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The Truth about ETs

Regarding the UFO/ET issue: Some of these statements are difficult to verify, but nearly every day I get confirmation that my perceptions are largely accurate. Here's my brief synopsis (received directly through telepathic contact and filtered through my God Presence): Approximately 60% of all UF Os reported are from solar systems outside our own. The majority are from Zeta Reticuli, Alpha Centauri, Rigel & Betelguese (Orion), Sirius A & B, and the Pleiades. Approximately 20% are above top -secret military tests of experimental craft, often reverse engineered from Zeta craft. Approximately 20% are natural phenomena mistakenly identified as artificial craft. In addition to the above, there are millions of encounters with beings from other dimensions (parallel, higher, etc.), most of whom are benevo lent. We Are All ETs to Some Extent There is really no difference between ETs and humans, because Earth has been genetically manipulated for aeons by different ET races to the point that almost all of us have genetics from other star systems. There are often some physical genetic markers carried from generation to generation that can help identify one¶s ET heritage. For example, those carrying genetic material from Nordic Pleaideans are often tall and muscular, with blond hair and blue eyes.. But with all the mixing and blending of our melting pot planet, this is a hard thing to track. For example, I am Venusian, but I do not have any markers that I'm aware of (I'm Italian with dark hair and eyes and olive skin while most Venusians are fair skinned and bl ond by nature). Actually, if a non-human being were to walk among us (and some do), he/she might not even be noticed. Not only can some alien races disguise themselves, but many already look a lot like us. As I've stated before, approximately 80% of all ETs are benevolent, kind, loving souls

who sincerely want to lift humanity and welcome them back into the cosmic family. About 20% of ETs are malevolent, power -hungry beings with total disregard or even disdain of humans. Of course, there's some neutral mi ddle ground (mostly alien scientists who have no ill feelings toward humanity but are not evolved enough spiritually to be in a position to decide what's best for us). In the name of research, they might dissect a human to learn more about him/her. (The su bject of abductions is another matter for another time.) The problem is, most of the negative ETs are vibrating in the 3D and 4D realms and so are often visible to 3D and 4D humans. Many of the higher, more loving races exist in 5D, 6D and 7D and can only be contacted by humans who are attuned to those densities. So it APPEARS there are a lot of negative ETs involved with Earth. And of course, most of the world's rulers are controlled by negative ETs (because of their lust for power). There are many different "species" of aliens. Here's my latest assessment including those in human embodiment: STAR SYSTEM Orion Constellation Pleiades System 7D EARTH GROUP Councils of Rigel & Betelguese, Incarnates from Mars and Maldek Adamic Race (original earthlings) from Lyra/Vega DNA, Atlantean Priest-Kings PERCENTAGE OF TOTAL 80% 15% 2% 1% 1% 0.5% 0.3% 0.1% less than 0.1% less than 0.1% less than 0.1% less than one million about 80,000 about 32,000

Sirius B Binary System Biblical Gods, Greek Gods, descendants of Israel & the Middle East Venus, 6th Density Pleiades System 4D Andromedan 4D Antares 4D Zeta Reticuli 3D Zeta Reticuli 3D Hybrid Andromedan 3D Hybrid Tau Ceti, Alpha Centauri, Polaris Arcturus 7D-9D Nibiru (Planet X) ETs in alien bodies Generally blond-haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned humans Nordic-type tall muscular humans (original Vikings, Scandinavian races) Oriental-type humans with small slanted eyes Red giant race mentioned in Genesis, Nordictypes, stocky European Human incarnates of original Zeta race before hybridization Human incarnates derived from breeding programs Human incarnates derived from breeding programs Human incarnates from these star systems (mostly 6D-8D) Emissaries incarnate in human form Nibiruan Council members, on and off-planet incarnations Humanoids with off-planet incarnations

Walk-ins (soul transfers) Other categories (3D12D) Other entities (7D or higher)

Various races taking over human bodies through soul transfer Humans from star systems not mentioned above Spiritual masters from higher dimensions (avatars in manufactured bodies)

about 6,000 about 50 million about 300

Population percentage breakdown by density (current vibratory level of humans): 3D -- About 78% 4D -- About 22% (includes yours truly at approx. 4.65) 5D -- About 0.1% 6D -- About 0.00001% 7D -- About 0.000000001% Here is my assessment of the types of craft observed in our skies, including the ones I've seen physically. The percentages are out of the total observed by humans: TYPE OF CRAFT Grey, saucer shaped, 10m-20m diameter Grey, saucer shaped, 10m-20m diameter Black, triangular, a few meters across Multicolor, saucer-shaped Spherical, green glowing Black, triangular, very large Cigar-shaped (mothercraft - very large) Grey, Cylindrical Interdimensional, various sizes and colors SYSTEM OF ORIGIN Zeta Reticuli - 3D/4D Illuminati Black Ops (Earth) Alpha Draconis 3D (Reptilian) Pleiades 4D/7D, Venus 6D Pleiades 4D/7D Illuminati Black Ops (Earth) Zeta Reticuli - 3D/4D Andromeda - 3D/4D Sirius B, Orion, other systems (5D-9D) PERCENTAGE OF SIGHTINGS 50% 30% 10% 3% 1% 1% 1% 1% about 3%

NOTE: The Orions interbred with humans nearly half a million years ago. To my knowledge they have only a handful of emissaries from the const ellation circling our heavens. The same goes for the Sirians. What about an impending invasion? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it already happened over 500,000 years ago and yeah, they won. No new invasion will be successful because Gaia (Mother E arth) is ascending and only those souls on the path of ascension will be allowed to remain on Earth beyond the 2012 - 2030 A.D. window. See Earth Changes. This information may or may not even matter. Please use your own divine judgment when dealing with ETs and especially when dealing with humans, as the percentage of negatively vibrating humans is much higher than that of ETs. In fact, if it were up to

However. These beings have developed the power side of their nature more than the love side. The Venusians are fair -skinned. They began their incarnations on the surface of Mars and later went underg round when their atmosphere was destroyed by warfare. The higher -dimensional Pleiadeans are shimmering golden figures of light. Detailed Descriptions of ETs A complete description is found in Life On the Cutting Edge . blue -skinned hybrids with small slanted almond eyes. The Andromedans tend to incarnate as orientals. They blew their planet apart with warfare and what¶s left is the asteroid belt. They were called to Jupiter to learn and grow spiritually with the assistance of Arcturians and Venusians. . They are large translucent beings originating in many local sectors of the galaxy. The other races are higher dimensional and can change their appearance at will. blue -skinned translucent beings. The Maldekians are really Orions that once inhabited Maldek. The Sirians are a bit taller and lighter than the average humans. The highest level Pleiadeans look like the blue-white stars in the visible Pleiades star cluster. Most of the rulers of the Jupiter conclave (about 1.000 rulers and 150. The Martians are really the Orions prior to coming to Earth. Their biggest lesson appears to be finding balance between love.000 entities) are being tutored from higher realms in the ways of unconditional love. ETs in Our Solar System Note: Some of this information is also available in the article on Souls and Soul Rays. the planet between Mars and Jupiter. The Orions look like us because almost 80% of us are Orions. and (3) tall. They are not completely free of service -to-self (STS) vibrations and there is some kind of hierarchy to their government. Jupiter has advanced civilizations in the etheric atmosphere of the giant planet. The Pleiadeans look like us because they were the original root race of Earth. The Antareans are large. muscular and have reddi shbrown skin. The Zetas come in three main flavors: (1) alabaster white and short with huge black almond eyes. The Orions (who have controlled Earth fo r the last half million years) sometimes incarnate etherically in the atmosphere of Jupiter once they have ascended from the warrior-masculine-aggressive Martian paradigm. wisdom and power and integrating the mistakes they made during the Mars experience hundreds of thousands of years ago.chance (which it is not). blond and translucent. and how to govern a planet without ego superiority issues (a tough lesson). vibrating at 5th and 6th density levels. The Arcturians are large. some with wings. although they are generally of a positive energy. that energy is somewhat harsh compared to the Venusians. (2) shor t and grey with large black almond eyes (the most common). but the original ETs are tall and lanky with large heads and small slanted almond eyes. The Venusians are a sixth density race from which the goddess mythology arose. flowing robes and translucent bodies of light. you would stand a better chance of meeting a positive ET than a positive human. They look very much as pictured in visionary paintings ± long flowing golden hair.

After all. I¶m sure each of you could ask that same question from your unique viewpoint as you in your body. I know there is an intelligent. What does God do for amusement? He/she/it chooses to experience each soul and lifetime sequentially and/or simultaneously. within this unity. The Nature of God Man created God in his own image in order to feel secure and abdicate responsibility. Every once in a while. or maybe the answers are irrelevant. But of course. each with a specific view of the whole (more or less distorted by beliefs). with all the thousands of lifetimes of each soul. The world of duality is contained within the world of Oneness ± or to put it another way. If you are the embodiment called Sal. There also appears to be no limit to how aware we can become. and that there appears to be no limit to this energy. no perspective can view the entire creation because it sees only from its unique angle of perception. God in the form of me chose this particular soul and this particular lifetime and this particular viewpoint. The real mystery is that each soul experiencing a sequential lifetime sees the wo rld only through that soul's eyes (embodiment). and billions of souls. For this reason. I've often thought that the film we call life is an infinitely giant reel containing all the lifetimes of all the souls a nd life forms. to quote the Bible). This is an attempt to put the idea of t he Self into words. although it is really not possible. The destruction of this planet threw the other planets out of their original orbits and created problems far beyond the solar system. So if the image we have of God is not real. there are many windows in the Creator's mansion (and many mansions in the Father¶s house . I ponder the question of why. everything . these are questions that cannot be answered by the intellect. if the universe is infinite. Perhaps there is a part of us that has the answers. the Divine Councils of the higher dimensions have intervened and will not allow the total destruction of any more planets in this sector. there will always be some part of it beyond our finite awareness. the lower dimensions of time and space are c ontained with the higher dimensions of timelessness and omnipresence.The souls incarnated on Mars and Earth after the destruction of Maldek. No matter what we are experiencing. The Saturn Tribunal is a council of higher -dimensional entities from various systems that use etheric Saturn as their base of operations. loving energy that permeates all things. then what it real? Who are we? Why are we here? Who is God? Obviously. all wound up together in eternity. we live in ONE UNIFIED UNIVERSE. However.

net and the book is available at the site or on Amazon. or does it expand in awareness until it merges with the Godhead? Perhaps this is what the little self REALLY longs for -.) Most people fear success even more than they fear failure. I think that when the ego tries to make changes. but contemplating it puts me in a pretty deep state. Imagine seeing all the other souls¶ lifetimes lined up in front of you and experiencing each one sequentially or simultaneously. etc. Modern science has essentially proven that we live in a sea of infinite energy. but the Golden Mean and all of nature adheres to Fibonacci. the name of God. Since God has an eternity in which to exp erience life. Wake up. but there is an unmanifested void. he/she/it could. I know this has been said before in different ways. one at a time.greggbraden. Each of us has a ³Christ´ self beyond the veil of forgetfulness. trillions of times more than the number of at oms in the known . they are superficial at best. Gregg's website is www. If your name is Joe or Peter or Mary. I haven't examined his book in depth to see if it is scientifically sound. The outer Universe is the collective creation of the Universal Mind and all individuated souls living within it. Why are we so afraid of our magnificence? Or to put it another way. We are the totality of God. I hope it does the same for you. In actuality. we are the manifested creation. In other words. that there is something greater than this. our energy is magnified and blended into the whole more effectively. or ³Krishna´ self. and perhaps that means each of us can do the same. little s elf! You were dreaming! In Gregg Braden¶s "The God Code. and yet the paradox is. Perhaps this is the ultimate meaning of "seeing the world through another's eyes" for we are truly All One and everyone is part of my Self (or yours or someone else¶s). it appears God experiences all souls and all lifetimes simultaneously. implying that God's name is encoded in our c ells. but when we are centered in our soul consciousness." he takes the Fibonacci sequence and compares it to DNA pairing. you can call it a ³Buddha´ self. why are we so attached to our petty little lives? Surely some part of us must remember being magnificent before we separated from God. He finds that the DNA pairings translate in ancient Hebrew to ³Yahweh´. (If you don¶t like that word. There are about 10^108 (that's a ten followed by one hundred and eight zeroes) possible variations in the DNA. every one of my thoughts affects everything else in creation (and so does every one of yours).evolves around Sal. Imagine looking through the eyes of each other soul in embodiment --sequentially or simultaneously. And does the little ego self really disappear into the Godhead. your entire lifetime revolves around Joe or Peter or Mary. conceivably. enter souls one at a time and experience their whole individual lifetimes. That is.union with the Divine.

there is a universal consciousness that is aware of everything. See Quantum Entanglement.neither bad nor good. or we can merge our bubble with the infinite bubble. omnipotence. and greater things than these shall ye do. We are ONE with GOD. We are all God's children. literally and figuratively. it would take you about 250.. omniscience. I become aware of the entire Universe. (John 14:12) I've had several direct experiences of the C loud of Energy that permeates all existence. This number is 10^10^98. They are neutral -. Of course. All these things shall ye do. God is a very wise parent and we are learning to meet or exceed our parents¶ abilities (Mother and Father God). To sum up. just as we can make a simple calculator or a supercomputer. What is the nature of Universal Mind? The creation may exist in a kind of Bose -Einstein condensate or virtual flux of neutral particles until acted upon by consciousness --then it becomes polarized or metamorphic in nature (holographic?). Our bodies are merely vehicles or instruments designed to perceive individuality. We are then aware of everything. We become infinite mind. the zeroes following the one would stretch around the Earth several times. This number is so big that if you tried to write it out long-hand in normal 12-pt type. we are also individualized. This is an incredibly huge number. How does God evolve? Let's use the parent -child analogy. I guess you could say that we merge with the Universe and the Universe becomes aware of itself. because I am non -local.universe. at least to some extent. If you began writing it now. My awareness is no longer confined to time and space. Science has also calculated the approximate number of possible interconnections in one human brain. but then grows up to meet or exceed the awareness of the parent. When I am in a higher state. It is impersonal and available to anyone who chooses to take one's awareness away from sequential time and space and go into the void. or 10 log 10^98. and that individualized aspect is only aware of bits and pieces of the whole. omnipresence. . My real Self has awareness throughout the Universe. In other words.. We have a choice.000 years to finish writing it! My point is that we are INFINITE BEINGS created in the image and likeness of our Creator. etc. there is a medium upon which creation happens (like a canvas upon which art is created). They can be made to be whatever we want them to be. We can keep our awareness in our littl e bubble. infinite awareness. A parent is reasonably conscious and gives birth to a child who has limited (earthly) consciousness.

either consciously or unconsciously. When there is very little light. but as long as they believe in this nightmare. Why? Because they have denied it in themselves. So -called dark forces are groups of souls that have very little light. we say it is dark. In fact. There are no such thing as ³dar k forces. we tap into the infinite energy field more and more. living in a sea of Godhood that is simultaneously aware of itself and the entities that make up its body.some have microscopic limited awareness and some have the awareness of entire galaxies. I believe there is an imper sonal BEING that is ONE with EVERYTHING and is. The Illuminati and the Dark Forces Let's dispose of the illusion that dark forces are real before we tackle the illuminati.´ These entities cannot exist without some light. we inadvertently give them power. and that the dark souls are really beings from this alternate universe. and various gradations of light. indeed they have for millions of years. capable of being aware of everything. their modus operand i is to take light from others.´ There is only light. spun by dreams of fear and hate. As we raise our awareness. Exposing the Darkness For the sake of simplicity. Seeing darkness. This is because denial of anything means denial of . There is some information going around that suggests that a negative "alternate universe" is snatching energy from our own universe. Therefore. the nig htmare will continue.There are beings at every level of the Universe -. The so-called dark forces exist because we give them power. the universe operates under the law of conservation of energy. albeit in one form or another. yet needing light (as all creations do). the solution is ALWAYS to increase our self -awareness and dispel ignorance and fear within ourselves so we can embrace more of God's Loving Light. If we deny their existence. if we raise our awareness high enough. However. but because they believe they have little or none of their own. no energy is ever really lost or gained. Since there is infinite energy available. We are Gods in our own right. we will call these souls ³negative entities. therefore. They live in a world of illusions. Regardless of whether or not this is true. It seems entities can temporarily elevate themselves by snatching energy from others. darkness becomes their reality. negative entities cannot possibly snatch energy from us because there is an infinite flow through us at all t imes. This is not to say that such dimly lit souls cannot wreak incredible havoc. galaxies are conscious beings on a higher level.

They had advanced their psychic and intuitive skills faster tha n their spiritual understanding. Therefore. The Illuminati Illuminati means ³illumined ones. Then it was the Councils of Rigel from Orion. we are waking up and reclaiming our Divine he ritage.´ A long time ago. To do this. they rose to power. While this lust may be obvious in some souls. there were souls who had gained a certain understanding of how to have mastery over the Earth plane. It happened with the Knights Templar. First it was a group from an alternate universe th at tried to suck energy from our universe into theirs. This has gone on for so long that it has taken on a life of its own. Until now. were unable to be completely free of ego domination. they fell in vibration and became attached to the material plan e. When we are in denial. It happened with the Bavarians. Then came the Alpha Draconians (Reptilians). In order to shine God¶s Loving Light into the darkest corners of our world. darkest cornerstones of the ego. they misused the gifts of spirit through white magic and black magic. or they recoil from us because the light overwhelms them and they are choosing to remain in darkness. because light is everything. It happened with the Mayan priests. If enough people raise their awareness beyond the 4th dimension. Why did it happen? In my book ³Life On the Cutting Edge ´ I have a chapter called ³The Gods of Denial (chapter 19). So many souls have risen in fame and fortune and ended up hardening their hearts to spiritual matters. the negative entities will be forced to find another planet more suited to their macabre tastes. The vibrations of lust for power have attracted negative entities from all over the universe. First. It even happened with the Rosicrucians. unconditionally loving light of God. then they fell in vibration and attracted negative entities into their organizations. This has happened again and again. it is necessary to examine the many facets and dimensions of the Illuminati. It happened with the ancient adepts and mystics of Atlantis. Then the negative Zetas. we must . Suffice it to say that there are no shortcuts to enlightenment (except perhaps gratitude ± more on that later). the entities are dispelled. and hence. On and on it goes. It¶s time to put a stop to the world of nightmares. It happened with the kings and pharoahs of Egypt. then they became corrupted by that power. By shining our inner light on the illusory nature of negativity. it is very subtle in others. It happened with the Freemasons. Finally. This is because they either absorb the light of our awareness and move out o f negativity.light. Lust for power is one of the deepest. It happened with the Medici family in Italy. In other words. we MUST embrace the pure. Subsequently. we enter a lower level of light and are therefore susceptible to energy -snatching by negative entities.

ruthless in their desire for conquest. Dealing with number (1) means dropping my bad habits. In some cases. their agenda becomes powerless because it is based on fear and separation. I can . etc. If I have a karmic issue that attracts negative 4D beings into my space. removing my fascination with negativity and learning whatever soul lesson is involved. Their banking system. This might mean refusing to indulge in othe r people¶s ³poor me´ stories of horror and abuse. If we withdraw our belief in the illusions of fear and separation. On the 3D level. We love them and bless them and pray for their awakening.. We need groups of souls. and (2) You are ignorant or unaware of the negative STS being. On the 4D level. we must begin the arduous process of disentangling ourselves. Once we identify our personal issues that keep us hypnotized by maya. How to Free Yourself from Negative Entities There are only two ways a negative service -to-self (STS) being can keep you from moving forward into your natural state of perfection: (1) You give them permission by consciously or unconsciously indulging in negativity for whatever reason (out of habit. I must become aware of the negative influence and choose to detach from it. Astral entities that feed on fear control the 3D ruling elite and plant thoughts and feelings into their psyches designed to create separation and fear through manipulation of the news media. military intelligence and secret societies of Earth. due to fascination.see the Illuminati on many levels of awareness. they are God's children s lumbering soundly in their delusional dreams. On the 5D level. they are egomaniacs. alliance with Reptilian ETs. mind control program. the ultimate illusions. or to learn something). financial structures. I may have to love people at a distance (particularly if they are relatives or family members). make sci-fi horror movies look like Mormon Sunday School picnics. Why They are Still in Control Very few of us have resolved our emotional and psychological issues sufficiently to be completely free of the Illuminati influence. If we are all ONE. This is almost impossible to do without help from on high. then I must resolve the karmic issue. both in the higher realms an d on Earth committed to spiritual freedom to serve as reminders when we fall back asleep. then nobody can possibly control and manipulate anyone else. Number (2) is resolved by increasing my awareness. their entire empire is predicated on OUR belief that something or someone outside of ourselves can have dominion over us. This might mean refusing to watch violent movies or listen to low vibration music.

Selfless Service Service-to-others (STO) entities are those beings that came to Earth primarily to help free mankind from the grips of the Illuminati and their negative entities. Ultimately. etc. no . Thanks to the many teachers and healers on Earth. I forgive myself for every time I've bought into the NWO agenda.). but they realize that the purpose of helping self is to help others. The New World Order There¶s a lot of information about the NWO on the Internet and in my book. Being emotionally attached to personal desires is a different matter. the negativity will return. nobody and nothing can stop me from being WHO I AM unless I let them. "I am under no laws but God's. and I forgive everyone else who has ever bought into the NWO agenda. Our Beloved Governments Ironically. the economy. just like anyone else. However. preying on ignorant or unaware souls does place a karmic burden on negative entities. This is the good side of free will." Oh. there are high -ranking officials of both the visible and invisible governments who have been aware of the ET presence for quite some time. D enial breeds darkness. goody! No more death. The NWO agenda appears to include the bankrupting of the United States and other world powers so that an international cartel of bankers can make their own laws and create a globalist society based on plutocratic rule. there is no such thing as a violation of free will. goody. the environment. The Disclosure Project (www. which in turn helps self.use psychic protection (filling myself with God light. which states. s o I won¶t duplicate efforts here. I guess our beloved leaders must have read "A Course In Miracles".org ) is one of the more credible sources regarding our government¶s interaction with ETs. the Illuminati are in their last days of power on Earth. What most STO entities fail to realize is that they must take care of themselves first. many Illuminati puppets have been trying to pass legislation saying God is the law of the land. and several former astronauts have admitted to visual encounters with UFOs. Ultimately. STO entities have preferences and desires. Keeping the masses ignorant is the main way they stay in power. or else they will not have the energy to help. but if I haven't resolved my own emotional/karmic issues. All I¶ll say for now is that we are not being told the whole story in the media regarding UFOs and ETs. For example.disclosureproject. It is not selfish to take care of one¶s personal needs. or most anything else. Giving and receivi ng are one and the same from a higher perspective.

my God believes in love. Power is a bit nebulous to define (believe it or not). presidential candidates (George Bush and John Kerr y) are members of the Illuminati. if Bush is re -elected. This is becaus e another four years of Bush means that a large number of people are refusing to wake up. Why not get the sorry mess over with as quickly as possible? This appears to be what Mr. while others are fallen Orions or Sirians. there are some significant differences. After all. The power center of the body is the solar plexus and when it is functioning properly. When I use it. Bush. it seems valid to stay aware of the antics of this bunch. but still with profound results. he won't be elected. And we know that the old must crumble before the new can come forth. It's all Illuminati. They are hell -bent (pun intended) on destroying America and the world. lest we fall into unconsciousness and allow them to con trol us. and it will be until enough of us wake up and smell the dead rat in the closet.destroying the old world as fast as possible. A Few Additional Thoughts About the Illuminati I admit I've been using the term "Illuminati" quite loosely. and prosperity for every being in the Universe. the cataclysmic changes will happen quickly and harshly. Sharon and others are doing -. Mr. unlimited free energy. The word "Illuminat i" has a corrupted-light energy on it and when I invoke the word I immediately recognize that corrupted frequency and detach from it.) Okay. some dim bulbs shine a little brighter than others. As I see it. there is a command of one's personal space and the ability to manifest consciously and with relative ease . and both Kerry and Edwards appear to have a few more brain cells than Bush and Cheney. It really doesn't matter who is sitting in the president¶s or prime minister¶s chair.S. This is because a vote for Kerry means some people are choosing the l esser of two evils. the changes will happen a bit more gently. If Kerry is elected. another way of saying all this is: The current presidents and prime ministers are playing their parts perfectly. but people like him are making inroads. the ³wake-up´ is on schedule no matter who is elected. Mr. Some of these entities are Reptilians. Of course. Actually. Both of the U. However. I am referring primarily to the negative 4D entities who control the planetary rulers. Some of us tend to . Nevertheless. Blair. so to speak. it's time to WAKE UP! We have the PERFECT reflection in our world leaders. Dennis Kucinich is a lightworker. The Illuminati is powerless to stop the ascension of Mother Earth! There are a few ligh t souls mixed into the political and military arena to help bring about change from within. The Earth Changes will continue and the Great Awakening will continue. However. Although technically it won¶t matter that much which candidate is elected.more taxes! (My God doesn't believe in them. I guess the first thing to be dispelled then are the worl d's present governments since they obviously do not promote these qualities.

Darkness as void is the absence of light. Since a lot of people believe in darkness. and it has taken a lot of awareness to heal the fear of being powerful. . We must not judge negative entities. completely brainwashed by the mainstream media. how can we help others? I think the negative STS beings I am referring to in this article have not come to that realization yet. I think beings are primarily STS or service -to-others (STO). service-to-self (STS) and a vibration that does not promote evolution of the soul.come habitually from our head (and sometimes habitually from our heart). Sometime I'll go into my 16th Century lifetime in detail. as well as the mind-numbing barrage of violence in the media. Definitions of Darkness Darkness as ignorance is a lack of awareness. Since God's love is everywhere equally. Darkness as evil is perpetuated by judging some aspects of Creation as being more deserving of God's love than others. a.k. despite their tendency to focus almost exclusively on the negativity. I use the term "negativity" to mean lack of light. intentional or unconscious poisoning of air and water in localized areas is a real concern.a. so the absence of light must be an illusion. without balancing head and heart with ³gut´. I was persecuted during my 16th Century sojourn in the Church. Additional Thoughts on Darkness Belief systems can be extremely powerful. Light as truth has no opposite. but not exclusively one or the other. Power has always been the weakest link in my trinity of l ove. as are food additives. such as Jeff Rense and others. wisdom (head) and power (gut). The reason is primarily because many of us have learned that power corrupts. A person in balance comes from the triune nature of love (heart). We have only to look at the world's current leadership to see this played out. That's why I applaud the efforts of alternative media. this causes one to fall into illusion and believe one is separate from God. power and wisdom. There are sinister projects underway by our beloved Illuminati and their power-hungry ranks. Most of the spiritual lightworkers have trouble with power. We must be somewhat STS before we can be STO. Certainly. such as MSG and aspartame. If we don't take care of ourselves. without a shadow of doubt. The "sheeple" are. unmanifested potential.

