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WILLING BUT BOUND Gen 15:13-14 And {God} said to Abram, "Know for certain that your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs, where they will be enslaved and oppressed four hundred years. "But I will also judge the nation whom they will serve; and afterward they will come out with many possessions. (NAS) The above prophetic word was given to Abraham many years before the generation of Joseph and Moses came to be. In his divine timetable, God knew of the enslavement of Egypt and he allowed it for a reason. Any time that His people have grown fat, comfortable and complacent, he has always shaken them from their sleep. Our growth and his purpose always outweigh our comfort. This time round, God was going to use a nation known as Egypt. The biblical Egypt has always talked about limitation, and in the word of God, it is a symbol of bondage. The name Egypt means to limit, to imprison or to cage. Simply put, it means that you cannot do what you to do, when you want to do it and how you want to do it; you literally have no freedom. It connotes being under another man’s power, totally limited. For instance, how many of us would want to give two million dollars into the Kingdom? Yet how many have given it? Why haven’t we given it yet though we have the desire? It is because of financial limitation. We are under the hold of a tyrant financially. Dear child of God, if you had it today, would you give it? So the problem is not willingness. Neither is it desire. The problem is that you don’t have it, and so essentially, you are in Egypt, financially speaking. You are limited. You want to do well, you want to feed street children, you want to clothe somebody, you want to buy a meal for somebody, but you only have enough to cater for yourself. This is what is known as sufficiency. Now, that’s just an example, though we can go into many other areas where we are limited, in bondage and under a hard task master.



Just go when it’s convenient for you. when he was asked when. you never go free. I will let you go. Infact. you will clearly see who is under Pharaoh’s spell and who is liberated. He is a hard man. Every freedom was birthed on a non-negotiable spirit. etc. you are under the rule of a godless.. in the area of finances. Stop being radical. MASTER NEGOTIATOR Exod 8:28 And Pharaoh said. unaffected. When they wanted to go. he said tomorrow. Go to church but don’t attend every meeting. (just give me food!) But they are not free because bondage is bondage however you look at it! There are some people who trick you that this is free but they are after something else! That’s Pharaoh Mind set! He lures you with freaky fringe benefits whereas all he is after is to enslave you and to put you in bondage. that ye may sacrifice to the LORD your God in the wilderness. only ye shall not go very far away: intreat for me. don’t be a radical extremist giver. It is evident and no discernment is at all necessary. In essence pharaoh wanted one more night with the frogs. raised up by God through Godly lineage. “Do you want the frogs to go and he said yes. he said that they could go but not very far. limitation. nononsense attitude. normal. When you look around you child of God. severe. trained in the backside of the desert. who the bible describes in Exodus 15:9 as a man with a stubborn heart. He went into Pharaoh’s presence with ten amazing signs: Flies. sadistic and uncompromising. ruthless tyrant called Pharaoh. hail. he whispers. He admonishes us to be just nominal.PHARAOH MASTER NEGOTIATOR When you are in Egypt i.e. These are Pharaoh’s negotiations. he implores. it amazes me that when Moses released frogs in Pharaoh’s palace. common everyday believer and givers. Essentially. Exod 10:8-11 . As anointed and powerful as Moses was. Pharaoh was asked. As long as you are in a negotiating mood. HE IS A MASTER NEGOTIATOR. armed with a supernatural encounter at the burning bush. Pharaoh did not respect his face. Pharoah is a master negotiator. he says that you can give but please. That is the kind of man Pharaoh is hard. There are some that want the free food of Egypt. frogs. (KJV) He is a hard man and a master negotiator. and the only people who come out of his grip are people who have a non-negotiable.

spiritual and volitional resolve! IAM NOT FOR SALE! Your enemy keeps going down the list till he can get your weak spot." he said. since that's what you have been asking for. your Achilles foot. This is how this diabolical force operates. he offers just another rejoinder. worship the LORD your God. Without the women." Pharaoh said. No! Let only the men go. Here he is out targeting our productivity and fruitfulness. and their tactics are one and the same. NOT FOR SALE!! Exod 10:24-25 Then Pharaoh called for Moses and said. there is no succession plan. It important to know that pharaoh is a type of the devil. "We will go with our young and old. where there are no children. How much can you be bought for? You must resolve.if I let you go. "But just who will be going?" Moses answered. "The LORD be with you-. When he negotiates. you can even take your children with you. IAM NOT FOR SALE! You must come to the place of mental.Then Moses and Aaron were brought back to Pharaoh. When you come over that. with our sons and daughters. He says go. The favor of God is lost and we are good as lost." "No. "Go. if we are unfruitful. no fruitfulness is equal to curse. This is what pharaoh is after. no multiplication. (NIV) He says you can go serve the Lord your God but leave the women and children behind. and with our flocks and herds. the men are no good alone." Moses said. he is looking for your buying price. Secondly. . our posterity. "we must take our flocks and herds for sacrifices and burnt offerings to Jehovah our God. along with your women and children! Clearly you are bent on evil. no passing on of legacy. No productivity.but let your flocks and herds stay here. because we are to celebrate a festival to the LORD. but please leave your flocks behind. and worship the LORD. (TLB) Pharaoh is a MASTER NEGOTIATOR." Then Moses and Aaron were driven out of Pharaoh's presence. the chink in your armor. Do you know what Pharoah is doing? His is looking for your weak point. According to John chapter 15. we will be cast out of God’s sight. because there can be no productivity and multiplication. The enemy will never allow one to break free without trying out their mettle. Pharaoh is out to attack our continuity. "Go and worship Jehovah-.

Essentially." (NIV) Put this deep in your spirit Child of God! I AM NOT UP FOR SALE. he will reason." But Moses said. let me see if new self projects can displace his love for God. they say that if the price is right. Are you for sale? He will throw you some crumbs here and there just to see if these little comforts will stop your worship business. We have to use some of them in worshipping the LORD our God. Say aloud: Those are victims of Pharaoh. This other one has really been pursuing God in his finances. Their price has been allocated. For instance. Moses was showing Pharaoh that he did not have a bargaining price. Our livestock too must go with us. and until we get there we will not know what we are to use to worship the LORD. not a hoof is to be left behind. Pharaoh’s negotiations are the reason behind key changes in people. when they get married. just newspapers and flashing big golden rings. "Go. you will be bought… What is your price? Pharoah is looking for your buying price. Exod 10:24-26 Then Pharaoh summoned Moses and said. Remain committed.In the world. "You must allow us to have sacrifices and burnt offerings to present to the LORD our God. they now walk into church services with a newspaper at 11 o’clock or 12 o’clock in the Sunday service saying life is good. worship the LORD. The same is true for me. he will no longer show up in crucial church gatherings. he will observe. they have been found. . Let me try and distract her with a wrong relationship in her life. Even your women and children may go with you. This one is too committed. They don’t even have a Bible. he wants to know how much you can be bought for. I CANNOT BE BOUGHT. though previously committed and in hard pursuit after God. only leave your flocks and herds behind. nothing can buy me because I am sold out to the will of God and to His will I will forever stand. The brother was vigilant and the sister given to the things of God. This one is too prayerful. Let me preoccupy him with a job and after the job comes. I pray that you don’t change my friend.

and said. Exodus 12:29 Now it come at about midnight that the Lord struck all the first born in Egypt. (If you have financial trouble. I want us to look at one of Pharaoh’s breaking points. So you must find his breaking point because he has A BREAKING POINT. They have a breaking point. get out from among my people. mental turmoil etc. both you and the sons of Israel and go worship the Lord your God as you have said. mental stress. we mean forces things like lack. poverty. relational stress. scarcity. This one he wakes in the night and calls Aaron and Moses. limitation or prison. I like it when God decides to prove himself) Verse 31: then he called for Moses and Aaron at night.CHAPTER TWO FIND HIS BREAKING POINT Pharaoh only lets you go when he must. how to exit.).) Sit down with the book of exodus. That’s where we get the word EXIT which means ‘the way out’. disease. We can only find this in the book of Exodus which by the way means EX (to leave) and ODUS (Journey). These are things you must identify in your life and remain adamant until you locate their breaking point. he and all his servants and all the Egyptians and there was a great city in Egypt for there was no home where there was not someone dead. I hope you understand that all the while when we talk about Pharaoh in these instances. go and read exodus. to the first born of the captive who was in the dungeon. (With this one he can’t say. restlessness etc. If you want to know the way out of any bondage. (Can you imagine that even the first born of the cows died) Verse 30: and Pharoah arose in the night. Verse 32. one of the things that broke Pharaoh. let the frogs go away tomorrow. take both your flocks and your herds as you have said and go and bless me also) . it will show you how to get out. and all the first born of cattle. and the first born of Pharoah who sat in his throne. marital stress. Every deliverance necessitates a leaving and ordains a journey.

a stubborn man and a master negotiator. He told me of his achievements far and wide. so you go before God and speak to Him about your mountain. and is fond of saying “if you know what is on the other side of your mountain. Say aloud: If you know what is on the other side of your mountain. Though he sees signs and wonders. . There comes a time when you must look for the breaking point of your enemy because he has one. The bible says. you just can’t. you will move your mountain. You can’t compare the way of the world with Canaan. He is a real faith preacher. is this it. It either you or them. wealthiest men in this town and he told me of his amazing accomplishments in this town and u know this town is one of the most high ranked towns in this country. Remember that Persistence will always wear out resistance. The other day. His next assignment is to cage you in this level. it didn’t say you should just be eating meals of herbs but it compared and said it’s better to eat a meal of herbs and have peace. you will do all that is in your power to break out. Canaan represents the victorious life we live in Christ. you will move your mountain. You must not give up until you get to their breaking point. it’s better to eat a meal of herbs. Say aloud: I AM BREAKING OUT OF LIMITATION. he lamented that all this time there was this meaninglessness and emptiness in his heart and he kept wondering. If you know what is in store for you. I sat with one of the richest. “Oh God.” It’s only that you don’t know what is on the other side of your mountain. He has identified the floor and ceiling of your finances. Your foes have a breaking point. one of us must give up and it’s not going to be me. For example. you may want to give ten thousand dollars as an offering but you find that he negotiates with you until you release only three hundred dollars. Why hasn’t God ever spoken in your heart and said instead of giving one thousand give two thousand? Because it’s Pharoah you are listening to.There comes a time when your tormentors ask for your prayer. Mark Hankins is a man of God that I love so much and he is such a blessing. I am getting out of limitation despite Pharaoh being a hard man. It’s because we have never had a clear picture of what Canaan is and thus the reason for all the spiritual games that we play. he is still a hard task master. But we are breaking out of limitation. He will negotiate anything and everything. three scriptures should deposit within us revelation that Canaan was the most amazing place and in our day and time. they either break you or you break them! Please decide that in this matter. We play around but just two.”) But God says speak to your mountain. look at this mountain etc….

this is a very critical service and I want you to give me your entire attention. Some scriptures call it the sanctuary land of the Lord. according to Abraham. There is a philosopher who said that if God was not existent. It is because people don’t know what is in Canaan that they are not fighting for it. They have become vegetarians. Deuteronomy 11:10 says for the land in which you are entering to possess it is not like the land of Egypt. Ezekiel 20:15 says and also I swore to them in the wilderness that I would not bring them into the land which I had given them flowing with milk and honey which is the glory of all lands. it is a place where possibilities become opportunities. It says from the beginning to the end of the year. Verse 12 a land for which the Lord your God cares for the eyes of the Lord are always on it. Daniel 11:41 calls it the glorious land. It’s not a limited place. They would rather eat the free garlic and onions because according to them. This land God spoke of. let it be by choice. It is a wide place where you used to sow your seed and water it like a vegetable garden. it would have been necessary to invent Him. God’s eyes are always on it. a place where God’s eyes are always on it. It shows you that the beauty of life is in God. other versions call it the beautiful land.But it didn’t say that you should not eat meat. He calls it the pleasant land. If you want to be vegetarian. I swore to them to bring them out from the land of Egypt into a land that I selected for them. we still have to accost with challenges. it said it is better. He cares for it. He called it the land of Promise.” I want to contrast these two lands for a minute here.” Isaiah 8:8 calls it “Emmanuel’s land” The land where Emmanuel himself has chooses to be. but we have been assured of victory because it is promised and the bible calls it the “Glory of all lands. Verse 11: But the land in which you are about to cross to possess it is a land of hills. The word always in Hebrew means always. It is not like the land of Egypt where you come from and where you used to sow your seed and water it with your foot like a vegetable garden. valley and it drinks water from the rain of heaven. There is a place you reach and you never get out of His . But in Ezekiel 20:6 it says that on that day. Saint’s. that’s where I want to dwell. even to the end of the year. Some are vegetarians by default because the money is not readily available to buy meat. YOU WILL MOVE IT. Look at that. Canaan is the glory of all lands! Life in Jesus is the glory of all lands. The victorious life is in Canaan land because though we are saved. The victorious life is it and there is no other way. Some have used that scripture wrongly. they ate them freely in Egypt. According to Daniel and some scriptures in Psalms. IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S ON THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUR MOUNTAIN. it says from the beginning.

Say aloud Solomon understood irrigation. Verse 3: I explored with my mind how to stimulate my body with wine.presence. We must breaking out of limitation. It is a land that waits for rain from heave. How many of you would want to join him?) Verse 9: then I become great and increased more than all who presided me in Jerusalem. how tenacious you are. Verse 4: I enlarge my works. you irrigate with your foot so this one is subject to how strong you are. I made gardens and paths for myself. Verse 7: I bought male and female slaves and I had home born slaves.) Thus I considered all my activities which my hands had done. (As you read this. I built houses for myself. You irrigate your own life. how patient you are and before long. There is a place you reach and it never dries. the few years of their lives. (This man was full of himself. always from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. this was my reward for my labour. It is a land that God watches over every day. I planted vineyards for myself. “How many of you admire Solomon?” We quote him extensively but the bible says a greater one than Solomon is here. So enjoy yourself and behold it too was futility. you will see people with deformed legs coz one let has grown bigger than the other. Verse 8: I collected for myself silver and gold. Solomon was a man who understood irrigation. and the labour which I had exerted and behold all was vanity and striving after wind and there was no profit under the sun. In Egypt. we must come out of this thing called I. You ask him what happened to you nowadays pumping this thing has become abit hard so I have to keep working coz your increase is dependant on you. come now. because it receives rain perpetually from heaven. I provided for myself male and female singers and the pleasures of men many concubines. 2:1 I say to myself. Eccl. ( So we admire Solomon’s wealth yet it was for himself) and the treasure of kings and provinces. I possessed flocks. I said of laughter. my and myself to show you that irrigation is all about oneself. herds larger than all who preceded me in Jerusalem. But let me show you how it brought him nothing. I planted in them all kinds of fruit trees. You are the Lord of your own life. underline the number of times you read the word I. For the land am bringing you to you don’t irrigate it with your leg. what does it accomplish. my . I did not withhold my heart from any pleasure. it is madness and of pleasure. I did not refuse them. I made ponds of water for myself from which to irrigate a forest of growing trees. My wisdom also stood by me and all that my eyes desired. Let me show it to you in the life of Solomon. I will test you with pleasure. while my mind was guiding me wisely and how to take hold of folly until I could see what good there is for the sons of men to do under heaven. For my heart was pleased because all my labour.

buy food. so why should we struggle so much. Buy a notebook. we must find the breaking point of this man called Pharaoh.. So why settle for less. let’s be content. let’s wait for them. take 50. walk and pace your floor. “At least nowadays I can pay my rent. That’s your right and authority in the spirit. I told my wife and the pastors around me. the only language he understands is VIOLENCE. Kill his son! Kill his boy and he will wake you up in the middle of the night and say to you go! go! go! I don’t want you near me. The only language Pharaoh understands is violence. you are engaging in the spirit. talk.g. talk. You must get to a non-negotiable commitment. He wont understand negotiation e. we are under bondage. you are going to the word. my life has changed. Say aloud: WE ARE UNDER BONDAGE AS LONG AS WE ARE CONSUMED WITH OURSELVES. Unless he is pushed to the wall. Why should you be content? BREAK OUT!! It is called the glory of all lands. As long as we are consumed with personal comfort. We must come out of this selfishness that’s keeping us in bondage because we are not consumed with the purpose of God. I am not negotiating on this any more and hence must come out. NO! You take steps. demand by right . It is not that season. go all the way. I take 50 NO!!! The entire 100% belongs to you. You must get to a non-negotiable commitment. You don’t just stand there and hope everything will work for you. violence. There are people who have sowed seed (I was listening to Pst. just sleep enough to make you sane. People should be sleeping very little. we smile at each other so let’s just leave it at that. He knows what is waiting for you that’s why he is contesting hard so BREAK OUT! This week. I can live with just this one. but with our personal comfort. That’s the only language he understand. it’s your potion. put down all these scriptures on harvest. no. It is hot hearted pursuit. That’s the key out of limitation. Do not sit back and wait for things to happen.” NO!!! Jesus has promised you enough and even to spare. he understands noting else. Hallelujah.and myself. you never break the bonds of limitation. don’t be soft on him. That’s the key out of limitation.” NO!!! 100% healing belongs to him. by and by this things will come. continuous offensive assault. Or someone else could say “You know. continuous offensive assault. he will not yield. He doesn’t understand talk. Benson speak on tape) and he was saying.” WHO SAID!!! Blissfulness is your potion. enough to put you upright during the day but most of the time. make them happen. there is seed in the ground and we have folder our hands and said “Well. As long as you still negotiate about your life. but nowadays. deal with him hard. things were so bad. Another example is someone who had four diseases but says “Now that three of these diseases are gone. We must come out. Or another could say. “Watch this space!” The only language Pharaoh understands is aggression.

