The ABCs of Literacy

*Blending : identifying individual letter sounds and combining them to create whole words *Comprehension : the ability to extract meaning from what has been read *Decoding : the ability to recognize and read words by using individual letter sounds to determine a word’s pronunciation *Developmental Spelling : using letter-sound relationship understanding when attempting to write words Ex: “winzday” (Wednesday) *Environmental Print : written language that is a part of everyday life Ex: “McDonald’s” or “Cheerios” (signs, labels, etc.) *Fluency : ability to read efficiently with understanding and expression *Literacy : a word that encompasses every activity connected to speaking, listening, reading, and writing *Phonemic Awareness : The ability to recognize and identify the specific individual sounds in words that are spoken *Sight Words : words that a reader is able to recognize without sounding out (National Institute for Literacy 58-59).

Literacy Dictionary

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