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Department 1 Personnel & Routing Hiring Section Outflow unit Interview unit Testing unit Hiring unit Hats Section Proposed policy unit Hat assembly unit Hat checksheet unit Hat check unit Expeditors Section Comm Center Section Comm Center forms unit Comm Center labeling unit Communication Devices Section Telephone system programming unit Speed dial programming unit Telephones, pagers, car phones, answering machines, cordless phone unit Department 2 Communication Internal Communication Section Mail retrieval unit Phone message retrieval unit Bulletin Board unit Fax retrieval unit Fax sending unit External Communication Section Mail out unit Package mail out unit TDC Comm run unit Returns and Exchanges unit Department 3 Inspections & Reports
Inspections Section

Stat inspection unit Checklists inspection unit Valuable Final Product inspection unit Kids BP and List inspection unit Utility consumption inspection unit Reports Section Stats reporting unit Stats binder unit Ethics Section Staff ethics unit TDC HCO liaison unit Staff etiquette unit Ethics files unit Security Section Alarm system unit Security checklist unit Emergency numbers unit

Files Section Master policy files unit Master phone number files unit Filing unit Admin Section Org Board unit Personnel files unit Hat and staff folders unit VFP: Effective personnel posted and hatted.


Communications easily accepted and swiftly delivered.

VFP: 1. In-ethics, producing staff. 2. Secure family.


Completed communications. Established, productive and ethical staff members.

Department 4 Clothing Laundry Section Laundry retrieval unit Washing, drying and folding unit Handwashing unit Ironing unit Mending unit Weekend Laundry Section Laundry retrieval unit Washing, drying and folding unit Special Handling Section Dry Cleaning unit Special handling dry cleaning unit Alterations unit Organizing Section Laundry put away unit Clothes closet and drawers organizing unit New clothes labeling and disbursement unit Ownership verification unit Old, small clothes disposal unit Ski clothes organizing unit Off season clothing storage unit Clothing storage unit Department 5 Food Menu Section 4 week dinner menu unit 4 week school lunch menu unit 4 week Doug & Laurie lunch menu unit Shopping Section Daily grocery shopping unit Specialty grocery shopping unit Price Club shopping unit Meat order unit Food Management Section Food re-packaging unit Waste control unit Proper food storage unit Food Preparation Section Daily lunch for D & L unit Daily 3:00 snack unit Daily 5:00 dinner unit Daily school lunch unit Reserve meals unit Clean up unit A.M. Food Preparation Section Coffee unit Breakfast unit Clean up unit Weekend Food Preparation Section Lunch unit Dinner unit Snack unit Clean up unit Admin Section Food inventory unit Lunch report to school unit School-Lunch liaison VFPs: 1. Appetizing, healthy meals. 2 Well managed food resources. Department 6 Housekeeping Cleaning Section Daily checklist unit Room checklist unit Change linens unit Weekend Cleaning Section Make beds unit Pick up unit Heavy Cleaning Section Vacuuming and carpet spot unit Mopping unit Cobweb unit Windows unit Brass cleaning unit Heavy lifting Organizing Section Everything in place unit Labelling unit Re-stock unit Admin Section Household supplies inventory unit Cleaning supplies order unit


Organized and well maintained clothing.

VFP: A clean, organized house.


A family member in a clean, organized house. who is properly fed and clothed.

Department 7 Income Cashier Section Petty cash unit Cash box unit Collections Section Paycheck unit Loan payback unit FSM commission unit Kids career unit Investments Liaison Section Payroll Section Payroll unit Payroll liaison unit Paycheck disbursement unit Department 8 Disbursements Purchasing Section Weekly POs unit Quotes and estimates unit Price verification unit Buying unit Returns and exchange liaison unit Bills Section Bills verification unit Bills payment unit Department 9 Records, Assets & Materiel Banking Section Banking unit Personal accounts manager TDC liaison unit Household account reconciliation unit Assets and Materiel Section Household inventory unit Keys unit Insurance Section Household insurance unit Medical forms and admin unit Claims unit Supplies Section Office supplies unit Records Section Medical, vet, vital records unit Manuals, warranties unit


All funds collected

VFPs: 1. Pleased creditors. 2. Savvy purchases.

VFPs: 1. Complete and perfect records of financial transactions which are audited, securely preserved and always accessible 2. Insured possessions and family members. 3. Liquid assets securely banked, safeguarded and accounted for. 4. Countable, preserved and valuable materiel assets which retain their usefulness and value for any resale of unit.


Preserved and valuable assets and reserves.

