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Vol. 2, No. 2, October 2006
Zones. In addition, 42 approvals and in addition to that, 354 In-principle approvals have been given for setting up of Special Economic Zones in various parts of the country. These zones are going to be spread across thousands of hectares of common lands, forest areas, coastal areas and even on fertile agricultural lands. State Governments are using the draconian Land Acquisition Act, 1984, to acquire land from farmers and pass it on to the companies setting up SEZs. SEZs have been called the biggest land grab policy in history of our nation. Regional protests have been building up against the forceful land acquisition by the State Governments for Special Economic Zone projects. The "incentives" offered to industries under the SEZ Act reveals the nexus between Government and industrialists at the cost of local marginalized people and the environment. Issues of local livelihoods, environmental destruction, revenue loss and labour exploitation have been raised from several quarters. The units inside the SEZ would be free from environmental restrictions. They would be given full exemption from electricity duty and would be exempted from State sales tax, Octroi, mandi tax or any other duty / cess. Moreover, the States must ensure that the basic inputs like water, electricity & other services would be extended to all these units inside the SEZ. Is it not paradoxical that the Government levies numerous taxes on sale of NTFPs like Kendu Leaf (by poor forest dwellers who do this for their sustenance) but exempts the mega industrial projects from all sorts of duty / taxes; is it not ironical that the Government imposes heavy cess & taxes on water and electricity to poor farmers (who are already suffering due to severe water scarcity) but directs the State Government to provide these very resources free of cost to the large industrial units in the SEZ? That SEZs will bring in prosperity and growth to the few rich Urban Indians (who are interested in amassing wealth through investment in SEZ units) and leave behind the rest of the natives of this country in penury is an open secret. As it is rightly said by George Orwell (Animal Farm) - “All are born equal but some are more equal than others…..” - Editor

Maliparbat Bauxite Mining Project of M/s Hindalco Industries Ltd located in Village Aligaon-Kankaramba in Pottangi Tehsil of Koraput District in Orissa. Utkal Coal Project Block C (3.37 MTPA) of M/s Utkal Coal Ltd., located in village Raijharan, Tehsil Chendipada, District Angul, Orissa
Environmental protection Group, Orissa 49

The Government of India have introduced a policy in April 2000 for setting up of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in the country. The SEZs are specifically delineated duty-free enclaves treated as a foreign territory for the purpose of industrial, service and trade operations. SEZs are supposed to have exemption from customs duties and a more liberal regime in respect of other levies and foreign investment. For creating a hassle free environment, domestic regulations, restrictions and infrastructure inadequacies are proposed to be eliminated in the SEZs. The SEZ Policy provides for setting up of SEZ's in the public, private, joint sector or by State Governments. It was also envisaged that some of the existing Export Processing Zones would be converted into Special Economic Zones. Accordingly, the Government has converted 8 Export Processing Zones into Special Economic



PROJECTS THAT HAVE OBTAINED ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARANCE Environmental Clearance granted on 5th Oct 2006 for opening a new coal mine Utkal Block ‘C’ Coal Project for captive consumption of the existing ferroalloy/captive power plant at Chowdar, Cuttak. The total mine lease is 576.55 ha. Site Clearance was obtained on 28.07.2006. Forestry clearance has not yet been obtained.


IN-PRINCIPLE FOREST CLEARANCE Coal Mining (137.02 Ha) in village Raijharan, Nandichor and Similisahi in Chhendipada Tahasil by M/S Orissa Mining Corporation Limited. In-Principle Clearance granted on 20th October 2006.


FDI OUTFLOW EXCEEDS INFLOW, Business & Economy News Bureau New Delhi, Oct 26: Over the last few years and particularly during the last year, Indian companies seemed to have been bitten by the acquisition bug spanning nearly the whole of globe. A number of foreign acquisitions by India Inc. especially the latest of Corus Group by India’s largest corporate Tatas for over US$ 8 billion is all set to imbalance the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) cart and may even result in FDI outflows exceeding inflows this year. The unprecedented acceleration in investment activity abroad by Indian firms has given steam to FDI outflows which have exceeded the total foreign inflows into the country this year. Overseas acquisitions by few major domestic companies this year alone amounted to over US$ 10 billion. A report by Crisil Centre for Economic Research, says that the rising tide of Indian overseas investments reflect the imperatives of operating in a globalised market place. Indian firms are now driven by the need to seek the cheapest resource mix and locate operations where these are available. The acquisitions by domestic firms abroad is part of a strategy to establish Brand India across the globe and are not limited to a few sectors but spread across a wide array of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, telecom, automobiles, and ancillaries to IT. Tata Steel’s recent announcement to buyout Anglo-Dutch steel major Corus for US$ 8.04 billion and country’s largest electronics firm Videocon planning to acquire South Korean Daewoo Electronics for US$ 700 million highlight corporate India’s increasing global foothold. The Tata Group has been a front runner in other global acquisitions as well with Tata Tea’s acquisition of US-based Energy Brands Inc. for US$ 677 million, Tata Steel’s buyout of Singapore’s Natsteel for 486 million dollars and Tata Coffee’s buyout of Eight O’clock Coffee for US$ 220 million this year. Romanian pharma firm Terapia had also been acquired by Ranbaxy for US$ 324 million dollars earlier this year. Globalisation which exposed the Indian markets to foreign shores had led the domestic companies to transcend geographical barriers and find a foothold in developed markets. Changes in the international regulatory environment, particularly developments in the intellectual property rights (IPR) regimes have also been critical drivers for India Inc.’s forays abroad, The report by Crisil ‘Creating The Indian MNC’ stated. The acceleration in outbound investments by corporate India has not been a sudden spurt but a culmination of a long-term trend towards the creation of the Indian MNC, which has gathered momentum over the last few years. The geographic spread of these investments has also been varied, spanning the US, Europe, Africa, China and the CIS countries as well. Though, as per data available with the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, FDI inflows have doubled during January-July 2006 touching US$ 4.74 billion as compared to the same period in 2005, FDI outflows have also been on an upward climb and are set to overtake the inflows by the year end. The increase in the outflows from the country have gathered momentum on the back of the accommodative role played by the Government, particularly the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), in line with its strategy of ‘internationalization’ of the Indian corporate sector, the Crisil report said. As foreign exchange reserves have piled up, (Forex reserves stand at over US$ 165.33 billion as of August, 2006), the RBI has progressively relaxed the controls on outbound investments, making it easier for Indian companies to acquire or invest abroad. A slew of amendments to the RBI guidelines have effectively raised permissible investment limits and streamlined processes. CALL TO PREPARE `CORROSION MAP OF INDIA' Our Bureau, The Hindu Business Line Mangalore, Oct 12: The 13th National Congress on Corrosion Control began here on Thursday with a call to prepare a `corrosion map of India' and to take up corrosion audit in major structures in the country. Inaugurating the three-day Congress, Prof K.I. Vasu, Founder Patron of the National Corrosion Council of India (NCCI), said the Government could earmark a considerable amount to prepare the corrosion map. The country does not have data on the corrosive aspects in various areas. Data on corrosion will help in understanding the period of maintenance of major structures. The preparation of the `corrosion map' has to be an all-India effort with field stations throughout the country in all major cities and industrial areas, according to Prof Vasu. The Government could set apart Rs 150 crore to Rs 200 crore to make the map, he said. Prof Vasu also stressed the need for legislation on taking up corrosion audit in major structures in the country. The boom in the building industry has necessitated such legislation. STATE TO FOLLOW W.BENGAL MODEL FOR POLLUTION CONTROL Pioneer News Service Bhubaneswar, Oct 19: With Orissa's industrialization programme set to gain momentum in the coming decade, the


State is contemplating to follow West Bengal's footsteps by putting in place a mechanism of 'cost of pollution' to deal with industry-induced hazards. "We are working out the modalities on the lines of the West Bengal model by fixing 'cost of pollution' hoping the mechanism will be in place by November-December," a source in the State Pollution Control Board informed on Tuesday. The SPCB had approved the proposal to impose 'cost of pollution' on industries in the State. Supreme Court, on more than one occasion, has established the principle that the polluter must pay. It is ideal to follow the model of the neighbouring State, West Bengal. SPCB sources said the board was also examining other suitable practices being followed in other countries. Pointing out that the geographical proximity to West Bengal and keeping in mind that has similar kinds of industries that we have. Rather, they have diversified industrial presence than us. So, it is prudent to take a cue from them" said the source. Recently, the West Bengal PCB Chairman Dr Sudip Kumar Banerjee made a presentation on the cost of pollution at the SPCB here, where top officials of the Orissa board were present. Officials said the valuation of environmental damages would cover industries such as sponge iron, steel, thermal industry or any industry, which pollutes CHINA'S SINOSTEEL PLANS INTEGRATED PLANT IN INDIA Ambarish Mukherjee, The Hindu Business Line New Delhi, Oct. 23: After Posco and Mittal Steel, Chinese state-owned Sinosteel Corporation is exploring possibilities of getting into the Indian steel arena. The company plans to set up an integrated steel plant in India with an annual capacity of 3-5 million tonnes and is currently engaged in the spadework required for a project of this scale. The company hopes to finalise the location and other ground details within the next two to three months and intends signing the initial memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the State Government concerned by February 2007. However, unlike Posco and Mittal Steel, Sinosteel is not rigid on the issue of allotment of an iron ore mine as a precondition for setting up the plant. In talks: The Managing Director of Sinosteel India Private Ltd, Mr Wang Hongsen, told Business Line that the company has already held discussions with the Jharkhand and Orissa governments and the company's President, Mr Tianwen Huang, would be visiting India in November for further deliberations. Sinosteel India is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese company. The company is also in talks with Indian private sector companies for a possible joint venture. "We have received many proposals. After Mr Huang's visit, we hope to finalise our plans with regard to

our Indian partners or whether we would go on our own. After that, we hope that a MoU could be signed by February next year," he said. `No problem': On the issue of allotment of iron ore mines, Mr Wang said: "Once you have the plant, iron ore is not a problem. Either the Government would provide it or we can get it." Sinosteel is one of the largest global traders in iron ore, steel and other steel making inputs and equipment. According to mining industry sources, the company is currently buying around 8-10 million tonnes of iron ore from India annually. Investment: The amount of investments that may flow in for this plant would be finalized at a later stage after the location and scale is decided. However, going by the thumb rule of Rs 2,500 crore to Rs 3,000 crore investments per MT of greenfield steel capacity, the investment required could be to the tune of Rs 10,000 crore or more, industry sources said. Officials in the Ministry of Steel also confirmed that Sinosteel officials had met the Minister of State for Steel, Mr Akhilesh Das. "The company is a large manufacturer for steel making equipment like blast furnace, coke oven batteries etc. Initially, they wanted to participate in the expansion plans of SAIL and Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd. But we have not yet got any paper or proposal from the company about its manufacturing plans," Steel Ministry sources clarified. In July 2005, Sinosteel Corporation had been permitted by the Foreign Investment Promotion Board to set up a wholly owned subsidiary in India with a foreign direct investment of Rs 4 crore to undertake cash-and-carry wholesale trading of metallurgical raw and processed materials, auxiliary materials, metallic and non-metallic and non-metallic mineral products, non- ferrous metal products and other items. TATA STEEL PLANS RS 4,500CR ORDERS FOR ORISSA UNIT Orissa Diary News Bhubaneswar, Oct 28: The Kalinganagar project of Tata Steel will be the first greenfield project to take off among the five planned across domestic and international markets. Tata Steel has lined up greenfield projects in Orissa, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Bangladesh and Iran. T Mukherjee, deputy managing director of Tata Steel, said the company had decided to take up the Kalinganagar project first, and was close to placing orders for the Orissa project. The company would place orders for one million tonne, which would cost around Rs 4,500 crore, in the first phase, Mukherjee added. The Orissa plant would have a total capacity of six million tonne to be set up in two phases of three million tonne each. The company had internally prioritised its greenfield projects. Refusing to divulge the


” he said and asserted that despite being the nation’s biggest producer.000 crore by 2012 to become 22 million tonne steel company. The Chief Minister said that the ITP would boost industrialisation in the area around Choudwar and provide employment to the local people. We shall maintain or consolidate our market share. Durgapur. Orissa will derive substantial benefits not only by way of direct taxes but also direct and indirect employment and establishment of downstream and ancillary industries. Roongta said adding the plan has now been compressed to be completed by 2010. The company will invest either by itself or directly controlled subsidiaries.35. Biswabhusan Harichandan..” said SK Roongta. the mine in Orissa.” On the mega deal of Tata Steel acquiring Anglo Dutch steel company Corus in UK.Oct 12: The State Government on Wednesday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Gujarat based Welspun Power and Steel Limited (WPSL) for establishment of a three million tonne steel plant and pipe plant with an investment of Rs 6103. The State Government expects that with the signing of the MoU.000 crore.” he averred. 37. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik hoped that the plans of the company would be executed expeditiously. Roongta said capacity of Bokaro. there was no room for complacency. “The unit would exclusively cater to the auto Bhubaneswar. Minister for Steel and Mines Padmanabha Behera and Chief Secretary Subas Pani were present. 5 MT and 5 MT respectively.000 crore. Asked whether SAIL was looking for acquisitions overseas or will expand through green field route. Roongta expressed happiness saying the deal shows the confidence of overseas market in Indian entrepreneurs. It will also encourage utilisation of fine cotton grown in KBK region of the State in the plant. Welspun. who assumed charge of over Rs.5 MT of cold-rolling mill at its Bokaro unit. which would be allotted to Tata Steel. “We have a very strong client-base. he said. Asked whether SAIL was looking for acquisition of smaller capacities outside India. Tata Steel would get the mine once it invested 20-25% of the entire project cost according to the MoU terms.. “Let anybody come. had been prospected. The company will develop about 400 acres of land and set up among other facilities a modern spinning mill of 25. chairman of SAIL. The State Government also signed a memorandum with Welspun Anjar SEZ Limited for establishment of an integrated textile park (ITP) at Choudwar.second project the company would take up. He underscored the need for special attention to environmental concerns and peripheral development. The MoU signed on Wednesday was in addition to the MoUs signed earlier which envisage steel production of 56.25 million tonnes per annum with a financial investment of Rs 1. 5 . Mukherjee said.000 spindle capacity and a weaving mill.8 crore. Of these. said “There is enough potential in the domestic market to grow but we shall not close our eyes to good opportunities even overseas. GOVERNMENT SIGNS MOU FOR RS 6100 CRORE INVESTMENT Newindpress. he said SAIL’s current priority was to retain its position as the country’s biggest steel producer but did not write off any brown field expansion. Business & Economy News Bureau New Delhi. Addressing the function. Roongta.000 crore PSU recently. Minister for Industries. and IISCO would be increased to 14 MT. Despite new producers in 90’s we have been able to hold on to ourselves. He said that the State Government would provide all necessary assistance and cooperation to ensure that the investors would operate in a constructive and helpful environment. Rs 300 crore over a period of three years upto 2009-10.Oct 26: Undeterred by mega mergers and announcement of creating big capacities by foreign producers like Posco and Mittal Steel. 32. 20 companies have already commenced partial production with a financial outlay of more than 15. SAIL had planned to invest Rs. Roongta said SAIL is aware of the need for coldrolled steel from the automobile sector and has accordingly decided to build a 2. having its registered office in Kutch district of Gujarat. also proposed to set up a ductile iron and spiral pipe plant along with a captive power plant of 150 MW. “40 MT for SAIL may not be a distant target. The MoU was signed by Secretary in the Steel and Mines Department LN Gupta on behalf of the State Government and Vice-Chairman-cum-Managing Director BK Goenka of WPSL.” he It will also ensure that at least the spinning mill will be commissioned within a year’s time from the date of transfer of encumbrance free land. Welspun will conduct a techno-economic study and arrange procurement of machinery to be used in the ITP. He reasoned that Mergers and Acquisitions did not happen earlier in the state-run entity as the PSUs boards were not adequately empowered to explore the same. Saying that SAIL has set a target of producing 22 million tonne of steel in the next five years. Rourkela. SAIL WILL MAINTAIN ITS SHARE: ROONGTA Newindpress. India’s largest steel maker SAIL on Wednesday exuded confidence of retaining its leading position. 5 MT.

