Kifaru Tactical Gear
A Fine Pedigree.


Kifaru Tactical Gear is the culmination of decades of experience and engineering. Descended from mountaineering and hunting bloodlines, this gear cut its teeth in the rawest of places, world wide. Patrick Smith is a "real world" designer who spends a third of the year in the middle of nowhere evaluating, testing and perfecting gear under field conditions. His legacy has deep roots as the founder of Mountainsmith in 1979, building world class mountaineering packs and the best hunting packs since 1997 with Kifaru, International. Following the atrocities of 9/11, we were contacted by Mel Terkla, who had conducted an extensive investigation of all backpack builders to approach one to produce a superior pack system for American soldiers. His first choice was Kifaru, citing our suspension and hauling systems, and extensive, versatile modularity as the most promising. Kifaru Military Gear Division was launched in June of 2002.

Integrated Systems.

Coordination is the key to a successful campaign, so our products are designed to be as versatile as possible, and to integrate with other products you might already own. Our packs accept any MOLLE compatible pockets, and our pockets fit anybody else’s MOLLE compatible pack. Fundamentally, our Integrated Systems Approach lets everything fit everything else, and everything is expected to function superbly at as many tasks as possible - Modular and Multifunctional is a slogan around here. As for packs, specifically, we insist on being the very best at providing these four functions: comfort, stability, versatility and durability. For obvious reasons, soldiers at the point of the spear have a mission accomplishment advantage when these factors are the very best. Being a direct-to-customer firm, there is no need to out-glitz the competing packs on a dealers wall. This allows us to design for what actually does the best job of comfortably carrying very heavy loads in trail-less terrain in the middle of nowhere, instead of being caught up in a marketing race. For those caught up in this spiral, there is zero incentive for stepping out of the race and beginning a new with a blank slate - to find out what really works best for ultra-heavy loads in extreme back country situations. Kifaru has succeeded in the marketplace via word of mouth - for its durability, exceptional comfort and customer service like no other. Kifaru was not being sold on any dealer pack walls - just out of a box delivered via UPS, and with the promise that if it didn’t do the best job ever, to just send it back. It turned out that users declared our gear the best in the world - regardless of sport category. Appearances can be deceiving. We build what actually works best in the more demanding world of the on-foot soldier.

New Gear
Kifaru Ultralights. We're proud and excited to release our new Kifaru Ultralight Pack Series. Eleven years in the making, we wouldn't put them out there if we didn't think they could pull the grade. Though not “tactical” in the traditional sense, operators will find the Kifaru Ultralight (KU Series) rucks a great addition to their “tool box” where they can be called on for quick, short range missions on up to long range reconnaissance when overall weight is a critical factor. They sport a clean look and shed weight, and live up to the same reputation for comfort as our standard tactical and hunting packs. Page 29.

Kifaru Cargo Panel. On par with any of our packs, we're proud to introduce our Cargo Panel. Fully featured and incredibly functional, it ranks up there as a must have piece of kit. You'll find it equally as adept or better at wrangling huge loads as any pack out there. Unlimited uses in the field to include medics, EOD and mortar teams. Page 20.

Gear for Life - the Kifaru Guarantee.
Ultimate, long term value. As far as we know, all our products, even decades old, are still in service; they just don't wear out. Being a small company, we are able to keep a critical eye on quality control, and give you the highest performance. No foreign sweat shops, no passing the buck. Colorado, once a Mecca of backpacking innovation was home to companies like Lowe Alpine, Gerry and of course, Mountainsmith. Once those shops sent their production offshore, they gifted us a large pool of expert, industrial sewers to choose from; among them, many Mountainsmith pack builders who are long term (decades) staff - that says a lot for a company! Buy this gear with confidence - it’s based on three decades of knowing what it takes, and has been thoroughly torture tested. We offer a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Should they ever fail to provide satisfaction because of defects in materials or workmanship, we will repair or replace at no cost to you. Problems associated with normal wear or abuse will mean a reasonable repair or replacement charge. Slightly more conditional guarantee applies to Kifaru Ultralight Series (p. ?). Fully Berry Amendment Compliant. Every dollar you spend with Kifaru is kept right here in the United States. Instead of fueling foreign economies, we put funds right back into American pockets. The taxes reaped from our sales and salaries support our infrastructure and communities - not those in Asia or Latin America. Every stitch, every component is American made and simply better designed with the best materials. This gear will outperform and outlast anything made offshore - period. Drilex thoroughly trumps Coolmax, as genuine 1000d Cordura trumps all off-shore imitators. The skill and dedication of our American staff ensures we build the very best gear specifically for serious military/LEO operators- with a continuity unmatched anywhere. They are paid well - they deserve it. In both the short and the long run, the “price” is better. It is costly gear. Nevertheless, serious users quickly acknowledge that the cost-to-benefit ratio of their Kifaru gear is quite high - the gear, quite simply, is well worth the investment. Can you buy a pack for less money? Absolutely! But, at what cost?
Ordering. We do not use dealers in order to keep costs down and provide a custom product. Education. Feel free to call us, or visit our website or forums for a wealth of information. We’ll teach you more about packs, accessories and shelters than you ever cared to know. Do you hunt? Our website also provides a trove of expertise on everything from hand loading, to boots, to bags and boning out an elk. You’ll get to see how Kifaru gear has been used and abused under extreme loads, in tricky, remote terrain. • Tactical Specialist: 1-866-308-1911 • email: • Ordering: 1-800-222-6139 or 303-278-9155 M-F, 9 to 5, MST • FAX (303) 278-9248 • Kifaru, Int'l, 4894 Van Gordon St., Ste. 305 • Wheat Ridge, CO, 80033 • • forums: Undeniably tough and resilient, Kifaru honors its namesake "rhino" (Swahili) with ultimate, long term value.


