~================================ Cily=...l!les:h~1O'Uu.Q . ai:!oLll al! [11~ :5.. If' you 'lie not comp/ete"y satisfierJ j J something. ======== _ S. lcir "'" mr 0v-er 30 yelCl [.•.f!. ..jl..' I ..'III"IIe!t rn_ n'·I·~UI"\O 10:: 'In' le"'~"le'I~li1I~. . _ . to d rougiht~frozen roots ~transplantiing ~ salt spray and w~'nd. Tty any' produ.' ".pom.1iPir£N&'W .2:lp. .Mdre$~." . s.. I '.". o:f protection as the... Uiji~ 11 ~-"oi!.''Ir .'h e #' 1 Iea'lng antl-transpuant fj.. .!..~= =_=.. '-. .62 6!S.wetght .80(l36IG.~.. t' . . -~ -__" I " .Pi~c~~n )\!l!U!f ~.' " water..OfL 'B'ut 'D' s.s' C1:ppear' on a . .:".-consid '0' " =~!iJ!i.J'£I.I...' .asste' r(JJun d" f 1 .NO RI:S~. . _. If:'II ~.. < ' .. ..e O'.'Oen~ "=!I'g" ~~".. . I - '.sU. of jo-storytall greenhouses. - ..r Wcl~for -..:.'fI@~eenmahnog Iga~enililgeasier ' ~ow~. protection ~!I 'a:..=== EmlIDr.~:.===..RI'S'f<l l ~ =~ ~. 'The MantIs Promise Idireclt/<v .~~MT1000D6 = -'~-~ .r ea =o.~.'_. -' I - • I I.lI1Rl':itl..origifl1a I 2--4Zyl~e..h.o _'Y'.\1 1""1'!I6.-. = I 1!l"J!!.~~.a fJt~ID~ ~n~ . . ... -'" - ..S" Mi[1ions fN. . is one unconventional proposal :for. I·U·· .~ cla 'I rn .r "0'"" o· '00'peop"e·. ' ' .. ~~ . ~1Ir~If\"' rj. '~" ". I' -'" '-' comp IeteIIy non.•.along ·m 'satis~ted l®:u$it:o. lor . .."-.@t'naj' 'tli6al'" y'Ot~. he :m:aty be on. .plyi ng .ar consu mer wa. 'if1l' .''"' I· '~.'t' Ion o'' ' ' 1.""J _.'.'. One~¥eaf M'Ollt'fy-1J'ack: guarantee" tlnes glj~ranb~ed (or llFE agai'mls~i~aka....nlt4~ydle! and a doon~ h:li$taf.~ .l~«art t:lleciric.... '...~' UU.ct ....s~ anc ..· n A'".anti~s.. "....'..g-o"'n" the Up and Up I .. ~.' i.. '~.? LT0 Farmin .:' 60""" .fflI i:jI!:jlJU'~~U! I i :.zona de ser t as .. ~ > ".' : 1'- enough._ ...pomrnu:...'r'flaITntly... in the form.......-~ =.11 11. .gen e::ratoT... .c." ..Q . ~'Il~:tn "1" .t. under " v "I~vb.. 1 r.. .. 'CI... . mane~""erifill~t We".8U b:sUturt:SS.that' .· "e P oinrs to Eurofresh F a~rnl.. years I' 'I " .!I qual [t. . [' e- + '". .:iJ!!._ 100"· ot.~-'~ s1m.h....sye." ·.~I~.ic id microob Joc~.~.. _.. . ..NIOI .easy to n fences.. T ~. IV IflI 1. .'r.5lrnll!wlrn eUeil<l Name' ..tliii With.=E1)'ttn~$ .'...al1d eo . Wilt....>" I -- _..... Vertical farm ing.rg.- j ~ . r_..f = .' : '11 .ano bi d legrad al e..' nea m .. at fuel-effi~d€. ' t. '.you btcly 1 . '._' a.- . the .-'c..o.. "I'b"~.:':O~'" '1\ "~. ~ agree .~ ~nv~!~""~ water for 5"O~ 0 0 using tech nologjes 0 al read 'J" V 1·~ able "'0 cpo O' "h~~~~D q. .'Ii.p-rov:id._ . I ~ [~~: " "Ji'!i!:I!"']j IQ'y'I~' .." .. I -.Pruf provides by' 'far the best and most leffec~ive.g:makes it entirely 'too expensive to b e a re a 1'" isnc 0pt.... " -' -' I. com mere ~a'~ "P' '''~O. Iii' . .".back to us within one ~e..' .yc 1· rn Q _': . I . - I· a '[ LIGHTWEtGHT OWERF'UL if'~'- proof that intensive indoor growl l1...'" " _ _..I . " Critics s.'..8Iriegh1. lr Msmt1s-1i1~~~.. . b e· f'.an. ··1·· "'1 '.._ . I' I .p. " ' I'" .... .' ~.sf~nd . ". ' d =..~'.pty '0iml11e1 bur a be'tt:e...~$]I -acre 38 gn..."...ay the amount of energy lIrequired 'to keep a "farmscraper" growin. :' 1 ~ =o~&:ru..