With the signing up of the 10 MoUs.070 MW. Orissa Industry Minister Biswa Bhusan Harichandan.000-MW POWER PLANT IN ORISSA Orissa Diary News Bhubaneswar. who was also present on the occasion.500 crore).” Sources in the government said the government. Tata Power (1. the Tatas. The state government. In June. The other three are.483 crore). As per the Cement Manufacturers’ Association (CMA).Oct 24: The State Government has cancelled the memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Agrim Steel Industries Ltd (ASIL) for establishment of a steel plant in the State.320 MW." the official told to media. said with the addition of 10. welcomed them to the new industrial atmosphere of the state. Calcutta Electricity Supply Corporation (1000 MW. Rs 4. Essar. On September 20. Jindal. who addressed the investor’s brigade. But yes.402 crore and a generation capacity of 3. and soon to be listed on the stock exchanges. However. Oct 18: Torrent Power Ltd. The State Government has also sent showcase notices to five other companies for not progressing with their project work. Sunflag Specials Steel Ltd. there has been no progress in the project work.000 MW. wants to set up a 1. The companies that entered into the MoUs include Bhusan Energy Private Limited (2.852 crore). AML Steels and Power Ltd and Stats Steel India (Pvt) Ltd. Visa Power (1. Visa. Rs 4.73 crore. Of these. removed from its MoU signing agenda the name of Reliance Energy as the company owes nearly Rs 2000 crore to the Grid Corporation of Orissa (Gridco) on bulk power purchase. the State Government has cancelled MoUs with four companies. the state had given clearance for the 4000-MW first phase unit with an investment of Rs 16.000 MW. Rs 7. the demand for cement in Orissa is expected to rise to 9 million 6 . created from the merger of Torrent Power AEC Ltd. "The talks are in a preliminary state.348 crore).042 crore). the state government had signed MoUs with Naba-Bharat Power Private Limited. “We have some problems with the Reliance Energy. entail an investment of Rs 45. we are keen on Orissa. Going by the National Council for Applied Economic Research. Rs 4. Jindal Photo Film Limited (1. Although Reliance Energy had originally proposed to set up a 12. Rs 8. A team led by Chairman Sudhir Mehta met Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Tuesday and discussed plans for the 40billion-rupee power project. With this. Torrent Power.236 crore. Monnet Ispat and Energy Limited (600 MW. combined together. Orissa ranked 14th in India in terms of production. the combined generation capacity of the thermal power projects lined up in Orissa has increased to 16. has submitted such a proposal to state authorities. under the average growth scenario. Speaking to reporters on the non-appearance of the Reliance. TORRENT POWER TO SET UP 1.920 MW units of power.698 crore).000 MW. ORISSA SIGNS MOUS FOR PRODUCING 10. state Energy Minister Suryanarayan Patra said. Although the state government had approved the Reliance Energy’s proposal for 4. we have formed a task force to sort out the issues and hope we will soon sign the agreement. and Torrent Power SEC Ltd. Lanco group (1.525 crore).000-megawatt coal-based power plant and invest in the distribution business in Orissa. KVK Nilachal Limited (600 MW. Chief Minister Navin Patnaik. Rs 2. Organizer Orissa government has signed 10 memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with private companies to set up mega thermal power plants in the state. Rs 2. Oct 17: Steel and energy sectors notwithstanding. a company official confirmed on Wednesday. non-payment of arrears forced the government to change its plan. a high-level committee presided over by Chief Minister Navin Patnaik had cleared 11 power projects and one cement project.92 million tonne (2. Rs 4. a government official said. had declared that the company would be asked to pay its arrears before signing of the MoU.000-MW project. the company did not turn up to the MoU signing ceremony. the Orissa Government seems keen on capitalising on the growth of Indian cement industry. Mahanadi Aban Power Company Limited and GMR Energy Limited for projects envisaging a combined investment of Rs 13.580 crore). IT’S CEMENT AFTER STEEL AND POWER Bhubaneswar.ORISSA GOVERNMENT CANCELS MOU WITH ASIL Orissa Diary News Bhubaneswar.000 MW.ASIL had proposed to set up a 36 lakh capacity per annum steel plant at Markuta in Jharsuguda district with an investment of Rs 501.000 MW. However. manufacturing 2. even as Reliance Energy did not join the MoU signing ceremony despite prior government announcement.29 percent of total production) in 2004-05. Essar Power Limited (1.000 MW.481 crore).920 MW OF POWER By Sanjaya Jena.000 crore and are envisaged to produce 10. Bhusan. The 10 projects. Rs 3.500 crore) and Sterlite Energy (2. under attack from the Opposition. under fear of the Opposition criticism. Rs 4. However. the state is set to emerge as the powerhouse of the country.920 MW power.400 MW.000-MW power plant proposed to come up at Hirma in Jharsuguda district. and Sterlite have also previously signed MoUs with the state government for setting up steel plants in the state. the sources added.

"But the potential for utilisation is much more. managing director of Industrial Promotion and Investment Corporation of Orissa (IPICOL). Industry Minister Biswabhusan Harichandan and Resident Commissioner of Government of Orissa AP Padhi echoed similar views. advisor to Fly-Ash Mission of TIFAC. the State Government has a reason to feel elated. the production of fly ash may go up to 40 million ton. the cement companies are producing 3 million ton per annum. He was addressing a workshop on ‘Investment opportunities in flyash and BFS plants in Orissa..tonne by 2010-11 at an annual rate of about 13 percent. Recently. adding capacity in a massive way. heavy metal waste. director industries Hemant Sharma. . There is infrastructure to follow. said that in 2005-06 the cement industry in India has the present capacity of 171 million ton. Today. Chairing the session. SP Ghosh. the current generation of fly ash is 11 million ton per annum and slag generation is 3. additional resident commissioner Sanjeev Mishra. PNS Bhubaneswar. Oct 16: Industrialisation and environmental pollution are two inseparable twins. Cement industry is headed for a massive growth path and we want it to respond to fly-ash and blast furnace slag. from the power sector and blast furnace slag from the iron and steel industry to manufacture blended cement without affecting the quality of ash. adding to the list is yet another form of pollutant . about 17 million tons of a total 118 million ton of fly ash generated in the country is used by the cement industry. This will create substantial demand for cement. Speaking in a workshop on "Investment opportunities in fly ash and blast furnace slag based cement plants in Orissa" on Monday. The use of fly ash in various sectors is only 3. With the energy sector. Industries Minister Biswa Bhusan Harichandan called for a coordinated approach to create an environment for more use of fly ash and slag.08 million ton per annum. the cement sector holds immense promise in terms of utilising the fly ash.000 crore." feels Vimal Kumar.000 MW power is generated. thermal power in particular. Take a look at the investment that had already been made in the steel sector.85 million ton of fly ash. commissioner-cum-secretary of the Industries Department Injeti Srinivas said "the State Government is very much interested in establishing a favourable policy regime to promote the use of fly ash. which is a bi-product of thermo- electric power plants. resident commissioner said that while the current requirement of the State is 4 million ton per annum. executive director. production of blended cement had reached a level of 60 percent of the total cement production in 2004-05 and has made the sector the largest consumer of fly-ash to the tune of 16 million tonne. The State is looking at the fly-ash and blast furnace slag-based cement routes to move up the growth ladder. which is better than the ordinary portland cement. plastic waste. about 50 per cent of the 135 million tons of cement produced in India is blended cement. advisor Cement Manufacturers' Association (CMA). said 94 per cent of cement produced in the State is blended. This can pose a serious environment concern too. This year cement industry utilised 16. he said. advisor of the Fly Ash Utilisation Programme (FAUP) of the Government of India. Announcing the decision of the Government to create a high-powered FAM soon. ORISSA ON FLY ASH MISSION MODE Braja Kishore Mishra. Consequently. fly-ash generation would witness manifold rise. one of the methods to reduce manufacturing costs is to go for blended cement which requires raw materials such as fly ash and blast furnace slag (BFS).8 million ton per annum." According to the Orissa team's latest report. With both steel and power generation units making a beeline to Orissa.00. which is only 28 per cent of the available lot. The total investment proposals in the State stand at a whopping Rs 4. fuel and transportation costs. Among others. But the State needs to tap the potential.000 MW. However. Nuclear waste. As per a recent report. should immediately go for the Fly Ash Mission (FAM). But it all depends on how well both the steel and power sectors shape up. Dr Kumar suggested that Orissa. he added. Meena said that with the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed for generation of 14. H Bhattacharya. The use of these wastes also enables the cement companies to increase their profits. he felt and added that the alternative raw materials for manufacturing blended cement can show the way. 47 percent of which is in the mining and metals sector.000 mw of thermal power. Ipicol Managing Director Ashok Meena said sustained development of Orissa will itself create a big market for cement. Orissa Cement Limited (OCL). feels Dr Vimal Kumar. it will produce 20 million tonne fly-ash in Orissa. “Orissa accounts for 11 percent of the investment happenings in India. being a major producer of fly ash. If 10. Inaugurating the workshop. said Ashok Kumar Meena. Aditya Prasad Padhi. Since profitability of the cement industry mainly depends on input. The thumb rule is 500 mw thermal power generates 1 million ton per annum of fly ash.’ organised by Team Orissa in association with CMA and Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) here on Monday.” said Industry Secretary Srinivas Injati. chairman 7 . the Government signed 13 MoUs with a proposed capacity of 19. would be adding 90 million ton during next five years.

Visa Steel. Work on the project is expected to start early next year and be completed by 2010. Jindal Steel and Strips. Mr Panda was also reluctant to elaborate on the company’s plans of setting up an alumina plant. Talking of his future plans. entirely that of ICCL. Grasim Industries. Mr. In fact. recently signed a shareholders’ agreement for the 82km rail link. evasive when questioned about the benefits extended to ICCL by the government. including the fly ash-based enterprises.000 tons to 3. Further Meena said the recommendations of the workshop would be considered for inclusion in the Industrial Policy Resolution (IPR) 2006. he said. which is estimated to cost Rs 523 crore. while IMFA was a debt-free company. he said it was 1 :14 in favour of IMFA and ICCL. Of the total project cost of Rs 523 crore. Mr Panda said the focus would be to become an independent power generator. Satyaki Sarkar addressed the workshop. while insisting that interest of small shareholders stand protected. The fact remains that both had a common management and there was a lot of interplay between the two in terms of sharing ore and power. The steel companies that have shown interest in the project include Tata Steel.50. which is to be known as IMFA. The merger is in fact the culmination of the restructuring package of ICCL and part of the stipulation by term lenders of the company. Oct 23: Nine steel companies have shown interest in participating in the construction of the 98-km Angul-Duburi-Sukinda rail line in Orissa under the leadership of the Rashtriya Rail Vikash Nigam (RVNL). He was. The promoter shareholding is 57 per cent with the rest being held by the financial institutions and the public. A special purpose vehicle will be formed soon to implement the project.000 tons per annum. the rate of return for the project is pegged at 20 per cent. said Mr Panda. Arati Steel. while the rest will be subscribed by other partner companies. Nalini K Pradhan and general manager. ICCL was riddled with debt. including Posco. Jindal Stainless Steel. This will be the second rail project in the state to follow the public-private partnership model after the Rs 598-crore Haridaspur-Paradip rail link. chief engineer. With a number of steel projects coming up in the Angul and Duburi areas. RVNL and Paradip Port Trust. the MD of IMFA Group. who claimed that it was done to fully capture operational and financial synergies and position the company to aggressively move forward with future plans and investment. is now around Rs 560 crore. Answering a question on whether the mining lease held by the companies will automatically get transferred to the new entity. which is on the anvil.of the State Pollution Control Board Lalit Narayan Patnaik. while it was supported by more than 99 per cent of the Board of ICCL. Essar Steel. the equity portion is estimated at about Rs 250 crore. He was confident of doubling the turnover of the company in three to four years. however.35.530 acres. he informed. Roads. Nine public and private sector companies. Mr Panda said the net worth of the merged company is Rs 124 crore and the projected turnover in financial year 2007 would be Rs 500 crore. Oct 24: The merger of Indian Charge Chrome Ltd with Indian Metals and Ferro Alloys Ltd was formally announced today by Mr Subhrakant Panda. Monnet Ispat. A shareholders' agreement will be signed in this regard in the last week of November. The debt of the new merged entity. Bhusan Power and Steel and Bhusan Steel and Strips Ltd. the proposed line will not only secure the requisite traffic guarantee but will also be remunerative. IPR-2006 would facilitate the various industries. The land required for construction of the rail line is estimated at 1. 8 . RVNL will be the lead promoter with an equity investment of 30-35 per cent. SPV FOR RS 523 CR ANGUL-DUBURI-SUKINDA RAIL LINE SOON Orissa Diary News Bhubaneswar. “We plan to invest Rs 700 crore over the next three years to increase our ferro alloys capacity from the present 2. Mr Panda said the expanded capacity would require ore linkages for which the company would move the state government.” he said. An integral part of the merger scheme was the formation of an independent trust which will hold four per cent of the post-merger equity of IMFA to be distributed to small shareholders at a minimum discount of 50 per cent to the market price. According to a study. Asked about the swap ratio. a fully owned subsidiary of the Indian Railways. The Angul-Duburi-Sukinda line will be a vital link between the coal mines in the Talcher area and the iron ore mines at Banspani.Panda said requirement had always been calculated by taking both companies together. the merger was a unanimous decision of the Board of IMFA. The company is also looking at the power generation side with a 30 MW duel fuel power plant and a 120 MW coal-based power plant by 2010. ICCL MERGES WITH IMFA Statesman News Service Bhubaneswar. besides expanding ferro chrome production. he added. All the interested parties have been asked to specify their equity participation and traffic projection within the next ten days for finalisation of the shareholders' agreement. The 30 MW power plant will be commissioned by 2008 and the 120 MW by 2010. SAIL.

The State Government has begun an exercise in the regard. Oct 20: Iron ore mining has become a contentious issue. Chairman of the Eastern Region of CII. he added. power. Patnaik told the Union minister that the state had funded cooperative lending to farmers at seven percent interest that has cost the state exchequer Rs 33 crore. while its price in the international market is around Rs 1. Sibal said that a Doppler radar station would be established by the Earth Science department in Paradip for weather monitoring. Chairman of the Orissa Chapter. He also urged Sibal to expedite sanction for the proposed bio-technology incubator at the proposed BioTechnology Park in Bhubaneswar.It has also acquired 250 acres of land near Jharsuguda for the ancillary and down stream industries and is going to acquire lands in Paradip where Posco is going to set up its project. Besides. it would hold the 11th Industrial Exhibition Enterprise Orissa 2006 from November 9 to November 13. Patnaik. a master plan would be prepared for the purpose of encouraging sugar mills. He further said that A CEO's conclave is being organised on November 11 and its aim is to provide a platform for industries and Government officials to discuss the need of interested industries to set up their respective units in Orissa.800. The Union minister agreed to help the state in its endeavor to promote sugar industries. Gupta. The major theme of this year's event is the "Renaissance of Manufacturing in Orissa" wherein industries. Eastern Region. the very same policy granted hundreds of small mining leases over the years. The cost of producing a tonne of iron ore in India is around Rs 300. GOOD NEWS FOR SSI UNITS Pioneer News Service Bhubaneswar. three other sitesBalasore. To encourage School students and inter-school dance competition being organised on October 10 and 11. Oct 5: To be boost the small scale and medium scale industries of the State. Among others HM Nerukar and Suparna Nanda were present. The Hindu Business Line Bhubaneswar. Bhusan Raina spoke on the role of the CII in forming the economy of country. In his reply. the labyrinthine policy ensured that no one got a large mining lease — no public sector unit. the chief minister also urged Pawar to provide financial assistance to enable the farm lending at the interest rate of seven per cent.14 SUGAR MILLS TO BE SET UP IN STATE: CM Newindpress. Patnaik also met the Union Minister for Science and Technology Minister Kapil Sibal and asked him to take necessary measures to set up a modern weather centre in Paradip. He said that it can only be a short term measure unless and until the Centre assists the state to sustain such cooperative funding to farm sector. Besides. it is also proposed to hold concurrent on Logistic and Agro-Business to provide a platform for sharing information and defining future industries. Gopalpur and Sambalpur-have also been identified for similar stations. MINING POLICY: IRON OUT THE LEASING ISSUES S. Indian company. In the last 30 years. use the state infrastructure — roads. met Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar on Thursday. It will showcase a wide range of industrial and consumer products. Announcing this. the State Government is going to acquire lands in a huge way to facilitate the establishment of the small-scale industries in the nearby mega projects. He said that the state government has already identified sites for these proposed sugar factories. The radar station can give warning about the possible natural calamities in advance. The chief minister also requested the Union minister to sanction PG courses in Marine Bio-technology and General Bio-technology in Berhampur and North Orissa universities. or international corporate. during his three-day tour to New Delhi. he added. Besides. What is wrong? Mines with capacity less than 5 million tonnes per annum can. marine. During the discussion. The entire eastern region is sugar deficit and Orissa can be ideal place for sugar mills to come up. he said the State Government had already acquired 350 acres of land in Kalinga Nagar for the establishment of small-scale industries. Patnaik informed that the state had identified 12 new areas for cane cultivation and very soon. Orissa chapter. agro and other important sectors.On the farm loan issue. At a press conference of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). and do. Subhrakanata Panda said in association with the Government of Orissa. Infrastructure Development Corporation of Orissa (IDCO) Managing Director Ashok Meena said the State Government's prime focus would to encourage small-scale industries. Pawar highly commended the performance of the Orissa government in food grain production and procurement during the last financial year with no distress sale. Oct 13: Chief minister Navin Patnaik on Thursday announced that the Orissa government is preparing a master plan for setting up 14 sugar factories in the state as part of the economic development in rural sectors. ports and water systems keeping for 9 . handlooms and handicrafts. He also asked for the relaxation of the paddy quality norm during procurement operations in view of the recent floods. which have signed MoUs will showcase their respective action plan for Orissa. K. Yet.

besides beneficiation and up gradation of low-grade ore." Mismatch: A mismatch between domestic steel output and consumption demand may develop forcing India to enter the export market. Well-known steel majors Mittal Steel and Posco have already trained their attention on India. Another myth: Steel is an intermediate product — an input for cars and ships. Such enterprises would have to invest in effective exploration using the latest technology. steel would be a critical input. This has been possible by an effective leveraging of technology. The strong positive correlation between economic growth and metals consumption is common knowledge. as is well known. Second. But that would be ignoring steel's primary role in infrastructure — bridges. 250 kg.themselves large margins. Ukraine. develop infrastructure and take measures to protect the environment. Very simply. such a significant and basic industry as steel. Naturally. especially for infrastructure development. it will not be able to absorb all the additional steel and an increasing proportion (particularly for flat products) will be exported. These enterprises have made no pioneering contribution to any key mining function: Exploration. infrastructure development. the capital requirements of over $75 billion cannot be raised internally. This has been the case in Australia. brown-field expansion at existing steelmakers. One myth that needs to be busted is that mineral resources have enormous value. Mining has been a back-room function for many large steel enterprises." the report points out. cannot but have `input' security. Oct 17: Indian steel industry is in the spotlight these days with Tata Steel making a takeover bid for Corus.000 trucks per day) would have ensured investment in infrastructure development. adopt scientific mine-planning. So the answer must be either a combination of partial input security through captive facilities or through combinations of joint ventures and alliances. both nations have systematically leveraged the growth in steel production and global marketing. will the nation enter the auto-catalytic stage. besides providing more financial resources to domestic units. Will Indian steel sector go the China way is a question everyone is asking. an industrial metal that is integral to economic growth. and thence in the infrastructure and manufacturing sectors a pre-requisite for a developed and balanced society. mine planning. is the world's largest producer and consumer of steel. environment management or restoration. a new study from GFMS Metals Consulting says the country may become steel surplus and forced to look for export options. Yet. "While domestic demand will grow in excess of forecast GDP rates. all have become developed countries by effectively exploiting their national mineral resources. Japan and South Korea are among the most competitive steel producers but have no indigenous mineral resources. quality systems and a liberal government policy framework that allowed takeover of mines globally. EXPORTS LIKELY G. Indian iron ore reserves have not been explored effectively so far. Germany. China or India. However. Yet. and construction. Prudent pre-qualifications followed by auctions for large mining leases within a reasonable time-frame could be the appropriate route to triggering higher growth in the steel sector. Indeed. or France. India has emerged as one of world's fastest growing significant economies with GDP growth rate of eight per cent a year. Huge investments are being committed. the backward integration of re-rollers and the forward integration of smaller DRI or pig iron producers into steelmaking coupled with the emergence of 2-3 green-field sites will push up steel output sharply. the policy framework must take into account the competitiveness aspect. which has a large exportable surplus of coal and iron ore. Only after the per capita consumption of steel exceeds. What's the emerging Indian steel scenario? About India. India's per capita consumption is less than a tenth of many of its competitors. Chandrashekhar. as in major iron ore producing countries. as has happened in China. the government should think of a policy shift to large leases. Its main aim is to source iron ore at close to actual cost rather than at international prices. railways. With progress. This means the economy is on a high-growth path that will catapult it into a developed society. Brazil and Chile. below 150 meters there is no data. with very large investment and fluctuating returns and crucial to the economic development of a developing nation. US. the sheer volume of transportation (more than 1. ports. One obvious way to ensure consolidation of the small mining leases could be by making them tradable. China. power plants. though it may face opposition. But at every stage. particularly in Australia. 10 . If the scale of mining had been in the 5-15 million tonnes per annum category. be it UK. How to ensure effective exploration? By fostering large world-class mining complexes. Kazakhstan. the country must go for higher levels of value addition and export. The iron ore reserve issue. So. Housing and infrastructure are key areas of future development. say. As part of this strategy is POSCO's move to set up a large steel plant in Orissa. Large mining leases: The track record of captive mining by steel companies has not so far been exemplary in any country — Russia. SURPLUS SEEN IN STEEL OUTPUT. The Hindu Business Line Mumbai. "Significant proportion of announced green-field capacity will not actually be developed in the next five years. Key areas: Last three years.