Department 10 Family Scheduling & Logistics Scheduling Section Daily BPs for kids unit Daily schedule posted unit Monthly calendar unit Travel itinerary unit Driving Section School driving unit Lesson driving unit' Audition driving unit Friends driving unit Activities driving unit Babysitting Section Weekend sitter unit Overnight sitter unit Sitter resources unit Department 11 Family Services Teaching Section Academic teaching unit Piano teaching unit Acting teaching unit Dance teaching unit Art teaching unit Karate teaching unit Gymnastics teaching unit Computer teaching unit Other teaching unit Scientology Services Section Kids Auditing unit Kids Training unit Staff work unit DCD LD unit Medical Care Section Doctor visits unit Chiropractic unit Dentist unit Orthodontist unit Dermatology unit Specialist unit Veterinary unit Veterinary hospital unit Personal Care Section Hairdresser DCD unit Hairdresser LD unit Hairdresser Kids unit Facial unit Nails unit Department 12 Dependants Supervisor Section BP unit 7:30 jobs unit Homework unit Headgear unit Piano practice unit Scripts unit Medicine unit Bonus Program Section Admin unit Purser unit Appearances Section Quality assurance unit Grooming reports unit Entertainment Section Friends over unit Over to friends unit Special activities unit Pet Care Section Feeding and watering unit Bathing unit Training unit Vaccinations unit Boarding unit Weekend Pet Care Section Feeding and watering unit

VFPs: 1. Coordinated schedules. 2. Destinations reached on time. 3. Child care provided.


Enhanced bodies, minds, thetans of family members.

VFPs: 1. Dependants getting their products. 2. Well cared for pets.


Effectively trained family members.

Department 13 Internal Maintenance Vehicles Section Daily cleaning unit Driver to Mechanic unit Unloading unit Indoors Section Storage room I/C unit Ski gear unit Clocks re-winding, setting, batteries unit Light bulb replacement unit Outdoors Section Weekly trash removal unit Recycle bins unit Patio furniture storage and refinishing unit Sprinkler setting unit Timer for lights unit Garage clean up unit Daily grounds clean up unit Walkways, driveway, patios, steps clean up unit Gazebo and table clean up unit Outdoor furniture and cushions clean up unit Pool deck area clean up unit Fill pool water unit Water patio plants unit BBQ propane and cleaning unit Department 14 External Maintenance Equipment Maintenance Section Automobile repairs unit Solar water heater unit A/C-Heating unit Plumbing unit Electric unit Pool filter unit Pool heater unit Piano tuning unit Satellite system Services Section Computer systems unit Gardener unit Garden upkeep unit Pest Control unit Painter unit Handyman unit House plant unit Vehicle emergency unit Cleaning Section Pool unit Carpet unit Dry cleaners unit Department 15 Staff Enhancement Training Section Hat unit Internship unit Correction Section Admin correction unit Tech correction unit Qual Library Section Certs and Awards Section FSM Section


Upkeep of house and vehicles.

VFPs: 1. Major equipment operational 2 Plants and garden thriving.

VFP: Effective, well trained and functioning household staff obtaining their subproducts and VFPs.


1. 2.

Effective, well trained and fully functioning staff members obtaining their subproducts and VFPs. A well maintained house.

Department 16 Travel and Entertainment Travel Section Luggage retrieval unit Packing unit Unpacking unit Loading unit Remote location liaison unit Accommodations admin unit Vehicle readiness unit Airport transportation unit Entertainment Section In-house movies unit Library unit Department 17 Events Parties Section Planning unit Invitations unit Catering unit Flowers unit Furniture set up unit Hospitality unit Food prep unit Servers unit Parking unit Clean up unit Holidays Section Holiday storage retrieval Holiday and occasions decorating unit Gift buying unit Gift wrapping unit Department 18 Careers Production Section Agency representation unit Personal manager unit Script coaching unit Career Liaison Section Auditions managing unit Audition appearances unit Set guardian unit Admin Section Work permit application unit Headshot unit Resume unit Files unit

VFPs: 1. Successful trips 2. Entertained family.


1. Successful parties. 2. Celebrated holidays and occasions.

VFP: Completed bookings.


Theta, productive activities.

Department 21 Office of Laurie and Doug Dohring Office of Laurie A. Dohring LAD Communicator LAD Files and Comm Line Data Base Policy Origination and Issue Authority Space and Interior Design Travel Data Base and Liaison Office of Finance Investments Reserves Outside Properties Family Trust Office of the MOM Kids Thetan I/C Kids MAA Family shopping Office of Doug C. Dohring DCD Communicator Office of the Provider Office of the DAD Roughhousing Executive Establishment Executive ESTO Executive MAA FBO Estates Thermostat control VFPs: 1. In-ethics, producing dependants who know the tech of life and can get their products. 2. A prosperous and viable estate with increasing monies to management reserves. 3. A well paid staff; valuable properties. VFPs: Situations correctly predicted and handled. VFPs: A fully functioning household that operates consistently in a high condition. Department 20 Office of Special Affairs Legal Section Personnel unit Contracts unit Family trust unit Accounting Section Tax preparation unit Kids tax preparation unit Tax strategy unit Financials unit Investments Section Mutual funds 401K Money market Department 19 Office of the Household Director Office of the Household Director Executive Council Advisory Council


A safe, stable and prosperous environment.