A Sample RACI

Project Name

Late Updated Date R A C I V
Responsible Accountable Consulted Ìnformed Verifies
Project Managers BA
Data Analyst QA Data Architect
Data Architect -
Model Oversite
Micro Strategy -
Micro Strategy
!roject !lan V A R C C C C C C C C C C C C C
!roject Org Chart V A R I I I I I I I I I I I I I
BRD Development I I C R A V C C C C C C C C C C
S2T Mapping I I C C I I R/A R C C C C C C C C
Issues / Action Items Log I I R/A C C C C C C C C C C C C C
Data Model Staging Layer I C C C I I C C C A C/V C C C I
Data Model Reporting Layer I C C C I I C C C A C/V C C C C
Data Model MicroStrategy Schema I C C C I I C C C C C C C C A/V
Data Staging- ETL & Onstream I C C C I I C C C C I I R A I
MicroStrategy Report Development I C C C I I C C C C I I C C A/V
Test Case Development I C C R I I C C R/A C I I C C C
QA Testing I C C R C C R R R/A C I I R R R
&ser Acceptance Testing I C C C/V R/A R C C C C I I C C C
Application / System Deployment I C A I C C C C C R I I R R R
Education / Training I C A C R R R R C I I I I I I
!ost Evaluation / Lessons Learned I C A R R R R R R R C C R R R


$tage & Name &
Activity RoIe
RACI Matrix
TotaI Count
Select from the below drop down list: R, A, C, I ,V.
Acronym Definition
#085438-0 - Complete the work. There should be at
least one R (otherwise the work is not perIormed) and
there can be multiple Rs (team members)
..4:39,-0- Approves the completed work and is held
Iully accountable Ior it. There should be one and only one

438:90/- Possesses the inIormation and/or capability
to complete the work. Two-way communication
(typically between R and C). Optional.

314720/ - InIormed oI progress and results. One-way
communication (typically Irom R to I). Optional.
'07108 - Checks the work to ensure that it meets
deIined criteria and standards. Optional.
lnserL 8ows
1o lnserL 8owsţ hlahllahL Lhe rowsţ Cllck on lnserL 1ab from
Lhe Menu 1ool barţ selecL 8owsŦ
lnserL Column
1o lnserL Columnsţ hlahllahL Lhe columnţ Cllck on lnserL 1ab
from Lhe Menu 1ool barţ selecL ColumnŦ
lf addlLlonal names and roles need Lo be lncluded ln Lhe maLrlxţ copv Lhe lasL column and pasLe lL on Lhe ad[acenL empLv
8eplace Lhe ƼlnserL AcLlvlLvƽ fleld wlLh all Lhe AcLlvlLles assoclaLed wlLh Lhe respecLlve sLaae of Lhe pro[ecL lŦeŦ CrlalnaLlonŤ
1he purpose of Lhe 8ACl MaLrlx ls Lo documenL Lhe responslblllLv of each role lnvolved aL each sLaae of Lhe Þro[ecLŦ lL ls a
1he 8ACl MaLrlx ls Lvplcallv used durlna Lhe Þlannlna sLaae and updaLed LhrouahouL Lhe llfe of Lhe pro[ecLŦ
Enter the Project Name and the last updated Date.
nLer Lhe names and roles of Lhe of Lhe lndlvldual ln Lhe column wlLh <Insert Name> and <Insert Role>Ŧ nsure LhaL boLh
Tips: Column B8 TO N8 - Insert Names. Column B8 to N9 - Insert Roles. Column B11 to N34 - Select from the drop down
list: R, A, C, I, V.
Enter the Responsibility code for each Ìndividual and role. Select from the drop-down list: R, A, C, Ì, V.
Lep 4ť ln Lhe ƍave as Lvpeƍ boxţ cllck MlcrosofL offlce xcel WorkbookŦ
Lep 3ť Cllck aveŦ
Save the template as "<Project Name>_RACÌ_Matrix"
Lep 1ť Cllck llle and selecL ƍave AsƍŦ
Lep 2ť elecL Lhe locaLlon on vour hard drlve where vou wlsh Lo sLore Lhe flle and saveŦ
Step 3: Ìn the "File name" box, enter the file name in this format "<Project Name>_RACÌ_Matrix"

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