So they appointed task masters over them to afflict them with hard labour and they built for Pharaoh storage cities. why should they be the ones under hard labour? They are more and mightier! So it doesn’t make sense who should rule who. (Now listen to Pharaoh speak). Simple mathematics. working for oneself. let’s deceive them. they increased greatly and multiplied. Let’s look at Exodus 1:6 And Joseph died and all his brothers of that generation but the sons of Israel were fruitful. Ramses and Sukoth are the cities you are building for Pharaoh. they don’t perform. you are still the one carrying heavy burdens because it stays “Let us deal wisely. If you thrown sign number one. I have come to discover that by nature. let’s deal wisely with them lest they multiply in the event of war they also join themselves to those who hate us and fight against us and depart from the land. Satan’s asset is not strength. E. the frogs.g. because he is afraid and that’s Pharaoh. the people of the sons of Israel are more and mightier than we. That’s the way Pharaohs son dies. . They were hecklers but not performers. they become exceeding mighty so that the land was filled with them. my and I attitude and as long as you pursue it. he will say tomorrow. hasn’t he killed you thus far? Why hasn’t he killed you and tried to stop you when you were getting saved? He can only keep you as long as he needs you. he will say tomorrow. let them never know we are dealing with them wisely. Pharaoh is a coward. behold. Why should you be the one doing tasks and carrying burdens? But unless you are stupid and you become a victim of deception because you are more and mightier. we are more and mightier. why. you are too comfortable. But when it come time to do the real things. There is a system out there in the world which encourages security. shouting the loudest. Pithom and Ramses. this and that as you push him to the wall because that is the only language he understands. sign number two.what is yours. God spoke to my heart and asked me “How long will you continue building those cities for Pharaoh?” We are building Pharaoh cities. that’s how he got you imprisoned in the first place. that’s how he got you there in the first place. If the children of Israel are more and mightier. in school. When the rubber meets the road. Look at Exodus 1. encourages me. Give him the death blow! Reach is breaking point. he suddenly gets an excuse and has to suddenly go to the toilet. (It doesn’t make sense what follows after that.) Verse 10: Come. One time while reading this scripture. we would have boys who would be the ones at the forefront. now a new king rose over Egypt who did not know Joseph and he said to his people.

Oh Let’s just wait for it. So when she says from today! You can be sure.. she is the one who uses it and knows how it feels. gas comes in.So though you are the sons of the kingdom. Many of us. it will manifest. We hear the promises like you must spend your life in pleasures and your years in plenty. carry my bones out of this land. you shall die. By the end of the week. But unless you begin to sigh and cry aloud and become dissatisfied with your present status. let’s wait for it. but she says listen no! Listen. Isaac and Jacob and God saw the sons of Israel and He took notice of them. Joseph told his brethren the “Lord your God will surely visit you and when He does. burdens etc. we hear God is going to visit so we sit quietly and say. crying tears of bitterness against the enemy and saying “This is the last time I will ever allow the enemy to handle me like this” Am I not a son in the House? Was I not appointed and anointed? Why then are you dealing with me thus? A shocking truth. let’s do it. There is no husband who knows how to fight that one. you are still carrying tasks. it manifested. health is our potion. It’s up to us to make it move. He says but there is not money. I know something only yields when it must so you MUST. financial deliverance is our potion because God has blessed us and we shall prosper Oh let’s just relax. Because you are not the one who uses that jiko everyday. and you develop an attitude of “Ok. and the sons of Israel sighed because of the bondage and they cried out and their cry for help because of their bondage. So God heard their groanings and remembered His covenant with Abraham. washing cloths singing and praising God and going about her activities. this week. I want somebody somewhere to get angry out of that limitation. There was a time in our lives when we had not house help and my wife looked at me and said. let’s just do it” and Pharaoh looks and says we’ve got them right where we want them. He tries to reason but she maintains that gas must come.. it shall come to pass. we must get a washing machine.” How did God visit them? It’s there in Exodus 2:23 (This is how God visits) Now it come about in the cause of those many days that the King of Egypt died. At the end of the week. it shall come to pass. But there are people who arrive at a place where they say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I have seen these mama’s of ours in the house say I have used Jiko long enough and she looks at her husband and says this week gas must come into this house. but said Amen it. You are more and mightier but you are working for Pharaoh and building him cities. it won’t take you just saying a simple yes. open it up. So when I hear her whistling in the bathroom. it will take you getting into your closet this week. I smiled weakly because I know that position. let Him come and visit. rose up to God. it shall come to pass. It’s not been invented yet. gas must come in. Listen. It doesn’t open by you .

“Who is this uncircumcised Philistine. then die dignified. you must cry. if I wanted to approach my wife.” She says. By the time the urge to fight comes.g. but they know to talk. that’s why am telling you watch this space. he is already finished. show me?” I have read it many times. big mouth. A bully can beat you with His mouth to the ground e. no result. body and conclusion. let me place my armour on you. we thank God for it but there is much more. “If there is any man among you. at least I made it through the mouth the budget at least fitted. he said lest war breaks out. Marriage wasn’t meant for you to use your entire English e. am pushing. if you are going to die. I have not see it. I will cut off his head. but only words are making them hide. That was Goliaths trick. Big for nothing. how dare he. No! It was meant to be a life of ease! Ease! Ease! Much more. and refer back to secondary maths. And people would hide in caves. there is much more. NO! I just carelessly come into her presence and say “I love you. how?” “Today.g. The bible says he was a man of war from his youth. Do you know when David was saying he will cut off Goliaths head he had no sword in his hand but he saw that Goliath had a sword in his own hand and he knew that his sword would be used to cut off his own head. This church has a lot of harvest out there and WE MUST BRING IT IN! We won’t be satisfied with the little we are seeing. he comes every day scaring God’s people. Pharaoh hates war. what are you saying that for. he knows in times of war he can’t. I am telling you the truth. you will desire to be near to me. Because I have gone into a non negotiable mode.” Soul looked at him and said “ok. by the time the year is winding in December. not because their flesh is being hurt. that by the time am approaching her I have introduction. what do you want? No! We are too . We wont be satisfied with hand to mouth e. God didn’t call us to be calculus geniuses with budget. this is the end of this. “Mwangalie huyu!” etc…. you must say I have had it. You do budget until you use algebra in budget (x-y) =? Then you t Step back and look at it. show me where Goliath fought. But there come a man who was hearing another voice. Big mouth. let him come and fight me!” and he walks away. no reaction. For forty days twice a day. You must get to a point where you see your enemy totally anailated. Bullies always hate fights. you must sigh.g. not to use algebra.keeping quiet. In the entire bible. But all I know is that he was a man with a big mouth. and what he has been keeping from you must come down. we don’t see one place where goliath fought.putting you to the ground. I practice with a dictionary. I am not continuing in this mode again! There are a few things I have set in my spirit. Small in body but big in heart and said.

I don’t even know where the seat we come with went to. the bible says the earth and fullness thereof belongs to God. this is one place he won’t venture into. Treat it lightly. AMEN. memory fails me. yet you have been ordained by God as a King and ruler. stop and do this and the other. I would tell her that if God is one who called me and am unable to feed and provide for this house. Before you part with a thousand. you will get out. AMEN. We came in this town 2nd December 1997. precept upon precept. Not because we were uncomfortable wherever we were. I can’t tell you how many seats we have exchanged after that time. If you insist. We didn’t begin sowing the other day. come as we worked. You must arrive at a place of showing money there is no way it can master you. My wife packs them out sometimes even without my knowledge and says we need space because if you don’t have space. concentrate here much more. with a hold mandate. AMEN. We walked into this town and began to pursue God. AMEN. someone broke into our house and stole things from us but we couldn’t identify what they had taken because of the blessing. mover her. Some people can still show me . Every other thing was there. Hot hearted pursuit. prohibit him. we are victims of Pharaoh. tell him he is not getting this. then He is not the God of heaven. positioning. or buy someone a meal. only two pairs of shoes crossed to this year. But when we were away. Don’t let Pharaoh keep you down. we distributed things lift. we didn’t come with it. Exchanged with God. Glory to God. I can’t tell you and in fact. but today. location. stand here for a while until it opened up. we were supper comfortable. This entire earth there is no potion Satan owns. Since last year. right and center. Everything we have today. The only thing I have kept is my marriage bed because it was given to me by my father in law. money will become a master. He only thing he has captured is something called the world the system that runs the earth. principal upon principal. The bible says it was put on the apostles feet to be kicked wherever need was not put next to the heart. He will let you go! HALLELUYAH. then where will God bless. if you insist. she was working for an NGO and we would package the entire salary. in our wedding we were blessed with so many things that the only thing we appeared not top have was a car and a TV. Her entire salary would be packaged because if you don’t learn to make money a servant.careful. but by the time we were coming to Eldoret. don’t hold it next to your heart. continuous offensive assault. We are too restrained and can’t even talk loudly in your own house. your entire budget is spoilt NO! When we come into this town. So everything you see today. Maintain that attack mode. I remember when my wife would bring in her salary.

A day shall come when your enemies shall build walls. They are discussing how to eat you. Luke 19:41 When he approached. So you are under a siege. The reason for limitation is destruction. even you. God says. Release and take it out. For the day shall come upon you when your enemies shall build a wall before you and surround you and hem you in on every side. Verse 42: If you had known in this day. That’s the truth. he won’t pose a struggle when we finally get him.g.” Why was he weeping. Learn how to release things while they are still in good condition not waiting e. You can’t take a town with three words. The bible says that even a woman boiled her own son in the days of siege. Why. This season is radical and the things am hearing in my heart am. Some of us God isn’t blessing us because we are too full e. I want to bless you with new furniture but every available space is occupied. praying there is grace to receive it. (Before you are destroyed. Release and let God replenish your they used to wear ten years ago. surround you and hem you on every side.g. You find meetings of brethren and think they are discussing good things and it is who next is going to be eaten. You don’t win people with four revelations.) Satan is setting you up for destruction when he limits you. he is getting very weak. Have you seen so and so lately. This is a radical season. When you build great walls in a city and then when the enemy comes.g. This that is here the bible calls a siege. Learn to easen your house. they will level you to the ground and your children within you and will not leave you in one stone upon another because you didn’t recognize the time of your visitation. you are cut off from water and food. You will them when you know exactly who you are. (when I was praying recently. he closes the gates and stands at the gate. E. People would start eating each other. During a siege. but now have been hidden from your eyes. . Verse 44: And they will level you to the ground. first you are limited. People would eat the dung of doves and the hinds of donkeys in those days of a siege. he saw the city and wept over it. the things which make for peace. Easen your life. That talks of Egypt because Egypt means to be hemmed in. to be caged. to be limited. break out of limitation. I look on them and weep because they were meant to be great lives. Pharaoh doesn’t give up until you push him to the wall. You failed to discern that this is the time of your visitation. That talks about limitation. God spoke to me and told me “that’s my position and so many lives. for the carpet to be worn out or the shirt collar finished before you can release them.

?” They never received Him as their messiah. “We know him. I recently inquired from the person in charge of tapes if any member of this church has ever bought ten tapes and he said none at all. they are people God assigns out there and he releases them with fire in there hearts. The time of their visitation came in the form of a person. he asked for any thing else he could get in its place. If you trace anywhere where you see destruction and limitation. Yet He was and He had it. for a purpose. we wish we knew. That’s why this place isn’t packed with Tom. They failed to recognize the time of their visitation. Instead of going away empty handed. aha! So you are here…. a gentleman walked in by the name of Gerald. whosever comes in is drawn by the Father. They like the revelation but they don’t want to associate and fully acknowledge and when you don’t recognize a deliverer God sends your way.There are people who come to this assignment but have never received Pst. we come to the services. they never received Him as their solution provider. The other day while in a meeting. There is noting like gratitude when the thing has gone and that’s when they say honestly. somebody sent was not respected or received. you are hemmed in and you are up for grabs. give a high five. we would have kept him close to us. Sadly. why should we buy the tapes?” Jesus said they shall come from the east and west and sit around the table but the sons of the kingdom will not find a place. They are deliverers. they mocked the prophets so God sent them into Babylon. at one point or the other. People always write about things after they have gone and only recognize things after they have gone. some of us have never even invested in one tape let alone ten. Visitation will many at times come in the form of a person. He come to open the prison door. “But Pastor. isn’t He the son of Mary and Joseph. He was searching for the anchor titled “Raising the standard” eager to know which anchor come after that. The bible says. There are people who just think they are just in another church. Alubbe as their man of God and that makes them revelation thieves. just another assignment and casually deal with things. There is someone whom God sends to you with word to you and when you never recognize it. Jesus Christ. They lightly esteemed the words of the Prophet. . I told him it would be difficult for me to know which one come after that. you won’t be able to recognize the time of deliverance. He expressed to us how much he had searched like Apollo’s who knew until the baptism of John. Dick and Harry because as the bible says.

I am not against education. When Lot separated. Lake: “I lived in a family for 32 years and there was never a time where there was no invalid in that home. wives and children. Before I was 24 years of age. to take pleasure in. These cities we are building for Pharaoh must end today. the emphacy and approach must change. herds. God spoke immediately to Abraham. we are so far. they said peace and good will to all men. God’s secret card on getting you out of limitation. I will not give to God that which cost me nothing. God will always send a person in your life.Pharaoh doesn’t just five up. we had buried four brothers. but our own personal projects. to approve. but put your life in perspective and you will clearly begin to see where you place your priorities. helpless invalids. “Do you know how much I have spent on this degree. we must come to a place where we worship God with our flocks. David said. “nothing changes on planet earth until something changes in the heart of a man. or on education?” That’s all personal and will benefit you alone. In essence. God is saying. How many of you know that god has a secret card. We must do it coz we were called there. I set up my own . Something must change. God has begun to think good. in whom I am well please. to think well and approve and take pleasure in you. Season’s change when relationships change. One disease takes out of your body five thousand or ten thousand shillings yet you have never worshipped God with even one thousand shillings. to think well of. four sister and four other family members were dying. When the angels announced the birth of Jesus. the season had changed. They were hopeless. Declare aloud I AM NOT UP FOR SALE! Limitation is always the first step before destruction. The following is a quote by John G. “these are my beloved sons. we are like Solomon. When it comes to God’s projects. Good will means. Something to think about. Put this deep in your spirit. It always took a man to announce a season. There are people you must stop relating to because the season is new. to announce a season.” But how long should you serve Pharaoh? What triggered God’s visit to Israel was their cry. AMEN. something happens in the heart of God’s people that makes Pharaoh say Go! And that’s what I want to provoke in your hearts this afternoon. why.” The change you are waiting for won’t happen until something changes within you. Pharaoh must give up. because you never recognize the time and time always comes packaged in a man.

my soul sobbed. my spirit wept tears. My heart cried. I saw the same devilish trail of sickness that had followed my father’s family had also come into my own family. and your heart is longing and your soul crying for God’s deliverance. I said. a cry for deliverance. Not my supreme “BRAIN” cry but my supreme HEART cry for deliverance. the great insurance man. I am going to have an office just like this and a des just like that with my name written on it when I am a man. I was invited to Chicago to join an association of men who were establishing a . I was afraid I would go through the floor. We were taken to McCall’s office in his private elevator. But one thing matured in my heart A REAL HUNGER. I could hear the groans and cries. My son become sickly and out of it all. I wanted help.” It is a law of God which is in the depths of the spirit. He will be on hand to deliver you. one thing developed in my nature. “When I was a boy. My father had spent a fortune on the family but to no avail. the most beautiful office I had ever beheld. the wretchedness and sobs and feel my families desperation. If you are away from God. McCall. Tears were shed for deliverance for three years before the healing of God come to us. His desk was a marvel. It was the first time I had ever been in a great office building and ridden in an elevator. pure mahogany and on top of his desk.” There is no human stoppage because the thing is settled too deep in the nature of man. but my heart was crying for deliverance. I knew nothing about the subject of healing though I was a Methodist evangelist. then we stepped in his office. In only a short time. I did not know it until I was in my 30th year just how strong that call was. I accompanied my father to the office of John A. As if there was no stoppage of the train of hell. God will answer the heart that cries. My soul cried to God for deliverance. The rugs were so thick. it almost seemed to be forgotten. “I finally got to that place where my supreme hearts cry was for deliverance. I held my breath till the thing stopped. My wife become an invalid. too deep for any material remedy to get at it. Jesus Christ comes to us with divine assurance and invites us when we are hungry to pray. My soul had come to the place where I had given up depending on man. inlaid in mother of pearls was his name written in script. It wasn’t just anything but a cry for deliverance. It takes the Almighty God and the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus Christ to get into the depth of man’s nature and find the real difficulty that is there and destroy it.home. God will answer the soul that asks. married a beautiful woman and our first born was born. and the hunger of a man’s soul must be satisfied. I did not know enough to call directly on God for it. believe and to take the Lord for that which our soul wants. It was so magnificient that in my boyish soul.

went forth with enabling power to be like Jesus. One of those books just happened to be a beautiful maroon covered amplified bible. It was so beautiful and catchy and I remember coming out of that meeting with a deep desire to get the amplified bible. Though there was no cash in my hands at that particular time. within me lept and I went to the guy and . and to do the things that Jesus did and to them in such a way that people took knowledge that these guys had been with Jesus. in 1992. McCall was John G. Finally the President said to I remember. (I like it when someone talks of a turning point because I want to know what they did for them to get their result) I was pleading with God. McCall’s office and at the center was a desk of pure mahogany. The following is another quote by Oral Roberts: “It was in 1947 that I begun to understand and that understanding become the turning point in my life. They said to me Lake. we discussed the matter for three weeks until we come to terms. I had never spoken of my soul desire to any person in the world. we want you as our manager. I had almost memorized the book of acts because it is a written record of what the Holy Spirit can do through the lives of dedicated men and women. On seeing it. There is something in the call of a soul that’s creative. I felt the need for power. Lake calls the CALL OF THE SOUL. Instead of the name of John A. simple ordinary people filled with the Holy Ghost. to let me see Jesus in the flesh as the apostles had seen Him. I attended a Morris Cerullo meeting and he love using the amplified version as he preached. I had a vision of doing this. I sensed that my time to start the healing ministry had come. I saw some books on the streets on sale. It brings things to pass. As I was passing by Kenya bus services at the terminus. A vision that grew in me day after day after day until it become the inspiration and obsession of my life. It was during those days that He reminded me I had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1935. I asked Him. that dynamite Jesus spoke of in Acts 1:8 in those days. The emphacy here is that Oral Roberts had a vision of doing it and it grew with Him day after day after day. I was studying the four gospels and the book of Acts virtually day and night. Lake inscribed in mother of pearl. It was a strong desire edged within me. step into your office. to enable me to begin the ministry of healing. the desire within me was so strong. I stepped into the office which was the exact duplicate of Jack A. And that’s what John G.