Of course. But let's not stop there. It seems there's always talk of illness conspiracies and Illuminati lab expe riments and these may be true. A Word About Recent Movies The recent disaster movies. but these are designed to make it harder to detect the true purpose of the movies -. there are positive themes (heroes to the rescue. Truth is always victorious in the end. government are Cheney. At the very top of the pyramid is the belief in separation from God that these entities have bought hook. Icke's.). Ashcroft and Rumsfeld. Let's climb up to the next level of the pyramid where we find the Bilderbergers and Rothschilds. The man is a bumbling idiot on his better days. we must build up our immune system through meditation. the quicker we will put an end to this sorry side-show. Also. Having read a calendar of "Bushisms" and the report on presidential I.S. I say. including images of floods and asteroids destroying cities. Some of you are probably familiar with the wo rk of David Icke. I agree that most of the ruling elite are controlled by 4D entities (including Alpha Draconians.Q. The scary ones in U.. Many souls want out of their present body and immune system failure is one way to exit. I've always felt that Bush was a mere "flunkie" in the overall scheme of things. My views are not entirely the same as Mr. line and sinker. good food and water. If we didn't indulge such thoughts. This movie deals with physics and metaphysics and is VERY WELL DONE! I hope it's available where you live. serving their masters. the 4D entities from various star systems. Icke maintains that the Reptilians are behind the ruling elite. it is my opinion that very few of the ruling elite are consciously aware of this influence. The individual emotional makeup of a soul is rather complex. energy-snatching entities would have to go elsewhere to get their ³fix´.to instill fear. However. But not everyone who is exposed to exotic viruses gets sick. are brought to you by the friendly folks at Illuminati Central. They are quite a bit smarter and more devious.hence the negative ETs. these movies help drum up support for a Star Wars -style military buildup. prayer. increasing awareness of the effects of global warming. etc. and even fewer have the psychic . Rigel of Orion and others). there is little doubt here. they are now trying to claim Earth as their own so they can rob and exploit its people and resources. I recommend a hard -to-find movie called "What the [bleep] Do we Know?" It's in art -house theatres in a few cities. ENOUGH! The more we embrace the Infinite Light. These movies are designed to instill fear in the populace.they attract like vibrations to them -. He even contends that they can shape -shift between reptilian and human bodies. Mr. and immune system failure is certainly not limited to people with alternative lifestyles. healthy living and healthy thinking. etc. For an alternative to Illuminati hype. Then on to the next level where we find the councils of about 300 people who work behind the scenes. The point is. Being mostly from alternate dimensions and/or Universes and having destroyed many of their own worlds through their insatiable lust for power.

Do not let any energies or entities into your personal space that do not feel right for your ascension. but would not be surprising. If enough people become aware of their existence and agenda. as any demolition expert can see after reviewing the footage. the game will be over. After all. I think it was all of us that have held terror thoughts in our subcon scious. control and lust for power. we know what to do. If we do not like the picture we see. I believe these entities "feed" off the emotions of rage. Change the film (our thoughts). we see played out on the stage of life as a reflection. Some Illuminati members were apparently involved in the 9/11 events. the cover would be blown and the power diluted. t error. If we vibrate at a level of fear. Most people would never CONSCIOUSLY accept the practices of the ruling elite if they knew about them. if too many people overtly practiced "black magic" and ritual torture. The buildings were obviously blown up from within. the solution to all of this is simple and has been mentioned in numerous articles numerous times: Be the LOVE and LIGHT that you are! Become the master of your auric space. competition and greed. Regarding the 9/11 Events From what I've read and meditated on. The collective subconscious of all people with terror thoughts will creat e a reality based on terror. Eventually. In Summary Like attracts like. the ³hundredth monkey theory´ will go into effect and people will suddenly start to realize these truths. but we will be largely unaffected by it if our consciousness does not share it. They are probably giving a constant stream of advice and ideas to those in power. we will attract entities who vibrate with those same qualities. there appears to be a complicity between the Zionists (right-wing Israelis) and the Illuminati.ability to change form. That's because our subconscious mind is creating our reality without our awareness. Those Illuminati members who practice rituals such as those portrayed in the movie "Eyes Wide Shut" are probably in the minority. Others may still choose to create terror. You can find these in the Meditations section of this website. Whatever we deny within ourselves. here's that 64 trillion dollar question again. As for whether or not there was a projectile attached to one of the planes. Our minds are used to thinking in black and white because we live in a world of duality . As for who is ultimately responsible. The Illuminati retain their power by existing in a shadowy world of cover -ups and deceit. manipulation. this is debatable. as some contend. There are many techniques for sealing your aura and filling yourself with your own soul essence. At any rate.

my subconscious contribution to the nastiness of the world 's ruling elite will be minimal or insignificant. These bodies began as single-cell amoebas and gradually evolved into primates and humanoids.C. David Hawkins and others. In about 500. but were unsuccessful in holding their high vibrations in these primitive humanoid forms. The History of Earth ± Abridged Version There is a good deal of information on this subject in my book.. There are also several books that deal specifically with our colorful cosmology (available somewhere is cyberspace). The Illuminati affect a large number of souls -. b ut that time could be a long way off in 3D.000.000 B. plus I've received information directly regarding same. according to Dr. About 100 million years ago. During the period from 10. The degree of affectation will vary greatly depending on how emotionally at tached we are to the Illuminati agenda and its effects. came to Earth to exp lore what it would be like to live in a third -density world. originating in the systems of Lyra and Vega. to about 500. The Lyrans tried to embody many times. As time went on.C. Eventually...C.000 B.possibly every soul on planet Earth and then some. They tried on and off for about 90 million years to live in 3D. After 10 million B.C. but it was extremely difficult to lower their vibration enough to be able to inhabit the 3D bodies.okay you know that part. In the Beginning In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth -. a group of souls called the Founders. This is known as the fall from grace. If I heal all my terror thoughts and become aware of my oneness with God. the most enlightened members of humanity have a greater positive influence per soul than those with a negative vibration have per soul.(light and dark). the game will be over and the energy snatchers will have no more victims to snatch from. ³ Life On the Cutting Edge. They know this and that's why the media is the way it is -. The ³apple´ is symbolic of taking on the energy of the lower densities. the Illuminati in fluence and all influences have an infinite degree of gradations or mini -levels. When enough of us wake up to the absurdity of the game. They learned of the knowledge of good and evil (duality) through identifying with 3D.´ Another good book is ³The Prism of Lyra´ by Lyssa Royal. Conversely. and later the Pleiades. about 10 million years ago. the Orions successfully interbred with the Adamic race and diluted the consciousness of the . the darkest of souls will awaken to God¶s Love.000 B. they became enmeshed in the 3D form and forgot their 7D heritage. They were 7D beings living in 3D bodies. They created a DNA blueprint for a humanoid form and populated the galaxy with similar experiments.full of violence and ego strutting. several ET factions from various star systems attempted to take over the Earth. the Lyrans/Vegans/Pleiadeans successfully incarnated a male -female pair (known as Adam and Eve). the Lyran/Vegan/Pleiadean couple and their offspring became known as the Adamic race. In actuality. Finally. our influence.

the Illuminati became corrupted and that is what we have today.000 years.´ I think that's a bit harsh. The Orions are the ones responsible for the warrior -like masculine aggressive competitive-type human." When the council of Rigel took over. competitive nature into the people of Earth. also known as Reptilians. off and on. I know. The "negative" Orions have been visit ing Earth for over 500. Nearly 80% of humanity has Orion genetic strains. light -oriented. As I would surely agree. But I like what Patricia Cota-Robles says regarding the ³laggard souls´ or those soul s who have refused. benevolent characteristics of the original Adamic humans soon become obliterated by the Orion strain.originally peaceful and loving people. each soul chooses its experiences and we can't blame the Ori ons. the negative factions from that system are still the dominant dark force on Earth (the Draconians. Of course. Earth is unique among most civilizations (from what I've learned) in that it has both some of the most enlightened and some of the most barbaric of humans. Yes. the Rigelians and Betelguesans (coined words. Give it a few more years and they'll be outta here. The council of Betelguese were the original Illuminati when it truly meant ³illumined ones. The solution is to transcend duality and live in the Oneness of the Infinite Creator. this is all going by the wayside as we approach the Great Shift. The other cohorts are Sirians. are a minority of the so-called ³dark´ forces on Earth ± they originated in the Alpha Draconis system). to embrace the light. of course). mind control and how to turn a peaceful. lifetime after lifetime. the Orion control of Earth is about to fall by the wayside. that's an arduous task! Of course.000 years. and even though Rigel has evolved significantly over that time. Anyway. Reptilians and Greys (from various star systems including Zeta Reticuli). She states that we made a soul agreement to take on the laggard souls and educate them in how to awaken. Both Orion factions represented polarize d light (duality) and that is why this situation has never been resolved. They infused their warrior -like. aggressive. and the councils of Beteguese are more peaceful. benevolent race into aggressive warriors who fight for scraps of food and kill over differences in religious belief s. the Orions have been the number one group controlling humans. The councils of Rigel are the warrior -like aggressive strain. The Orions are broken mostly into two factions.000 years ago and the peaceful. Regarding the enslavement of humanity by the Orions: Over the past 500. Some socalled ³higher-ups´ have labeled this place a ³penal colony. we attracted them because of our level of consciousness in order to learn about slavery. Okay. They have battled over control of Earth for millenia. They took over the human race around 500. some would say that we should not be overly concerned with the progress of the .

C.000.C. The Egypt and Maya we study today were lower-vibrational remnants of the original civilizations. rense. It may be only 20% at best. Waking up can be a painful process. as there were actually two periods of Pan. These civilizations achieved great heights from about 20.500 B. I'd say a lot of people are in the midst of a rude awakening! Now. but this will have to suffice for now. In fact.000.000 B.000 B. three of Lemuria and two of Atlantis. That's true.laggard souls because they are where they are supposed to be in their soul growth.) Lemuria (700. but some of humanity is waking up. Egypt and Maya After Atlantis was destroyed.000 B. ± 23. Notwithstanding the above.000 B.) Atlantis (125. Sumerians. whereby partial destruction occurred due to the Niburu brush -bys every 3600 years.C.C. Look at the daily exposure of lies. but part of their soul growth is to live on a planet with enlightened souls and to learn from them. At some point I will dive deeply into the details of Earth history.C. Atlantis and Lemuria The Hopi call our present civilization the Fourth World. There were three prior civilizations. This is highly oversimplified. especially for those souls who have long put their trust in our government agencies and corporations. we are meeting with some success in helping them awaken. I go into this in depth in my book.C. when they were overrun by malevolent races. back to our history of Earth: Pan. deceit and manipulation showing up in countless websites and news sources (for example. and Underground Civilizations The Gods of the Old Testament were Sirians who came to Earth and enslaved the .500 B. The Biblical The wise members were forced to retreat underground or into the etheric realms. ± 150. the more advanced souls set up shop in Egypt and Maya.C. as follows: Pangaea (10.000 ± 1. All this is coming to the surface of mass consciousness because of the daily increasing energy flooding the planet as a result of our collective desire to awaken (and the end of the cosmic cycle). and other natural and man-made disasters (including resulting ice ages). along with invasion and attack by ET factions.) Each of these civilizations were destroyed by warfare and ignorance of natural laws. until about 11.000 B.

Soul Rays Different souls tend to radiate different attributes and archetypes of Creation. The Time of Jesus At a later date. most were consumed by the Sirian consciousness and the Old Testament is one account of the brutality that ensued. According to the Right Use of Will evolutionary system. While these are only archetypes. or soul. Oh well. ³orange´ very social. Soul Rays. Of course. In fact. There are many books on the chakras and rays. I'm sure there were wonderful things that happened during the history of Mars. ³green´ Earthy and healing -oriented. Twin Flames. ³blue´ conceptual and mental. with remnants moving underground. The History of Mars My understanding is that the monuments on Mars were from a civilization much like ours that destroyed itself. Soul Mates . I will go into detail about this time period. ³Red´ tends to mean very passionate and physical.. but we seem to be stuck mostly with the negative. My primary ray is blue. A lot of the Martians from ancient times reincarnated on Earth and are once again playing out their masculine-dominated warrior fantasies of divide and conquer. Souls. No soul ray is better than any other soul ray ± just different. while others tried to keep the sacred knowledge int act. Soul Mates. It is the same one used in the chakra system. like a ripple on the ocean. This is where the "Men are from Mars" stories of mythology originated. but we are also an intrinsic part of the Creator. I would be classified as a Blue -White Rainbow Spirit..peoples due to their egomaniacal desire to be worshipped and revered. because we are all the Infinite One incarnate. I suggest you surf the Internet for additional information. Some factions fled into underground caverns and began underground cities. Some underground cities may still exist beneath Mars. Oversouls and Other Worlds What is a Soul? A soul is an individualized facet of the Creator. ³indigo´ intuitive and psychic and ³violet´ higher wisdom and transcendence. But eventually. it is sometimes useful to categorize souls in this way. Each of us is an individual soul. There is a color scheme that describes the major archetypes. although I believe most have evolved beyond 3D. Mars was the god of war. classifications can be a trap. what remains is our true essence. If you strip away all the layers of ego and personality. with a sub-ray of white. ³yellow´ intellectual.

in our desire to experience everything about sex. If we strongly identify with the opposite gender during an incarnation. Many times our earthly families seem to pale in comparison. .´ everything is polarized male -female in the 3D/4D time continuum. Usually. of course. The 6D light body is. Just like in visionary artists¶ paintings. Twin Flames A twin flame is a single soul that represents the so -called ³other half´ of yourself (actually ³other whole´ is more accurate. came to me in a vision and I saw that she exists in a sixth density realm in the etheric regions of V enus. Opposites attract as a way of evolving back into balance. the colors range from white to gold to orange and red. However. and often have been together for many lifetimes off and on. Remembering Our Pre-Separation State Many years ago. The twin flame is the other member of ea ch pair. One member of each original soul pair almost always remains in higher dimensions to guide while the other member explores lower worlds. we can take on the opposite gender during particular lifetimes. they become more androgynous.´ People can have many soul mates. they are individuals who have similar rays and spiritual paths. The union experienced between male and female is a transcen dent state (in the ultimate sense). Reuniting with the oversoul is an experience beautiful beyond words. It is this ³soul family´ that we long to reunite with. An oversoul consists of 12 souls that split into six pairs.Any soul that you connect with deeply could be considered a ³soul mate. As souls continue to evolve. We are conditioned to believe we must unite with a member of the opposite sex and live happily ever after. About three lifetimes ago (in Earth's time continuum) I had the experience of ascending through space and into the atmosphere of Venus at the conclusion of an Earth lifetime. there is a core essence of the oversoul that remains within each of us. Since most of us originally split into pairs of male -female ³twin flames. When souls were originally differentiated from the whole. my own twin flame. In 6D. we may carry that feeling into future lifetimes and end up attracted to the same sex. as your twin flame is a sovereign being in his/her own right). 3D Venus is incredibly hot and poisonous. Although all 12 original souls may be off exploring the universe. For example. Each of has a primary gender that is the dominant one during our incarnations. impervious to the atmosphere. Leah. there are crystalline temples everywhere and rivers of golden light cascading down into lush gardens. the twin flame of a predominantly masculine soul inhabiting a female body will be female. they split into pairs and then split again and again until they became billions of fragments of the original coded pair. shimmering and coalescing continuously. having balanced both sides of their nature. Oversouls Our individual souls were split off from an oversoul.

we ARE the Universe and everything in it. I am definitely NOT responsible for others. Although I consider myself to be Venusian. just as we are all ETs to some extent. There are channe ls who claim they were dolphins or whales in past lives. It is true that some of us have had hundreds of Earth lifetimes. therefore. Living in a 3D world ruled by power -hungry malevolent individuals and en tities is difficult because the vast majority are either . It gives us a lot of incentive to keep rising in vibration. beings from Arcturus are constantly asking to work with me. they will be able to mingle with us. Responsibility means taking ownership of one's own thoughts. Ultimately. My twin flame Leah and others have told me th at once we get to a 5D vibration. Others remember coming from water worlds. so this discussion is for amusement only at this point. I also hav e some Pleiadean lineage. In that sense. then it would seem that my ability to respond in the best possible way for all concerned would be greatly enhanced. have lost a lot of their awareness of higher densities. but at this time the civilizations exist in higher densities and are invisible to our telescopes and satellites. but like humans. As we ascend in vibration. I am very cautious about working with other entities because even if they are loving and wise.´ If I am awake and aware. I would say that I have a heightened sense of responsibility. I look forward to a physical ascension this time. The term "star-seeds" has been used to describe souls who have had little or no Earth experience prior to this incarnation. Responsibility and Commitment The word ³responsibility´ means ³ability to respond. I prefer not to use the term "star-seed" because we are all star-seeds to some extent. My genetics appear to be about 80% Venusian and 20% Pleiadean. It's a lot easier to go from 6D to 5D than from 6D to 3D. that does not mean working with them is necessarily my highest soul path. we will remember more and more of our off -planet heritage. This does not mean we are not influenced by the decisions of others. while others have had maybe one or two (and everywhere in -between). Remembering Other Worlds Many of us came to Earth after having ha d experiences on other worlds. In fact. feelings and actions and refraining from blame or judgment on self or others. although I am attracted to Arcturus (for reasons that have not been revealed). I think the problem is that we have made responsibility synonymous with intervening in the affairs of others and deciding what they should be thinking and feeling. Some of these worlds are within our own solar system. Most of Earth's cetacean species retain some knowledge of other worlds.This was a spiritual ascension (where the physical body is left behind). whereby I will be free to travel between Venus and Earth at will.

³Trust God. The problem is. We need to know we will be sustained by Source while dealing with employer/empl oyee relations. but tether your camel. We need to know the IRS is part of the Divine Plan while at the same time understanding they are unconstitutional. Is it our soul lesson to become free of attachment while living in the material world? Probably. but are not responsible. Being responsible. in need of nothing external. I will still rely on gasoline for fuel. if we have unresolved karmic issues with a being or grou p OR have unresolved emotional issues regarding the action or actions of a being or group. we are attached to our experiences and emotions. And since I live a long ways out. have to keep pulling up to the pump and giving my money to the Arabs and American oil companies (God bless them!) . then we do. have a responsibility to ourselves to clear the issues that are being reflected by the being or group.ignorantly unaware of this or are complicit. Osama bin Laden. economic means and social status are involved. Even though we know there's a better way. Of course I have challenges. we have better results. Not only that. We need to know that Saddam Hussein. but detached means being aware of the dangers and pitfalls of 3D life. Being Responsible. as I see that as a major impediment to personal growth. put in a year's supply of food. I need to recognize that Spirit is in charge and will protect me as long as I stay aware o f my inner and outer environment. But when physical survival. built a geodesic dome and erected solar panels. Most of us are also attached to our misery. but so I can more easily withdraw the syringe of consumerism from my veins. created as perfect children of God. while at other times it seems the world closes in on us with its incessant demands. then using my self -preservation instinct is fine. Until I am able to purchase a zero -point energy generator to run my car. but Detached How do we remain responsive to our environment and yet be emotionally detached? That question underlies much of the difficulty on the spiritual path. we feel free and happy. Charlie Manson and others are all part of the Divine Pla n. I made a choice a few years ago to move to a remote area on land I had purchased. On a personal note. Perhaps this is why a large percentage of enlightened yogis live high i n the mountains away from society. if guided.´ as the Islamic saying goes. there would be no terrorism in the world. We are influenced and influence. w e are attached to this world. At times. Adolph Hitler. in that case. while at the same time not buying into them emotionally. If we have inner thoughts of terrorism. we may see them played out on the stage of life. I will. for now. as long as I do not have an emotional attachment to it. I may. An example would be terrorism. However. it becomes more difficult. we become comfortable in our little rut. for the deeds of every being. while at the same time recognizing that we live in a dangerous world. Not out of fear. If I desire to remain in physical embodiment on the Earth. If none of us held terror thoughts. If we put enthusiasm and determinat ion behind our efforts to withdraw energy from negativity. Are they opting for the easy way out? Maybe.

There's a certain amount of trial and error in this universe. the answer will always be to allow my Spirit. I can forgive myself and do better next time. without the egotistical need to change them. ³I would never create an experience like that. we have managed (somewhat) to co -exist here. Brutal self-honesty leads to honesty with others. enlightened soul must take into account the many levels of being that exist concurrently on Earth. There are gradations of responsibility. The person we keep the most secrets from is OURSELVES. However. If we know where we are. Enlightened Living Although I live in a sea of discordant vibrations. However. I take responsibility for the results I create on a daily basis and learn from the mis takes. What if I become a victim? Well. To illustrate. we can accurately assess where we¶re going. I desire to integrate all the levels of myself that I am aware of. I respond with my whole being. I can strive to radiate and emanate only that which reflects my true beingness. Somehow. but I do not have to drink with him. then no matter what outer reflection I create. but it does mean watching my own thoughts and feelings to see how I am participating in a particular drama. on some level you attracted that experience (if you did). not from fragmented knowledge. maybe you HAVE reached a level of awareness where this would never happen. If a specific subset of the universe is my own personal sphere of influence (body -emotions-mind-personality . That's because. If I am truly balanced and integrated (enlightened). there are no victims. or higher power to guide my actions. You may think.I believe a healthy. I think of dimensional continuums as concentric circles (sets and subsets)." Maybe not. in my opinion. just as the perpetrator agreed to play his/her role. If I am at inner peace and total self -acceptance. Another facet of being responsible involves the nee d for self-honesty. you agreed to play that role. first of all. and others as they are.. On some level. I can bless the drunk. from mindless and savage consciousness. Krishnamurti put it. let me use the analogy of the dimensions. If I fail to do that. I will always respond in the highest and best way to whatever the world throws at me (if the world is capable of throwing anything). I can do my very best not to contri bute to that which. It may not feel like you are responsible for being molested as a child. does not promote the highest soul growth of myself and others. That doesn't mean self-blame. We have a real potpourri of souls residing on this planet. to highly refined and enlightened masters. I feel more aware when I take some responsibility for what is happening. In doing the above. But it may be arrogant to assume you'll never be in the company of a child molester ± and then again. for example. there is no blame or projection if I fail to find the most efficient methodology the first time. God -self. as J. That is an exciting challenge! This means learning to accept myself as I am. that does not mean I must hang out with souls that are not beneficial to my growth and well being. whereby the higher dimensions contain the lower ones.

but if I'm detached. each human aura extends indefinitely outward from the body.and immediate environment). I still have an effect on these realms. recognizing that I am the creator of my experience will help me take responsibility and forgive where necessary. forget a nd move on. Detachment means to not identify with feelings and beliefs propagated by ego or worldly experience. Detachment vs. . O ur souls are eternal. forgiveness becomes a moot point because whatever "horrible" thing that so -and-so did to us becomes soooooo insignificant in the larger picture. when he/she is drowning in quicksand (illusions). detachment does NOT mean separation. then that subset has a relatively high level of responsibility. so my aura could be influencing a being from Andromeda. I can hear objections from quantum physicists who say that if you go out far enough. but it is a lot more diffused. there's nothing to forgive. Another analogy would be that of the human aura. my level of responsibility is probably a lot less. ever seeking out new experiences in an infinite sea of worlds beyond worlds. In the larger universal set containing myriads of worlds and civilizations of which I am only marginally aware. the auric density will be reduced to one quanta. "I am LESS responsible for the being on Andromeda than for my personal life. When we expand our awareness beyond the little "I". if a friend is going through a crisis. When we come from THAT perspective and realize so-and-so was simply acting out his/her part in this little drama. it becomes much easier to forgive. In other words. then w on't the ripples from that wave continue indefinitely? I guess I'm splitting straws now. the aura becomes less dense and harder to identify. I remain on the shore (my center) and offer a rope (love) instead of jumping in too. I may empathize and feel compassion and offer assistance. Separation To me. it means I don't get all caught up in his/her drama and start feeling emotionally drained. Our spirits are naturally compassionate and work for the highest good." Forgiveness If I feel I am at the effect of something. I may have physical responsibility for the care of an animal or disabled person. I am also responsible for how I perceive the world. feelings and actions. Theoretically. A Course In Miracles states that ultimately. For example. but if that quanta is in the form of a wave and not a particle. Forgiveness is for the one doing the forgiving ± it helps clear the mind of grievances and victimhood feelings. The aura closest to the body is th e most powerful and easiest to observe with sensitive photography. but it is still there. I am always responsible for my thoughts. but I think a healthy balance point would be. As you get further from the body. It is our egos that need to save or be saved.

" etc. she created it. happiness. It¶s NOT effortless. Unfortunately. make it better. if I am committed to my joy. Resolve to stay centered when the IRS sends you an audit. but you will get through it stronger for the experience. fulfillment and love. how could I possibly commit a crime against someone? This is not to say that being committed to one¶s own truth is easy. As A Course In Miracles states over and over.´ they yell. and that's when the trouble starts. your vigilance will pay off. but it will be work that you love. ³Get real. goals and objectives. it just feels that way when you are doing what you love. it is n ot. it¶s not easy. with body. Commitment to truth brings about its own morality. we are listening to the ego and following its dictates. But if you are committed to inner peace. Be vigilant against negativit y when your spouse leaves. If God¶s Love is pouring through me. Commit to staying balanced when your son wrecks the car. Instead. Our egos want desperately to "fix" the problem. No. If you feel tired and exhausted after your work. However. the problem is separation (not detachment). then on some level you are not honoring your commitment. It¶s the fact that most of us are not committed to our true path. with our little drama. if you get knocked off center repeatedly.In psychology. do not give up.). When we feel or think or believe we are separate from God. some people go the opposite route and take detachment to the extreme and rationalize away their feelings in the name of "it's her karma. then suddenly the word takes on a new meaning. We do not have to legislate morality. ³It¶s a dog eat dog world. Quantum Entanglement I read with excitement the recent announcement that scientists had demonstrated that . Commitment to a cause or way of life may mean spendin g long hours and hard work. The world is full of distractions and alternative views and people who want to convince you that you¶re a nut case for believing all this spiritual baloney. I would offer that it¶s not commitment that¶s the problem. not an obligation. etc. Commitment Commitment means to be focused and determined to follow -through with purposes. the jumper is the codependent (misery loves company. Resolve to follow your heart and spirit in all your affairs and you will be amazed at how effortless it may feel. If at first you don¶t succeed«In other words. It implies obligation and contractual agreements and all sorts of things. It may feel bad for a while. we then identify with ego.´ This is where vigilance and determination c ome in. avoid the pain. Commitment has become a dirty word to some.