Unparalleled Fit, Unparalleled Load Control.
After three decades of pack building, we’ve learned to strategically integrate load and human. We deliver not just comfort, but stability and maximum performance - critical when the heat is on. We know that thickness and rigidity in suspension systems is NOT the most comfortable way to go. Instead, anatomical perfection is the key. That thinner, “drapier” waistbelts and shoulder straps assist anatomicalness to do the job the best. Bulky padding, “plates” on waistbelts, actually inhibit comfort. In fact, plates, hard thermo-molding and such things inevitably crush one’s hip bone points when the load is heavy enough and the march is far enough. Our users have declared that our thinner, but anatomically perfect suspension systems the best in the world - regardless of sport category. Appearances can be deceiving. We build what actually works best in the more demanding world of the on-foot soldier. There is a considerable additional benefit reported: our svelte suspensions were more appropriate for being loaded and unloaded in vehicles and aircraft than any of their bulky, stiff competitors. Our focus is on a frame and suspension that sticks to you, moves with you, and alleviates hot spots. Each element is designed to help center, stabilize and transfer the weight to the parts of your body that are meant to carry it. You carry more stuff further, with the most efficiency. We build them to fit YOU, and ask for your dimensions when ordering.* Kifaru’s Tactical Division is the most important work we’ve ever done. We are completely dedicated to it.
*unit orders are shipped with simple instructions for custom-fitting individual members

Ergonomic Perfection

Traditional Belt is rigid &over-stuffed, doesn’t form to your body

A Kifaru Belt “drapes” over your anatomy

edges are unable to “cup” enough, focusing pressure on your bones Looks vs. Feel. Extremely thick padded, rigid belts and shoulder straps can be deceiving. They might look comfortable, but lack the load spreading efficiency of a well engineered and anatomically correct suspension.

We will guarantee a proper, comfortable fit for any operator - large or small, or your money back.

Our larger packs LIFT the load from your shoulders, and meld the weight with your entire body. No shoulder or neck fatigue after a long day.

Pre-fit. Individuals and small unit orders: tell us your height, inseam length, waist size and weight we'll pre-fit the suspension to your torso and waist. Unit orders get a pre-set fit.

All our suspensions adjust to work in conjunction with a vest.

Load Placement. Load is funneled over your entire back, the bulk going to your lumbar region for better control and less shoulder fatigue. Our unique Delta Straps provide a triangular pull to control and stabilize the load into the belt. Some of our waistbelt systems let you choose size and padding needs, and are removable.

Our contoured shoulder straps provide maximum upper body freedom they don’t cut into your armpit or bind.

The Packs at a Glance
VOLUME cubic in. 4,500 6,500 7,500 5,200 5,200 5,200 4,000 3,700 3,000 2,800 2,500 2,300 2,300 2,200 1,800 1,300 1,000 900 1,000 1,000 800 800 WEIGHT US lbs. 8 lbs., 2 oz. 9 lbs., 7 oz. 9 lbs., 6 oz. 9 lbs., 1 oz. 6 lbs., 13 oz. 2 lbs., 13 oz. 6 lbs. 5 oz. 2 lbs., 9oz. 4 lbs. 15 oz 4 lbs. 5 oz. 4 lbs. 7 oz. 4 lbs. 2 oz. 4 lbs. 4 oz. 2 lbs., 7oz. 4 lbs., 2 oz. 2 lbs. 2 lbs., 9 oz. 1 lb., 9 oz. 1 lb., 5 oz. 9.5 oz. 1 lb., 13 oz. 1 lb. ACCESS ACCEPTS CARGO ON BOARD SUSPSENSION top bottom sides radio panel CHAIR PANEL FLIGHT Duplex WrapTech Omni KU a a a yes yes no a a a a a yes yes no a a a a a yes yes no a a a a a yes yes no a a a a yes yes no a plus a yes no no a a a a yes yes no a a yes no yes* a a a a yes yes yes a a a yes yes yes a a a yes yes yes a a a yes yes yes a a a yes yes yes a a yes no yes* a a yes no yes a a yes no yes a a no no yes a a no no yes a a no no yes a no no yes a no no yes a a no no yes a SUSPENSION

AG1 AG2 EMR MMR ZXR KU5200 Navigator KU3700 Pointman Zulu Marauder Express MOLLE Express KU2200 XRay Scout Tailgunner II Tailgunner I E&E KU E&E Koala KU Koala