I was talking to Pastor Benson the other day about a man of God called Tunde Bakari who is I believe one of the strongest voices God has used in my life as a mentor and model. As I took a keen look at it. I eventually was admitted into the sanitarium. go back and look at that poster well. it was too full. In 1992. my feet couldn’t go and I had in my spirit God saying. but I found that I couldn’t move. So I went back and saw the poster but my attention was drawn by Tunde Bakari. When I went on the balcony and discovered that I was placed right in clear view of Tunde Bakari. he also had just finished building a house and said the latest series of Mercedes benz was in his compound. I really really needed it. Soon and very soon not in the millennium but in this life. I have only one life to live. Now I am mature enough and not so carried away when I hear somebody has a jet because I am convinced that one day the Lord will give us one. he asked me how much I had and I told him only 15 shillings. By the time I was getting to KICC the venue of the meetings. AMEN. You can be sure I was obedient lest he changes his mind. And I . I picked up the bible. I wanted to read what Cerullo reads and in the way that he reads it. I am not a Hindu. People had come in the morning for an evening meeting. he said the least he would be willing to sell it for was two hundred and fifty shillings. After much negotiating. But the desire within me was so strong. I looked at it casually and moved on. Finally. Tunde Bakari begun his law practice around 1984 but in 1989. looked at it longingly walked off but deep within me I just couldn’t leave so I come back. I had to engage heavenly wisdom on how to get some budge and enter into the support team. I won’t come back in reincarnation so I am believing to do what I need to do now. he said GO! And don’t look back. And it was growing powerfully.asked him how much that bible was and he said to me three hundred and fifty shillings. I watched and listened as he was speaking powerfully and heard him say through his testimonies that God had just blessed him with a new jet. make sure you attend every session this man will speak in and make sure you buy his audio material. The millions he had. There was something in my heart. He looked at me and said bring it and when he took it. God called him into full time ministry and when God called him. he gave away all the money he had. He says that in 1989. I told the man that I really needed that bible. he released into the ministry. I told him. I walked home that day but I was so happy. God spoke in my spirit and said. as I was passing through the streets of Nairobi and saw a Morris Cerullo world evangelism poster. he couldn’t afford busfare between Lagos and Enugu. that I didn’t have that kind of money and begun negotiating with him how low he was willing to go.

a man who couldn’t afford busfare. untouched. see them die one by one. You have to fully understand all the risks involved before attempting anything extraordinary. some I believe his brothers.” So it’s clear He knew who he was. there is no limitation that will remain in your life. That was a polite rebuke. undefiled and eventually enter into his blessing HOW! How could somebody like Jesus Christ come into this life as the Messiah. went through the cross and eventually got to a place where he opened up salvation to us HOW! I want to share with you now what I believe is God’s secret packaged in his word for you to come out of limitation. don’t try it at home. “They will either get me out of this room as a corpse or I will be anointed!” You remember when you watch “Ripley’s believe it or not” and how they warn the audience not to try any of the stuff they are watching at home. barely two years ago now has resource that’s making the word of God go round the world. because He said “I must be about my Fathers business. I will either come out of here a corpse or come out anointed. I have a heavenly Father. He went through life. come to the cross. He is a respecter of faith but the faith that must have it.wondered. this man of God took a hammer and nails and got into his room and nailed himself inside the room and said. If you can bear witness with me today. well. There is a call in the human heart that gets desperate for what it needs and eventually it must get what it wants!!! AMEN. The good news is that he come out anointed. I respect you and will come back and submit but Joseph is not my Father. he was telling Mary. I like His polite rebuke to Mary because Mary come and said “Your father and I have been searching for you. I must be about my Fathers business. How could a man called Caleb be in a wilderness that’s full of snakes and scorpions etc. If you . There are things that used to be so big but are now becoming smaller and there are things in me that are increasing day by day. That’s why am telling you “WATCH THIS SPACE” because am developing such hunger in my life. peers and contemporaries yet he managed to come out uncorrupted. I grew up under a ministry of a man called Steve Munga and I remember one time. this is one of them. go through a wilderness with the rest of the people. So I endeavored to follow him closely. I later on got to meet him in 1998-99 and now I am relating to one of the people who are very close to him and he tells me the wealth anointing on Tunde’s life has increased in dimension that he cannot even say or quantify. God does not just respond to anybody. Steve Munga said.” But Jesus said.

no. he is not seeing anybody but she said. I just want to know. but she said. Yester. She was told. she laughed and said no problem. The man of God was talking about how there is a level you go beyond . she said. you will get it. he will see me.badly want it. bread must come. she went beyond her fear of being stoned because that was the penalty. desperate soul that must get an answer. the crowd is big. even if it is seven days. I shall be made whole. I want to see the Holy man. She said if you want to rest. And she got the answer to her prayer. you will get it. So she had spent all she had and hand suffered many things at the hands of many physicians. But one day when she had that Jesus is around. no no. If you desperately want it. but she went beyond her condition. he must come out eventually. Then one woman come and said. I have all the time. The problem isn’t availability of bread. The bible doesn’t begin to get into details but it leaves you to that imagination of saying she had suffered many things of many physicians. he is not seeing anybody. AMEN! The man of God was talking about how there are people who knock like the friend who knocked at his door at midnight because he heard there is bread but the man was asleep so let’s see just how long he can sleep as I keep knocking. how can you say who touched me?” But Jesus knew there is a specific touch that draws power from Him. I was watching Enoch Adeboye on telly and he was giving an illustration of how one time he had finished preaching and was so tired that he got into his house and told his people to make sure nobody got in because he wanted to rest. I have sensed power go out of me and Peter said “Master. is he inside and they said yes he is inside but he is not seeing anybody. she was down and she touched the hem of His garment and Jesus said. Her condition did not allow her to appear in public. So she sat at the door until the wife of the man of God come and told the man of God are you sure you want to rest and he said yes. at times he might even take two days inside there but she said. so he will find me at the door here. Then it says she had spent all that she had which most probably suggests she was a well to do person. I will sit here at the door there is no problem. the problem is that the man is asleep so if I continue knocking. I am not in a hurry. am not in a hurry. you must add this woman’s burden to your rest because she is not going away. She was told maybe he will take a day before he comes out again. There is no way you can read the bible and you remain passive. no problem. She come into public and by the time she was getting to where Jesus was. she said in her heart that if only I can touch the hem of his garment. according to the laws that Moses set. It is not the accidental touch. They said. neither the touch of curiosity but that of a deliberate. So he continued knocking. She was told. If you take its message seriously: about a woman whom the bible says for twelve years she had suffered many things from many physicians.

move move?” “Is that what happened?” All God did was to touch the language and speech so that they don’t understand one another. (pay close attention to God’s commentary because herein lies the secret of Messiah of how to break out of limitation) behold. is the name of it called Babel because the Lord did there confound the language and scatter them abroad of all the earth. let us go down and there we confound their language that they may not understand one another speech.g. Now when am eighty years old I am stronger than I was 45 years ago. What sustained Caleb in the midst of all that was mentioned earlier. everybody. that they found a plain in the land of Sheena and they dwelt there and they said one to another. I believe today by the help of God’s Spirit I can show you what the secret of God is. let us build a city and a tower whose top may reach unto heaven and let us make us a name.knocking and Mathew 11:12 says from the days of John the Baptist. scatter. you go left and you go right. Verse 9: Therefore. give me that hammer” but he is give a knife instead.” But instead he kicks him. The scattering was subject to understanding and language. scatter. can you imagine where there is no door. Give me now my mountain. And the Lord said. Where there was no understanding the scenario was e. Come. Let’s look at Genesis 11:1 The bible says and the whole earth with one language and one speech and it come to pass as they journeyed from the East. there is free access. . “Bring me this. did God scatter them. Another may say to his friend “Go down. and they had one language. two people trying to communicate and one says “Hey you. This they imagine to do and nothing was withheld from them. Ask yourself. There is a place you get where you kick the door and now there is not door. Because they could no longer understand each other and they scattered by themselves. But many of us are not desperate enough to take it. the people are one they all have one language and this they begin to do. move.” but instead he goes up. the kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent take it by force. Caleb come to Joshua and said to Joshua “We were with you when Moses sent us to spy the land and you heard what God said before the people. one purpose. did He come in their midst and say “HEY!.” Which mountain did he mean? He meant Hebron. The people we one. come let’s make brick and burn for stone and slim for mortar and they said. come. (Say aloud faith without works is dead) nothing will be withheld from them which they have imagined to do. lets we be scattered abroad upon the face of the earth. scatter. And the Lord come down to see the city and the tower which the children of men builded.

The picture has been taken in. Let me illustrate with an example. So he brings him out of the house and tells him to look at the stars and see if he can number them. It is a dream of harvest and product. So it is not a matter of Kenya being divided left right and center on tribal basis. but he says. I am your shield. There is change of body metabolism.We can clearly see the thing that sustained Caleb through the wilderness was the picture of that mountain. They have one speech which means. discomfort etc. but one harvest and product. Great men are controlled by pictures. But you can’t see anything because the stomach is still flat. we may not share the same language in terms of dialect but the fact that we have been able to be together for nine years of marriage shows you we have the same speech. you have the wrong picture. So he comes and God tells him. vomiting. And God says I know what your problem is. doctors say that the first three months could be a little turbulent. was to give him a picture. they don’t just think the same but have the same expression. it’s a matter of us rallying around one goal. the recommendation of God must weigh more because you must eventually get to your mountain. In fact that word language means one way of thinking. To believe means you have conceived. he is high and exalted. God put a new definition of believe in my heart. . Great people to break out of any limitation must have a picture. and your exceeding great reward. The people are one. The only way God made sure Joseph stayed faithful to custody. God tells him your seed shall be like the stars. Give me my mountain. The bible is a very pictorial book. God is a very pictorial God. end result and the sheaves are bowing down to him. as God spoke to Moses. The picture of the mountain was stronger than his brother dying and his friend being bitten by serpents. And whatever they have imagined (imagined comes from the word image) so there was an image that was controlling these people towards which they rallied around. The sun. To believe means the picture has registered on the inside. Gen 15 says that Abraham believed God. Not a dream of sowing. I want my Hebron. At any give point. So he gives him a dream and in this dream. my wife is kikuyu and I am luhya. It is like a woman having conceived the seed. They are governed by pictures because God is a very pictorial God. Abraham has a picture of childlessness in his life. The secret God begins to show us in Genesis 11 is that when everything lines up to one goal there is not way you will fail to get manifestation. moon and starts bowing down to him. End picture. AMEN. how can you say that and I am childless.

she is in sorrow. or fat it away) is to endure that cross. despising the shame. kicks or spits at him) but what will be done to the one who kills him. There is a man called Victor Frankall who was in the concentration camps of Hitler for all those years. How do you reverse it? Use language to build picture. Image is also sound generated. nothing shall be withheld. and you will get your secret out of limitation. picture or end. It is called a purposeless gathering. This that they have imagined to do. He saw his wife die. sat down at the right hand of God. soul and body but without imagination. There is no marriage that doesn’t have a cross and shame.g. That . everything went by and he said. what shall be done to the man who kills Goliath (no. the thing that sustained him and kept him sane was that he knew he can choose his response in any situation so he maintained a picture and image of coming out. but the only thing that sustains her is the picture of the baby that is about to come forth and the life that is about to be produced. What is cross? Cross is the place where self dies. if you have million shillings and the only thing you are doing is smiling at each other saying love you brother and hugging each other then asking so what do we do with this million. Because Faith is image governed. it’s useless. You can be one in spirit. When God come.Faith is image governed and image is word generated. When David come in the camp of the philistines and found people running helter skelter away from Goliath. pursue picture and you will get results. HALLELUYAH! The only key is the joy that is set before you. who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross. you have the resource e. says that when a woman is in labour. he come in and asked somebody. Jesus endured the cross and he despised the shame. There is no business that has no cross and shame. So the only way (you don’t pray away a cross. Reverse it and you will get the key out. Reverse what God did. You are one. The mother of pictures is sound it doesn’t matter how beautiful a movie may be if there is no sound. In John 16:21. Image is the governor of faith. self must die and Jesus must be enthroned. Because every coming day. There is no assignment on the face of the earth that doesn’t have a cross and that doesn’t have shame. his family die. he touched speech and speech destroyed the picture and picture in turn caused them to scatter. there is nowhere you are going. You must realize that without an image. Hebrews 12:2 says looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. there will be no accomplishment.

I don’t shoot myself in the foot. I don’t work against myself. you have just received income and you need to tithe. in here you don’t talk much. He didn’t come in with suggestions. you won’t even be born again because your spirit will die. we are in Jehovah’s presence. He said no. The spirit at this point is quiet. When John the Baptist was preaching and people come and said ok. Our mind works against our spirit and then our body joins the camp and they dethrone the spirit. You will just coming to church in body where it says “Be quiet now. Maybe they had foreseen Judas would fall out and that the . votes are taken. I realized the place of money is so important. we have heard you. I believe they should have written great possessions had him. we shouldn’t tithe now.was the picture in his heart. The body is an interested party. I have obeyed and kept all the commandments and Jesus says to him ok. salvation has come into your home. all the money he has unlawfully acquired? Because of the direct connection between substance and salvation. it knows that if you don’t tithe. saved in name only but not in action and deed. You soldiers don’t take a bribe and you officials. It has immediate measurable results. We tithed last time. I will follow you wherever you go. So because you run a democracy. Jesus finds Zacheus and he says to him today. Many of us work against ourselves. separated from god. The spirit at this point is dead. I have learnt how to be always with myself. you will buy it chicken or something. give away one. Even the body says it has something to say. this is giant. what should we do? Every recommendation he gave had something to do with money or recommendation. the mind says hey! Hey!. Everything had something to do with money or the material realm. I have learnt how never to defeat myself. Others would say Lord let me come and follow you but Jesus would restrain them and tell them to go back home and tell the people what had happened. this is the only other man Jesus told sell all you have and come and follow me. If you do this long enough. He said if you have two coats.” So the body knows the motions and it follows the motions and the mind says. The bible says. A young man approached Jesus and tells Him. he went away because he had great possessions. The spirit says sir. He could not allow salvation to come. They wanted to know how they could produce true fruits to repentance. Apart from the disciples. he asked a direct question. David you are so tiny. So the mind and body win the election. go sell and you have then come and follow me. keep doing it. Why does Zacheus immediately begin to feel that he should return everything. I have something to say as well. don’t receive more.

you won’t have impossibilities. Let your life get into motion. We have to graduate from still pictures and begin to make movies. Let’s study the following words: IMAGE and IMAGINE. the glory falls. The dictionary defines imagination as creativity. “Why then don’t people have results?” Because they begin with the image. You sit down and they have to shake you up because you are the director and producer. then suddenly shift their attention and begin to restructure . he is speaking from pictures he had on the inside of him. In the Greek. You become the producer and director. It also means to cut or to engrave a stamp. He was very descriptive like a movie. When the pattern is right. enterprise. Or as I would put it. Image talks about pictures while imagination talks about a movie like picture. Because God himself in His wisdom said. This was David’s motion picture going on and on. and it begins to cut and engrave something in the Spirit. and the bible says each of them produced exactly what it saw. the thing they have imagined to do. a seal or impress as on a coin. he said. today I will give your flesh to the birds. inspiration and resourcefulness. there is a big smile on your face. So when David tells Goliath that he will give his flesh to the birds. Jacob proves us right. You are in the word. As animals would come to take water and he would put before them rods of exactly how he wanted the animals to be. I will take your flesh. he has come to the discovery that imagination is the largest Nation in the world. ingenuity. great substance had him. give it to the birds and I will cut off your head. Bless young ruler would be the one to fill it. All the features of the image correspond respectively with those of the instrument producing it which means if you have the image on the inside. AMEN! An image is an inner picture and an imagination is an inner motion picture. If you consider and take this message. nothing shall be withheld. He had great substance. When David was approaching the giant. We are changed from glory to glory as we behold him even in the same image. It is Zig Ziegler who said. the word image means a tool for engraving. Describing what is going to come to pass. David saying of Goliath. natural and tangible world. insight. developing godly a movie of your destiny and you are so consumed that even when your eyes are closed. you will produce exactly the same in the physical.