.ways popular.: ~. but.e·~. ~ _ .fr'c1i.W""~R". . F4irJ~~(J~!!J Ghana • J ••• At 8'Vz inches taJ!!.E..igned to bri n\g the arusan out activity poverty while financial pays the era ftted ~t:. e·. a n a m au nt des. year l' give {or keep) a basket th at's so beauti fuI i~'3 at gifit in.t reats ~ si de aLre gone~ ...' '·~. n g V' 0 1.. It's handcra n'ed f ro mel ephent grass.ft!. < 1 oHday gi ft baskets are . 'The coo perat lve' s goa lis an e nhanc ed qual ity of Ilte for all.1¥t£~t Pr(jje~t' Bangladesh The Kal sa..5 8 . 0'" ..11:"' 1:'11.' ~t'. and of itself Since rhe baskets are an. '.. ~.._e':XICO M" AlthDu~th we are part[..frrfJJ. The Iargest basket ~ 4 inches ta II 9- and 6. encourag i ng entre preneu r i a~ and increased and u5€!S donat ions to invest 'in tra ining programs for them one in organic gardef!1~ng). 'I' fo""I'r' 1_ t ~~..rt.. and trainling" S2'5fr(). " .O'._.:': _ G>· ~. n that's left is another basket ..· ask ••. ..Ai. the se are . $5. a resort town in central Mex ico.' '_'.j II eye...~. ~iun"t m.a'teau 8." 1: '1Ibn"".e.·'t V.. If5 mad e by M a i' Hand i crafts. Ba sket Planter is wove n 'from: -l~. Th ism uIt i purpose sea grass ba sket stands tall at 14 inches. This. wo rke rs to improve eond it i on s for chi ld ren and single. cooperative in the 'Slums 0'1 Punta de'P .·. a form o'f 'sisal..'.11:.:'E' W' L-K' E T·H-S·:1'. fairly traded and made of sustainable materials. ..aJ.. > .1 .~'n ' • -. mothers in Ho Chi M~nh to bette r its a rt i sans' economic and soci ~II City" Th E! group encou rage s econo m i c seU· rel'janee a no interests through .ifcs that will gratify .-~. _._ _ ::.' >_. $35fro»2' tin Bi:eEiJI. ~tj 5 m ada of ~lmigwegwe threads. Use it to gSJther everyth i og from apples to laundry..· •. i' to the med.••. '. 'Ii.._ .2 $et'rlJ t rensperent trade process.i!!I.lII. w hlc n was fou nded in 1976" The goa~ is perative rounde d by' loca I soc i a I. and sold by the Blessl ng Bas ket P ro [ect.." ""rVE~'1t._:.I " " .'i~ T"ho'u:S(Jnd Vi.. -.j'um (woven recyc~ed magazines)" cstc h anyone" 5 this set nestirlg baskets w. $Hfro~7i lnd~1JP A/rica' ind epen den ce. invests pa rt 0'1' its p refits in soc i a I ~WfJrk p rD~ ects. '~"U.for ~be panrry.. .K'.~ . and attached to esch ba sket is a handwr itten tag fro m the wo rna n who Indego A fnc a (including pays Its artisans P'r'Osperi'tty ()if W... lOG a. $'J().a m "_ .. r d € n i.' '.a:~~..ltag£j' 74 0rga 11.n". .age's..5 inches in diameter.o '" £ii " !'_l.....III.' .•.lfJ' T.... a (::00 wi lei gra 5:5 that is h a rvestsd s u stal n a b~y 'fnJITI i'"1velf'beds.lIl"'" .i" . r. It's made by the PEAC.' -: I.o:IiI"'~'th 'm..g. d······10""" '.•. The nonprofit Rwanda The PI. art i sans 100 p e rcent ot tn e profits.~~.thls colorful Swing basket holds its sha re whi le still look i ng cute. and lit su pports both com rnun ity groups and individuals with resources..... Dl1a ka IHa no icr afts co llective. -. ~' 0"> .11:. the .. wi tih a goat-leather-wrapped halld~.··.3:sket cernes in a m u ~tj tuc e of colors.g' . education. It" 50 12 mches taU and is made by the. S···..'.

." .~ . "ddiths j~' jj ~ 'Til t~ Deck ft Body' Up • .6 to 14 deck. . Zero 'turin radius ~ Interna l vacuum sys'tem ill! • 1] to .~ .com or calf 1~877~56'4~6691'7 ~ .~ative' • Q'MR'r!-alpproved oest and disease controts v i . .31-hp engln e options • 3. '~S'::· ".~- I -GARDEN PLANNING CENTER~-.-- ~ . 1 . . I . ~g~~~qua.. ·Oluafity -Talste -Appearance -Performarrce • Pri'Dud' member of the Safe Seed' l~nlit.erns every season.. . ' ..~ .et started on your 20 11 garden now with these sources for supplies that make growling tlhe organic " W. B" hi' h _uy.. ...Selected for: Orde1r online ·at rJ'D!h'n'ny'~eeds.1.ter G. that last for years and ehminate the waste that results from replacing I iesser lit ~. 11 ' .' ".'..Y' easier an dl more lilt rewar di amg. ....~ ~ ...~ . Garden Pia ~~_ g ir C:~.. .. ~y products.8. .

