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New Era Security Systems

The NESS is a one of a kind technologically advanced security system. It is a breakthrough innovative service that offers vehicle security of the highest rank. The goal of these service is to monitor and protect vehicles in case of theft by offering 24hour surveillance along with security software allowing the security representatives to stop the vehicle through wireless device and capture the thief. This product/service is a combined effort of NESS research and development teams creativity and innovativeness in the field of technology and security.

NESS is a high-tech service created for the different target groups of higher income level due to its high teak security and safety features. The advanced security that this service provides is a new and advanced system for vehicle security in the case of theft. This service operates a technologically advanced system with satellite navigation/location technology, mini wireless camera (planted behind a double side mirror), blocking device operated from a wireless unit using satellite + operative system technology and transmit ion of video data to the owners cellular device (also to the NESS service center computer). Through the GPS technology, the owners will have accurate, 24 hours worldwide positioning of their vehicle along with a video data in cases when someone breaks in. The security service centre representatives are monitoring the status

of the vehicle 24hours a day. In case if something goes wrong, the mini hidden camera activates automatically, alerting the service representatives to take appropriate action. By following the vehicle, they can stop the motor from the wireless unit and capture the criminal. This process can be monitored by the owner even if he/she is out of the country (trough satellite transmit ion). This system is more expensive but far more safer than the regular systems on the market. By having 24hour update on the status of the vehicle, the owners can relax and enjoy, knowing that everything is secured and monitored.

The strategy of NESS is to create market and customer oriented product/service, by using productivity and efficiency as a tool for success. The service is created by companys own know-how. International dimension of the company should be present to highlight technological and management co-operation. The company deals only with complete solutions that are of high quality and are coming from fresh innovative ideas.

As for the competition, NESS is a new and advanced established service and is only facing an indirect competition, in traditional car alarm systems. These alarm systems are not a part of NESS offering due to the old technology used and the limitations of the safety features. NESS is a complete solution, more reliable and safer than any other existing vehicle security systems. The difference needs to be presented to prospective customers.

NESS is targeting individuals of higher income that want the best vehicle security that our company provides. The major identified target groups are: Personal vehicles owners Critical cargo Rental vehicles Government officials User benefits vary across the target segments, starting with greater personal and vehicle security, via better drivers security information and navigation, towards more efficiency in problem solving. Target groups will be communicated about the safety, quality, usage, and even prestige of having NESS. This service should lead towards service excellence level and should result in so called customer delight. The identified target groups, by purchasing these unique security service system, will see the superiority of opperations and following oucomes. This is evident from the technological aspects of incorporating GPS, mini wireless camera, blocking device operated from a wireless unit using satellite + operative system technology and transmit ion of video data to the owners cellular device as well as at the NESS service centar computer. Special software is being developed specifically for these functions and control

over every vehicle owner that has subscribed for this service. The inovation aspect of these service is the incorporation of these technologies, functioning as one and the 24hour control and monitoring of the vehicle. Personal vehicle owners can have information at any time about the status of their vehicle via sms and e-mail as well. Concerning the rental vehicles, the owner of the rental company might purchase our special package for 3year subscription. This will save them more money, knowing that their cars can not be stolen under any circumstances and if somebody damages a car during rental service purchase, it will be seen and recorded into the NESS service center. This service will not only protect your vehicle but also seaze anione who will try to damage it. In these way the corts will seatle by a fast going procedure the evidence and even cases that will try to break in and dont succeede, will pay a damaging fees for trying to do so. This is becouse of the close working relationship between the NESS service representatives and the police force. This also reffers to critical cargo, with a slight difference. The system functions basically the same, the only thing added is a four more mini-wireles cameras on the each side of the vehicle as a percosion due to the expensive cargo that is being submited. The NESS units are seconds away from the cargo truck, undercuvered and armed. No theaf will risk getting closer to the track with an small army arround that truck and cameras that record everithing. This pacage for the cargo trucks are economical only if they make a purchase for 6 years. This will cut on all of their costs for an additional security and will also cut the insurance aspect. They can also use this option as a single purchase, but is far more expensive. The only gurantee is the service superiority into performing their duty. Its a 100% guranteed, with all the agremants signed. This will transfer all responsibility concerning the cargos murchandise value to the NESS agency

