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Welcome all to the 60th BOYCOTT! newsletter. This bi-weekly newsletter is a collection of all the links, information and action alerts that BOYCOTT! activists have sent out in recent weeks. We're always working out the kinks, so any suggestions and feedback are appreciated. (send through
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Exclusive Tour of The Audacity of Hope, a US Ship Joining the Gaza Flotilla Yonatan Shapira, Former Israeli Air Force Pilot, Describes Why He Joined Gaza Aid Flotilla Joseph Dana speaks to Al Jazeera about taking part in the latest flotilla to Gaza CNN: Gaza-bound Flotilla Blocked Yonatan Shapira held in Greek port: “I don’t know if I’m detained or not” Flotilla Freedom Fast and Demonstration at the US Embassy in Athens Let Our People Go

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II ‫משט החירות‬
Richard Levy & Kathy Kelly Join US Peace Activists to Sail to Gaza In Humanitarian Flotilla The Audacity of Hope: U.S. Peace Activists to Sail to Gaza in Humanitarian Flotilla Gaza flotilla activists: One of our ships was sabotaged Israel fears Gaza flotilla activists may try to kill IDF soldiers

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IDF: Some flotilla activists planning to Netanyahu's big fat Greek Wedding kill soldiers Israel accused of trying to intimidate Gaza flotilla journalists Alice Walker to Confront Israeli Naval Blockade of Gaza on U.S. Aid Ship Netanyahu: Israel has every right to stop Gaza flotilla Hebrew:

Latest BOYCOTT! Action

BOYCOTT!: From Israeli CitizensArmin Van Buuren, Please Don’t Play for Apartheid in Eilat, Israel BOYCOTT! Joins 101 Organizations Praising Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Decision Not to Visit Israel Sanrio, Please Follow MUJI and Refrain from Opening Hello Kitty Stores in Apartheid Israel!

‫נתניהו: לישראל הזכות לפעול נגד‬ ‫הניסיונות להכשיר את הברחת הנשק‬
PM: We have right to work against ‘provocation flotilla’

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‫בד”ס מאחורי הסורגים‬

‫הדלתות בישראל‬
BDS will free both the oppressed, and the oppressor Knesset Committee outdoes itself with ‘bill to prevent harm to the state of Israel through boycotts’

BDS Behind Bars
Knesset to Promote Anti-Boycott Bill to Second and Third Reading

The Doors in Israel
Twitter Alert: Tell the Doors to Not Perform in Israel!

We'll Keep On

‫הממשלה תבחן תמיכה בשני חוקים‬ ‫שיסכלו עזרה כספית של מדינות זרות‬ ‫בארגוני זכויות אדם ישראלים‬
Breaking: The Anti Boycott Law in Israel is to be Brought to a Vote Next Week ACRI: Prohibition on Instituting a Boycott Bill – Info Sheet

Resisting Occupation
Update on Boycott Bill, 27 June 2011 Launching “Right to Resist” Campaign

Israeli prime minister’s office staffer confirms to EI he promoted pinkwashing video Did Netanyahu's office distribute a fake video against Gaza flotilla?

Pink BDS

‫בד”ס ורוד‬

ACRI: New Version of Boycott Prohibition Bill Approved for Final Reading Boycott bill will persecute the left Knesset c'tee approves bill outlawing boycotts on Israel Proposed bill could allow expulsion of left-wing activists

‫ג’לו ביאפרה‬

‫נחשף קמפיין יוטיוב חדש נגד החוק‬ ‫האוסר להחרים את ישראל‬ ,‫מוחמד ג'באלי - נמשיך להתנגד לכיבוש‬ ‫הקמפיין נגד חוק החרם‬
[English subs]

Jello Biafra
Greens must drop Jello, McKinney Jello blocks Facebook comments

- ‫רונה קינן - נמשיך להתנגד לכיבוש‬ ]CWP,English subs

Palestinian BDS

Die Linke Protecting Israel’s Occupation and Apartheid?

‫בד”ס פלסטיני‬

International BDS

BDS action against the Agrexco headquarters in Milan Italy: Unexpected Gift

‫בד”ס בינלאומי‬

In Jello we trust Twitter Alert: Tell Jello Biafra to Honor the Boycott! Statement from Jello Biafra Wednesday June 29 2011 Jello Biafra cancels his Tel Aviv gig Jello Biafra cancels Israel gig but attacks boycotters

On BDS Bashers and their Search for Fig Leaves “Kairos-Palestine” added to school curriculum in Palestine The Struggle for an Equal Right to Academic Freedom Gaza: Young Palestinians Lead a Global Movement ‘The truth is not easy to tell’: The story of Palestinian women in Israel

UNESCO Sharply Condemns Israel BRICUP: "Progress on BDS; beginning of the end for pernicious definition of anti-semitism" Police attack peaceful Palestine solidarity protest in Melbourne

Israeli BDS
eXing TEDx

‫בד”ס ישראלי‬

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Omar Barghouti and Jamal Juma'a support OneWorld 'Freedom for Palestine' single Archbishop Tutu endorses 'Freedom for Palestine' single by OneWorld! Watch: One World/ Freedome for Palestine London Rhymes with Palestine for OneWorld