Duplex. On our largest packs, the dual nature of the frame lets you remove it from the pack and convert to a hauler. The pinnacle of huge load capabilities, the Duplex provides incredible latitude for adjustment and fit, and can handle any load you're able to carry. WrapTech. This low profile suspension is the most comfortable ever offered on a military pack of any size with ANY weight load-out - exceeded only by our own Duplex Suspensions. Omni. These packs are delivered without a waistbelt unless you specify. Add one of four Omni Waistbelts for astonishing comfort under VERY heavy loads, thanks to sophisticated anatomical construction. Unique to Kifaru, these packs let you calibrate the suspension to your specific needs. Belt Options: padded belts: unpadded belts: a.) plain with Power Pull a.) plain with Power Pull b.) with PALS & Power Pull b.) with PALS & Power Pull KU (Ultralight). Great shoulder lift function with the Precision Lift (like the Duplex), lighter, anatomical nature of the shoulder straps and waistbelts spread weight well. *with 22 in. stays (onboard flight)


Ergonomic Design Sticks to You Ergonomic Perfection
A pack that moves where you move, with no-slop performance. This “stick-to-you” concept relies on low profile, anatomical contours of frame and suspension. The most fundamental of pack components is the suspension system - the “interface” between pack bag and its contents and you - the man carrying the load needed for the mission. Like a car, the weight of the "vehicle" is suspended on the frame. It is not loaded directly onto the frame, which would cause stress points and discomfort. You ca also distribute weight wherever you desire over your back.
zippered radio access (most packs)

Shoulder Lift. Weight is lifted from your shoulders and spread to your back and waistbelt.

hoseports Each Kifaru pack has an interior sleeve for a water reservoir. Just route the hose through the port located at the top of each pack, and clip into your shoulder strap for immediate hands-free water access.

Grab loop

Shoulder Straps - thin and anatomically contoured to spread weight well. They fit so well that the sternum strap is often not needed at all. • do not "cut" into your armpit area or focus pressure on one edge. • unobtrusive enough for easy wearing with a vest/ armor. • independently adjustable for each shoulder raise or lower the entire individual harness to fit your shoulder and torso length. Need to wear a pack over bulky body armor? Lengthen the straps for perfect positioning and best performance. Drilex lined to wick away sweat. Upper attachment points for optional CargoChair™ (p. 20)

internal frame. twin aircraft grade aluminum stays on all our packs, even the smallest, provide support and weight transfer to comfortably carry heavy loads. HDPE frame sheet in our largest packs helps spread the load over your entire back. All contact points are carefully sculpted to naturally funnel weight away from your shoulders and to your hips for more efficient carrying. More comfort = heavier loads. raised torso pads for ventilation on most packs. contains the Armor Grip utility on Armor Grip packs Quick Eject buckles let you ditch the pack in a hurry

The Waistbelts The anatomical cut conforms to your hip shape and locks the load there. The wide design delivers superior comfort, spreads weight and alleviates hot spots. They don’t dig into your ribs like a traditional straight cut belt. Padding? Don't let them fool you... massive padding is NOT necessary to handle large loads. Spandura lining on large pack belts offers smooth comfort.

Tab loops (4 total) to clip on a Pod (p. 21) of your choice.

Lower attachment points for optional CargoChair Bottom compression/ lash straps

Our packs are built to ride low in your lumbar area (center of gravity) to maximize comfort and stability.

Power Pull gives you a more effective cinch down - so remember to pull forward, not back.


Grommetted drain holes are optional on all packs and most pockets.

All seams are double stitched & bound Stress points (and/or bartacks) are back stitched 3 to 5 times Combat GunBearer (optional) affixes to the waistbelt for hands-free long gun carrying (p. compression Straps center and stabilize the load. The features illustrated on this Navigator may vary slightly on other models. tall tube. Our packs weigh in much less than any competitor in our league without sacrificing performance or strength. Stitching and bartacking (often in combination) is state-ofthe-art. Thread.. reducing sway and noise ITW/Nexus Quick Release shoulder strap buckles eliminate all slippage.A System You Can Build Upon The Kifaru System includes packs. beefy Number Tens to prevent jamming. Removable.and transfer the weight to the frame and waistbelt. foliage or black Special request colors: (10% surcharge per item) Multicam or ACU Construction Pack Bodies. Unlike most other manufacturers. pockets and accessories that interact with each other in a practical. 28) 5 . and they slide easily. so we don't adorn the inside with a bunch of pockets and compartments. coyote brown. bottom compression straps stash large items like tent poles or sleeping pads triangular pull of our Delta Straps on all pack waistbelts locks the load into your lumbar area PALS webbing lets you attach pouches or a GunBearer Cradle multiple access points on larger packs Product colors Standard colors: olive drab. and secure it tightly to the frame . etc.our interior is a single. No air pockets means no-slop Chamber Pocket Standard on all our packs. lower Delta elt a we use only Delrin buckles to ensure neither cold nor heat will stop your mission.ideal for keys. Our military packs are designed to fully meet and exceed government specifications. we simply don’t make a barrel and add a suspension. this flat interior pocket at the top of each pack keeps valuables safe . Intelligently engineered. using Mil-Spec American made materials and technologies to withstand the rigors of military use in the field. Dual pulls permit easy access from all sides. Interior PALS webbing on some models allow easy organization of any MOLLE compatible pocket. even with mittens on. Extremely durable and waterproof. easy manner to minimize hassle and increase your efficiency and comfort in the field. You’ll find your fitting instructions here. money. All our packs are low profile . Interior loops at the top let you hang a large radio pocket.they do not “hang up” on obstacles and are exceptionally stealthy exterior PALS will accept any MOLLE compatible or any Kifaru pocket. We use big. Common Elements customize your pack with embroidered name or unit number (optional) Interior You get a much more stable load when you can pack it tightly and "integrate" the elements. up pe rD Zippers.000 D Cordura. Materials & Construction. our pack designs are not short on innovation or military specific features. Urethane coated 1. Tex-90 thread instead of industry standard 69E. zippered radio access Velcro® patch Pack shape: all our pack bodies are shaped with just right contours to allow you maximum upper body freedom and arm movement.

