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Abuse is the improper usage or treatment for a bad purpose, often to unfairly or improperly gain benefit, physical or verbal maltreatment, injury, sexual assault, violation, rape, unjust practices; wrongful practice or custom; offense; crime, or otherwise verbal aggression.

Human rights are "basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled." Examples of rights and freedoms which have come to be commonly thought of as human 3/14/11 rights include civil and political rights, such as the

Starvation, lack of medical help, lack of food, torture, human trafficking under the hands of political lords, etc, all come under human rights violations. When the freedom to speak, express, write, move around one's own country or city are curbed and put under restriction, and also, one who cannot take away the right to love whosoever the heart desires from an individual results in human rights violations. Laws that do not 3/14/11 allow intra-racial marriages, inter caste

On a more recognizable ground, human rights violations also include employment discrimination, banning the rights of an individual to wear what they please, tapping of phone calls, discrimination based on disability, etc. In some countries, women are not allowed to be born! Yes, female infanticide is still rampant in countries like India, and its neighboring Asian regions. There are many countries where women are not allowed a right to education, freedom to choose the man they want to marry, and are kept as slaves rather than wives, mothers or sisters.

during war and even during peace. girls. under developed. And this is not just seen in barbaric.One of the greatest human rights violations is the crime against women. There is no bigger human rights violations other than rape. war ridden or male dominated societies around the world. Women. There are many forced pregnancies and forced abortions carried out on women. are raped and sexually tortured all around the world. Women are forced into prostitution and sexual slavery. Sexual mutilation and sexual humiliations are human rights violations that many women young and old have to face. Rape and sexual exploitation of women is 3/14/11 also common in the so called developed and .

poor working conditions and in humane treatment melted out are also some of the human rights violations. Child labor is a human rights violation that takes away the freedom of being a child from a child.Child abuse is another form of human rights violation. Low wages. Workers toiling under harsh conditions and not being paid their fair remuneration. mentally as well as sexually. where children are forced and violated physically. There is nothing more sinful than taking away or denying the right to education from a child. 3/14/11 .

" The United Nations also has a set of legal obligations for 3/14/11 governments of all nations. Adequate Housing Adequate housing is one of the basic human needs and according to the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements. there are more than one billion homeless people across the world. As rightly defined by the first special rapporteur in the adequate housing section. "The human right to adequate housing is the right of every woman. which ensures that proper .HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS ISSUES 1. youth and child to gain and sustain a safe and secure home and community in which to live in peace and dignity. man.

widowhood. housing and medical care and necessary social services.The Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaims that. disability. "Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and wellbeing of himself and of his family. and the right to security in the event of unemployment. sickness. old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control." 3/14/11 . including food. clothing.

Human Rights for Children Improvement of overall conditions of unprivileged children across the world remains to be one of the major human rights issues. Undoubtedly. their problems and needs should be taken care of. 3/14/11 . Many children across the world are facing ghastly tribulations. we need to focus on the development and progress of children and need to acknowledge their needs. If we hope for a better world in the future. some of which are too much to handle even for adult human beings.2. children are a very important demographic of the world population and hence.

Despite several laws being enforced. Work also needs to be done to improve the plight of children in orphanages or correctional institutions. and are participating in armed conflicts and wars. prostitution. Discrimination in education based on race. child labor is still rampant in many countries. trafficking for child labor and 3/14/11 mistreatment of refugee or migrant children. . There is a lot of work to be done to check the police violence against children. or the abolition of death penalty for minors. gender or even medical conditions. who are under the age of eighteen. There are also issues of child abuse.000 children from several countries.There are approximately 300.

Civil and Political Rights Freedom to enjoy basic civil and political rights is also a part of human rights issues. right to work.3. 3/14/11 . cultural and economic rights which include the right to participate in culture. Human rights include civil and political rights like the right to life and liberty. and other social. and the right to education as well. and equality before the law. freedom of expression. the right to food.

have a disability of one form or another. a majority of people who are coping with disabilities face various forms of discrimination or even social exclusion.4. While the living conditions vary with respect to the disabilities. 3/14/11 . who constitute around ten percent of the world s population. Rights and Disability More than six hundred million people. Safeguarding the interests of the people with disabilities is one of the major human rights issues.