Did anyone see the movie "The Butterfly Effect?" It got mixed reviews. Instead. we go to another time continuum. think of all time as a series of parallel possibilities/ probabilities stretched across a fabric. Our awareness is like a pointer moving across the fabric of time and space. one of our other lifetimes would be our main focus at this time. (although my own knowledge starts getting shaky after intermediate calculus). I read "The Emperor's New Mind" by Roger .the future can change th e past (quantum entanglement across time and space with protons). We now have computers that can literally work on the level of electrons. When we change the past (using higher -density techniques). perhaps. I try to keep up wi th some of the more advanced ideas in computers. By our collective hea ling actions. As a teacher of mathematics. we re -enter a body in another realm that was left vacant while we explored Earth. Let¶s look at a concept called the focal point of awareness. Sorry I don't have the link at the moment. At the mo ment. but out exploring their other selves? Maybe when we ³leave´ our earthly body. There has been a lot of talk (and sci -fi movies) about machines taking over humans. we experience a present and future unlike the one we started with. Is it possible to be simultaneously aware of all our parallel live s. This has already happened numerous times. I've always felt it was not only possible. and to move our ³pointer´ from one to another at will? Are there. we changed the prophecy and we have been on a different time continuum ever since. artificial intelligence. Remember the prophecies of 1982? California was going into the ocean. and as a result. cybergenetics. and it had quite an impact. and we experience a future completely different from the original one. The one we started with (this one) is still the same. The trick is to change our location in the fabric of time consciously and collectively so we can experience a beautiful and happy future. etc. but inevitable that we will change the past. some beings living on this planet that are ³not home´ in their earthly bodies. The new one now becomes our dominant reality experience. but WE have shifted to a new one as a result of our change. etc. Some Related Ideas Quantum physics has allowed technology to evolve in fascinating directions in recent years. the pointer is hovering over what we collectively call the third dimensional universe in the 21st Century. it is as if they never even happened because we enter a time continuum where they did not occur. When we heal traumas from our childhood. Otherwise. I saw it a few days after the first time I read about quantum entanglement. Here's how I think it works: We don't go back and change something and suddenly everything is different.

but I believe they exist.Penrose a while ago and was fascinated with his take on whether or not machines would ever truly replace man. What we see in the 3D world is the collective (composite) result of consciousness. I mentioned that everything we say. Our 5D selves are awake and continuously creating. despite being able to calculate and reason millions of times faster. One is the idea that there are realms outside of Universal Mind that operate according to a different set of laws and principles. This point is eloquently ill ustrated in the movie ³What the [bleep] Do We Know?´ In this movie. The 3D world is nothing but a web of dancing quantum fluctuations. What we experience is the composite of where we direct our consciousness. It may or may not be possible to experience such realms. but I believe the opposite is true. Right now. The Uncertainty Principle essentially states that the universe exists in a state of virtual flux consisting of waves of energy. and that these waves only become particles when they are observed by consciousness. is . did it really fall?´ Some scientists take this idea to the extreme.´ A cat is put into a chamber and an experiment is set up that essentially proves that the cat is simultaneousl y alive and dead. In another article. or Universal Self. while our lower selves are dreaming in a world of illusions. from the I AM (universal) level down to the amoeba (or even the individual atom). The other idea is whether or not anything exists unless it is being perceived by an observer of some sort ± human. from our limited 3D perspective. I am reminded of the old Zen conundrum: ³If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to see it. ET. angelic or otherwise. no machine will ever have the intelligence level of a sentient being. I stated that we are multidimensional beings existing simultaneously in at least 12 dimensions or space-time continuums. feel or do affects everything else in the Universe. Consult your favorite physics library or the Internet for a detailed description of this famous conundrum. that our higher selves are sleeping. His argument was that mankind's spirit (he didn't use that word of course) could never be completely made artificially. most of us are focused on 3D and 4D continuums. as in the example popularly known as ³Schroedinger¶s Cat. one scene involves a basketball player who is simultaneously all over the court until we turn around and look at him. In other words. at which time he assumes a normal coordinate position in time and spac e (in one corner of the court). The Universal Spider-Web The universe can be likened to a giant spider web of energy. where everything affects everything else. which we direct into various shapes. my higher. think. sizes and configurations by the actions of consciousness. There are a couple of related points here. Even the tiniest fluctuation in the ene rgy field sends reverberations throughout the creation. It seems. with a few of us peeking into our 5D selves (or waking up to our 5D selves). I think ultimately. What about Responsibility? At the beginning of this article.

the change is registered in the second part light years away! The logical assumption of this experiment is that we exist in a higher dimension that supersedes the laws of time and space. there is a medium upon which creation happens (like a canvas upon which art is created). or the principle that states that it is easier to organize than disorganize matter. This canvas is the backdrop of virtual flux or waves of energy. completely connected to the whole and able to access any and all parts of it. We have an ³anti -universe´ that complements our universe. but there are infinite gradations or degrees of responsibility. but the beauty of this theory is that it upholds the law of conservation of energy. Multiple Universes I think there are multiple Universes. As soon as we observe this flux. which is. each with a conscious source that extends itself to include all of its creation. But as I said before. Instantaneously. Parallel Universes One of my pet theories is that universes come in pairs. Think of each universe as a big ball with tentacles that spread out into the void. if our universe is primarily matter. Possibly the different balls interact to make it . we have ³centropy´. Quantum physics is proving this to be so. In other words. a higher law than the law of entropy. Then a force is applied to the first particle that changes its composition. then this ³anti -universe´ is primarily anti-matter. It is an illusion confined to the third and fourth -dimensional continuums. Our problem is that we get sooooo identified with our characters we forget we are merely acting. even the tiniest thought or feeling reverberates throughout the Universe and affects everyone and everything. while the other part is put in a different chamber a long distance from the first part (think light years apart).responsible for everything in the Universe. momentum and positionality. Each tentacle is an individual soul. To sum up: Creation appears to remain in a kind of Bose -Einstein condensate or virtual flux of neutral particles until acted upon by consc iousness--then it becomes polarized or metamorphic in nature (holographic?). where our universe is one side of the symbol and the anti -universe is the other side. in my humble opinion. The visualization that comes with this theory is that of an infinity symbol. In fact. I am MORE responsible for my feelings about people in my immediate world than I am about some far-off entities in the far reaches of the galaxy. At some future time. Where the lines cross is a black hole in our universe and a white ho le in the antiuniverse. A corollary of this is t hat there is no such thing as separation. The non -locality principle of quantum physics illustrates this point. A particle is split into two parts. Instead of entropy. Life is literally a fa st-frame movie and we are the actors. This ³anti-universe´ has laws opposite ours. we instantaneously begin creating a world of particles. One part is placed in a chamber. I will go into this theory in more depth. A related idea is the concept of creation blinking on and off at a very rapid rate.

Is your present path bringing you joy? Does it feel fulfilling to your soul? Do you feel complete doing what you're doing? Or do you fantasize going over to that soup kitchen to f eed the multitudes? We change and evolve. when I feel bored. impatient and regret ful I am not listening to the highest voice). expanded and full of love. If you were taught that sitting on your hands is the work of th e devil. This is not always easy. I¶ve got your brain reeling by now. Okay. One man's dharma may not look like outward service. If you want to become a master. there are a lot of ³love and light´ space cadets that believe the answer to everything is sitting on their lotus butts and OM ing. Removing expectations can be extremely valuable in coming to a greater happiness and acceptance of life. when I feel aware. given the judgments of the world. while another's does. Unless I can listen clearly to my soul voice. then you will likely be a busy body until you dispel the belief. manning a soup kitchen or holding a protest sign. HOWEVER (there's always a however). you can be a master. There are some whose highest form of expression might be working in a halfway house. However. and our desires may change and evolve over time. It's up to each one of us to go within and really listen to the voice of our soul/higher self/God self. while others may be fulfilling their dharma by writing a book. On the other hand. I cannot be certain I am acting in the highest and best manner. pestilence and famine. Perhaps there is a balance point . That's why most already -realized masters will say that becoming spiritually enlightened is the most rewarding. You cannot always tell the enlightened from the unenlightened. So it comes down to feelings. in order to be a master on this Earth. That's why so many are slumbering soundly in their dreams of war. Practicing Discernment For many years I have been saying that what you focus on you become. . but we can discover the beauty of creating al ong the way. We¶ll continue this discussion at a later date. but also the most difficult t hing a soul can do while in embodiment. I must be doing something right (and conversely. exploring cyberspace an d spouting pearls of wisdom. The journey may not turn out the way we thought it would. even by their actions. everything un -master-like will be RIGHT IN YOUR FACE to deal with. Attitude is an important factor in your experience of life.even more interesting? Think of a deep sea adventure filled with spiny sea urchins all floating and interacting with one another.

then this is exclusively service-to-self (STS) and will probably hinder one's evolution. It used to be that people thought of other lifetimes as part of a linear progression taking place in linear time. From a place of humility and gratitude. since wholeness includes everyone. Past. Discernment is an act of awareness. Otherwise. The value of thinking in terms of linear past lives is that we can ³remember´ a ³past´ lifetime and learn from our experience. and one illusion that we must forego is the belief that we must give up our own desires in order to serve the greater good. then I cannot do much for others. In doing so. we open the door for a higher level of awareness because we are no longer making our circumstances wrong and fighting against what is. If the PRIMARY motivation for doing ³g ood´ is to reap rewards for self. In my travels to Mexico and Central America many years ago. The only sacrifice required is the giving up of illusions. But where's the balance? There are a lot of do -goody-good Christians out there that believe in sacrifice. we lower ourselves to their vibration. These people have learned to be grateful for what they have. denying any part of the Infinite (ourselves) is denying the whole. From a higher dimensional perspective. But it really depends on the dimension and level of awareness inv olved. Since all of us are a part of the Infinite One." My . but we must see them as part of the whole and just as deserving of love as anyone else. One of the lifetimes I remember quite well was the last one on Atlantis. All the little things they used to complain about become insignificant and only LOVE matters. but that is a common path for many. the enlightened beam up and escape the trauma. Parallel and Simultaneous Lifetimes The subject of other lifetimes is a vast area of mystery to many. making them parallel rather than past in nature. I left in a spaceship with about a dozen others as the continent sank beneath the sea. The karmic lesson in this lifetime that relates to Atlantis i s based on something like this: "When the going gets tough. we become open and receptive to higher truths and a better way of life. Obviously. all lifetimes are occurring simultaneously in both space and time. whereas judgment as an act of ego. This is not to say you must create a traumatic event in order to awaken. actually happy. I was amazed at how people in dire poverty could be so full of life and in many cases. I have not experienced any major traumas in my life (such as the death of a close loved one or a serious illness) but I observe that those who have end up maturing real fast. whatever they be. this does not mean we have to give energy to parts of the Infinite that vibrate in lower 3D.If I do not help myself and give myself what I need to be happy.

When we go back to the past and make a change. Remember. present. Every event is recorded permanently in the ethers (an infinitely large film library). Quantum physics tells us that reality "blinks" on and off millions of times a second -. back in 1982. start looking for Scotty and t he transporter beam. Obviously. The imprints themselves do not change. which is like going to another film in the infinitely large time/space library.see the correlation? It gives the appearance of relative motion -. you say? Isn't what happened written in stone? Is it? Has our history changed since we began waking up? Are we erasing the dark parts of history? Does history even really exist? According to many teachings. The Akashic records document all parallel. every experience. I recall about a dozen of my 38 earthly incarnations in the normal time track (past. then that means those lifetimes are evolving and changing as we evolve and change. "Of course. We can change our mind. present and future. the mind is the projector. Most people keep rewinding and replaying the same reel of film over and over. Eventually. If the f ilm we were playing before was called ³life is a struggle´. When we do. we enter a new timeline that is unlike the one we were in before making the change. I say. Every thought.the definition of ³time´. But my remembrance is simply an electromagnetic impulse in the etheric field. future) and yes. but the theme remains the same. My favorite metaphysical analogy is the movie. The old one still exists in the fabric of time and space. they exist right now in a parallel reality. we will remember how to go anywhere within the infinite spectrum of possible and probable realities. That means we are CHANGING those lives as we change this one. How can that's an illusion in the mind of the rememberer.tendency has been to have resistance to being grounded to the Earth plane. The whole time continuum is a fluid medium and is constantly changing. We sometimes rewind or fast forward the film. we must change the film (our beliefs and perceptions). ad naseum. I have the proof right here. we can replace that reel with one called ³life is blissful´. But we play it a frame at a time and it seems like a linear progression. . there is no such thing as the past -. it is just that we are no longer in that timeline. Imagine the absurdity of racing up to the front of the theatre and trying to move the characters around because we don't like the plot. every event creates a unique timeline. I did this yesterday. If "past" lives are really simultaneous lives (and I concur with many others t hat they are). For example. There are Akashic records of everything experienced by the Creation. and when Earthly affairs get difficult. but we change our location in the time/space fabric every time we change a thought or action. The akashic records and etheric implants are what create additional reels of film." Okay. The reel contains all time --past. probable and possible realities. maybe some activity happened on one of the time streams. the details of the drama change. The mind is the projector and the screen is 3D life.

Heaven is a state of consciousness whereby one is free of illusions. we changed the future .California was supposed to fall into the ocean. or what most religious people would simply call ³Heaven. that soul will likely experience a lower astral realm where these feelings can continue to play themselves out. that seems to be the ultimate reason for everything. or rather. Where We Go Between Lifetimes In linear time. A lot of people don't realize that the astral realms (places where most souls go between lifetimes) are still part of the duality of past. we are God manifesting as bo dies in order to experience all the intricate details of the dense realms. and in doing so. But then. prayer and meditation. After all. we entered a new timeline that did not involve losing California to the bottom dwellers. and is covered in detail in the ascension article. or are we creati ng all the future timelines moment by moment? If so. time is perceived as simultaneous and all dualistic lifetimes and in -betweens can be viewed at once. we changed the present (and past.´ In reality. If a soul has an earthly lifetime full of fear. to some extent) through the use of healing. how can we travel into the future and past? If time is an illusion. then the only value in exploring different time-space continuums is to learn more about who we are ± in other words. This soul will go to one of the celestial heavens. according to some p sychics. but relatively unenlightened soul will go to a much nicer place in between incarnations. but we collectively chose not to experience that in our 3D time continuum. It can exist anywhere and at anytime and in fact. to increase our self -awareness and further our soul growth. Once we transcend duality. souls will experience whatever realm corresponds to their level of consciousness. A soul that has reached a very high level of awareness while in earthly embodiment has the option to go into a heavenly state without dropping the body. Is there really any future. but without a physical body. However. but it is not the actual realm of Heaven. In fact. This is known as physical ascension. it does. we constantly alter many different timelines with every action we take. A soul that achieves a high degree of enlightenment while in embodiment will continue to experience that after leaving the body. Simultaneous Lifetimes . Somewhere in the fabric of time and space. These psychics were actually seeing a timeline that had been created by events leading up to 1982. as many philosophies state. because it is everywhere present eternally. we read that certain time travelers journey to the past and alter this timeline. In sci-fi movies and novels. California is still falling into the ocean as we speak. A good-hearted. then why is this even important? If we accept the premise that time is an illusion. present and future. gui lt and sorrow.

you might put off many of the things your soul wants you to experience today. we might refuse to learn what our souls came here to learn. or whatever you want to call it. The one I've used for a long time involves an all -seeing eye suspended above the timeline. One of the experiences that has gradually been unveiled for me is my non -physical ascension into the ethereal realms of Venus to re -unite with my twin flame." This means that the "humans" of everyday life have had their genetics experimented. See The Truth About ETs for more information. mixed and generally messed with to the point that our physical selves have become a hodge-podge of ET races from various sectors of the galaxy and universe. When you are walking along a heavily wooded lane. Unfortunately. This was about three Earth lifetimes ago (in linear time -. When we do reach a high state of awareness. This brings to mind the analogy of the ³forest for the trees´. th ese experiences can be quite traumatic. the Infinite Creator decided to experience itself sequentially to learn of the intricacies of its own creation. The simplified version goes like this: The Pleiadeans. In the ascension article. a vei l placed over our memory banks. present and future lives spread out below. most of which became extinct through crystal or nuclear wars (or natural disasters such as asteroids. bred. Sirians and Orions seeded the genetics of Earth at various times over the last 10 million years. the veil is gradually removed and we begin to remember many things that completely change our outlook on life. I talk about the differences between non -physical and physical ascension. many of the ET factions have warred over control of Earth and her resources and their warring nature has infiltrated the genetics of humans. meaning each individual lifetime of each of its creations. If we are not sufficient purified emotionally. creating various races. you can only se e a little ways ahead and behind you. you can see the entire forest spread out before you. cloned. Getting back to remembering other lifetimes. comets or Nibiru's bypass every 3600 years).There are many ways to symbolize the past. seeing all p ast. parallel and simultaneous lifetime paradigm. We should be thankful that our God Presence reveals the mysteries a little at a time so we can integrate them into our emotional self. The eye represents the Christ-self. God-self. For example. which takes a very long time in the worlds of time. hybred. . including where you¶ve been and where you¶re going. This veil is usually necessary until we reach a certain level of awareness. if you knew you would live to be 150. The One can experience the many. otherwise. To sum up. spliced.which is meaningless in the higher realms). But if you climb a tall tree. all of us have. to some extent. What an outrageous experience! Laboratory Earth Earth is like a giant laboratory and most of us are "lab rats.

In our time sequence. Some of the more benevolent races have been here to help prevent us from blowing ourselves up (Arcturians. creators of the original humanoid form. There are several ET groups responsible for various parts of the human engineering. and the Sirians were at one time purposely enslaving the human race to appease their massive egos (the God s of the Old Testament and Greek mythology). but represents the ³fall from grace´ mentioned in religious writings. The original Adamic root race was diluted through interbreeding. slow and painful one. The Councils of Rigel we re a warring faction and instigated the warrior -masculineaggressive behavior into the Adamic DNA gene pool.). The Zetas have been interbreeding to save their race from extinction (through human abductions. but the majority of that is the result of interbreeding with aggressive Orions (from the Rigel sector). the Orions from Rigel and Betelguese arrived and contributed to both the positive and negative polarities. The more aware we become. commonly called the "Founders". this happened over 10 million years ago. This is highly oversimplified. I like what "A Course In Miracles" says about free will: "Free will does not mean you can establish or chan ge the curriculum (universal laws) -. Karma and Free Will The subject of free will is greatly misunderstood. Zeta Reticulins (greys). or it can be learned and dispelled quickly by forgiving and letting go of th e past and embracing the present. Most people think aggression and competition are part of human nature. the soul lesson called "karma" can be a long. the 7D entities (who were essentially lower -self extensions of the 12D Founders) quickly dropped in vibration and became identified with the 3D Earth plane.The original blueprint for the human was a "peaceful. This can only be done with astute self -observation and a willingness to understand deeply all the traps and detours of the ego. Andromedans.C.000 B. embryonic implants. so I will refer you there for a more in-depth look at our fascinating heritage. Antareans and Andromedans. including A rcturians. After the Pleiadean/Adamic fo rms had been evolving on Earth for many thousands of years. As the story goes. . Each group has had their own agenda. for instance). Alpha Draconians (reptilians). the DNA was created by 12D Pleiadean beings (originally from Lyra/Vega). The conflict between the Orions and Pleiadeans over who would control the Adamic people was popularly known as the Luciferian Rebellion (around 500 . and others." As an example. There are other players in the cosmic drama. androgynous being" that has since been modified to become the "masculine. According to my direct information. the Alpha Draconians have been mining the Earth's rare elements (and using their psychic powers to enslave the human mind). and genetic alterations). Much of this information overlaps with the stories in The History of Earth and The Truth About ETs. The Adamic race (from which the mythic ³Adam´ and hi s counterpart ³Eve´ were introduced as the original test subjects) were 7D Pleiadeans who volunteered to incarnate on young Earth. of only means you can elect what to take at a given time. Antareans. a ggressive warrior" type.

all of us will ascend into higher real ms. In a temporary sense. there is a certain amount of free choice. Let it go and let it flow -. Free will has its limitations. In actuality. But the paradox is. scarcity. which is the creative force. it depends on what level of awareness we are coming from. the concept of will becomes meaningless anyway because there is only God's Will.and it DOES just magically happen. Another way to look at this is to consider that very few of us have free will. guilt.the faster we vibrate and the higher we go on the dimensional scale. "no pain. There is a certain amount of pre -destiny inherent in the Divine Plan. Jesus and others were able to perform so-called miracles because they used the laws of higher dimensions to supersede the laws of 3D. when we are free of all illusions. it's all free will. we are no longer at the mercy of the medical profession. Changing the World . we can delay the perfect unfoldment of that DNA blueprint. Probably none of us on planet Earth have free will because our wills are imprisoned by limiting thoughts and beliefs. if we let go of our judgments. we can override it with negative beliefs and stuck emotions. the program unfolds more easily. This made us subject to the laws and deceptions inherent in 3D without remembering the knowledge of how to transcend them. When we choose to enter a particular density or dimension. I believe free will is what one has when one is free of all illusions. Because of free will. we must work hard to un learn all the lies and distortions we have been taught for millennia that says the path to enlightenment is a struggle -. Within a given level (density/dimension). For example. Eventually. we then made decisions based on fear. In summary. We may seem to be bound by the laws of the physical world. We are then free to let our spiritual awareness decide what is best for our bodies. fear and constant worry and strife. need for approval. From higher dimensional points of view (6th density or higher). Again. and even then we are still somewhat under the laws of that realm. I'm reminded of one of my favorite sayings: "Letting go is easy. Once we use our free will to choose awareness over ignorance. At some point (pre-incarnation or whenever) we made a decisio n to have a veil put over our awareness. But then." Our exercise of free will is dependent on what aspect of the self we identify with. then our future decisions are not dominated by fear and 3D illusions. programming and conditioning. but only if we are attached to that perception. because our wills are imprisoned within our habitual beliefs. once we let go of our identification with the b know. For example. we also agree to abide by the laws of that density or dimension. They are not really one and the same. unless we have mastered them and come solely to guide others into higher realms. it's hanging on that's har d. I think we tend to confuse free will with ego -based decision making. et c. Stuck in 3D illusions. no gain" and all that. We have within our DNA the blueprint for ascension.

everything we do affects everything else. and therefore. Keep in mind. . but that's only because they are more focused on getting material things because they believe that is where salvation lies. meaning souls that wish to be led instead of leading. ³Except as y e have faith. theoretically. This raises another question regarding abductions and other so -called interference in free will. In most cases. it¶s going to be very hard to use your free will to create beauty and joy. Our leaders are a reflection of our moral values ± collectively. In this case. Security and reassuring words will be more important than freedom and learning to think for themselves. If your priority is Spirit then you will discover the treasure deep within your heart (your God Presence). then in essence. the abductors may intercept such souls to help them awaken to their higher identity. you tend to keep attracting the same kind of person (and experience) until you learn the lesson. ye cannot enter the Kingdom. i n karmic relationships. karma and free will can dominate a soul¶s experience. however. that it may or may not have any effect on the karma or free will of others. I think some souls need to have this lesson. then do so. they belong to the soul group or ET race of the abductors and are simply incarnated in human form. It seems that the most aggressive. When we look at the world it often appears that spiritual pr inciples do not apply here. the main value of protesting a cause may be the experience it gives the protestors. for someone to abdicat e responsibility for their own creations (karma) to another. However. Others may simply wish to transcend all of it an d learn to be "spirits in the material world. Since we are all connected. in 4D and lower levels. although most likely they are not aware of the c ontract. After all. however. This doesn't necessarily condone e xperimentation and such. It may be that at some future time. and perhaps some of us have already learned how to control and manipulate the masses in other life sequences. If I'm tempted to wonder why the world is run by thugs who appear to be less intelligent and loving than me. However. if this is a lesson the souls involved want to experience. the soul whose karma was ³intercepted´ by another soul might realize that an important experience h as been missed. then they will elect leaders that reflect their ³sheeple´ mentality. Not everyone who came to Jesus to be healed received a miraculous healing. It is my perception that most. you deserve neither´ is a popular expression among the more enlightened. I remember that each soul has his/her specific lessons to learn. generally would not want to miss out on soul lessons by having another ³'take over´ their karma. If your God Self prompts you to protest. it is possible. An evolving soul. ruthless and uncaring people are the ones that get the 'goodies'. if not all. This experience will be worth so much more than any trinkets of this world. we have no desire to play that game in this life. Because of free will.´ means that if your consciousness is dominated by thoughts of fear and lack. that is. abductees have a soul contract with the abductors. but it offers another viewpoint.Sometimes we try forcefully to make changes in the world.´ This is not to say that it¶s wrong to get involved. If the majority of people are ³sheeple´. ³If you trade free dom for security.