"‫"אני לא ג'סטין ביבר‬

‫כלי הסברה- שאקירה‬
‫כרטיס אדום לאפרטהייד הישראלי‬
Red Card Israeli Apartheid – Palestinian sports groups challenge UEFA on Israeli hosting of 2013 Under-21 tournament Facebook: Red Card Israeli Apartheid - Tell UEFA to move 2013 tournament from Israel

Red Card Israeli Apartheid
Palestinian sports community appeal to UEFA – Red Card Israeli Apartheid

Used for Hasbara- Shakira
‫מנענעת בכותל: שאקירה נחתה בישראל‬
Shakira visits Western Wall Shakira in Israel to Promote Education Platform Shakira sings for Israeli and Palestinian children Shakira visits Israel amid calls to boycott country Shakira pushes education on visit to Jerusalem Shakira: Education is best strategy for stability, peace

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BOYCOTT! Invites all its siganitories to help write letters, to the following artists (letter suggestions should be sent to Music: Moby * Jane's Addiction * Marc Almond * Mojave 3 * Caravan * Mulatu Astatke * Hiromi * Laurie Anderson* Suede * Brad Mehldau Bryan Ferry * Kiss * Kiri Te Kanawa, Billy Coham, Ioannis Kotsisras  and other participants in the Israel Festival * Echo and The Bunnymen * Ray Manzarek & Robby Krieger (The Doors) * Jose Carreras * Deep Purple * Arena di Verona * Roxette * Bon Jovi * Gilberto Gil *

‫אחריותיות תאגידית‬

Ready or not, the J'lem light rail is coming. Or not

Celebrity flotilla invades Israel UNICEF: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Shakira visits school in Jerusalem Shakira Visits Schools in Jerusalem and Participates in Israeli Presidential Conference Discurso De Shakira En Israel Parte 2 [English] Don’t bother, Shakira Najla Said: An Open Letter to Shakira: We Are Not All Israel

Corporate Acountability
Dexia ‫מבזק: ההסתדרות הכריזה על סכסוך‬ ‫עבודה בבנק דקסיה‬

French court decision on Jerusalem light rail must be challenged Veolia-controlled company participating in a public tender in The Netherlands


‫ההסתדרות הכריזה על סכסוך עבודה‬ Dries Van Agt Goes to War against ‫בבנק דקסיה‬
Veolia Bus company

Carmel Agrexco

Agrexco seeks debt settlement Agrexco Proposes 35% Haircut to Bondholders

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?‫מדינה פלסטינית‬

Israel asks Apple to cancel Palestinian app Israel complains to Apple over application promoting Palestinian uprising Israel Urges Apple to Remove ProPalestinian App Min. Edelstein Asks Apple to Remove Anti-Israel App MK asks Apple to remove '3rd intifada' iPad application Israel urges Apple to remove pro-Palestinian app

‫קארים אבדול ג’אבר‬

Palestinian State?
Why Is Congress Threatening Palestinians with Sanctions? German Left Party Asks Government to Recognise Palestinian State

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Thank Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for Slam-Dunking Israeli Apartheid! Basketball legend Kareem AbdulJabbar won’t visit Israel, in a slamdunk for BDS

The BDS Movement Would Like to Thank the Following Zionists ‫תנועת הבד”ס מבקשת להודות לציונים הבאים‬

‫אפל אישרה להפעיל אפליקציית‬ "3 ‫"אינתיפאדה‬
Drawing the line Hebrew:


A Call for Apple To Remove ‘Third Intifada’ iPhone App

:‫המיליארדר האמריקאי יהודי ג'יימס טיש‬ ‫""החרם על ישראל יוצא משליטה‬
“Musicians4Israel”: Jello Biafra Thank You for Supporting Israel!

‫תאגידים‬ ‫מוסיקה‬

Don't Play Apartheid Israel Cultural and Academic Boycott of Israel

At the Click of a Button
Israel Divestment Campaign JVP: No More Demolished Villages Enrique Iglesias: Por favor, no cantes para el Apartheid de Israel. Artists Against Apartheid Jewish Voice for Peace: TIAA-CREF: Divest from the occupation Ban Israel from the London 2012 Olympics Act now: Tell BT to hang up on the Occupation Orange County DA: Charge me for interrupting for human rights Stop Israel's Blood Diamond Trade Tell Bed Bath & Beyond to Stop Carrying Illegal Settlement


Petition opposing Ariel College

Punks Against Apartheid Roxette - Listen to your heart! Ställ in konserten i Tel Aviv 22a oktober Paul Simon : Playing In Israel is Supporting Apartheid Ziggy Marley : Playing in Israel Is Supporting Apartheid Napalm Death : Playing in Israel is Supporting Apartheid


Ban Israel from the London 2012 Olympics Facebook: Red Card Israeli Apartheid - Tell UEFA to move 2013 tournament from Israel

Corporations Music

Adidas, Stop Sponsoring Apartheid Moby - Please Don't Play for Apartheid Israel Bryan Ferry: Please Don't Play for Apartheid Israel

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