764 ..'7.. lUldlt.aJtilo':llwide."'oil ... .dB"" _.t _.Js .R"DE'N' P"LA-' N" NIN' 'G"-'C"-EN"T' 'ER" .~~~..(1:3: ::.of gree_r~h~tJ).. •. --. ''lltl"'''''' nIL""" .•.~I..• ••. WILL'HllllE . ' I . Pl1oeok.Ben:ner~: ardens' G K~DHr'~'~~..f. i.'L .rSlGar .:.. IBf'ODkJa~' Rd N~ Salem.""'~l!I'~.U cum he'Ir... 00 .- ! '..l~~dlroo:t.'"'1 u e .lll.B 1if'!I11."..". 973'03.3 IP(u:JllvUI. St"l..... ~ with a Sofe. ...kfjr:r~ fa.SEE'D INC~ Supericr iQulalUy Se'e!d 'Ovler AlO.1. .eiJ ~]I]!lc ga«tuiN... WWW.{.. ~~. .·S:6. .J baCty~iI:dfasmers 'martet 'Q'. .. IV~~Jj- • Aoo~1eit'all:e pioot . PmO" 180.Pa ]1'4.xx-fMi ICreen ./...RE' 10DA ll! "866 .11I ~ J J1[!~.rn $ -- Wild e sele ctli. •.1ioll ... bela n co. '!i::Ol_ "'""'t'~·~· co I0'1" c!a~alll 0'91 ~ree on req IU e 51. ·1 ..isuD'l. lJ. ...e [inthlllltl .~- - -/..•..•. .nd • l\IToElihlble ~reen_I1J~IJ.• .... a.t:. '.g'lIcDlm .! ...x :2. ...BIG-D.~~l.I!\iD.. .62 22 com ~ kiNinm 'mi~~ w...rn...ij pesticld ""'...B.<J'9'9. shu:e..c~~ R. ...~:3l~) and panel sample.• .'II. OR.-~. . Hie~ S.Um.K.iJlljm8 ME .R 'l' 100 Sellen Lane...!..n... .- . dens .'!9i!I1' F" ..• .. .LIJ}~ . W'WW..11 slh .5~19t2~S.tilfd. Can 1...1992 W'. ..87' e!h:" I~I""'I' I"" -.....lL . ...' wilillhii~e!seed..I~1il!.liUldl rreee8n. 8 8 ~O'ra FR'EB catalog ~'Mf. ..n.~ h Veggies All Year Keep them OUT. 55-2469 2 RNO bf~1U1.'l' lOiU~ OW m11li~oli1dii).e.oo accessores. " '.e ..f."..O v'ar.•. -: b.nfW 4.' itt 1m 8a' .-jI JllE~ .56 www. iI!' I j l.1J Iliglu Eor plants '~Strongro]]lP~JW :franl~mgholds up in ~ \Ni'ld~ • Huge sclew_:OOl . ..Om C 1..•._'...greenIhIOluseGata~D.~'''''..vill'e.: GA.I..~ .' IO~ Iklr~. II ... .809 .:d.2.fIiS 8t&i! ilWJ BH IUJJtlfmifW H. I' I T!! iU IL~ l~~IL"w.r:~" eeast ta. ' ~in ~~lr1!' '1XiIlii. coast.I' UI I nl'd~ .ses.f~jft.l!d:1L \vith dtlU!Soo Ugalt ~ tile opu]iThlla.......on 'of un UlS UiCi. . ~. 1-800.s\hf!Uflm~by AM ~.enD..FREE ~J:!~~ .1Bi .~a la' our MO. C.U GO 1_ 'L..••.60 1 3740 CiG..code '(JRGD1 O~:I01.eti'e!s :inciludIng W'Q'felrme 1'0!1nt ClC1nta liD UI pe..!U12.e TX. .S. """" -'8.