he was a mechanic. Psalms 45:1 says my heart is overflowing or indicting with a good matter. a man may have specifications of how he would love his dream wife to look like and his detailed picture would be a tall. fridge. Ray Crock. outlines for materials to be cut. Another example is that you begun by buying an L. because the language was one. you then think Sanyo is better. Form the word scribe. Genesis 11 recounts how they were building a tower and not towers (plural). In your own time. which is a sharp. look up the words. it is resident. My tongue is the scriber. pointed tool for making marks. prescribe and subscribe. As you scribe. During those eighteen years. the shape eventually takes place and manifests because you have DE-SCRIBED it. who became the franchiser of McDonalds. and went beyond Sanyo and bought Philips can do you just fine then you leave Philips alone and decided anything could do. then he immediately sees someone else and says. The moment you begin to describe what you may be believing God for. intact used for drawing buy you are not given to one drawing per time and between the time of drawing and manifestation. For example. He only answers specific requests and desires. (The thing that I feared the most is come upon me) This happened because he described it. That is having a double mind and the bible says a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. It is only the things that have boiled and bubbled when they are spoken that come to pass. inscribe.G. inherent. well tall may not be that nice perhaps shorter etc. the scriber is already working towards getting that which you are believing for. But most of us are not given to patience so you are ever erasing your dream. my tongue is the pen of a ready writer. It took Henry Ford eighteen years to put together the first engine. So don’t play games with God and mumble making vain repetitions like I believe I receive. the speech was one and so the equipment of drawing was one and everything was finished. The word writer is scribe meaning to write and every scribe had a scriber. inbuilt. Messiah at the Age of 30 yet at age 12 He knew who He was but his image was being worked on. God never answers just anything. You were packaged with it before you ever come. I speak of the things which I have made touching the king. there has to be patience.their image of that specific thing they had in mind. broke through at the age of 56. Psalms 45:1 My heart is boiling with a good matter (and when it boils on the inside. I speak). The equipment has always been in you.. brown person. And everyone had the image of a city and a tower why. The equipment is inherent. I believe I . we get the word describe.

we can walk free. this is not witchcraft. When I was seeking God. sickness. he didn’t say I am finished. Every limitation. death and poverty. But he has redeemed us from the curse of the law so that the blessing of Abraham can come on the gentiles. But why are we not free? It’s because we don’t know what Jesus did and when we know. The tongue is the inscriber. very limitation come down. he said IT IS FINISHED. the things that work for you. we are not convinced and when we are convinced. Whatever is bubbling inside will soon be evident. Exodus 23:20 says . cured is every man who hangs on a tree. To limit the Holy one of Israel simply means that they spoke negatively concerning His promises. We don’t walk out on the water even when we hear the Master bid us come. Ask yourself: What is boiling you my heart. So use your tongue. He ever liveth. when you hear His voice. then go ahead and describe and situations will change on your life. Remember. The bible says. and then we need to prescribe the word of God to our situations. He will be speaking to you through His word. it doesn’t come by magic. Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law for it is written. We need to write out a subscription to God’s word. When they spoke. The bible says the curse was lifted and today. he has put within you spirit whereby if you get it. they cut a line and said beyond this. They couldn’t go because their tongue couldn’t allow them to go and they died in the wilderness. mark out to set a match to scribble) and the tongue is the scriber. And when He died on the cross. AMEN!! Say aloud: God will be speaking to me today. The bible says. You are co-workers and co-creators with God. It will soon manifest. How many of you would be attentive if it was Jesus himself speaking to you. harden not your heart. I believe every limitation was dealt with because the curse of the law was sin. they limited the Holy one of Israel. We all need to subscribe to God’s word. it will produce for you.receive 100 times. I believe that when Jesus died on the cross. He told me give them your secrets. He ascended with the sacrifice and He sat down at the right hand of the Father and He ever liveth to make intercession for us. and bring you over. After the word has been inscribed. we can never go. you can’t hide it for long. Would you be attentive. The word you subscribe should then be inscribed (Proverbs 3:3 says inscribe it on the table of your heart). The word limited there means to scratch. He arose from the dead. we don’t act on it. every experience that would be negative and come against His children was lifted away.

So you shall serve the Lord your God and He will bless your bread and your water. you would see how many believers we have. In fact. not serve them. The bible says. hivites. God commanded me to minister TO my wife.” When we got married. And I will take sickness away from your midst. I will send my fear before you. I will send my angel before you. The first principal I want us to talk about is the principal of angelic assistance. because Kenyan’s don’t behave like that. “I will increase angelic activity in the days to come. marriage and anything called conception delivery. for I will deliver the inhabitants of the land into your hands and I shall drive them out from before you. in many places.Behold I send an angel before you to keep you in the way and bring you into the place which I have prepared. no one shall suffer miscarriage or be barren in your land. I will cause confusion among all people to whom you come and will make all your enemies turn their backs to you. that means business. I will fulfill the number of your days. And I will send hornets before you. And I will cut them off. Hittites. When I was in the U. with cheques of twelve thousand shillings is under the influence of the Holy Spirit and the angels of God.” For people to come seeking you in the evening. be aware of him. The potion of scripture is full of truth that can set you free today and bring you into the fullness of what you are seeking from God. Beware of Him and obey his voice. and Jebusites. Little by little I will drive them out from before you until you have increased and you inherit the land. It is not a Kenyan. God spoke to my spirit and said. But if you indeed obey His voice and do all that I speak. I will not drive them out from before you in one year lest the land become desolate and the beasts of the field become too numerous for you. The bible says that “Are they not all ministering spirits sent to minister not to but FOR you. If an angels would manifest here. For my angel shall go before you and will bring you into the Amorites. He told me that my body is not my own. you shall not bow down to their gods. These principals are principals of possession. Canaanites. do not provoke Him for he will not pardon your transgression for my name is in Him. it . Say aloud: Many people aren’t aware of God’s angels.K. but you shall utterly overthrow them and completely break down their sacred pillars. nor do according to their works. the thought of angels scares people. I will set your bounds from the red sea to the sea Philistia from the desert to the river. and their shall be angelic assistance in your life like never before. perisites. then I will be an enemy to your enemy and an adversary to your adversaries. the Canaanite and the Hittites from before you. They shall drive out the hivites.

While still at the accident scene. on your behalf. and they are effective because I am aware of them. But if I had a secretary. while in London.belongs to my wife and her body is not her own and that it belongs to me.” So I began praying declaring “Angles of God. The man who stole the money looked for where the accident victims were taken and he returned all the money. am giving you command in the spirit and demanding that within the next 24 hrs. The following day. Are they not all ministering spirits sent to minister FOR us. The following day at 9am. positive reports will come back and this money will be recovered and this man won’t stay in hospital. The Holy Spirit has been sent to minister TO us. Two people died and Isaac’s brother injured his back and was now immobilized. I happened to call a friend of mine called Frank and suggest to him that we should . If I be a man of God. I then told him “Isaac. But they are ministering spirits sent to assist you to minister for you. a situation concerning a friend of mine called Isaac arose. Isaac and I met and I noticed he had such heaviness on him and so I inquired what was wrong. you will not believe this.K. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Another incident took place on my flight back to Kenya. Three hundred pounds is forty five thousand Kenyan shillings. she doesn’t minister TO me unless there is something wrong. Towards the evening. my angels work fast. they met with one of the people who was meant to be flying to Kenya.” I told him. a thief come and stole the money off of his pocket and went away with it. So she ministers TO me and I minister TO her. he calls me from work as I am still in the house and says “Pastor. The bible says. As soon as God gave me this word. I wasn’t surprised. instead. Isaac’s brother boarded a matatu in Nairobi on his way to give the money to Isaac’s daughter for travel when the matatu they were traveling in got an accident on its way to town. They gave him three hundred pounds meant for their daughter who was in Kenya so that she would be able to join them in the U. go forth. she ministers FOR me. don’t be confused and thus begin to worship angels. I believe this is something meant for God’s glory. She waits on me to minister FOR me. On a particular day. Isaac released it to this gentleman who was in turn supposed to hand it to his brother on arrival in Kenya which he did.” So Isaac tells me how discouraged he is and that he would like to retire and sleep. you could not have blessed me like this the whole day then the enemy steals from you like this. He proceeded to narrate the whole story for me of how his brother was involved in an accident and all the money meant for his daughter was stolen. But angels have been sent to minister FOR us Hebrews 1:4. Isaac together with his wife Jacinta took me around to do some shopping for me.

he tells me how he had an encounter with God in New York. I am glad to announce that he got out of hospital and was even here last week. you can’t quit on us now. I went ahead and encouraged him saying “Frank. So after that. the people around me thought I was crazy because I stood up in the middle of the and said to him. 12 noon. your life is not concluded.” The bible says when Jesus prayed in the garden. you who do the bidding of the Lords word and harken to the voice of His word and he sent his word to heal us GO NOW! And sustain that man’s heart on the inside. The minute he said that something in there was mine. “Frank. How many of you know that when something touches you it gets very personal. Angels come and assisted him and strengthened him. you who run faster than the speed of light. I remember Frank and call him to arrange our meeting together. your spirit is eternal and the eternal God dwells on your inside. I receive a phone call from my very good friend Benjamin who at the time was in Hong Kong. Thinking he had lost his phone until he had it ring right besides him. let the lady I was counseling with. you who excel in strength.hand out together the morning of my arrival. He tells me he had ordered a lot of material worth one hundred and forty thousand shilling but that the suitcase bearing all those goods worth all that money had disappeared. So when I reach here. At around 11 am. Angels of God. it touched my raw spot.” When I heard him say that. you have hope. As we speak. he picked it up and with a faint voice began to tell me “I am dying. Frank found himself in the back seat due to the impact of the crash and a lady he was with had her face sliced off. I stood up. As I begin to speak to him.” Hour after hour I kept calling him and encouraging him and speaking life to him. he tells me that he has just been involved in a fatal road accident. another friend of mine called Leonard takes me aside wanting to have some fellowship with me and thus treats me to a beautiful breakfast. He is a man who deals with gem stones and is a very close friend of ours. He was driving a Rav 4 and along the route there was lorry meandering along the way and couldn’t keep to his lane and began to swerve and swerve until they met head on with Frank and crashed. and I would tell him angles are already net to him ministering to him and that he has the Holy Ghost on the inside of him and that he should draw from the wells of salvation within him. I kept calling him after every one house and asking him if he was still hanging in there and he would say to me yes I am. went to the window of my office and began to . I am dying. listen to me. He said that he had things in there that he thought would really benefit me. wake up! The inside is stronger than the outside!” I proceeded to tell him “I am dispatching the angelic to you now. HALLELUYAH! A few days later while here in my office ministering and counseling a certain lady.

not some things but all things. three men seek you and those men were angels. within 24 hrs. It is impossible to enter into the possession without angelic assistance. and with Jesus Christ. but I just want you to begin to be aware that there is angelic assistance on your life. I am not the kind of person who should be teaching about angels. You know me well. Jesus said I would have called a legion of angels from heaven to come and assist me. while taking my kids to catch their bus to go to school. But some of you may ask “Pastor. they come to strengthen Him. 5 says: If you vow a vow unto the Lord. Say aloud: Man is a governing spirit. The bible says they excel in strength. China or wherever. we were here praying and a prayer request comes across. I have enough matter to say.” Some people around me were not so convinced but I moved on in faith. AMEN! Finally. Hong Kong. they harken to the voice of God’s word. that angels indeed do the assignment. but it has been proved true in my life. do it. Angles will open you to contacts and promotion. all things. e. AMEN. they showed up intact. I need a report on that suitcase. AMEN and you have put all things under him. Glory to God. The next day. nothing missing and nothing added. Psalms 8:7 says. Read in Acts where the Spirit of God said to Peter. This is not an in depth study about angels though I intend to do that in the fullness of time. Psalms 103:20 says. no distance and you who minister for me let me get a report. Someone asking for us to pray for her friend who had disappeared for the last 8 days and I made a decree saying she shall be found. I receive an sms from Benjamin saying “suitcase found in Dubai in warehouse” I didn’t summersault because I knew it would be found. A few days later. She will come in the same state they left. But you must be aware of them. not a scratch. you who fly and know no space. They work closely with the Holy Spirit.. how can I stand outside my office window and just release words in the air . replenish and fill the earth. They harken to the words that you speak. They work closely with the Holy Spirit. They removed the stone from the grave. because you should not say before the angel that it was an error. she shall have come to no harm. He is made in God’s class of being because man is a spirit and he was given dominion of the face of the earth and told to subdue. I don’t know if it’s in Japan. After the temptation.g. why are we not seeing these things?” What I am telling you is very simple.declare in the spirit saying “Angels of God. who is man that you are mindful of him. Eccl. you have made him a little lower than Elohim which actually means God himself. they are ministering spirits why because man is a governing spirit.

Then just relax. there is always a more excellent way. But some of us when we want to get married. Whichever way the Lord brings her. I tell you the truth. . how then do I put my angels to work? One way is through your voice because angels harken to the voice of God’s word. we think money. he died to lift the cup of poverty from my life. This is the law of capacity.and something happens in Hong Kong or speak a word from the U. lest the land become desolate and the beasts of the field become too numerous for you.g. because there is a set time to use it. “How do you eat an elephant?” Piece by piece so the whole thing is yours. Whey you increase. But why don’t you have it Gal 4 says: the heir as long as he remains a child defers nothing from a servant though he be Lord of all. but you must be aware of how to operate in the supernatural realm. money. If e. anything can happen. your increase. I count it done. one of these days. I count it done and that it has come my way. angels of God. Our Father in the Lord used to tell us that when you want to get married. money and though it is not wrong for you to think that way. she is born with a womb. you are believing God for a car. try it. I now release you on the basis and foundation of that word. The only thing that will prevent God giving it to you is your size. go and cause that fridge to come in whichever way. no. because you must become like a child to operate in the realm of the spirit. you are not exempt. all you need to do is say. it is simple. The whole land is yours! But why don’t you have the whole land?” Because of size. I thank you that all things have been provided for under the new covenant. Those are called spiritual exercises. Exodus 29: I will not drive them out from before you in one year. but is that womb ready for use then. It is yours but He will give it to you little by little. Say. Stand in your bedroom and say Lord. The only thing that’s keeping you from your blessing is your capacity. Little by little I will drive them out from before you until you have increased. For example when a baby girl is born. You may ask yourself. Anytime you think of the fridge. I won’t use my salary to buy this one. Even for those who earn a salary. I am prospered. you will enter into it. That baby girl must increase from a baby to a girl to a young lady and finally a woman. I count it done in Jesus name. it is a wife you want not money. Lord I have been believing you for a refrigerator.K and something happens in Kenya. Say aloud: I will put my angels to work. The bible says God melts the hearts of Kings and anything can happen on your behalf. Jesus died for my redemption. I will use the supernatural way and see how it responds.

He was innocent but not pure or perfect. So after that. That capacity will lead you into the fullness of your possession. while walking with a friend. He is the one who forms foundations in our lives. he come complete and because he come complete. He wants to give you time to grow until the time will come for you to be able to bear them. The bible says little by little. Your mind should increase. You must increase on the inside. but you cannot bear it at this point. you need councilor. Isaiah 54 says enlarge the place of your dwelling. He didn’t grow. because the Kingdom is within you. he would loose them and that blessing because they don’t have the capacity to take it in. Law number three I call the law of progress. Purity . The whole thing is yours but God is giving it to you piece by piece. remote controlling their lives away because they think life is just about money. “You are going where?” I said Grand Regency and he declined to come saying that people like him don’t go to such places. So essentially. The work of the Holy Spirit in our lives is to form a foundation. I still have many things to say to you but you cannot bear them now. Can you imagine how much the Lord would want to tell you now. Why? So that you won’t abuse it and eventually loose it. Say aloud: CAPACITY. you need your pastor more closely. I told him I was going to grand regency hotel and he asked me. The increase is on the inside. Say aloud: The law of capacity. The word bear is the word basis meaning the foundation of a thing. It’s not just tongues. your spirit should increase. You need the wisdom of heaven more closely. When you get five million. Your pastor isn’t interested in 5 million. There are also some people.John 16:12 Jesus said. Your heart should enlarge. and a basis whereby we can be enlarged enough to begin to receive every kingdom truth that God has for us. a bit more is given. lengthen. he wasn’t born but just come complete. if they had three million in their bank account today. why? Because when you increase. The problem is not with Jesus. there are some things that hadn’t developed within him. he couldn’t see himself in Grand Regency. you are limited because you are not increasing. One day. he come complete. strengthen enlarge. When Adam come on the face of the earth. Stretch. There are people whom if God increased their blessing in any way. Essentially. they wouldn’t come to church any more but would rather be at home in front of the telly with a remote control. Jesus went ahead and begun to talk about the Holy Ghost. The increase should be on the inside. direction and life.

