You are on page 1of 3, Aluva INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1. Introduce yourself. 2. Tell us something interesting about your hometown. 3.

What is special about (your name)? 4. What are your strengths? 5. What is your weakness? 6. Describe yourself in three words? 7. Who is your role model in life and why? 8. What is your motto in life? 9. Compare yourself to an animal and tell us why? 10. Compare yourself to some electrical equipment and tell us why? 11. Do you have a girl friend/ boy friend? 12. Say something about your college? 13. Which is your main subject for graduation and why did you choose this su bject? 14. What are the qualities needed for this job? 15. Do you think that you have these qualities? 16. Why (company name)? 17. How long will you be with us? 18. What will you do after that? 19. 5 years down the line 20. 10 years down the line 21. What is your expected salary? 22. Do you have any experience? 23. What are your extra curricular activities? 24. Tell me a joke 25. If you get a better offer will you accept it 26. Questions about hobbies. 27. Market something. 28. What is your USP? 29. What is the unforgettable moment in your life? 30. What do others like about you? 31. What do others not like about you? 32. Are you tensed/ upset? 33. When can you join? 34. Give us three reasons why we should select you? 35. Give us three reasons not to select you 36. If you are rejected what will you do? 37. Rate yourself in this interview. 38. Rate your success in life till date? 39. Are you ready to work on Sundays? 40. What is your preferred work time? 41. Can you work in night shift? 42. Are you fluent in English? 43. What is your greatest achievement in life? 44. What will you do with your first salary? 45. What will you do if you become the prime minister of India? 46. Describe your dream job 47. What do you want in life? 48. What are your special talents? 49. What is your biggest regret in life 50. What can you give this organization? 51. What do you expect from a job? 52. Experience, Salary, Job satisfaction, Learning, which is the most import ant criterion for you to choose a job? 53. Speak about your family 54. Speak about your education 55. Ask the interview board a question 56. Rate your performance in education giving reasons why

57. Give us an instance when you get angry 58. Tell us a bad habit that you have 59. Do you read the newspaper if you do tell us something that is happening in the world 60. What is interesting about you 61. Who do you admire in history 62. What is the biggest problem that India is facing now? 63. Which is your favorite movie/book? 64. What did you expect from this interview? 65. What is your most prized possession? 66. Which event in your life would you like to change? 67. What do you have that the other candidates do not have? 68. If your face ever comes on the cover page of a magazine, which one would it be? 69. If you start a business what would the nature of it be? 70. Give us an example of a difficult situation that you handled well 71. Why didn t you choose your parents profession? 72. Choose among good selling skills, interpersonal skills and good communic ation skills? 73. If you have attended other interviews why weren t you selected? 74. If you were selected, then why are you sitting for another interview? 75. How much do you know about the company? 76. Are you ready to sign a bond for so many years? 77. Why is there no consistency in your academic profile? 78. Tell us something that you have accomplished in your life? 79. Give instances to prove that you have leadership skills or the ability t o work in a team? 80. How do you plan to balance marriage with a career? (question relevant if you are a woman) 81. Prove that you are the right candidate for this job 82. Give a quick sum up of the political/industrial/IT atmosphere in Kerala/ India? 83. What did you gain from so many years of a college education? 84. Talk about your relationship with your teachers/previous employee? 85. Give instances where you have shouldered responsibilities? 86. Do you have any plans to go abroad, if not why? 87. How much is ethics important for you? 88. What if the company asks you to do something against your principles and values 89. Give your assessment of the interview board 90. How comfortable are you with questions about your subject? 91. Do you think you will get this job? 92. How many languages can you speak? 93. If you are recruiting what kind of questions will you ask? 94. We think you are not suitable for this job what do you think? 95. If you were to select a person for this job, describe the profile you wo uld chalk out? For those with experience 96. Reasons for seeking a change? 97. What was the nature of your work there? 98. Talk about some tasks you completed successfully 99. What was your previous salary? 100. How much time do you need to join? 101. What was your biggest learning experience? 102. What makes you work hard? 103. What type of work environment are you looking forward to? 104. Why do you want this job? 105. How do you handle pressure and stress? 106. How will you hobbies help you in this job? 107. Apart from you degree, what else qualifies you for this job?

108. What was the most difficult question asked so far? 109. Which was the easiest question asked so far? 110. If you have two good offers coming your way on the same day, which one will you sit for? 111. What motivates you to put forth your greatest effort? 112. How do you determine or evaluate success? 113. Provide an example from your past that demonstrates the contribution you co uld make to our firm. 114. Describe the relationship that should exist between a supervisor and those supervised. 115. What accomplishment has given you the most satisfaction? Why? 116. Describe your most rewarding educational experience. 117. If you could do so, how would you plan your preparation differently? Why? 118. What major problem have you encountered and how did you deal with it? 119. What are your long-term goals? 120. How would you feel about reporting to a younger supervisor? Questions you can ask the Interview Board 1. What will be my responsibilities? 2. Where will I fit into the overall organisational structure? 3. Who will I report to? 4. Where does he/she fit in the structure? 5. Is there anyone reporting to me? 6. What do you expect me to do in the first 6 months? 7. What training do you provide? 8. When will you decide on the appointment? 9. What is the next step?