.. s· ILilB '... ......" :' 'P' :-la~1 t '. - Garden TaJk'"..gamge! or ~ameflt The Perfect Gift for' Gardeners S'a.w~nIS.-.he -0'(..' .' -'111--..RS 75 I. fOE a :f[\'e~catal'oG: and :p'~a:m:ting gtwi.. use OU[' im mediate E-nlail.241.-I .os. · BeS:·:· The . Please mentio n So urce Code AX920 when ordering.8. ' ..- '.~tght 'Weig.L !l. .. copy of our catalogue.!C1. a.: st ~.'aii'\i'~iClCl ffl[.•.....------------------------------GARDEN PLANNING CENTER -...~' .Use H: in YO.. .' . =.." '.. WWWI" "lar'ge quantity pricing also.'. p. '1JI't:!JI.I~O'm . www.·t'ISle8uS.-I iI>-_"lI'I'Ii. _. ~ .Wlnnln.'ll.e.":' .>.. foll O\<ij' up with conventional delivery of the certificate and.. " : i .'013. .ve lfJ% Din ltVhite Flower Farm Gift Certiiicates Our ..-:~~~J~ 'Q~g'~.._"-t-' . lihOne~ ~88.toma'toglP()WerS'.~e 001 often meet a new' :ft.. 1::l 11:1)1 ~ I".lol .~.(o:!i!Iii!.. Ft" My:e'~s" jfL 33. '!oiILW:gh these gwfts). qU...rnend 'r. we are pleased "to o:f[fera 10% discount on your purchase.s·ef·a. of·t-o'm 0:-" _ .' ··l-"·t' awar·'d'.a rm ~COl m fig ii'ft-'!l:.o.-.1i blll1if:'bemes~." ". 'Wh. . y .-····· .. - . I.~~·~r:.¥.: .el' www.L !. ".Ulr ~ilJt [house.''. 'W h i'tef:~ow'edrf'... g' .~." "" . B €C~U$e. · -~ ...c.'.'90>£5 . no emd 10 pu I~i tums on whh '~hl~lip of a sv~nt~h.. . j : (~~ '!!:III"" 1. f . . "' 'I' .err-. I" ." -< . a'n .!~"." s .B~·tes .. Standard shipping of gi ft certificates is free. q.al1 ··..' . a doum-to-earth catalog of hundreds offine 'fools an d prod u~fsIf]'r gn'ftd en-type people . YE.:'!~l' . of certlficates with. the p:r.. a face v.S: certificate is the ideal introduction ~~o ardening for someone g just starting out and is also a superb gesture for keen gardeners whose tastes and passions you might not :tfiJJO\r\f. .i:!!'~ I. €l:.lI.lll.t.' . CilOm . and _. _'. .Uu.' gp'.'~ _. fer '11- t- . Box.nol..313. 1lI ~C~~on" ~'_~~.-'. iI'en'Ii ~'l(:' .&J11_y. leal...A.-96.Il505 •.1 ' ' .' " '. annOUrJjGEH1Ten t to send your personal gift message.. ..r"'ry'" '. 41 3 .a>i~ "'. available l .265 8 <Walt ')£ick! . • No gas fomes . n!8'''''''']PI€:lP~.: . runa quiet'..1S'-..~ll.o:rorder onlme and. .'. tax: 8B8·Jf1'6..' 1 .•. . go l:l~~Ul.3417'6. r.~·· ' d g' . Eas1/ tD ~:e arol!m~. r._ n. 'We'!].(W.. rasph errles J":.W~:':"~ :1I.: . • No enQime 10 maintlin..~lue of $50 or mo.• .'_ I '.'" .~.• - . . and morel . '. S~rn-plycall us at at 1-800-.'::~' .113. _~ _.. . ' re ". ..160015._..e lrt i'l ii.

Cherries" Persimmons. a. . -.·E·ENl H'O····U'S'.~Gooseberries" Aronias " L~ngonberries ~Bamboos Rootsiock s.. :fOG Oci(Jnard CA '931030 " .·'9~···2·-:· <: /.1irees. ...5.WO-'rld ii J ·1' ••.~Oojj erries b Snawberrles ~Gr.' .'. _. - .'-7" .- -_ _ _ _ _."I_. III • .....' .5276 I website!: . .' ' 'B 1J -N' .544.._.s.'8~. • • '.. 'R·. 0''''-0' A-' I: _ . '__..-._ _ ..[.IDr'gl.~u~.". Paw P~w.I -' _ ._.. "".'. '~1.. 'I' i' to Sel!illirch byse ed va ril!'tYI Vedfy current Ic'erti'H[:a~.iBlin lc fa rm I the envi .I1iIS'Ilii. _. e._._ [lNRil:.ernes . "..' ·8·-...Ilrovide' /" h1lf'QIS 11m rij"lo ~I. u "1'1 ri' .~. • ~ -_ _.·. 'M'any Unusual Fruits.s'.' ._ _ _ _ .yaL: o·.. .' . '. _ __ _ _-_ _ _ _ _ _-_ __ _ _. r' .(..~. Mulberries and rn uch more ~ Ha nI'-WI!J..alnlt: D'~ it -ru I' . I...1'\1"\ . '.. II~l'.• . J U'M .1" 343". . 'M-' " "(J" ._ ~_' :_ :: .• ·_1.l _I·J-IJII " ~~ .~"U' ..16 Il 01 ._ _ ~ -_ _. ••••••••••••••••••••• _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. " .._._ . 7" l\6··~O···'·6'·.a '·1'. J:J~':- t=4"'1' -6' .•. ...rrie. the best App~"e~.' ._.9~'1' ". N'[iilLl 'frees .._ . Plums..tilll . li!i ~~ iI!i! 1"11 iI'Io ~'IiiII~g~.I R ~....and f're e .qnmenltal y responsible way. II!Ii.sbgreenhouse"com ~ •.