said former Andhra Pradesh-cadre IAS officer Jatish Chandra Mohanty. ‘Mo samruddha Odisha’ campaign would be launched in the State soon and aims at complete eradication of poverty and improving the financial condition of its people. the task of assessment of future steel demand is likely to be outsourced once the steering committee is in place. While the Ministry's views would be decided only after the steering committee gives its report.On raising the socio-economic status of the poor. by Bhubaneswar. The Hindu Business Line New Delhi. Stating that the interests of local people are being overlooked by the Government while granting mining leases. The move comes even as the government appears divided on the issue with the mines and commerce ministries opposing any curbs. the steel ministry is sticking to its guns and is pushing for levying a fee for use of iron ore from captive mines. namely the Mckinsey and the National Council for Applied Economic Research. To this effect.t. with the balance going to semis exports. Orissa would get an additional revenue of about Rs 4.Crude steel output should increase to 72. Addressing media persons here on Monday Mohanty said. if mine lease holders are mandated to share 50 percent of their profit with the State Government.t. the report forecast Indian iron ore production will increase to170 ml. Mohanty advocated an integral approach that would touch on all aspects of development and ensuring optimum utilisation of the available resources.t. With the current level of production. Official sources said that the Ministry would be officially setting up the panel before the end of this month. of which 65ml. development of domestic market.6 per cent per annum. The National Steel Policy has set a domestic steel production target of 100ml. The steering committee would also be taking a view on a proposal for compulsory ISI certification in all steel products and would also be looking into the issues of export and import and related duty structures and incentives. while the finance ministry is in favour of restricting ore exports. the secondary steel industry is opposed to such a move on ground that all steel applications do not require tested steel. but still very strong. per year. But the steel ministry is of the 11 . he sought formulation of a mechanism where tribals can get five percent of the net profit of the company. Times News Network New Delhi. Oct 24: Suitable amendments should be made to the mining laws to help fight poverty in the State. The names of two organizations. At a meeting between the Ministry. ISI Certification: The Ministry of Consumer Affairs. Oct 20: The Ministry of Steel will be setting up a steering committee that would be looking into the issues related to import and export of steel. India’s Iron ore exports have hit a controversy. steel used for further value addition may require tested steel but those used by the masses for use in fencing.7 million tonnes by 2011. In a move that could affect the plans of a host of steelmakers. should have overriding control over all kinds of minerals. MINISTRY TO SET UP PANEL TO LOOK INTO STEEL ISSUES Ambarish Mukherjee. FIGHT POVERTY’ Newindpress. Mohanty took voluntary retirement recently to work for poverty eradication in his home State Orissa. window bars.400 crore per annum. The fund can be utilised in building rural infrastructure and providing livelihood avenues for the poor. According to sources. have already been discussed and the steering committee would be deciding on the issue. would be exported. he called for constitution of a mineral board and an expert committee to decide the cost and profit as per global market mechanism. 8. According to the industry. steel manufacturers and steel consumers.t ‘AMEND MINING LAWS.t. The Government. Besides. sheets used for roofing etc does not require tested steel and compulsory ISI marking would result in increased cost. has proposed that all manufactured steel products must undergo quality test standards set by the BIS and obtain the ISI mark. former vice-chancellor of OUAT Iswar Mohapatra and former managing director of Orissa Mining Corporation B K Mohanty among others have pledged support to Mohanty. while finished steel demand will rise by a slightly more constrained. STEEL MINISTRY SEEKS FEE ON IRON ORE USAGE Prabhakar Sinha. As much as 50 per cent of current output is shipped out of the country. though it does not support a ban. GFMS observed adding that by 2011. Retired IG of police B K Tripathy. Oct 27: The rules of doing business for steel companies could soon change. it has been decided that committee would comprise major steel manufacturers. by 2019-20 to meet projected internal demand of 90 ml. which is the administrative Ministry for the Bureau of Indian Standards that gives the ISI certification. he said.5 ml. sources said. he reckoned. excluding the strategic ones. Rise in Ore output: Suggesting that raw material base was critical to India's competitive position. an average annual increase of 9. total slab exports from India will be in excess of 2. it wants a phasing out of iron ore exports. demand assessment for steel and the overall implementation of the National Steel Policy. secondary steel produces' associations and Ministry officials.2 per cent.

he said that every state has SEZ to create investment opportunity among the major industries to set up their base. The OGP leader also criticised the State Government for its inability to handle the deteriorating law and order situation. He alleged that land on both sides of the Express Highway had been proposed to be notified for SEZs keeping an eye on future expansion of the Posco project. Mohapatra criticised the Centre and the State Governments for their keenness to give SEZ status to projects of private companies when no such facility was given to profit-making projects of public sector undertakings (PSUs).000 per tonne in the domestic market. where firms pay for using scarce resources — read oil.opinion that unlike petroleum or telecom. Addressing a media conference here. Nath argued that the concerns raised over the past few weeks regarding the acquisition of farm land was not limited to SEZs only. 12 . agreed to by the Centre in principle. The State Government has also proposed SEZ status to alumina projects of Hindalco and Vedanta. Oct 20: Putting all uncertainties to rest over the farmers land being snatched away for setting up special economic zones the Commerce Ministry has decided that the land will have to be certified by the State Governments.Referring to the gunning down of DIG Jaswinder Singh by his personal security officer. As against this. for which it would have to incur a loss of Rs 10.000 crore during the next 15 years. "States will have to give certificate that SEZs are not on well-irrigated farm land. SEZ status for South Korean major Posco’s steel plant at Paradip would alone cause a loss of Rs 20. Since Orissa is no exception this. has taken adequate steps to set up SEZ not only to woo the industrial magnates. Stating that the State Government had provided land to Posco at a throwaway price. which has suggested levying charges on an ad-valorem basis. Oct 31: Orissa Gana Parishad (OGP) president Bijay Mohapatra on Monday asked the Government to refrain from notifying the Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in the State. depending upon the quality and costs around Rs 2. NO ACQUISITION OF AGRICULTURE LAND UNDER SEZ: NAVEEN Orissa Diary News Bhubaneswar. uncompetitive.954 crore. Besides. including the Nilachal Ispat Nigam Limited (NINL).000 crore to the State. he pointed out. State governments will have to certify that Special Economic Zones are not being set up on agricultural land. he said the investigation should be handed over to the CBI. Addressing the concerns of farmers at the Agriculture Summit. iron ore is available at $6070 per tonne in the global market. Sources said government was considering recommendations of Hooda Committee on captive mines. steel manufacturers and miners pay Rs 16 per tonne as cess and Re 1 per tonne as royalty for using iron ore from captive mines. the state government. STATES MUST CERTIFY SEZS ARE NOT ON FARM LAND: NATH PTI New Delhi. REFRAIN FROM SEZS. he said. the Commerce Minister said he has already written to all Chief Ministers to ensure that prime agricultural land was not acquired for setting up SEZs. but also to generate huge employment opportunities. Oct 31: Chief minister Naveen Patnaik on Monday made it clear that the state will not be in a losing proposition by according special economic zone (SEZ) status to major industrial units for more investment. Stating that the Crime Branch probe would fail to unravel the truth. Mohapatra said that the 12 SEZ proposals would cause a loss of Rs 37. gas and spectrum — steel firms and miners are making a killing on iron ore. he said. Commerce Minister Kamal Nath said. as these would cause immense loss to the exchequer. The proposal to accord SEZ status to Jindal Stainless at Kalinga Nagar would also cause a loss of Rs 6. BIJAY TELLS GOVT Newindpress. He alleged that though the Government would provide land at a cheaper rate for these projects. Briefing newsmen at Naveen Nivas soon after his return from New Delhi. A committee of secretaries which is looking into the matter involving ore exports. it would also render other projects in the area. it would not get anything in return through taxes." he said. Mohapatra said that the State Government made itself a laughing stock before the country by announcing that he was killed by Left wing ultras. The state government has decided in principle not to go for acquisition of agricultural land in SEZ limits.315 crore over next 30 years. therefore.000 per acre. is exploring the possibility of canalising ore exports through designated agencies besides putting caps on ore exports. the OGP leader said that land has been acquired in Erasama block of Jagatsinghpur district at a price of Rs Bhubaneswar. At present. Nalco which contributed a revenue of Rs 400 crore during the last financial year enjoys no such facility. he said while maintaining that the state will neither have any revenue losses and nor any of its agriculture land would be affected. he said and questioned the Government’s eagerness to promote some select companies. With the cost of mining iron ore is estimated at around Rs 250 per tonne. captive mine owners are making huge profits. a high-ranking source said.

Former minister and Congressman Jagannath Patnaik visited the camp and pledged the party’s support to the movement. Oct 15: Narmada Bachao Andolan leader and social activist Medha Patkar on Saturday called for a nationwide movement against provision of special concessions like SEZs to the multinational companies ‘out to plunder the vast natural resources’ of the country. They alleged the people would lose their land and source of livelihood if the irrigation project was completed. Finance Minister P Chidambaram and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for playing into the hands of the capitalist forces and sacrificing the interests of the aam admi." Pointing out that projections had said the Central and state governments would receive tax amounting to Rs Bhubaneswar. he said CPM EXPRESSES CONCERN OVER PROPOSED SEZ IN ORISSA zeenews. The leaders in the memoranda demanded stopping transfer of land to the SEZ project. a captive port and hundreds of acres of fertile land would displace hundreds of families and rob them of their source of livelihood. Nath also said that Indian farmers should adopt modern technology to increase productivity and tap the export market. giving rights to the tribal and landless people over the forest land. the poor and the downtrodden are being victimised. They appraised the authority that their land would be submerged with this ongoing project and requested for alternate measures to be taken for their welfare." the party's state secretary Janardan Pati told a news conference here. She was expressing solidarity with the indefinite hunger strike being staged by activists of the Rastriya Yuva Sangathan and Navanirman Samiti here protesting the Posco steel project at Paradip. but of industrialisation. Meanwhile. SOUTHERN TRIBALS AGITATE AGAINST SEZ PROJECT Santanu Barad Berhampur. cast a shadow on food security and put a question mark on the country's sovereignty. the tribals from four districts Ganjam. he said. had demanded the implementation of similar labour laws in all SEZs and this had been accepted by the Centre. Raghunath Padhy and Santosh Mallik were present to submit the memoranda to the RDC (southern) in the name of the President of India. saying the project would jeopardise agriculture.000 crore and Rs 22." he said. Some were carrying their tribal traditional weapons. "But now it appears more amendments and changes are required in the law concerning the rules and sub-rules. The minister reiterated that developed countries such as the US must reduce the huge subsidies to their farmers so as to remove the distortions in world agriculture trade. Oct 16: More than 500 tribals from the southern districts gathered here on Friday in front of the Revenue Divisional Commissioner to agitate against the proposed SEZ. Oct 06: The CPI-M on Friday expressed serious concern over a proposal to set up a special economic zone (SEZ) in Orissa.500 crore if the mega steel project of South Korean company Posco was set up. Bhala Sarangi said the RDC assured them of considering the matter within a month's time. "It means the rest of the land will be used by them for other purposes including real estate and they will make enormous profit which will not be taxed. Congress is not against industrialisation but the manner in which it is being carried forward by the present Government. Under the banner of the Lok Sangram Manch affiliated to AIKMS." the Minister said. SOPS TO MNCS: MEDHA SEEKS NATIONWIDE STIR Newindpress. political parties like Congress have thrown their weight behind the protest. The leaders of AIKMS and Lok Sangram Manch. Industries should come up on wasteland and not on good farm land so that it does not affect our agriculture. Restrictions need to be imposed on the allotment of land and industries 13 . while debating the issue in Parliament. It is now clear that industries having SEZ status will use barely 25 per cent of the allotted land for setting up their plants. Berhampur Sub-collector Ranjit Mohanty and tehsildar Sangram Panda met the people and discussed their grievances. Patkar took a dig at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. There will be no compromise on food security. but livelihood." he said. Pati said it needs to be clarified if the project was given SEZ status. as the strike enters its 28th day on Saturday. stopping rectifying of Regulation-2/56 Act. she alleged. In the name of Bhubaneswar. "Agriculture for us is not commerce. including Bhala Chandra Sarangi. Kandhamal and Rayagada started the agitation from the morning till 4 pm. Allowing Posco an SEZ. Women expressed concern over the irrigation project in Gajapati district. The Government has done grave injustice to the people. A mass uprising is in the making against the ‘anti-people’ policies of the Government. Pati said the Left parties. Gajapati. stopping land acquisition in the tribal areas and stopping the police atrocities and false litigation against the people of this movement."The question is not of SEZs. "The farmers will be the worst victims while both the Central and state governments will suffer losses.

But. Chief a pro-industry journalist. he said. he pleaded and said India. Bhubaneswar. There should not be any exemption of tax. Thakur fumed. InsightOrissa.RDC’s letter written to the district collector of Rayagada. Oct 23: Even as the influx of new projects The IAS officer also aims to dismiss Chief Minister’s claim continues in Orissa.” growth. Poscobeen shouting slogans and mouthing anti-industry India private limited and Vedanta Resources Plc (VLC). He said food security of the country should be based on RDC’s observations.P. The SEZs should not be allowed in fertile agricultural land and those losing their land should be compensated at double the market price of the land. in his letter. 14 .com has obtained from Bhubaneswar. the Forest and Environment Department a copy of the should use at least 50 per cent of such land for setting up their facility. What does this mean? It means letters relating to industry affairs should be sent to S. Oct 17: Who decides allotment of land to RDC for his comments. Mr Sharad Pawar.000 ACRES IN ORISSA industry.Oct5: The chairman of the National Commission “suitable”.000 acres of land. however. don't oppose the SEZs being set up for it industries. S. Agricultural name. Southern Division. After this. Sambalpur. Until now. has said that prime farm of the officer who wants communications by his or her land should not be diverted for setting up SEZs. Mr M.Thakur. he said. He was briefing the media on the fifth getting clearance from the Centre. Paradip and And.P. means when something is communicated by name." the CPI-M leader said. What does this mean? This. Prakash Rao Bhubaneswar. This official thinks that land allotments are secret PTI deals between Government and the industry. is only the domain on Farmers. We contacted the Insightorissa. The estimated land sought by different Division. here is an IAS officer who surprisingly has questioned the Government’s intention of leasing out land to NEW PROJECTS NEED 1. and said. Contrarily. All procedures have been duly followed commission also recommended that food grains should not before leasing out land for the project. “I am is trying hard to put Orissa on the trajectory of economic S.Thakur has raised doubts over leasing of land to Utkal Alumina International Limited (UAIL) for its refinery project in Kashipur. platitudes. the land should be retained by the government.Swaminathan.P.31. Pati said the land being provided to industries for setting up SEZs should not be sold to them but allotted for the period of the licence given to them. it is the NGOs who have industries inlcuding Reliance Energy Limited (REL). the NO SEZ AT THE COST OF FARMLANDS officer concerned has the discretion either to put it on office Statesman News Service record or simply tear it off if he or she does not find it NewDelhi. The letter (1465/Rev) dated 18. Not only this. a government servant.09. Care should also be taken to ensure that people are not displaced. what suitability means. the state is facing a herculean task to of transparency. or for that matter. which the BJD-BJP coalition has been allot promised land which almost compares with the area basking upon in the last six years. has indicated that the State Government has blindly Okayed UAIL’s land lease LAND TO INDUSTRY: SOUTHERN RDC QUESTIONS proposal and diluted conditions put by Government of India.P. “Are you then an Minister Naveen Patnaik. “Was it a secret affair?” “It appears transparency was a casualty here” are among the questions that the IAS officer has raised pointing fingers at the very intention of the Government of the day. At a time when the Chief Minister anti-industry IAS?” At this. Cuttack.” We asked him.2006 says that the RDC wants all files relating to industrialization in Orissa should be sent to him by name.Thakur. which has the authority to grant approval for that expert committees should be formed at the state level to diversion of forestland to industry and give environmental identify waste and non-fertile land which can be used for clearance. The official in question is that was envisaged for residential purpose in the masterplan Revenue Divisional Commissioner (RDC).S. The State Government allots land only after industrial purposes. this is for the first time that a serving would exceed 1. land must be conserved for farming and should not be Thakur has also questioned the intentions of Government of diverted for non -agricultural purpose. not to the office of RDC. The RDC in July last. In the letter. He just took over as Union agriculture minister. RDC S. GOVT’S INTENTION It also says that no-objection certificate has not been obtained from panchayati raj institutions. Thakur. It is not the Naveen Patnaik Government’s intentions. "We.31.Thakur. The land earmarked bureaucrat. Southern for 67 towns. “Thakur was no where in and final report of the commission after submitting it to the picture when everything took place. rather than depending on imports. I do not care anyone. has joined the antifor residential area in the masterplan of 67 towns including industry bandwagon.” said a senior official be procured at the minimum support price but at the market of the Forest and Environment Department dismissing the rate. home grown food. how he reacted: “You are industries? The State Government. and look. according to a senior official.

