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Dear brothers and sisters! Here you can find a chronological sequence of Russian events occurred for the last few years. We believe that Sahaja Yogis should know the truth and honest view to help us to keep Sahaja principles in our world family. The "Peter and Paul" virus, the idea of creating an organization in Sahaja Yoga, corrupting Sahaj ideas with the materialistic management and domination systems are spreading not only in Russia but in other countries also. But today we all bear responsibility for preserving the purity of Sahaja Yoga, purity of ideology, which we have been taught by Shri Mataji, and no one can do it except us. Religions are founded by Incarnations, but religions were always corrupted by people. But Sahaja Yoga must always remain as Vishwa Nirmala Dharma. Perhaps the easiest way is to tell that these problems do not concern us. But the borders of the countries are only illusions for Sahaja Yogis - we are all one subtle body, and one part of the body is affected by a disease, the whole body suffers. Being a detached witnessed we should not be insensitive and the solution is in our hands as well as in the hands of our brothers and sisters from Russia. We described here only few facts that will provide sufficient insight into the nature of the existing problems in the Russian collective. All of the following are only some examples of the manifestation of this destructive energy. Perhaps some of the dates are not as accurate, many facts are missing, and about some we can only guess. But the material sufficiently illuminates the essence of the whole picture, new Mahabharata chapter on the new Kurukshetra field. Overture Before 2005 there was a conflict between Alexander Solodiankin and Sergey Perezhogin connected with the fact that for some time Sergei Perezhogin was a leader of Russia together with Alexander Solodiankin, and then in 2000 Shri Mataji removed Alexander from the leadership and left only Perezhogin (in year 2000 .) In addition, the conflict was cause due to the negative attitude of Sergei Perezhogin to marriages that are in violation of mariadas arranged and "blessed" in Togliatti collective by Alexander Solodyankin. In 2005 the events took place where S. Perezhogin was removed from his position and a new coordinator, Dmitry Korotaev, was appointed by Alan Wherry and Bogdan Shehovich, following the recommendations of Solodyankina. 2005 Which-hunting

After Sergei Perezhogin resigned from the leadership he was accused of corruption. Six months later, despite the fact that the allegations found no evidence at all, Perezhogin was removed from the collective and accused in creating groups. Most of the charges were fabricated, and then circulated through all over Russia and the world. To promote the negative impression on Sergei Perezhogin, all video and audio medias with translations he made (he was interpreter for Shri Mataji's speeches) were destroyed also many books by S.Perezhogin translations. It was recommended for all Russians, to destroy all media and books too! But these were Mother's talks! This was followed by threats of removal from Sahaja Yogis for those who kept friendly relations with the former leader and those who were actively involved in spreading yoga. Russian Council and coordinator requested from those who were close with the former leader to write a written apology, as well as a waiver of any contacts and relationships with the former leader. They demanded a complete renunciation of all contacts and threatened with removal from the collective. Later, those who refused to write a written waiver of contacts were also removed from the collective. Labeling and hatred kindling started in the Russian collective. After any slightest disagreement with the actions of a new government, yogis could be accused of joining groups, in mistrust, in participating in attacks on the family of Shri Mataji, etc. 2006. Let there will be only one yogi in the collective but the one who is fully devoted to the Mother! The Russian Council forges the "voluntary" resignation of Valentina Kushnarenko from the World Council Many of those who where active sahaja yogis during previous years refused to sign a letter of apologies to Shri Mataji's family and to Russian council were removed. Unofficial lists of "untrustworthy" were discussed in Moscow and other cities, list of "candidates for possible removal". Many yogis got a warning of possible removal from the collective. 2007 Creation of a new Caliphate! Confession and repentance! Division of the collective! All seminars and festivals around Russia were prohibited except the one in Togliatti. Introduction of "permits" for attending international Pujas and seminars. Permission also required from the coordinator for visit collectives in other cities. They introduced rules requiring the passport data report for visiting the Russian seminar in Togliatti. The spread the information that Shri Mataji will come for the seminar in Togliatti in 2007 and raised money for Her arrival. They were collecting money in spite of the accurate information that Shri Mataji is not coming. Many yogis went to a seminar spending their last money, thinking that Shri Mataji will be there.

