The Moon shone in the empty sky, its luminescent glow casting an eerie light on the forest below. In the distance a lone wolf howled, signalling the capture of its prey. A single figure lay sprawled on the ground, a white cloak wrapped around its body. Another figure, this one wearing a black cloak stood above it, carrying a staff. After five minutes it recited an old poem µThe constant war between light and dark never ceases to stop. When one is triumphant the other has not lost for each is as strong as each other. When the Saviour is born only then will the constant war end.¶ As soon as the black-cloaked figure finished the saying, the whitecloaked one began to stir. Pushing itself up, it span around and disappeared, leaving the other to walk away. However another being had watched the whole scene with glowing, malicious, cunning eyes and had devised a clever plan. I am Chaos it thought and I will wreak havoc on the Saviour to make sure he never stops this battle! And, with a clap of its hands, disappeared, leaving the trees scorched in its place. Chapter 1: The day of awakening

The Sun rose over the horizon, bathing the town of Ressit in an orange glow. Many people were already hard at work, the swishing of the scythe, the clanging of steel on steel, the slashing of metal through meat and the buzz of conversation was something not able to resist. A young boy nearing manhood, roughly 15, awoke to the bellows of his Father, Jargin, shouting.

. He loved him as brothers should and they both had had their fair shares of dangerous adventures together. ³Father. Zadior did the same. They stared at each other and Lebannen could feel tears in his eyes..´ Cursing under his breath Lebannen got out of his bed and met with Jargin. Besides where will you get your land? I have none to give and everyone else will have none to give as well. looking especially happy.³LEBANNEN! GET UP AND HELP ME PREPARE YOUR BROTHERS COMING OF AGE MEAL. Lebannen remembered the time when he had gone hunting with Zadior and they had been attacked by 2 ravenous wolves and a giant cave bear. And what about your betrothed? Who is she?´ . Zadior had been waiting days and nights for his 18th birthday whereas Lebannen had been dreading it. He blinked them and hugged his brother. He has no heirs as his sons are up in the North. If Zadior hadn¶t been in the woods when I was hunting then I wouldn¶t be here today thought Lebannen.´ ³Ertin said that I could have his. Lebannens brother. Lebannen´ he nodded to each of them in turn ³I have decided that. near Alfringur´ After 5 minutes their Father said ³Well that is excellent news. At first he thought he was hearing things but then he realised he was not and started jumping for joy. After 10 minutes or so Zadior walked into the room. Jargin ushered Lebannen down ³But surely you would be better off in one of the neighbouring towns. Zadior. Zadior was his brother and didn¶t want him to leave.I will be staying in Ressit with the love of my life´ Lebannens mouth gaped in awe. He walked over to Jargin and they embraced for what seemed like an eternity to Lebannen before breaking. had just turned 18 and it was his time to find a woman to marry and get some land of his own. Zadior turned to Lebannen and clasped his hand firmly.

Chapter 2: The first strike of Chaos .´ ³Yes. a broad smile crossing his face.´ Lebannen and his Father gagged on their food. daughter of Ismira´ At this Lebannen laughed. Lebannen.. that¶s enough to get another 50 acres land!´ exclaimed Zadio ³I know but I¶ve decided to give a quarter of the money to you and another to Lebannen. ³Zadior.?´ asked Zadior. curious ³It¶s roughly 300 gold coins´ said Jargin.´ He said and grasped his Fathers hand before going out to the fields to harvest some of the crops.´ said Lebannen and he hurried to his Fathers room. I will never forget this. I will also give some for the wedding now you have brought it up´ ³Thank you Father.³She is Pera. Not only was she the daughter of a rich woman. I need to tell you something important. Father?´ ³A stranger came up to me yesterday and handed me a big bag of gold coins. I think my old suit is in my room somewhere. ³I know I hate her Father but she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and her Mother has agreed with the wedding and has arranged for it to be at the harvest. fetch it and hand it to me so I can measure it to Zadios size´ ³Yes Father.´ ³How much was in it. ³But that¶s only 3 weeks away!´ Lebannen exclaimed ³I know but the quicker it¶s over the less time Peras Father has to disagree with the plans and marries her to one of the empires nobles´ Jargin thought about it then smiled ³Well if you¶re sure then let us tarry no longer! We are going to need an appropriate outfit for this occasion. ³Bu-but. her Father was a man that Zadior despised more than the foul monsters of the night.

