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Our global student community of professionals provides the platform for exceptional networking and business opportunities. Our goal is to transform our students into problem-solvers. Studying at MANCOSA is a truly rewarding experience. new ideas generation and the development of innovation and change. Prof Yusuf Karodia PRINCIPAL 1 . senior managers and entrepreneurs. You will be part of a learning experience that encourages robust debate.PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE Your decision to pursue the Master of Business Administration Degree with MANCOSA is a very wise one. I am confident that you will find our MBA programme exciting. MANCOSA places strong emphasis on the practical application of theory so that learning can be applied to real-life work situations. team leaders and critical thinkers who make a real contribution to their organisations and society. With growing pressure placed on managers to guarantee success. We have a remarkable record of preparing people for leadership positions throughout the world. In today’s challenging times managers must be at the top of their game. We look forward to having you as a student on our MBA programme. Our graduates cover the spectrum of CEOs. rewarding and value-adding to both your personal career and organisation. Our electronic learning technology platform and academic support take the ‘distance’ out of distance learning. They need to be equipped with the requisite knowledge. skills and tools to manage in a global economy. This allows you the opportunity to acquire a portfolio of managerial skills and competencies at your own pace and time. there is no better option than to pursue an MBA degree through a supported distance learning approach. We will assist you to explore the cutting edge of modern day business thinking. Our students are our first priority. They occupy important positions in private and public enterprises in many countries. executive directors. We commit ourselves to supporting our students at every step of the way to ensure their success.

MANCOSA stands alongside the world’s top business schools and is recognised as one of the leading providers of The MANCOSA MBA programme is: • Fully accredited by the Council on Higher Education • Registered with the National Department of Education . MANCOSA is registered as a higher education institution with the National Department of Education and accredited by the Council on Higher Education in South Africa. 2 . MANCOSA is also registered with various regulatory bodies in other countries. the MBA Degree enables you to start up or expand an existing business enterprise.Reg No 2000/HE07/003 • Recorded on the National Qualifications Framework by the South African Qualifications Authority • Accredited by the Namibian Qualifications Authority [NQA] • Accredited by the Zambian Ministry of Education • Accredited by the Mauritius Tertiary Education Commission [TEC] • Accredited by the Malawi Ministry of Education WHY PURSUE THE MBA DEGREE? The MBA is the best known and most sought after degree in the world. MANCOSA is a leading provider of management education programmes on the African continent and the Indian Ocean islands. There are also students from many other countries studying the MANCOSA MBA degree. the Russian Federation and the Central Asian Republics. management education. We have extended our offerings to the United Arab Emirates. For those graduates with entrepreneurial ambitions.ABOUT MANCOSA The Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) is committed to the provision of quality academic programmes. The versatility and relevance of the MBA empowers managers to address the challenges and opportunities of competitive business environments. One of the most compelling reasons for pursuing an MBA is to enhance career opportunities through effective personal and professional development.

accessible and accredited qualification • Innovative curriculum • Improved career prospects • Networking opportunities • Vertical articulation into doctoral studies • Greater earning power • Professional and personal development Accessibility The supported distance learning mode of delivery provides a flexible alternative for post-graduate study. Students can complete modules and assignments at their own pace. Overall Experience Our MBA programme will stimulate you intellectually and impact positively on your work environment. Affordability MANCOSA is committed to providing affordable access to higher education through the provision of quality management programmes. Interactive The use of a variety of teaching methods including formal lectures. Each of these help to build different skills and competencies which develop managerial capabilities. If your job requires extensive travel and extended working hours that make it impossible to attend a full time programme.WHY CHOOSE THE MANCOSA MBA DEGREE? Some of the benefits of the MANCOSA MBA Degree: • Study from any part of the world • Affordable. Studying through distance learning means that there is little disruption to your personal life and full-time work schedule. group work and self-study exercises is central to the success of the programme. then MANCOSA’s supported distance learning MBA programme is perfect for you. 3 . The rigour of the programme and the effort required to complete it successfully will ensure that you possess the knowledge. case studies. skills and abilities to tackle challenges of the business world.

assignments. Workshops also foster interaction between academics and students in a supportive learning environment. text books are prescribed to supplement the readings. Workshop 3: Over 1 day. I recommend this institution to individuals who enjoy aiming high and are not afraid of heights. Workshop 2: Over 2 days (a weekend) and includes group work. Commercial Manager. 4 . tutor presentations and assignment focus.za.mymancosa. focusing on preparing students for the examinations. Workshop 1: Over 2 days (a weekend) and includes orientation. Staff are appointed in the various tuition centres to provide telephonic and e-mail support. Guidelines are also given on how to produce good quality assignments. Students are encouraged to discuss relevant issues and seek clarity on important foundational and core concepts. Online discussion forums also provide a platform for networking among students in various locations across the continent. tutor presentations and assignment focus. is the dedicated student support website which provides all registered students with a range of academic support material and resources.Jonathan Maistry. On Call Student Support The MANCOSA student support centre provides students with an avenue to clarify issues relating to their studies. Our academics have industry experience and professional expertise and ensure that students receive continuous support and guidance. This means that students can access the latest research from anywhere in the world via the internet. Students have direct access to their relevant lecturers at all times. A dedicated e-mail address to which students can e-mail their queries is allocated to each module. Workshops Workshops are held to support students in their studies. ACADEMIC SUPPORT Study Guides There is a study guide for each module which lists prescribed readings. group work. In addition.co. Website www. is also cost-effective and suits the individual that does not have time to attend regular classes. During workshops students have the opportunity to discuss key themes and perspectives contained in their modules. Enrichment Workshops: Over one day focusing on numerate subjects. Also includes an examination focus Access to Library and Electronic Resources MANCOSA has fully fledged libraries and in addition has agreements with other institutions to grant access to MANCOSA students to their library facilities. assessment activities and tutorial letters. academic requirements. It is via distance learning. Conlog The MANCOSA MBA coursework matches the best that is out there. All MANCOSA students have access to online journal articles via Ebsco and Emerald.