( .- . - _. .. '9!"V '.I .' . c _!_ ~ 8~"O·-·O·-· "3:'.Ii. _. Olli 14.. 12'1 Rjichrnand[lml -.._ ._ .IES': • • _" '..' • • • I. •••• ' •• ~ ••• ". _.B 'A-I!I. d'I€JI:S.." u o r':~. III. -- ._ . O W' ..arden. ~ ~'. . ~ P':I I R} iilllf._. • RE-'D"WO'-' I an'II.. ~' '" eeung .A < • .~kilnlg I nsece' and Allima'l re I as's.-..ack.. ..leelds ~ ~ !. 3'.. .~ a 'W'ww~ollmlr'i. pr'ltedh!Jtll'1'~ 800627 (iB40 hotpepperWII~(Om • '. " E' N' H"O-'"-D"S" E-'i' S" • :: : GRE • • • • • • • • • • I' I .Ornamentals.apes. Ie' Ii!'!ii 'l." " .. '. t-' ''Tr'1I.. ./ rears:I 'i' Sesrch mtllli~t:ip!1 sou rees e Fast:p. - ~. b._.... ".~ ---GARDEN PLANNING CENTER ---------------------------_ ..' 'from A'II"'Qull"ld the.p... _~...' • • • '_' : • • • • • • e' • • • • Cata~og:::.~a:mc.r. tIo IISeaS"e --eS~iS. .-'.aliso .._.• 1 . _ .K IG'-.!II@. Nuts '& Berries :N. _ _ . e d 1"'il!i. B'A···.Oarrdenen.: .8{l0.' B·'. .B lueberries.'.'. [·J : 1 .7. _..<' • .s free on lirn'ne search ca n help' Iyou fl nd the r'lg~t: seeds fo r yOlu If cng.. e.·R· ' " .R.' . . ' ' . .ew Amaric.' . • . R~spibe.A·-·-···NII'iA WI! . lei' R:re._eed SOT ..

... '. Iargs fra .lle}'ber. IPii ne need les grass dip pin gs r nuts....growers •. '. does no't sueker urple Martin Birdhouses Quality AI umrnum Martin Houses Heavy .. dJ [" ...I'~I~ G:rows 'f....lm ordina'ry :PI ants! Large Sweet.e5~..··· pia'D't: TolaU" JtbO'mlt~jsInd.. i' . EN...~e I: No other blacldDer. J u ley Berries -5 000 g:ood! 'BJ~kbeITJ p. . '3 DR® LEAF and LAWN VACIU'UM .. tb. 50 stales and Canada Proven 'pl1odlll"cer since 1915!~' Just one [)~~i~.. '.iilJDt.le£"1'1'1]1'5.c Q m D 1 1 .CH'"'f!S I• Put ali end to faU cleanup hassle wi.. :p:llll$...shade ..ER~-· '... brrng. . "-------=-""'" TV E'xc:lu slve sh reddi rugaction redu ces debris ~!0:" .Il:~5.eart for com'mer. y."..EiE D'VID &' CataJog. PLA-· N• ··N'·< IN'······.ac. app~.3._G··..~ hOI\SI@'$:t ....ry' IGr.rom J-UBlSBi\d...~d m:s plan ..E ICOIM_'_T':ITI10 a.' Ov'@'r60 '' n]d~:r~lS:h i. - ·· · .r 'W'~Il".'.'!iine lillli~i~:. MN 55744 BIIDHO SE® www.. for more V~aJ!CIUIIUm :i.PII. r ran 'be]'r~esand (HOff: '. 1ndud iI'~_g~...ld Famous Doyle's ho n ess]ackberry Look wha.-·7:-.. J-E.... ·Ai·..g' a n d less un ICH~dli'ii n g" II U I'LT TO LA ST IB.k :aJj ~d...E_ TH..'_..J:~t...ion Maintenance Free Proven Destgn Yhe1ds ...t Y'OIU can glet fro -.-. ".[-2'·0· I. . co m rnercl a.'I....SJt t~ke ~IDad' Caalal.. '.. ... ' ".JALL.eN~'ry s NH~'I m @~. hard sh ellI PLUS~WAILK-BIEHIIN'DI MOD'ELS AV..battts. .it ~I'~ .'~~.........···6·· 16·····]1 FREE l' ' _r·8·-····7··.Duty Constr\Jct. ' " I Wor.8·.'iG 10 address belo\\I' fm" vou rr.. u. ~....s~."T·.. ..e".lonUa .- c·... to iconlp~teS'b). 2307 B HlGHWAY 2 WEST GRAND lecte r.. Rlealfv.. ... www •. trees.'i Il-\g ~J'(. \~~. such as ~~. pine varierles ·lJ~l]ql!J..Q other is built stronger or lasts ~onger~ UNSTOPPABLE POIWE'R Collect and shred co nes. Gi: •······ '. ..rIi hardy blueberries ter • Garden aids and supp]je\S '.i' of m~ ~'I "'I orHl1 .li'u. .'...... .cia~ . 0-20 gaUon..iJ. Dozens of :s'tral'Vbe:frk:s and raspberries..-··'....! T9LL -8. n.'''''~...i~dr . C!:j. .. 39 variet les of gl"a~les..ATHI..oom PHONE 218-326-9507 LEAy'EiS INOTH:'ING 1_'_I'TS P...s per plantl . RDEN'. :MiHcr NUI~crkSI Dept 6'190 .'.mluO'Ve.. N.--.. ]l{j"ri.y~ AdaJ)its to :IDaJ. m on.~~l(P'P'es 1 _U'...wb.:halVe: a one 'ye~.eThornless Bl~.. . NY ] ~4'2~. ..:r~Jam:m...e :O~y... '. . Persim HrO.! ~~fCalalog and Operated Sdll Family Owned Calill for a FR. UG II! CAPAC ofleaves..mrbjrdhous~..UOS and SOlan. I XC.1e ng'~ne 0 ptl on 5..ry~ Aslan Pears.. ...A11L\IBILE. :[uily sub-aero plants I Wl1llclltod~~'Y ~:h.c'kberry yields 'more than .