Nugagada. A few projects are expected to spawn towns near existing urban bodies which could change the landscape of the state's urban skyline. Bhushan Steel and Strips Limited (BSSL) officials recently met chief minister Naveen Patnaik and expressed their interest to add six million tonne steel capacity to their proposed 3. the demand is likely to rise further when mining work starts in Keonjhar. however. Posco is requiring 4. If the proposal of 12.000 power project materialised. which have not signed MoU with the state government. the project area would alone require 7.has been estimated to be around 1. transport. The villagers said they would be adversely affected by the proposed plant and they would be robbed of their agricultural income.565 acres of land. Incidents of social tensions has already caused headache for the state government. Villagers said some of them had moved the courts against the eviction. would not be entitled to any rehabilitation benefit. integrated industrial development centres and growth centres. the government had given 1. Orissa. Sundargarh. Even though a single large project is yet to go on stream.1 million tonne. The IDCO had already identified land under names like industrial estate. industries as well as government have proposed to set up 12 Special Economic Zones in the state for which 15. The REL is looking for a patch of 15. In January last year.767 acres of land. the problem related to acquisition of land for an indusrial project took a violent turn in Kalinga Nagar. As many as 56 companies.527 acres for commercial. In the meantime. the IDCO has so far allotted 25.34. the state government on its own has started reserving land for downstream industries. Essar has acquired the land for its proposed steel plant and has started fencing work triggering protests by the villagers. The company had sought additional 3. it would create another town of the size of Jharsuguda.500 acres returned by the PPT. the residential area for this port town was envisaged at around 5. Apart from the land required for the projects. industrial. Some of them charged that they had not been included in the list of displaced families and hence. Dhenkanal.310 acre land would be needed but part of it has already been included in the requirement shown by some major projects. 11: People of Bijayachandpur. Officials. It is followed by power projects with 17. Now.000 acres of land. had earmarked 17. Of the 1.616 acres. The state government provided another 100 acres of land to this company for its expansion proposal. Kalinga Nagar. About 177 acres of land continued to be under cultivation by people of Bijayachandpur village and they were not evicted although they were technically encorachers for a long time. said Paradip Port Trust had acquired the land initially and returned it to the revenue department in 1987. a 12. had been proposed by Anil Ambani-led REL at Hirma near Jharsuguda town. Moreover. If the townships of all the projects come up. would overshadow the nearest Jajpur Road town in the coming days. Similarly.500 acre. They want ownership of the land saying that they had been cultivating it for 15 .000 mw thermal power plant. The districts which are likely to witness pressure on land are Jagatsinghpur. The DTP had earmarked 1. the proposed land use would touch an astronomical figure. The land stress is also apprehended to get more critical when all infrastructures would be erected to support the 'unexpected' industrialization that will take place in next six to seven years.500 acre of land adjacent to its 2. for which the Directorate of Town Planning (DTP).593 acres and alumina complexes with 12. Vedanta resources plc has also proposed to set up a 'world class' university along the Puri-Konark marine drive. Biswali and other villages were the latest to protest against the displacement caused by industrialisation. Altogether.100 acres for the Oswal fertilizer unit which sold the plant to the Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative last year. Jajpur.151 acre of land to various industries. park and open spaces and other land use for the town. Agitated villagers led by Paradip Krushak Manch launched a protest against the proposed Essar steel plant near Paradip yesterday and stopped fencing activities at the site.000 acre land to put up the world's largest coal-fired power project at a single location. for which government has already promised 8.000 mw project in the first phase.000 acre land in Dhenkanal district.500 acre for 4. 13 MoU for thermal power plants and four for alumina complexes. However. Jharsuguda.062 acres of lnad.082 acres land for residential purpose while 5.004 acre land near Paradip town for setting up India's largest steel project. have also informed the state-run Infrastructure Development Corporation of Orissa (IDCO) that they would require 24. VILLAGERS PROTEST AGAINST ESSAR’S FENCING WORKS Statesman News Service Jagatsinghpur. Jharsuguda and Angul districts. As many as 13 tribals had been killed in police firing then. The mother of all projects.000 acres. a high-level clearance committee headed by the chief minister had given green signal for only 4. Oct. The land required for steel projects alone will make a whopping figure with 40. Udayabat. various brownfield expansions have been proposed as well. Different companies have so far signed 42 Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) for setting up steel projects. Keonjhar and Angul. Sundargarh. dubbed as the next steel manufacturing hub of the country where six steel projects are coming up.300 acre land.However. However.

raised slogans against the move to take away decades and were paying water cess and revenue as well. Bhutmundai. Oct. Mr Rajendra Kalundia. Kalinga Nagar. Chandia. she added. Mirigichara. The president of the Sangh. chromite and other blockade in Ambagadia on the Paradip-Daitari Express valuable minerals. Linga and Sam were arrested by Koraput police three months ago. a local Mr Jugal Bidika The meeting was held under the leadership of Vistapan asked Mr Patro to look into the illegal occupation of the Virodhi Janamanch conveyor and imprisoned tribal leader land belonging to non-tribals by the tribals amounting to Mr Rabindra Jarika. the leaders condemned the ban imposed on Chasi Muliya Sangh by the state government and also demanded to lift the ban with immediate effect. Masadia. recognising their rights on the land. of this showdown. Mr Mathura Hunhaga. the tribals. The show of strength by the tribals was emphatic other hand. Turampurty and Ms real owners. she urged the tribal masses to be aware Highway. Paidamma. rural pocket of Narayanpatna with equal participation from leaders of the movement. Mr Patro did assure to look into the matter and Sini Soi addressed the gathering. Oct 6: The affected people of NTPC Kaniha power Koraput. with the Vistapan Highlighting the achievement of the Sangh. Chakradhar Hibru (senior) said they would block the Tata Steel project which was against tribals PEOPLE WARN OF AGITATION AGAINST NTPC PLANT TRIBALS FIGHT FOR RIGHT TO LAND Statesman News Service Statesman News Service Angul. water and Belahuri and Nilachal Colony villages. The villagers will stage a Paidamma. of Tata Steel to be taken up and daring the Naveen Patnaik Targeting the big companies trying to take away the government to come forward to lift the 10-month-old road precious mines of bauxite. While there was a clear swing on the demands made eight km before reaching Ambagadia for the protest meet. the secretary of The rally started from the ground at Ambagadia. especially those handed over their memorandum to the additional tahsildar losing their land. The farmers of Bijyachandpur. demanded withdrawal of cases filed against Nachika Linga and Wadeka Sam.” Vistapan Virodhi Janamanch president Mr month to press their demands. The Manch held protest meetings in Paradip and threatened to stop the steel project if their demands were not met. Mr Gananath Patro demanded the Kalinga Nagar victims were cremated. The Sangh government is doing nothing for the tribals.11: Another confrontation seems imminent in tribal masses. iron-ore. Mr villages recently and demanded restoration of land to the Dobar Kalundia. coal. To counter the Vijaya Yatra of the ruling BJD of the ill intentions of these companies and to fight against here. 16 . people are subjected to water pollution and other as the rally turned out to be one of the largest ever in the hazards. along with those against scores of other members of the Sangh. Paradipgarh. They have stopped the fencing work at the site. The tribals facing displacement because of and informed that it would also stage a demonstration in industrialisation in Kalinga Nagar are ready for a final front of the office of the district collector on the 12th. They said: “The do justice to the non-tribals too in such cases. No job in lieu of land. Oct 10: Tribal leaders from Chasi Muliya plant have warned the authorities of agitation against any Adivasi Sangh demanded the immediate cancellation of further displacement. Nuagarh and other villagers have formed Paradip Krushak Manch under the leadership of Mr Kapil Chandra Samantray. Ms Pondagori put forth a 12-point demands. by the tribals and their supporters. In a notice to the authorities they women folk. the umbrella outfit of the agitators. Udyabat. Baliaput and Basanaput Mr Chakradhar Hibru (senior). The protesters said the land valuation in Paradip area would be Rs 10 to 12 lakh per acre but government sold land at Rs 3 lakh per acre. The tribals Statesman News Service were being trapped by goons who are trying to suppress the Jajpur. a stretch of about forest. demanded withdrawal of all the cases levied against from the tribals in the name of industrialisation. the steel hub of Orissa. the Janmanch organised a show of strength here it. insufficient leasing land for mining activities in undivided district of peripheral developmental grant on one hand and on the Koraput. and moved to restoration of land to the tribals and issue of land pattas to Champa Koila. daily wage earners were getting their basic minimum wages deciding to lay siege to site where the proposed construction in the locality because of the intervention of the Sangh. claiming their innocence. Addressing thousands of tribals gathered in front of the tehsildar’s office. She alleged that efforts were on to suppress the voice of yesterday. Gobarghati. she said that the Virodhi Janmanch. Janamanch president about 45 acres in Podapsdar. Biswali. These people were arrested recently for their involvement with the banned organisation and for allegedly having connections with the Maoists. Speaking on the occasion. the tribal masses. Among others. alleged Mahila Sangram and Sanskrit Manch. But KALINGA NAGAR BOILS AGAINST TATA PROJECT Ms Paidamma. where the CPI (ML) state unit.

Kodinga Mali hill is in Laxmipur block of the district. Chief minister Mr Naveen Patnaik told reporters after his meeting with Mr Jindal that Jagatsinghpur. told reporters here today refinery has been planned at Kangsariguda village in that the company had already placed orders worth Rs 2. Oct 5: Mixed responses came to the fore during night. the CM said it would be taken up after the alleged that the village roads were damaged due to the company reached the benchmark as enshrined in the policy. institutions. the president of Jindal Steel & Power. The company is also villages had already been taken up. the managing director and executive vice. The DGM of NTPC Mr Hari Kumar said BASIC FACILITIES BEFORE MINE WORK: VILLAGERS peripheral works will be undertaken in consultation with the Newindpress.000 people and Statesman News Service indirect jobs to another 20. The State Pollution 3. transportation of fly-ashes by the overloaded heavy vehicles. On measures up 15 water supply projects in the area. Among others. Jindal Steel & Power proposes to set up a 6 MT steel plant the old. private land in Koraput and Rayagada districts.700 crore and would be commissioned by 2010. the start of the first phase production of its 6 MT steel plant by company would be acquiring 2. “We have letters of comfort from banks. the latter was appraised of the progress of the project. While Mr Navin Jindal. he said. communication and electricity prior to operating asserting that the work on the project was on schedule to the mine. They also sought a training school for youths. Alhi from Environment and Forest the project since local people were extremely helpful.000. Additional District Magistrate H. He Aditya Aluminium Chief Executive Officer Suryanaryan explained to the chief minister that he had come to take Bounta said the refinery project cost is estimated at Rs stock of the progress achieved so far. He also informed that planning a 650-mw smelter plant at Lapang village in the company planned to establish a school. 0ct 19: Continuing with its efforts to he was satisfied with the progress of the project. Birijodi. Department were present. Asked about the land acquisition which is considered as a Zilla Parishad president Chandrama Saunta. he said the company had already applied for a Bounta said parallel plantation would be taken up by the lease but had no immediate plans for a Special Economic company at Kodinga Mali to protect the authorities and the trucks will be allowed to ply only at Koraput. said a Jindal met chief minister Mr Naveen Patnaik here today and villager. Expressing his satisfaction with the pace of progress. he said mobile hospitals and electrification of settlement policy of the government. Mr Jindal felt it would not be a hindrance to Sahu and scientist L. the public hearing camp organised by Orissa Mining Corporation (OMC) and Aditya Aluminium Company at JINDAL NEARS MARK Bhalujodi recently. informed the industrialist. Posco-India officials told about grant/recommendation of mining lease for the the media here today that they had redrawn the layout for their mega steel plant project 60 times to minimise 17 . mining lease. including some foreign banks. besides taking Sambalpur district to produce final aluminium. he said compensation would be given within six the peripheral development work undertaken by his months according to the new rehabilitation and recompany. Zone. Oct. Others demanded basic facilities like health. financial displacement. Mr Jindal said the project POSCO ADAMANT ON STEEL PLANT would provide direct employment to 10. Mahila Sangathan leaders company. Mr Navin campaign to understand the problems of the locals. the project and permission to draw water from the Brahmani Stating that there is zero displacement in Kodinga Mali has also been given. The company should also organise a door-to-door and a 100 MW captive power plant in Angul. 4: Jindal Steel and Power is confident Laxmipur block agreed to support the environmental of completing land acquisition for its proposed project in clearance exercise for Kodinga Mali bauxite mine at the Angul by the end of the current year and commencing meeting. Eighty per cent of the 5.750 acres of land required for the project belong to private parties. Highlighting mines. OMS official S. However. major problem. Asked convince people about the project. some villagers demanded that crore and issued letter of credit for over Rs 577 crore for the both the projects be set up in Laxmipur block to prevent project.protest if they remains unfulfilled.000 Rayagada district. The majority of villagers from Bhalujodi. Kodinga Control Board has already given environment clearance for Mali is a joint venture of OMC and Aditya Aluminium. while education.000 acres of government and 2009. employment in the company and consolidated pension for meet various deadlines. construction work by next year to keep with the scheduled As per the project proposal of Aditya Aluminium. Rajanpanasguda and Singaram under Statesman News Service Bhubaneswar. With regards to being taken by the company for periphery development.K. Behera.

Responding to speculations over shifting the present site." Patnaik said. Talking to reporters on the spot. The State Government is well aware about the fate of displaced people of Jagatsinghpur district and it has already chalked out a comprehensive Resettlement and Rehabilitation Policy for them. Bhubaneswar Range DIG YB Khurania and Khurda SP Amitabh Thakur. the police arrested about 100 protesters. he said. Reacting to the protest demonstration. The few police personnel present could not stop the demonstrators. were caught napping as the protestors virtually ran towards their destination near the airport. even as the other protesters continued to shout slogans demanding an audience with the Chief Minister. a majority of them women. The police." she said. Naveen Nivas. He said 48. who have been sitting on a dharna on the Mahatma Gandhi Marg here for over three weeks.000 people were likely to lose their homes if the Posco project came up. He reaffirmed the company’s unwavering commitment to establish the project in the state and said the site selection for the plant as well as the port had been done after conducting a careful study of the all aspects. Mr Sung said the location at Jatadhari mouth had been selected after detailed study by experts. about 150 people. apparently not prepared for such an eventuality. Allaying fears over the possible adverse effects of setting up the proposed port. but the latter insisted that they would agree to go inside only after the arrested persons were released. Earlier. Oct 16: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Sunday agreed to personally accept a memorandum from activist Medha Patkar and said his Government was ready for talks with the people to be affected by the Posco steel project. Nuagaon and Gadakujang where a strong resistance from the inhabitants has been impeding the project. Speculations over shifting the site had cropped up after some of those leading the resistance movement had suggested an area of Gadaharishpur panchyat under Kujang tahsil which does not have any betel vine or habitation for the project. Two protesters were injured due to a scuffle with the police and admitted at Capital Hospital where their conditions are stated to be stable. but there were some legal procedures for talks. who were also among the protesters. who were present there. but they did not turn up for talks. Meanwhile.000 jobs would be created. we decided to come to the Chief Minister's residence to talk to him. Shouting slogans against the Chief Minister and his Government. "I personally invited both BD Sharma (president of Bharat Jan Andolan) and Patkar. While Posco wants to acquire 4. "When the deadline expired. The police officers invited the leaders to present their memorandum to the Chief Minister. The police soon took away over 50 people in a truck. protesting the proposed establishment of the Posco project near Paradip. vice president (environment) Mr KW Sung said the alternate patch being considered was not a suitable one as it was completely waterlogged. there was a scuffle between them and the protestors. There 18 . suddenly took out a procession and marched towards the Chief Minister's residence. Later. In fact some of those connected with the project said that once the question of shifting the site was raised. the locals are opposed to it on the ground that they grow betel vines on the land proposed to be handed over to the company. The survey of Posco port has been completed by the consultants of National Institute of Oceanography. Patnaik told newspersons that he had no problem for talks with the affected people as well as with Patkar. GOVT READY TO TALK TO POSCO-HIT: NAVEEN Pioneer News Service Bhubaneswar. while referring to the statistics given by Patkar that 40. staged a demonstration outside the residence of the Chief Minister. 2005 for a US $ 12bn Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) steel plant. held discussions with Patkar and the Bharat Jan Andolan leader BD Sharma. who reached the main gate of Naveen Nivas. led by Patkar in front of his residence. The anti-Posco demonstrators. Mr Ho Chan Riu of the company said a comprehensive R&R plan and periphery development programme had been drawn up. they vowed not to allow the 12million-tonne project to come up.004 acres for its proposed 12-mtpa integrated steel project. The dispute began after the State Government inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with South Korean steel major Posco on June 22.displacement of people. The reports have shown that there will be no adverse impact on the sea tide. while they were trying to march towards the Chief Minister's residence." he made it clear. the company could as well look at other states which would welcome such invetment. Patkar said she had fixed a deadline of 18 hours on Saturday for the Government to respond to the demand of the protestors for an open discussion with them on the controversial project. BETEL LEAF MAY WIN BATTLE AGAINST STEEL Pioneer News Service Bhubaneswar. Oct 10: The battle of betel leaf and steel which has been going on in Orissa's Jagatsinghpur district for the last 15 months may end soon. The local administration has been in close touch with the affected people and proper justice would be given to all those displaced. Danish Hydraulic Institute and Consultant Engineering services. led by Narmada Bachao Andolan leader Patkar. The alternate patch of land was being considered to avoid displacing people from Dhinkia.

