Lesson 1 The Importance of Public Speaking

I. Introduction to public speaking A. Quotes The man who can think and does not know how to express what he thinks is at the level of him who cannot think. –Pericles Speech finely framed delighteth the ears. –The Apocrapha B. Definitions 1. Speech Speech is the communication or expression of thoughts in ______________ _____________. It is the power of expressing thoughts by verbal communication. 2. Communicate To communicate is to make another or others partake of or share in anything in one’s power or possession. To communicate is to ____________________ _________________ something from one person to another. Communication implies the conveyance of information or the exchange of ideas from one party to another. C. Requirements for true communication For true communication to take place both of the following two things must happen. 1. The message must be ____________. 2. The message must be _______________. Whether or not a given message that has been sent is actually received can be dependent on several things including: a. The ____________________________ of the person sending the message. b. The relationship that _____________________ has to the sender.

We use speech in our everyday life activities. 10:25).c. Praying for one another (Jam. A. 5:11). posture. e. 5:16). • • • • • • • In the home On the phone In recreation In the marketplace On the job In school At church 2. Comforting one another (II Cor. The ______________________ of the message and the clarity with which it is spoken. The other __________________________ that can add or detract. Recognizing the need for training It is important to focus our speaking ability for three main reasons. This includes things like diction. _______________ and expressions that either add to or take away from the message. 3:16). 10:24). We use speech in our lives as _________________. The actual ___________________ in which the message is given that can have a positive or a negative effect on the communication. a. f. volume and eye contact. . b. Speech is a _______________ of our life. Edifying and building one another up in the faith (I Th. We ________________ with other members of our spiritual family. 3. We use speech in many ______________________. Provoking one another to love and good works (Heb. fulfilling our charge by: • • • • • • Exhorting one another (Heb. d. We give witness to Christ by _____________ our faith with others. Admonishing one another (Col. 1:4). II. We minister to others in the Body of Christ with __________. c. 1. The non-verbal mannerism.

c. Doing a devotional. f. Emceeing a function of the church. Sharing an exhortation to the church. It can help you to be more successful in most ________________ endeavor. Teaching or preaching publicly. C. It can help you grow in ______________________. It can help you _______________________ in other areas. Administrating communion. Good speech must be ____________________. It ____________________ of the hearers. d. Teaching a children’s class. j. Leading a Bible Study or Cell Group. It can help you to remove distractions that ______________________ from receiving your messages in day-to-day life. 1. III. It can ____________________ to action or motivate them to change. Exercising the gifts of the Spirit. Leading worship. e. Reaping the rewards of training A. B. Leading in corporate prayer. 1. . 2. D. Sharing testimonies. 2. h. b.a. It enables them to receive information and understanding that is of vital ________________ to them. 3. It can help you to become more organized or _______________ in the presentation of your ideas. Good speech is a genuine _____________ to others. Good speech must be ____________________. B. g. i. k. E. C. Good speech does not usually come __________________.

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