HAULER CONVERSION Remove the bag.5 liters • 8 lbs. 8 channels . it deploys quickly.) this exclusive tool is the fastest. fits most body armor out there and keeps the pack load close to your body for great stability .000 cubic inches / 65. bottom compression/ lash straps bottom tab loops for Pods ARMOR GRIP™ Peel back the torso pads for a grippy.6 side to side sway. 6 Function & Design This is a serious multi-mission patrol pack that is easily capable of carrying a week's worth of gear.. and is so stealthy and simple. Better yet. 8 channels exterior sides: 8 rows. and has ample PALS webbing. yet still has a narrow. add an optional CargoChair and you have a freight hauler with all the comfort of an internal framed pack. stick-to-your-armor surface.AG1 armor grip DuPlex Suspension System Velcro® patch ™ PATENT PENDING 4. easiest way to fuse your pack closer to your armor for rock solid stability. stealthy design. pend. 2 oz. / 3. Panel loading allows access to any corner of the pack. removable waistbelt: pre-fit for your waist size. Torso pads on Armor Grip frame do double duty as the Armor Grip. PALS Grid: exterior front panel: 8 rows. Interior Sleeves: Hydration sleeve & interior hang loops stores up to a 100 oz. you won't even know it's there. Dual Grap Loops CargoChair attachment points Armor Grip™ torso pads Quick Eject buckles bottom zippered access sleeping bag compartment will hold any single bag. CargoChair Sleeve/pocket inside the front panel. water reservoir . 4 channels interior front panel: 7 rows. Armor Grip™ (pat. zippered radio access 4 zipper sliders provide access ANYWHERE along the panel Stay Length: 24 in. and a detachable bag divider panel lets you segregate your bag. 2.

easiest way to fuse your pack closer to your armor for rock solid stability. add an optional CargoChair and you have a freight hauler with all the comfort of an interntal framed side to side sway. you won't even know it's there. Better yet. Torso pads on Armor Grip frame do double duty as the Armor Grip.2 kg.AG2 armor grip zippered radio access ™ PATENT PENDING 6. the bottom and the sides DuPlex Suspension System converts to a freight hauler(p.500 cubic inches / 106. compression straps Armor Grip™ torso pads center and stabilize the load.5 liters • 9 lbs. Hydration sleeve & interior hang loops stores up to a 100 oz. HAULER CONVERSION Remove the bag. Simply Click-out the pocket for easy access. bottom tab loops for Pods bottom compression/ lash straps ARMOR GRIP™ Peel back the torso pads for a grippy. or snug it down to compresses contents. Quick Eject buckles CargoChair attachment points bottom zippered access sleeping bag compartment will hold a complete MSS. Remove it completely and convert to a bandolier. pend. 7 oz. fits most body armor out there and keeps the pack load close to your body for great stability . 12 channels top lid 5 rows 8 channels bottom 3 rows 24 channels 7 . 2. water reservoir. stick-to-your-armor surface. shrink volume from the top. Shown with our Extreme Top Lid. the ability to convert to a hauler. (p. 9) Side Zip Access shown beneath optional Long Pocket. Interior Sleeves: 1. / 4. and is so stealthy and simple.) this exclusive tool is the fastest. extendible snow collar adds volume to your pack bag Stay Length: 24 in. fantastic volume control. This recce type ruck can handle any multiple day load you throw at it with versatility and comfort. Armor Grip™ (pat. and a detachable bag divider panel lets you segregate your bag. pend) ensures those loads stay put over your body armor in the trickiest of situations. Armor Grip™ (pat. it deploys quickly. DuPlex Suspension System top lid includes ample PALS webbing. 21) draw corded top loader. and like our other big packs.. PALS Grid: pack body: 8 rows. Waistbelt: pre-fit for your waist size. CargoChair Sleeve/pocket inside the front of the pack. It sports great modularity. Better yet. and extends to provide extra volume.