The Law of Karma Some of this will be a review. second. abuse and lust for power tends to increase belief in these things . but if it's got disaster. superseded by the 5D Law of Love. Getting it aired is another matter. That means it operates in the first." For more on these subjects. is a fourth -dimensional principle. but only if one is stuck in the lower four dimensions. One ignores a starving child because ³it¶s their karma. but it will most certainly not involve going into denial about th e suffering of others. You cannot reach 5D without letting go of intellectual superiority and embracing God¶s Love. If the theme of the movie is disaster. and love always finds some way to respond to a call for help. This is partly true. mind and body. we actually erase karma. and increases these manifestations in the world. Constant focus on negativity. death and trauma. To repeat a major idea. torture. feelings and perceptions. At the very least. tha t could trigger an avalanche of fear and negative feelings. . it only takes one soul (with a lot of charisma. Millions of our brothers and sisters ar e calling out for help. and keep our agreements. we do not create additional karma. So God¶s Love transcends karma.´ The idea of residual karma involves incomplete decisions. while rationalizing about the suffering. and love will respond to a call for help. a stumbling block in underst anding karma and free will involves the ³all is illusion´ viewpoint people use to escape responsibility for everyday life and to avoid looking at issues. thankfully.In today's media environment. we make decisions with our whole being. and can be led to believe almost anything if it is pounded into them by the media. third and fourth dimensions. What the se ivory tower detached souls fail to realize is that love is a higher law. rape. When we forgive ourselves. but it needs repeating because karma is a highly misunderstood principle. the film could increase the likelihood of natural or man -made disasters. thereby avoiding what is called ³residual karma. or cause and effect. that sells. see Illusions and Perception. The film could then act as a massive trigger of actual 3D disasters and could affect the 3D timeline. It's up to the free will of the populace as to whether or not to indulge the producer by going to see the film. While this may be obvious to the enlightened. If we come to closure with our relationships. The law of karma. killing. or decisions that leave a lot of unfinished business. Most ³sheeple´ are gullible and easily mind controlled. it is not so for the "sheeple. Understanding why they suffer is not the same thing as sitting detached in intellectual supremacy. By aligning our heart. Earth Changes and The Illuminati and the Dark Forces. Once we fully understand our actions. well. persuasion and money) to change the world by writing and producing a film or media eve nt. we can then use ou r free will to consciously create a different path of karma. thoughts. Fifth dimensional consciousness is love and unity. It may not necessarily involve giving to or working for a social agency. behaviors. they created it´ or some such drivel. but not the higher ones. The 4D Law of Karma is. The comm on perception of karma involves the idea that what goes around comes around.

it may snap back into balance traumatically. Mother Earth¶s Karma So what about the planetary level of karma and free will? The Earth is a sentient being with her own consciousness. but for many of us. we are way too busy and distracted to hear the clarity of Spirit. compassionate being will only seek to influence in a way that promotes self-awareness and evolution. people being influenced by others have agreed karmically to be influenced. On some level. If people on Gaia ignore those laws. that is not Gaia's revenge. they may suffer the consequences (such as jumping off a building has consequences due to the law of gravity). At one time I resided in what could be called 6th dimensional Venus. When one looks at the current state of . I don't think karma is applicable. It was beautiful beyond description. The planetary/cosmic realm operates under certain natural laws particular to the density in which they are residing. However. This doesn't necessarily mean being passive. except for Gaia's desire to help souls experience their collective karma. It is up to each of us that remember some of our greatness to manifest that greatness in this dimension. Love's help may or may not appear as outer action. Since time is ultimately an illusion. The actions of world leaders are not violating anyone's free will in the ultimate sense because we all agreed to be here on Earth and experience these fascinating times.and the Love Within will respond if we open to it. If Gaia purges humanity be cause humanity is destroying her. It is simply the manifestation of natural laws that seek balance and harmony. A Personal Note I'm clear that I came to Earth from a futur e timeline in order to assist the awakening of humanity. although they are likely not conscious of this. Our One True Self will tell us where to be and what to do as things accelerate. but closing our hearts to suffering is definitely not a 5D response. We are all interconnected. a highly evolved. Little by little I remember more and more details of that future timeline. similar to the rubber -band analogy. However. we are always safe and at peace. or even Gaia's desperate survival tactic. Finding Your ³Dharma´ Is your present path bringing you joy? Does it feel fulfilling to your soul? Do you feel complete doing what you're doing? Or do you fantasize doing something else? The Infinite One has a unique plan of unfoldment for all of us and we just need to get out of the way and let it unfold. I am on Earth and 6D Venus simultaneously right now! Notwithstanding that mind -blowing fact. At the planetary level. my attention is now on present-day Earth and how to be the most effective healer and teacher. In our Selves. If the environment gets too stretched out of shape. my dropping down to 3D Earth was a deci sion made from the higher realms of love.

the illusions of ³good´ and ³evil´ are dispelled and the reality beyond duality is remembered. It involves jud gment. the way we perceive the natural world and other sentient life is an illusion. however. . such as fear. The Oneness has always existed. at least in this manifest Universe. waves and particles." Perception itself is an illusory device. at least mentally (in actuality it is impossible to separate oneself from Creation). the description is part of the illusion. We could say that reality is merely different configurations of vibrating energy in a quantum flux. And the sooner we realize this. Fear is an energy pattern in the mind of the perceiver. because we never perceive anything as it actually is. The illusion of duality is created by separating oneself from part or all of creation. Some say ³all is illusion´ while others say it¶s only perception that is illusory. Then there are psychological illusions that only exist to the perceiver. Another recent movie. the mental picture is not the reality. The so-called ³real´ world is nothing more than particle -waves (like the binary computer readouts in the Matrix movie).world affairs. but it exists within a collective field. ´Evil´ is a state of distortion whereby one separates out one or more parts of creation as being less deserving of Infinite Love than other parts of creation. ³What the [bleep] Do We Know?´ explores the quantum Uncertainty Principle in a highly entertaining form. The Universe consists of energy patterns. it¶s often hard to see that everything is evolving perfectly. The Mind of the Creator and the individual minds of the extensions of the Creator (known as souls) collectively make up the Matrix. The simple definition of illusion is "not perceiving things as they really are. It is our consciousness and the consciousness of all life that organizes the particle -waves into energy patterns that we can perceive. In other words. The natural world and all creatures in it are not illusions. Perhaps the question really is: Can we directly experience the reality behind the illusion of appearance? I especially like the Matrix analogy presented by David Icke in his various books. But it is. Illusions and Perception There is a lot of confusion these days about what is and is not illusion. How we view that reality will always be in distortion. and even this is not an adequate description. The word is not the object. I tend to agree with the latter definition: Illusion is a distorted form of perception whereby one sees things not as they truly are. There is an energetic reality beyond the personality or ego self. projection and blame. In the hi gher realms. ´Good´ does not triumph over ³evil´. at least as long as we are in human form. the sooner we jump to a higher level of understanding ± a level beyond karma and even free will. but rather. and existed all the time we were having the dream of duality.

) are able to arise. there is no fear. Seeing that this is an illusion. it doesn't exist. We see it every day in the media.000. When the ego stops trying to control everything. and perception changes. texture. then. The ego obviously cannot transcend itself. such as anxiety. what thoughts it generates. it¶s usually the ego trying to do this. The key." The ³stuff´ was still there. it's just me and my stuff. In my book Life On the Cutting Edge. Why? Because to him. how it dissolves. ---------------------[*As of this writing. what actions we take. Once we remove the belief in separation. we can move right through the fear to the reality on the other side. This is only true if we believe we are separate from God and Creation.* It's my bet that he'll never have to pay up.000 to anyone who can demonstrate that psychic phenomena is real. etc. Only awareness dispels it. These folks take life way . What we don¶t want to see doesn¶t exist for us. It¶s based on the illusory belief that someone or something outside ourselves can harm us or destroy our peace of mind. Avoiding IS the fear itself. We must stay fully present with fear -.] Fear Fear is one of the most prevalent illusory perceptions in today¶s world. bodily sensation.notice everything about it -. stress. so to speak.] [**There is an actual group called the Flat Earth Society that still believes the Earth is flat. Randi the magician was revising his beliefs regarding UFOs. "Before enlightenment it was m e and my STUFF!!! Now. You¶ve heard the expression ³Don¶t make mountains out o f molehills. is to learn to transcend perception and experience life directly through inner knowing. clairvoyant. etc. how we try to deny it.´ And I¶m sure you¶ve known at least one (probably several) drama kings or queens. Believing the Drama is Real Ram Dass once said. and unless something comes along to sufficiently shake our belief. I give a proof that fear is an's color.things may be a bit harder to analogize. the higher senses (psychic. We see its subtle forms. intuitive. but swami's awareness had grown so much that the stuff was now just a little pile of poop instead of a mountain of sh*t. but perhaps it can understand itself well enough to realize its true position as servant and not master. The problem is. Self-awareness is the key to transcendent perception. nervousness and restlessness. we go on living on a flat earth**. how it arises. The Power of Belief Randi the magician has an ongoing offer to pay $1. and no amount of ³proof´ by Russian scientists will ever be enough to satisfy his extreme denial.

³It doesn¶t matter that children are starving because the world is an illusion. When we¶re tempted to buy into one of the illusions of the world. but moving into Spirit automatically causes us to draw into our lives only experiences that promote our spiritual growth ± and that rarely involves any kind of violence or suffering. Knowledge includes being aware of just how deeply we bought into the belief in good and evil.too seriously. A Word About Compassion An important point that I¶ve made before is that once we realize the power of belief. But isn't knowledge better than bl issful ignorance? Yes. the "knowledge of good and evil" refers to the belief in duality. We've been around the block a few times and have learned to recognize how the ego blows everything out of prop ortion as it vainly tries to save us from ourselves. what¶s the worst that could happen? You might lose your body. things can still blow us off-track. Once we see every crack and crevice of the darkness inherent in this belief. Of course. it¶s their karma. That's how it is for a lot of us now. Someone might kill you.´ . but they don't seem to consume us as much anymore. Choosing Spirit A Course In Miracles says ³every moment we are choosing between the resurrection and the crucifixion. You mig ht wither away.´ To me. Are we giving power to illusions a nd trying to make them real. real or illusory. Notice a pattern? All of these involve the physical body. and the truth that our perceptions (thoughts) create our reality. Once we realize we are Spirit. We cannot wish or do away with the ego. But we are soooo much more than our physical bodies. this means that every thought can be life affirming or life denying. The world could be destroyed by nuclear weapons. the light of a wareness dispels the illusion of duality and we remember that all is Spirit. This knowledge of good and evil brings with it a burden. loving or fearful. All your loved ones could die horrible deaths. alone and in poverty. they created it. Not only are they no longer all important. I laugh. w e may be tempted to dismiss the suffering of others as ³their belief." that's when it¶s time to remember Who We Really Are. We are soooo vast. When I'm centered and clear within. or torture you. but we must go from knowledge to transcendence.´ Or we may go one step further and say. We are loved by God so much that our minds will NEVER be able to conceive of more than a tiny fraction of that love. After all. or are we embracing our Divinity? In the Bible. our bodies become merely vehicles for communication on this plane of existence. starving and wasting from disease. and it feels wonderful in a solid sort of way. More and more we are coming from center (Spirit or Soul) instead of from ego. That's because it's the ego that wants to do away with things in the first place. su ch as "I'm at the effect of forces beyond my control. as stated in Genesis.

This is the belief that we must atone for past sins. all else is illusion. Maybe that spare change we gave to the man on the street went for alcohol. Ultimately. and love always finds some way to respond to a call for help. That said. Our egos do not know all of the ramifications of any assistance we offer. nor should I be worried about rejecting a plea of help. there are two steps: (1) You must FEEL and EXPERIENCE completely the issues of the emotional body. I do not need to go ou t of my way seeking to help others. it¶s that simple. sometimes like nothing at all. Healing The subject of healing is vast and complex. AND . my ego does not. but we humans have a way of making things more difficult than they need be. All of the above discussion can be distilled down to one sentence rega rding perception: God¶s Love within us is real. So it is necessary to let go of all false beliefs and remain open and receptive to Spirit. Millions of our brothers and sisters are calling out for help. there are specific criteria for healing. Spirit knows what it's doing. By the time a healing crisis arises in the body. deeply and completely. My soul often attracts other souls either to help me or be helped. Sometimes it may look like active intervention. this truth is covered up with false beliefs carried from generation to generation and lifetime to lifetim e. The real question here is about being guided by one's own God Presence to help in the best possible way.To review our lesson on dimensions and densities. Love's help may or may not appear as outer action. I will respond appropriately. Another common cause of health problems is the taking on of other people¶s energy and negative psychic cording (attaching one¶s energy field to another¶s). even from past lifetimes. The biggest blockage to realization of our perfection is the belief in negative karma. for most of us. that we are created in the perfect image and likeness of our Creator. and the Love Within will respond if we open to it. let¶s remember that it¶s 4th dimensional consciousness that spouts the "all is illusion" rap in order to avoid looking at issues. All of us affect the world more than we can imagine. but clos ing our hearts to suffering is definitely not a 5D response. In order for healing to occur. Fifth dimensional consciousnes s is love and unity. Unfortunately. Yes. Love is spontaneous and natural and if I'm listening to WHO I AM. In order to have true healing. Most health problems originate in the emotional body and result from suppressing and carrying old emotional issues around for a long time. all that is needed for heali ng to occur is to realize. Then this drunk man stole a car and mowed over a dozen people. the problem has become multidimensional. Or maybe that smile we gave prevented the suicide of someone who later became a major figure for change in the world. the original problem (resistance to the flow of life force energy) must be addressed.

Emotion can be thought of as ³energy in m otion´. It can darken our entire outlook on life and make everything seem futile. What's done is do ne and hopefully. often in a matter of days or weeks. The most important step is to TRUST OUR TRUE NATURE. if God didn't have passion. If we have destructive habits and addictions. At this point. That means recognizing recurring behaviors. This is easier said than done. false beliefs and emotional traumas that keep us locked into a self-image of failure and defeat. If you have only the first point. resentment. If you see a truck about to run you over. Passion is a part of God. you'll always be what you've always been. The reason destructive habits and addictions are not healed is be cause we have . I've always used feelings as a generic word to describe anything from bodily sensations to intuitive flashes. a lot of mirac le or faith healings that take place at such spectacles happen because of the power of belief. we must first realize that we have the power within to overcome them.) Certainly there are real healings that utilize the scientific principles of life force en ergy. In order for healing to occur at the physical and emotional level. shining innocence that was there all along. a state of mind resulting from fear and separation. (There are also some out and out frauds ± plants in the audience. fear. the symptoms will return. but rather. Then we must have the resolve and commitment to heal them. you become cold and intellectual.(2) You must detach and view with impartial awareness the whole process. allopathic medicine has performed well in alleviating pain and preserving the body in these instances. including fundamentalist revivals." said a famous success motivation speaker. but often the whole thing is like a three -ring circus and Jesus probably ought to turn over their tables as well. That is when we need to focus the most on our innate perfection.). If we instinctively recognize the danger and see the mechanism of habit directly. Emotions I've kept strictly to happiness. If you have only the second point. thoughts and belief systems that do not work in our lives. Pain in the body is not easy to deal with for most of us. hopelessly consumed by emotion. If the healings are not complete. sadness and the myriad combinations of these (such as jealousy. Some folks probably do receive healing at these carnival shows. I think we should be clear about definitions. Having pulled away all the layers of illusion. there must be the proper receptivity in both the ³healer´ and ³healee´. we can see the steps to take for resolution. you instinctively move out of the way. anger. It needs to be that way with our ingrained negative patterns and addictions. But in order for healing to take place. etc. Balance exists somewhere between the extremes. we discover our perfect. we wouldn't be here. "If you always do what you've always done. etc. However. you become a drama king/queen. it must also occur at the mental level. Strong feelings involve a passionate energy at many levels of being. This is not to belittle those of us with medical issues or who are contemplating or have had surgery. Faith Healing God is everywhere. Perhaps the strangest of my concepts has been that I do not consider guilt an emotion. After all. particularly feeling and emotion. First. we must peel back the layers of low self -esteem. grief.

This is true of both live acoustic music and electronic music. Fo r more information on this. there is a payoff to smoking ± we feel more calm and relaxed. On the Up-and-Down Nature of Spiritual Unfoldment . Since every condition has a signature sound/frequency. The Healing Power of Music Physicists have demonstrated convincingly that music and sound vibrations have a significant effect on the organs of the physical body. I say this while being in awe of some of the accomplishments of electronic musicians. One part wants this. intellectually. another wants that. Since everything in the universe vibrates. Healing involves aligning all parts of ourselves behind a common goal ± to do what maximizes our soul growth. for me. We might know. Already. there will be music produced that will automatically heal virtually every malady known to mankind. it is simply a matter of mapping out the patterns and frequencies that correspond to a given condition. Every musical note has a discrete vibration. In the years to come. Links to sites that document this will b e provided at a later date. Just ask anyone listening to a favorite song what they are feeling.conflicting desires within us. Of course. is the healing property of certain sounds and vibrations. You may recall the plants that were fed strains of Beethoven and grew much more rapidly and healthily than those that had no music. the principles of harmonic resonance can be explored to effect healing in virtually any life form. many are involved in this research. that smoking is harmful. The most exciting part of the music field. but the part of us desiring reduced stress may be stronger. Earth herself has a base frequency of about 8 Hz. There is a fairly well known experiment in which solids are colloidally suspended in water and then bombarded with various sounds and music. Mozart. The solids will form geometric patterns in the suspension. Wagner --New Age (particularly flute an d harp) --Certain electronic music based on a 1 -4-6 chord pattern --Sine wave instruments (strings) --Certain percussive beats that harmonize with the ambient beat of the human heart There are elaborate charts (such as Schumann frequency tables) that map the beats per minute of various matter throughout the universe and its effect on the human nervous system. as well as the emotions and mind. there will always be something about the human voice and the emotion musicians put into their playing of instruments that synthesizers will never equal. although it has been increasing according to some sources. Below is a list of some of the most powerful healing music: --Classical (particularly chamber music) ± Examples: Pachelbel Canon. Beethoven. The right piece of music can brighten a dreary day and bring happiness to someone down in the dumps. If that cigarette calms and relaxes us. happiness and well-being. The principle is simple: bombard the physical system with the precise frequencies necessary to cancel out the discordant vibrations of diseased tissues and organs. and the smoking continues. see the Convergence series.

Even the great mystic. Consolidation. J. but sometimes it is helpful to have a system for measuring the vibration of a substance or . whereby parts of the self have raised in vibration while oth er parts (usually emotional) lag behind. This is the hardest part of the process. and sometimes the rearranging of cellular tissues has side -effects. As the word implies. had extremely painfu l headaches during his awakening. Integration. This usually follows the satori experience. that "this too shall pass. I think our bodies go through transmutation as we increase our awareness. Each 4 -step cycle is like a ring on a spiral. this is where all the parts of self catch up and become One in the new level of awareness. This is where the rest of the self has to catch up to the part that has been awakened. Krishnamurti.In order to understand the healing process. During this phase one often makes numerous outer changes and redirects one's life toward spiritual pursuits (if one was immersed i n materiality) or one simply refines one's personal path (if one is already spiritually focused). it is helpful to illustrate the way we grow in awareness. The ego will ten d to analyze and obsess over the levels of vibration. In the case of highly awakened people. however. It may come when hiking in nature. and often we can look back at the previous cycle and see how far we've come. hanging out with a teacher. It is no longer real. There's a lot of "I thought I was finished with this. Of course. some painful processes are related to the body trying to get our att ention when we ignore parts of ourselves. listening to music. etc. things seem to go backwards. It is not necessary to constantly dwell on the vibration of this and the vibration of that. An opening experience (satori). 2. Measuring Energy Levels The ideas in this article provide a context or road map for examining one's own vibrations. extreme happiness. this is probably not the case. It seems most of the time we go through a four -cycle process in our spirit ual growth. The feelings here are solid and real and one no longer relates to the self that existed before the satori experience. This is an unexpected revelation or insight that spurs us on to the next step in our growth." Sometimes there's even "What happened to my enlightenment?" This is related to the rubber -band effect. 1. A rapid period of change and growth. when in consolidation. Eventually this new self will dissolve and another cycle of growth will complete. Many of us have gone through numerous cycles and are recognizing. During thi s phase. There is the feeling of kn owingness and often. 4. 3." Sometimes simple self -acceptance of the process is all that is required.

involves the body¶s reaction to increasing energy frequencies. There is no pause between the inhale and exhale. technically there is. I recommend you do the following: Stand erect and hold out your strongest arm. This happens most of the time with clients in a rebirthing session. and push down on your outstretched arm (with your other hand). Ask that all information come from God Source and be used for the highest good. Another common name for life force energy . One of the insights I received. people experience memories from birth and early childhood. This is the divine current. the tingling stops and a feeling of clarity. Note the strength and resistance to the push. If the blockages are heavy. calmness and expansion is achieved. The good thing about tingling and bodily sensations are that they indicate a higher frequency of energy is trying to go through the body. Often during a rebirthing.. used in conjunction with biokinesiology (muscle testing). soul direction. This time your outstretched arm should go weak and be an easy push. health. David Hawkins¶ calibration scale. If you breathe. often takes a form called kundalini. This is neither right nor wrong. Now state something that is obviously false and do the same thing.) The rapidity of the breathing is proportional to the intensity of the experience. relax and allow the blockages to dissolve. so you should consult them if you want more informati on. In addition. When energy increases. there is a tingling sensation in most people. I was involved in the practice of Integrative Rebirthing (conscious breathing) and did warm water and cold water rebirthing. the tingling will be replaced by increas ed awareness and peace. etc. I do not use muscle testing very often. among other things. diet. or life force energy. Rebirthing Many years ago. (Well. there are many yogic techniques designed to enhance awareness and movement of the kundalini. which was borne out by the practice of rebirthing. Now ask a yes/no question pertaining to your life path. and repeat the process.person. One of the systems currently in use is Dr. Sometimes it's subtle. there may be hyperventilation and tetany (partial paralysis). but it is minimized. anything not in alignment with the increased energy will push itself to the surface of consciousnes s to be released. other tim es very intense. Prana. but it IS an indication that higher energy is encountering blocks in the nadis or energy meridians of the body. David Hawkins and others use and refine these techniques and know a lot more about biokinesiology than I do. I'm sure you will experience some form of this if you continue to meditate and practice conscious breathing. PAIN IS RESISTANCE TO THE LIFE FORCE. Now state something that is obviously true. and no pause between the exhale and next inhale. but it is sometimes a useful barometer for things t he conscious mind may not be aware of. or relive traumas. Once the blockages have been dissolved. This process involves drawing in a full complete breath and then relaxing the exhale with a sigh. SUFFERING IS RESISTANCE TO PAIN. When you are rapidly increasing the prana (life force) in your body over a short period of time. These effects are also caused by not relaxing the exhale during the breathing process. that moves up and down the spine.

is chi. A conscience is an innate knowingness of what is right and best for our soul growth and the soul growth of others. The belief that we are unworthy and deserving of punishment (guilt) is what creates karma. as can humor. A good ten min utes of hysterical laughter can heal just about anything -. intellect. Letting go of guilt erases karma.all he can think about is his next meal. every prayer and positive thought does make a difference. you cannot teach philosophy to a starving student . I am somewhat identifi ed with my little self. we forgiv e and move on. True forgiveness involves the ability to not only overlook an error. there is a natural compassion that arises. we must communicate to the level of that soul. Notwithstanding the above. If I know I have infinite worth and value. I would say about 90% of all ailments are emotional in origin. When one has denied the true Self. The level of identification varies from day to day." Apathy is a form of denial that results in staying stuck in ignorance. A Word about Healing Priorities It has been said by many (and I agree) that you cannot teach higher truths while lower issues are dominating ± in other words. for probably all of us. The Psychology of Healing There are many writings that go deep into the subject of emotions vs. God¶s Love is always ready to wash away all trace of guilt and shame. Another powerful factor in healing is forgiveness. even if we are not aware of the effects. I can only get angry and resentful if I believe I am my personality and/or body. but rise above it by seeing that no bad deed can ever erase the fact that we were created totally innocent and have always been and will always be totally innocent. laughter produces tears. It . Like all humans. We must recognize where a soul is in terms of experience and if we feel guided to help that soul. For example. We remember that nothing can take away our God -given innocence and perfection. Regardless of what horrible things we may have done in this lifetime or another. Many psychologists believe crying and laughter are the best healers. I cannot teach calculus to a student who has not learned her times tables. detachment. if someon e were to say something insulting about me. The times when I am able to forgive in this manner are the times when I consciously understand that I am infinitely bigger than the issue. Releasing pent -up grief and sadness can be very therapeutic. However. Emotions and intellect must be balanced. Of course. hour to hour. comes naturally as a result of understanding and self -awareness and is definitely not the same as "indifference" which is a pleasant name for "apathy. one becomes insensitive and callous to the suffering of others. When I am in touch with my true Self. then I am not truly offended and can let it go. This does not mean we should not have a conscience. If we make a mistake. so the tears are a major part of the healing. as I've defined it earlier.several prominent doctors including Norman Cousins and Gerald Jampolsky relate stories about healing cancer through humor. or qi. Insensitivity means one has suppressed one's feelings and turned a blind eye to the suffering of others.

Oftentimes. those we least expect to give us a boost along the path are the ones that are the most effective. In fact. or do they make you dependent on them in some way? Are they inclusive of other paths. the more detached I am. The best teachers I've had have usually been rather anonymous and downplayed thei r level of awareness. how do we know whether or not a teacher or guide is genuine and beneficial for our growth? It is rare for ego to not get in the way when a person declares him/herself a teacher. Remember Rajneeshpuram in Oregon? The fleet of Rolls Royces? Swami's personal secretary that was blinded by power? The animosity with the local towns? Although Rajneesh once said we use the teachings to go beyond them. Someone who constantly pushes our buttons may be our greatest teacher. it appears swami's biggest message was how NOT to build an ashram. Although I liked the essence of Rajneesh/Osho's teachings. This may be so. This is true healing. the ashram environment was fraught with problems. the best way to cultivate compassion is to reach out and help another soul. or do they tell you their path is the only way? The definition of a cult involves group dependence on a particular leader and a strict adherence to his/her teachings. Does the teacher strengthen and enhance your own natural abilities. because then my only desire is to help another soul and I am not concerned for my own petty drama. I put some of the responsibility for the problems on swami and some of it on his . One teacher that immediately comes to mind is Rajneesh (also known as Osho). Oftentimes. the purpose of a teacher is to make him/herself unnecessary. then came to America for several years. When determining the validity of a teacher or teaching. he certainly succeeded in getting the point across.means we have failed to see our brothers as ourselves. Detachment. the first thing to ask yourself is whether or not you feel empowered. but there will always be a need for enlightened leadership and guidance. on the other hand. the easier it is to become compassionate and sensitive. Or to put it another way. Gurus and Spiritual Teachers It has been said that we are moving out of the age of gurus and teachers and into the age of personal mastery. We get so focused on the ³otherness of the other´ that we forget about our own problems long enough to realize that just maybe they weren¶t so all-encompassing in the first place. The purpose of a guru is to teach disciples that they do not need a guru. th en returned to India where he died in the 1990s. means one is not emoti onally caught up in the 3D drama. So the question is. He taught in India for many years. If that was his intention. A teacher may or may not have a label or spiritual name.

you are completely in the present moment and the moment opens up into eternity. Krishnamurti said "truth is a pathless land" and I believe I know what he meant by that. for example. Oftentimes different gurus and teachers use opposite or very different approaches to achieve the same result. I experienced a blissed -out yogi. The paradox is that while we must remain vigilant. but are mot ivated primarily by their desire to make a buck.´ What's interesting is that both paths move you toward enlightenment. Krishnamurti denied he was a guru and abhorred the idea of followers. both the good and bad of the ashrams is a reflection on the teacher and teaching. Many teachers h ave shared their difficulties in bringing enlightenment into the everyday arena of earthly life. The more it strives. I only hope that swami's followers learned whatever it was that their souls wanted to learn from their experiences.´ Krishnamurti said ³deny everything. J. There are many so called spiritual teachers who can spout great words of wisdom. but whittling away at the ego's defenses is likely to greatly accelerate one's spiritual evolution. The ego constantly strives for enlightenment. What meets with greater success is the ability of the guru to be a mirror for the student's own inattention. the two teachers mentioned above. . Unfortunately it is very rare for a teacher to transmit enlightenment to a student. Unfortunately. there is a transformation that takes place if the student h as a high enough level of awareness to be open and receptive. cautious and discerning. the more it drives away truth. Some teachers continuously and emphatically deny the need for teachers.followers. There¶s an easy litmus test for discerning the true teacher: Are the disciples¶ lives getting better? Are they happier th an they were before joining the group? Are they more prosperous? Are their relationships improving? Are they more independent and self -sufficient? When a teacher shares a high level of awareness. blissed -out yogis do not always provide the most effective teachings in the outer world. They took paths on opposite sides of the mount ain. J. The question regarding whether or not Rajneesh misled his followers is this: Did he make conscious decisions that adversely affected other souls? Or was he blissfully unaware of some of the ego -meanderings of his disciples? When I made eye contact with him. Rajneesh said ³accept everything. Rajneesh and Krishnamurti. Two of the biggest motivators in earthly life are money and fame. They can all say the same thing but often the energy and wisdom are not really there. we must also surrender our egos and become like little children ± empty of preconceived concepts and willing to learn something new. When you deny everything. When you accept everything. all illusions fall away and only that which can never be denied remains. Yet he had ma ny the world over. Take. Since what we attract reflects our own consciousness. Egos hate to have their errors pointed out.