Posco officials refused to give their reactions to the development. sources pointed out. is yet to take possession because the land is situated in the middle of the proposed project site and unless the whole land. Mohapatra asked the local tehsildar and other revenue officials to look for an alternative site for the Posco project. spread the red carpet when Revenue Divisional Commissioner (RDC) Suresh Chandra Mohapatra and Jagatsinghpur District Collector Satyabrata Sahu visited the place on Sunday. The company will give employment to one member each from those families who were originally displaced and those who had lost all agricultural land. Chairman and managing director of Posco-India Mr Soung-Sik Cho said. "Posco had hired 232 volunteers in the project area for socio-economic survey and also engaged a consultant for topographic survey. The company. To upgrade the skills of local youths. the company will impart training to persons in the age group of 14-30 for increased employability. "No Government officials were allowed inside our area since 15 months. The tuition fee as well as expenses for uniforms. Jeong's threat came nearly three weeks after Posco-India CMD Soung-Sik Chos admission that the company was facing difficulties in land acquisition and mining leases matters. upsetting the company plans. The chief ministers office. besides imparting vocational training to the ousted persons. the South Korean company Posco has set a one month deadline for land acquisition failing which it has threatened to shift its project site out of Kujang in Orissa. Oct 7: Irked by tardy progress."a source said. RDC Mohapatra. The threat seems to have stemmed from resistance the company is facing from local villagers and some organisations over a year and comes at a time when different organisations have been doing agitations protesting the project. from where villagers would be displaced if the project comes up. work cannot take off." said Collector Sahu. the villagers have suggested an alternative site in the Badatamanda area in the same Kujang tehsil to locate the steel project." said Manorama Khatua. Though many consider it as a pressure tactic.135 acres. Sources said that there was a perceptive change in the attitude of the administration after the RDC and Collector visited the spot. on receiving the information.004 acres of land for its project." pointed out Sanju Mantri. They now realise that no Government can compensate the loss if the place is given for a steel project.000 crore project if land acquisition is not completed within 30 days. a housewife at Dhinkia village. Times News Network Bhubaneswar. District SP YK Jethwa was also allowed to enter the 'prohibited' zone. POSCO PROMISES JOBS TO DISPLACED FAMILIES Orissa Diary News Bhubaneswar. was. 2005 for a steel plant and captive port.are over 2. a woman leader of the PPSS. These training programmes will be conducted free of costs. Sources said PoscoIndia deputy MD Tae-Hyun Jeong and other company officials went to Kujang on Thursday to review the progress of land acquisition there for its 12 million tonne mega steel plant. Posco representatives are worried over the fact that they are not able to enter the three gram panchayats Dhinkia. According to PPSS. dumbfounded as thousands of women announced that they would not leave an inch of land for the steel project. "We appealed to the RDC with folded hands not to destroy our betel vines as this is our livelihood. This was the first time Posco representatives dropped threats to relocate their project since signing the MoU with Orissa government on June 22." said Posco Pratirodh Sangram Samiti president Abhaya Sahoo. Oct 4: Steel major Posco-India today promised to provide jobs to at least one member of each family displaced for its project. including around 3. Unless things are expedited the company apprehends it will not meet its deadline for commissioning the first phase in 2010. Posco needs 4. But the villagers.500 acre government land is acquired. accommodation and food will be borne by the company till the completion of training. of which state government so far has handed over 1. the company informed that vocational training programme for the first batch of 30 would start this month itself. who saw to it that no company representative or any Government officials entered their area. The Government may allow the area for the industry. The first training batch will start 19 . Gobindapur and Nuagaon. As such the project is running six months behind schedule.000 betel vines in the villages to be acquired for the steel project. "The place has no human habitation and only consists of barren field. Moreover. "We feel the RDC has understood our plight. including some activists now sitting on a fast-onto-death here since about two weeks. in accordance with the provision of the R&R Policy formulated by the state government. said a release issued by Posco-India here today. the development has taken the administration aback. POSCO SETS ORISSA DEADLINE FOR LAND Sandeep Mishra. while DGP Amarananda Pattanayak has spoken to the Jagatsinghpur SP. After an on-the-spot inquiry into several betel vines. But nothing is progressing. who has been assigned to ensure that Posco gets requisite land at any cost. has asked Jagatsinghpur collector to expedite the land acquisition process. At the meeting Jeong told the local Tehsildar that the company would be forced to look for alternative sites for its Rs 51.

Last week. “Mining activities in the Niyamgiri hills will destroy the already fragile ecology of Kalahandi district”. may be aspiring to commission the project in December 2006. 2005. Subsequently.91 per cent).4 million tonne alumina project in Orissa’s Kalahandi district.82 per cent) and Infrastructure Development Corporation of Orissa (0. has lost its sanctity due to the entry of Vedanta officials. says Das. The nine companies are expected to sign the shareholders' agreement shortly. SAIL (1. vocational training programmes will be conducted at regular intervals. The tribals are planning to organise rituals to purify the hill. and the 35-km Barang-Khurda line (Rs133 crore). To increase their employability. He further added that “this vocational training programme has been initiated as a win-win situation for both locals and the company. construction of a third as well as fourth line and electrification of railway tracks. there will be availability of skilled manpower for the constructions of the plant. which. Mr Priyabrata Pattnaik. Essel Mining Industries Limited (10. the Indian subsidiary of Posco. According to him. the 59-km Panskura-Haldia project. Four of them are in West Bengal and six in Orissa.82 per cent). On one hand. SAIL and MSPL joined the consortium considering favourable rate of return in the project. which 20 . the Wildlife Society of Orissa (WSO) recently organised a photo-exhibition in Bhubaneswar. is estimated to cost Rs247 crore. Ravana. The resistance movement has gathered momentum with Bhakta Das. Posco (India) Private Limited. Das. a wholly owned subsidiary of Indian Railways. who has built his political career through mass movements. the project faced serious opposition from tribals who. The one in West Bengal. former Union railway minister and a prominent Congress leader. Rungta Mining and Industries Limited (10. the block in which the $874-million project is coming up. Tribals in Langigarh. to be completed in 2007-08. said that Posco was a reputed company worldwide and government was certain about its commitment towards the local community. doubling of lines. taking up cudgels against the project. trained youth will have better opportunities for employment. staged a demostration in Langigarh. Jibika Banchao Andolan. an NGO fighting for the displaced people. The SPV was floated by RVNL along with five other players and the MoU was signed on May 25. which has almost completed its 1. They celebrated Dussehra with burning the effigy of the project. to be completed in 2007-08. These include new railway projects. About 30 selected trainees will be admitted to the Centre for Industrial Training.91 per cent). which. "Decks have been cleared for the signing of shareholders' agreement for the SPV with an objective to manage logistics in a very cost effective way. with equity of 48 per cent.HARIDASPUR RAILWAY LINE SPV Orissa Diary News Mumbai. according to them. Oct 7: Steel major Posco and eight other companies have confirmed their participation in the Rs590crore special purpose vehicle (SPV) to develop the ParadipHaridaspur railway line. RVNL has taken up 10 projects under the National Rail Vikas Yojana for implementation in West Bengal and Orissa. the bauxite mines alloted to Vedanta. POSCO. Chairman and managing director of Posco-India Mr SoungSik Cho said the welfare of the families coming under their project site was high on their priority list and company would make all possible efforts to ensure the locals ~ who were directly and indirectly affected by the project ~ a better life for tomorrow. Jagatsinghpur. is considered a potential danger for the project. would pick up 10 per cent equity. “The purpose is to make people realise that the Niyamgiri. will lead the SPV. destruction of the forest will dry up the water streams and ruin the livelihood of the tribals. The other players include Paradip Port Trust (10 per cent). according to them. the sources said. under the aegis of Dr Rushi Kumar Mohanty of Institute of Education & Technology. but troubles are not yet over for it. has also sought the intervention of President APJ Abdul Kalam to save the tribals from being displaced. The total debt-equity ratio in the SPV would be 1:1. to be completed in 2007-08.45 per cent). the principal secretary of department of commerce and transport and nodal officer of Posco-India. Jindal Steel and Power Limited (1. Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd (RVNL). To sensitise the people about the exotic flora and fauna of the Niyamgiri hill. The project is expected to be completed in 2008-09 TROUBLE LURKS FOR VEDANTA’S ALUMINA PROJECT IN ORISSA Dilip Bisoi Bhubaneswar.66 per cent)." RVNL sources said.” Posco-India plans to construct its Training Centre at Sandhakuda in Jagatsinghpur to conduct skill upgradation training programmes. the 20-km Rajatgarh-Barang line (Rs166 crore). He catapulted Kalahandi district to global limelight by highlighting poverty and starvation deaths in the early 1980s. MSPL Mining (5. symbolised the demon. POSCO. He emphasised that Posco-India would provide employment to all the displaced families. attired in their traditional dress and armed with weapons. 8 OTHER COMPANIES TO DEVELOP PARADIP . while on the other hand.this month and will continue for six months. Oct 9: London-based Vedanta Resources. are gearing up to take seige of Niryamgiri hill. The Orissa projects include the 12-km Cuttack-Barang line (Rs127 crore).

faces destruction. signed an agreement in 2004 with the Orissa government to set up an alumina refinery in Kalahandi and an aluminium smelter and power plant in Jharsuguda district. a 60-year-old villager. Unlike earlier times. "Long live the revolution. The dissolution of the Rehabilitation Advisory Committee and the delay by the new committee in place to deal with these issues have aggravated the situation. It has also taken along with it splinter groups fighting for tribal rights.000 people depend. "but we don't share the government's and Vedanta's view of the cost-benefit analysis. is one voice in a mounting chorus of opposition to a series of multi-billion pound mining projects underpinning the region's rush for economic development. while the poor are left with nothing but token compensation. neither the Ministry of Coal nor the State Government has given any attention to this gnawing problem. The protesters say the mining companies and their shareholders are getting rich. with 100. "That has enriched the Talcher. secretary. there’s serious trouble ahead for Vedanta’s alumina project. the Coalfields having six mega open cast coalmines has fallen behind the targeted production in the first half of the current fiscal as per MCL records. Environmentalists say mining the hills would pollute the rivers that flow from the hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland upon which 300. Project officials are facing prosecution for cutting trees in forest land. three years ago. which accounts for about 10 percent coal output of the entire Coal India Limited. "This refinery will employ only a few hundred local people while it deprives thousands more of their livelihoods. It has started importing bauxite though Vizag port to start trial productions. Vedanta. But today the rural poor are fighting a new foe . tanks and chimneys has continued to rise from the jungle. began building a £400 million alumina refinery in the lee of the bauxite-rich Niyamgiri Hills. says Biswajit Mohanty. which culminated with the Supreme Court ordering a stay on the mining lease pending environmental studies. with the Green Kalahandi movement under the leadership of Bhakta Das spearheading the resistance movement. The Court has now directed the Wildlife Institute of India and the Central Mining Planning and Designing Institute. creating millions of gallons of toxic "red mud". sources said. this slogan was the rallying cry of opposition to British rule in India. a former railways minister. which is stored near the village. The target of Sunday's demonstration in the tiny Orissa town of Lanjigarh is Vedanta Resources Plc. This particular protest. However. in the poor eastern state of Orissa. Green Kalahandi has already garnered support from all Opposition political parties." he said. The company entered into an agreement with the Orissa Mining Corporation to jointly operate the Niyamgiri bauxite mines. Ranchi. The Supreme Court-appointed environment empowered committee has strongly recommended against the location of the project. Oct 19: Talcher Coalfield." recalls Katari Majhi." Last century. is that the bauxite ore for the plant would come from the Niyamgiri Hills. A tiny handful of people stand to get rich by this deal while lakhs [hundreds of thousands] of people will be made poorer." they chant. to study the environmental impact of the project. says Majhi. is a treasure of rich flora and fauna”. They said the factory would bring money and jobs. then the coal company may remain far behind the annual target affecting thermal power 21 . WSO. the road ahead will be rough for Vedanta. B. Clearly. "Then they took our land and built a wall around it. has helped to lead the villagers' protest. the vast tangle of pipes. ORISSA'S RURAL POOR DIG INTO PAST TO FIGHT MINE COMPANIES The Telegraph Group Lanjigarh.C. "Some government men came and told us a factory was being built. As construction continues. Notwithstanding local resistance. propped on an old plastic chair." What the government men failed to add. including the Congress. It is a sight that encapsulates the incongruities of modern India. "We are not anti-development. through its group company Sterlite Aluminium. If the situation fails to improve." **ANGUL** TALCHER COALFIELD IN TROUBLED TIMES Newindpress. which is home to some its most ancient tribes. The project has courted one controversy after another ever since it was launched. a FTSE-100 listed mining giant which. Pollution: The process of refining bauxite into alumina is also heavily polluting. Oct 10: Facing a garlanded photograph of Mahatma Gandhi.the giants of the international mining industry. Das." he says. Despite being criticized by India's Supreme Court for "blatant violations" of the country's planning and conservation laws.000 people working in mills. the villagers plant rice paddies and herd buffalo up to the boundary walls. Things have come to such a pass that at times armed police have to be deployed to bring the situation under control. "Inquilab Zindabad. Vedanta went ahead with its project work and has almost completed the refinery. a small group of villagers pump their fists defiantly into the air. Now." Das said huge irrigation projects in the last 20 years had turned the district of Khalahandi into a net exporter of rice. as are the politicians who issue them with mining licenses. is in troubled times due to the frequent agitations over rehabilitation.

In 1980. which together produce more than a lakh tonne of coal daily. Rackus. noted the WIO study. Gopalprasad.5 per cent of Orissa has turned into barren or unsuitable for agriculture. Dharmendra Pradhan. then the company may be in a position to absorb more people. severely degraded land in the state has increased by 136 per cent. President of the Brahmani Anchal Suraksha Parishad (BASP) Bhibhudendra Pratap Das said coal production had already been completed in the Deoulabeda Colliery. Bharatpur. The WIO claimed that it had carefully studied the problem of productivity loss of land and its findings were substantiated by a public perception survey conducted by Sambalpur-based NGO.stations in the country. however. Oct 16: The huge misappropriation of funds earmarked for sand filling in the coal belt has triggered a serious debate on the safety of life and property of the people of mining areas around Talcher. This report claims that in just 13 years. from 1991-92 to 2004-05. The climatic changes are indicative of this fact. 31: The Water Initiatives Orissa has said that many parts of the state. it said.33 million hectares of Orissa’s 6. That is as high as 66 per cent of total agricultural land. which makes it more important for its used up mines to be filled up with sand. villagers of Jilinda want 309 jobs before the new mine. Talcher also lies on the earthquake zone. MP. This has been the case in villages like Jilinda. opens. According to state agriculture department statistics. Referring to the massive investment 22 . Soloda and nearby areas.56 million hectares of agricultural land suffer from severe erosion and declining fertility. Crores of rupees have already been wasted on sand fillings but on ground nothing shows. This is about seven per cent of Orissa’s total geographical area. Sources said while the oustees have been demanding jobs for their land. a half-decade-old campaign. MCL Chairman-cum-Managing Director Abhiram Sharma has made it clear that the coal company cannot afford to give jobs like before as it is burdened with surplus staff after the recent closure of Balanda. were published in its newsletter Panira Dagara (the water messenger). In mining and industrial districts such as Rayagada and Jharsuguda. while in the western and southern parts of Orissa it has decreased drastically. He made it clear that no job meant no land LIFE UNDER THREAT AS EXPENDED MINES GO WITHOUT SAND FILLING Pioneer News Service Bhubaneswar. Handidhua and Deulbera mines. No action has been taken for underutilisation of funds. particularly in the western and southern upland. added that if some new open cast and underground mines open. has blamed the UPA Government policy for the crisis. the rate in which forest cover is thinning in the state. it is feared that the state may become a desert even faster. while barren land has increased by 69 per cent and land converted to non-agricultural uses has increased by 34 per cent. The findings of WIO. about 4. Bhubaneswari. unproductive land is nearly 174 per cent higher than cultivable land. Ananata and Kalinga. He accused the Centre of squeezing jobs meant for the oustees by going for outsourcing in the coal-mining areas. By 2004-05. But can it give a guarantee there would not be any landslide in the future? **SAMBALPUR** A DESERT IN THE MAKING Statesman News Service Sambalpur. the rapidity with which the climate is showing changes and the rate at which degradation is increasing. Information gathered from government’s rainfall records have revealed that rainfall in coastal districts of Balasore. Meanwhile. As there is no sand filling. MCL has not been able to meet their demand.5 degree Celsius in the last 50 years that of Orissa rose by 1 degree Celsius. the coal authorities had given assurance that no mining would be undertaken in the area. Jagannath. Oct. which might endanger the life and property of the people. On October 12. WIO referred to meteorologist Professor UC Mohanty’s study which has revealed that rainfall days are reducing by a day in every five years in the state. It may be noted that Talcher Coalfields normally generates about 70 percent of the total MCL production. While the global mean temperature rose by 0. But MCL wants to take up the employment issue only after the mine comes up. have developed symptoms of desertification and had degraded from drought. Weather is becoming alarmingly extreme. In fact.prone to desert-prone zones. It has been estimated that 29 lakh hectares of land have already turned barren. but no sand filling had been done so far in these areas. By taking into account the way mineral and water guzzling heavy industries are being pushed. Due to the apathetic attitude of the coal authorities many ponds and wells have formed in this area. In Rayagada district. Puri and Ganjam has increased. Such land is as high as two third of Jharsuguda’s total cultivable area. The mines which have been badly affected by the oustees’ stir are Hingula. landslides have occurred at least eight times in the recent past. He. Mahanadi Coal Fields Limited assured steps would be taken for sand filling. as high as 17. agriculture lands are already shrinking. Manav Adhikar Seva Samiti.

Later.000 acres of land had been acquired by the State Government for Hirakud Stage-2 Project. 23 . stated the report VILLAGERS PROTEST AGAINST PROPOSED MITTAL PROJECT Pioneer News Service Sambalpur. The state should commit itself to reverse the process of desertification if it is serious about poverty eradication and sustainable development. Orissa will emit 7 to 10 per cent of global green house gas emission. remarked the WIO. When the whole world has geared up to mitigate the challenges of desertification. Mittal Steelwas keen on setting up the plant in the area as about 6. the villagers submitted a memorandum to local MLA and Commerce and Transport Minister Jayanarayan Mishra.000 acres of land. Even international studies have indicated that by 2010. the WIO states conservative estimates have shown that if the proposed steel plants start functioning. Sources said the company had selected three places including Chiplima in the State to set up a steel plant in 10. Oct 20: Thousands of villagers protested against the proposed Mittal Steel plant in Chiplima area in a public meeting organised at Bhalumundia village under Basantpur gram panchayat on Tuesday.coming to the industrial sector. Basantpur and Kardola participated in the protest. are already water stressed as far as irrigation and other use are concerned. who was present at the meeting. Though the government claims to have created irrigation potential for 41 per cent of cultivable lands. Mahanadi and Bramhani. the fact that agriculture productions still fluctuate wildly in line with rainfall and the fact that agriculture sector growth in the state has plummeted to negatives is a matter of serious concern. Villagers of Kalamati. situation in Orissa is starkly the opposite and the government seems unconcerned about it all. Two of the major rivers. they alone will emit 392 million tones of carbon dioxide by 2010.

