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seresng RECORD OF ORDINANCES Saree pr ORDINANCE AMENDING AND ADOPTING SECTION 39.01 OF THE ‘CODIFIED ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF BOWLING GREEN, ‘CONCERNING UNLAWFUL DISCRIMINATION {8E IT ORDAINED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BOWLING (GREEN, COUNTY OF WOOD, ANO STATE OF OHIO: [SECTION 1: Section 99.01 ishereby amended to ncude the flowing ‘eteiton ‘SEX. Sex means malo, fomale, nother, or both, oF being percelved as ‘male, female, neler, of both. The terms "because of sox and “onthe bass of ‘sox include but are nt mle to pregnancy, any ness arising ou of pregency, ‘hibit, o¢related medical corcitons, breasteding r pumping, or other ‘sexual r reproductive health decisions. (A) For the purposes ofthis ston the term "sexual or reproductive ‘health decisions” meane deaision elaing fo the use or intonded use ‘of products or serves for cotrocaptin, strizatin, fry lteatment, pregnancy rts termination, hormone therapy inching that which ators gorder expression o affirms gender Her ‘mecical treatments that atm gencer Wen. Noting lis vision ‘hall be construed io requre an employer to provide health insurance Denefits for sexual or ropeductve health products or services. byw. Presidente Coane War Ratonbaugh eat: Caaf Coane Ser dopo: aie Tayorchoel A Rapacher HUNTER BROWN Corry ATTORNEY 5

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