the pinnacle of huge load capabilities. MMR Stay Length: 24 in.2 kg. draw corded top loader extendible snow collar adds volume to your pack bag zippered radio access . the bottom and the sides Side Zip Access shown beneath optional Long Pocket. different volumes. CargoChair Sleeve/pocket inside the "front" of the pack. Hydration sleeve & interior hang loops stores up to a 100 oz. Need added utility? Check out our Extreme Top Lid. add an optional CargoChair and you have a freight hauler with all the comfort of an interntal framed pack. and they accept any other MOLLE compatible pocket on the market. front and waistbelt. Duplex Suspension a dual natured frame lets you remove it from the pack and convert to a hauler . shrink volume from the top. Ample PALS webbing allows pockets to be added to the top. • 4. PALS Grid: pack sides: 8 rows. with incredible latitude for adjustment and fit.. 1 oz. 21) Interior Sleeves: 1.1 kg.200 cubic inches 85 liters 9 lbs.. 2. add a CargoChair right to the pack bag EMR MMR Two load hauling masters with the volume and features you need for your extended field jobs. (p. A bag divider panel attaches via 4 buckles should you opt to segregate your a Radio Pouch (optional) inside the pack bag . 8 channels sleeping bag comp. 10 channels top lid: 5 rows. 6 oz. and extends to provide extra volume. CargoChair attachment points Quick Eject buckles Sleeping bag access. Modularity at its Best. Waistbelt: pre-fit for your waist size.weight transfers to the frame for comfort EMR Stay Length: 26 in. efficient ruck ever built for heavy missions. this is the most versatile. MULTI MISSION RUCK 5. 24 on the EMR). and handles any load you're able to carry. Simply Click-out the pocket for easy access. EMR The Mothership of all our packs. PALS Grid: pack sides: 8 rows. Compression straps center and stabilize the load. but a 2 inch shorter frame and smaller bag for a variety of missions (20 channels PALS vs. water reservoir . 24 channels MMR Same great features. All our other packs and pockets "dock" onto the EMR and MMR. The smaller MMR performs in the same manner for a variety of missions. • 4. 8 channels sleeping bag comp.yet compresses to solidly handle small loads.500 cubic inches 123 liters 9 lbs. sides. bottom compartment easily swallows an entire GI Cold Weather Sleeping System. Remove it completely and convert to a bandolier. Same style. It is one of the largest available . 12 channel top lid: 5 rows. 20 channels 8 . or snug it down to compresses contents. Top Lid includes ample PALS webbing.: 3 rows.: 3 rows. or. bottom compression/ lash straps bottom tab loops for Pods Hauler Conversion Remove the bag.EMR & MMR EXTENDED MISSION RUCK DuPlex Suspension System 7.

with or without the pack bag. independently adjustable shoulder straps DuPlex Suspension System storage pouch for X-Strap Kit (included with any Cargo hauler) aluminum aircraft grade stays Haul Freight in Four Ways 1). Includes shoulder straps and waistbelt. pouches or any bulky. add a CargoChair. AG1 or AG2 and add the optional CargoChair™ platform. remove the frame from your EMR.Cargo Haulers & Platform Frames AG1 • AG2 • EMR • MMR DuPlex Suspension System shoulder width adjuster lash tabs Hauling out casualties over long stretches is efficient and can be done by a single operator with a CargoChair. 20). More comfort means more strength for the duration. CargoChair and X-Strap Kit (bag can be purchased separately). we’ve crafted an advanced frame and suspension that handles any massive loads you throw at it. AG1 or AG2 bag. Remove the frame from your EMR. heavy gear. Platform Frame with 3 Pods 9 . Includes the CargoChair X-Strap Kit (p. CargoChair™ platform as an accessory and attach it to your pack bag 3). Includes frame.thus the dual nature of our DuPlex System. It is safer and less exhausting than the "fireman's carry". Cargo Hauler as a dedicated freighter. Platform Frame . MMR. Using state-ofthe-art materials and a lifetime of engineering experience. and you’ve got a lightweight. very strong hauler or platform frame . 2). your LBS ala carte with this framesheet and attach a myriad of pockets. 4). aluminum aircraft grade stays quick eject buckles let you load and unload in a single stroke raised torso pads (AG frames have the Armor Grip feature) ergonomic.

over the top compression straps and an extendible top lid. PullOuts. Velcro® patch shown with Extreme Top Lid (XTL) interior hang loop for water bladder top drawstring access extendible snow collar slot pockets Stay Length: 24 in. with Precision Lift™ for better shoulder lift Wraptech Plus Suspension Capable of huge loads. / 3 kg. taller (24 inch) stays provide great shoulder lift. 13 oz. Like the bigger packs. Incredible latitude for adjustment and fit..Zulu Extreme Ruck (ZXR) WrapTech Plus Suspension System 5. an anatomical Lumbar Pad and PackLock™. The ZXR delivers even more comfort than ever. 10 channels bottom: 3 rows. A double layered body sandwiches pockets between the PALS panel and inner bag to hold even very long items with security. antennas. Shoulder Straps.200 cubic inches / 85 liters • 6 lbs. • D-rings in the top of all 3 to dummy cord items inside. simply and efficiently. Not just a simple front adjustment. you can raise or lower the entire individual harness to fit for your shoulder and torso length great when wearing bulky body armor. as we've equipped it with a Wraptech Plus Suspension. Colors: standard or special request PALS Grid: pack body: 7 rows. etc. upper CargoChair anchors 6 compression straps 3 each side Quick Eject buckles Removable waistbelt (included) bottom zippered access bottom tab loops for Pods bottom compression/ lash-on straps Slot Pockets. raised torso pads. • Upper compression strap both compresses pack contents and closes tops of these Slots for security. • Ideal for water bladders (up to a 100 oz). these straps are independently adjustable for each shoulder. Like our larger packs. Drilex lined to wick away sweat. over the top compression strap on pack body cinches down huge loads 10 The Zulu Extreme Ruck is for those who need large capacity with simple top loading access and favorite features like slot pockets. 20 channels standard lid: 5 rows. 10 channels . and exceeded by only our DuPlex Suspension System.

