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NOTE : The paper is divided into two sections: Section A and Section B. There are seven questions in Section A. Students are required to attempt any four questions from Section A. Question No. 8 (Section B) is compulsory. Each question carries 20 Marks. Section – A 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What are the variables that moderate differences between domestic and international HRM? Explain with suitable examples. (20) “Most firms go through several stages of organizational development as the nature and size of their international activities grow.” Comment (20) Discuss the roles of an expatriate in detail with suitable examples. (20)

(i) Write a detailed note on factors moderating the performance of expatriate employees. (ii) Also discuss the selection criteria for expatriate employees. (10+10) Explain the following: (i) The Going Rate Approach (ii) The Balance Sheet Approach



“When business is conducted across national and cultural borders, the operationalization of an enterprise’s ethics program takes on added layers of complexity.” In light of the above statement explain the important areas of international corporate codes of ethics and the challenges they raise for HR professionals. (20) How is a Repatriation Program designed? process. Section – B Explain the four phases of repatriation (20)



CASE STUDY Pepsi Cola international (PCI) devised a common performance appraisal system that focuses on motivating managers to achieve and maintain high standards of performance.

insist on a great deal of specificity. feedback may be tough and direct but is never given in public. In using this system.the successful delivery of instant feedback as the first step required some adjustment to local cultures. also mentioning in detail their different types. not to criticize cultural styles. Americans used it because it fitted a fast paced way of doing business. HR06/December10/Page 1 of 2 The common system provided guidelines for performance appraisal yet allowed for modification to suit cultural differences. The purpose of instant feedback was to improve business performance. does nodding head during instant feedback signify agreement. only that the message has been heard. (10) **************** . PCI was trying to balance the cultural and administrative imperatives of successfully managing the performance of a diverse workforce. for example . Some Latins argue very strongly if they do not agree with the feedback and some employees. In most Asian cultures. QUESTION: 8 (i) In light of the above case study give reasons for administrative success of five feedback mechanism.Administrative consistency was achieved through the use of a performance appraisal system of five feedback mechanisms. (10) 8(ii) Also discuss Performance Management of Non-Expatriates. Indian nationals. In practice at PCI . nor in some Asian cultures.

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