' _D-··e'M'.'.for protecti ng.' -_.n.. back "1I(fW': av.~~. -'. ~.--..ffI.ays anrd' gr:a\HU es 'WIt.' 'I..I' - . !L< .I' "'. deer alone ""111" 'J 'n] cause ~1:D. Vinter Defense once asked tal friend what method she used to' keep deer onr of her wo ad land garden.and rodent-vulnerable tree s and r shrubs indrvidually by creati ng. butt hey can harm trees .. P'<l'lI1 rallel 4 ~:W:'!I_ O·t fen C·..".~d. '!L.0 'k j. which can strip off the lb~.-.•.~/-I.a. •.!lng . From .. D 11i I' ·h . .f 't. ·0· lUg. .a_ ."...if'.e scents.l. others. they meet something If ljke th a"" t 'i~.o .d.oU.:]I'..a... have to be reapplied after rain" ~ S:t." ~.'~ '''lV.J -. cy~ rical cages of hardware clolt h ind to a height at least a foot taller than the' anticipated snow' Hue" To keep shrub-menching to a minimum. f local ordin ances Iimit fence height co 6 feer. director of [hie Ambler Arboretum of "Temple .a._ -. S' "~)r.i~h blood or e. :su. 4 ~... I) 9:per. dr d. decay.d:slc~PInvestment.I~ ~I.. I f deer are really 1Ii!iI'~ if!I~:r ". abbit. y.8 'S'" .l'bl 1If-.r(win.l' .'..'b mettal .' I .. ences... ~. 'that dry qtdckm.' . ..e commercial produc rs lase for several weeks. " ].JI. Remove the protection in spring 'to avoid gi.raps.1'high-density polyethylene p'.. gul ~..-. are: another.--:. . as are..-::Ii.''" renee can ne ._.Iet.. "I) ~ hungry repellent s are of UC'rJehelp.y.' 1"-' l• c... I ."L. ..· __ ~' .riY..s... SOM.!Ii. _I--'I~- -..~ nting outward arou nd the trees. --:- .arrrer. he -. "" the ..aps also protlec t thinb ['-i':" k. broken by bucks looking fora handy plaice.good fence... . 'Whe . 0'0' .d .:"-. consider "confusing" the deer 'by planting dense shrubbery on d' fence I~"D:' d on't'I~' 'mI ike ·~uJ.p' aced 'dJ.··.'..Q.m~l~~ __.. Commercial tree ' c..kes or sticks ~To protect her you.• th .. guards made from V'in:yl.' - .f ~.':"mp' 'W~'.~Jl'IVi~~J' says 'E":.-I' . _JLIP~. "'~'~~~I~ " !JJ.per w...' m .ng the: trunk as . some: w.. -". e..- ~I ..g our trees and shrubs from an ima ~damage dllJ rio~ fall and winter. ~~. oyl inders keep' rabbits and rodents from gnawing'.\ ..!..ecnve b'. T~)prevent moisture . a tiny 'Vole:can girdle .Ii! .. -. ~~ y husband I~' she .epe....-..:r..: !u :111. '. -they "'!Ii....e:raway. or woo' d"I.tegie. .!' J~.I ~' _I •• .··.a.. Tree 'W r. niversity. sh'.~tcould promote bark.1.. collecting atg.. as ong I-I'..'-. ".n_. .n" fragile bark ~ICalley places 'It~U ~sturdy stakes and broken Iim bs p().ainstthe trunk where . . c: '. eel.' '10: '.:. . e 'W'ire: cages. .[lepHed. .lesson.prO'I[~)C'fl:' 'Oil.g..ii!il'f "'lUi . -I . ~ - .'".. ••..r:k. 0.electrtc...._~'~' . . W 'iL.e. The hardware cloth should extend a fe'w inches below the soil surface.. ap~r[. trees from antler rubbing.250 mu ]l'()ft m d'amage 'to 1 aome 1ancl..' ~I' . [!ii'.ck-.' .. .-.'- and guards..ree.III.ggs as active ingredients.:'i ~.d'SI ~. .'w."1J].. Here are some stn"a.:lJIL'..': '!.. " I' ...-...'hen .:o. I" .-:-.' ..!- . ..£"....__ .~:m .p:ro.i'trunksk 'f~ gnJws. :Ii ". dl OS't ". .. S" .. . ..Ie.A. Tree 'wc...l!\.'. ._" 1 .foot fence. ..f\OStcr.h -f-'~"'--.I I. 'when plants are' nibbled. • .' saysjenny RO$!e Carey.r-dll.~ .~ Sh:le.'_:.eer lIelllce: .· '1'''(-:-: as '..[ _ ..n'a1l. "It pokes them right in the.g.1.-. 1 .• ..ape ~i. DI"... . use guards 'with aeration holes or flO .y"!Il". SKIL'LS & A'BILITIES" _ Iii -1··..few winter" . ..-. '." .llote{:t baJ.di. WI'3.~. . I'd' f" .."':\.P' precious azaleas :and hol ies with plastic nereing.nsc.n:ll". Every yeaJ[.'to rub their antlers..&¥V' tend _' '. 