. The right to health is an allencompassing right. including the right to be 3/14/11 free from non-consensual medical treatment. Every human being has the right to control his/her health.5. which not only includes timely and appropriate health care. Health Health is perhaps one of the most basic human rights. but also fundamental elements of health like adequate sanitations. healthy occupational and environmental conditions and access to health-related education and information. access to safe and potable water.

but the illegal recruitment. 3/14/11 . Human Trafficking Human trafficking is nothing. transport or sale of human beings into forced labor and servitude and is one of the most tragic violations of human rights. Especially. trafficking of women and children for prostitution or labor is more rampant and needs appropriate measures for abolition of such practices.6.

Poverty The dearth of income or economic deprivation is considered as a violation of human rights since economic deprivation has its own social.7. which affect a human being s psychological and physical health. While tackling the issue of eradication of poverty. food and safe water. once poverty comes into picture. Right to health. housing. Since poverty renders most of the essential human rights nullified. 3/14/11 . it is perhaps one of the most complex human rights issues. and the right to education or the civil and political rights stand nullified. political and cultural implications.

liberty and security of person ‡ freedom from slavery and servitude ‡ freedom from torture. Here are some examples: ‡ life. inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment ‡ not being subjected to arbitrary arrest.The Universal Declaration of Human Rights identifies many rights. or cruel. detention or exile ‡ freedom of movement and residence 3/14/11 ‡ nationality .

‡ Education ‡ freedom of speech ‡ the right to medical care ‡ the right to refuse medical treatment ‡ the right to have a safe working environment ‡ freedom of the press ‡ the right to privacy ‡ freedom of religion ‡ the right to own property 3/14/11 ‡ rights concerning children (child abuse. child .

‡ freedom of opinion and expression ‡ the right to adequate housing ‡ disabled citizens and the elderly have the right to work ‡ equal pay for men and women ‡ the right of sexual orientation/preference ‡ the right to have an abortion ‡ innocent until proven guilty 3/14/11 ‡ the right to have a minimum wage .

equality and coordination. 3/14/11 . strive to solve all disputes between states by peaceful means without use or threat of force. mutual benefit. The international community should cultivate a new security concept featuring mutual trust. Peace and stability are a basic guarantee for the full realization of human rights.CAUSES Human rights can get nowhere without peace. and ensure a lasting peace and stability at the regional and global level. thus removing from their roots armed conflicts and the gross violation of human rights arising therefrom.

The international community. The rich are getting richer.Human rights can get nowhere without development. Yet not all countries can have full access to the benefits of modern science and technology and economic globalization. Today. therefore. and the poor are getting poorer. support the vast numbers of . Poverty is the main obstacle to the full enjoyment of human rights. mankind possesses an abundance of material and spiritual wealth that the world has never seen before. Economic and social development is the foundation for the full enjoyment of human rights. must attach greater importance to economic. social and cultural rights as well as the 3/14/11 right to development.

3/14/11 . because of this many of us is suffering from poverty and can cause both individuals and states to violate rights. Another cause of human rights is selfishness.Some causes of child abuse are the use of drugs. or alcohol abuse or an abuser was also abused when they were younger. Another problem is that when an abused child grows up they could join the next generations of child abusers.

can uphold international trade structure or protectionist legal systems that favor the local economy at the expense of relatively poor exporters elsewhere.1. Selfishness can cause both individuals and states to violate rights. for example. or the absence of sufficient and adequate aid and intervention that causes rights violations. 3/14/11 . lack of compassion or generosity. States. Selfishness In the case of economic human rights such as the right not to suffer poverty it s often greed.

3/14/11 . torture or indefinite detention can appear to be a reasonable price to pay in order to reduce the risk of terrorism. The State/ Government States commit rights violations for different reasons.2. Or they may think that some types of violations are necessary evils when faced with certain risks. undermine or destroy the opposition. For example. and impose some world view or economic organization of society. Rulers may believe that such violations are necessary in order to maintain power.

