Road Map to PMT

1. Collection of Material.

Duration: 15 WEEKS

2. Marketing plan - Understanding of marketing plan, Components of marketing Market research - Objectives of market research, Importance of pharma market research, Common types of pharmaceutical market research- Industry or Market segment research, Prescriber’s (Doctors) research, Consumer research (Patients), Competitors’ research

3. Situational Analysis - Understanding of situational analysis, Objectives of situational
analysis, Types of situational analysis, SWOT analysis, PEST Analysis, GAP analysis, Porter’s five force analysis, Importance in Pharmaceutical industry Marketing strategy - Definitions, Strategy vs. Tactics, Strategic and tactical planning, Case study: Strategic and tactical planning Pharmaceutical market segmentation Understanding of market segmentation, Types of segmentation, Bases for pharmaceutical market segmentation, Importance of segmentation, Case study: Market Segmentation Targeting & Positioning - Understanding of targeting, Bases for targeting in pharmaceutical market Positioning - Understanding and positioning, Bases for positioning in pharmaceutical market, Importance in pharma Case Study: Targeting and Positioning 4. Branding - Understanding of branding, Importance of branding in Pharma, Branding Strategies,Process of brand name selection, Brand name and Logo, Punch line / tagline creation for brand, Positioning statements & Unique Selling Propositions (USPs), Case study: Branding 5. Product Strategies - Understanding of product concept, Product briefing, Product differentiation, Product differentiation tools, Product mix and product lines, Role of product innovation in pharma, New product development process, Product lifecycle and portfolio management

6. Price strategies - Understanding of pricing in pharma industry, History of price
control in Indian pharma industry (NPPA), Objectives of pricing, Bases for pricing, Pricing strategy, Pricing process in pharma, Case study: Pricing

7. Distribution strategies - Understanding of distribution channel, Importance in
pharma industry, Intermediaries in pharma distribution channel - Super distributor, C & F agents, Stockiest or Distributor, Retailer, Levels of Distribution in pharma industry, Case study: Distribution Marketing communication Strategies (Promotional strategies) - Understanding of marketing communication process , Objectives of marketing communication, Customer vs. consumer concept in pharma, Consumer behaviour in pharma, Factors affecting doctor’s prescribing decision, Promotional campaign development, Understanding of promotional campaign, Objectives of campaign

Objectives.Vendor selection.Objectives of Promotional inputs Visual Aids creation and detailing story writing Objectives. Pharmaceutical Marketing Case Studies and relation of all study material to practical.Understanding of E-detailing.Objectives. Process of VA creation. Case study: RC creation Catch covers. Types of training sales methods. .Objectives of budget planning. Case study: Catch covers creation Promotional items selection . Training manual creation.8. 10.Objectives. How to write detailing story. Promotional inputs in pharma . ORG data analysis. Case study: Promotional item selection Printing of promotional literatures . Process of RC Creation. Objectives. Types of paper available Promotional Budgeting . Case study: VA creation E-detailing . Reminder cards (RC) . Case study: Training manual creation.Objectives. Process of LBLs creation. Methods promotional budgeting Training of sales person . Types of E-detailing Leave behind literatures (LBLs) . Contents of training manual.Objectives of sales training. Paper selection. Process of Catch covers creation. Objectives. Case study: LBLs creation 9. Process of Promotional items selection.