1t1i. 'Guards fashioned from beavy wlsllided-wire panel s prevent bucks from rubbing their antlers on fruit trees but provide little prate ction from deer browsing. Remove them promptly as the tree begins to leafout ill spring. help keep de'.pIcrly.".·.-.uut even..".~~ !.if:.. 'winter sun and prevent frost cracking Hind sunscald." [·-:-i -···...'"~ e of-: .. Mit O'~ us' don't want to.nts"..g ~il' e Q. I" it's ar lease 8 feet tall "Deer can bop a 6-.3 tre e and kill it over a . atn_... . I...iIL •.p)IJ.'..CO" . - .. "e _' -_ Io..astlc. Hardware-cloth Cho ose white tree guard s to' reflect the._.! - I' I .'1..1JJl.'" I. "and M hi .".. ' .• .m ..'!L " 'L'::-" 'lb 01.1. I . chomped and sometimes killed by hungry critters or stripped ofbark and.'IIl. near Philadelphi a. I.] . . although they a-renot as reliable' as a. -.a.r used inl.. resort to b I"00.

~.:.. V Jh I . Av. ne _~ mirac e '.gon'e~ me eyesl Calill888~22 ~11477 U In r'elouc(he'd' IphcJt.c· ~ '0-:-nl '('1'0.'.ailab:J.t 'V ('-&...IL. '"OO~ ne . l:fls'tan:t· IJf(e'Ct comes 'In.ansionn l...'I. '.f 'they a ~e. Instead of harsh chemicals injected under the ~i~ .llw.. tifit u" ~I sden Ll u~. -d it' r[.. . rda _.I~:. .pping . the scientiflc breakth rough technology J..~.~. .~.{Ul 2' .~ y lmhl"~t Effect behmd the counter b '1-.v.~. - .~j!j. .-abso:rbing' c[ear remover g'ently .E:ffe..JI'. rmbf~'1 '~C·. '!i.g . ~upp. . )1'.s·o you 'mus:t (.M._. Does it work? The: Iook on :my husband's . r .ruited benefits of 'the' 90 S'eoond Wrblkle l~.i lill1Mted 't~m.Y return the 'tillUSIed :PQttiOl1. ' .che.t a-n ~nlt" . It fel t . H.IG~.. Before 'we even left the house.t"..ct R .E·ffe. It's the' ultimate qukk fix for a Immediate sensation of tlg. tC1:kes tess ~1.IL .!]'I.. 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from eatw. ~ mmer . ." to.a. my grandm. Tod~y~ In our ga.' jl ~'~I I~ ~I~~ :11 ~':'~"~-'~~~~ J me .to seeds. She cernes In. "seed tape" that we got from an event . basi]..y d. 'TRY.'ARM t=« --. . j -=:tJUla. to' ga rden themselves.ti t r u'D-b.a. the o vi ne. Lou ie and Rita Cinquino. . and peppers-the Italian cook's essentials.g she has fOB l1dll.r. Up until her lase few ye'a(r~.she was out there other edi bles they could find" Hke wi ld cardoons or burdock.rru. But that's what 'us kid s are for now. --n l) .~'"'y-~' o·_····[f::.ard.(J:(lale . . But' they didn t just garden.reens.and getting her bands all di rty.I-e.~my. .:h-~lsba.· J. And cardoon are ~~ .]loyl~d.kOI(fW . fi ned with fragrance (o. Happily 'nU"(1 '''0' lks are '1f!""~1'~1 nve 'fon sh_.ot hers' g.. - - 'f : _ . Lou and I feel blessed 1[0 have so many great gardeners a.. Lou..I~.. o ········· mily Fa Gardening ~ .gh t :Ero:u}.F 0 meal in their home was complete unless rhere was a... 'Thei r homes.'.-_ Th'e'-·..R. And ~'wen" the llttle one it's bald 'to keep her out of the garden. ur organic tomatees :d.ery season.d ic. .-'-.rm.!_ learned about flowers from my morher. and other surprises-e-did my mother's mother have a Iime tree growing in one proeecred corner ofher yard.oil and garlic and sprinkled with grated Ronl.:'iI. tractor when I 'was.roen. tbey also wild-gathered bitter museard ...and cal loused Ue c'r.-..Rary.3.IF'~l):'..e'v. e sop ecially If they wha t they're' doing! =Maria'R..SS ou r k nowledge on '1:10 our own kidsl ] 'm lucky im.'119 alive ~v. shout ~ for me to come look at somerhi D. ew York" they raised g.n jew'em of the Cinquinos' rdinne'f table.· . p.and a.l. thei r g.en in Le. a new garden ing wo. Thls y1ea. '~- -- L... -V.