touching them on their foreheads with a finger that seemed entirely made out of smoke. He thanked the moon for the light it gave him and he walked towards his fields. they cried out to the night and then drop down dead. but nothing happened. killing them instantly. ³You foolish man. The creature roared. It seemed to be silently creeping over Jargins animals. He slumped to the floor with a thud. When they reached the stables.´ Jargin started to mutter but stopped. Jargin pulled out his knife and slashed the air as the creature moved towards him. Jargin tried to run. took his bow and arrows and a knife and stepped outside. ³Blasted wolves. I feast on fear and anger and all the negative emotions that are emanated by humans. A creature that was neither man nor beast stood there. trying to keep his voice as steady as possible. can¶t they leave well enough alone?´ he muttered furiously. ³What creature are you?´ he asked. He thought. You have no idea how important you are. but his legs felt like they were made out of lead. He made Lebannen. It would split at the area in which it was cut but then it would join together as easily as his scythe would go through his wheat crops. Father would have woken me up long before now. who reluctantly helped with Jargins search saying that he probably walked off into the woods. The animals eyes would roll into the back of their heads. Jargin was dead! The creature removed his finger from his forehead and disappeared. The air was colder than usual but that didn¶t seem to have any effect on Jargin. he saw a horrible sight.An cry that sounded like an animal was in pain woke Jargin. He uttered a tiny cry as his leg smashed into the side of the metal catch and the creature turned. burning the barn to the ground. When he arrived. Lebannen . He put on his sandals. its two red eyes focusing on Jargin. The next morning Zadior woke up later than usual Strange.

this gave people enough time to prepare and this was also his birthday. Zadior tried and this time Lebannen didn¶t walk off. Ertin walked up to the stable. Chapter 3: The Funeral Pyre That night. Tonight we¶ll decide his funeral and there we can say his respects. and leave no markings as to how he died!?´ exclaimed Lebannen. Eventually. ³Jargin was a good man. He was a good friend and great to have a drink with´ there were a few laughs but then the humour died down leaving the area silent. hell-ridden creature could kill an innocent man. Jargin was decided to be cremated on the week following Sunday. ³No one knew much about his past except a few whom he trusted with his life.´ finished Ertin and there was a round of applause from all.cursed and Zadior stood. leaving everyone worried. reliable and a hard-worker. He was honest. he would walk off into the woods. ³Then it is decided. Eventually everyone gathered around the stables all with the same expression of whom or what did it? How did it happen? Zadior ushered everyone down and Pera walked up to Zadior and hugged him. We will send him off properly and wish him well on his journey through the afterlife. I¶ll be all on my own with nothing to do. They came to a conclusion and decided to alert the village to the death of Jargin. Lebannen said nothing during the days that followed. I cannot save enough money to get . struck with horror. ³What evil. ³Lebannen´ comforted Zadior ³what¶s wrong?´ ³Father¶s dead and so are the animals. you¶re moving with Pera. Zadior said that he was in trauma and needed someone to comfort him but when people tried to get close. a single tear sliding down her cheek.´ At this many people¶s heads nodded and others muttered in agreement.

In the distance behind a tree Chaos¶ eyes glowed a violent red He mustn¶t be happy. He hadn¶t written anything down or rehearsed. let alone a whole herd. willing to help. Besides you would always be welcome in my household if you wish. He taught us what he knew. Despair! Chaos disappeared.´ Lebannen closed his eyes. It would be great to work on your farm also´ ³Well now we have settled your irritating problem. my Father. the things he thought were important. the Saviour must feel all negative emotions so I can destroy him. well. The speeches were filled with happy memories. I wish him . I was hoping. The fire gave a warm glow and increased peoples moods a bit. like farming but never the little things like reading or writing. was a caring man´ he began ³He wasn¶t a harsh man and was always willing to help us with many of our problems. someday. how about you have a drink with me down in the tavern tonight. ³Jargin. burning the trees to stumps. Sadness.´ ³Father left 300 gold coins in our possession. alas. Zadior chuckled to himself and walked over to Pera and kissed her. great to be cow. Jargins body was placed on the funeral pyre where Zadior and Lebannen lit it. after Zadior. He thought it would be better if it came from the heart. Sunday came and there was a sad feeling in the air. deciding which option to choose. he would teach me but. that day is not come. ³Brother. I would be grateful if I could stay in your house. Most of the villagers will be there. Anger. it was Lebannens speech. You get a quarter and so do I´ At this Lebannens face started to glow with its usual brightness ³And I will try to help in my spare time. including Thea´ ³Right I¶m going´ said Lebannen at once and he hurried off. how Jargin was a great man. Eventually.

well in the afterlife and hope he will be reborn into a majestic creature such as a wolf or snow leopard. . As the ashes were scattered. ³Just my imagination´ he said to himself ³but if it wasn¶t. somewhere. if you can hear me up there. pondering whether the singing woman was real or not. He looked around but everyone was either crying or watching the ashes being scattered. how could I see a better future. It was decided they would be scattered at the edge of the woods and on the farm.´ He walked over to Zadior and helped with the ashes. showing the pile of ashes. Father. you were amazing and I will avenge you. Do not worry´ As Lebannen finished the flames died down. the wind blew and Lebannen was sure he could someone singing a song of sadness but a happy future. his two favourite places to be.

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