Peaching and denunciations spreads in the Russian collective including written denunciations. 2008 Power usurpation. Totalitarian command and control, the "Peter and Paul" virus Spring 2008. The negativity saturnalia. The corruption of Sahaja Yoga principles. The Russian Council started to prevent Sahaja Yogis from attending International pujas and national collective programs. By that time the number of Russian yogis reduced twice since 2005. Yogis disloyal to the council were taken out from international Puja by force (Chindwara 2008) without reasonable explanations. Any expression of disagreement with the decisions of the council is followed by the threats of removal from the collective. In any case of expressing the independent opinion yogis are prohibited to participate in Sahaja activities. Summer 2008. Creating a centralized cash flow. Attack of the Guru Principle in Russia. The information about the arrival of Shri Mataji for a seminar in Togliatti was spread. Collecting money from the whole of Russia to organize Shri Mataji's visit. Buying the land for Sahaja camp in Togliatti. So far there is no information about the funds collected, how it was spent, who owns the land and all the property acquired for this money). After the Guru Puja 2008 lecture council gives explanations for Sahaja Yogis "what was actually meant in this lecture and how to understand it properly". Threats of removal for those who want to follow direct instructions given in this Puja. Autumn, 2008. Attempt to restore Sahaj Dharma in Russia. Petition with the request to the World Council to send a committee to investigate the legality of actions of the Russian Council. More than 300 signatures from different cities of Russia, mainly from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Winter 2008-2009. Laying hands on the collective property. Russian Council state its exclusive right to use photographs and lectures of Shri Mataji. It starts with control over all means of communication in the collective. 2009 Investigation. Search for justice. Voice of Dharma. Winter 2009. Collection of facts. Collecting evidence at the request of the World Council to ascertain the veracity of the facts of violation of dharma.

Summer 2009 Ignoring the decisions of the World Council by D.Korotaev World Council commits D. Korotaev to let everyone attend Togliatti camp during the visit of Shri Mataji. A number of Sahaja Yoga were not allowed through the gate. Some Sahaja Yogis from the "blacklist" were let inside only after they fill a written expression of loyalty to the Council. The World Foundation wants to allow everybody to attend Pujas, but only after coordination of the visit with Korotaev, for many yogis this is inacceptable. Fall 2009. Problems of the World Council Because of problems with the NIPC, the World Council refuses to solve the problem in the Russian Sahaja Yoga, as any action against the Russian council may be interpreted as an action against the family of Shri Mataji, with which the World Council had argument (growing since 2006 and relating to the issue with the Intellectual Property). December 2009. Search for a Solution The representatives of the World Council requested Anand, the grandson of Mother, to look into the problems in Russia, as Anand cannot be suspected of acting against the family of Mother. 2010 Investigation of the Russian Council. Complete separation of the collective. Interregional SY organization. January 2010. Political intrigues. Falsification of letters and lies. Dissolution of the World Council. Anand starts to understand the problems of Russia. He wrote a letter which directly speaks about the perversion of the teachings of Mother by the Russian council members. Russian council accuses Anand in "damaging the reputation of many members of the Russian Council." Yogis of Russia were told false information that Anand, Gregoire and other yogis made apologies in connection with the stated charges. Their words were cut out of the letters context which led to a complete distortion of their meanings and to fraud. 2010 February-April. Misinformation of Sahaja Yoga. "Power" is such a sweet word. Anand collects information on the actions of the Russian Council. Tens of detailed letters describing the violations of the

principles of Sahaja Yoga were collected from various parts of Russia. Letters come from Ukraine and other countries also. Russian Council represents the collective "news" that in accordance with the Will of Shri Mataji they created a new, united organization in 2009. In this regard they say that the Council to continue its work over the next 5 years, i.e. until 2015. May 2010. Committee for investigate violations of Sahaj Dharma is created. Sir C.P. initiates a committee to investigate the activities of the Russian Council. Chris Kiriyaсou is appointed as the head of the committee . He has an experience of participating in such committees. Chris tries to act the same way as was done earlier: requesting financial reports, collecting evidences, he wants to understand how and what is happening. In response the Russian Council is spreading false information about the committee. June 2010. Attempt to restore justice. Hold on to power at any cost! Chris received dozens of letters from all over Russia describing various injustices and violations of the Sahaj principles. Russian Council urges Sir C.P. not to send a committee to Russia, threatening members of the committee with the troubles and problems by the FSB (former KGB). Russian Council conducts a rapid poll in support of the Russian Council which was held with numerous violations. The result - 92% in support of the current council. The Council disseminates the false information about the termination of the committee. The committee set up on behalf of Sir CP issues the report. The Report was passed to the country coordinators, to Sir C.P. and published on the website The report highlights the most striking manifestations of asahaj policies. (The report is here Russian Council under the leadership of Korotaev announced urgent "elections". The International committee organized by Sir C.P. requested to stop the election because yogis can not make choices based on false information, when they are misled and do not have the information about the true state of affairs. Russian Council hurryingly conducts elections, ignoring the instructions of the committee. As a result, the elections were held with a number of violations, violating both basic election principles and Sahaja principles. For example: 1. Only 10-20% of the yogis were participating in elections - compared with the 2005 year. The rest of yogis were either expelled from the collective or stopped coming to the programs due to disagreements with the Russian