water reservoir) 4 zipper sliders provide access ANYWHERE along the panel Quick Eject buckles anatomical Lumbar Pad with dual density foam and PackLock™ Full length zippered pocket within the front panel can be used for flotation. interior is covered in PALS webbing.more agility and efficient arm movement. interior hang loops for water bladders. 8 channels 11 . 5 channels exterior panel: 8 rows. Velcro patch zippered radio/ reservoir access WrapTech Suspension System tab loops for Pods WrapTech Suspension This low profile suspension handles amazing loads when needed. 8 channels interior panel: 7 rows. maps or CargoChair storage. yet still has a narrow.. Takes a zero degree bag with room to spare. PALS Grid: pack sides: 8 rows. This is a serious multi-mission pack that is easily capable of carrying a week's worth of gear. stealthy design. Removable divider panel above sleeping bag compartment. Load can be shifted completely to the waistbelt.000 cubic inches / 65.8 kg.Navigator 4.exceeded only by our own DuPlex Suspensions. alleviating fatigue on your shoulders and chest . removable waistbelt bottom tab loops for Pods Bottom compartment zip access. 24 inch stays & Precision Lift™ for better shoulder lift Removable Chamber Pocket interior loops to secure Radio Pouch. The most comfortable suspension ever offered on a military pack of any size with ANY weight load-out . 8 channels interior back: 8 rows. Provides extraordinary comfort with very heavy loads. 5 oz. Medics/Corpsmen will recognize this as an indispensable feature in the field. front and back. Add ANY MOLLE compatible pocket or pouch in the configuration that suits your needs. and hydration sleeve (accepts up to a 100 oz. making it ideal for those needing precision organization. / 2.5 liters • 6 lbs.

22 inch stays for great shoulder lift interior hang loops for water bladder raised torso pads WrapTech Suspension This low profile suspension handles amazing loads when needed. It swallows an amazing amount of gear for its size. Velcro® patch tab loops for Pods top zipper along the frame allows access to your radio or water reservoir. Load can be shifted completely to the waistbelt. hang loop included interior loops to secure Radio Pouch. and is even capable of carrying a 3 season bag that can be accessed through the bottom.. Many of the same great features of our large EMR in a smaller package. Stay Length: 22 in. water reservoir. Its suspension system is designed to carry very heavy loads with remarkable comfort.2 kg. The Pointman brings midsized 3 day/patrol type packs to a new level of technology. Interior sleeve holds up to a 100 oz.more agility and efficient arm movement. PALS Grid: pack body: 7 rows. top zippered access tall. alleviating fatigue on your shoulders and chest . 6 compression straps Quick Eject buckles anatomical Lumbar Pad with dual density foam and PackLock™ 4 anchor points inside bottom lid let you lash down gear or Dock & Lock a Long Pocket.exceeded only by our own DuPlex Suspensions. 20 channels lid: 3 rows. The most comfortable suspension ever offered on a military pack of any size with ANY weight load-out . while being even more low profile than the Navigator.Pointman WrapTech Suspension System 3. / 2. 15 oz.000 cubic inches / 49 liters • 4 lbs. bottom zippered access removable waistbelt bottom compression/lash straps bottom tab loops for Pods Both ends open up for incredible access. 8 channels 12 .

Top loaders can be massively overloaded if necessary due to combat conditions. This pack is extraordinarily comfortable. antennas. Sized to swallow a large sleeping bag. so we gave the Zulu an over-the-top strap just for this scenario. Waistbelt: optional PALS Grid: pack body: 7 rows.The Zulu will swallow even a large sleeping bag. 21 Omni Suspension System removable lid stay length: 21 in. • d-rings let you dummy cord items inside. Whether you need an assault pack. Interior.p.Zulu 3. tall frame provides good shoulder lift over-the-top compression strap over the top compression strap on pack body cinches down huge loads slot pockets raised torso pads anatomical Lumbar Pad with dual density foam and PackLock™ Omni Suspension System Omni Belt is optional bottom tab loops for Pods under the bottom compression straps Slot Pockets: a double layered body sandwiches long slots between the PALS panel and inner bag to hold even long items securely. compress and go . the Zulu is rugged and reliable. Access: with absolutely no zippers.200 cubic inches / 52. includes standard Chamber Pocket & interior Radio Pouch hang loops and bladder pocket with a hang loop. raised torso pads. with a design focusing on simplicity and durability.extra long lid straps completely span the bottom for even more.) plain with Power Pull b.) with PALS & Power Pull Built from the ground up as an all-purpose combat ruck. In short. A drawcorded top access with wide opening lets you quickly load. top lid removes. PullOuts. large gear storage. / 2 kg. anatomical lumbar pad Omni Belt Options padded belts: a. 20 channels lid: 3 rows. the Zulu can do it all.we’ve even added an over-the-top strap just for this scenario.) plain with Power Pull b.incredible compression and modularity . radio/hose port and radio access lets you place the antenna where you like ..) with PALS & Power Pull Unpadded belts: a. a 3-Day type pack or Patrol pack. so you can outfit your Zulu with the optional Extreme Top Lid . 8 channels 13 . • ideal for water bladders (up to a 100 oz).4 liters • 4 lbs. it is capable of toting a LOT of gear. 5 oz. Same on the bottom .even two antennas at the same time. the Zulu is very versatile when it comes to size management.

