Question 1 Work performance information is used for all of the following reasons EXCEPT: A. B. C. D.

It provides information on resource utilization. It provides information on which activities have started. It shows what costs have been incurred. It is used to help identify defects

You are managing a small project with five team members working part- time. At the beginning of every week, you orally allocate work to all the team members. This is an example of: A) Work Authorization System B) Improper Planning because team members do not know in advance what needs to be done at what time C) Project time management plan D) Project flexible time management plan Who ultimately controls changes to scope on a project? a. The project manager b. Senior management c. The change control board d. The customer Questions: As a project team member in a big organization working at its HQs, you wish to relocate to US and had an informal talk with your US colleagues. US colleagues replied in affirmative that they would like to bring you in to US since you have high skills in managing and have strong relationship at HQs. After a few days, US guys sent you a mail that after talking to local org HR and also citing the reason of tight US labor policy, the US org HR cannot sponsor for the work permit since you are non US citizen. So you cannot be hired. They expressed their inability and felt apologetic Now, you approach the US HR at your own showing your willingness and the US HR replies you to let them know the person with whom you talked at US before they can comment on your possibility. Now you think there is more to what meet the eye. What will you do in this case. Please note that your own manager and management is still unaware of your intentions as you know they are quite lethargic about your career progression a) Talk to your management and open up this possibility with history so that they are involved too b) Send US HR the contact person with whom you had mailed informally. c) Ask again the US guy if he/they really talked with US HR and send them the latest communication you had with US HR d) Do nothing as you fear that it might spoil your relations with US guys and also with your own management. Just send normal thanks mail to US HR for their reply. The WBS is used for all of the following with the exception of: a. Allowing for team buy-in of the project b. Showing cross-functional dependencies between work packages c. A communication tool between stakeholders d. Shows the team how their work fits into the overall project Value engineering is used when the project team wants to? a. Deliver the highest value to the customer with each deliverable b. Evaluate multiple project solutions that will deliver the highest value to the customer c. Calculate the cost of doing the work versus the value that is delivered d. Reduce project costs without sacrificing scope Congratulate me! I’ve just been promoted to manage my first project. Save me! I have no formal training and I don’t really have a background in the work my team will develop. What should I do to avoid common managerial mistakes? A. Immediately call a meeting and confront an experienced team member. If you don’t establish who is in charge right away, you’re sunk. B. Ask your boss if you can retool the processes and documents right away so that you get off to a clean start. C. Listen and observe, avoiding any major changes until you understand the current situation. D. Enroll in a college class so that you can learn the level of subject matter expertise your team shares. In your project, an activity on the critical path has been delayed by two days. However, when reviewing your project schedule, you determine that you have another activity with 3 days free float and a third activity with 9 days total float. Assuming that similar resources are required for all activities in the project, what should you do? Choice 1 Use the resource from the activity with 3 days free float Choice 2 Use the resource from the activity with 9 days total float Choice 3 Try to get an additional resource to complete the delayed activity Choice 4 Use the resources from both the activities Your company has entered into a joint venture with another company, and you are in the process of finalizing a teaming agreement. In the teaming agreement, both the buyer and the seller collectively prepare: Choice 1 Source selection criteria Choice 2 Contract Choice 3 Procurement statement of work

