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April 11, 2011 Dear Council Members & County Exec. Pete Kremen, I’m sending you an e-mail that I’ll be sending to Sheriff Elfo. He’s up for reelection and there are things that have happened under his charge that need to have the light of day shed on them. There’s a reason that two of his own deputies are running against him. Some of you are familiar with my husband, Paul Murphy. He may in fact be a thorn in your side as he is adamantly opposed to the county’s agreement with ICLEI, a sub-organization of the United Nations. What can I say; he’s a fierce researcher and not shy about letting his opinions be known. He is also honorable and trustworthy. If you were ever the victim of a crime, you could count on him to do his utmost to help you, regardless of where you stand politically. I have written a couple of letters explaining in depth the situation regarding Steve Cooley and have posted them on Scribd an online publishing site: http://www.scribd.com/collections/2889587/WhatcomCounty-Sheriff-s-Office-Corruption Along with the letters I’ve posted the documents that support my allegations. As public servants and fellow citizens of Whatcom County, I hope you’ll take the time to read them. With thanks, Lori K. Murphy Attached: Letter to Sheriff Elfo

Dear Sheriff Elfo, For reasons unknown, you have chosen to wrong my husband, Paul Murphy. You started on this path over five years ago, after my husband turned in an information memo about then Sgt. Steve Cooley. The investigation showed that the allegations against Deputy Cooley were sustained. He provided alcohol to a minor. He abused his position of authority. He failed to conduct his private life morally. He “sullied” his private life. He was punished and then you promoted him to Patrol Lieutenant and put my husband back on patrol. My husband sincerely hoped that Lt. Cooley would put the past behind him, i.e. not get back at my husband for reporting him. As you well know, that did not happen. It flies in the face of reason that you promoted Steve Cooley merely because he was remorseful for his actions. In your capacity as Sheriff, you fired Andy Koch for making a lewd, crude remark in public to a woman who was not his wife. Somehow, that seems rather minor in comparison to what Deputy Cooley did and yet, Andy got fired. It’s not relevant that the firing was contested and that your office settled out of court for wrongful firing. It’s an example of a blatant application of different standards to different individuals. Lt. Ferry was fired for alleged sexual harassment of an intern but Sgt. Cooley doesn’t get fired for his misdeeds? Chief Moyes got demoted all the way down to sergeant for misappropriating a water cooler bottle (that’s what I’ve heard) but Sgt. Cooley didn’t get demoted back to patrol deputy? In my opinion, such actions are not just an example of a double standard but are a reflection of corruption. That’s my letter posted on a social network, my opinion, my writing stating that there is corruption within the WCSO. Paul has spent the past five years in a hostile work environment thanks to you. He is an honorable man, hardworking, intelligent and exceedingly thorough. We’ve been married for over 26 years so I’m a credible witness about his character. He did not go public with the information about Steve Cooley. That was me. I’ve reached the breaking point. I will do my best to inform the public of your actions. You have no idea how stressful the last five years have been and this last internal investigation against Paul was a mockery of justice. I mean, “Chief Cooley” conducted the interview. How could anyone think that Cooley would be able to regard Paul without malice or bias? Cooley would have to be a saint to rise above those feelings and he’s already demonstrated that sainthood is not on his “to do” list. As a lifelong, fourth generation county resident, I don’t want a Sheriff who promotes a man with such low morals and unethical behavior as Steve Cooley. I don’t want a Sheriff who will tell a lie about one of his deputies by telling people that “Paul was blowing it out of proportion” in regards to Cooley’s malfeasance. The memo of discipline against Cooley backs up everything Paul claimed. Therefore, your subsequent actions are not only inexplicable but are those of a man without integrity. You should be ashamed of yourself. It is my request, that you withdraw your candidacy for Sheriff. I think that like Undersheriff James, Deputies Barriball, Smith, Huntoon and others, it is time for you to retire from law enforcement. Sincerely, Lori K. Murphy

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