) plain with Power Pull b. front and back provides precision organization. maps or CargoChair storage raised torso pads.) with PALS & Power Pull Unpadded belts: a. tab loops for Pods Velcro® patch zippered radio/water reservoir access stay length: 19 in. 8 channels 14 . comfortable big load handling. 8 channels interior panel: 8 rows. raised torso pads. 4 channels exterior panel: 8 rows. 7 oz. hang loop for water bladder Accepts a 100 oz. Medics/Corpsmen will recognize this as an indispensable feature.Marauder Omni Suspension System 2. anatomical lumbar pad Omni Belt Options padded belts: a.) plain with Power Pull b.500 cubic inches / 41 liters • 4 lbs. water reservoir. Colors: standard or special request Waistbelt: optional PALS Grid: pack sides: 8 rows. / 2 kg.) with PALS & Power Pull This nimble. anatomical Lumbar Pad with dual density foam and PackLock™ Omni Suspension System Omni Belt is optional bottom anchors for CargoChair bottom tab loops for Pods full length zippered pocket for flotation. interior loops to secure a Radio Pouch Quick Eject buckles upper anchors for CargoChair (not shown) interior covered in PALS webbing. It is a low profile assault pack that is ideal for urban/sniper use and short-range reconnaissance operations with total modular capabilities.. 8 channels interior back: 8 rows. Add ANY MOLLE compatible pocket or pouch in the configuration to suit your needs. mid-sized pack delivers plenty of versatility and stable.

• 1. tab loops for pockets & Pods full top wrap zip access radio/water hose port with interior hang loops for water bladder Omni Suspension System tab loops for pockets & Pods Velcro® for patch pocket on top lid extra large map/ document pocket stay length: 21 in.Express & Molle Express 2.8 kg.6 liters 4 lbs. 2 oz.. Both models are designed with that perfect balance of size and shape. stealth and mobility.) with PALS & Power Pull Unpadded belts: a. A clean. with no PALS webbing for a non-military appearance .8 kg. bell shaped profile for plenty of upper body mobility. Omni Belt Options padded belts: a. take the Express. they are the perfect “everyday packs". Express.makes a great TDY/Travel pack (carry-on legal). • 1.) with PALS & Power Pull both packs: trim.300 cubic inches 37. PALS Grid: 7 rows 14 channels 15 .) plain with Power Pull b. 2. uncluttered look. and are excellent for patrol/assault. You can still attach our Long Pockets on the sides and a Back or E&E Pouch on the front with tab loops. PALS Grid: none MOLLE Express Ample PALS webbing for more versatility when adding pockets and pouches. The Low profile design works well for both MOUT and SAR operations With very versatile utility.) plain with Power Pull b. The top lid features a nifty pocket as well.6 liters 4 lbs. raised torso pads CargoChair anchors anatomical Lumbar Pad with dual density foam and PackLock™ Quick Release shoulder strap buckles zippered bottom access anchors for D&L Long Pockets bottom compression straps bottom tab loops for Pods Omni Suspension System Omni Belts are optional Both ends open up for incredible access.300 cubic inches 37. When your mission requires speed. sleek and low profile to offer great versatility with all day comfort and utility.

4 liters • 4 lbs.The panel not only provides fast access to every corner. most laptops. it is loaded with PALS for adding all sorts of MOLLE compatible pouches (including our own Lock & Loads). the XRay may just be your do-all pack for life Waistbelt: optional. The 17" frame allows any hydration bladder. yet can be used as an assault pack or even a Two-Day pack with the addition of pockets or Pods. Stout. and tough as nails. and serves as a pocket.) plain with Power Pull b. anatomical lumbar pad 16 A versatile daypack small enough for EDC. PALS Grid: front external: 5 rows 6 channels front internal: 4 rows 6 channels sides: 6 rows 4 channels .800 cubic inches / 29. etc. pocket on top lid tab loops on top lid to Dock & Lock a small POD Velcro patch internal hydration sleeve tabs for Pods wide opening with zippered closure stay length: 17 in. Top and panel access lets you stuff it like a top loader.) with PALS & Power Pull PALS this small pack can be loaded heavily. upper CargoChair anchors zippered panel access raised torso pads anatomical Lumbar Pad with dual density foam and PackLock™ removable compression straps Omni Suspension System Omni Belt is optional 2 bottom compression straps (removable) bottom tab loops for Pods mesh pocket Omni Belt Options padded belts: a. / 1.XRay Omni Suspension System 1. & is very versatile when adding pockets panel pocket for documents & flat items raised torso pads.37 kg..) with PALS & Power Pull Unpadded belts: a. 2 oz. and organize it like a panel loader..) plain with Power Pull b. clipboards.

details. 14 channels 17 . / . Omni Suspension System hose port for water bladder PALS on top lid Interior hydration sleeve holds up to a 70 oz.) with PALS & Power Pull Chamber slot pockets PackLock Grip Sized for quick missions.) plain with Power Pull b. Twin internal aluminum stays support and spread the weight.9 kg. because it is built on the same principals of stability and comfort as all our packs. PALS Grid: 5 rows. and rides solidly in your lumbar area . Velcro patch tab loops for Pods upper anchor for CargoChair top zippered access stay length: 13 in.) plain with Power Pull b. so you can even add a CargoChair (p. Waistbelt Options.3 liters • 2 lbs. water bladder.Scout 1. p.300 cubic inches / 21. the Scout can mushroom in volume with the addition of a multitude of pockets and pouches. The short profile allows it to integrate well with a military vest. 20)! Waistbelt: optional.transferring weight to your hips to minimize upper body fatigue and maximize upper body freedom. This little pack is built as solidly as the big boys. anatomically superior shoulder straps and optional waistbelt provide exceptional comfort. and our thin. Omni Suspension System this small pack carries heavy loads.) with PALS & Power Pull Unpadded belts: a. 3 included shoulder straps are removable shown with optional waistbelt bottom tab loops for Pods Dual compression straps mesh pocket inside lid hose port for water bladder Omni Belt Options padded belts: a.

