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// Between the lines //: 100% easy singl…
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// Between the lines //

October 15, 2010

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100% easy single seam poncho :: a tutorial

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#1 ~ Polar Fleece Poncho // Inte r e s t ing link s // // DIY // // Pa r is , je t ' a im e // Please note, these tutorials are intended for / / Co nt a c t // personal use only. Therefore, do not reproduce, sell or commercialize in any form without permission. understanding!

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In case you were wondering, yes, that's me in those pictures. I had an extremely kind, patient and talented photographer - my big girl M.!

With both of my girls having a poncho now (well almost - I'm about to finish little H's one) I couldn't s tay behind, right? I've always had something with "wraps". I have several and especially like them at this time of the year. They're incredibly cozy, but not always handy, I admit - they tend to unwrap eas ily and get in the way. Not so with a poncho, I figured. Now, on several occasions I've seen women wearing this kind of poncho here which I really liked - a very simple, minimalistic yet elegant interpretation of the class ic poncho, with only one seam apparently. With three meters of knit fabric, I thought, I might as well give it a try. And I'm glad I did! Barely a couple of days old, it's already become a favorite! I wear it on top of a light sweater or long sleeved shirt, with jeans and boots. And it looks great, I mus t say. Casual-chic. The perfect outfit for a nice autumn day (well, any day really). Since I us ed a not too heavy knit fabric, there's a nice natural drape to it as well. As it's really super easy to make I decided I wanted to share this project. If it weren't for the step-by-step photos I probably would have finished it in under half an hour! Also, while making the poncho I figured out a new and very s atisfactory way of finishing corners. I'm probably reinventing the wheel here - if so, please, forgive me - but it worked out really nicely, s o I definitely will use that technique again! Ready to get started? Denim with leather tote For more tutorials click Easy s ingle s eam poncho

Instructions for an 100% easy single seam poncho:

What you'll need: // Popula r tut or ia ls //

- 78cm of knitted fabric (150cm wide) or any other fabric with a nice drape

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. s ew on the machine. pin with needles to secure and top stitch on the sewing machine (pic 12).a witch's cloak. Fold your fabric as shown in the above diagram. finally The week in a jar ► Sep 2010 (7) ► Aug 2010 (5) ► Jul 2010 (9) ► Jun 2010 (18) ► May 2010 (17) ► Apr 2010 (13) …blogspot..com/…/100-easy-single-sea… 2/5 . for the neck. The finished corners now should look as in pic 10 (wrong side of the poncho) and 11 (right side of the poncho). Shoulder seam: Pin one of the open sides together as shown in the diagram. You'll get a corner which looks as shown in pic 6. Continue to pin the hem all the way around. Next. ? To be continued. for summer. 2. don't you think... Knit knit 100% easy single seam poncho tutorial 100% laine Poncho!! We've had the most wonderful weather for the las. The two corners will look as shown in pic 8.. One of the things I'd like to try is to make one in a light weight fabric. With needle and thread close the little opening between b and acd. Corners and hem: At the wrong side of the fabric.. using a whip stitch (pic 9). or maybe s ilk.. gauze cotton.. 3.Giveaway 1.. Next.. but please contact me first before using my photographs or any of the content found on this blog. Press all seams flat and your poncho's ready to wear! That's really all there is to this very simple poncho! I'm planning on making a couple more of these when I come across the right fabric. fold in the corner as shown in pic. leaving a 30cm opening to start from the fabric fold. Poncho. I think that actually might look nice on top of a pair of jeans and a tank top. 4. I'm sure. 4. Sew on the machine. and do the same with the end bc to let c coincide with d as shown in pic 5-6. Secure with pins. 5. fold the end ab s uch that a and d coincide. so you get the acd triangle and us e a pin to secure. // BTL // turns 2 ! . Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek! // Blo g Ar c h ive // ▼ 2010 (135) ► Nov 2010 (7) ▼ Oct 2010 (9) DIY :: Last minute Halloween fix . Feel free to link to any of my projects. Neck line: fold in the fabric at the neck line.11/18/2010 // Between the lines //: 100% easy singl… Quick fix grocery bag Ruffled Messenger Bag Shopping Bag Headband // Subs c r ibe // Pos ts Comments // Com m e n t s / / I'd like to hear from you! Comments and feedback on my projects are much appreciated.