Anything that is growing has vertical progress. God never releases any grown up on the face of the earth. then I will loose the whole piece. But it doesn’t all come at once. Say aloud: The law of progress. You must have vertical progress. he is now a pastor. then the ear. by Him were all things made and without Him. then the full corn in the ear. If you are making M. then the ear. and you who begun to seek after also develop the thinking processes of a husband and not a boyfriend and you can now both settle down and devour the elephant piece by piece. When you get the little. first the blade. you began growing taller and taller and there was increase. Say aloud: That is vertical progress. Mark 4:26 says when you sow a seed in the ground. Jesus said if you are faithful in little. first the blade. But if it works in your life. Isaiah 28:13 says and the doctrine shall come line upon line. That’s why. Anything that is not progressing and growing doesn’t have the touch of God in it. then it can’t work between you and your wife. there is also Horizontal progress. Foundations are laid then you place a line on another line. her thinking processes are those of a wife.and perfection comes out of a choice. Jesus was the maker of heaven and earth. where the bible says first in Jerusalem then in Judea then to the utter most parts of the earth. it will work wife and soon in your entire family. when you are born. We cannot redeem Kenya if our own families are in trouble. he will make you ruler over ten cities. but puts them as a small seed in someone’s womb and causes them to grow. The same way. God increases you to the next level. If you are faithful in little. But if you give me the whole piece yet I have never managed one piece. No she isn’t she is a baby because the bible says he that findeth a wife not a baby findeth a good thing. And the word grew in wisdom and stature and with favour with both God and man. In the beginning was the word and the word was with God. then the full corn in the ear. you grow into knowing how to manage. precept upon precept. That’s the law of progress. and virtually progress begins to take shape. It is the law of progress. Beyond vertical progress. he will make you ruler over much. harness and handle it.O. It is also wrong for you to pick a fourteen year old gal and say she is now my wife. This is so important that even Jesus the messiah had to be born. If you are faithful in five talents. you grow into purity. There is also something called concentric progress. He was the word yet the word had to be conceived. it’s wrong for people to come through the door and you crown them and say. was nothing made that was made. This means that if it’s not working in your life. So by the time you find her. When you are tempted over time and keep making the right choice. he failed “God and from that time on. But when Adam was accosted.U’s (memorandum of understandings) in your family that you are not .

a turbulent unblissful union becomes displaced. You cannot travel within and remain still without. You were never born with friends. It doesn’t go away because you said it one thousand times. it comes involuntarily from beneath in the form of a rebellion. The law of displacement is that every discovery you make in the word produces a recovery in your life. once is enough. Think about that. Say aloud: if you are still struggling with the same problem you had last year. The fourth law is the law of displacement. but you . bus fare. it eventually must bow and obey. Angels announced Him. but you were born with time. it was progress. It must be centered in Christ. to eventually appropriate what is yours. the wife begun to scream and say “In the name of Jesus” many times but the man of God tapped her and said sweetheart. If direction doesn’t come voluntarily from the top. in Judah and then before the nation. Ignorance. Don’t wait for your children to rebel. when that happened. invested it and got yourself some friends. A certain man of God was riding with his wife and along the way. wrong attitude and eventually you appropriate what is given and what Jesus died for. Anytime you see rebellion you know there is a place instruction was not given. If you are a baby or grown up son. Ask yourself “who is announcing me” It shows where you are. When you make a discovery in the area of health. direct them in the ways of God.intending to keep then how can you be in a position to administer the rule of God. rent etc). Every discovery produces displacement. Every time. it is position in the spirit that causes effect. When I made a discovery in the area of marriage. When Jesus was born. The law of progress and it will break your limitation. You should grow out of some things (e. You were never born with a car. You must be able to recognize if your inside has grown. Everything you will ever need was covered in redemption. and you used that time. First before his brethren. when He was baptized the Father announced Him. Mike Murdock said that everything you don’t have in your life is because you have been unwilling to trade your time for it. it’s not volume. sickness becomes displaced. Light must keep displacing darkness. You should be able to identify the things that indicate your growth.g. not confessing a thousand times until your tongue becomes a roller coaster NO! This is you getting to a place of understanding. You cannot be moving on the inside and the outside remains still. It is the light on your inside that must dispel the darkness within you. Not you using your will power or positive thinking. you are not growing. David was anointed three times. the car got out of control.

The land is yours by promise given to Abraham. sickness and poverty and you will get what’s rightfully yours under the covenant. borrow vessels from everywhere. The first time you try accosting with the word you will get two or three forms of counterattacks and still entertain poverty in your life. what shall I do for you. (You don’t borrow full vessels but empty ones) when you are come in. you need to be militant. Faith is triggered. But there is an enemy in the land so take the edge of the sword (the word) and accost the word against your traditions. but after sometime. And the creditor is coming to take my two sons away. Let Him teach you the principals of winning the war and you will displace the enemy. bring me another vessel but he said to her. Demanding what’s yours by right and being ruthless in that situation because they said they killed even the women and children. there is not another vessel so the oil seized. tell me what do you have in your house she said. from all your neighbours’ empty vessels. Use time. Say aloud: I must be militant and stop being nice. show you how to hold the sword and how to position yourself effectively for war. shut the door behind you and your sons then pour it all into those vessels. you get skilled. The ministry of a Pastor is the ministry of grace and favour because you walk to the Egyptian and he delivers what he has but the ministry of Joshua isn’t that one of walking to your enemy and saying own up NO! It is the ministry of militancy. displace darkness. It is the expectation that the oil will flow into this vessel that continues to trigger faith and the oil continues to flow. your servant my husband is dead and you know that your servant feared the Lord. So she went from him. So anything you don’t have is because you are unwilling to invest time to get it. So Elisha said to her. did as she was told. 2nd Kings 4:1 A certain woman of the sons of the prophet cried to Elisha saying. He didn’t prevent the oil from flowing. Joshua took the land by the Edge of the sword. It is not God who was in charge of the oil flowing. go. Moses was a shepherd and Moses was a Soldier. Then he said. This was a man of God who feared the prophets but it did not prevent the creditors from coming to his house because the fear of God will not take poverty away from you. she said to her son. Let the Holy Ghost train you. ignorance. your maid servant has nothing in the house but a jar of oil.invested time n a job that gave you money and you bought a car. This is called the law of expectation. it is the lack of a vessel that caused faith to stop. limitations and those other discouragements. As long as there is another vessel to pour the oil in. se aside the full ones. And it come to pass when the vessels were full. Why? The land is ours by promise to Abraham our father. To enter your possession. that caused the oil to stop .

Someone once said. “Why do you lay hands on people?” It is to trigger expectation that in turn triggers faith which produces. everyone was sent out of the room thus triggering expectation in the hearts of the people around there. remove the stone and thus triggering expectation. “Why does he arrive at the gate called beautiful and sees this man who asks for money and he says to him. Faith is dependant on a contact or a trigger and that trigger is what causes the oil to flow. Faith is resident but it must be triggered and it totally puts down the barriers. when they got there. when you pray for rain. there is no longer a struggle in the Spirit. Every resource has been commanded to center where the need is. These are all laws that have worked for me.flowing. Faith must always have a point of contact. make sure you carry your umbrella. the fish and bread. displacement. Why do you think Jesus used to put mad on blind peoples eyes? It was essentially to trigger expectation. progress and that of expectation when.” I then go to my wife. Example. Knowing fully well I have no money in hand. You must walk away from a news clip with your spirit intact. Christ told him to only believe. the laws of capacity. This act of faith begins to trigger my expectation as every system within me begins to say “This man is flying soon. The problem is that our society is full of situations that kill expectation. Another example is Jarius daughter. followed and continued consistently will send limitation out of your life. Therefore. it will get you out of any situation you may be in. all Jesus said to them was don’t worry. understood. I go ahead to book. when the servant brought back the report that his daughter was dead. look on us?” It was to change his focus to trigger expectation. Faith was born in that place. expectation begins to be triggered within you. show her a draft copy of flight detail itinerary attached with the actual price and she immediately gets into agreement with me and when the time comes. If you come into my office and I say to you that I have been thinking about you and I then begin to remove my cheque book. If you give full attention to the above laws. When I know that I will be traveling abroad and yet have no money within me. there was something to trigger expectation when Jesus asked his disciples to make the people sit down. Any miracle in the bible had something that triggered expectation. Another thing that can kill expectation is news. . if you are not careful how you watch news on television. I begin visiting the travel agent. it can destroy or affect you. checking different airlines and flight details. In the case of Lazarus when he leant that he had been dead four days and that he stinketh.

and they more or less fall back into memories and begin to form pictures of disaster and failure. Not about Jesus raising the widow but about Jesus raising Lazarus. The secret of capacity is to continually wash yourself with desire. Not penetration. They stop dreaming. That one day. we are going back to the beginning. To continually dream and this is one thing people seize to do when they are in trouble. but about breaking through. To the time when man was not limited. my co-wife will stop deriding me (as in the story of Hannah and Peninah and also Elizabeth). is the story of breaking limitation. In John 16:12 Jesus said I have yet many things to tell you but you cannot bear them now. maybe I will also deliver. But one . shame will be lifted from my life. going through the wilderness and entering into their promised land. getting out of Egypt. and makes you open spaces and pioneer into new realms etc. I have shared before line upon line on how the four laws are going to help you to breakthrough. before us is the Garden of Eden and behind us is desolation. maybe the Lord will visit me. The greatest tool of capacity is FAITH. The story of Israel coming out of captivity. there is no second Adam and you are either finding expression in the first (the man of the flesh) or the last Adam (the life giving Spirit). one day. When we talk about capacity. It is the power of desire.Let us closely examine why the laws I speak of sometimes fail to work in the lives of some people. Our future is bright. Please not that there are only two Adams. There must be a deep sitted desire if our capacity is going to increase that’s whey the bible says “Sing oh barren” and we all know that the dream of the barren woman is that one day. The bible says. Remember that the only thing that is standing between you and your breakthrough is your capacity. about the kind of place God brings you and it is evident that the hand of the Lord has visited you. That is what keeps pushing you forward. one day. Most of the champions of scripture come from women who were barren. One thing that I believe is so strong in the heart of a barren woman is that the contact cry and desire to eventually arrive at the place where she bears children is finally realized. The secret behind capacity is thirsting and hungering. The kind of miracle where you cannot doubt beyond a shadow of doubt that something supernatural has taken place. when the mind of God was free on the face of the earth. one day maybe I will also have the pleasure of carrying a child in my womb. The reason he says ‘now’ is because there is something you can do about your situation and finally get to a place where you are able to bear the matter He would want to release to you. we essentially are talking about the heart. back to how it was.

we moved in using borrowed chairs from a lady by the name of mama jimmy who attached very strict instructions and penalties including threats to the chairs she lent us. he obeyed. and the desire of Jehovah consumed him. the sermon of Stephen. somewhere underground and most of the time while I was preaching there would be some rats running up on the lintels behind me but we kept desiring a better place. Then there is Horizontal growth. Remember in the law of progress. Then there is concentric growth where we have first in Jerusalem. no history carried on because he didn’t have a predecessor or a successor to follow in his footsteps. you must begin to desire something better. And it was so strong on the inside of him that he offered his son as a sacrifice regardless of the consequences that come by a man not having a child. then Judea and then the outer most parts of the earth. When God called him. That constant desire that burns within you. that’s line upon line and precept upon precept. focus and constantly desire a better place. that’s the power of hunger. So it is eminent and apparent that we must increase if God is to drive them out. If for example you want to increase financially or materially or at the level of the physical. No name in society. God said that He would not drive them out until they increased. But we kept desiring a better more useful. which is called vertical growth. In that Polytheistic society. how we have linear progress where the bible says first the blade then the ear then the full corn in the ear. we were meeting in a place called auto café.thing that will take you out of a disaster and out of any situation is your ability to dream. The bible says but now wherein God is not ashamed. Speaking about Abraham. no genealogy. That’s the power of desire. but a time come and God commanded us to come into town. The key behind your increase and your drive is your desire. This assignment begun all the way out of town in the reform churches of East Africa. When we come into town. totally unknown. it also says that if they were mindful of the country in which they come from. more advantageous and more reliable place. . we begun by clearing up this room because it was previously being used as a sort of storage area. there come Jehovah. they would have had an opportunity to return. the bible says he sojourned in the land of promise for he looked for a city that had foundations whose builder and maker was God. he says the Lord of glory appeared unto Abraham. maybe you are limited in a certain sense. According to Acts 7. When we finished. You must begin to desire an increase in your income. When we come here in April of 2000. where they used to worship many God’s. You must realize that you must begin to desire something better and better.

You remain the same for the next five years except for the books you read and the tapes you here. The proof of desire is pursuit. These are the dynamics of capacity.” Real personal development is where man centers on God’s word. Psalms 27:4 says. The bible says. Don’t entertain strife. The bible says. you must remain focused. . the emphasis is usually on the mental and the physical. We have been able to break through in our own house concerning rent and food budgets. and he keeps pursuing books. Today. The prayer of Solomon was “Enlarge my heart oh God. but when it comes to progress. The greatest blessing if you look through scripture is to have an enlarged heart. unforgiveness. hungering and looking to God. The enemy of capacity is anything that steals your hunger and passion e. What is your pursuit? What capacity are you seeking to enlarge? I was talking to a man called Joshua who comes to this assignment the other day and told him “Joshua.g. my second name was arrears. Now I am happy to tell you that there are no more arrears in my life and that they are falling off every other day. that talk about wealth covenant. Many at times. bitterness. he is seeking and searching and attending conferences. Strife is a killer. The secret of the law of progress is focus. Nowadays when someone talks about personal development. Because it is his hunger that will eventually cause capacity to grow within him and cause a breakthrough.There was a time. The secret of capacity is hunger and thirst. man is spirit and he desires to expand his spirit. we can easily tell the capacity that is going to increase in your life by studying the pursuits that we can keep seeing around you. There were times when we had to constantly be in faith for that but we kept desiring and dreaming. it will never focus on the spiritual. Abraham and Lot never had strife until their herds had increased. God is spirit. and the friendships you heap round about you. that’s a man who will very so break through in that area in terms of capacity. strife will appear because of status and material wealth. I had arrears everywhere and it looked like it was a permanent fixture in my life and like it was never going to change but we kept desiring. blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness. one thing have I desired and that will I seek after. I think we have a counterfeit to personal development. The thing that steals your energy the most is strife. The second pint is the law of progress. the path of the just is like the light of dawn that shines brighter and brighter until the fullness of day. If you see a man buying tapes that talk about faith and financial covenant. dreaming. after right standing with God for they shall be filled.

How you approach issues. The level of comfort was in the free food. it forces Him to take you through the wilderness so that He can take Egypt out of you. One is a physical thing while the other a mental or spiritual or intangible thing. They are things that limit us. the mind will not change. and look at what God has done in their lives. Coming out of Egypt is physical. there must be spirit and soul. So even when there has been progress but you compare yourself with your neighbour. then the full corn in the ear. and you don’t move forward because you are ever comparing yourself and asking “Lord why are we in the wilderness. Change of perception. That’s why Romans 12 begins by saying. they were still slaves. approach and methodology. These are enemies of breakthrough. Though there were free things there. anytime you compare. T. But there has to be deadly focus. Why was there murmuring in the wilderness. We had a professor who used to tell us it is one thing to get you out of the village into campus and yet another one to get the village out of you. why did you take us out of Egypt. D. they are things that constantly make sure you remain in the same spot. Egypt had a level of comfort. then in essence. yet it was the land of bondage. we are not wise if we compare ourselves among ourselves. If the body is not being affected. These are enemies and things that come and they limit us. What you should ask the Lord is “What is the reason for bringing us here?” or “What is the lesson of the day?” Because with God. I once heard Creflo dollar say. God delivered them out. some of the things that hinder progress are things like comparison 2nd Corinthians 10:12 says. So of necessity. You even begin to detest it and look down upon it and say what is this among so many. first the blade. we dedicate our bodies as living sacrifices. did you brought us here to die?” These are not the questions you should ask Him. Verse 2 talks about our minds being transformed. you be-little. took them through the wilderness because it’s one thing for Him to take you out of Egypt and another thing for Him to get Egypt out of you. We must have a change of mind. you have come out in body but if it’s going to be complete.The Law of Progress says little by little. you begin to be little the much God has done in your life. a change of thinking. there is always a lesson and every moment is a moment to pass truth. Jakes says you can learn a lot from an . because they kept comparing it with Egypt. You then begin to murmur and complain. Then if focus is the secret of progress. the kind that will at times appear to be unreasonable. then the ear.