We are all equal in God's eyes. it means that at least subconsciously they want to be helped. To arrange a reading with yours truly. Sometimes a technique that bypasses the rational mind is quite effective. Most of the time if someone comes to me.Some groups definitely behave more like a cult than a genuine spiritual teaching. When seeking out a genuine psychic or intuitive. while others are very close d and difficult to read. A lthough we will disagree in various matters. ³What is the n ature of«´ or ³What is the energy of«´ or ³What do you see regarding this relationship or that job?´ As a reader and healer. I use both." While this may sometimes be good advice. ³Is this person giving me useful information. This is not meant to be a judgment of how they spend their money. When using healing techniques. Some therapists use confrontation and tricker y to get clients to let of their defenses. click here. they are easy to read and easily helped along their path. but their lives should be a reflection of their teachings. . I for one would not spend hundreds of dollars just to hear this message repeated over and over for several hours. it is my job to help break down their defenses. There are very few enlightened teachers t hat do not have human foibles. each of us has a unique set of talents and abilities that contribute to the cosmic symphony. some people are control freaks (I kn ow from personal experience). A Word about Readers and Healers Another area that bears mentioning is readers and headers. then what we need now are groups of leaders that are willing to put their egos in their proper place (as humble ser vants) and come together to create the new world. sometimes one is preferable over the other. Teachers who do get wealthy from their teachings are hop efully doing something with their wealth that is contributing to the good of the planet. If the age of the guru is truly over. I find that some people are like open books. My approach is usually more gentle. They may say beautiful things. looking beyond the veneer to the real self within and speaking directly to that self. Some readers rely a lot on symbology while others are more direct. Most who think they are above and beyond their humanness are in denial. I am particularly wary of groups that charge exorbitant fees for their workshops and seminars. we will do so with respect for the other members of the society ± recognizing that the most important thing and the overwhelming reason for being here on Earth is to learn and grow into greater expressions of Go d¶s Love. A better way to word questions would be. The world will eventually mature to the point where everyone will be a leader. you should ask yourself. depending on the level of understanding of the client. and so if they appear very closed. such as "you cre ate your own reality" and "follow your joy. or just fortune -telling?´ Part of the problem lies in the quality of requests from clients: "Will I meet the man of my dreams?" or "Can you speak to my deceased?" are usually not questions that help us investigate our deeper selves.

Do you really want to consult about the stock market with an entity that has never been in embodiment during the era of stock market commerce? If the entity is high ly aware. In fact. or they become dependent on such energies/entities for knowled ge and guidance. chakras.For others. This is particularly true if the topic involves earthly affairs for which the entity has had very little experience. etc. although I do a form of conscious channeling myself. We tend to have preconceived ideas and opinions about mythical figures and gods. it is not necessary to know about meridians. A space of safety and nurturing is very important. Explanations may satisfy the mind. Occasionally a channel will also have a thorough background in psychology and science. a therapist/teacher who works out of Los Angeles and conducts yearly Wesak celebrations at Mt. For most. use the following criteria when selecting a channel: Is the information relevant to my spiritual growth? Does it help me expand my awareness? Are there positive results from following the entity¶s advice? Am I stronger and more confident in my own abilities as a result of spending time with the entity? Do the entity¶s teachings foster lov e and selfacceptance? I am especially cautious about those who work with the ³spiritual hierarchy´ or ³archangels´. in many different dimensions. he/she/it may be able to read your energy and give you accurate advice. energies. Stone embraces the "spiritual hierarchy". but I believe he is one of only a few people who is doing so rationally. as well as the angels. but I would not bet all my shares of IBM on this. A Word about Channelers I am not real hot on channeling. Dr. Stone's best remark is "a real spiritual teacher has only one goal create God . This is not to say there are not some good channels. a detailed explanation of how and why the healing works is appropriate. but they do little to promote healing. who are all a part of our One Being. All healing comes from God. An example is Dr. The therapist is only a vehicle or channel for God¶s limitless healing power. the person receiving the entity may have more knowledge than the entity. it is only necessary for the client to let down his/her defenses and allow their own God Presence to come through.. But what most peop le fail to realize is that just because someone channels a discarnate or so -called higher entity does not mean the entity has accurate information. entities. node s. Joshua David Stone. As with all other teachers and healers. I am extremely wary of most channeled material and in fact. All the healer does is create an environment where the client can heal him/herself. not what is really there. Dr. Dr. etheric imprints or akashic records. energy patterns. a lot of it holds no interest for me. I am aware there are many beings. but there are not that many people who have the necessary discernment to work actively with these energi es/entities in a way that supports soul growth and awareness. I believe the vast majority of channelers and telepaths are either gullible and believe whatever these energies/entities tell them. Shasta in Northern California. Stone has written numerous books and has an especially good article on his website about how we see what we want to see.

The Hopi Prophecy depicts a descending spiral (3D). . we are entering the "fifth world. among other ³false prophets. heale rs and channelers as well.consciousness in his/her students. Earth Changes According to the Hopi. as spoken of in Jose Arguelles¶ books an d the work of David Wilcock in hisConvergence series. causing widespread war and famine. famine. The fourth world is dying as we speak. causing mutation in humans. The latest information suggests the following cataclysms: 2007 ± Economic collapse brought about by high energy prices and infla ted currency. In Life On the Cutting Edge . all ending in various cataclysms. war. fell in vibration to its present sorry state." All true teachers seek to empower their students. It represents the pinnacle of third -dimensional ego-based power-driven competitive masculine archetypes. characterized by a ruling elite. which means ³illumined ones. 2012 ± Earth enters into electromagnetic null zone. 3D scenario--The descending spiral on the Hopi petroglyph refers to those souls who steadfastly refuse to raise their vibrations out of third density or who allow themselves to be misled down an ego-based path by the ruling elite and the entertainment/media complex. They are apparently based on the soul's projection of the current states of awareness (and the anticipated raising of awareness) of the populace. signifying the end of the Great Cycle.´ The original illumined elite became corrupted by identification with the material world and hence. not make them dependent followers. etc. called the ³Illuminati´. a shining sun (4D) and a stairway to heaven (5D). I get these numbers from my soul or higher self." There have been at least four previous worlds (and I suspect many more). The process will likely be complete by 2030. 2012.´ The most likely scenario to unfold over the next two decades involves the majority of present -day humans exiting the earth plane through death by various means--immune system failure or exotic diseases. This applies to readers. The 80-20-0. an entire chapter is devoted to the various scenarios that mark the closing of the Great Cycle. See Illuminati and the Dark Forces.1 ratio outlined below hasn¶t changed significantly during that time. Below I offer a description of these three paths. My predictions have been very consistent over the past 25 years. The dates of major cataclysmic events will likely be 2007. 2017 and 2030.

they will assist those in the 4D realities (and perhaps even those on other 3D worlds). including the Mayan calendar.2017 ± Comet brush-by (the false Wormwood) causing severe mutation in humans. They will enter into the 5D Earth. They will exit through death and be reincarnated on another planet more suitable for 3D entities. Based on numerous sources. Those who are on the ascension spiral will be accelerated at light speed into the 5th dimension at that time. From this vantage point. life -creating thoughts in their consciousness. a world of indescribable beauty and harmony. A very tiny portion of the ascending group will go on into the celestial realms (6D . the present oil crisis and devaluing of stocks will lead to an economic collapse.1%) of Earth¶s souls will likely achieve ascension during this lifetime. Our consciousness . It could also trigger massive cataclysms in the 3D and 4D realms. 5D scenario (the ascending stai rway on the Hopi petroglyph)--About 10 to 30 million (<0. Those at lower vibrations will likely leave their bodies at that time and be tran sferred to another planetary school to continue their lessons. instantly mutating all living cellular organisms. 2030 ± Asteroid brush-by (the true Wormwood or Planet X) causing severe electromagnetic imbalances.* Details Regarding Specific Years According to well-placed sources. creating a zero -point vacuum in the time-space continuum. 4D scenario (the Hopi sun representing the fifth world) --About one-fifth (20%) of the population will likely create spiritually -based intentional communities in areas of the Earth not overly subject to natural disaster. something highly significant is expected to occur on December 20. including complete failure of telecommunications and computer systems. My information suggests this is when Earth will enter the electromagnetic null zone. The EM null zone is a region of space whereby the magnetic polarities temporarily collapse. 2012.8D). These people will live in relative paradise. due to the dominance of positive. sufficient to trigger mass ascension in soul s who are ready to receive it. a heavenly body (probably an asteroid) brushes the Earth and causes varying degrees of cataclysm (depending on its tra jectory and effect on the EM fields of Earth). likely around the year 2007 (sooner if the present administration in the USA is re-elected). About 80% of humanity will likely choose the 3D path. The outer effect of this shift would be a wave of tremendous incoming energy. They will harness alternative energy sources to power their communities. but most of them will have a desire to help raise the awareness of 3D and 4D civilizations and will therefore stay with the 5D Earth. I was given information and saw visions indicating that in 2017 the tail of a comet wil l brush Earth. according to Zecharia Sitchin and others. Approximately every 3600 years.

I say. because we draw experiences to us based on our consciousness. which I believe is scheduled to occur in 2030. or whatever name you want to call it are described in elaborate detail in early civilizations. Whether or not this causes a pole shift or some other shift remains to be seen. More Details on the Changes I do believe we are in for a turbulent time in the years ahead. bring on the changes! The degree of our consciousness will determine whether or not we are wipe d out by a natural event. or from Visa and MasterCard? Do we believe we need all this old world stuff in order to protect the body? From w hat? I figure the worst that could happen is that we might lose these shells (our bodies). OR we can be part of the 20% that evolve s into 4D and creates enlightened self -sufficient communities on the New Earth. the comet (or whatever) will have minimal effect on Earth. The choice is ours! Our only problem is: How attached to that old world are we? How much do we cherish that Hummer in the driveway (or SUV or whatever)? Do we believe our sustenance comes from God. 3. but more than likely its relatively small size and unusual orbit would cause it to be mistaken for an ordinary asteroid until a few years before it enters Earth's orbit. Episodes of Wormwood. of course. We are nearing the end of consumer mentality because we are running out of easily extractable oil. If enough of us wake up.1% of humanity that evolves into 5D and becomes part of the Heavenly Earth (the Ascension). we can take them into the 5th dimension if we want. or an area with decreased electromagnetic activity.can greatly affect the severity of this brush -by. Niburu. If we keep slumbering soundly and voting for neo -conservatives and greater ³security´. Choosing a Scenario There is. This will bring all that is false to the . This will f orce us to embrace higher technologies or go the way of the dinosaurs (in the 3D plane). a choice. There is a debate as to why scientists have not yet discovered this incoming object. Actually. OR we can be part of the <0. we will likely be rudely awakened by a global event of some sort. This could be due to suppression. We are waking up to our multidimensional selves. as it is at least half the size of Earth) also has a group of beings called the Nibiruans in the ninth density of the planetoid. We are moving into what has been called an "electromagnetic nu ll zone". for the following reasons: 1. Planet X. We can be part of the 80% of humanity that stays in 3D and goes down with the ship (reincarnating onto another 3D world). Apparently this asteroid (or planetoid. some of whom influenced the early evolution of Earth. 2.

Our awareness of God is directly proportional to our overall health. soul fragmentation. I take all stories of doomsday with a grain of sea salt. Any social or politica l structures based on the old paradigm will swiftly fall away and be replaced by 4D structures. unresolved emotions. and sometimes total cataclysm (as with the dinosaurs). but many are saying the Earth could flip on its axis. and may choose to exit through immune system failure. I believe up to half of humanity could experience immune system failure as we approach the end of the Great Cycle and the energies get very intense. I think it¶s likely that Planet X is a planetoid much smaller than Earth. Others may still choose to create terror.) 5.´ The collective subconscious of all people with terror thoughts will create a reality based on terror. When a comet's tail brushes the Earth. this would require a tremendous change in momentum. A polarity shift would . etc. it sometimes causes mild disturbances. pollution. greater than anything since the Big Bang probably. 4. (Not that there¶s that much difference between a comet and an asteroid as far as the effects of a brush -by are concerned. It¶s true that the EM field changes polarity every so often. we ARE God expressing through individual body/mind complexes. Realize that we are perfect creations of God. Ther e are enough independent astronomers (not bought and paid for by the Illuminati) that are searching the heavens that I think by now we would have something definitive if a large body were approaching Earth. but the large ones should already be visible. but capable of doing significant damage. Jung called this the ³collective unconscious´. They are reminders of the alternative to awakening. but we will be largely unaffected by it if our consciousness does not buy into it. More on Self-Fulfilling Prophecies What is manifest in the 3D world is the composite projection of the thoughts of all 3D souls. the answer is always the same.. Whether or not the immune system is compromised by Illuminati experiments. If we do not like the picture we see. as if we need to be reminded. The Planet X debate is a hot one these days. Many are subconsciously overwhelmed and unable to cope with the rising energies. A small comet or asteroid could perhaps not be de tected until a few years before impact or brush-by. we know what to do --change our thoughts. This is already happening. or to put it one step further. I will call it the ³collective subconscious. but I say it was the tail of a comet. 6.surface to be released. scientists say it was an asteroid that killed the dinos. I know. In order for the earth to reverse its direction of rotation or turn upside down. There is talk of a pole shift.

Therefore. If the North pole were positive and the South pole negative. Although Newton is a bit outdated. I look forward to the day when that planet is no longer Earth. deceit and revenge to the ir heart's content. for instance.have very little impact on the rate or method of the earth's rotation. and vice versa. perhaps we should be a little less reliant on such for our well -being. then after the shift the North pole will be negative and the South pol e positive. It is likely that most life forms would either move into a higher density or die off and reincarnate elsewhere. The Earth would continue rotating as before. Most 6D and higher entities have a difficult time com municating directly with Earth souls in a language they can understand. giving us some preparation time. Dimensions and Densities Most of the information in this article can be examined in depth in ³ Life On the Cutting . It certainly could under the right conditions (ascension). even if you have a great level of awareness? Some do in fact give assistance. where they can play their games of torture. Low pressure areas would spin clockwise in the northern hemisphere instead of counter clockwise. not a physical reversal. The most serious effect of a polarity shift would be on devices that utilize the electromagnetic field to operate. with all the human distortions. 7D or 8D. See Angels and Archangels. there would have to be some huge outside force acting upon the Earth. Unless Earth is hit by a large asteroid. if such a reversal were to take place. After all. Finding a clear channel is not easy. His laws of motion dictate that in order for the Earth to physically reverse its poles. for instance. Nevertheless. I've heard from a number of sources (so I'm sure it's not just wishful thinking) that there is a special planet being set up to receive the bloodthirsty warmongers who currently rule the Earth. but the field generated would flow in the opposite direction. a polarity shift will likely occur in stages. This is not to say that the human body would not survive such a shift. As for the electronics. This would include such things as human bodies. how do you describe the vastness of higher dimensions. Cold areas could become warm. I think we can expect a major EM disturbance in our lifetime. the effects could be drastic. it would likely be the result of collision with a la rge asteroid or rogue planet. some of his laws are pretty important. electronics (including our beloved Internet) and the vortex and energy centers of Earth herself. A polarity shift means that the electromagnetic field around the Earth changes. but most prefer to use telepathy and channeling. ----------------------------*NOTE: It's a lot easier to help 3D and 4D from 5D than it is to help from 6D. but a few do manage to get through. There would be great magnetic storms across the Ear th due to the change in pressure zones. by using teleportation and holographic p rojection. but it would most likely cause only a polarity shift.

It is here that we truly see that we are not separate -. The reason I bring all this up is that a lot of people seem to confuse conformity with unity and they get a bad taste in their mouth when they see words like "utopia.that we are one being living in one universe created by one God.feeding the hungry. The word ³Maya´ represents the lower four dimensions of reality ± the worlds of duality. This is the world of time. because the early stages of individuality can involve turmoil and violence (which n ormally needs to be held in check through some sort of police force). expelling the dictators. there does not appear to be a current political system that reflects this (maybe politics becomes a moot point when one ente rs the 5th dimension). The 3rd dimension represents conformity (following a leader) and the corresponding political system is often socialism (or its cousin. In this a rticle. It is very difficult to live in a state of freedom while in the world. compassion is normal.they must first go through individuality (freedom to express who they are without government interference). which I go into in the book. etc.´ my self-help manual. everyone creates their own version of reality and we are not responsible for another's karma. Our actions have a definite effect on the 3D world and there's a lot of 3D action we can do to help alleviate the sufferin g. What I see here involves three levels. This can refer to dimensions or densities. I call them 3D. I will focus primarily on dimensions. depending on their consciousness. I mention in the book that level confusion is a big problem. The 4th dimension represents individuality and creativity and the corre sponding political system is capitalism (in its ideal state when people are mature enough to make it work)." After all. Our minds are microcosms of the Universal Mind (macrocosm). created and maintained by mind through personal and collective belief syst ems. Spirit within directs us to take the best possible action to help ourselves and our fellow aspects of God. There is actually a difference between densities and dimensions. The 4th dimension is the realm of karma (cause and effect). natural and spontaneous. The 3rd dimension is the realm where suffering is a tr agedy that can be prevented by taking 3D action -. The 5th dimension is the realm of love and compassion. The lower four dimensions of our Universe are created. The 5th dimension is unity (completely different fro m conformity) and involves mature spiritual beings co-creating together while respecting each others' individuality. When we live in 5D. voting for peace instead of war. people cannot jump from conformity to unity -. Unfortunately.Edge. 4D and 5D. thought and mind. fourth and fifth dimensions and how they relate to common political systems. control led and maintained by the mind. It is only when the individual raises his/her vibration sufficiently (through self-awareness) that true unity is possible. communism). In this realm. Real . I also want to touch on and clarify the social difference between the third. People can create a 4D heaven or 4D hell. for lack of better terms.

imaginative. unlike the onion. yet the higher layers contains the lower ones. I cannot even visualize this. To reiterate. Love is a higher-dimensional reality that is distorted as it ³cascades down´ into the realms of perceived's hard to fathom this with our 3D brain s. ego Creative. as I see it -. soul level (last level of individuality) Oversoul level (group consciousness) Avatar level (a high level of ma stery) Christ level (unconditionally loving consciousness) Cosmic level (cosmic consciousness) God level (God consciousness) Universal level (Universal consciousness) The Void. The higher dimensions are where duality and separation are seen as illusions. while others conflict. If I join an organization that helps feed people. animalistic Intellectual. emotional. psychic. in ascending order: Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 State of Consciousness Existence. rational mind. for instance. love Causal level. etc. logical. intuitive Pure intelligence. but I feel it to be true. the "reverse onion" analogy suggests that the lower dimensions are contained within the higher ones. and so they are more vast. Thin k of an onion.Love begins in the 5th dimension. non-biological Instinctual. Some choices are aligned with all three dimensions. My goal is to always align these three realms when I make decisions. We are living in all three of these realms (3D.). It is indeed difficult to convey the reality of higher dimensions to those of us who appear to be stuck in the lower dimensions. I might do so on a 5D level because those starving children are aspects of my Self. romantic. and the work of many metaphysical pioneers seems to back it up. whose in ner layers are smaller. What about the higher dimensions? It's hard to put higher dimensions into Earthly language. I might do so on a 4D level because I feel a karmic sense of responsibility or because it feels good. but reversed from the way it is normally described. I might do so on a 3D level because I don't want to see people suffer. That is why we have so many forms (agape. 4D. This table shows the levels of consciousness. insight. The higher dimensions are deeper and more essential than the superficial "outer" layers. 5D and many more) simultaneously and making choices based on the dominant realm at the time of the choice. the Great Mystery . Dimensions are both concave and convex simultaneously.

My understanding of the astral is as follows: There are several ³negative´ astral levels. lower emotional realms High: Etheric. creative realms High: Soul (last level of individuality) Oversoul (social memory complex) Master oversoul. lower God worlds Higher God realms Universal realms The source. these experiences are seen as dreams. unmanifested creation I've borrowed some terms from Eckankar and other disciplines. there is not always a sharp demarcation between levels. Remember that densities and dimensions are labels for convenience only so that our intellects can grasp these ideas. If they are fourth dimensional vibrations. In these ³lower´ realms. fear thoughts manifest as grotesque apparitions. I personally do not live in fear of the reptilians or their agenda of fear because I know that overcoming fear within my consciousness is the answer. I've refined my system of dimensions and densities somewhat based on personal experience and verification from other sources. In actuality. or part of the ³maya´ of the lower four dimensions. the mystery. celestial heavens Christ planes. monsters.Over the years. the Tao The void. places where soul fragments journey to learn about separation. atmic plane Avatar planes. poltergeists or negative ETs. When we reach the higher realms. My own exploration concurs with many others that there are many sub-planes within each major density level. going beyond the ³maya´ into the 5th dimension is the way to freedom. etc. Here's what I've got: 1st Density: 2nd Density: 3rd Density: 4th Density 4th Density 5th Density 5th Density 6th Density: 7th Density: 8th Density: 9th Density: 10th Density: 11th Density: 12th Density: 13th and beyond: Mineral kingdom Plant & lower animal kingdom Higher animal & lower human Low: Astral. lucid dreaming. o ut-of-body experiences. . the truth is that these beings can only affect us if we vibrate at a level that attracts t hem. higher mental realms Low: Causal. fear and terror. There is a lot of talk about negative entities and their effect on humans. Whether ghosts. Buddhic planes. then like all 4D entities. etc. including what many religions call ³purgatory´ or the ³netherworlds´. but this is based on my own perceptions. Regardless of whether or not "reptilians" are real ETs or only holographic projections does not ultimately matter. In the higher regions of the ³astral´ are common dream states.

the more . each one of us has at least 12 dimensions of being.) There is some confusion as to what is ³inner´ and what is ³outer´ with respect to densities. the place of higher imagination. David Hawkins. The more we desire to experience 5D or higher and put our attention there. As multidimensional beings we exist simultaneously in all densities and dimensions. most of us are vibrating at a composite level between 3D and 4D. The upper etheric realms encroach upon the mental realms. Our level of vibration corresponds to the composite total of where we place our attention. Many years ago I was briefly introduced to Eckankar. the akashic records and divine blueprint of each soul are part of the causal planes. I was informed by my higher self and through muscle testing that my composite vibration at the beginning of 2004 was approximately 4. When we are in our center. Beyond these are the causal planes. which have a more refined vibration. They are causal because they ³control´ the 3D and 4D worlds through a complex series of crystal grids (think of sacred geometric figures. celestial planes and other ³God -worlds´. Within the Earthly sphere. most of humanity is vibrating a lot lower than that. It is here that higher thoughts are coalesced into DNA and other life-form structures. The variable here is awareness. As you might have guessed. only now in multi colored swirling patterns). and I noted they had a chart of the higher densities that I thought was quite accurate. Beyond the astral is what is commonly called the ³etheric´ realms. we realize we already exist in 5D. The service -toothers (STO) urge is spontaneous and natural because we are all One.5 (450 on the Hawkins scale). (I'll bet you ca n get a copy of the chart on the Internet. Regarding our multidimensional nature: This is a paradox we are investigating here. It's all one continuous energy ema nating from the One and we are the collective creation doing the emanating. realms of great beauty and perfection. We are simply unaware of the vast majority of Who We Are. In fact. Next up the ladder (corresponding roughly to 6D and 7D) are the soul and oversoul realms. Using the calibration scale developed by Dr. The ³outer´ is an illusion. Where is our attention? Are we stuck in attachment to the physical? Are we stuck in our heads? Are we too much heart and not enough ³gut´? What scripts are we still playing out that bind us to the realm of karma? Are we denying our emotional bodies or squelching our emotional desires based on a belief they are not spiritual? The 6D perspective looks lovingly on humanity and does not judge. The easy way around this is that everything is ³inner´.All this is corroborated in many books by many teachers.

Suffice it to say that the man people call Jesus was most likely in relation ship with Mary Magdalene and perhaps even had children. If I say more. that tackles the subject of the cover-up of the matriarchal components of God. any descriptions will fall short. Whether this takes a month or 1000 years is irrelevant since we already exist in 5D and higher.´ The Old Testament is the bloodiest book I have ever read. those experiences involve going back and healing aspe cts of self that vibrate in 3D and 4D. The density scale I use was given me by my God presence and the detailed descriptions are available in Life On the Cutting Edge Comments on the Bible Aaahh. from John Chapter 14. et al. I¶ve always . just a member. Cayce and others. above and beyond the surface.our overall vibration will move into 5D or higher. "The Da Vinci Code. Sometimes. Regarding living in 5D: If it were that easy. The part of us that is aware is like the tip of an iceberg. I particularly like. Note it did not say he was the ³top dog´ of the Order. such as David Wilcock¶s Convergence series and the work of Ra. there's Genesis 1: ³Man was created in the image and likeness of God. He was obviously on a guru trip and demanded obedient disciples. the Inquisition.´ And from Hebrews Chapter 7: "Jesus was in the Order of Melchizedek [a higher priesthood than any on Earth]". groups and countless self -help books and techniques. Jehovah was an ET from the Sirius star system and came to Earth from seventh density. verse 12: ³These things shall ye do. He had no qualms about sending his followers off to war to tear open the bellies of pregnant women. and greater things than these shall ye do.. etc. The vast majority of WHO WE ARE lies below. Not my idea of a loving God!!! I recently read a wonderful book. According to my telepathically received information. and others have talked about this. This is a difficult subject because words are inadequate to express anything beyond 5D. I highly recommend it. the subject of the Bible. but until we experi ence these directly. That's why we have spiritual teachers. There's a lot of self-discipline and study that goes into this for most of us. the more we focus our attention on our 5D selves. Most of it is hogwash. but there are a few gems. and need only place our awareness there to experience it. rewrote the Bible." by Dan Brown. And of course. The early Church. I will spoil it for those who haven't read the book. At times we get glimpses of realms beyond the beyond. omitting many of the books and leaving out many of the most insightful parts. However. I have an inner knowing that there are densities or dimensions beyond 6D. we'd all be ther e already. the more we are drawn to those experiences that accelerate our evolution into 5D.