And.States can also violate human rights unintentionally: lawmakers can draft a legal system that unnecessarily encroaches on private freedom. but by failing to do what it should do: a state that doesn t provide an efficient judiciary or police force will be unable to protect the rights of its citizens and will be an accessory to rights violations. a state can violate rights. finally. 3/14/11 . by doing something it shouldn t do.

3. we see that both states and individuals can use culture as a reason to violate rights. Culture Some say that certain elements of cultures and religions lead to practices that violate human rights. Here as well. 3/14/11 .

4. and thus can become willing and unwilling participants in human rights violations which serve the partisan interests of the state and other actors. health professionals were ill equipped to respond to suffering caused by 3/14/11 armed conflicts and human rights abuses and . Limited conceptualizations of health and human suffering When conceptualizations of health and human suffering are devoid of human rights concerns. In South Africa (and elsewhere). Other Factors a. health personnel easily avoid coming to terms with the role they may be asked to play in a highly politicized environment.

b. Ineffective leadership of health sector organizations Leadership is a critical factor in the determination of health policy and also serves as an example for health practice. 3/14/11 . and they failed to support and protect health personnel who took considerable risks in supporting human rights. they neglected to develop comprehensive codes of ethics or to enforce established codes of ethical conduct. Leaders within the health sector not only failed to recognize the relevance of human rights in health.

This asymmetry in power stems from differences in knowledge and language. and places health practitioners at an advantage in their clinical encounters and roles in society. particularly physicians. Although many practitioners care greatly for their patients. their power needs to be held in check by the formal requirements of promoting health in society. have a great deal of power in their relationship to patients.c. Power without adequate accountability Health professionals. 3/14/11 .

Such moral disengagement may be a critical factor in abusive behavior. When health concerns are limited to the objective of curing disease. Under such conditions. the likelihood increases that health professionals will not relate in a holistic manner to issues relating to the human worth and dignity of their patients. the fact that this power asymmetry is 3/14/11 not formally recognized in health education .Because medical encounters are often characterized by an asymmetry in power. Moreover. control and personal gain. the body becomes the medium for doctors to achieve power. doctors and other health professionals have the potential to abuse that power.

3/14/11 . licensing or disciplinary system that valued ethics and human rights over the policies of apartheid. Their importance cannot be overstated.Structural mechanisms for accountability in the health sector generally consist of licensing and regulatory councils that function to prevent the abuse of individual patients. But there was no accountability. especially in the apartheid state.

Lack of independence in the health sector That the state so extensively compromised the independence of the health sector should not come as a surprise. The involvement of health professionals in human rights violations. The apartheid government imposed its ideological claims to the detriment of the credibility of health practitioners. Such structural relationships develop because they serve the interests of the state and the health sector both.d. and their pervasive acquiescence to such violations. The intimate relation between the apartheid state and the health sector also served the interests of health practitioners 3/14/11 . served to legitimize the actions of the state.

Lack of adequate human rights and bioethics education Education has far-reaching and longlasting effects for health personnel and health practices. as well as ideas about questioning authority and one's role in relation to the state. 3/14/11 . It provides role models which students often emulate. and thus on the scope of professional interests in society. The educational process has a formative effect on conceptualizations of health and human suffering.e.

Furthermore. disease-based conceptualizations of health and human suffering which disregarded the importance of social determinants of health. health educators failed to include human rights and bioethics concerns and thereby contributed to the neglect of the health consequences of human rights violations. Student . Under apartheid.Health education under apartheid clearly contributed to causes of human rights violations in the health sector. Health educators provided students with limited. health educators served as models for the support of extreme discrimination in the delivery of health 3/14/11 services and in health education.

Small children are especially vulnerable to physical injury such as whiplash or shaken infant syndrome resulting from battery.EFFECTS Human right abuse can ruin a life forever. depression. and causes serious injuries to the victims. truancy. whether this be physical or emotional. Patterns of abusive behavior may result in the physical or mental impairment of the or even death. shame and guilt. or suicidal and homicidal thoughts or to 3/14/11 engage in criminal activity. promiscuity. and . Abused children are more likely to experience generalized anxiety.

occupations. there exists a triage of trauma. and instead employing an approach that that recognizes the common suffering of human beings in trauma. Currently. Suffering needs to be removed from a hierarchy that is determined by how it was inflicted.The trauma endured by survivors of intimate violence has everything in common with the trauma suffered in wars. These similarities are an argument for the abandonment of categories of suffering. . in which domestically violated adults and children are situated at the lowest level of human rights action 3/14/11 and concern. civil disturbances. state torture and abuse.