O. 318 (E) dtd. S.2006 at Quarry Area at 30/10/2006 of M/s ACC 11:00am Dungri in Bargarh Bargarh Cement Capacity of Lime District Works at Dungri in Stone Crushing Bargarh District Unit – 600 TPH No. 10/4/1997 24 .12.263 MTPA to Dungri Limestone Stone Crushing Unit 2.858 MTPA 20.PUBLIC HEARING NOTICES IN OCTOBER 06 **Month – October 2006** Name of the Company and its Place of Operation Capacity of the Project Date of Notice for Public Hearing Date of Public Hearing Place of Public Hearing Notification Number of MoEF Expansion of Dungri Capacity of Lime Lime Stone Quarry & Stone Quarry Installation of a Lime 1.

05.2006.09. 18/10/2006 The proposal is under examination. Reminder sent on 01. The proposal is under examination. The proposal was reconsidered in the EC(I) meeting held on 26.2006 to provide additional information to all the Expert Committee members.II(I) Project Name:Modernization and expansion of paper production by 85000 TPA District:Balasore Village:Balgopalpur Company:M/s Emami Paper Mills Ltd.2006 & 15. Project No: J-11011/7/2006IA. Reminder sent on 12. The project authorities did not attend the meeting.2006.148 MTPA Pig Iron. NOC still awaited.2006 is submitted on and partial information received on 15. Information is received. Project No: J-11011/346/2006IA.II(I) Project Name:Expansion of Steel Plant 0.II(I) Project Name:6.2006. Project was considered in the EC(I) meeting held on 19.2006.2006.II(I) Project Name:Expansion of 12/04/2006 26/09/2006 The proposal was examined & considered in the EC(I) meeting held on 27. The proposal has been examined. the Expert Committee (Industry) decided to reconsider the proposal for environmental clearance after submission of additional information and comments of the Wildlife section of the Ministry followed by site visit by the sub-committee of the Expert Committee (Industry).0 MT Integrated steel Plant District:Jaipur. 11/10/2006 Submitted Form 1 for Scoping as per the September 2006 Notification. 0.10.2006 and 12.123 MTPA Stenless Steel . 20 MW Power Plant (WARB). Additional information sought on 21.05.000 TPA aluminium Smelter Plant District:Jharsuguda Village:Bhurkamunda Company:M/s Vedanta Aluminium Ltd. 18 MW (AFBC) District:Sundargarh. Company:M/s Tata Steel Ltd.02.09. After detailed deliberations. .10.01.04. 0.2006.PENDING PROJECTS WITH MOEF FOR ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARANCE PENDING INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS AS ON 31st OCTOBER 2006 Project Details Received On Status The proposal has been examined. 06/01/2006 Project No: J-11011/144/2006IA. Additional information sought on 31. Project authorities have been requested on 26. Kalingnagar Village:Chandia. The proposal was re-considered in the EC(I) meeting held on 23.03.10. Additional information sought on 27.2006 has been received.150 MTPA Sponge Iron.2006. Information has been received.08. Project No: J-11011/323/2006IA. The proposal was considered in EC(I) meeting held on 21.2006.130 MTPA of Steel. Additional information sought on 08.06.II(I) Project Name:250.07. File processed & submitted for final orders on 0.2006. Village:Chadri Hariharpur Company:M/s Adhunik Metallics Ltd. Additional information sought on 01..2006. Project No: J-11011/352/2006IA.

written commitment owning the commitments made by M/s Vedanta during public hearing for their implementation.Cement plant District:Sundargarh Village:Rajnagar Company:M/s OCL India Limited. Clarifications as desired by the Expert Committee sought on 13.2006 on impact of mining on bio diversity. PENDING MINING PROJECTS AS ON 31st OCTOBER 2006 Project Details Project No: No. Additional information sought on 30. commitment from the competent authority regarding availability of water and power and refilled in questionnaire. Expert Committee (Mining) considered the project on 27-29 March 2006. Capacity: 0. Under submission for orders on 08. 31/10/2006 The proposal is under examination. details of conveyor system for transportation of ore. output from the springs / streams. revised questionnaire and public hearing. working depth and valley floor .J11015/388/2005-IA.01. Response awaited. Response received on 06.2006.2006.11.09.) District:Sundergarh Received On Status Additional information sought by Ministry received on 25.J11015/221/2005-IA. Project No: J-11011/365/2006IA.10. Project No: J-11011/357/2006IA. Project No: J-11011/372/2006IA.6 MTP (Iron Ore)7800 TPA (Mn. ML Area: 349. 13/06/2005 31/10/2005 26 . Mine. Legal opinion sought on P. and NOC received.254 ha Prod.2005.II(I) Project Name:6.H. 20/10/2006 The proposal has been examined.II(M) Project Name:Narayan OC Iron & Mn. Districts Kalahandi and Raigarh District:Raigarh Company: Project No: No.2 MTPA to 2. Expert Committee (Mining) reconsidered the project on 27-28 April 2006.2 MTPA District:Sambhalpur Village:Thelkoli Company:M/s Bhushan Power & Steel. 30/10/2006 The proposal is under examination.06. Additional information sought by Ministry received on 10..2006.II(M) Project Name:Lanjigarh Bauxite Mine of M/s Orissa Mining Corporation Ltd.II(I) Project Name:Expansion of Integrated Steel Plant from 1. Clarification sought from the proponent on water table. AAQ.2006.II(I) Project Name:Expansion of Sponge Iron Plant District:Kenjhor Village:Joda Company:M/s Tata Sponge Iron Ltd.0 MTPA Integrated Steel Plant District:Angul Village:Kerjang Company:M/s Jindal Steel & Power Limited.04.

19/12/2005 Project was received incomplete without PHR and NOC.G. 2006. Proposal is likely to be considered in the forthcoming meeting of the Expert Committee (Mining) scheduled for 18-19th September.J-11015/49/2006IA. Project No: J-11015/41/2006IA.06. Proposal was considered in the meeting of the Expert Committee (Mining) held on 18-19th September. 2006.06.II(M) Project Name:Ispat Sukinda Chromite Mine District:Jajpur Company:M/s Balasore Alloys Ltd.Addtional clarifications as desired by the Expert Committee awated.II(M) Project Name:Raikela Iron Ore Mine District:Sundergarh Company:M/s. Mohanty Project No: No.2006.J11015/103/2006-IA.II(M) Project Name:Muhulsukha Manganese Ore Mine District:Keonjhar Company:M/s Aryan Mining Trading Corporation Pvt. 2006.J-11015/75/2006IA.06. Proposal was considered in the meeting of the Expert Committee (Mining) held on 18-20 July 2006. Proposal is likely to be considered in the forthcoming meeting of the Expert Committee (Mining) scheduled for 16-17th October.2006. Clarification sought by the Expert Committee (Mining) received on 01.II(M) Project Name:Ostapal Chromite Mines District:Jajpur Company:M/s Fero Alloys Corporation Ltd. Clarification sought by the Expert Committee received on 22. 2006. 2006. PHR and NOC received on 16. Project No: No. PHR and NOC received on 26.J11015/419/2005-IA. Project No: No. 15/02/2006 Additional information sought by Ministry received along with the project.06. Ltd. Additional information sought by Ministry received on 26. Mohanty Project No: No.J11015/412/2005-IA.06. Proposal is likely to be considered in the forthcoming meeting of the Expert Committee (Mining) scheduled for 16-17th November. Project No: No.Company:M/s Aryan Mining & Trading Corp.2006. Project No: J-11015/38/2006IA.II(M) Project Name:Patabeda Iron Ore Mine District:Sundergarh Company:M/s M. Proposal was considered in the meeting of the Expert Committee (Mining) held on 16-17th October. 14/02/2006 Expert Committee (Mining) considered the project on 17-19th May 2006. Proposal was re-considered in the meeting of the Expert Committee (Mining) on 22-23 August 2006.2006. 2006. 05/05/2006 27 . S. Under submission for orders on 23.II(M) Project Name:Malangtoli Iron Ore Mine District:Keonjhar Company:M/s Orissa Sponge Iron Ltd Project No: No.09.2006. Under submission for orders on 30. Proposal is likely to be considered in the forthcoming meeting of the Expert Committee (Mining) scheduled for 18-19th September.2006.II(M) Project Name:Malda Manganese Mine District:Sundergarh Company:M/s Tata Steel Ltd.J11015/106/2006-IA.2006. 05/05/2006 Additional information sought by the Ministry received on 29.N.II(M) Project Name:Roida 'C' Iron & Manganese Ore Mining 29/11/2005 Project was received incomplete without PHR and NOC. 10/04/2006 Additional information sought by the ministry received along with the project.2006. Additional Information received on 07.10. 07/03/2006 Additional information sought by the ministry received along with the project.10.08.2006.

II(M) Project Name:Ballarpur Underground Mining Project District:Chandrapur Company:M/s WCL Project No: No. Mohanty Project No: No. 2006. 2006.J11015/293/2006-IA. To be processed for orders. 2006. 12/07/2006 Proposal was considered in the meeting of the Expert Committee (Thermal) on 7-8th August.II(M) Project Name:Joruri Iron Ore Mining Project District:Keonjhar Company:M/s Kalinga Mining Corporation Project No: No. 27/06/2006 Additional information sought by the Ministry received on 11. Information sought by the Expert Committee (Thermal) awaited.2006.II(M) Project Name:Gonua Iron & Manganese Mine District:Sundergarh Company:M/s S.N.J11015/294/2006-IA. 22/09/2006 Additional information sought by the Ministry is awaited.P. Project No: No. 22/09/2006 Additional information sought by the Ministry is awaited.J11015/203/2006-IA. Information sought by the Expert Committee (Thermal) awaited.J11015/256/2006-IA.District:Keonjhar Company:M/s IDCOL Kalinga Iron Works Project No: No.II(M) Project Name:Naibaga Katupali Iron and Manganese Mining Project District:Keonjhar Company:M/s T.J11015/202/2006-IA.II(M) Project Name:Jagannath UGP District:Angul Company:M/s Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd.II(M) Project Name:Utkal D Coal Mining Project District:Angul Company:M/s Orissa Mining Corporation Ltd. Project to be reconsidered on receipt of information. 2006. Project to be reconsidered on receipt of information. Proposal was considered in the meeting of the Expert Committee (Thermal ) held on 10th October.08.2006. 28 . Proposal is likely to be considered in the forthcoming meeting of the Expert Committee (Mining) scheduled for 16-17th November. 2006.II(M) Project Name:Pistulipani Iron Ore Mining Project 12/06/2006 Additional information sought by Ministry received alongwith the project. 2006.J11015/201/2006-IA. Project No: No. Project No: No.J11015/158/2006-IA.II(M) Project Name:Talchar West UGP District:Sambalpur Company:M/s Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd.J11015/184/2006-IA. Proposal is likely to be considered in the forthcoming meeting of the Expert Committee (Mining) scheduled for 16-17th October. Mohanty Project No: No. 12/07/2006 Proposal was considered in the meeting of the Expert Committee (Thermal) on 7-8th August.07. 22/09/2006 Proposal is likely to be considered in the forthcoming meeting of the Expert Committee (Mining) scheduled for 10th October. 12/07/2006 Additional information sought by the Ministry received on 03.

Additional information sought by the Ministry is awaited.J11015/335/2006-IA.II(M) Project Name:Balda Block Iron Ore Mining Proejct District:Keonjhar Company:M/s Ferajuddin & Co.J11015/105/2006-IA. 14/10/2006 Project initially received incomplete for want of NOC. 27/10/2006 Additional information sought by the Ministry received alongwith the project. Project No: No. Based on the information received. Project No: No.J11015/309/2006-IA. Additional information sought by the Ministry is awaited. approval letter and public hearing. The Committee had sought additional information. The Committee had sought additional information. 27/10/2006 Additional information sought by the Ministry is awaited. The reply has since been received.J11015/104/2006-IA. Clarification regarding land use of ash pond area had been sought from the proponent.II(T) Project Name:675 MW (5x135 Received On Status Considered by the Expert Committee on 21. approval letter and public hearing.2006.3. Considered by the Expert Committee on 21.3.II(T) Project Name:4x125 MW Captive Power Project District:Jajpur Company:M/s Jindal Stainless Ltd. Based on the clarifications received.II(M) Project Name:Bandhal Mangenese Mining Project District:Sundergarh Company:M/s Kanakdhara Project No: No. The file is under submission. 2006.2006. project was further considered by the EC(T) in its meeting on 8th August.II(M) Project Name:Roida-1 Iron Ore Mining Project District:Keonjhar Company:M/s Mid East Integrated Steels Ltd. The proponent could not clarify all the issues. Project No: J-13011/10/2006IA. Project No: No.J11015/319/2006-IA. the project was reconsidered in the meeting 18/02/2006 07/04/2006 29 . 2006. Based on the information received. 2006.II(M) Project Name:Utkal B1 Coal Mining Project District:Angul Company:M/s Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.II(M) Project Name:Jalahuri Iron & Manganese Mining Project District:Keonjhar Company:M/s Mata Rock & Others Project No: No. 27/10/2006 Proposal is likely to be considered in the forthcoming meeting of the Expert Committee (Thermal and Coal Mining) scheduled for 20-22nd November. 14/10/2006 Project initially received incomplete for want of NOC. PENDING THERMAL PROJECTS AS ON 31st OCTOBER 2006 Project Details Project No: J-13011/5/2006IA.District:Keonjhar Company:M/s Gandhamardhan Sponge Industries (P) Ltd. the project was reconsidered in the meeting of the EC(T) on 14th June.

06. The file is under submission PENDING RIVER VALLEY & HYDROELECTRIC PROJECTS AS ON 31st OCT 2006 Project Details Project No: J-12011/11/2006-IA. Bhubaneswar Received On Status 21/09/2006 To be considered by EC. Comments of Chattisgarh Govt. Ltd. 04/05/2006 PENDING INFRASTRUCTURE & MISCELLANOUS PROJECTS AS ON 31st OCT 2006 Project Details Received On Project No: 11-28/2006-IA.5. 2006. Status Under Consideration To be considered by EC. 30 .25 hectare of Forest land in Borhampur Division of ganjam District for construction of Light 29/05/2006 House at Parayagi.5. Jagatsinghpur 17/10/2006 Village:Jalardher Company:M/s POSCO India Pvt. project was further considered by the EC(T) in its meeting on 8th August. regarding proposed R & R package also sought letter issued on 31.MW) Captive Power Plant for proposed Aluminium Smelter of 2. reply is still awaited. Clarification regarding landuse of ash pond area had been sought from the proponent. on 17. District:Distt.I Project Name:Ong Dam Project District:Bargarh Company:Water Resources Department. The proponent could not clarify all the issues.C. 2006.000 TPA Plant District:Jharsuguda Village:Bhurkamunda/Brundamal Company:M/s Vedanta Alumina Ltd. PENDING NEW CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS & INDUSTRIAL ESTATES Project Details Project No: 21-429/2006-IA. The reply has since been received.III Project Name:EC for expansion project at E4 Infocity.III Project Name:EC for construction of a Captive Mnor Port. Based on the clarifications received. As area of Chattisgarh State also comming under submergence. Orissa District:Ganjam Company:Directorate of Light House & Light Ships Project No: 10-9/2006-IA. of the EC(T) on 14th June. Govt of Orissa Received On Status Considered by E.50.06 & project authority was asked to submit revised EIA report as only two season's ecological data have been considered. Bhubaneshwar District:Bhubaneshwar Village:Bghubaneswar Company:M/s Onfosys.III Project Name:CRZ clearance for diversion of 0.

05.09.2006. 2006 Project Details File No:8-ORA104/2006-FCD Area:211.08.2006 31 .08.67 ha Description: Iron Ore based Industries of IPICOL Received On NULL Status PENDING RAILWAY LINE PROJECTS AS ON OCTOBER 31. PENDING OTHER PROJECTS AS ON OCTOBER 31.25 ha Description: Lanjigarh-Junagarh BG Railway Line (56Km) Received On 1 February 1996 Status Information of field status awaited from Nodal officer on 9.2006.06 placed before FAC meeting on 30. Placed before 21 August 2006 FAC meeting on 30. 2006 Project Details File No:8-22/1996-FC Area:48.7242 ha Description: Temporary Working Permission in Gandhamardan Block 'A' Mines in Keonjhar Forest Division in favour of M/s Orissa Mining Corporation Ltd Received On Status SIR is awaited since 08.09.PENDING PROJECTS WITH MoEF FOR FOREST CLEARANCE PENDING MINING PROJECTS AS ON OCTOBER 31. TWP granted for a period of 6 months over already 21 August 2006 broken up area vide letter dtd 14. 2006 Project Details File No:8(27)1/99-FCE Area:8.348 ha Description: Temporary Working Permission in SerendaBhadrasahi Mines in Keonjhar Forest Division in favour of M/s Orissa Mining Corporation (OMC) Limited File No:8-ORA105/2006-FCD Area:64.2006.

07.2006.2006.241 ha Description: Regularization of Encroachment File No:8-ORA074/2006-FCD Area:504. Under Process.08.PENDING ENCROACHMENTS PROJECTS AS ON OCTOBER 31.07. 32 .2006.08 ha Description: Regularization of Encroachment File No:8-ORC071/2006-FCD Area:5.5985 + 11. 8(29)5/2000-FCE 6 July 2006 6 July 2006 Site Inspection Report awaited since 18.2006.53 ha Description: Regularization of Encroachment Received On 6 July 2006 Status Site Inspection Report awaited since 08.2006 6 July 2006 Placed before FAC meeting on 27.06 Under Process 6 July 2006 Placed before FAC meeting on 27.2006.5985 ha Description: Regularization of Encroachment File No:8-ORA073/2006-FCD Area:65.07. Reference File No 8(29)14/2002-FCE 6 July 2006 Placed before FAC meeting on 27.212 ha Description: Regularization of Encroachment File No:8-ORC069/2006-FCD Area:14.10. Reference File No. (492. Reference File No.551 ha Description: Regularization of Encroachment File No:8-ORC075/2006-FCD Area:26.9654 = 504. 2006 Project Details File No:8-ORB070/2006-FCD Area:0.10.5639 ha Description: Regularization of Encroachment File No:8-ORA076/2006-FCD Area:385.5639 ha forest land) 6 July 2006 Site Inspection Report awaited since 18. 8(29)10/2001-FCE Placed before FAC meeting on 27.10.10.Under Process 6 July 2006 Site Inspection Report awaited since 18.06.028 ha Description: Regularization of Encroachment File No:8-ORA072/2006-FCD Area:214. Under Process.