and by the agreament, if something happenes to the cargo after the agreament is being signed, NESS will bare full responsibility. In perspective, NESS is targeting one more potentially very promising customer; the government. This is because one of the government officials biggest concerns is safety. Concerning the polititions we have individual and also yearly packages. Same as the cargo; the government officials can purchase different packages that differ from each other with the level or intensity of security. Becouse polititions in many ocasions want privacy and the NESS service centar opperates 24hours; certain deactivators are being avaliable for instalation. This deactivators are avaliable in 3 different versions: code deactivator; fingerprint code deactivator and voice deactivator. Code deactivator is when a single unit is instoled under the stearingveal, enabling individuals to deactivate the sistem manualy by entering a code of a choice, priorly being determened; Fingerprint code deactivator enables individuals to deactivate the system by using their fingerprint as a code; voice deactivator is using your voice intonation by stating word or phrase of choice as a code. The voice deactivator is the leas expencive and at the same time most sensitive. The voice must sound with same intonation as when created and other sounds from the suraundings affect the functionality of the voice clearity sensors. All these aditional options and packages that critical cargo trucks and polititions prefer to use are also avaliable for the general bublick as well. The one thing that is not avaliable for customers is the way of organizing and performing functions. Exept for the knowledge of what the system is composed of, the publick does not know what strategies the services training personal implements in order to sustain peace and protect murchandise and vehicles.

GENERAL ROLE OF THE SERVICE NESS is the service that should

change the idea of vehicle security, from what it was so far. It is a complete solution, including vehicle security, recovery of stolen vehicles, navigation, and more effective problem solving ability. Its characteristics and variety of potential end users should create high demand for it in the market. NESS fits strategic thinking of the company and offers opportunities for even more appliances, e.g., mentioned potential usage of government or installation of simpler version of the device on motorcycles.

PROMOTION advertising will play important role in raising awareness and

encouraging of the trial. It will be informative and affirmative. Advertising will address target groups over mix of media, namely, outdoors, newspapers, magazines, and Internet. The campaign will start shortly before the launch, by issuing press release for media. It is a way of getting customers attention on a new service. As well, press releases are excellent way of publicity, as a free-from-paying promotional activity. The public finds this way of promotion as more reliable and they trust such messages more than to ad ones. For the Internet advertising, banners will be used. They will be placed on most popular web sites, such as web search sites (e.g. Google, or Yahoo) and popular sites, which treat technology and security issues. The sale over Internet should be considered as a possibility.

PRICING POLICY the estimated price of NESS systems conventional

package is 520 euros/month if the costumer uses the system on monthly bases and 400euros/month if the costumer purchases a yearly based subscription. The three years

subscription is 210euros/month and the 6 years package is 140euros/month. The manual deactivators costs: voice recognition: 80 euros/month; code: 145 euros/month and fingerprint: 360 euros/month (for year the price reduces: 200 euros/month; only fingerprint deactivator). Wireless cameras go by pairs if individual needs extra eyes. 2cam.: 100 euros per usage. The action package for critical cargo and prefered by politicians includes: two sets of cameras on each side of the vehicle ( 90degree angle) + 360degree angle camera inside the vehicle, satellite navigation/location technology, remote operated deactivator wired to the motor function and undercover units that are alvays close to the vehicle. The operation of these undercove units composed of train profesionals is confidential even to the purchasing party. The costs of the "action" package is 1000 euros per usage. Its the most expensive package becouse of the complexity of opperations and units involved in the proces and because of the fact that all the gurantees and risks belong to NESSorganizations responsibility. These means that our service is responsible for the value of the murchandise content in case if something bad occures. The action package is also avaliable on 6 year purchased with price of 620 euros/month. It is considered to be slightly expensive but in the same time reasonable price, regarding systems one of a kind security features and capabilities. It is also considered as a competitive price. This is because the price paid for personal security to guard and protect the cargo does not fall under 2000euro per usage and there are no gurantees. We are also competitive with the insurance firm. By getting an insurance, too often they are faced with high anual premiums ( 5-10 percent per year for a car of 50.000euros value is 2500-5000euros a year). Our conventional package yearly based is 4800euros. If consumers purchase packages for 3 or 6 years, the price would range from

2520euros/year for 3year based to 1680euros/year for the 6year based package. This is even cheaper than some insurance firms and the servise provided is far more superior and advanced. Its cost and time saving in comparison to the insurance firms. There will be also the opportunity for buyers to purchase the system and pay it on credit.

The control of the results will be based on tracking of the general environment and market changes, sales volume achievements, and services availability and target markets awareness of it.


As a conclusion, it can be said that companies, in order to provide value and attract customers, must identity changing market needs and wants in a fast and accurate manner, develop proper products/services to satisfy those needs and wants, provide high level of customer support and superior service. Companies in high-tech industries need to utilise the power of information technologies in providing higher level of performance, reliability and product/service functionality.