mancosa.co. Detailed information on the course and individual modules can be found on www.MBA DEGREE ALTERNATIVE ACCESS: MBA FOUNDATION: Certificate In Management Studies (1 YEAR) DIRECT ACCESS: MBA STAGE ONE (1 YEAR) SEMESTER ONE SEMESTER ONE Principles of Management Marketing Business Information Systems SEMESTER TWO SEMESTER TWO Microeconomics Accounting Business Statistics Operations Management Economics Quantitative Methods Human Resource Management Management Information Systems Marketing Management Applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements for direct access to the MBA programme and are older than 27 years with managerial experience qualify for entry into the MBA foundation year.za 5 .

PROGRAMME STRUCTURE: MBA STAGE TWO (1 YEAR) SEMESTER ONE International Business Corporate Strategy Accounting for Decision Making MBA STAGE THREE (6 MONTHS) SEMESTER TWO Managing Strategic Change Managerial Finance Electives (choose one): • Investment and Portfolio Management • Management Science • Entrepreneurship • Business and Professional Ethics • Project Management • Environmental Management SEMESTER ONE Research Methods Dissertation 6 .

Thabo Sejeng – Assistant Finance Director: City of Johannesburg Studying an MBA degree with MANCOSA has sharpened my conceptual skills. Industry specialists are invited to talk on current issues. empowered me with strategic tools and has given me a global view of business. ACTIVITIES Alumni MANCOSA has an Alumni Forum which provides regular news updates and information on events which are planned for the Alumni. Our aim is to strengthen the link between students to encourage networking. Guest Speakers Forum A Speakers Forum is a regular event at which industry specialists talk on pertinent subjects and topical issues of the day. Conferences MANCOSA’s annual conference is the ideal forum for both academics and students to disseminate their research findings. PROGRAMME OUTCOMES Upon successful completion of the MBA programme a student should be able to: • Apply critical thinking skills in the main functional areas of business • Craft and implement business strategies • Manage resources in a business organization • Improve interpersonal relations and teamwork • Understand macro and micro-economic issues • Conduct independent research • Apply good governance practices • Apply best practice to international business opportunities • Undertake supervised research at doctoral level • Make use of information systems effectively • Apply good management principals to business 7 .

Duration: 12 months 8 . The requirements for entry to the Certificate in Management Studies are: • At least 27 years of age • 5 years work experience • Managerial experience • Any other qualifications Applicants will be enrolled through the recognition of prior learning (RPL). This qualification equips students with the essential fundamental learning needed to pursue an MBA programme.ENTRY REQUIREMENTS To gain direct access to the MANCOSA MBA programme. applicants require ONE of the following: Direct Access • A University Degree (M + 3) or • A National Diploma (M + 3) or • An Honours Level Qualification or • A MANCOSA Certificate in Management Studies (CM) or • An equivalent 3 year or NQF level 6 qualification Alternative Access Students who do not meet the minimum requirements for direct access into the MBA programme can pursue the MBA foundation Certificate in Management Studies as an alternative entry route.

O. e-mailed or hand delivered to any of our offices.O.za 26 Samora Machel Street (Aliwal Street) Durban South Africa 4001 Johannesburg MANCOSA P. posted.co.HOW TO APPLY Applicants are required to submit the following when applying for the MANCOSA MBA programme: • Application form and Enrolment Contract • Curriculum Vitae • Certified copies of all educational qualifications and academic transcripts • Certified copy of Identity Document • Two passport sized photographs Application forms together with supporting documentation can be faxed.com 27 Melle Street 5th Floor RSA Centre Braamfontein Johannesburg South Africa 2001 9 . CONTACT INFORMATION Durban MANCOSA P. Box 32537 Braamfontein Johannesburg South Africa 2017 Tel: +27 11 403 9493 Fax: +27 11 403 0980 Email: mancosa@iafrica. Box 49494 East End Durban South Africa 4018 Tel: +27 31 300 7200 Fax: +27 31 300 7297 Email: mba@mancosa.

Business Schools Partnership Network (BSPN) and the National Education Association of Distance of South Organisations Africa (NADEOSA). The study material and guidelines provided for each module. MANCOSA is a founding member of the South African Business Schools Association (SABSA).Talga Capri. Academy of Statistics and Economics (Kazakhstan). MBA Nova (Siberia). IT Business Solution Consultant. International Centre of Excellence (UAE) and the YK Business School (Mauritius). Novosibirsk State University (Russia). Telkom Business The modules include all facets of business. 10 . MANCOSA linkages has with strong the academic of University Bedfordshire (UK). which allows graduates to have a complete and holistic understanding of management. assisted tremendously in grasping the basis and foundation of understanding the subject matter at hand.

za .co.mancosa.www.

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