Unity. No matter how horrendous things are on Earth. This is the real lesson of the crucifixion. for they shall see the Kingdom of God. it's a must see for its educational value. others say there were three different "Christs". Praise the Lord! Blessed are the pure in heart. Instead of learning how to overcome and resurrect. and yet still manages to overcome and break free of illusions. These New Thought Christian churches have millions of followers. at the end of the movie (this isn¶t quite spoiling it). and greater things than these« John 14:12 Beyond Mind . It is unclear. The biggest problem with the content of these religions is t he focus on sin and guilt. Fortunately. Christ resurrects and it is as if the whole tortuous cycle had never existed. It could have been a simple mis -translation. there are many conflicting accounts of the Biblical time period. however. There's probably a bit of truth in each viewpoint. These things shall ye do. most mainstream Christians only see what they want to see in the Bible because they are hung up on the cross (pun intended).had the impression that Mary Magdalene did a whole lot more with Jesus than just rub ointment on his feet. To reiterate. how many people actually believe they are unconditionally love d. there are alternatives to the fundamentalists. but you'll be glad when it's over. Some say Jesus did not really exist. As for the movie." Really? He never said that to me. ³Passion of the Christ. Oh well. The meaning of the ³sacrifice´ is that no matter what trials and tri bulations we may go through in our own personal lives. Actually. you already know all about them Bible-thumpin' types. However. we have the ability to extricate ourselves and be free of illusion. we can still ascend. most Christians are obsessed with the cross and the idea that ³Christ died for our sins. Science of Mind and even Christian Science all operate from the premise that God is Love and that God keeps on loving us no matter how misguided we may become.´ What a preposterous idea! How can one man 2000 years ago absolve all our so-called misdeeds? The truth of the matter is that people who are locked in guilt and fear need a scapegoat ± someone to project their misery upon. what is the lesson? One of the lessons demonstrated by Jesus is that no matter how deeply ensnared in 3D we become. And then there's that tiresome "only begotten son" crap. someone else somewhere has it worse. and instead simply repeat flowery affirmations by rote in order to feel good for an hour each Sunday.´ we are treated to a two-hour ordeal of the last days of Christ. In the movie. but the question remains. About Fundamental Christianity and Fundamentalist Religions The biggest problem with fundamentalist religion is the blind adherence to beliefs that have been passed down and distorted along the way. "Christ di ed for our sins.

the sacred space that Krishnamurti talked about at length. This can be likened to the computer -generated world in the "Matrix" movies. Some of those non-moments contained mostly emptiness. we don't allow it to control our minds quite as severely. J. and perhaps our moments of silence will grow. Both thought and time are the cornerstones of the world created by mind. As for who controls the realms beyond the fourth dimension. Universal Mind is a combination of the collective thoughts of all life forms plus the thoughts of the Creator (the Tao. there is no way we can perceive what is beyond mind -. the Void. we could say they are created in a different way than the lower four dimensions.I have often said there are levels beyond mind. This implies there is an aspect of the Creator/Creation that exists in the silence. the meaning of the w ord "mind" has been taken several ways. As we ascend in awareness and realize t he petty nature of the ego. which reconstructs itself and comes back to battle the issues of the day. Obviously. After all. there is a lot that exists beyond mind. Also. what ends the silence is the ego. from ³the active agent of consciousness´ to ³everything that is. we experience that which is eternal (not bound by time and space). you are at the effect of your mind (and perhaps the minds of other souls if you allow that). etc. but from within. When we awaken from the illusion of perception . and some of them contained something else that there are no words for. it's hard to provide concrete evidence of what's beyond mind. My personal experiences are that a river of light/love containing Infinite Intelligence (or God) controls mind.we have a hard enough time trying to perceive what mind has created since we tend to blame outer circumstances instead of inner beliefs for what we experience in the world. As with any subjective experience. When we are in the higher realms. I have spent perhaps 30 minutes in the silence. and all "normal" communication mediums (including telepathy) are constructed with thought. you can rearrange the ball anyway you like. The so-called higher dimensions exist outside the realms of time and space and are not subject to mind. words and descriptions are products of thought. T he main activity of mind is. From outside 4D.). Mind is a product of the Infinite or is created by the Infinite. except as a game the Creator enjoys playing in the lower realms. It seems we live in an open -ended Universe that is continually expanding int o new dimensions or densities. It's a bit like looking into one of those crystal balls that contain a landscape with "snow" that falls when you shake the ball. of course." Always. thought. . The phrase that most closely describes the space beyond thought is "eternal newness. and that is the beauty of the mystery. and thought is normally a product of time. usually a few seconds at a time. I would say pure Spirit. had perhaps the most lucid explanation of what lies beyond mind. the great philosopher and teacher. you can observe the individual and collective creations of the souls who reside in the crystal ball. but you are not bound by those creations. Krishnamurti. Therefore. the idea of creating our own reality becomes irrelevant. From outside 4D. In my entire 50 years of embodiment on Earth (this lifetime/sequence). and what we call the unmanifested void is beyond the realms of mind. In the gap between thoughts is the eternal silence.´ If use the former definition.

J. but it is free of th at knowledge--it is not burdened down by a thousand yesterdays --a flower becomes a thing of wonder because the label is absent. Perception is always distorted because it is never whole. body relaxation. paraphrased from many of his writings: ³It seems we go from the ignorant bliss of infancy to the burdens of knowledge to the emptying of that knowledge into pure insight and intelligence. Once the mind sees the futility of striving for enlightenment. It is diffi cult to put these concepts into language. we discover what is most important in life ± expressing and living God¶s Love. As we do so. you will experience (or ³something´ will experience) the "not I". Our awareness is free to be anywhere and everywhere at once²something impossible for the mind to grasp. The "not I" will be everywhere. There is only the flower. and yet all wisdom is contained in that moment. at the same time... which we call perception. Our awareness is not limited to the body and its senses. the thought is gone.´ Every moment is eternally new. We all have a facet of the truth. and nowhere." Anything we do to try and grasp it is a movement away from it. and everything you think you are not you are. contemplate the "not I". never complete. we will only see part of it. It goes like this. without expectation. clearing the mind. It must simply dawn on the still mind witho ut invitation. It may shine with purity or it may be distorted. In other words. Krishnamurti's treatise on this subject." There's a fun little exercise I developed years ago. All creatures seek to evolve into greater awareness of the Creator . since we are speaking of a state where language cannot go. because the observer has become the observed. . It is when we dissolve the barrier between the perceiver and that which is perceived that we realize that we are everywhere. The Great Mystery seems to be that there's always a state of consciousness beyond the farthest reaches of our imagination.). One cannot achieve enlightenment.I am reminded of J. etc. It is not limited to the mind and its thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow. There is no observer observing a flower. Intelligence uses the knowledge of the mind as it sees fit. Awareness and Denial The main purpose of life is to increase our awareness. This article will explore how to overcome denial so our awareness can increase more rapidly. Go into meditation (in whatever way you usually do--breathing. with full awareness of itself. but as long as we view life through this lens. that is when it falls silent and the soul discovers that enlightenment w as there all along. A Zen Monk once decided that no matter how incredible his consciousness states were. If you do this deeply. he would re spond with "Not this. one can only remove the barriers to its presence. then imagine that everything you think you are you are not. there is no 'me' to filter it through perception and knowledge. Krishnamurti said "truth is a pathless land.

and separation always breeds more conflict and division. This may or may not be easy. Unlike ignorance. I can first become aware of my feelings and stay with them to the point of understanding them. Then I can choose to answer to a higher form of government (namely. Ignorance means being unaware: ³I don¶t know that I don¶t know´ is the popular Zen expression." But it goes deeper than that. if I realize my sustenance comes from Source and not from Visa or Mastercard. but it's unple asant and I want to put it out of my mind. The expression ³by denying them we give them power´ means that I have separated myself from them (the power elite or so -called "dark forces"). I can choose to heal any judgments. For example. I can then try to reconcile Universal Principles with earthly government and make choices that reflect love and service instead of anger and revolt. However. that's unconscious denial. The lower my personal power. If I am a multidimensional being and have some awareness of my many dimensions.´ This means either a conscious or unconscious covering up of something." This is. I can consciously choose to withdraw my energy from it. if I am angry at my government because it is run by people with less intelligence than me. I will not be aware of any denials operating within any of the other . we can take back our power and be the creators we were destined to be. We may know that we need to take responsibility for our lives." "Unconscious denial" is "not being conscious of denying something. we are at the mercy of outside forces. If I become aware of something that has power over me. that's conscious denial. In the meantime.There is a difference between denial and ignorance. conscious denial is known as suppression and unconscious denial is known as repression. Let¶s once again review the meaning of "unconscious denial. fear or vengeance I feel toward that something. to cover up something unpleasant or disturbing. For example. and that we create our own version of reality. made unconsciously. in which an entity has not yet evolved to a point where understanding is pos sible. I am well on the way to disengaging from that something. Denial is more akin to ³I don¶t know that I know. a question of awareness. resentments. Universal Principles). but I choose to focus primarily on one or two levels of being. thereby lowering my power level. Once we become aware of our suppressio n and repression. as always. the more I am influenced by so -called "dark forces. If I am aware of something. anger. particularly if I live in a system that is run by that something. unconscious denial involves a decision. In psychology. most people are in unconscious denial that their lives are being run by a power elite that has absolutely no compassion or conce rn for their well-being. If something exists and has power over me and I'm not aware of it. it may be especially difficult not to energetically "buy in" to it. If that something controls the money and resources of the system I live in. But until we get in touch with our denials.

I¶ve listed the most popular of the divining tools. that's ignorance. We must stay present with our feelings. palmistry. that's humility." that's enlightenment. Numerology and Tarot The purpose of divining tools is to increase self -awareness. For example. crystal balls and pendulums. handwriting analysis. tea leaves. but is not a major cause of the human condition.´ we can replace it with ³I am a beautiful child of God and I deserve all the best in life. we must do more than simply repeat affirmations. Our souls are always creating situations in our lives that force us to look at our denials. There are many good books on these subjects so I will not dwell on how to change our thoughts and beliefs. such as the I Ching. I¶m not an astrologer and I¶m not . and if I "know that I know. Astrology. that's unconscious denial. many others. If we have an emotional reaction to something we see in the world. I¶ll close by saying that bringing the dark corners of our psyche into the bright floodlight of truth is the way of healing. express what needs to be expressed. we might create some sort of outer violence that forces us to look at the fear. know that it i s already ours.levels. There are. for instance. Below.´ Of course. Runes. and thank God for our good. a soul wanting to learn about expression of feelings may have a lot of water signs in their natal horoscope. particularly if I am aware these other levels exist and have issues. To sum up with Zen: If I "don't know that I don't know". Self-awareness is the best tool we have to rise above our problems. if we have the belief. visualize our good coming to us. then we know we have ³bought into´ the belief systems behind that appearance. It is not to assist the ego in manipulating the future. We need to see that outer conditions are a reflection of what is happening in our consciousness. we can forgive ourselves and replace the belief with something that serves our growth. We can ask ourselves. For example. We need to be brutally honest with ourselves. The trick is to hea l our denials before they manifest as unpleasant experiences. Professional astrologers have determined many subtle details in t he relationship between an individual and the stars that correspond to major archetypes of a soul¶s experience. If I "know that I don't know". ³What takes me out of my center? What pushes my buttons?´ Then look for the belie f system behind the upset and choose a tool or methodology to change that belief system (such as the author'smeditations). ³I don¶t deserve to be happy. We can look for the subtle (and not so subtle) signs that we have an issue to be resolved. If we have a fear of being attacked. of course. Astrology Astrology exerts an influence on humans. If I "don't know that I know". Our first priority needs to be self -examination. Once we get in touch with an issue and see the mechanism of thought and belief that created it. This is not ignorance.

I do not regularly telepath with any of the Ashtar members. used properly. . the energy is 11 times more powerful. or Tree of Life. Telling somebody what¶s going to happen (even if it were possible to kno w for certain) will.. 13 and 22. but it evidently evolved from the ancient Kaballah. is not fortune telling. you do not always make TWO. Fortune telling involves abdicating responsibility for one¶s own free will. When you put ONE and ONE together. but I have met some of their "ground crew"). All divining tools are road maps to help see where you are going and how to deal with the sights along the way. Sometimes you make ELEVEN. Click here to arrange a reading with the author. in most cases. Perhaps the main meaning of master numbers like 11 is to help us remember we are all ONE. The Ashtar Command and Galactic Confederation The Ashtar Command The Ashtar Command was introduced by a channel named Tuella in the 1970s. The golden mean ratio exists in nature in many ways ± the proportion of arms to legs to hand. etc. and the position of the cards. Perhaps when two or more are gathered. and now claims dozens of channels the world over. and the Fibonacci sequence is found in the spiral shape of many creatures.going to go deeply into astrology on my site.. numerology is a trigger to help us remember our Divinity. I can recommend an astrologer if someone is interested in pursuing this further. Tarot Tarot is probably the most popular of the divining tools because it paints a picture of the major and minor archetypes of humanity. Tarot. rob the soul of needed lessons and experience. etc. Numerology Like all divining tools. Each aspect in Tarot represents a particular set of soul lessons or experiences. Many of our numbers are based on calendar interpretati ons of the motion of heavenly bodies. It is impossible to be 100% accurate when divining because free will allows a soul to change his/her mind and create something other than what¶s coming up in a reading. whether they are upright or reversed. Some significant numbers that keep showing up are 7. Numerology is primarily a divining tool because it becomes a trigger for learning more about the soul's journey. I think it's conceivable that just about any number can have significance depending on how it is used. Numerology is prevalent in the natural world. gives details about the succe ss or failure of the soul in dealing with major life lessons. There is some debate as to the origin of the Tarot. They should not tell you what to do ± that is up to you ± but they are extremely useful in bringing things to your attention that you may not have noticed. 12.

Although they observe the Prime Directive of non-interference except when invited. depending on the source of the information. Headquartered in the constellations of Lyra and the star system Alcyone. there are two main spokespersons for the gro up. These are Earth names -. not all appear to be so inclined. known as Commander Ashtar and Commander Soltec. but all are committed to the purpose of the organization. The purpose of Ashtar is to assist humanity in going through the transition commonly known as Earth Changes. The vast majority of Confederation members are pure in heart (meaning 100% in service to God's Loving Light). Their overwhelming love and service -to-others (STO) mentality has caused them to focus on ways they can assist humanity in overcoming the current crisis on Planet Earth.html. be thankful you did not engage them.spiritexpress. or depart. Whenever you are in the presence of an entity. use spiritual protection techniques and ask the entities whether or not they come in the Light of the Radiant One. or God's Loving Light. The symbols and logos for the Ashtar Command can be found at www. as the name Soltec has also been used by an ET -contact group known as Solar Cross (web page no longer available). or when reading material from other telepaths and channels. According to several groups who channel messages from the Ashtar Command. whether directly (throu gh telepathy or channeling). Both Ashtar and Sola r Cross are considered to be members of a larger galactic organization known as the Great White Brotherhood.they do not call themselves by these names. Armageddon. Like almost all organizations. Most of their members inhabit higher -dimensional worlds that are invisible to 3D humans. As with any group. which in turn belongs to the Galactic Confederation. If they do not answer. See Earth Changes. it is imperative to use discernment when contacting members of this organization. Ascension and/or Rapture. as defined below. they are one of the greatest positive influences in the ET spectrum as it applies to Earth. Ashtar consists of several thousand members from several different planetary systems. These individuals apparently belong to other galactic groups as well. The Galactic Confederation This organization consists of over 600 advanced civilizations sca ttered across our galaxy and its neighbors. they are also aware of the edict of Divine Intervention and have been given permission to openly communicate with those who are in a position to exert a positive influence on humanity. There are groups of "less light" capable of impersonating Confederation members. but they are helpful in creating a mental picture for humans. . mostly in the Orion and Pleiadean but unfortunately.The Ashtar Command is a division of the Galactic Confederation. Apocalypse. some of the members are pure in heart and some are not.

For a listing of related ETs, angels, and other spiritual beings, see the article The Truth about ETs or my book Life On the Cutting Edge.

Ascension Ascension is one of the most misunderstood processes throughout the world. Known by many names, including ³rapture´ and ³harvest´, ascension involves two steps: (1) the translation from a third-dimensional dense body to a lighter fourth-dimensional body; and (2) the transfiguration of the fourth -dimensional body to a fifth-dimensional body of light. There are actually two kinds of ascension: spiritual ascension and physical ascension. Spiritual ascension involves the liberation of the soul through dropping the physical body. Any soul who has progressed sufficiently in awareness and understanding can go through spiritual ascension. The simplified equivalent to this is ³going to Heaven after you die.´ Physical ascension has, in the past , been reserved for a select few souls who have mastered the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual facets of life and are able to take their bodies with them into the higher realms. At the present time, a major change in the Divine Plan has been implem ented, which allows for a large number of souls (up to 20 million) to go through physical ascension without having mastered every detail of physical life. This Divine Dispensation normally only occurs at the end of a Great Cycle (every 26,000 years). In ea rly 1991, in Sedona, Arizona, I spent a lot of time meditating. I received information telepathically through the filter of my "God Self". The information was quite specific and involves what I call the ³master template.´ The Master Template In Life On the Cutting Edge, I wrote about the building of the "crystal light body" and how our cells are converted into light through a complex process I call the "master template." DNA is the biological component of the master template or the Divine Program for creating sentient beings in lower densities. The secret to ascension, rejuvenation, perfect health and immortality is two fold: (1) Embrace the Love of God within the emotions and mind; AND (2 ) learn to reprogram the DNA to align with the Tree of Life (Kaballah, Sacred Fire Letters, or whatever other name you have for it). The Tree of Life is the divine configuration of atoms and molecules that gives rise to intelligent life in the Universe. The message I then received was that the light body conversion process had started in my own body (the specific trigger was an event called 11:11). Some people I knew at the time had begun their conversion process

earlier, and some would begin later. This co nversion process does not show up immediately in one's appearance. Also, any physical, emotional or mental blocks in the individual must come up and be released in order for the process to proceed smoothly. But the process is pre -determined by the structure of the DNA and ³sacred fire letter´ codes (DNA keys). The soul/oversoul of the individual determines the timeline based on what the individual has learned and whether or not they understand how to transcend karma. The understanding I received directly is that each embodied soul has a master template encoded within the DNA that determines when the ³trigger´ is activated. At the time of the activation, the cells of the physical body begi n to mutate into the light body form. My trigger occurred in 1991, and as of 2004, I am approximately 0.2% (2/1000) complete in my ascension process. The ascension accelerates logarithmically, so it starts slowly and builds momentum. At this rate, it will be complete within 20 years. There are techniques that can manipulate the master template, although the timeline is usually pre-set by the soul prior to incarnation. The ease with which the process occurs can be greatly influenced by the level of understan ding of the soul and the type of techniques used to increase awareness. In mymeditations and personal counseling, I try to increase awareness of what is happening, although the actual templaste program is very complex and nearly impossible to understand. As stated above, the template is activated by each individual soul at a particular point in his/her evolution. One meditation I like involves visualizing the strands of DNA being activated, going into a special power place (Halls of Amenti) and activating the sacred fire letters (patterns of energy that form the DNA). The entire meditation takes 20 to 40 minutes depending on the situation. This meditation is available to advanced students in its entirety i n the Meditations section of this website and is available on cassette. The Merkabah The Master Template creates a field of light around the physical body. This field is often called the ³merkabah.´ There are conflicting accounts of how the merkabah works and how it is activated. Two of the pioneers in this area are Drunvalo Melchizedek and Ashayana Deane (Anna Hayes). I am not an expert on Drunvalo¶s technique, but I am somewhat familia r with his work. Since I do what is commonly called "ascension activation" meditations, I apparently receive some similar information. Drunvalo¶s website

is There are disagreements among merkabah and ascension practitioners. For example, Ashayana Deane severely criticizes Drunvalo's techniques and offers her own version. Her website is I cannot stress strongly enough that we MUST get in touch with our own inner God presence and ask that presence to show us the best steps to take to build our merkabah vehicle (crystal light body and surrounding sacred geometries). Try Drunvalo's and Ashayana¶s techniques and see how you feel. Do they expand your awareness? Do you feel more balanced and integrated? I recommend you invoke psychic and spiritual protection before and after each use of the techniques. See my article on Psychic and Spiritual Protection. As stated above, the Master Template is an AUTOMATED program that converts 3D cells into 4D cells by infusing light into the body. Eventually, these 4D cells become 5D cells (CO 2 is converted to SiO 2) and the crystal light body is manifest. This is the mechanical definition of ascension. The light body is impervious to the environment, immortal and disease -free. As David Wilcock has pointed out in his Convergence series (, the ascension process unfolds according to principles of sacred geometry. The merkabah is a sacred geometric configuration that enfolds the auric field and meridians of the physical body into the etheric blueprint of the soul. Each level of evolution has a specific geometric configuration. The Convergence series goes into this in detail. An analogy can be found in ordinary water. When water is super -charged with an electromagnetic field, the molecules become hexagonal in shape . When a colloidal suspension is bombarded with EM waves, sacred geometries form in the suspension. As the human body (largely water) is bombarded with high frequency EM waves, the sacred geometries of the merkabah begin to form in the auric field. Although this can be influenced by using techniques such as the ones presented by Drunvalo, Ashayana and this author, keep in mind that the master template unfolds in a perfect, timely manner, and if you try and force the process, you could experience negative re sults. Although time is of the essence, one should not be in too big a hurry to ascend. Your motivation for ascension should be the expanded level of service and experience of God¶s Love that it involves. Your motivation should NOT be ³I can¶t wait to escape this hell-hole called Earth.´ Such a motivation will hinder your spiritual progress, as will any form of making something wrong (judgment). Everything is unfolding perfectly. Keep this thought in mind as you explore the

This scenario need not take place in the far distant future. Raphael and Jophiel. Hilarion.mechanics of ascension. Enoch. To the one who has just ascended. in the story of the rapture. then we also learn how to create our body to be any way we like. So the thought that we would get bored living forever in the same body is totally irrelevant. CO 2 is converted to SiO 2 (which. there is no such thing as boredom anyway. Benefits of Ascension The Light Body uses silicon as its primary building block (unlike the flesh body. El Morya. In higher states of consciousness. which is based on carbon). we just change it. It is available in this lifetime if we remain single-focused on God¶s Love and service to others. and others. Gabriel. There is no birth and death. We dematerialize and rematerialize wherever and whenever we want (across any part of time and space). . which is a division of the Galactic Confederation. there have been accounts of visitation upon humans by angels and archangels. Chamuel. Angels and Archangels Throughout history. people simply disappear (from the perspective of a 3D entity who stays behind). The 5D world is a place of indescribable beauty. Once we learn how to stop aging and remain eternally youthful. Some of the more popular channeled entities are the well -known Archangels Michael. as you probably guessed. There are many channels of these beings of light. That is why. Ascension is here now in this incredible time period in which we chose to embody. If we get tired of it. All these well -known figures are members of what is commonly called the Great White Brotherhood. but one¶s awareness was focused on the 3D/4D world. The crystal light body shimmers and sparkles to those who can see it but is invisible to those stuck in lower 3D. as we know them. no worry and no fear. Zadkiel. Many channels also communicate with ascended masters Saint Germain. the world does not completely disappear. is the formula of common quartz crystals). both worlds existed all along. In actuality. Metatron. Everything shines and vibrates. but takes on a radiance unlike anything previously experienced. Uriel. no sickness. no aging. It is as if a new world has been born.

It is not particularly relevant to know what position each being holds, or what their specific vibration is, or where they come from. The energy and message of the specific entity is far more important. If you feel guided to work with one of these beings, then by all means do so (with discernment) . They will reveal themselves to you if you ask sincerely. Many people do not realize that even at the level of angels and archangels, there is learning taking place. Archangel Michael has not always been cast in a favorable light. I asked him the reason for this, and he replied that there was some validity to the criticism. Michael is well -known for his sword of truth, and the image often portrayed is one of combating the darkness. Michael is now quick to point out that a being of light who fights the dar kness is polarized. In other words, if you fight the darkness, you make it real (at least for you), and you cannot move into the realms of Oneness. Michael has long since risen into the realms of Oneness, but this old image still remains in the minds of many. Who are the Fallen Angels? A fallen angel is one who chooses to embody in a lower -dimensional plane and then forgets his/her angelic heritage. Contrary to many writings, a fallen angel is not ³evil´. Even Lucifer is a being of light. It¶s just that L ucifer focused on the mental aspects of light and excluded the heart -oriented loving light that balances the Creation. As a result, this gave rise to a large group of entities known as the Luciferians. A Luciferian is anyone who embraces the cold light of rationality without also embracing the compassion and warmth of the heart. You can see remnants of the Luciferians in today¶s society. The shaming of sensitive men is an example. Although in the last two decades, sensitive masculinity has become widely acc epted, there is still a tendency in many men to reject the emotions in favor of the intellect. The concept of Satan is based on the distorted perception that there are forces in the Universe that can oppose God. This is simply not true. There is only light and the absence of light. Where there is little or no light, there can certainly be satanic experience. All manner of nightmarish worlds can arise within the darker regions of the void. Certainly, there are entities who, in their lust for power, will rise up and rule these worlds. They are the so-called ³Dark Lords.´ However, their problem is lack of light. They do not possess a ³dark power´ capable of unseating God from His throne. (First of all, God is both masculine and feminine and also impersonal. Se cond, he/she/it doesn¶t sit on

a throne. And third, there is no opposite to God since God is everything there ever is, was or will be in this Universe.) Spirit Guides Most humans have spirit guides. They may be extremely helpful or they may actually hinder one¶s spiritual growth. Some guides stay back and only intervene when called upon, while others tend to be over -zealous in their desire to help. Spirit guides are not necessarily angels, and in fact, most are not. Some spirit guides are deceased family members who feel a need to atone for mistakes they made during embodiment. Others are attracted to humans that have a similar vibration to their own. Almost all humans have spirit guides. Often, it may be the soul¶s twin flame assisting from higher dimensions. It is extremely important that you only allow spirit guides that are 100% of God¶s Loving Light into your space. Many well -meaning guides are still stuck in duality and may lead you astray. The lesson here is to always trust your own truth; your own God Presence within. Do not put blind trust in any entity, guide or teacher. If you are having difficulty in your life, particularly regarding your energy level, you may be working with guides that are no longer right for you. Feel free to ask them to leave, and request new ones. In the Psychic and Spiritual Protection article, there is a process for doing this. You issue an invocation (decree) that only those beings that are 100% in alignment with your soul growth and God¶s Loving Light are allowed in your auric field. There are also processes that involve cutting ties to people from your past that are still psychically corded into your energy body. See the Cutting Cords meditation. You can request a healing from your own God Presence, or you can receive a healing from a therapist who specializes in removing discordant energies from the aura. Aura clearing and chakra balancing are important to good psychic health. These techniques can be performed at a distance by the author, or you can consult a holistic health directory to find a practitione r in your area to work with in person. For a reading or healing from Sal, click here. Alternative Energy

The use of fossil fuels and nuclear power is absolutely ridiculous, given the fact that we live in a sea of almost infinite energy. There are several technologies that look promising in the years to come. Let¶s review them in order of likely development: Battery-powered electric cars: These are already in operation, but the technology is not very desirable because it takes energy to produce the batteries and they contain pollutants. In addition, the cost of operation is still quite high. Hydrogen fuel cells: The main advantage of hydrogen is the fact that the byproduct (exhaust) is water vapor, and so t his technology causes almost zero pollution. The biggest drawbacks are the cost to manufacture the hydrogen and cell system and the energy it takes to produce the cells. Hydrogen-powered cars are still quite expensive. Cold fusion systems: Although the Japanese government and others have confirmed the validity of this technology, the United States and British governments and their corporate sponsors are still skeptical. Although isotopes of helium can be contained safely, there are a number of issues involved in mass production. The cold fusion process requires catalyst elements, some of which are expensive and/or toxic. However, these are hurdles that should be easy to overcome once this technology gains acceptance. Zero-point energy (electromagnetic systems): This technology involves the placing of magnets and coils in such a way as to harness the "null zone" potential between two polarized fields. The null zone provides access to the "aetheric" field existing in the vacuum of space, which contains almost unlimited energy. This is by far the most promising of the technologies, along with its many variations. For a list of inventors and companies, see the end of this article. ZPE may or may not require a simple battery as a ³kick -start´, but there is zero pollution and the cost (after initial development) is extremely low. Tom Bearden¶s website (listed below) describes his Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) and his view of the energy crisis. The recent articles on peak oil, and Tom Bearden's dire wa rning, should be taken very seriously. We should do everything we can to support ZPE and holistic health research because soon it will be too late to avoid complete chaos in the