Council, or simply were not informed about elections. 2. Counting of votes was conducted in not transparent manner. There were no independent observers, nothing could prevent the ballot-stuffing. 3. There was no candidates nomination, i.e. everybody were writing their own suggestions. Since there was nothing like the preparations, those won who made agreements in advance. 4. In general, the method was carried out without taking into account the specifics of Sahaja Yoga (vibrations were not taken into account), but also the simple rules of ordinary elections were ignored (the registration of voters, candidates, independent counting of votes). 5. Elections were held despite the express instructions of the Chris committee. The authority of the committee in this matter were higher then the authority of the council which was under the investigation. 6. Many yogis refused to participate in elections believing that the elections were conducted in the way that does not conform to the Sahaj principles. Their opinion is ignored and not taken for discussion, although it was based entirely on the lectures of Shri Mataji. On the ground, everywhere we could find different violations or corruption. While some yogis took these elections sincerely, it does not change the fact of global violation of the Sahaj principles. The result - simple rearrangement of main figures - the coordinators of the regional councils have been transferred to the Russian Council, etc. Formal rotation within the same group of people who served as leaders for the past 5 years. Moscow Sahaja Yogis wrote a letter to Shri Mataji with more than a hundred signatures asking for blessings for opening the new hall and programs independent from the council. In June - July the new hall was opened and recognized by the international Sahaj community. The same halls were formed in most major yoga centers in Russia. June 2010 - Shri Adi Shakti Puja. The dissolution of the Russian Council. The Russian Council has been dissolved, Dmitry Korotaev asked Shri Mataji for forgiveness for his mistakes and in front of witnesses promised Her in writing to "leave all the Sahaj posts." That has not happened so far. Chris Kiriyacou appointed interim coordinators - A.Solodiankin and J.Marakasova, who, however, didn't take any actions as interim coordinators. The newsletter of the Russian Council spreads misinformation regarding NIPC. Nips requests to take away the website and the mailing list from the Russian Council. The Russian Council refuses to hand over a mailing list, and continues to use it, sending out misinformation to yogis. An independent newslist were created in Russia from scratch ( Dmitry Korotaev is removed from the world country leaders mailing list. Dmitry creates its own, fake newslist for world leaders ( instead, and subscribes all leaders there, and then tries to misinform them.

July 2010 - Guru Puja. Collective split in Russia. The separation process in the Russian collective starts to take visible form. Yogis which have information, who are shocked with lies and a violation of the Sahaj principles are trying to convey this information to their collectives, but they are not allowed to do so, they are declared insane, they do not have the opportunity to speak with the collective, etc. The independent hall is created in Moscow, big collectives are trying to create independent groups, and hundreds of yogis are going to new collectives. The Russian Council refuses to stop its activities and send its representatives to an international coordinators meeting. On the international meeting in Cabella they publicly tell the untruth about what's happening in Russia, they refuse to admit mistakes and stop their actions. Those present at the meeting were shocked with this lie and asked them to stop speaking. The International Coordinators meeting unanimously decided ( 1. The Coordinator and all Russian Council members ought to step down from their posts with immediate effect, until a genuine, open, fair and representative process of renewal can take place. 2. During this period of transition there was an unanimous recommendation that the Togliatti seminar and marriages be postponed. Marriages to take place through normal channels of the marriage committee on proposal of representative local leaders. 3. Every yogi has a right to meditate and use Shri Mataji's photograph. Russian Council does not inform the collective about the International coordinators' decision, and all information spread by international collective declared as false. An informal meeting was held in Cabella where representatives of the Council were invited to find solutions and to bring together the collective, to use collective introspection, to develop a system of cooperation based on the principles of vibration and Sahaja Yoga etc. All the proposals was refused. July 4, Dmitry Korotaev and Alexander Solodyankin are excluded from the board of NIPC directors. Anand requests requests Russian Sahaja Yogais to act without regard to the Russian Council (letter July 14, ad/thread/0c62566609f26e27#) . August - September 2010. In spite of everything!