~..In.n. you~Maria.__ Jr'.that: all three of m.r~dto me .h. _.eiena_g.•.L~ "0 wisdom.g.aughters ~n~oy gardening and cooking from the garden.i.~ Qr' J! ~.As.a:[dens taught me bow ..ic.~. .n_g.K-T'C·HEN _I_'T -. tomatoes.cap.:~the' rosesl).: .--I MARIA· 'S F.h.CO·UN-' -' \. wi th to:mJ!.. hidden sculptures.: i "Iii B nth 0. I learned about' the magic of soil and a love of farming. are the CEOW.-rlt takes time to. hei r zarden . 'wn 'I'::t that W as . I Ier goal was to get the flowers planted before the end of the Indy 500.I.nd. . or' am I drlea.t) works at the: Rodale [nstit!l)]te' belp ed _ 1:.a.. opened. . rna ke 2.A31nes I)" and the: pink :and red flowers that grew from it created what is.. dead bug.rtfro"m d.section in the vegetable garden.IOUnd us and happy thar our kids have picked up the tradition.•.: dI. . e always [oak us k ids to visit farms and farmers" and wax poetic about rhe incredible com:p~exiey of our Iiving soil Through these visits.e:r planted.mlng? Childhood days spent growingup in those gardens are some' of my' most precious memories..hl 'Cali forni a th is year hosted to have enthusiastic help in the garden. by far the most b eauti fu].---A -:. e:n... My by Nature's Path (dla.we get busier= and older= ~ts great ' = " t. bnr ar 89~t:bey are getti ng too old.o cheese.. pursuing her passion.iggru. And why it's important to and pepper-ed. and his stories ~[ became a farmer (and through his leniency.were surrounded by e mature.'L -. My' in-laws. \V. and we' nurtu re our own (sec ret) wild cardoon patch.'.in late M.ts his father's g. then sauteed wirh olive. From DIY' fafber.ea:t~n_:g: eau tiful . dipp ed in legg :3nd Hour.. - __ -.frQrm ~v~'rywindow of the house.•••.llk. vibrant gardens.ds. b eauri ful .my of 'bit rer greens sauteed wirh garlic and dressed with cheese and olive oil.'. Llearned to drive a. covered in d.lan.owe:f scenes b to be.g a special rock" or a...put up the tomato sauce and peste.

sovfood in iNiorth Ameriea :- . Eden foods are never adulterated with chemicals... . . "'. I ".. """'..: \. colorings. U"S.." .(. - edenfoods. ---"'·""U··· . ~ 9'hli 11 Filu' 1~~~ioU~EiII." :: -1 I • _. .' . .> " . .. ". . • .. . :- '..~$ and del ictous whole qrain Smooth pastas .~ ~: gllute:n free foods 'It lliQ.".-'.. _ [ i "...8. or genetically engineered ingredients.3 G.'" -'....'... irradiation.~ ':" .'b .lg 'Ii 'I.'-..'wwwJr. . .g-B lr& 1S. . .."-.. specialty.r"". • ~ "•. ."11 7 1 .. "..:' .. .. .'" ." I U"-.'.""".t' '5 ~ les U excl US:·'Vf ~y from Japan . 'r"/ ..I. and gourmet p'ure foods...(i..250 organic."'''' n utrients _.A~ falm~ilyfarm food ~in ISPA. refined sugars.. ".. ..rnl~i[30piaJ!1lHI'g/ principled natural food .'. free lined cans '2.' '~. .' ". • '. ' .iI'I' II! . ..8 ~42~='3 3.'.. " "'.ill Pure sea Q. I" A 42.e..oom..I • 1"'" . ~EDENFoODS .'. preservatives.p.. .:. - -- . I. ethnic.~11AtKilld P'r.. Ra-ted If' .• ••••••••• • Amber gillass protects and flavor .corn 8. ..: &"'" 'With over .' .

.a go~kart 'then I won in acontest.. ~UI~~V~ Of :=Jln. ~~.:I.~~~"~u1L.' ir\~"~~I 'LV -. ~ I'I. .".~~\:~ ..l .r. : ''-~L' lin 'I' .U~ alF.I . '. Years llater~ .t~B'R'l\"T.!W _...i\'ho'unh' Q:+UI ... .lI"' -VV.L·'lnn . ~~ ~.. ~L U Ino...JU1nt::::l. ~ ~~ .~ I~I k""n 0-:-:'"~h. ·.t.u' n'l....<1!r~ d' n'ljf.I..VI 'f~!j n.'-'M~ I~ [L'...": '-V.t Sulbaru vvhen I wag 'four Years aiel.fJl gio1 my' '~i'rs..l.'I ~"~'"_ w"lcoh-' II h"~d'li-:h~.. it was.""'!Ip.!li"'llMha~1 . ... ad'.'<-" 'I~lm-' t' he r..'~. t' .

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