As resistance approaches zero. The principle here is quite simple and involves only elementary mathematics. but not for the faint -hearted. allowing superconductivity to take place. The vials of pure powder are expensive (of course).financial markets (as the price of oil spirals out of sight and wars escalate over diminishing resources). iridium and rhodium. a large amount of power can be produced. It must be hard to get it out of the vial and measure accurately for ingestion without good laboratory equipment. power approaches infinity. as opposed to covalent bonding or lattice structures. current approaches infinity. when properly prepared in the presence of catalysts. The biggest hurdle to harnessing superconducting fields is how to transmit the high output current. we find that with a constant voltage. Materials involved in the manufacturing of generators and motors that run high current directly from ORME fields are very expensive and problematic at present. It also likely puts one through intense emotional upheaval. The remarkable characteristics of these ORME fields is that the resistance within the resonant field is extremely low. A word about superconductivity and orthomolecularly rearranged monatomic elements (ORMEs): There are certain rare elements that. while ³ORME´ refers to actual monatomic elements. but if the body is not properly prepared beforehand. I first read the David Hudson patent many years ago and have perused ascalchemy. arrange themselves in a resonant field of single atoms. .com which is possibly the best website offering ORME and ORMUS products. There are other ongoing ZPE projects that are also listed at the end of the article. It creates rapid purification of the body. There are formulations of ORMEs that can be taken internally. it appears weightless in the vial (according to those who've ordered it). Using Ohm¶s Law and the Power equations. When properly harnessed and with proper safeguards. and therefore. which is good. and because the powder is superconducting. current increases as resistance decreases. it can be too much to assimilate. such as white powder gold. unlike the cold fusion and ZP E systems. "ORMUS" generally refers to compounds and formulas containing monatomic patterning.

www. The price of gas as of mid -2004 is around $2. Getting Alternative Energy into Mass Production What can we do to assist in bringing these technologies into mass production? First of The Lutec Generator -. stop aging. folks! The hour is extremely late and none of us can sit on the fence anymore. we must collectively realize that we have be en spoonfed horrendous lies by the powers that be. The ³sheeple´ (those who blindly follow others and do not think for themselves) always wait until their personal lives are in crisis before doing A lot of young people I know are convinced the world is going to hell in a handbasket and they don't even bother to plan their future. These people either have plenty of money to burn. The powers that be are hell-bent on suppressing these devices so that they can continue with ³business as .cheniere. We do NOT live in a world of scarce resources! It only appears to be so because of our beliefs and the lust for power and control by the ruling elite! Modern physics has proven otherwise.Notwithstanding the above.´ The first thing we need to do is get educated and then do what we can to support the inventors. Are we going to wait until gas is $10. and must be respected as such. We ARE the new beginning. etc. ORMEs are the real McCoy.. or they just don't care (probably the latter). We ARE the new earth. This can be achiev ed without ORMEs. and make one impervious to disease and environmental contaminants. I know we will RISE to the occasion and bring the Infinite One into manifesta tion! A brief list of websites and inventors: Tom Bearden -.www. We can still get these technologies going before it¶s too late.´ What they apparently do not realize is that business as usual cannot and will not continue much longer.lutec. but they act as a catalyst to speed up the process. but it won¶t happen while we watch ³Days of Our Lives´ and ³Wheel of Fortune. th e manna from heaven. the elixir of life.00 per gallon in the USA. yet people driving large SUVs constantly race on down the highway going 85 or 90 mph. Proper usage (combined with a high level of spiritual awareness) will immortalize the physical body.00 per gallon before we act? It¶s time to wake up.

com (note: this product has not been reviewed) Eugene Mallove¶s cold fusion site -. Then one by one we rise from the bed. Our so-called lives become merely mechanical. open our eyes. that¶s the only choice ²when to awaken.www.The INE website -. we really don¶t have free will because our wills are imprisoned in old beliefs. patterns and conditioning. There are no claim forms to sign. ³Your storehouse is in Heaven. surrounded by the lavishness of the royal Perendev Power -.www. Our beloved Creator gazes lovingly on our sleeping form sprawled acr oss the bed. One by one we turn and look around at those who still sleep. It all comes down to the knowingness of our connection to God within our hearts.padrak. abundant beyond measure and completely loving in every way. awaken they will. There¶s just one simple agreement between us and God²that of free will. it seems that Jesus keeps saying the same things over and over. exploitation and control? The Kingdom is ours. in her infinite patience. obviously because the people just d on¶t get it. our eyes begin to twitch. and behold that which we never lost. that which has been waiting for us since time began. or how many teachers or gurus we¶ve The Kingdom is Ours ³All that the Father has is ours. It¶s really that simple. We are like fish looking for water. fo rever new. This is a delusional dream created by ego. anxiety. Really.´ ³The Kingdom of God is within you. domination. Is there really a choice? Who would choose the dream when waking offers so much more? And so we turn over in our sleep. eagerly anticipating our stirring and finally. How much longer shall we sleep? How much longer shall we dream of war and pestilence and famine? How much longer will we play the tired games of com petition. The world of Spirit is eternal. Or to be a bit more accurate. minds and souls . allows us to choose when to wake up. It all comes down to the quality of our awareness. We spend all of our so called waking hours struggling to survive in a world of haves and have -nots.perendev-power. For . while dreaming of poverty and lack. As long as we¶re asleep.www. we are sleeping on the royal bed. selfishness. greed.infinite-energy. This is the hardest part ²waiting for our brothers and sisters to awaken once we have seen the light of day. God. And yet. how many letters are after our name. the opening of our eyes to behold the splendor. and the light of truth begins to shine upon our closed eyelids. no complicated agreements to read.´ ³Seek ye first the Kingdom«´ When are we going to get it? When are we going to realize that ALL we have to do is connect to the God within our being? It doesn¶t matter how muc h life experience we have. guilt.´ You¶ve probably heard that statement bantered about over the years. fear. wanting to awaken them but knowing that they must be allowed to awaken on their own. This is not reality. In the New Testament.

New guides. We are removing the illusions of scarcity. lack and limitation . joy and well-being. It¶s time to awaken to the majesty of that Kingdom. teachers and masters we have contracted with prior to coming into embodiment. The power of creativity and manifestation is expanding and unfolding faster and faster. Our physical presence is merely an instrument of Divine Action. The Kingdom is ours. A place we can enter anytime. valleys and rest stops is over. It¶s time to reclaim what we¶ve always had. the still place within the center of our Being. alternate timelines and higher dimensions is returning to our awareness. aging or death. the light gets brighter. As long as there is a third dimension and we have embodiment within it. teachers and masters are being accepted into our sacred space when such assistance is for our maximum soul growth. We are the strings on the violin of God. Our psychic and intuitive abilities are being reactivated. Every day the energy is increasing. Like Saint John. Our understanding of parallel lifetimes. --------------------------The time of preparation is over. As we enter the ³eye of the storm´. The veils are dropping.each time one of us wakes up. We are the valves on the flute of Krishna. even if we live in the state of Kansas. It is becoming a daily reality for more and more of us. Our reality is unconditional love. Our bodies are changing. Now it's full steam ahead with the transformation of Mother Earth and her beloved people. The time of plateaus. we are instruments of peace. we too enter a magical place. disease. We are reclaiming our power as Sons and Daughters of our Father/Mother God. We are realizing that there is nothing we need in the world of illusion. happiness. there . We are learning how to master these third-dimensional physical vehicles. Trusting God is no longer a slogan or feel-good buzz phrase. The DNA patterning of our cells is being altered by our own God Presence and the presence of the guides. or have never seen ³The Wizard of Oz´. It¶s time to rise and shine! We¶re Not In Kansas Anymore NOTE: To those who are not residents of the USA. Our reality is the limitless abundance of the Universe. this title refers to a magical place where Dorothy was taken after entering the eye of a tornado. There is no longer any need for illness. and you know how hard it is to sleep when there¶s a bright light in your eyes.

We remember who we are. We are raising Earth to Heaven. Although some of us will journey on into other worlds. as will our attitude regarding the daily dance. Today we cleanse our bodies. knowing they are but aspects of our greater Self. grateful for the lessons it gave us. For this we say. desperate in their attempts to grasp and snatch control from the people. We see all "petty tyrants" as our greatest teachers. We will assist the souls who choose to crea te what the Hopi call the "Fifth World. Instead of cursing the darkness. expressing and acting only in ways that are for the highest good of all. exciting. We know we are more vast than anything our intellects can conceive. emotions and minds of all that no longer serves us. Their days are numbered and they know it. we learn from it. We say "Yes" to a life of ecstacy and joy. Amen. thinking. We celebrate who we are. Everything is in Divine Timing. for they show us where we have not yet come fully into alignment with our God Presence. The nature of those challenges will change. Then we open to embrace our new selves. We open to embrace the new opportunities coming our way. . We bless them and wish them well as they depart from our Mother Earth in the years to come. many of us will stay with Mother Earth as she ascends. We thank each aspect as it leaves. We look forward to fulfilling our part in the Divine Plan. transfiguring. We ask only that we be in total and complete service. replacing the illusory governments and economies currently breathing their last breaths. yet they have not yet learned how to release their grip on power and control (or shall we say. We are mutating. We welcome with gratitude the lessons of Earthly experience. resurrecting and ascending. It is so and so it is! Forgiveness and Gratitude By Sal Rachele To all you healers and lightworkers: If you are NOT ex periencing a joyful. Our relationships grow and change in ways unlike anything we have ever experienced before. the illusion of power and control). We know everything is evolving in perfection. We forgive and bless our so-called "enemies". feeling." This is a world of sustainable enlightened communities that will spread across the face of the Earth. loving life and meeting life's challenges with enthusiasm.will be challenges. bright and radiant and fresh and alive. prosperous. transforming.

sometime. Yet.) Okay. (you did get one.. it is important to realize that WE SIGNED ON FOR THIS! God never promised us it would be a gentle ride. karmic relationships. I feel it important to spend a little time here because everything you do in your healing work (and you are ALL healers) will be enhanced and magnified directly in proportion to your ability to forgive an d be grateful. All those on a plateau raise your hands. we are healing lifetimes of outdated belief systems.. In other words. We are not in kindergarten anymore.. judgment. I didn't think so. so we find ourselves in the Calculus division of the life classroom. okay. Lately. anyway. Does it feel like going through a me at grinder? Sometimes. there are going to be difficulties somewhere. or there is a lack of gratitude for all of life's lessons and experiences. Okay.. guilt. maybe God forgot to provide one.then may I suggest that there is a deficiency in one of these areas. The funny thing about so-called "higher" math is that it is not inherently difficult. (Or Kansas either . So back to Life 404.. Have you ever wanted to scream at God? Probably. even if you are having one of those rare "plateau" lifetimes. Either you have not forgiven yourself and others completely. The principles of calculus. for the rest of us. I thought I was the only one that misplaced mine). So this in itself is something to be HUGELY GRATEFUL for! Does it feel good? Sometimes.. you will notice that the word "easy" is not found anywhere within it. So the first step is to realize the magnitude of what we are undertaking here.. meaning that you are cruising along with few challenges.. for example. we must .unless you happen to live there. although it is our own selves that make it more difficult than it needs to be. are quite easy. we have been growing and healing so rapidly that what used to take a lifetime now may take only a few days. Let's cover a few basics and put a little humor into the pot: When you got your Life Instruction Manual. didn't you? Oh. However. In order to go through this life with a smile on our faces. fear and all that stuff in a matter of a few decades. If you have one. you must know everything that comes before calculus VERY WELL or you will get lost in a hurry. I could sum them up in a few paragraphs (but I won't). Oh.

There is nothing broken that needs fixing. can you play. And that's where forgiveness comes in. Forgiveness is an illusion that dispels illusions. However. a sick groan later you get my point. There is nothing sinful that needs atonement or repentance. Anyway. we have had everything we need to fulfill our Divine Blueprint of evolution and ascension. because this appears to be an accurate definition of WHO WE ARE. anything that God did NOT create is an illusion. Notice I did not say "perfectionism". because God created ALL THAT IS.. I guess there's a little truth in the Bible after all. Forgiveness is an illusion that dispels illusions. perfectionists have the hardest time forgiving because they see deficiency in everything. here's the paradox: At the same time that we bring our lifetimes of knowledge into the present. for they know not what they do. God created us to be happy.. God created perfection. Forgiveness means to overlook what is not there. he said.. In other words. playful and joyful. In Genesis 1:1. So if it does not look like part of Creation. it does not really exist. Huh? What did you say? Okay. it states that we were created in the image and likeness of God. from the beginning of Creation. We must look at everything with "fresh" eyes." If you can . without making things more difficult than they need be. As long as you believe you have been injured in any way. Or read on for a couple of paragraphs of explanation.utilize everything we have learned to date and apply it intelligently. in the moment. Just look at little children. we must not be attached to what we have learned in the past. as Jesus was laying on the cross. Now. birds pecking at his eyes. hands bleeding. Let's review some of our favorite illusions: Do you country bumpkins recall a Charlie Rich song. "Hey. Tropical fish are proof of that. in the hot blazing sun. forgiveness is essential as long as you believe there is something there that needs to be forgiven. I'll repeat it. You need to forgive as long as you believe in illusions. means whole and complete and lacking nothing. And God certainly has a sens e of humor. forgive them.. Anyway. Even fundamentalist Chr istians get started in the right direction here. Forgiveness is an illusion because there is real ly nothing to forgive. You are already perfect. "Father. According to the Bible. That is a whole different ballgame. In fact. "Perfection" as used in the spiritual sense. Consult "A Course In Miracles" for a 700 -page explanation of this. there is a need to forgive." I can't hear all of you singing. another somebody done somebody wrong song. "Somebody done somebody wrong"? Let's sing along. Not only that.

We could be beaten and tortured in a prison camp. obese. we might see a fit and trim holy vessel that temporarily houses our higher presence until it is no longer useful. OR. hurl insults. Someone could hack us up with a knife as we walk down a dark street. Or worse yet. when to eat and how much to eat to keep the vessel eternally youthful and disease -free for as long as we desire to express in physical form. (Don't forget to open them long enough to read the next sentence. I still don't understand how Jesus died for our sins. We are able to intuitively know what to eat. banish us from churches. "I forgive myself totally and completely now. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. We are able to psychically detect danger and avoid it. flabby. we might see an ugly. although psychologically we tend to hang ourselves there for not measuring up to the imaginary standards we set for ourselves. Most likely it is a bit more benign than hanging on a cross. breathing deeply between each statement. People can still call us names. So with Spirit in control. there is truly nothing to forgive. : -) It sure seems like we can be injured.. Can anyone explain that one to me? I guess I'm a little dense. It's too bad the fundamentalists bombed out on the next lesson. When we identify with our physical bodies (and start believing we ARE a physical body) we can find all sorts of 'F'alse 'E'vidence 'A'ppearing 'R'eal (FEAR). but Spirit alway s provides exactly what we need.) Say. if we identify with this instrument we inhabit. With Spirit in control of our physical body. wrinkled.. soul growth and well-being. if it's Spirit. Jesus had good reason to believe he had been injured.imagine the pain he was in (you probably cannot ." Say it several times slowly. thus preserving the physical form. yet he still forgave. So take a look at your own life.I cannot). Let's take a moment right now to forgive ourselves for all the times we failed to life up to our own expectations. . we are told what to do and where to go to maximize our happiness. But who's in charge of the instrument? If it's the ego. we could be fed all sorts of chemically preserved foods. to be able to see beyond the pain and suffering to the perfection beneath it was the supreme act of forgiveness. levy taxes on our estate. We could be tossed out in the cold and snow to freeze in a gutter somewhere. It seems these frail little bodies are subject to all sorts of horrible possibilities. and so we are not concerned. and sorry looking bag of skin and bones that constantly hurts or that constantly needs care and attention. and even run us out of town.

.So to truly forgive. in a genuine and complete manner? Sure. 2005 Today is Good Friday. is it real . You have everything you need in this eternal now moment. That is. The energy so far today feels a little like the time between the crucifixion and the resurrection. one of love and radiance and boundless energy? Is it even possible in this world? Or are we doomed to cycles of gloom and glee? Are we forever bound to the cycle of crucifixi on and resurrection? Or is it possible to be happy and joyous all the time. we are eternally innocent. every last lash of the whip as you lay broken in a dungeon somewhere.perfect and sinless. We must hold the image of ourselves given in Genes is 1:1. Nothing can assail you. nothing can assail us. But how many people really feel that way at all levels of their being? In other words. I¶m a little ignorant of traditional Christian and Biblical timetables.from A Course In Miracles Learning to Stay in Clarity By Sal Rachele March 25. All that the Father has is yours.. we are created perfect. My guides have been prompting me for some time to speak about how to remain in clarity so that we longer go through these crucifixion and resurrection cycles.. has gotten you to this sacred moment of realization. we all know someone who always seems on top of the world. but I¶m assuming this was supposed to be the day he was buried in the tomb following his crucifixion. willingly or unwillingly. It has taken this long for us to realize our own perfection even though it has been there all along. we must come from the perspective of Spirit and see that in truth.. Take a deep breath and spend a few moments contemplating your own perfection. no matter what happens." -. every last insult hurled as you walked in shame from the village square. Everything that has ever happened to you. we are completely free. every last stone thrown at your bleeding body. full of exuberance and vitality. How do we remain in a high vibratory state. That is the truth of our being. nothing can hurt us in any way. the day we start a three -day celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. "All this has not occurred because you remain as God created you. You are whole and complete. Therefore. it is ALL perfect. You are co -creators with Father/Mother God.

or just a show? One of the things that seems to diminish our happiness and well -being is the constant striving to acquire that which we perceive is lacking in ourselves or another. If we are in business for ourselves. spirit guides. and depressed when others are rejecting or criticizing us. stop whatever you¶re doing. This entire world runs on cycles. then why do we so often seek approval from outside of ourselves? When someone criticizes us or seems to forget us. but he or she remains in a state of eternal gratitude and love during those cycles. it . why do we take it personally and act like God has thrown us out of the Kingdom? There is a certain degree of distorted perception in herent with living in the 3D world. Then allow it to be there. also called personality or ego. We all want to feel loved and appreciated. and even celebrate it. by God. If you celebrate your funkiness or tiredness or grouchiness or whatever. we have up and down days ± that is the nature of business. we may feel elated when others are praising and complimenting us.´ Our bodies do not feel wonderful 100% of the time. It is also the nature of our body/emotions/mind complex. no matter what it feels like. However. and of course. If our self-worth is not at optimum levels. There is only attention to the moment and what one is feeling. but the legions of helpers. All of us have times when we are not at our ³peak performance. why does it often take us out of our good feelings? When the world throws us a curve. thinking and experiencing in that moment. Stay present and aware of what is going on within you. If we are continually loved and appreciated. thinking or feeling and just BE WITH IT. and it is important to recognize and flow with these cycles instead of fighting or denying them. In fact. most of us are loved and appreciated more than we ever acknowledge. is the beginning of the undoing of the cycles. who we are is beyond these cycles. The master living on this Earth goes through ups and down just like th e rest of us. There is no self-judgment or wishing things were better. Learning to accept and be grateful for our day to day experience. accept it. not just by human beings. Any time you feel less than perfect. We can use these cycles to transcend them. teachers and ascended masters.

transforms almost immediately. and have a blessed day. This article will hopefully clarify some of the pitfalls we face along the path on our way to mastering the fourth dimensional principles of creative thought. karma and time. Rise from the tomb and take your rightful place in Creation. no matter how it feels. Oh. Exercise: This one is basic and has been around for a long time. Do not stop until you have filled the front and back of a sheet of notebook paper. And that¶s not all folks! We were also given a series of realms. keep accepting and feeling grateful anyway. Just because you wander in a world of illusions does not change the truth of who you are. It¶s time to stop carrying the old rugged cross and start living. or have completed an entire page of word processing. Recognize the truth behind appearances. The fourth dimension is our cosmic ³scratch pad´ for learning t o be co-creators with God. Celebrate your crucifixion and resurrection. but sooner or later. It may seem like you¶re just pretending at first. or sub -planes in which to place our creations. In order to fully understand the realms of creation. something will shift. Give thanks for every feeling and thought you have during this Earthly journey. Look on these illusions with love and they will disappear. 2005 Dear fellow lightworkers. but it is worth doing any time you feel less than spectacular: Make a list of all the things you are grateful for. The Trap of the Fourth Dimension. imagination. Give thanks for every experience. We were given a mind and imagination as tools for the creative process. Your prescription: Take two gratitude pills and call me in the morning. Then celebrate your freedom from crucifixion and resurrection. Breathe and feel everything going on within you as you write your list. Part 1 Article by Sal Rachele April 27. we were given the ability to immerse . You are a beloved child of the Creator. The Universe gave us an entire dimension in which to try out our ability to create. with everything already given you. If at first you don¶t succeed in transforming your unpleasant feelings and experiences.

the more real it becomes. the etheric and the causal planes. This is where we find fragments of ourselves that were split off in anger. For example. or the iris without the pupil. It looks very similar to the physical city of San Francisco. And let¶s take a look at the hows and whys of getting stuck and unstuck. Figures may shimme r or shine and tend to float or hover. . rules and principles. That is bec ause we are creators and what we put on the canvas of our minds becomes real within the realm in which it was created. places are consistent and can be drawn on a map and navigated. I have visited on many occasions the middle astral city of San Francisco. This force can take on a shape and appearance. It was easy to get trapped in the 3D world of bodies. that fragment is cast into the lower astral realm.ourselves in those realms. you will probably recall the details of this world. etc. and can move and interact with other thought forms. The oceans and bays are roughly in the same places. rage. it becomes a powerful for ce to be reckoned with. Every time we disown a part of ourselves in anger or guilt. Buildings are also larger or smaller. the mental. with their instincts. Description of the Sub -Planes That which is commonly called the fourth dimension is actually broken down into the following sub-planes: The lower astral. the upper astral. Anything we focus on intensely becomes a thought form and takes on a life of its own. If you look into the eyes of an astral being while dreaming. terror and grief. getting free of that is easy compared to the traps of the mind. and entire cities and worlds exist within these realms. you may see only the whites of the eyes. complete with their own coordinates. we began to believe these worlds were the totality of our being. That means that instead of remembering that these worlds are merely a painter¶s canvas upon which t o draw our thoughts and ideas. So let¶s review the aspects of this vast mental realm ± the training place for gods-to-be. sexual appetites. Within the astral realm. This i s the ³hell´ referred to in religious writings. A similar thing happened when we entered the third dimension. So now many of us believe we ARE these minds. If you are a lucid dreamer. The more we focus on a particular thought or idea. These worlds have a reality within the constructs of the fourth dimension. As it becomes more and more real. though often larger or smaller. other names for the lower astral plane. the mi ddle astral. The lower astral is a repository of our densest thoughts and creations. just as the physical city can be navigated. Yet. focus on survival. The primary fragments of these souls may be human beings living in the outer 3D world without the knowledge that parts of themselves remain trapped in this world of mind and imagination. we began to believe we WERE these physical bodies. Negative astral entities are fragments of souls that have been disowned and hurled into the depths of the netherworlds or purgatory. some having a physically corresponding form and some purely astral. Human figures within the middle astral often look waxy and artificial. The middle astral realm is the place where we usually go at night during the dream state.

This is where souls explore and learn about karma and past and parallel lifetimes. The causal planes are the highest level of the fourth dimension. thought becomes manifest instantly. one can review the physical life and resolve issues therefrom. The causal planes are tied directly to the cycle of soul inca rnations and serve as a bridge into the higher planes. If a soul leaves the body and ends up here. if that is your wish. Many a student on the path has confused the etheric realms with the celestial heavens. One can go to the causal planes in meditation and makes changes there that affect all the other sub -planes. Time and space still exist in the etheric realms. This is because we become attached to our thoughts and their resulting creations. We will talk about this in another article. Here is the realm where you can have anything your heart desires. Every time we take an action. . archangels and masters from the higher realms. Very few earth-bound souls ever reach the causal plane while still on the cycle of reincarnation. unlike the astral selves. For many souls. gnomes. Upon completion of the li fe lessons. As more energy is put into the thought. brought to you on a silver platter. devas. he/she learns to transcend the fourth dimension altogether and enter the realms of love. A tiny change within a causal world can result in a big change in the physical. Here. This thought enters the mental realm and energizes the elements and atomic particles therein. archangels and master teachers. astral or eth eric worlds. we get caught up in the drama and forget we are sitting in a seat reading a book or watching pictures move on a screen. In the etheric realms. outer creation takes place. but are distorted and compressed.The upper astral world is the realm of out -of-body experiences and is where many souls experience the ³silver cord. All of the psychic and spiritual gifts utilize the mental planes as a means of creating reality. This is the realm we use to create our physical reality. The mental realms are where we go when we visualize. Many earth -bound souls remember being in the etheric realms before coming into embodiment. it is temporary until that soul has completed whatever unresolved matters are at hand. The etheric realms are beautiful and full of light and magic. meditate and project ourselves psychically. spirit and the celestial. These are spirit folk that. the soul is then brought into the etheric realms to be counseled and guided by angels. the mind directs the body to act on the thought and hence. Once a soul masters all these levels of the fourth dimension. Like a good novel or movie. elves. The celestial planes vibrate at a much higher and more refined level and can only be reached once a soul has mastered the fourth dimensional aspects of self.´ These are also the realms where many souls go in between incarnations. This world is guided by faeries. it is preceded by a thought. angels. We become mesmerized by the bright colors. feelings and impressions of these realms. and often discover loved one s. are primary fragments (sovereign beings). it takes a very long time to transcend the fourth dimension. This is the scratch pad of the conscious mind. or fragments of loved ones.

as well as Egypt. by Sal Rachele Part 1 ± Opening to the Flow of Love and Abundance Beloved lightworkers. Keep in mind these are all negative belief systems and NOT absolute truth: . I recommend you read the Founders 10 -part series on the History of the Earth to help understand the drama of original cause. Then we will give a series of affirmative prayers designed to help heal the wounds experienced. ³Life On the Cutting Edge´. I refer you to http://www. This took many psychological twists along the way. which is more accurately defined as the experience of immersing yourself in third density energy and forgetting about your higher aspects.If we have any unresolved emotional issue s. loss. fear or terror of traumatic events. grief. Most of you have had lifetimes in Pan (aka Pangaea). we will take a look at the primary blockages that arose from the ³fall from grace´. Original cause has been reenacted throughout all of the major civilizations on Earth.htm for the Founders¶ series. becoming all -consuming until all we can think about is the pain. where similar dramas were played out. which are detailed in my book. In Part 1 of Healing Original Cause. Our willingness to listen ONLY to the voice of God within us and those beings that are 100% aligned with our God Presence will carry us safely out of these realms and into the realm of tru e Creation. Atlantis. --Sal Rachele HEALING ORIGINAL CAUSE. and asking our God Presence to present a path to us for liberation. having claimed our rightful place in the Heavens. these will tend to get magnified in the astral and mental realms. anger. or original Once we reach the fifth dimension and above. The first step in getting free is recognizing that we are stuck. or original sin. A brief listing of these core negatives and sacred cows are as follows. Maya and North America. and other worlds. The following is a program designed to help you heal original cause and open to the natural flow of love and abundance that is your birthright as a soul. we become true Gods.salrachele. as core negative beliefs and ³sacred cows´ (beliefs that are so prevalent today as to be considered absolute truth). I hope this article has stimulated your creative urges and opened you to greater insights. There were a number of consequences of this that resulted in a belief in separation from God. The central drama to be overcome and integrated is the reenactment of the fall from grace. causing the emotional body to become deeply wounded and giving rise to many secondary beliefs. Lemuria.