THE KEY BEHIND PROGRESS IS FORWARD MOVEMENT. When we don’t know how to discern other graces. It will be hard to remain focused. the bible says. That’s why. now you need to come out of this comfort and move on. Look at the words Progress and aggress. Isaiah 40 begins by saying comfort ye my people. we remain in limitations sometimes because we use age to gauge things.advert because God can use a lot to teach you. not realizing that David had a different grace on his life. even that becomes the killer. the fight of faith is a fight of focus. Myles Munroe says comfort is the killer of capacity. she thinks she should be where the other should be. it begins to put a spanner on the work and the law of progress doesn’t work. When the year 2000 was dawning and we were coming from one millennium to another. indicating God believes in comfort. it means you are going ahead and ahead and there is always a place called forward. You can also Regress (going backwards) or digress (going sideways). In the story of Martha and Mary. 2nd Corinthians 10:12 says we are not wise if we compare ourselves. Eliab had a problem with David. These are strong words. it is a good fight and secondly it’s the only one God calls us to fight and essentially. It’s time to move forward. How to remain in the supernatural on the word of God and not to leave and come in the realm of the sensual and to observe the wind and the storm. Secondly. because the issue with the new millennium is that there will be quite a number of alternatives that you can follow. and you never think about forward and where God can take you and if God tells you. The greatest test in the Christian faith is Focus. But how does one remain focused seated in heavenly places and not allow themselves to be tempted and to think you are an earthly being having a spiritual . That is the Christian walk. you are unable to and have become like Peter who wanted to build a tabernacle on the mount of Olives and remain in that could of glory. don’t you care that my sister is not helping?” One of the reasons why we continually stay in limitation is because at times we don’t begin to discern the gracing that is on different lives. The only fight the Christian has been called to fight is the good fight of faith. the Christian walk is about FOCUS. For example. You can also say that comfort zones are the killers of destiny. but when you get into a comfort zone and begin to think that this is all that God was preparing you for and forget the burden of the Lord. Essentially. But when you progress. fight the good fight of faith. One. Martha says “Lord. Martha’s gracing may not have been Mary’s gracing but because she compares herself with the other. God spoke to my heart and said “The retainment of focus is going to be the mother of all battles.

restlessness etc. And the Amorites forced the children of Dan into the mountain. And they would not allow them to come down into the valley. The word Amorite means talkativeness. You don’t fight error by telling them this is error. How do you raise up children? Not by constantly telling them what not to do. (Judges 1:21) says: and the children of Benjamin did not drive out the Jebusites. The key to displacement is militancy. He tried to get him to bow down and worship him and that he would in turn be given the kingdoms of the world. You must be hungry for capacity. just bring in the truth. Verse 29 neither did Ephraim drive out the Canaanites. the Lord was with them. That’s why Daniel means the judgment of God. So you arrive at a place where restlessness and talkativeness drives the judgments of God into limitation and you never get to execute righteous Judgment as God would have you do.experience when the opposite is true. How do you displace bad habit from your life? But bringing in good habits. Verse 27 neither did Manasseh drive out the inhabitants of Bethesda. yet the hand of the house of Joseph prevailed so that they become subjects of forced labour. The greatest challenge to displacement is compromise. but . But Jesus said not. Wherever you see error. Jesus finally said to him. The greatest enemy of displacement is compromise. Neither did Zebulon drive out the inhabitants of Kitron. Every law has a key and all those keys work together ensinque. It is essentially a battle of focus and the more you remain focused. Neither did Asher drive out the inhabitants of Accho. How do you confront heretic teaching and error in the church? By teaching the truth. You become more aware of the physical around you and begin to limit yourself instead of knowing you are a spiritual person and there are dimensions that you can tap into and they will take you through. The word Dan means to judge. “Depart from me!” Compromise is out there every day. Let’s revise a little about the Law of displacement. Verse 35 But the Amorites would dwell in the mount Heres in Aijalon and in shaaloim. I am not up for sale. that you are a spiritual being having an earthly experience. it is the law of displacement. you must be militant. the more you go and you cross over and enter into the place that the Lord has for you. Satan was looking for the price of Jesus. How does darkness fly out of the room? By introducing light. And the house of Joseph also went up against Bethel. You must be aggressive. focused for progress but when it comes to displacement. But on the last temptation. In Mathew 4. Verse 33 neither did Nathalie drive out the inhabitants of Bethshemesh. And the border of the Amorites was from the going up to Akrabbim from the rock upward.

you are actually attacking your integrity of heart. How do you open up youths and young people to God? By placing a vision before them. The only person the bible kind of gives a leeway is Eve. The bible says that David let the people with integrity of heart and skillfulness of hands (Psalms 72). Holiness is swimming against the tide or it is like going against the grain. when this truth comes in and the light comes in. I doubt if one morning you will ever wake up and hear Satan tell you today you must go and tithe. I used to hear Ed Cole say that sin is contagious. a little constantly telling them what to do. because sin is a choice of compromise.g. the entire territory is taken for God because of the introduction of light.g. I fell into sin.. a habit of laziness and you decide the only thing that will kick this laziness out is to begin a programme of discipline. leaveneth the whole ………. you cannot displace the habit. this time. So if you are compromising integrity of heart. You must take care of compromise it is a deadly thing. it dispels darkness. there is always something coming against that spirit of tithing or giving or helping. along the way. Remember the secret of displacement is militancy. Creflo Dollar recently said that many people speak and say. before long. Give them a course to live for and they shall die for it. So you endeavour to displace it. During. and one of those days e. if you compromise. Oh. It’s always a choice. Nobody falls into sin. it means you are arriving at a place where you will begin to loose the ability to feed. she was deceived. But the gentleman walked in with both eyes into the trap and he knew exactly what he was doing. now the negative begins to displace the positive. That’s why you must be aggressive. but Holiness is a choice because. Any position you don’t accost and militantly confront will eventually lead to you compromising. So. and you may be wanting to displace e. Waking up daily and making up your mind that this is the way am going to go. In fact. there will come seasons of compromise and offers to get you to compromise. The enemy is a compromising spirit and compromise continues to grow and that’s why the serpent in Genesis 3 becomes a dragon in revelations. No! You walked into sin. not by trying to patronize them. That’s holiness. When you compromise your position. nourish and cherish as the bible so desires. a still small voice will whisper to you with suggestions not to wake up and that you can do it differently and in that moment. the bible says. But in the process of possession. So before long. the bible says. Let’s revisit the four laws again: .

how often they provoked Him in the wilderness and grieved Him in the desert. worry. imaginations and positions begun to develop in that environment. The word limited here is the word (mark out. the first person who just says the wrong thing if captured by the enemy and on being interrogated happens to say that he can’t go through with the it because of the situation and the pressure being brought about by it. Where the tongue is the scriber and the writer is you. why did he bring us out to die. and how they thought God is unfair and kept murmuring and complaining with the words of their lips. immediately. to scratch done by a scriber). describe. They limited God by their speech. So when they limited the Holy one of Israel. . Yes they turned back and tested God and limited the Holy one of Israel.Keys: a) etc b) c) d) The law of capacity The law of progress The law of displacement Hunger Focus Militancy Enemies: strife. by your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned. so the image created is that of death and it begins to flow in the congregation. I was reading a book about the army and there was a man who was saying that in any situation of intense pressure. & double-mindedness Look at Psalms 78:40 Yeh. Psalms 45:10 says: My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. Can God really take us out. Mathew 12: 34 – 37 says. that statement spreads like wild fire in the rest of the camp because words paint pictures and God is a very pictorial God. to set a mark. fear. they kept saying things like how they want to die. That’s where we get the words inscribed. Proverbs 6:2 says thou art ensnared with the words of your lips. jealousy comparison compromise The law of expectation Faith and Image Doubt. to scribble. and subscribe. the word tongue and writer come from the word scribe. they actually said things and when they said things. prescribe.

Psalms 78:42 says They remembered not His hand, not the day he delivered them from the enemy. This is a strong case of ingratitude. Be careful of people who are always down playing blessings in their lives. God has come through for them but they are never ever able to say that God come through. For example, you will always ask them “How are you?” and their response will be downplayed with phrases like “Not bad, but…” So if it’s not bad, why then can’t they respond and say good. Why can’t they ever begin on the positive. Beware of people who never ever give God the glory and credit. They are called malignant complainers, chronic murmurous. Even if God visits them with one million today, they would still find reason to complain making statements like “Now what can this one do, it will get finished right now, because I have to tithe etc.. They lean more on the negative than on the positive. “How does one limit God” One of the most common ways of limiting God is through the words of your mouth, your speech. Example, if you are believing god for say a tender for ten thousand shillings and God brings along one for six thousand, instead of being in thanksgiving, you begin saying “Now what will this one do, I was believing for ten thousand not six thousand, this one can’t help me now” No, that’s the wrong attitude. Begin first by thanking Him for the one of six thousand then the one you really want will come along. Thank Him for the lunch you have eaten and the dinner you don’t have will show up. Thank him that you have life most importantly. I believe the only person who gave one hundred percent of Himself was Jesus Christ. He went to the cross, naked, ashamed, poor, cold, and died. He gave His ALL. So at any given point, you are better than somebody somewhere, and must always maintain a grateful attitude. One day coming up the stairs into my office, I met with a man who had on slippers that were not even of the same colour. I begun to thank the Lord and realized that I will always have something that I can always thank God for. Because somebody somewhere is believing Him for what you have. Mike Murdock said, “If you insist on taking something God never gave you, He will take back the think that he gave you.” If you insist on touching the tree which He said you shouldn’t touch, He will take back the whole garden. If you insist on sleeping with someone else’s wife, He will take back the domain that He put in your life. If you insist on touching the tithe which He said belongs to Him, he will take back the ninety percent which He gave to you. So you must remember to always be grateful and know that there is something God preserves for Himself and there are times I might not be able to understand the entire picture. Stay focused and faithful.

Do you realize the grace on Miriam was to lead the nation in praise and worship. The only place God didn’t want her to touch was leadership and the place of Moses. And when she insisted on touching what God had given her, God even took that which He had given to her. Do you realize that David had the kingdom but when he took Uriah’s wife, God took the kingdom away. Small test but at times huge doors swing on those tests. They remembered neither His hand nor the day He delivered them from the enemy. Psalms 78:55 says He cast out the nation also before them divide them an inheritance by line, made the tribe of Israel to dwell in their tents, yet they tested and provoked the most High and kept not his testimonies. They turned back and dealt unfaithfully like their fathers, they were turned aside like a deceitful bow. Concerning Psalms 1, a thought struck me, two men, two destinies. “Blessed is the man who doesn’t walk in the council of the ungodly, nor sitteth in the sit of the scornful, nor stand in the way of sinners.” Don’t keep company with people who are always mocking and downplaying other people’s things saying e.g. “That’s not even good, it’s not even nice, she’s not even smart, look at her hair, it’s not well kempt” etc. Don’t have sour grapes in your mouth all the time, for once, say something nice about somebody. Don’t become like a deceitful bow, don’t provoke him to anger. Remove those high places; get to a place of blessing God. Envy, jealousy are in the church. When someone is blessed, people begin murmuring wondering if there are some tricks you play behind the scenes. That’s the wrong attitude; he could be just blessed of God. Don’t scorn or downplay what God is doing, don’t stand in the way of sinners. To sin means to miss the mark. In life, you need a person who can defend you in your absence. Come to a place where you begin to appreciate God. See the good in people and God will raise you, and you will break limitations. Rejoice with those who rejoice. When someone has had a genuine breakthrough from God, go and visit them and give them more breakthrough. Tell them “I hear the Lord has visited you and I have come to add my own blessing to you.” Not to constitute with others and begin to remove all the mistakes from his breakthrough. The enemies of capacity are issues that eat up the heart. Take care of them. The secret of capacity is hunger. The enemy of progress is comparison but its secret is focus. The enemy of displacement is compromise while its secret is militancy. The enemy of expectation is doubt, unbelief, double mindedness, while its secret is faith, image and words. You limit God through the words of your mouth. Anytime you

get into ingratitude, you are limiting him. Why isn’t there progress in the wilderness, because you compare Egypt and your present position. Your future is not in your past. Your future is ahead of you. How to Activate the Limitless Dimension: One of the most effective and easiest ways of witnessing is not to go and bombard people with scripture but to be like the Samaritan woman who told people how Jesus changed her life. If you can share how your life has been changed, if you can say this is how I was, this is what I have been through and this is what the Lord has done for me that is the word made flesh. Many people cannot relate to the word because hitherto it, it has been presented badly in the name of religion. It has been presented as a forced lifestyle, or as a way of coming out of reality and having your head in the cloud and very many people cannot relate to that. But when they see you, who as a normal human being, who pays your rent, has a wife and children and even uses the toilet and brushes your teeth, they begin to see that you are a normal person, just like them and are coming in the name of the Lord and letting your life be an open book. Now telling them what Christ has done for you will be received as they begin to relate to you more closely and see that you can identify with them on a closer level. That’s why Philip says show us the Father and it shall suffice us, Jesus said “Have I been with you so long yet you have no understanding. If you have seen me, you have seen the father.” The bible says in 1st Corinthians 6, that he that is joined to the Lord is one Spirit with the Lord. When they see you, they should see Jesus. AMEN!! In the book of John, some Greeks came and asked Philip and Andrew, we want to see Jesus. I get amazed at Jesus because He immediately went into a lesson in Agriculture and he answered and said, “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone. But if it dies, it brings forth much fruit. But this, He was saying that right now, the only person you can see, who I am representing is the Father. That’s what you can see, but if you want to see Jesus, wait until I die, go into the grave, resurrect and then take my sacrifice unto the Father, wait until I present myself as the perfect lamb before God and I redeem mankind and now you can see me in my sons, on the finished work of Calvary. When they see you, they should see Jesus. On the platform of the finished work of Christ, I have been speaking previously on how to break limitation; I have said earlier that there is nothing left for God to do again. When God gave Jesus, He gave His best. When God gave the Holy Ghost, He gave His all and he has given us His word. You can’t give what you don’t have. You can only give

And the Lord said unto him. fire but the Lord was not in the fire and after the fire.what you have. return your way to the wilderness of Damascus and when you come. am left and they seek my life to take It away. And it was so when Elijah heard it. I have been very jealous for the Lord God of hosts. And after the wind an earthquake but the lord was not in the earthquake and after the earthquake. stand upon the mount of the Lord and behold the Lord passed by and a great and strong wind run the mountain. let me I pray thee kiss my father and mother then I will follow you and he said unto him. “What are you doing here Elijah?” And he said. thrown down your alters. And He said. . 1st Kings 19:9 And he come hither to a cave and lodged there and behold the word of the Lord come unto him and said unto him what are you doing here Elijah and he said I have been very jealous for the Lord God of hosts for the children of Israel have forsaken your covenant. broke in pieces the rocks before the Lord but the Lord was not in the wind. anoint Heziel to be King over Assyria and Jehu the son of Nimshi you shall anoint to be king over Israel and Elisha the son of Sephat of Abelmeholah shall you anoint prophet in your room and it shall come to pass he who escapes the sword of Hezel shall Jehu slay and he who escapes the sword of Jehu shall Elisha slay. go. slain your prophets with the sword and even I only me am left and they seek my life two take it away. that he wrapped his face in his mantle and went out and stood in the entering in of the cave and behold there come a voice unto him and said. Then he arose and went after Elijah and ministered unto Him. Silver and gold have I none but such as I have give I unto you and eventually it shall be proven what you have and what you carry. Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel all knees which have not bowed down to Baal and every mouth which has not kissed him. because the children of Israel have forsaken your covenant. the son of Sephat who was ploughing with 12 York of Oxen before him and with the twelve and Elijah passed by and he cast his mantle upon him and he left the oxen and run after Elijah and said. thrown down your alters and slain your prophets with the sword and I only me. Go forth. a still small voice. So he departed thence and found Elisha. go back for what have I done to you and he returned back from him and took a York of Oxen and slew them and boiled their flesh with the instruments of the oxen and gave them unto the people and they did eat.

He has never eaten so you can’t impress him with not eating. you are my servant come. God never talked to Elijah about his problems. what’s all the intercession that’s going on in you. why are you crying. But God never talked because God always moves with the presupposition that whatever he has decked you with. Say aloud: God is not problem conscious. I saw you when you poured the alter with water. what do you have in your hand? God is asking us. Stand up. Never go to God and talk to Him about the mountains. For example in a chess or checkers game. you can’t make two moves at the same time. come. stretch the rod and divide it yourself. Say aloud: It’s your turn. GOD MOVED 2000 YEARS AGO!! He made His statement and moved. He never sleeps nor slumbers. look at my eyes. Just in the same way. Now the only other person who should move is you. Neither has he slept so you can’t tell Him I have been awake in Kesha. Limitations are in our lives because we are waiting on God to move and He moved two thousand years ago. You would think that God should comfort Elijah and say. Scriptures like you shall be above only and not beneath can be a great stumbling to people. Moses. The mountain is your responsibility. it would mean. the curse was lifted. I saw you. you are a great man. The mountain is your responsibility. what is available to you because that’s what He wants to use. In today’s language. There are things that move and activate God and those are the things He want you to tap into. then God comes and gets him out and says to him. what do you have in your hand. Mark Hankins says if you know what is on the other side of a mountain you will move it. I saw you. and the works of the evil one were destroyed. The camp of the enemy was blown asunder yet we still sing songs like “We are going to the . wake up. Jesus died on the cross. what are you crying about. the word of God almost at times can stumble you badly. God never talked to Adam about the serpent in the garden. What’s all the fasting about? Now am not be-littling fasting. armed you with or equipped you with is enough to handle everything that comes against you. you did well. but fasting doesn’t change God. paid the price. It’s not God’s Moses comes before the red sea and cries before God in anguish and hides behind a bush. he is the same before during and after you fast. Now we are trying to bring an illegal rule to the game. Because their experience has always suggested they are below. As a matter of fact. come. It is illegal. I saw you when you were bending with your head between your knees.God never talked to Elijah about Jezebel yet Elijah was running away from her. Say aloud God does not respect your experience. I saw you when you killed the prophets of Baal.

I asked him what then they preach. healing is not even God’s perfect potion but that Health is God’s perfect potion. are you or are not the man for the job. That’s why I talk about militancy and displacement. If you are not the man for the job. In the entire gospels. but faith in the name of the Lord Jesus which this man has exercised has made him whole. . Men and brethren don’t look at us as though we are some strange kind of gods. concerning healing. sometime and he told me that he didn’t know of 1 to 3 pastors above age 50 who weren’t on 1-3 or even more subscription medicine. Are you going to go before God with your complaining or eventually stand up for your responsibility? The buck stops with you! It is not God’s responsibility anymore.K. he was more into prevention than cure. let him call for the elders of the church. He says to him. Elijah had done what God asked him to do then Jezebel speaks and fear grips his heart and he runs away from what God commanded him to do.” It was always your faith has healed you. this and don’t touch that etc…) He was more into prevention because it is presupposed that they were healthy. commissioned and anointed. can’t you see) But God doesn’t have time to listen to all that. And he camps into a cave and all that is coming out of him is complain. the bible says. there was no one feeble among them. don’t eat. get out of the way and let someone else do the job. All God is waiting for is someone to arise and walk into what Jesus died for. they will come with oil and anoint him and the prayer of faith will heal them. He also gave them clinical laws (this is how you do things. Because we have representatives on the face of the earth. Because when God was with His church in the wilderness. He gave them health laws and dietary laws. In fact. your people are breaking this and doing that. Not one. The creator of the universe abides in them. who he has empowered. they are so empowered that the Holy Spirit dwells within them. The bible says. Don’t they preach the full gospel? Say aloud: It’s my turn. For example. For someone to arise and say. self pity.enemy’s camp to take back what he stole from us!” The problem now begins because Jesus already destroyed the enemy’s camp so where are you going to? He already destroyed the enemy’s camps and either he did a good job or never did anything at all. It is no longer his responsibility. Lord. I don’t see one man whom Jesus said to “My faith has healed you. So don’t expect Him to do anything about your situation unless you yourself do something about it. murmuring (I am the only one who has remained. is anyone among you sick. I was with a man of God in the U. God is waiting on me.