Many have noted the strong interdependence between human rights violations and intractable conflict. It is not surprising. and conflict typically results in human rights violations. that human rights abuses are often at the center of wars and that protection of human rights is central to conflict resolution. Abuse of human rights often leads to conflict. then. 3/14/11 .

Violations of political and economic rights are the root causes of many crises. Such conditions often give rise to justice conflicts. When rights to adequate food. Violations 3/14/11 may also lead to further violence from the other . many conflicts are sparked or spread by violations of human rights. and cultural life are denied. For example. housing. Indeed. there is likely to be great social unrest. in which parties demand that their basic needs be met. and large groups of people are excluded from the society's decisionmaking processes. massacres or torture may inflame hatred and strengthen an adversary's determination to continue fighting. employment.

and large groups of people are excluded from the society's decision-making processes. Such conditions often give rise to justice conflicts. Indeed. many conflicts are sparked or spread by violations of human rights. employment. housing. in which parties demand that their basic needs be met. Violations may also lead to 3/14/11 further violence from the other side and can . For example. When rights to adequate food. there is likely to be great social unrest.Violations of political and economic rights are the root causes of many crises. massacres or torture may inflame hatred and strengthen an adversary's determination to continue fighting. and cultural life are denied.

No country has the capacity to stop all human rights violations but there is justified expectation that any government has enough resources to do substantial measures to address the situation as long as it has the political will to do so.RECOMMENDATIONS The Philippine human rights situation still requires a careful monitoring regarding the resolution of specific human rights cases within available limited resources as well as the holistic/comprehensive approach in addressing many other human rights violations. 3/14/11 .

consultations must include representatives from all different groups. In developing new structures and in engaging with community. that men and women are equally represented.Maintain balance in gender. For policies and programs to truly reflect the needs of the whole of community. family and group representation. care must be taken that all family groups have an equal role. and that the old and the young are equally represented 3/14/11 .

Provide adequate and ongoing support and resources. continuing support was much more difficult to obtain. The federal government should modify the language in its pending regulations on actual or apprehended workplace violence to include serious harassment. While initial support to commence a program could often be obtained. There is a need to overcome the lack of ongoing support for many programs. bullying and abuse. 3/14/11 .

g. ‡ If they know someone that abuse is happen they should report it early to stop it and to 3/14/11 prevent it that leads to danger situation. DSWD.‡ People who have minor major abuse should report to the authority so that it will not turn to worst situation so that someone will protect their rights (e.some of us are afraid to report that abuse is happening in their neighborhood especially child into the authority because they think that the abuser will have revenge on them. PREDA) ‡ the people or kapitbahay should Report simple and major abuse. .

She said that this man is very nice to her family.‡ Name: Juliana ‡ Age: 15 ‡ History: Juliana was abused by a well-connected wealthy man in her neighborhood. He then overpowered her and held her in his house 3/14/11 until she became docile and submissive. She . he is giving gifts and money but she didn t know that her family was selling her to this man and until this man lured her away and forced himself on her and abused her.

loss of dignity as a person 3/14/11 .+ Cause: The cause of this abuse is lack of money to support physiologic needs so her parents sold her body to wealthy men just to have some benefits to survive. + Effects: . .Physical and emotional trauma to the victim.

He was hungry. he took a lady s shopping bag filled with food and was too weak to run far. Desperate. He was easily caught.‡ Name: Jamil ‡ Age: 15 ‡ History: Jamil is a street child. It seemed like a 3/14/11 set-up. The woman may have stolen the money . One of the thousands seen begging on the street corners. another woman arrived and accused him of stealing a huge sum of money. When held in the police station. no one would give him a crumb.

Poverty ‡ Effect: .Lack of parent s guidance .‡ Causes: .Emotional trauma to the child 3/14/11 .Irresponsibility of parents .

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