2 0 10 1 1 :4 7 PM A Foothill Home Companion cindy said.. That is s o incredibly pretty and chic. the little collector said.com said.. atelier pour enfants I love this .it looks fabulous OC TOBER 2 2 . just the little things oh.love those glasses! Michelle OC TOBER 1 6 ..... grey. And.... You have been so busy.. 2 0 10 9 :2 5 PM t'aime... but i could use this forever! thanks! :) lis a OC TOBER 1 8 ... LIVLIG Baa-Me Kniits said.. I can imagine living in it! OC TOBER 1 7 . 2 0 10 6 :2 1 PM Green tree Handmade Matters Andrea.. 2 0 10 3 :5 6 AM Heather Smith Jones HomeSpun Threads How About Orange (Inside A Black Apple) cucicucicoo said. 2 0 10 7 :0 9 PM One Pretty Thing pia jane bijkerk poppytalk quaint handmade Ric-Rac maya*made mon ami journal bookhou journal bricolagelife cocon // Blo g L is t / / …blogspot. 2 0 10 1 1 :0 4 AM Katie did Liquid Paper litchi7. 2 0 10 6 :5 0 AM Craft Gossip Creative Every Day Design*Sponge eloleo blogt CraftyCripple said.now I'll be on the hunt for knit wool! OC TOBER 1 8 . Thank you so-oo! Claire OC TOBER 1 5 ..however.. Het zou zom aar kunnen dat ik tegen een lap wollen jers ey aanloop! Prachtig en een wonder van eenvoud.. Now I just have to hunt for the perfect fabric :) OC TOBER 1 6 ..I so love s eeing how totally adorable you are. Dat is handig! Zondag is hier een zgn..love the ponchos . 2 0 10 1 :0 9 AM ann wood (new!) annekata (NEW!) Art Wall ArtMind Francine said. I can't wait to make this! I'll be linking as well. Thanks so much for the tutorial.. it's great to see your gorgeous face and i love your glas ses.. Love your easy poncho.. Lovely! Hmmmm.. You posted at the perfect time as I so need a poncho. thanks so much! OC TOBER 1 7 .. en een dikke bravo voor M..11/18/2010 // Between the lines //: 100% easy singl… LABELS: CRAFTS. SEWING.. I like it .com/…/100-easy-single-sea… 3/5 . pity it is sum mer here I will have to wait till winter to make one.. soft wool mix fabric to make a coat from a vintage pattern . 2 0 10 3 :5 5 PM cathy cullis COLOR informal Rachel@oneprettything..im off to the fabric shop. 2 0 10 1 :0 8 AM My Mama Made It Katie said. Makes me excited for Autumn... TUTORIAL // La be ls // art bags beach 1 4 C O M M EN T S : meisje van vervlogen dagen said..... other stuff photography recipes repurposing sewing with kids s pring tutorial winter nicole/brussels said.. ik vind het prachtig. enjoy your weekend! OC TOBER 1 6 .. 2 0 10 5 :4 1 PM crafts DIY crafts using photographs dyptich me environment etsy fall family giveaway Thursday iron-on happines s trans fer kids projects leather Obama dotpebbles said.. may make this instead. fine little day I really love this simple project.. I am definitely going to make one. oh wat is dit mooi... Stitching At Stone Cottage s aid.. i have to try this! now that the cold weather is upon us and i don't have any proper winter maternity wear. 2 0 10 3 :3 0 PM Bliss blue moss blue moss said.... this would be perfect! i hate to make/buy strictly maternity things because it seems like such a waste to not use them afterwards. OC TOBER 1 5 . Daar houd ik van. stoffenspektakel. tres chic as is the poncho. Thanks for the Tutorial :) OC TOBER 1 8 .a lot . Ooh I love this! Ponchos are so much fun... 2 0 10 2 :5 2 PM luvinthemommyhood Made by Joel (new!) mairuru margot k..and that fabulous wool..I've bought some lovely. OC TOBER 2 2 .. thanks for sharing this.. haar mooie foto's! OC TOBER 1 5 ..

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com/…/100-easy-single-sea… 5/5 .11/18/2010 // Between the lines //: 100% easy singl… …blogspot.

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