4.13ha Already Broken Up Forest Area File No:8-Ora047/2005-Fcd Area:294.5 Ha.14 Ha.09. Description: Mining Lease Of Cat's Eye Mineral In Favouring Navyug Minerals Limited File No:8-14/2004-Fc Area:8.2005.2006. 2006 Project Details File No:8(22)5/2002-Fce Area:3. Description:Lanjigarh Bauxite Mining Project In Niyamgiri Rf And Nimagiri Proposed Rf Of Rayagada District In Favour Of Orissa Mining Corporation Received On 14 February 2003 Status Placed Before Fac Meeting On 27. J. Banki File No:8(22)1/2001-Fce Area:3. Still Not Received 13 April 2004 Null Placed Before Fac Meeting On 27.13 Ha.10. Information Awaited 28 February 2005 From State Government Vide Order Dated 08. Description:Twp In F/O Budharaja Iron & Maganese Ore Mines For One Year Over 8.7. Eds 11. Description:Kankandajore Minor Irrigation Project.4.2003 10 March 2004 Application Of Ua Is Pending With State Mining Department 12 May 2005 Eds On 13/05/2005 Null Regional Office Has Requested The State Govt To Furnish Information Last Reminded On 19.10.2006.739 Ha.55 Ha. Description:Graphite Mine In Ganjaudhar By Sh. Agarwal File No:8(21)34/2004-Fce Area:14. 2006 Project Details File No:8-31/2003-Fc Area:56.2004 And 19.2006 33 .09. Description:Krupasagar Minor Irrigation Project Received On Null Status Null PENDING MINING PROJECTS AS ON OCTOBER 31.98 Ha.387 Ha.2004. Reminded On 14. Description:Temporary Working Permission For Sulapat Iron Mine Of Shri Biratchandra Dagara In Rairangpur Forest Division File No:8(21)43/2004-Fce Area:12.008 Ha.PENDING IRRIGATION PROJECTS AS ON OCTOBER 31.7.749 Ha. Description:Bangur Chromite Mines Of 0mc Ltd File No:8-Ora023/2005-Fcd Area:660.N.2005 Information Sought From State Govt On 14. Description:Diversion Of Forest Land In Favour Of M/S Patnaik Minerals Pvt Limited For Manganese Mines File No:8(21)4/2001-Fce Area:0.

08 ha.565 Ha. Description:Asbestos & Pyroxemite Mining By Bl Newatia File No:5-Orc006/2004-Bhu Area:11. Description:SWERAGE TREATMENT SYSTED & UTILIATIM SYSTEM File No:8(21)16/2002-FCE Area:0.10. 2006 Project Details File No:8(26)2/02-FCE Area:1.841 Ha. Description:REGULARISATION OF ENCROACHMENT File No:8(29)10/2001-FCE Area:0. 2006 Project Details File No:8-14/1999-FC Area:32 ha. Description:REGULARISATION OF ENCROACHMENT Received On NULL Status NULL REFERENCE FILE NO. Description:Graphite Mine By Sh.4.667 ha. Tilak Raj Mediratta File No:8(21)12/2001-Fce Area:18. 870/2006-FC NULL 34 .23 Ha.8.2004 and on 19. 2006 Project Details File No:8(29)13/2000-FCE Area:4.457 ha.666 ha.File No:8(21)44/2004-Fce Area:2.2005 Null 6 October 2004 PENDING ROAD LINE PROJECTS AS ON OCTOBER 31. Description:Twp Over Already Broken Up Area For Mining Of Iron And Manganese Ore In Favour Of Shri B K Mohanty Null Regional Office requested The State Govt to Furnish Information on 24. PALASPANG-BAMEBARI Received On NULL Status PENDING OTHER PROJECTS AS ON OCTOBER 31. Description:DAITARI-BANSPANI RLY LINK ROAD.2004 and Reminded on 11. OF ENCROACHMENT IN ANGUL DISTRICT File No:8(29)2/2001-FCE Area:10.188 ha. Description:EXPLORATION/DRILLING PROGRAMME FOR GRAPHITE ORE Received On Status 20 January 1999 CASE IS SUBJUDISED NULL PENDING ENCROACHMENTS PROJECTS AS ON OCTOBER 31. Description:REGUL.

APPROVED PROJECTS WITH MoEF FOR ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARANCE APPROVED MINING PROJECTS AS ON 31st OCTOBER 2006 Project Details Project No: No.II(M) Project Name: Utkal Coal Mining Project Agency: M/s Utkal Coal Ltd.J-11015/134/2006-IA. Received On 31/05/2006 Approved On 05/10/2006 35 .

APPROVED PROJECTS WITH CENTRAL GOVERNMET FOR FOREST CLEARANCE No Projects have been granted with Forest Clearance 36 .


B. Description: MINING LEASE TO TISCO File No: 8-355/FCE Area:0. Description: KATASAHI & KOLHA RUDKOLA MN. 19 May 1994 REJECTED ON MERRIT REJECTED REF.86 ha. 83/1994-FC REJECTED ON MERIT 3 December 1998 31 July 2000 REJECTED MINING PROJECTS Project Details File No: 8B-12/5/92-FCE Area:0.013 ha. Description: BLACKSTONE QUARRY BY M/S JS CONSTRUCTION LTD Rejected On Reason Of Rejection 19 Aug 1994 REJECTED ON MERIT 8 Dec 1997 REJECTED ON MERIT 27 Aug 1998 REJECTED ON MERRIT 23 Oct 1998 REJECTED ON MERRIT 22 May 2000 REJECTED ON MERIT 27 Nov 2001 REJECTED ON MERIT REJECTED ON MERIT AS PART OF ELEPHANT CORRIDER REJECTED ON MERRIT 9 Dec 2002 1 Oct 2003 Case rejected. Description: RESETTLEMENTS OF VILLAGERS Rejected On 20 May 1982 Reason Of Rejection REJECTED ON MERRIT. REJECTED OTHER PROJECTS Project Details File No:8-62/1982-FC Area:71.206 ha.REJECTED PROJECTS REJECTED IRRIGATION PROJECTS Project Details File No:8-173/1984-FC Area:52.2004. MINES OF SN PAUL File No: 8-13/2002-FC Area:45. Description: PROSPECTING WORK BY K.96 ha.96 ha. PAHI File No: 8-169/FCE Area:19. Description: CHIKIMA MIP File No:8-22/1998-FC Area:638 ha. Description: MINING LEASE TO OMC File No: 8-37/1996-FC Area:181.797 ha. Based on appeal reply furnished to 20 Dec 2004 the ministry vide ref even no dated 20. Description: SOFT STONE QUARRY BY BALARAM SAHOO File No: 8-280/FCE Area:2.42 ha. Description: MINING LEASE TO BC SAHU File No:8(21)5/99-FCE Area:13. FILE NOT IN SECTION 38 . Description: NISHIKHAL MINING LEASE OF OMC File No: 8(21)2/2001-FCE Area:3.12.55 ha.148 ha. Description: GRAPHITE MINING BY ANTARYAMI MISHRA File No: 8-111/1997-FC Area:129.22 ha. Description: AMKHOL NALLA MINOR IRRIGATION PROJECT Rejected On 16 July 1984 Reason Of Rejection REJECTED ON MERRIT. Description: BHALUDHAR MINOR IRRIGATION PROJECT File No:8-56/1992-FC Area:26. Description: SUKTEL IRRIG PROJECT File No:8-148/FCE Area:16 ha.367 ha.9 ha.

Description: RAISING OF CAPTIVE PLANTATION BY TITAGHUR PAPER MILLS File No:8-318/1988-FC Area:911. Description: RAISING OF COFFEE PLANTATION BY M/S ASHOK AGRO INDUSTRIES File No:8-201/1986-FC Area:200 ha. Description: FOREST LAND FOR RUBBER PLANTATION File No:8-205/1991-FC Area:187.09 ha. 13 October 1988 REJECTED ON MERRIT 5 November 1988 REJECTED ON MERRIT. Description: REHABILITATION OF PEOPLE DUE TO JONK MIP Rejected On 18 November 1985 Reason Of Rejection REJECTED ON MERRIT 39 . Description: RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF SAW MILLS AT KULUNGA File No:8(27)1/2000-FCE Area:1.65 ha.74 ha. 21 December 1987 REJECTED ON MERRIT. Description: M/S REXON STRIPS LTD. OF ALUMINA REFINERY 2 October 1987 REJECTED ON MERRIT. Description: CONST.9 ha.497 ha.7 ha.38 ha. Description: RUBBER PLANTATION BY ORISSA FOREST CORPORATION LIMITED File No:8-248/1986-FC Area:51 ha. 1 April 1989 REJECTED ON MERRIT. 17 July 1992 REJECTED ON MERRIT 18 January 1999 REJECTED ON MERIT 29 February 2000 REJECTED ON MERIT 31 October 2001 REJECTED ON MERRIT REJECTED TRANSMISSION LINE PROJECTS Project Details File No:8-76/1985-FC Area:81. Description: RELEASE OF FOREST LAND FOR RAISING CAPATIVE PLANTATION File No:8-300/1987-FC Area:98. Description: RELEASE OF FOREST LAND FOR RAISING CAPATIVE PLANTATION File No:8-256/1986-FC Area:31 ha. Description:220 KV DC BRAJARAJ NAGAR TO RAIGARH T/L Rejected On 14 December 1987 Reason Of Rejection DELIBERATE VIDATION OF FC ACT REJECTED REHABILITATION PROJECTS Project Details File No:8-304/1985-FC Area:123.79 ha. Description: BRACKISH WATER FISHERES & PRAWN CULTURE File No:8-360/FCE Area:4. 10 December 1987 REJECTED ON MERRIT.File No:8-221/1986-FC Area:100 ha. IN VILLAGE KUMKELA File No:8-69/2000-FC Area:124.

Nil 40 . located in village Raijharan.-. Utkal Coal Project Block C (3.-.Nil -..Nil IN-PRINCIPLE FOREST CLEARANCES LETTERS Nil.Nil -. Tehsil Chendipada.APPROVAL LETTERS ISSUED BY MoEF DURING OCTOBER 2006 ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARANCE LETTERS Maliparbat Bauxite Mining Project of M/s Hindalco Industries Limited located in Village Aligaon-Kankaramba in Pottangi Tehsil of Koraput District in Orissa. Orissa FOREST CLEARANCES LETTERS Nil. District Angul.37 MTPA) of M/s Utkal Coal Ltd.

11 ha which is a wasteland.08.O. 15.6 million tonnes of bauxite ore.2006 on the subject mentioned above. 17.G.12. The over burden will be stacked as external dump. Capital cost of the project is Rs. wildlife sanctuary/biosphere reserve.2006. 2006 To. There will be no external OB dumps at the end of the mine life. which will be later backfilled concurrently from the 5th year onwards in mined out voids.6 million tonnes per annum of bauxite ore by opencast mechanized method involving total lease area of 268.) will be generated. Approximately 7713m3/month of solid waste comprising 1080 m3/month of topsoil and 6633m3/month of over burden (free laterite etc. No forestland is involved.2005 and subsequent letters dated 28. There is no population in the core zone. 31.992 million m3 of OB and 0.05. C.11 ha. The water table is much below the valley floor. The life of the mine is 15 years.J-11015/411/2005-IA. Approximately 2000 TPD of mineral will be transported by road to a distance of 25 km.05. Lodi Road.2005.81 ha is others (undisturbed area). 15. Complex.II (M) Government of India Ministry of Environment & Forests Paryavaran Bhawan.2005 for lease area of 268. displacement of population and R&R is not involved. Orissa .2006.11 ha. This has reference to your letter No. Sir.0 ha for roads.30 ha.2005.No. Orissa obtained on 24. Tehsil Pottangi. District Koraput. Area proposed for mining is 77.Hindalco/05 dated 12. Dr.Environmental Clearance Reg. New Delhi – 110 003 Dated the 7th September. under the provisions of the EIA Notification 1994 and subsequent amendments issued under Environment (Protection) Act. During life of the mine about 3. therefore. The entire quantity of the over burden generated will be backfilled and an area of 1. 1986 subject to implementation of the following conditions and environmental safeguards.0756 m3 of topsoil will be generated.11 ha lease area.08. The total mine lease area of the project is 268.11.2050 lakhs . Annie Besant Road. 41 . during the initial years.2006. MUMBAI-400 025 Subject: Maliparbat Bauxite Mining Project of M/s Hindalco Industries Limited located in Village Aligaon-Kankaramba.06. Peak water requirement of the project is 61 m3/day which will be met from Kundli Nallah. Working will be opencast by mechanized using ripper dozer.01. an area of 2. The Ministry of Environment and Forests hereby accords environmental clearance to the above mentioned Maliparbat Bauxite Mining Project of M/s Hindalco Industries Limited for production capacity of 0.46 ha will be converted into water body at the end of the mine life.6 million tonnes per annum of bauxite ore over 268. Blasting will be used to a limited extent in the hard strata.01. Plantation will be raised in an area of 90.0 ha for green belt and 170. The valley floor is at 910 m above MSL. Mining will not intersect the groundwater table.0 ha is kept for infrastructure. M/s Hindalco Industries Ltd. Consent to establish from the State Pollution Control Board.2006 and 13. The ultimate working depth of mine will be 10m from the plateau top (1190 m above msl). Indian Bureau of Mines has approved mining plan including progressive mine closure plan of the project on 18. The annual targeted production capacity of the mine is 0. No ecologically sensitive area such as national park. Century Bhavan. is located in the core and buffer zone of the mine. Public hearing of the project held on 31. The Ministry of Environment and Forests has examined the application.01. tiger reserve etc.84 ha. It has been noted that the proposal is for opening of a new mine and the project was granted site clearance by the Ministry on 30.2006 for production capacity of 0. 3.

monsoon (August). Garland drain (size. gradient and length) shall be constructed for mine pit and sump capacity should be designed keeping 50% safety margin over and above peak sudden rainfall (based on 50 years data) and maximum discharge in the area adjoining the mine site. green belt development etc. in addition to six groundwater-monitoring stations as specified by State Pollution Control Board on long term basis both in terms of quantity and quality of water and records maintained.e. Monitoring and management of rehabilitated areas should continue until the vegetation becomes self-sustaining. Measures shall be taken for maintenance of vehicles used in mining operations and in transportation of mineral. Peripheral fencing shall be done along the excavated area. The mining operations shall not intersect groundwater table. (viii) Regular monitoring of ground water level and quality should be carried out by establishing a network of existing wells and constructing new piezometers during the mining operation. in consultation with the local DFO / Agriculture Department. The vehicles should be covered with a tarpaulin and shall not be overloaded. (vi) (vii) The project authority should implement suitable conservation measures to augment ground water resources in the area in consultation with the Regional Director.A. Central Ground Water Authority and Regional Director Central Ground Water Board. The density of the trees should be around 2000 plants per ha. roads.84ha including a green belt of adequate width by planting the native species around the ML area. The higher benches of the excavated void/mine pit shall be terraced and plantation done to stabilize the slopes. postmonsoon (November) and winter (January) and the data thus collected may be sent regularly to MOEF. soil and mineral dumps. Top soil shall be stacked properly with proper slope with adequate measures and should be used for reclamation and rehabilitation of mined out areas. 42 . Concurrent backfilling should start from the fifth year onwards. The project proponent shall undertake monitoring of springs (two main perennial springs on the southern side. (iii) The waste generated in the initial period shall be dumped temporarily and backfilled in the mined out area. (i) (ii) Specific conditions All the conditions stipulated by the State Pollution Control Board in their consent to establish should be effectively implemented. Six monthly report should be submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Forests and its Regional Office located at Bhubaneswar. around void etc. Compliance status should be submitted to the Ministry of Environment & Forests on six monthly basis. Central Ground Water Board. (ix) (x) Prior permission from the competent authority should be obtained for drawal of water from the surface water bodies i. Sump capacity should also provide adequate retention period to allow proper settling of silt material. Prior approval of the Ministry of Environment & Forests and Central Ground Water Authority shall be obtained for mining below water table. The water so collected should be utilized for watering the mine area. Kundli Nallah. Sedimentation pits should be constructed at the corners of the garland drains and desilted at regular intervals. The drains should be regularly desilted particularly after monsoon and maintained properly. There shall be no permanent external OB dump in the project area. roads. (iv) Catch drains and siltation ponds of appropriate size should be constructed to arrest silt and sediment flows from the working pit. (xi) (xii) The voids created at the end of mining shall be converted into water body with shallow depths not exceeding 30 m. (xiii) The project proponent shall adopt wet drilling. two springs on the northern side). The monitoring should be carried out four times in a year – pre-monsoon (April-May). Vehicular emissions should be kept under control and regularly monitored. (v) Plantation shall be raised in an area of 90.