English is a combination of words. you have it now but it won’t last. But the unfortunate thing is that many of us have this sin consciousness and guilt of I am not worthy to receive anything from God. And Ex means out of. and went up. do you think you can marry your fiancée. Jesus died.. so that through His poverty. he will always keep you running. The bible says let them continually shout for joy.K. I went home and found how my small boy had taken a very expensive toy which was bought in the U. To expand. Each of us today has an invitation from God and it’s like a mantle is being thrown on us.g. He is waiting for somebody to arise and walk in it. now do you think it will last. Each of us today is receiving a spiritual invitation to step out of something. do you think you merit getting it and when you overcome that he say. when you conquer that he says. He come. unbelief. When those seeds take place in your heart. he took a mantle and threw it upon Elisha. you must walk away from some things and that involves sacrifice and decision. So after you conquer. get out of the way and anoint Elisha and the bible says. it was a call for expansion. I told you that we work against ourselves and thus kill ourselves. limiting situations and environments but the greatest of all those things are mentalities. comes down to pick it up and he repeated this until finally the toy scattered into pieces. to step out of the norm. You can only enjoy it for sometime. how many were like you and where are they now. there are some things you must walk away from. Some of those things are ignorance. To build capacity. for enlargement. The other day. let them continually say the Lord be magnified who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant. Jesus died. doubt. you might be Rich. threw his mantle on Elisha. ok.Though Christ was rich for your sakes he was made poor. He is seated with the Father and everything He died for is available for somebody to arise and walk in it. God told Elijah. he may say. When I come through the door he still runs to meet me. This means He has displeasure in the poverty of His servant. look all around you. Recently. . He is seated with the Father and everything he died for. he arose and ascended. We are all receiving an invitation. The word mantle means to expand. I am a sinner and Satan uses it to strengthen. you kill your marriage completely. You don’t just walk away from them but kill them. He has already done what he needs to do about it. a call to get out of limitation. But he still ate food in my house. a call to walk in fullness of destiny. So God is not coming to do anything about that state. dropped it all the way down. He didn’t stop being my son. well you merit it but not now and when you overcome that he says. he arose and ascended into heaven. Three things Satan will try to deceive you with are. E.

I dare you. Can you see Peter stand up on the day of Pentecost and say. Jesus was telling Peter I dare you to overcome. No. this is a new man. You have just killed your oxen and sacrificed e. I dare you to talk in who you are. but I dare you to rise up. he is dead. I dare you to rise. Satan has desired to sift you like wheat but I dare you to come over and be victorious. what I couldn’t do because I was limited in Palestine my Spirit will come upon you and I dare you to go forth. Peter says no. shouldn’t He rebuke me first. It would be fire. Elisha goes and kills 12 oxen. Anytime God visits you. Because the word Lot actually means to veil. an environment a lot in your life etc. According to history. NO! He throws a mantle. It could be a habit or a practice. God always says. . sending them left right and center. if he wakes up in a bad mood. Anytime proposals come from heaven. Someone said. you don’t know what he can call down that particular day. uses the wood as firewood. killing them and bringing them out and Stephen who died. conquer your limitations and weaknesses and the things that have been stumbling you. Bad tempered. He doesn’t come and say: “Walk away from this. divide the inheritance among my people. He throws a mantle on you. he is gone. a mentality you have been playing around with. denied Him and said you don’t know Him three times. sin that easily besets you. According to history. when a prophet walks into your home. no. Elijah didn’t die immediately and between that time and the time he was carried up was ten years. Elisha was a melancholic prophet. Moses is dead. It could be a relationship. This one has risen in newness of life. He is laying something before you. a habit. Peter. Elisha was an older man than Elijah. there is a death and birth certificate. But Paul says No. he carried a death or birth certificate. that man is gone. I have defrauded no man. Hey Peter aren’t you the one a few days ago who betrayed Him. What Moses couldn’t do in 40 yrs you can do in three days. and issue in your life. Because there are things that must die and those that must be born. Paul says. cross this Jordan. But aren’t you the one who has been killing the church. walked away from your business. that man is dead. brethren. I dare you to come out on the other side and I dare you to be the man I created you to be. It’s a proposal.g. He says thou mighty man of valour! Honestly. his cloths were thrown at your feed. sacrifices them before the Lord and walks and serves Elijah. You killed the Lord. It is an ending but it’s a beginning. I dare you walk in the full sacrifice of Jesus Christ.there is something God is asking you to walk away from. But there is something specific He is asking of you and He does it graciously. your plans must change.

promotion or capacity building doesn’t automatically mean more in terms of status. Why should Jesus step from heaven and come on the earth. Have enough wives round about you running left right and center. then maybe this means that my status should increase in terms of more money. Solomon tried all that and he wrote the book of Ecclesiastes which is called the wisdom of the common man minus God. that doesn’t include the cloths we are wearing and we walk naked. more wives etc. For God so loved the world that HE GAVE. Why shouldn’t He have stayed in Heaven. But Pastor. another car. Why should I leave my status. it’s all about the inner development and enlargement of the heart. We remained still where we were. At times. You never left. He gave His all. it doesn’t look like expansion. But He was naked on the cross. ten years I am pouring hand on a man whom I don’t know if he will call down fire the next moment. position. And many of us think that if I am going to be promoted or capacity is going to build up within me. shall Elisha kill. 100% so that you can be redeemed. he who escapes the sword of Heziel. The dream of every man is to be like Solomon. Because even when we give our all. took on human flesh. why have you forsaken me. because you never took your place of obedience. Jesus was the only person who laid down His life one hundred percent in sacrifice. That is not what capacity building means. that I got it. But you are still digging so the enemies of the Lord are multiplied against you. walked through life and in a sense was limited. There is no one person who has ever given his or her all. hungry and even God looked away. All he was doing was to minister to him and to serve him. Why should Joseph step out of Potipha’s house and go to the prison. capacity must involve more in the physical?” Anytime a mantle is thrown on you. He stepped out of heaven. die on a cross and God think He should now give Him the throne. He who escapes the sword of Jehu shall Heziel kill. Jesus cried out my God my God. another house. Vanity of vanity. He said. He was thirsty. Look at what I have been able to put up and how I have been doing it. But God in His . there was a mantle that was thrown to you and you still kept digging with your oxen. The bible says. The bible says he made silver to be like stones in Jerusalem. The greatest blessing you can receive from God is a big heart because he that has a bountiful heart shall be blessed. “Why is it that we always think that promotion.The reason why things are not happening with many of us is because at one point. anything my heart desired. I sense in the spirit that there is a mantle being thrown out in the spirit and the reason why some of us have never been able to cross over Jordan’s is because there was a mantle thrown and we never picked it. size volume or magnitude. and all the kings of the earth come and brought treasures to him.

” Some of us have pre-judged ourselves. he casts out devils by Beelzebub. guys are in a boat. the man in the mirror. step out of the boat. Peter. it places a responsibility on the other disciples and if there is one thing people hate is responsibility. John and other disciples. People get scared when one marriage begins to work. A pastor can stand blameless and he can birth sons and deliver ministry baffles people and they begin to say that he is a freemason. neither the shame. You have to endure the cross. If only Judas had waited long enough he would have heard the words of Jesus “Father forgive them for they know not what they do. by considering what the word says: That for the joy that is set before you. We can make money and prosper the kingdom. When one man takes responsibility and steps out and says we can conquer this thing e. because we should fellowship together in our weaknesses. we had him blaspheming. Others are in self pity and we don’t ever think we can come across. You can’t fast it away or bind it away. am kicking off all the crutches you have been hanging on. Then Peter looks across and sees Jesus and says Master. Some people get afraid when such talk begins to come because responsibility comes back where it needs to be. Marriages will work.mercy has come full circle again. you have to despise the shame.g. People would love for us to have excuses like the blind man by the poolside who was asked if he would like to be made whole and he responded and said I have no man. God is saying. Focus on the joy don’t look at the cross. put a responsibility on the rest. why? Because the moment Peter gets one leg out of the boat and walks on the water. There is an opportunity being thrown to you today in the spirit. WHY? Because he simply stepped out and decided to be different. James and John tell him Peter. How do you do that. I have been waiting here and whenever I want to get into the pool another one goes before me. God is saying. I DARE YOU TO STEP OUT. dare you remove one leg out of this boat. he is a passing wind. let them know time has come for them to step out and walk on the water themselves. how He managed to go through all that He endured was that He set His heart on the joy set before Him. For thirtyeight whole years. James. Consider for a moment. a dare a challenge an invitation. do you know who the man in the mirror is? There is a storm. The key of Jesus. if it is you. he has called himself God. There is no assignment that doesn’t have a cross and the only thing to do about the cross is to endure it. a door. am kicking them out. There is also no assignment without shame. a mantle. Businesses will succeed. tell me to come. Africa can change. .

it may b rocky to begin with just like it was for Elisha. sickness. and somebody shows them you can get here. to erase from your memory that you ever denied the Lord and to face sinners and preach the gospel like there is no condemnation. But everyone wants to have an excuse why they can’t conquer. I am daring you like the apostle Paul even through you sword has shed many a blood. If you consider excuses. I am daring you to conquer disease. That is only done by the finger of God in your life. walk out of that boat. I am daring you like Peter. walked through it. someone was thrown in his cave. despise the storm that you will no doubt arrive at the person God meant you to be. an expansion that money cannot buy. dwells and abides in you and it will work. to stop thinking like Africans. and the chariots of Israel and he took the mantle and smote the Jordan. you won’t step out but you must step out. next to the place where he was buried and once the dead man touched Elisha’s bones. it didn’t mean a good bed or status and position or more in terms of magnitude and volume but he was in the center of God’s will an enlarged heart. If you consider all that I have said in this book. we saw that this year . kept the law. Like Gideon.Somebody once said: The same crowd that shouted Hosanna hosanna is the same crowd that shouted Crucify Him crucify Him! People get angry when standards are lifted. he resurrected. age or status. yet still died on a tree as one who didn’t keep the law and proved to humanity YOU CAN DO IT! People hate standards and hate role models who defy all odds and make it. How to break financial limitations: When 2005 begun. come across it because you have within you what it takes. What manner of man was this? You can’t buy that with twelve oxen. family situation. I am daring you to come beyond that marital situation. When he saw Elijah’s chariot go up to heaven. Jesus come in the old covenant. Stop discussing the issue and divide the red sea. because Jesus showed them that you can conquer. get out of the cave and rise up against the medianites. That’s why people don’t like Jesus. I challenge you and dare you. to stop thinking there is no hope. When Elisha died. that you can rise up and even have the audacity of receiving revelation and delivering the church of Jesus Christ two thirds of the new testament. You can’t do that with oxen. am daring you to rise and walk in what Jesus died for. because the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead. because I have gotten here. poverty. As we sat with the leaders of this assignment. business situation. he said my father my father. the Lord told me that the emphacy in the Spirit for the entire year is going to be to help His people break out financially.

And when God brought the people out. Redemption isn’t complete until the financial aspect is taken care of. the bible says that God never let them go empty handed. we will be running a million plus on a daily basis. then will you lift you your hands. begin some social projects.000 shs has passed through this assignment but by the time the year is ending. Now there are two ways of getting great substance. But how many of you know that at one time. and . So we are continuing with the ministry of Jesus Christ that is upon our lives. he brought them out with great substance. we want to break through and do the gospel of the kingdom and not leave it to the Indians. Which means praise and worship is not effective on an empty stomach and we have many empty stomached people worshiping God but they are not worshipping him right because it is not consistent. house the homeless and preach the word and say that the kingdom of God is at hand. he is telling us feed the hungry. and bless the Lord. There is no way your destiny or life is complete without financial deliverance. Why did I need favour you may ask? Because the money was not there. Redemption is not complete without the resources. I believe we will clock beyond one million. In the years to come. but when God delivered the children of Israel out of Egypt. cloth the naked. He gave the people favour. that favour closes up. we want to expand our boundary. We want to pay school fees for some orphans. the financial dimension at rest taken care of. If there was any kindness in his heart. and I needed the landlord to look kindly on me. the bible says. please fore bare with me one more month. many people think that God gives you money to take care of your things. Except for a man who had resource. we want you to take full charge in Jesus name so we are breaking out and breaking financial limitation in Jesus name. 750. There is no way you can worship God fully. He is increasing the demand in the house.thus far. From the hidden bowels of mercy. This is because the Lord wants you to grow up. their deliverance is not packaged fully. Sometimes there would be favour and it would flow into three months in some occasions. because our faith has grown. The last time I remember telling my wife this will never happen again! Now I pay my rent in advance. We are supporting some members of this assignment in terms of paying their house rent here and there and doing this and that but next year. The church of Jesus Christ was left in charge. there is a time I strongly needed favour when it come to paying my house rent. because God is increasing our demand. The bible says when you have eaten and you are full. When Pharaoh finally let the people of God go. Jesus body would have remained on the cross. Apparently. and peradventure when the Lord blesses me I will indeed pay.

At night. The first need is food not cloths (you can eat and walk around without cloths). Concerning cloths. When they came out of Egypt. Therefore. today give us meat” God was not blind to the fact that they needed meat. In life. the desert would get cold and freezing so there was a pillar of fire by night in the midst of people keeping them warm. we have people that are moving clockwise and those that are moving anti-clockwise. The bible says manna would fall from heaven and they would gather it. Deuteronomy 28 says these blessings shall come ON you. we have people that are pursuing blessings and at times overtaking blessing and they eventually have to back up and pick blessing and then move on. they would want a change of diet and they would complain saying “God. Let’s begin by first outlining our needs. neither did their shoes wear out. we don’t . where you supernaturally grow with your shoe. we are working for our needs. am I wise or otherwise. the shoes would grow with them. You can eat and walk around without cloths and have no shelter and you won’t die. the bible says that when they were in the wilderness. It is dangerous to move faster than blessing and because blessing was ordained to pursue you. there is confusion in the traffic of the spirit and it wonders. maybe we need to run away. God told them because of their murmuring and grambling. you have people that are wise and others that are otherwise. they shall PURSUE you and they shall OVERTAKE you. there was no water bill. But in life. I remember when I was young. God told them today you will eat meat until it goes through your ears and nose. the bible says there was a rock that used to follow them in the wilderness providing for water. there was no shop in the wilderness that they were going to spend the money on. there was a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day. The whole point is that God provided for them food. Ask yourself. the first think was to take care of them at their basic level and He provided food for them. will you? So the first basic need is food. my shoes wouldn’t last for long.they came out with great substance. The bible says when the mean came. They would die whilst in their mouth. the cloud used to shelter them because in the desert. Nike and bata still has to come into such technology. you would roast during the day. At times. They were self adjusting shoes. No electricity bill. As they grew. the money they came out from Egypt with was not for their needs. the moment you run and begin to pursue it. So mans basic need is food. The shoes and cloths grew with them. Divine air conditioning. only that they asked wrongly for it. But unfortunately today. why? Because in life. their cloths did not wax cold. the meat he would send would kill them. Concerning water.

To a place and point we have desired to be a blessing to many people. But I have super abundant confidence in my heart to speak about this. and you have to understand that the ways are hard. Let’s come closer home. that I should not pay attention to my house rent and just serve the Lord? That’s not what am saying at all. I look up and I wait on Him. through the years. I can preach concerning any subject because I don’t receive a salary from this assignment. I have this employment. He didn’t say some but all. does it mean. God called us into ministry. So that your needs are met by Him as you continue to observe kingdom. There are things preachers couldn’t preach because they knew elder so and so is there. So blessing will always run from you because you are not keeping the program and keeping the rule in the spirit. The only time God asked for that wealth. see ye first the kingdom. There is one more Giant to fall in Africa. Jesus said.” There has been constant. Because the people who have served me know that God meets my needs. I have this business. We walked into this town on the 2nd of December. so today. There are people who right now are saying “Pastor.know why he is coming. I am super comfortable. abundantly provided for so I can preach what I hear in the spirit boldly. That is the plot of land where God puts the seed in your hand and He wants you to be sensitive to Him and know where to put your seed. That simply me4ant where is your priority and He said. I have this and that. all these other things shall be added unto you. milima na mabonde. People don’t talk about finances because they say it is a grey area and pastors don’t like talking about it because they think people will run out of church. Why? When God let the people go out of Egypt. this assignment begun on the fourth of January. get away from . he is the one who gives the biggest tithe and my salary comes from there so let me not preach on this. what God is putting in your hands out of your work is seed. Essentially. let’s just take a glass of water and sleep. Pastor. I work in this organization. God has sustained my family as we purposely put first the kingdom. the church kept the preachers poor. is when the temple was being built. the money. one more Giant to fall in the body of Christ and it is called poverty. abundant provision. There is not day we have ever laced for food. there has been continuous abundant provision. I had Kenneth Copeland say that for a long time. if the kingdom is your priority. There is no one who can meet your needs like God can. As we continually increased our desire to serve God. I have a job. the wealth was for them to serve Him with. there is not day I have ever had to explain to my family that “Oh you know. and through the various channels provided it comes to me.