What should be the response of the project manager? A. It is difficult to incorporate this feature as the project is already moved out of planning stage B. After the change was implemented he was shocked at the price tag and immediately escalated to senior management. claiming that the technical team was 'raking him over the coals'. you invest a lot of time in team development to increase the team`s performance. He has been difficult to engage regarding his needed requirements for the project and frequently describes requirements in vague generalities. You are currently reviewing the document. Ask him to raise a written change request form and then follow integrated change control A senior stakeholder approaches the project manager to slightly modify the project scope to include an additional feature required by him. The project team b. The project manager had provided him with all the necessary documentation to understand the nature and scope of the change. Accuracy b. Process Capability Your company has recently been awarded a contract by the government to reconstruct houses devastated by an earthquake. In this context. when an influential stakeholder asks you to add a feature to the existing design. What was the most likely element that the project manager may have omitted in this case? a. The project is already in the execution stage. Last week he demanded a change in scope and insisted that it be completed by the end of the week. CCB approval b. This stakeholder has earlier also tried to bother you with unreasonable demands at the last days of release. Then when something is delivered.Choice 4 Contract. which in turn increases the likelihood of meeting project objectives. What does the standard deviation in the chart measure? a. The project manager .e. Determine the impact of this change on your schedule and their constraints before taking a decision D. As this person is influential. Ascertaining cross dependencies for the change d. Which of the following indicators will you NOT use to evaluate your team`s effectiveness? Choice 1 Improvement in skills of team members Choice 2 Improvement in competencies and morale that help the team to perform better as a group Choice 3 Decrease in staff-attrition (i.. he will complain that he was misunderstood or that the technical team ‘screwed up' his requirement. Precision c. fewer people leaving the project team) Choice 4 Delivery of project deliverables on time One of the purposes of a statistical process chart is to measure the variances in a process and to help determine whether those variances are random variations in the process or ‘attributable’ causes. Determining the need for change c. An impact assessment Who creates the scope baseline? a. Bring the change request to Change Control Board to decide on its fate D. Document the change request as per project scope management plan A key stakeholder has been very difficult to manage on the project. What is the best you can do in this situation? Options: A. Report his behaviour to the senior manager suggesting them why he should no longer be associated to your project as a stakeholder B. Analyze the impact of the request on the other factors of triple constraints namely cost and schedule C. the government`s role will impact your: Choice 1 Project scope baseline Choice 2 Business case and Business need Choice 3 Project charter Choice 4 Project management plan Your are managing a software project which is due for design document release next week. Variance d. Procurement statement of work In your project. you have no option but to listen to him and add the functionality C.

D) Conduct interviews to quantify the probability and impact of risks on project activities. 60 percent D. . This equation. AC = 200. PV = 300. All the stakeholders d. A description of how cost changes should be managed and controlled is found in the cost management plan. You know all of the following statements are true regarding Control Costs except for which one? A. A documented direction to perform an activity that can reduce the probability of negative consequences associated with project risks is called: Choice 1 Corrective action Choice 2 Preventive action Choice 3 Defect repair Choice 4 Risk mitigation If a risk has a 20 percent chance of happening in a given month. You accept project costs to date and assume future work (ETC) will be performed at the budgeted rate. 80 percent All of the following are ALWAYS inputs to the risk management process EXCEPT: A. what is the EAC? A. What is your next step? A) Perform a structured review of project plans and assumptions. EAC = BAC / cumulative CPI. Lessons learned. Less than 1 percent B. Q2. what is the probability that this risk event will occur during the fourth month of the project? A. you have just conducted a risk data quality assessment to evaluate the degree to which the data about risks is useful for risk management. 600 D. Senior management Q1. Your new project is coming in over budget and requires a cost change through the cost change control system. If BAC = 800. C. Cost changes are reflected in the cost baseline. and the project is expected to last five months. C) Conduct planning meetings to develop the risk management plan. 640 B. both at the total project and detailed scope levels. ETC = 275. 550 In your project. EV = 250. B.c. Historical information. is used to forecast an estimate at completion assuming future project performance will be the same as past performance. 750 C. B) Develop checklists to identify risks based on historical information and knowledge that has been accumulated from previous similar projects. B. EVM is used to determine the cost performance that must be realized for the remaining work of the project to meet the goal. D.25. 20 percent C. and cumulative CPI = 1.

Which document will you refer to if you are unable to understand some component of the WBS? A) The Project Charter B) The Scope Statement C) WBS Dictionary D) Statement of Work .C. Work breakdown structure. D. Project status reports.

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