Russian Council acts despite the decision of the International Council Meeting. They conduct the seminar Togliatti, create a "new" council, which was sent to Genoa for the approval and blessing. On the international coordinators meeting at Shri Ganesha Puja the word was not given to the council members. The proposed list of new council was not blessed and approved. The World Foundation requests Nirmal System, a commercial company, to provide financial report of its activities - the request was denied. The Foundation representatives told that during the whole period of cooperation with this company no report was given, although it was requested. The World Foundation breaks the contract with the Nirmal System (refusing to extend it in connection with allegations of financial impropriety and copyright abuse). Nirmal System refuses to consider the contract broken and continues to operate. Thus, since September 2010, all Nirmal System products connected with Shri Mataji's Intellectual property (books, lectures and videos) is counterfeit and produced in violation of Sahaja dharma. On the puja in Cabella the "secretary of international affairs" of the new "council", Julia Marakasova, issued a recommendation to stop all communications with foreign yogis, urging them not to go to a meeting dedicated to finding solutions on how to unite the Russian collective, conducted by Alex Henshaw (Hong Kong coordinator). Thus, the separation of Interregional Sahaja Yoga Movement (council's organization, known as MOD) from the world sangha continues. Autumn 2010. Sir C.P. requests the Dmitry Korotaev to resign. MOD - there rules ball! Sir C.P. says that Dmitry Korotaev must leave from the leadership and requests elections after the Russian collective will become united again. He requests the ex-coordinator to begin the process of creating financial activity reports for 2005-2010. Sir C.P. says that all property should be transferred to the new council which is to be elected in the future. Dmitry Korotaev prints this letter from Sir changing the translation, as if Sir requested to transfer everything to "the Council, which has already been elected before." After trying to request a financial report from the Russian Council threats of prosecution follow. After that, Anand request the World Foundation to prohibit visiting the international Pujas for Tishin (new coordinator) and his associates. October 3, 2010 A call for prudence. Sir C.P. asks Sahaja Yogis to unite ( theyogisofRussia.jpg) and choose the new Russian and local councils. On new programs, independent from the council, everybody is invited to meditate

together, but a substantial number of yogis do not recognize them. Thus, the creation of united government is impossible. Navaratri Puja. Message from Sir C.P. on the establishment of the New Russian Council. Sir C.P. confirms that a new council is to be elected and that Dmitry Korotaev and his council should not have anything to do with the organization and holding new elections. Korotaev's group ignores coordinators meeting on Navaratri puja. Message from Sir C.P. again was misinterpreted in the council's mailing list . Sir sends another letter with explainations ( "Dmitry Korotaev has done his job, his tenure has come to an end, he and the current Russian Council have been expected to and must step down from all posts immediately and hand overall tasks to the new organization. Dmitri and the Council should not be involved in elections going forward, allowing others to take up the new initiative. This does not happen. December 30, 2010. The intentions of Sir C.P. to withdraw his membership from the MOD. The power behind the throne! On the meeting with Russian Sahaja Yogis Sir expresses his intention to withdraw his membership from the Board of Trustees of the Interregional "Sahaja Yoga" movement (MOD). MOD "Sahaja Yoga" – an organization founded by Dmitry Korotaev, Alexander Solodyankinym and Vadim Tishin in 2009. To this day, Dmitry Korotaev is official head of the organization, its co-ordinator. 2011. Troubled times. MOD continues to run the show! March 25, 2011 Sir's requirements. Sir C.P. withdraws his membership from the MOD and requests to remove his name and the name of Shri Mataji from its documents, specificly saying: "To prevent the association of my name and my Wife's name with your organization." MOD "Sahaja Yoga" does not publish the letter. They say that Sir C.P. withdraws his membership because Shri Mataji is not with us anymore. In some collectives the representatives of the MOD announced that the letter is a forgery. The scan of the original letter: ternotarized.jpg Currently all major cities have several groups. The majority of Russian sahaja yogis under various reasons continue to cooperate with Dmitry Korotaev's organization and transfer money to Togliatti. The organization became more important than the collective manifestation of Dharma and Sahaj principles. Yogis supporting their MOD by their actions do not have the unity inside, the unity is only outside. The other group of the yogis, who refused to support the MOD, is fragmented, they do not have any central leadership and operate

at their own discretion. Yogis who support the MOD are afraid to interact with an independent part of the collective. The central government in Russia is no more, as there is no single unifying principle. The MOD is active, as well as a private company, "Nirmal System", which is commercially distributes Sahaja materials. Where the profit from these activities of the company is going - nobody knows as there is no reporting of financial performance of MOD. Financial affairs for the 2005-2010 year are still a closely top secret. The fact remains that there is no more united Sahaja Yoga collective in Russia ... *** *** *** The letter of Anand Varma (grandson of Shri Mataji) to Sahaja Yogis of Russia: June 30, 2010 As you have every right to use the intellectual property of Shri Mataji, why should you worry about these council people? Leave them alone. You can start not one but 100 programs if you want. You do not need any permissions or authorizations. You can do exactly what a coordinator can do. Have your program, your own contributions and system in place to run your meetings. I have sent a similar letter to other Yogis in St. Petersburg. Please do as you wish in a positive light and do not criticize or politicize this process. It should simply be another portal to Glorify Shri Mataji and Sahaj Yoga. PLEASE ESTABLISH YOUR GURU TATTWA WITHIN YOUR COUNTRY. WE AS OUTSIDERS CANNOT DO THAT FOR YOU. I HAVE PLACED THE LETTER FROM ST. PETERSBURG YOGIS AT SHRI MATAJI'S FEET. Best Wishes Anand ____________________________________________________________ _________________________ ps additional materials: and 

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