I have walked where you have walked. I can’t remember the last time I worried about rent. let’s talk about other limitations!” But I will focus on this subject matter. What is the right traffic? Face God. By the time the month is ending. You must worship Him with substance. You must be free. I have had times when the landlord has welded my door and closed it with a padlock. I have said where you are sitting. AMEN! Africa will remain poor. I can’t remember when last the electricity was disconnected. When you want to give a gift in cash or kind to be a blessing and you lack the finances. I have had times when there was nothing. I am moving from glory to glory. pursue God whatever He puts in your hand. For a long time. the true concern of my heart has been that the church of Jesus Christ has been so broke. The traffic is wrong because everybody is focused on themselves and how they can meet THEIR own need. who said. She went out to pick only two sticks because three sticks would make the fire too great and it would burn up the little she had. All she wanted was enough to cook for her and her son to eat and be satisfied. she had enough flour for her and her son only. the problem is not the desire but the ability. We lack the ability. The reason why I am saying this is because I have been where you are.speaking about that area. you will discover less is happening to you and more is going into those kingdom projects and before long. I am your brother. I have been blessed. I assure you that is that becomes a practice. In legal terms. God bore to the fact that they needed to have resources to worship Him. it’s already paid. We don’t have enough for us so we wonder how we can have enough to spare. Many of us are like the widow of Zarephath. when Pharaoh let the people go. serve Him with it and I assure you every other blessing will follow. Not before I come into . is worship to God. they say you can’t give what you don’t have. I used to be told to always carry something in my pocket lest you step on a tomato and they punish you for not being able to pay for it. or water disconnected. Man was made to worship God but you can’t worship God empty handed. To help another individual rise up. How many of you saw those people in Ukambani on television dying of hunger? Wouldn’t you like to feed them? The issue is not desire but ability. But it’s only as I kept the kingdom head of me and giving to God. they did not go away empty handed. Or you think. When I was young. you will discover. When you begin to focus on God and kingdom projects and you go to places where you believe that the word of the Lord is here and you begin to attach yourself to those projects. You can’t lift up if you are not lifted up yourself. We don’t have surplus. saints of God will remain down as long as the traffic is wrong.

but only to the rules created to govern it. There is nothing as embarrassing as that to a man in front of his wife. Which means life will come with many questions and the answer to those questions is money. For wisdom is a defense and money is a defense. Arrive at a place of seeing this open up. There must be a change of focus. but money sanders all things. Shoes brought in and given out. I told my wife that would be the last time that would ever happen. because money does not answer to prayer. I want to take you through a number of scriptures here that will make you know that it’s impossible for your redemption to be complete without the financial aspect being taken care of. That’s how we live. Reasoning tells you to keep the two so that you can stretch them for a long time but Kingdom reasoning tells you to give one out and let it become a seed. Ecclesiastes 7:12 Wisdom is good with an inheritance. And I would fight my wife and say ask where the other blue band. they are given but before they grow old or finished. Anytime we are blessed with two bags of food substance. The bible says the prospered man answers back roughly Ecclesiastes 10:19 says a feast is made for laughter and wine makes merry. and she would say she gave it away I would start lamenting but before long you would see another and another and another and God says change your thinking. . if you pursue God. There is an aspect of defense you don’t have if you are not financially prospered. Those are many years ago in the babyhood of this assignment. with my wife just looking on. The day that happened. I would return that evening and find my wife has released one bag to bless someone else. as the landlord welds the door. good brought in and given out.ministry. I have gone to my bank account and gotten only 70 shs in the account. There will be the question of provision. There is nowhere in scripture where the doctrine of praying for money has been put. I have been in situations of believing God but now I can’t remember or tell you the last time I bought myself cloths. It answers all thins which means there will be questions that’s why it answers. But I would walk to the counter (during the times when they would charge you 2 shs to withdraw) and would request to be given everything that was in the account and then walk out. and by it there is profit to them that see the sun. There is an aspect of attack you are vulnerable to if money is lacking in your life. We are busy pursuing blessing when blessing should be pursuing us. It is blessing that was made to pursue you. they are released. Man was made to pursue God not blessing. It means you are vulnerable to attacks.

that when God let’s you go. But it doesn’t come by the way you are doing it. and be the ones without the glorious plenty resource that God gives why? Because we missed it. but we have come to serve ourselves and we worship God with pocket change why then shouldn’t . the destruction of the poor is their poverty. there was not one feeble among them. I have been in times where I am in prayer and intersession so that I don’t meet the landlord and I have been in times when I go looking for the land Lord. How many of you know that in such an environment it’s not very easy for you to receive revelation from above? How many of you know in such a situation money is a defense and a shield. based on better promises. you have gone way beyond the limit and we want you to know that on this date.Proverbs 10:15 The rich man’s wealth is his strong city. so why should we be lagging behind. 3 million plus left Egypt and the bible says there was not one feeble person among them. he doesn’t want you to go empty handed. I have been in times when I have been in faith holding on and believing God. That letter come when we were having a conference and we have guests in our midst. I looked at it and something in me got angry and I tore it into small pieces and said.000 according to statistics and historians. at times just to greet him and ask him how he is doing because you don’t owe him any money. I have been in places where I did not have money. I know the difference. No! He changes when you know that you know that you know it is God’s desire to bless me. I have been in places where I have money and I know the difference. You must get to a place where you get into the Lords’ way. Whey are people being destroyed? Because the destruction of the poor is their poverty. How many left Egypt. He said that He may come and serve me. Why? That was the church in the wilderness. If we are going to put on some destruction. There was a time we received a letter in this assignment from the landlord of the building saying this is a notice. when God said let my son go. this is the last time this will ever happen. there must be a release. I want you to become convinced. You must change that approach. Psalms 105:37 says When they left Egypt. So I can use my faith for other things. we must come to a place which is embedding in the body of Christ. we will close the door and cast you out. They placed it on the desk and kept quiet but I wondered why there was agitation and eventually go the letter. I have been in times when I am believing God for food and times where there was no care in my heart for food. the men above were 600. Pharaoh doesn’t let you go when you are just asking is it the will of the Lord to prosper me. this is the church in the New Testament which has a better covenant. The people around me saw the letter but didn’t tell me they had seen it.

be removed and cast into the sea and it shall be removed and nothing shall be impossible unto you. How did I get out of all those places and come to a place of seeing that my family is provided for and yet there is all this going on round about me. you can be able to deal with a problem as big as a mountain. It is the principal element of breaking out of limitation. This is what I call the potency of faith. Faith is the instrument that continually ushers us from the natural to the supernatural. he now needs faith to operate. My father was a sick man and had been on ICU for 10 solid months in Nairobi hospital. it was natural for him. And finances will always be tight if we have not learnt the ways of faith. poverty all came in because of sin. A grain of mustard seed. There is one more giant to die in the body of Christ. Jesus said if you have faith that tiny. In Mathew 17:20. they can’t cast out the demon and they ask in verse 19 why they can’t cast it out. I used to tell God that you say in your word that the Holy one of Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers so either Lord you will be awake today and let me sleep or I be God today or you sleep. Faith like a grain and consider the mountain. But when he fell. Before man fell. I can sleep knowing it as well. regenerated. Faith was not relevant before the fall. he didn’t need faith. you shall say unto this mountain. there is one more giant to be conquered in Africa and it is POVERTY. There is a situation where these guys come to Jesus. recreated. The doctors wrote the report and said it is finished. So he returned home and wrote his will. I will introduce you to something today and pray you will catch it because it will open you up to a mighty flow in the Spirit. We were looking at our release into the kingdom this year and I thank God for the dimension it is in but there is still room for growth. The flow between God and man was unhindered. why should we continue to move in those things Jesus died for? Those days. I discovered that there is only one avenue God has opened and it is called faith and I began to pursue God and learn the ways of faith. but because He neither sleeps nor slumbers. In Verse 20 Jesus answered them saying because of your unbelief. It tells me. there is a truth that’s powerful and mighty. he now needed faith. three things here and please grab onto them they will help you. . He is not talking about quantity but quality. We are saved. Verily verily I say unto you. It was inbuilt and it was natural for him to approach God but when man fell. let him go back home and die. if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed. Did you know that the mustard seed is the smallest grain in the world and if you put a grain of it in your hand you have to squint to see it? Look at the dimension.there be feebleness amongst us? Death. I want to give you some two. sickness.

why can’t I stay in faith for five years. all they say is good. but I had rather go to the bank like Tom and Jerry. you go and get your atm slip and look at it. In my entire life. And he come with some small perfume which Mr.000. It is not quantity. you remember Tom and Jerry. then get the blessing from God interest free and if it’s the real thing. I had seen sheets full of blood being taken from the bed. it won’t take five years. People are not patient. but because the quality was right. you will . the better. they were ignorant. you will pay this much. receive the word and that was the end of the story because if it is a grain. this is the much. how long will I pay the loan? Maybe 5 years with interest. Nobody forced you to sign.But I saw two men of God. he committed everything to have the girl. Buch his rival embarrassed when he come with a trailer of perfume. I had held basins of blood vomit day in day out. I go to the bank and take a loan of 300. it doesn’t matter the bigness of the mountain. not this is how we give one million. It is an institution that is built on a world system. when Tom saw a beautiful girl he would pay an arm and a leg for it. expect their own. it is quality. he himself will come. you were just advised. They stood in the sitting room and began to sing luo songs. it doesn’t matter the bigness. The bible says let patience have her perfect work. Do you know why people fail? It is because faith works with patience. He was a wealthy man but sickness took all that away. so patience can’t have her perfect work. I have never spent the night on a mat. It wants profit. One day 25 of our milking cows died together with 52 chicken including sickness and robbed all the wealth we had. Faith is to stay focused on the desire and knowing in whom you have believed in but of necessity. I saw my father come out of his bedroom and sit down on a stool. I grew up in a rich home. Why should I commit myself to an institution that has no interest at heart but to make profit? There is no bank that has your interest at heart. If the faith is real. it must work with patience. Consider this logic. it’s about how much they are making. and you commit yourself by signing on the dotted line. That is why I am emphasizing breaking financial limitation. If you need say one million. But I saw my father sit down. at the end of the day they don’t ask “So how is your father and mother doing?” No! Or “Did they make it through Katrina?” No? One of the bankers in this assignment was telling us that all the boss asks is where are your sales. and so on. Before that month is over. the sick will come we won’t go into the bedroom. unlearned luo men. And if they make the money from your ignorance. whilst shaking their legs. so faith needs patience to bring the work to completion. you should have known better before joining. it’s all he wants to see because at the end of the day. the interest changes after this long. and find that it has already passed with interest and for the next 36 months. And they told my mother.

it’s agreement. It is not quantity. shoes. coats. if you want to do away with this trouble. I would go to a place and someone just offers to buy me shoes. Loosen up! . but I answered the right section sir. you sit and eat with them and now that you have found me shopping. The last time I was in the U. I didn’t struggle so when I wear it. there is something here called a grain of mustard seed of faith and there is this mountain. So if anyone needs bashing. My faith was exercised to the point where it become natural. if you have it as small as a mastered seed grain. socks etc was a long time ago. So don’t ever look at it and say they are thugs. They are there for business and have a vision. bash yourself until you effect change in your life. he was shopping. you will be amazed. shoes and even the socks. So I normally tell myself to wait and work on my faith until I know it is the right kind of faith and then put it against my mountain. you imprint your thumb print stating you have signed in. I wear it with thanksgiving. Faith is potent. But when you tell others. I met a person and when I met him. choose what you want and I will buy it for you. And there are times you give out one and even then your flesh advices you against it. if you find people eating. The more I learn how to do it. it’s not them but you. I concurred and chose a suit of 175 pounds. the gift I was given the most was shoes. I can’t talk it with people so I take walks with my wife and share with her because I know she can receive. Jesus told us. If I tell you what I am seeing in my future. the more I become proficient in living a lifestyle of faith and before long I will be so good at it. The last time I was in faith for shoes. watch. This is when you tell your flesh no. this is the one to give. but quality.” But who took you there. They aren’t thugs or thieves. I can’t tell you the last time I thought about shoes in my life.K. which come in all manner of shapes. I broke through because I believed this truth and I live by these truths and I am breaking through better and better. I have in the past given away shirts. was it not your two legs. they think you are being proud and that one nut in your head is too tight but I think it’s the opposite that some nuts in our heads are too tight and need loosening. attach ID card and you attach and you sign it and if you don’t have a signature. he lamented asking which section I had ventured into. but they always came the kind I would like.always be cursing your pay slip when you look at it “these people are thugs and thieves. and he said where I come from. they have a contract signed with your name which asks you to boldly print your full names. Just to mention that I used to believe God for shoes but now. no it’s you. they were all given to me as a gift. not grains but grain then you have it done. trousers and still do. I didn’t buy this tie. This suit I am wearing. you are the unwise one and you need to change.

It is universal. You can’t choose your background but you can choose your future. They are also risk takers. Whether kikuyu. will you not be accepted. can faith handle the building of a house? It’s a whatsoever. they say that one is just like a kikuyu because they have identified the same risk taking the kikuyu embraces is what is in me. There is something in my spirit I want to pass on to you. I just think the kikuyu’s observe laws. You can’t choose your background but you can choose your future so stop using excuses. Jesus said here WHOSOEVER. short. Can faith handle marriage? It is a whatsoever. but universal. if a grown up uses it. you can’t hide under the umbrella of one finger. can faith handle buying car? It is a whatsoever. You may ask yourself. fat. that whosoever (this talks of the universality of faith) says to this mountain be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea and not doubt in his heart. You have no excuse. Some of the most cowardly people I have known are the luhya’s and before he takes a risk. tall or small person uses faith it will work. you need to change. but shall believe those things he says shall come to pass. it will work. because it says whosoever and whatsoever and it says you only need a grain of the right quality if you are a whosoever and you have a whatsoever. they put themselves in impossible situations and bring results. my dad died when I was young. The scope of faith is whatsoever. if you do that which is right. It is not tribe but principle. Jesus says have faith in God. Chinese. Jesus was born in a manger. Whosoever and whatsoever. Say aloud: WHOSOEVER. Don’t exchange your destiny for foolishness. it will reproduce. it’s simply observing of principles and those principles yielding results. I was told the kikuyu’s were very good in business. not just potent. that they have the hand for business (mkono was biashara) not so. So it’s not the hand of business. you have no excuse. God is no respecter of persons. or I am the child of a rape situation and come from a poverty background. even if a small child uses it. as long as it’s done. It is universal. pondering here and there. he shall have what whatsoever he says. You may be saying. When I visit upcountry. it is for WHOSOEVER. he will go to the loo. They are hard workers. Cain was told.In Mark 11:23. This makes faith an open cheque. but He now has a throne. the result is guaranteed. for verily I say unto you. if a thin. or you know my father married five wives and I am the child of wife number six who was not even a wife. Japanese or American WHOSOEVER. Can faith handle bringing up . When I was growing up. luo etc. That is why I have emphasized that you must break out of limitation. God is no respecter of persons. three to four times. Oh my case is different. you must break out. it should work.

it talks about your self image or how you see yourself. show me. PHD doesn’t dictate your life. Bill Gates dropped out of college. So though faith is universal (whosoever). Not PHD or MBA. set yourself free. employment. though faith is wide in scope (whatsoever) and though faith has that potency. The image in Abraham on saying seeing was childlessness.children? It is a whatsoever. it’s because faith is image governed. Romans 12:3 says. not so. it is governed by image. I am done. you can even get promotion by faith. Genesis 15:1 After these things. The wealthiest men in the world have no papers. The only problem is that image is controlled by environment. I have an undergraduate and would want to pursue further education and even when I am 60+. So you grow up in a slum or in a family of poverty that’s your environment and thus the image that is developed in you becomes that of poverty. mention it. life. what will you give me. I am your shield and your exceeding great reward and Abraham said. but it’s wrong for you to put your entire life on MBA. So there will never be a time faith is stirred up in you because of the environment you grew up in and that becomes your image. Some people even say that my life is PHD and now if that fails. I am not against MBA. But it says we should think of ourselves soberly according as God has dealt to every man the measure of faith. Personally. I would like to go back to school and do medicine because in my old age (like modekai who become greater in his old age. they are good but they are not the best because there is a more excellent way. Which one did Joseph merit using certificate before going up to the throne? Which one. So that makes faith image governed. Faith isn’t just potent or universal. Albert Einstein attended school for only 3 months. God identified Abraham’s problem and recommended a solution. fear not Abraham. but many want promotion my merit. Don’t misunderstand me. rested and blessed his people) I want to be a pediatrician. WHATSOEVER! You may wonder why faith doesn’t work for some people. the scope of faith is unlimited. Anything. Lord God. blessing kids by laying hands on them when their parents aren’t looking and speak destiny and greatness into their lives. Soichiro Honda went to school until class 4. it is governed by how you see yourself. seeing I go childless. the word of the Lord come unto Abraham and said. I put it to you. . business. When the bible talks about thinking of yourself. we should not think of ourselves more highly than we ought to. But if you get PHD and learn what I am telling you then you go higher but it shouldn’t dictate your life.

out of kaloleni into muthaiga. He opens you up to His word and it’s His word that becomes your environment and when this happens and His word begins to paint an image within you. Rebecca. he changes the environment so that the image can change. image is environment controlled and when God wants to change the man.Verse 5 and he brought him out abroad and said. and said unto him. ******************************************************************** ************* . That’s is why many things do not trouble me any more because the environment I have created and the image it’s producing will soon burst open and I find yourself in a new place. it begins to show you the price that was paid. Your environment begins to open up. so shall thy seed be. it begin to show you the patriarchs and how they walked with God and they were men of stature and might.g. The word begins to show you that marriage should not be a struggle. it begins to show you how Abraham did not accept a gift but he bought the land. Sarah who at 90 was still winning beauty contests. your image begins to change. look now toward heaven and tell the stars if you are able to number them. it begins to show you blissfulness and how Isaac. or walking on foot every day because the word begins to increase your value. she must have been something. If a king of a nation could fall for Sarah. And he believed in God. it begins to show you redemption. instead. that image. Because when the word becomes your environment and you work on it. there is an image produced in you and you can walk rested. I always tell my wife that at 90 years. Faith is image governed. God doesn’t change your environment buy taking you e. Abraham. That’s what covenant is all about. she will beat Sarah. will not then permit you to stay in kalonleni.