(1) Something is wrong with me (2) I am unworthy (3) I am not good enough (4) Life is a struggle (5) There¶s not enough (6) Life is a disappointment (7) I¶m not safe ± I¶m all alone in a hostile universe (8) I must grow old and die (9) No pain no gain ± I must overcome lifetimes of karma (10) I can¶t be happy all the time There are others. The primary negative manifestation of the reenactment of original cause involves the tendency of souls to draw experiences repeatedly over many incarna tions that replay the fall from grace. (2) It is opening to God¶s Love and giving and receiving God¶s energy freely and without reservation that ultimately creates your experience of love and abundance. through several detailed paragraphs of prayer. prosperous and happy. pro sperity. followed by corruption. or that we will alienate others if we become too successful in a world of people . Every maj or civilization on Earth has gone through a cycle of rising affluence and prosperity. The purpose of this material is to examine the how and why of this and to prevent this from occurring in the future. or that we cannot be free until there is nobody suffering on the Earth. release and affirmation. It is also to give you specific healing exercises that will help you integrate original cause and allow the flow of abundance. but these will suffice for now. only to be destroyed by invading forces or corrupt leadership from within. Sound good? Okay. refinement of lifestyle and values. (3) We must break (dissolve) soul agreements and contracts with other souls that are no longer serving us on our path of evolution and healing. either from within or from negative ETs or egotistical s pirits. In Part 1 of this material we will help souls open to their love and abundance consciousness and raise their vibration to create their highest potential on Earth and t he fulfillment of their heart¶s desires. The most common example of this is when humanity begins to achieve a society that rises to great heights. These beliefs include the idea that we do not deserve to be loved. misuse of power and destruction. or that we might misuse our power. matter and power is also a key factor. power. (4) We must unravel self-sabotage based on beliefs in the subconscious mind that block openness to the love and abundance continually given us by the universe. let¶s proceed. Below are some basic statements that need to be taken into account when opening to the natural flow of love and abundance: (1) Manifesting love and abundance is directly related to our core beliefs about ourselves and our relationship with God and love. or a combination of these. love and enlightenment into your life. energy. Our perception of the universe. technological gains.

Some new thought churches have them. entities and energies that are in any way blocking you from accessing this infinite sea of energy. Say each one to yourself three times. negative energy patterns. Get together with healers and others of like mind that also refuse to believe in lack and limitation. holistic healing modalities. Some methods of doing this will be given later. then focus on one or two sections each ses sion: . many higher dimensions of yourself that are already free of illusion. Your task is to become aware of those aspects of yourself and align your lower bodies with your higher ones. Share your ideas for prosper ity and success ONLY with those who can support your vision. compassion and gratitude. workshops and seminars are all important at various stages of your spiritual growth. and being grateful for everything in your life (especially the lessons). This requires repetition. meditation. thought forms. hypnotherapy. That¶s the number three with one hundred and six zeroes following it! The world of scarcity has been proven by science to be an illusion. yoga.struggling just to survive. The following exercise consists of affirmative prayers. They call it ³dark energy´ and ³dark mat ter´ because they do not understand it. (8) Opening to the natural flow of love and abundance means letting go of all beliefs. (5) The subconscious mind must be reprogrammed to accept positive. By practicing forgiveness toward al l that has ever brought you pain. you take a short -cut out of the worlds of karma and of cause and effect. A nu clear physicist discovered many years ago that the amount of energy available in one cubic centimeter of empty space (about the size of a sugar cube) is 10^108 Joules. You ARE that infinite sea. (6) Karma is a law of the fourth dimension. Seers and mystics throughout the ages have known and experienced this etheric substance. which is a tangible quality of Spirit. time. or about 3^106 Watts. patience. The God Channel broadcasts with infinite power at a multitude of frequencies. including original cause. sadness and anger and the willingness to fully experience and express these feelings in ways beneficial to self and others. (7) You live in a sea of infinite abundance. The next time you hear someone extolling the virtues of lack and limi tation. or stating a negative belief as if it were the absolute truth. Do not hurry this process. most people are listening to KFEAR or WLACK or XGUILT. visualization. Instead. forgiveness and self acceptance. retreats. although many scientists have a hard time accepting that there is an etheric substance containing nearly infinite energy permeating all things. paying attention to the feelings and sensations in your body. If you have the perception of limited time available to do this. and you have many. spiritual communities. including acceptance of feelings of fear. (10) Conscious breathing. Join a master mind group. Stay away from those who are too practical and are constantly telling you all the reasons your vision is not practical and will never work. life -affirming beliefs and ideas. It is superseded by the fifth dimensional principles of love. but you can tune it out with used karma commercials and ads that teach you that the one with the most toys wins. slowly and clearly. (9) You can elect to tune your mental radio receiver to the God Channel 24/7. prayer. REFUSE TO JOIN IN.

I now sever all psychic. time or place. to vacate my aura. chakras and personal space immediately and permanently. or any other time. attitudes. psychic. sages. release. masters. emotional. So be it. I now break. happiness and well -being. While respecting free will. patternings. impressions. I send each of them pure. other worlds. cords.Receiving True Teachings I now release all beliefs that tell me I cannot contact God directly. banking cartels. contracts or stipulations that in any way connect me to any entities. loving relationships. past lovers. presidents. space or civilization. happiness and well -being. I let go of all feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness that tell me I cannot be a direct channel for God¶s limitless love. that tell me I must follow the teachings of a particular guru or authority in order to reach salvation. gurus. prime ministers. compassionate light from the heart of God. mental. any and all agreements or contracts I have ever made in any level. kings. Sirians. rules. etheric and causal connections to any and all beings on any level or dimension of time or space that are in any way holding me back from moving completely into the limitless flow of God¶s love. energies. binds. I see each of these entities taking the right and perfect steps to ensure their highest level of soul growth. beliefs. happiness and well -being. teachers. and transmute. ministers. wisdom and power. financial success. Egypt. Energies and Thought Forms I now ask all negative entities. release. DNA configura tions or any other energy patterns from Pangaea. love and abundance. agreement s. I now bless and release all such beings and hold them forever in the loving light of the one true God. Illuminati members. emotions. DNA configurations or other limitations that are not for my highest and best soul growth. and so it is. imprints. Lemuria. implants. dimension. let go of. Releasing Past Lives I release any and all negative experiences. Orions. Andromedans. Releasing Negative Entities. astral. let go of. mental. vitality. priests. and transmute. Maya. Atlantis. any and all physical. lords. I forgive all such beings for any and all influence they have ever had on me. or anyone else in any level or dimension whatsoever that is in any way keeping me from opening to God¶s limitless flow of love and abundance. Reptilians. that left a pattern on my soul keeping me stuck in old . unlimited energy. queens. family members (deceased or otherwise). regulations. I now break. healers. perfect health. opulence. etheric or causal ties. prosperity. implants. astral. ETs. riches. I now enter into the complete and natural flow of God¶s limitless light. rabbis. loving. thought forms. past or present. thought forms. abundance.

let go o f. stabbed. I now let go of all experiences of being hurt. betrayed. I release any and all guilt about my role in the destruction of these or any other civilizations on Earth or other worlds. any and all agreements or contracts I have ever made in any level. stoned. raped. ri diculed. suppressed. repressed. time or place.programs. any and all agreements or contracts I have ever made in any level. I forgive the governments of the world and their leaders. I forgive the wealthiest individuals and corporations. shot. I forgive the Illuminati. told to shut up. let go of. loss. and transmute. mutilated. I release all judgment of those who appear to be exploiting human beings. I forgive the military. belittled. rejection. pertaining to judgment. put down. time or place. and transmute. dimension. made to suffer hard labor. I release all judgment of those who appear to be misusing their power to control and manipulate others. I now break. shamed. Releasing Fear I release any and all fear of separation. beat. embarrassed. beliefs or conditions. punishment. animals. I forgive and release all who have appeared to reject or withhold their love for me. I now let go of all judgment toward anyone and everything. assaulted. ignored. sentence or judgment against me. dimension. I forgive myself for any pain or suffering I might have caused others. I forgive everyone involved in these groups. hung. Releasing Judgment I release any and all self -judgment. I forgive all past lovers for any pain they might have caused me. I now break. punished. release. burned. oppressed. or banishment. tortured. release. related in any way to past life experiences. I forgive the banking system. made fun of. I release any guilt or shame about the way I conducted myself in my past lives or this present one. or any other form of abuse. I forgive all rich people completely now. Mother Earth. told to keep quiet. or anyone else for selfish gain. scorned. I release any sense of responsibility for the downfall or Atlantis or Lemuria. or judgment of God. I forgive others for any pain or suffering they might have caused me. judgment of others. squelched. abandonment. All this no longer has any .

release. and all-encompassing and has always protected me. am doing or will ever do. express and release all feelings associated with these experiences. energetic patterns. My Source is all-loving. I am free. or any other form of power. let go of. on any level or dimension. I now break. release. physical powers or any other form of power or ability. dimension. I now break. and completely and totally responsible for their own experience of life. with free will. blissful. time or place. I forgive all others who ever misused their power. all-compassionate. is protecting me now. any and all agreements or contracts I have ever made in any level. I am not responsible for the well -being of others. I am not to blame for the misfortunes of others. or anything else regarding the original fall from grace. psychic powers. I am resting safely in the arms of God. I stop blaming myself immediately for anything and everything. assisting or promoting actions of myself or others that led to unpleasant consequences for myself or anyone else. that are in any way holding me back from fully and completely integrating my experience of original cause. let go of. in any lifetime or dimension. feelings. and transmute. I now realize that nothing I have ever done. release. and transmute. pertaining to fear on any level. ecstatic. I fully experience. I completely integrate. any and all agreements or contracts related to the use or misuse of personal or spiritual power. from any and all harm on any and every level of my being. fulfilling. imprints. mystical. implants. magical. Healing Misuse of Power I now forgive myself totally and completely for any and all misuse of personal or spiritual power. thought forms. DNA patternings.influence on my life whatsoever. I forgive myself for any and all incidents of triggering. any and all agreements or contracts related to inappropriate responsibility for or to others. blueprints. exciting. exuberant and . heal and release these experiences now. and will always protect me in the future. I now break. let go of. exhilarating. I take full responsibility for my experience of life and I choose to have a wonderful. spiritual gifts. Amen. and transmute. I re lease all negative experiences. joy ful. Healing Responsibility Issues I recognize that all souls are sovereign beings. can separate me from my Source. I completely release any agreements or contracts limiting the availability of my power.

expansive experience of life. according to their own free will decisions. any and all agreements or c ontracts that are inappropriate or no longer appropriate regarding financial transactions. fairness. happiness and well-being. release. when such agreements or contracts are not in the highest and best interests of myself and the parties involved. wealthy and financially prosperous. justice. I am successful and I wish success for everyone else. I release and transmute the belief that money is not part of God. and that promote the highest and best soul growth. I release and transmute the belief that being successful in business means I cannot devote enough time to deepening my realization of my oneness with God. I release and transmute the belief that I do not deserve to be rich. Healing Business and Financial Issues I resolve legal matters fairly and equitably. providing or receiving services or products. I know that all souls are receiving exactly what they truly desire. I draw only those people and situations to myself in business and financial matters that encourage honesty. and others and their soul growth. I now break. trade or barter. or any other business or fina ncial arrangements. Everyone can be successful. and transmute. prosperity. business transactions. I release and transmute the belief that acquiring or managing money can cause me to forget my connection with God. I bless others and desire the same for them according to their own free will and the Will of their indwelling God Pres ence. buying and selling. let go of. I only make investments that are profitable and empowering for myself and others. There is enough for everyone. I make decisions that are for my highest and best soul growth. I enter into win -win situations with business partners and associates. Healing Beliefs About Money I now release all beliefs about money that are no longer serving me. happiness and well-being of others. . joy and upliftment. I only make financial decisions that benefit me and my soul growth. I release and transmute the belief that money is in any way less than perfect and divine. according to my own free will and the Will of my indwelling God Presence. giving and receiving of money. I pray and affirm success for my competitors as well as myself.

I affirm and know for myself that by becoming rich. I am already worthy. and see money as part of the ³all things added´ after seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven within. I release and transmute the belief that rich. riches. takes up all my time. I now have the motivation and willingness to do whatever is appropriate to heal any and all belief in separation. enlightenment. God is not testing me. good health. I release and transmute the belief that poverty is a virtue and that in order to be a spiritual person I must live without the extravagances and luxuries of modern life. I release and transmute the belief that I will become attached to money and material things if I am successful. success. God is simply loving me. happiness. I will ALWAYS put God first in my life. I am simply awakening to this fact. prosperity. There is nothing that can hold me back. I do not need to test myself or prove myself to God or anyone else. let go of. and makes me unavailable in other vital areas of my life. . wealthy. uncaring and unconcerned with the plight of others. I now break. I now break.I release and transmute the belief that being successful in business means that my business is all-consuming. wealthy. No Gain´ While a certain amount of hard work and challenge is inherent to life in the third dimension. love. release and transmute any and all agreements and contracts that tell me that I must struggle and work ha rd in order to attain wealth. I now easily and with grace take the exactly appropriate steps to ensure my good comes to me in a harmonious and balanced manner. prosperous and successful people are selfish. in any form. I no longer hold the belief that life is a struggle. The Kingdom of God is my birthright. release and transmute any and all agreements and contracts relating to my use and perception of money. prosperous. opulent and financially successful. loving relationships or any other good things of life. I will in no way lessen my compassion for others. or become indifferent to the suffering of others. or become arrogant or egotistical as I attain power and wealth. I am already perfect. Releasing ³No Pain. abundant. let go of.

Issues around Sexuality and Relationships I now break. confident and certain of myself and my abilities. I have what it takes to be successful. business associates. I have enough experience to weather any storm. I am drawn to others that are able to assist me where I need assistance. I know I am now manifesting my heart¶s desire. intelligent. I am trustworthy. let go of. I have all the help I need. financial experts and others that promote the success and integrity of my business. I trust myself to make the right decisions. happiness and well-being. If I need more for a specific project. If I need more specific learning. I manifest it easily and efficiently. I trust my own ability to make conscious choices that are for my highest and best soul growth. let go of. I now break. I am confident in my ability to manifest my heart¶s desire. contractors. release and transmute any and all agreements and contracts that in any way limit my ability to have loving. I am attracting the right employers. work and employment. accurate. I have enough money to be successful. I have enough education to be successful. release and transmute any and all agreements and contracts that in any way cause me to doubt or mistru st my own ability to make appropriate and good decisions. I attain it joyfully and quickly and in perfect timing. livelihood. . I bring others into my projects and businesses that are trustworthy. I am capable.Issues around Trusting God and Others I trust God within me completely. I trust God and God¶s messengers to give me accurate and useful information. competent. intimate. legal experts. honest and appropriate for my success. joyous and fulfilling relationships with others. subcontractors. both physically and spiritually. employees. I have confidence in myself and those around me .

I respect myself in the choices I make regarding intimacy and personal relationships. mental. happiness and well-being. I am safe being in an intimate. It¶s okay to give pleasure to others. I attract people who have the same or similar values. My sexual experiences are wonderful. loving and caring relationship. guilt. spending and managing money. visions and values. love and compassion. embarrassment. There are plenty of compatible partners for every soul who desires one. astral. I AM loved and appreciated just for being who I am. It¶s okay to receive pleasure fr om others. I am comfortable and happy with my own body and its pleasure centers. I love myself and attract others who love themselves. . I communicate clearly. I am a loving being of pure light. uncomfortableness.I break. I confidently ask for what I want in a relationship. There are plenty of men and women to go around. fear. I honor and respect my present relationships. etheric. I deserve to be loved and appreciated. kundalini. anger. I am safe and make safe choices. I love myself unconditionally. doubt. emotional. It¶s okay for me to pleasure myself if that feels right. shyness. I trust myself when making relationship choices. openly and honestly. fulfilling. release and transmute any and all agreements and contracts that in any way limit my ability to express my sexuality. or insecurity regarding my sexuality and sexual relationships. I am not afraid to be vulnerable. I express my sexuality in ways that promote my highest soul growth. I choose only partners that support my goals. I am not afraid to be close to others. I release and transmute all shame. and add depth and beauty to my life. causal and spiritual. There is plenty of love for everyone. or sacred fire energies. Money and Relationships with Partners I now attract people into my life that are compatible and compassionate regarding earning. It¶s safe for me to be close to others. My life is overflowing with love on all levels ± physical.

People love me when I¶m successful. I create a balance between saving and spending. the more I enjoy it. release and transmute any and all agreements and contracts regarding the saving. My intimate partner or partners honors and respects my financial decisions. happiness and well-being of others. happiness and well -being.I now break. We have a healthy relationship with each other and with money. I now break. Spending. or the soul growth. We accelerate the learning and manifesting in each other. let go of. spending and investing of money and material resources. We love giving and receiving on all levels of our being. I do not withhold things from myself. I honor and respect the financial decisions of my partner or partners. The more I make. We communicate openly and honestly about money. I am not afraid to spend money when that is the best strategy. I do not feel guilty when I buy myself things. release and transmute any and all agreements and contracts regarding money and love. It¶s easy and fun to make money. I am making money doing what I enjoy most. Saving. We respect each others¶ desires and wishes regarding money. I and my intimate partner or partners use our money to create beautiful. We assist each other in becoming more prosperous and using money more joyfully. when such agreements and contracts are not in my own best interests and the interests of others. let go of. easy and joyful to save money. satisfying things in our lives. People love me when I¶m making money. Managing money together with my partner or partners is joyful and fulfilling. I enjoy my money. We are creative and flexible in how we spend our money. . People love me when I¶m rich. It¶s fun. Managing and Investing Money I have a healthy attitude about saving money. when such agreements and contracts are not in the highest and best interests of my own soul growth.

vitality. I love everything about my body. I have released all shame regarding money. I make timely investments. I am given all the information I need in order to make wise investments. joy and fulfillment of being in a physical body. My body is a perfect and holy temple of the living God. I make wise drink choices.People love me now matter how much or how little money I have. investing and managing money. I trust my inner knowing. healthy relationship with money. release and transmute any and all agreements and contracts regarding the health of my physi cal body. I honor and respect the various systems of my body. I now break. . I save and spend money in healthy ways that contribute to the aliveness of myself and others. I am prospered for doing the work I enjoy. Money is my friend. My body is my expression of God on the Earth. spending. which always guides me to make sound financial decisions. I know when to buy and when to sell. let go of. My body is part of God. I attract only honest. I manage my money wisely. saving. I am confident and competent with money. I have released all unworthiness regarding money. reliable people to assist me with making. I invest my money wisely.´ Physical Health I now make choices that ensure the health. I have a wonderful. I have released all guilt regarding money. I make wise food and supplement choices. I deserve to be rich and successful.

immortal. My body is an expression of my spiritual nature. I can do so in a joyful. release and transmute any and all agreements and contracts regarding time. I am capable of living in a deathless. I am unlimited and free. My body is a faithful servant.My body will remain healthy. I release any and all investment in illness or disease. accurate guidance to wait. I get all the attention. pleasant and pain -free manner. It¶s okay to waste time. I now choose radiant health. but I have no need to do so. love and lessons I need while remaining healthy. I can choose how long I want to remain in a body. I now break. as I am enthusiastic about moving on with my life. It¶s okay to do absolutely nothing. including the physical. If I choose to leave my body. I am capable of teleporting my body. I express my spiritual nature through my radiant. I completely and forever release any and al l judgment about my body or its various parts. I release all guilt for ³wasting´ time. I love every part of my body. It¶s okay to procrastinate. let go of. I am capable of materializing and dematerializing my body. It¶s safe to be in a body. My body brings me lots of pleasure. rega rdless of whether or not I have a body. body. I act today. I do not wait unless I get clear. Illness and disease offer nothing that I want. . youthful and free of disease for as long as I choose to have a body. Issues with Time I release all belief that there is not enough time. I now have the power to heal any and all disease in myself or others. clean and free of sin and guilt. I am comple tely and totally innocent on every level of my being. My body is pure. I enjoy pleasuring my body. I love being in a body. My body does not limit me in any way. physical body. I will not get attached to the material plane and forget I am spirit.

I am always doing the righ t thing at the right time in the right way. I am a timeless being of pure love. Enjoy. I have all the time I need to accomplish my goals. Peace and blessings. All the information I need is at my fingertips. but I am not bound by it. repeat daily. I have no enemies. I am able to find things easily and effortlessly. until all is manifest as your heart desires. I used to be a master at mental obsession until I realized the real cost of indulging in . I am beyond time. I enjoy being organized. Everything comes to me at the perfect time. Time is merely a tool and a means of perception.I now release all beliefs that time can in any way control me or force me to do things I do not want to do. I am efficient and organized. Sal Healing Mental Obsession Article by Sal Rachele August 28. by obsessing. Everything is in right timing. I use time wisely and effectively. I use time. Time is my faithful servant. I have exactly the right amount of time. It¶s easy to be organized. I understand the nature of tim e and use it as an ally in every situation. The mind. I am the master of time and space. This is the end of Part 1. I now use time in the highest and best way possible. Time is not my enemy. I am free within time and beyond time. 2005 Mental obsession is a form of fear that can build walls between yourself and others and can greatly reduce your enjoyment of life and effectiveness in dealing with situations in front of you. thinks it is taking care of you when in fact it is robbing you of power and peace.

nor does indulging or approving of its behavior. A lot of this is elementary. many people become stressed out when traveling. it is important to become aware of the underlying factors and motivations behind the obsession. Mental obsession prevents your intuition and psychic abilities from being fully utilized to genuinely help you foresee obstacles and events that are important to be aware of. personal appearance. easy-to-reach place and keep them on your person at all times. Common sense also plays a part. Mental obsession rarely assists in making you safer or more effective. What is really important about the event? How do you view yourself? Are you a child of God joyfully partic ipating in an Earthly ritual? Or . set aside a time well prior to your travel to examine what it is you truly need. memorize schedules. When possible. Inner obsessions are concerned with how you project yourself to the world. Where are you judging yourself? Making a good impression for the new business contacts may be important.this behavior. So relax and allow your higher self to be chairperson of the meeting. Instead. Airlines rarely lose luggage. Have your money and documents in a consistent. energy -wasting activity that bears little resemblance to actual dangers and pitfalls. What are you really afraid of? What false self -image or negative core belief is g enerating the obsession? Outer obsessions can often be minimized by proper planning and understanding of time and space. and leaves you feeling exhausted and unhappy. but if they do. Mental obsession actually makes it harder to accomplish tasks and goals. Allow enough. schedules. Instead of mentally obsessing about whether or not you will make your connections or have the proper documents. it is seen as a useless. but not too much time between flights. fear of rejection. etc. but mentally obsessing over it is going to deplete your en ergy and make it more likely that you will forget something important during the presentation. For example. finances. but making sure you take care of this will help reduce mental obsession. Ignoring the mind¶s rantings and ravings does not solve the problem of mental obsession. especially if it involves international destinations. Put all your es sentials in your carry-on bags. Do you like yourself? Do you ap prove of how you are handling the situation? If not. outcomes. Inner obsessions are a bit more difficult to master. You can often foresee probable eve nts that might affect your travel. fear of failure or success. pick the ones least likely to have weather or volume delays. Carry phone numbers and reservation numbers with you. If you are changing planes and you have a choice of cities. Remember that airline travel is one of the safest things you can do ± thousands of times safer than traveling by automobile (according to statistics). upon hindsight. Arrange currency exchange in advance. How attached are you to a particular outcome? You can set goals and visualize results without being emotionally attached to them. Then tune in to your higher mind and intuition. Car ry plenty of water and eat before departure. need for approval from others. Outer obsessions usually center around work performance. but re alizing that they are almost always based on a negative self -image is a good place to start. Like everything else in Earthly life. there are two kinds of mental obsession ± inner and outer. Arrive at the airport early and read a book or meditate. clothes and books can be replaced. Often. why? What are you telling yourself? Are you so afraid of being a schmuck that you remain uptight and fidgety during the meeting instead of relaxing and allowing your guests to feel at ease? More than lik ely you are prepared for your presentation and have gone over it several times. etc.

Amen. handle it first even if it doesn¶t seem as important. Breathing. It is so. or is life over because the client said ³No?´ Sometimes it is necessary to take baby steps when organizing and planning something. . Procrastination triggers obsession. visualization. All is in Divine Perfection. It¶s a bad habit. holistic bodywork and gentle exercise can all help to quiet a restless mind. it¶s all just soul experience. Let go of separation. Let it know that Spirit is in control and that it is a humble servant. prayer. Do this often. Having a calm mind will make the rest of the tasks easier. Use psychic and spiritual protection techniques. Pay attention to the energy of people around you. but do not obsess about it. The ³worst that could happen´ rarely happens. Learn to be flexible. You are on your optimum path. Y ou can open it up again when doing a presentation or conversing among friends. yoga. If one item on a list keeps popping into your mind repeatedly.does your life and happiness depend on what your clients think of you? Do you NEED the business generated by a successful meeting. during and after a st ressful event. or are you able to be at peace regardless of whether or not you close the deal? Visualizing an outcome works best if you remain clear. where things become hyper -important. Allow time for relaxation. Watch your diet before. Make a list of what is most critical and focus on those tasks. and so it is. Do this dispassionately like a scientist studying an experiment. Worry is completely useless. Remember. There are really no winners and losers. Do not put things off. You are going with the flow and making decisions that are for your highest and best soul growth.´ Most of them never come true. Pay attention to your personal space. Trying to do too much at once can generate men tal obsession. Invoke the power and presence of God to protect you. Minimize the ³what ifs. Do not indulge it. Sleep deprivation can cause a sort of hysteria. Gently but firmly turn the OFF button on your obsessive mind. A rude passenger on a p lane is a troubled human being in need of healing. You are in control because you are aligned with your higher self and God. Close your aura when in crowds. especially when traveling. meditation. What is really important? Do you live in an abundant universe with plenty of opportunities. Appreciate the beauty all around you. only parti cipants. Define your boundaries and then let it go. calm and centered during the process. Get plenty of sleep. There are many techniques for doing this. Sometimes events do not turn out as planned. It will be told what to do and when to do it. Fill yourself with the golden radiant light of your God Presence every time ³monkey mind´ begins its rant. Use your protection techniques. A customs official is a human being wearing a uniform and performing a job. or augmentation of stress. happiness and well-being. Let go of judgment. He is not the enemy to be overcome.

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