No change in the calendar plan including excavation. Controlled blasting should be practiced. (xvi) Sewage treatment plant should be installed for the colony. B. (xi) The project authorities should inform to the Regional Office located at Bhubaneswar regarding date of financial closures and final approval of the project by the concerned authorities and the date of start of land development work. (v) Data on ambient air quality (RPM. topographical features and environmentally and ecologically sensitive targets and frequency of monitoring should be undertaken in consultation with the State Pollution Control Board. (vii) Measures should be taken for control of noise levels below 85 dBA in the work environment. loading and unloading and at transfer points should be provided and properly maintained. Oil and grease trap should be installed before discharge of workshop effluents. (ix) Personnel working in dusty areas should wear protective respiratory devices and they should also be provided with adequate training and information on safety and health aspects. (x) A separate environmental management cell with suitable qualified personnel should be set-up under the control of a Senior Executive. ETP should also be provided for workshop and wastewater generated from mining operations. (xvii) Digital processing of the entire lease area using remote sensing technique should be done regularly once in three years for monitoring land use pattern and report submitted to MOEF and its Regional Office. SPM. should be provided with ear plugs / muffs. Water spraying arrangement on haul roads. treated so as to conform to the standards prescribed under GSR 422 (E) dated 19th May. 1993 or as amended from time to time. Workers engaged in operations of HEMM. SO2 and NOx) should be regularly submitted to the Ministry including its Regional office located at Bhopal and the State Pollution Control Board / Central Pollution Control Board once in six months. (viii) Industrial waste water (workshop and waste water from the mine) should be properly collected.(xiv) Blasting operation should be carried out only during the daytime. SPM. Occupational health surveillance program of the workers should be undertaken periodically to observe any contractions due to exposure to dust and take corrective measures. 43 . (iii) Conservation measures for protection of flora and fauna in the core & buffer zone should be drawn up in consultation with the local forest and wildlife departments. quantum of mineral bauxite and waste should be made. etc. (xv) Consent to operate should be obtained from SPCB prior to start of production from the mine. Location of the stations should be decided based on the meteorological data. (xviii) A Final Mine Closure Plan along with details of Corpus Fund should be submitted to the Ministry of Environment & Forests 5 years in advance of final mine closure for approval. The mitigative measures for control of ground vibrations and to arrest fly rocks and boulders should be implemented. 1993 and 31st December. who will report directly to the Head of the Organization. (vi) Fugitive dust emissions from all the sources should be controlled regularly. General conditions (i) (ii) No change in mining technology and scope of working should be made without prior approval of the Ministry of Environment & Forests. if needed. (iv) Four ambient air quality-monitoring stations should be established in the core zone as well as in the buffer zone for RPM. SO2 and NOx monitoring.

Secretary. East Arjun Nagar. Ministry of Environment & Forests.G. Indian Bureau of Mines. 1991 along with their amendments and rules. K. Secretary. New Delhi-110 032. Marg. Orissa. Koraput District. (xiii) The Regional Office of this Ministry located at Bhubneshwar shall monitor compliance of the stipulated conditions. the Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act. and a copy of the same should be forwarded to the Regional Office of this Ministry located Bhubaneswar. Orissa State Pollution Control Board. 13. Ministry of Environment & Forests . New Delhi-110001. Chief Conservator of Forests. The Ministry or any other competent authority may alter/modify the above conditions or stipulate any further condition in the interest of environment protection. Secretariat. (xvi) The project authorities should advertise at least in two local newspapers widely circulated. (SATISH C. New Delhi. 3. Central Pollution Control Board. 1986. 4. Member Secretary. Parivesh Bhawan. Controller General. Indira Bhavan. 7. Chairman. Bhubneshwar. 1986 and the Public Liability Insurance Act. Failure to comply with any of the conditions mentioned above may result in withdrawal of this clearance and attract action under the provisions of Environment (Protection) Act. 2. (SATISH C. Government of Orissa. New Delhi. CBD-Cum-Office Complex. Nagpur-440 001. Department of Environment. A2. Bhubneshwar. Secretariat.(xii) The funds earmarked for environmental protection measures should be kept in separate account and should not be diverted for other purpose. The above conditions will be enforced inter-alia. 4. District Industry Centre and Collector's office/ Tehsildar's Office for 30 days. Secretary. 11. A/118 Nilakantha Nagar. 12. Central Ground Water Authority. 1981. under the provisions of the Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act. within 7 days of the issue of the clearance letter informing that the project has been accorded environmental clearance and a copy of the clearance letter is available with the State Pollution Control Board and also at web site of the Ministry of Environment and Forests at http://envfor. Year wise expenditure should be reported to the Ministry and its Regional Office located at Bhubneshwar. (xiv) A copy of clearance letter will be marked to concerned Panchayat / local NGO. Government of Government of Orissa. 5. Chandra Shekar. Guard File. Bhubaneshwar-751012. W3 Curzon Road Barracks.nic. Department of Mines. 1974. 10. Chairman. EI Division. (xv) State Pollution Control Board should display a copy of the clearance letter at the Regional office. The project authorities should extend full cooperation to the officer (s) of the Regional Office by furnishing the requisite data / information / monitoring reports. Record File. if any. UnitVIII. District Collector. the Environment (Protection) Act. Ministry of Mines. EI Division. Government of India Shastri Bhawan. Civil Lines. 8. GARKOTI) Additional Director (S) Copy to: 1. 6. A/3. GARKOTI) Additional Director (S) 44 . one of which shall be in the vernacular language of the locality concerned. 9. Monitoring File. from whom suggestion / representation was received while processing the proposal.Regional Office (EZ). Bhubneshwar-751 023 5.

1994 and subsequent amendments thereto subject to the compliance of the terms and conditions mentioned below: A.55 ha of which 337. Of an estimated 208. located in village Raijharan. Forestry clearance has not been obtained. 7. Sub: Utkal Coal Project Block C (3.233 TPD of coal is by road/rail. The study area supports the Indian Elephant which is a highly endangered species.71 ha is for infrastructure.2005.37 MTPA is 41 years.19 ha is for others (undisturbed).08. and 109.05. Water table is in the range of 2-8 m bgl in the core zone and 1. Bhubaneshwar – 751010. Mineral transportation of 11.. Coal extraction is by surface miner. Bomikhal. Site Clearance was obtained on 28.81 ha is forestland.07. which has been identified as one of the critically polluted areas in the country.37 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) to be achieved by the 7th year. Specific Conditions 45 .N. 168. 10. Cuttak. New Delhi -110003.48 m3/d is to be met from groundwater (58.O. It has been noted that the project is for opening a new coal mine .2006 on the above-mentioned subject.50 crores. P. area for excavation is 361. which is a perennial river. Executive Vice-President. Public Hearing was held on 16. Sir.37 MTPA rated capacity under the provisions of the Environmental Impact Assessment Notification. 17. 37. Panda. Backfilling will begin from the 1st year onwards and concurrent backfilling from the 6th year onwards.J-11015/134/2006-IA.07.84 ha is for topsoil dumps. District Angul.2006 enclosing your application and subsequent letters dated 24. Singhada Jhor. Rasulgarh.2005. Orissa.2006. Rated capacity of the mine is 3.50 ha is for tailings pond.Raijharan.No.2006. The total mine lease is 576.06. Wildlife Sanctuary. There are no National Parks. OB removal by shovel and dumpers. Dated: 5th October 2006 To Shri S. 03.Environmental clearance – reg. Of the total lease area.012 Mm3) of OB will be backfilled and the balance will be store din one external OB dump and will be rehandled at the end of mine life and backfilled. 14. Mining will be opencast by mechanized method and involves drilling and blasting for OB removal only.O.37 MTPA) of M/s Utkal Coal Ltd.17 ha is for OB dumps. A number of Reserve Forests (RF) are found adjoining the lease and within 10km of the core zone.572 Mm3 of OB to be generated about 95% (193. 31. Capital cost of the project is Rs. ORISSA.06.46 ha is wasteland. The Ministry of Environment & forests hereby accords environmental clearance for the above-mentioned Utkal Opencast Block C Coal Project of M/s Utkal Coal Ltd.57 ha is surface water bodies and 47.40 m3/d) and from mine sump water (348 m3/d). Lodi Road.07.28 ha is agricultural land. The project involves R&R of one village . 156. It is noted that the project falls in the Angul-Talcher Region. M/s Utkal Coal Limited. 20.43 ha is grazing land. for production of coal at 3.09. 11. Biosphere Reserves found in the 10 km buffer zone. C. It is proposed to contruct an embankment of 1805m length and 5 m height along the southern bank of Singhada Jhor alongside the ML.12 m bgl in the buffer zone.50 ha is for greenbelt.Utkal Block C Coal Project for captive consumption of the existing ferroalloy/captive power plant at Chowdar. flows adjoining the northern boundary of the ML. Peak water requirement is 439. Mining Plan was approved by Ministry of Coal on 23.2006. Life of mine at the rated capacity of 3. Tehsil Chendipada.Complex.G.II(M) Government of India Ministry of Environment & Forests Paryavaran Bhawan. The Ministry of Environment & Forests has considered your application.64 ha. This has reference to your letter dated 20.2006 and 22. Ultimate working depth of the mine is 230m below ground level (bgl).

The monitoring for quantity should be done four times a year in pre-monsoon (May). The height of the embankment shall be at least 5 m higher than the HFL. Sump capacity should also provided adequate retention period to allow proper settling of silt material. Topsoil of 3. water sprinkling system should be provided to check fugitive emissions from crushing operations. Plantation shall be developed to cover 179.73 ha over the backfilled area and the higher benches which are gently sloped. Regular monitoring of groundwater level and quality should be carried out by establishing a network of exiting wells and construction of new peizometers. Mining shall be carried out as per statuette at a safe distance from the river and nallah flowing within the lease boundary. The mitigative measures for control of ground vibrations and to arrest the fly rocks and boulders should be implemented. 46 . The external OB dump shall be rehandled at the end of mine life and backfilled into the decoaled area.96 ha). The slope of the embankment shall at least 2:1 towards the ML. topsoil dump (7. haulage roads. Backfilling shall begin from the first year of mining operations and concurrent backfilling from 6th year onwards. At the time of depillaring. conveyor system. Crushers at the CHP should be operated with high efficiency bag filters. post-monsoon (November) and winter (January) seasons and for quality in May. safety zone and vacant area (20.(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) (viii) (ix) (x) (xi) (xii) (xiii) (xiv) All the conditions stipulated by SPCB in their NOC shall be effectively implemented.87 ha. along ML boundary. The dimensions of the embankment shall be at least 1805m in length. Monitoring and management of reclaimed dumpsite should continue until the vegetation becomes self-sustaining.62 Mm3 should be stacked properly with proper slope at earmarked site(s) and should not be kept active and shall be used for reclamation and development of green belt. OB and mineral dumps. along roads. The drains should be regularly desilted and maintained properly. Catch drains and siltation ponds of appropriate size should be constructed to arrest silt and sediment flows from soil. roads. monsoon (August). and shall include external OB dump (74.04 ha. protective bunds and garland drains shall be provided so that no water from the water bodies enters the mining area.04 ha. etc. A Progressive Mine Closure Plan shall be implemented and OB generated shall be simultaneously backfilled covering an area of 163. The total area brought under afforestation shall not be less than 315. etc. OB should be stacked at earmarked external OB dumpsite within ML area and shall be a maximum height of 40m only and consist of benches of 10m each. 1980. Controlled blasting should be practiced with use of delay detonators and only during daytime.84 ha) backfilled area covering 163. gradient and length) and sump capacity should be designed keeping 50% safety margin over and above the peak sudden rainfall and maximum discharge in the area adjoining the mine site. transfer points. Garland drains (size. Dimension of the retaining wall at the toe of the dumps and OB benches within the mine to check run-off and siltation should be based on the rainfall data. Drills should be wet operated. An embankment shall be constructed along the southern boundary adjoining the ML. No mining operations shall be undertaken in the forestland until clearance has been obtained under the provisions of FC Act. green belt development. The density of the trees should be around 2500 plants per ha.36 ha) by planting native species in consultation with the local DFO/Agriculture Department. The ultimate slope of the dump shall not exceed 28o. Compliance status should be submitted to the Ministry of Environment & Forests and its Regional office located at Bhubaneswar on yearly basis. The water so collected should be utilized for watering the mine area. Data thus collected should be submitted to the Ministry of Environment & Forests and tot eh Central Pollution Control Board quarterly within one month of monitoring. infrastructure (10 ha). 20m width at the bottom and 5 m at the top.

Separate funds shall be earmarked for implementation of the various activities there under and the status thereof shall be regularly reported to this Ministry and the MOEF Regional Office. treated so as to conform to the standards prescribed under GSR 422 (E) dated 19th May 1993 and 31st December 1993 or as amended from time to time before discharge. Vehicles used for transporting the mineral should be covered with tarpaulins and optimally loaded. Fugitive dust emissions from all the sources should be controlled regularly monitored and data recorded properly. No change in calendar plan including excavation. dump trucks (loading and unloading) points should be provided and properly maintained. operation of HEMM. if any. RPM. Water spraying arrangement on haul roads. The project authorities should meet water requirement of nearby village(s) in case the village wells go dry due to dewatering of mine. shall be formulated and implemented in consultation with the concerned Department in the State Government. (xxii) Consent to Operate shall be obtained before expanding mining operations. SO2 and NOx) should be regularly submitted to the Ministry including its Regional Office at Bhubaneswar and to the State Pollution Control Board and the Central Pollution Control Board once in six months. (xvii) A Programme for conservation of the endangered species. B. (xviii) Digital processing of the entire lease area using remote sensing technique should be done regularly once in 3 years for monitoring land use pattern and report submitted to MOEF and its Regional office at Bhubaneshwar. Location of the stations should be decided based on the meteorological data. (xx) R&R of village Raijharan shall be completed within the specified time schedule and shall be not less than that of the National R&R Policy. Ahmedabad within a period of one year and the results reported to this Ministry and to DGMS. SO2 and NOx monitoring.The Company shall put up artificial groundwater recharge measures for augmentation of groundwater resource. particularly the Indian Elephant. (xvi) ETP should also be provided for workshop and CHP wastewater. (xix) Besides carrying out regular periodic health check up of their workers. Workers engaged in blasting and drilling operations. Data on ambient air quality (SPM. through an agency such as NIOH. RPM. (xxi) A Final Mine Closure Plan along with details of Corpus Fund should be submitted to the Ministry of Environment & Forests 5 years in advance of final mine closure for approval. Vehicular emissions should be kept under control and regularly monitored. Environmental laboratory should be established with adequate number and type of pollution monitoring and analysis equipment in consultation with the State Pollution Control Board. Adequate measures should be taken for control of noise levels below 85 dBA in the work environment. (xv) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) (viii) (ix) 47 . etc should be provided with ear plugs/muffs. Bhubaneshwar. quantum of mineral coal & waste to be made. found in the study area. Oil and grease trap should be installed before discharge of workshop effluents. Industrial wastewater (workshop and wastewater from the mine) should be properly collected. topographical features and environmentally and ecologically sensitive targets in consultation with the State Pollution Control Board. wagon loading. (i) (ii) (iii) General Conditions No change in mining technology and scope of working should be made without prior approval of the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Four ambient air quality monitoring stations should be established in the core zone as well as in the buffer zone for SPM. 10% of the workers identified from workforce engaged in active mining operations shall be subjected to health check up for occupational diseases and hearing impairment.

4. Parivesh Bhawan. Member-Secretary. Government of Orissa. Chairman. Secretariat. 6. Monitoring File 9. Bhubaneshwar – 751012. Department of Environment & Forests. Secretary. 1986. A-31. who will report directly to the Head of the company. (xi) A separate environmental management cell with suitable qualified personnel should be set up under the control of a Senior Executive.T. (xiv) State Pollution Control Board should display a copy of the clearance letter at the Regional Office. Secretary. if needed. CBD-cum-Office Complex. one of which shall be in the vernacular language of the locality concerned within seven days of the clearance letter informing that the project has been accorded environmental clearance and a copy of the clearance letter is available with the State Pollution control Board and may also be seen at the website of the ministry of Environment & Forests at http://envfor. 1974.Chandini) Additional Director Copy to: 1. New Delhi. Ministry of Environment & Forests. East Arjun Nagar.nic. W-3 Kasturba Gandhi Marg. 3. (Dr. Angul. Year-wise expenditure should be reported to this Ministry and its Regional Office at Bhubaneswar.T. Ministry of Water Resources. Curzon Road Barracks. 1986 and the Public Liability Insurance Act. 1981. District Collector. Record File (Dr. The above conditions will be enforced inter-alia. 5. 7. 2. under the provisions of the Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act. A/118. Chairman. New Delhi. the Environment (Protection) Act. if any. Central Pollution Control Board. Orissa State Pollution Control Board. the Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act. 3.Chandini) Additional Director (x) 48 . Regional office (EZ). 5. Ministry of Coal. Chief Conservator of Forests. from whom any suggestion/representation has been received while processing the proposal. A-2. District Industry Centre and Collector’s Office/Tehsildar’s Office for 30 days. Government of Orissa. The Ministry or any other competent authority may stipulate any further condition for environmental protection. New Delhi. Central Ground Water Authority. Nilkanthanagar. (xiii) A copy of the will be marked to concerned Panchayat/ local NGO. 1991 along with their amendments and Rules. Chandrashekarpur. Failure to comply with any of the conditions mentioned above may result in withdrawal of this clearance and attract the provisions of the Environment (Protection) Act. Guard File 10. (xii) The funds earmarked for environmental protection measures should e kept in separate account and should not be diverted for other purpose. Unit VIII.Personnel working in dusty areas should wear protective respiratory devices and they should also be provided with adequate training and information on safety and health aspects. Bhubaneshwar. 4. (xv) The Project authorities should advertise at least in two local newspapers widely circulated around the project. New Delhi -110032. Bhubaneshwar – 751023. Occupational health surveillance programme of the workers should be undertaken periodically to observe any contractions due to exposure to dust and to take corrective measures.

Information on Environmental Clearances. have been downloaded from the website of MoEF. Keeping this. is an informal forum. EPG.Environmental Protection Group. This magazine is only for private circulation. Environment Protection Group. its economy and diverse culture of various ethnic groups.B: • The news items which are reproduced in this e-magazine were published in Bhubaneswar/ Kolkata editions of various newspapers during the period May 2006. authenticate information at right time. • • • • • 49 . where a number of individuals with rich experience and expertise in different fields have joined together with an aim to safeguard the state’s rich biological EPG ORISSA has tried its level best to place the information as published in the newspapers and websites. (http://www. EPG ORISSA is not liable for any legal proceedings. Govt. Pending Projects and Rejected Projects etc. Orissa epgorissa@gmail. especially tribals. of India. Orissa has decided to bring an update on Mining at a regular interval. its people. During various informal discussions a felt need for and interactions with many groups/forums/individuals it was felt need of proper. Forest Clearances. This is the first Step towards strengthening of the voices of people/groups/forums N.envfor.nic. To proceed in a legal manner (based on the information provided in this magazine) please collect the original news items and MoEF orders. from the clutches of existing ‘development paradigm based on extractive mining and industrialization’.