E and E bag. adjustment straps let you prop it open to any angle .70 kg.. 13 elastic loops full width of pack Peel down the Lumbar Flap and affix any of our optional waistbelts. the Tailgunner I is based on Kifaru engineering that has proven itself for decades to be extremely practical in size and fit. This pack is light and fast.16 kg.even while wearing it! 2 zippered pockets. no lost gear..great for vehicle ops. PALS and slots. A smaller pack. p. / . 10 channels interior panel: 4 rows. Optional Panel Insert: this rigid panel organizes even more gear in the Tailgunner II. Chamber Pocket (removable) 1 zippered mesh pocket 1 slot pocket (beneath Chamber) zippered mesh compartment inside lid Tailgunner II Tailgunner I 18 Suspension options: Tailgunners come with a standard shoulder sling. The TG II maximizes your organizational capabilities in an easy-to-layout configuration. PALS Grid: 3 rows. You can purchase the following options: 1. Loaded with organizational features. A premier med pack! PALS Grid: exterior panel: 4 rows. any one of our Omni Belts 2.Tailgunners Omni Suspension System High performance lumbar packs that stick solidly to your lumbar region and maximize your upper body freedom. 10 channels Interior Like a well designed toolbox. 9 oz.. no matter what the load. 1 mesh pocket anatomical foam lumbar pad with PackLock™ shown with optional waistbelt and shoulder straps access: panel Chamber Pocket (removable) 2 slot pockets Omni Suspension System Waistbelt Options. • piggyback them to a larger pack. / 1. 14 channels 3 slot pockets inside front panel access: top zip shown with optional waistbelt and shoulder straps anatomical foam lumbar pad with PackLock™ Omni Suspension System Waistbelt Options.. 10 channels interior back: 4 rows. Load it up with confidence . 9 oz. TG II 1. TG I 900 cubic inches / 14. they're multifunctional as a med bag. yet able to carry heavy loads without sway .so solid you’ll hardly notice it’s there. 25) 3. etc.. Accessory shoulder straps . • swing around from lumbar to front mount .000 cubic inches / 16. Elastic loops on one side. • fully MOLLE compatible. MOUT bag. PALS on the other. wide Shoulder Sling (p. full wrap zipper lets you lay this pack out flat for access to any fumbling for critical tiny items.. details. our Tailgunner II is loaded with organizational pockets.3 liters • 2 lbs..7 liters • 1 lb.

13 oz. Copious PALS and anchor points let the Koala fit on larger packs or plate carriers as a pocket.Pistol and magazine holsters 19 .Contoured/Padded Shoulder Sling . In one fluid motion. Speed of access is unbelievable.82 kg. your concealed pistol is out in a flash. we think the Koala is one of the fastest conceal-carries available.X-Harness . 8 channels Accessories .upper Delta Strap of Omni Lumbar Waistbelt dual slot pockets zippered mesh pocket large slot pocket common loop for .. and it will ACCEPT loads of other pockets.Koala Shoulder Sling (a simpe. passports or other documents dual zipper pulls ea. slot pocket for airline tickets.1 liters • 1 lb.X-Harness waist strap .Lift Kit for backpack (chest mount) transfers weight of the Koala to pack frame . The zipper pull configuration keeps the pouch securely closed until you yank the rip-tab. grab & fire.Koala Shoulder Straps . side (4 total) magazine holsters (optional) Velcro platform for holsters & pockets tab for dummy cording pistol holster (optional) Handgun Panel The Koala rips open with one pull on the rip-tab . secure and hidden at all times. 8 channels back: 5 rows.Koala Bag Only (includes Removable compression straps and Chamber Pocket) .Omni Lumbar Waistbelt (padded or unpadded) .no need to use the zipper pulls.Dual Adjust Waist Strap . tab loop for shoulder sling(s) and Lift Kit rip tabs full wrap zipper X-Harness tab loop common loop for . slender sling) .lower Delta Strap of Omni Lumbar Belt removable compression straps tab for dummy cording common loops for Chamber Pocket (standard.Dual Adjust Waist Strap .X-Harness and waist strap for chest carry . In fact. Kifaru or not.Koala 800 cubic inches / 13. Purchasing Options .Koala Bag with X-Harness and Waist Strap PALS Grid: front: 3 rows. not shown) Modular. / .Koala Shoulder Straps . Concealed Carry Rip. while allowing your handgun to be safe.

5" dia. and on the MOLLE frame.ample real estate for pockets and Pods on BOTH sides. It has unlimited uses in the field to include medics.angle can be adjusted to fit the load common loop anchors for compression straps . this large. canvassed by 1000 D Cordura with closed cell foam padding. or use it as a radio pack. Great for observation or camp. More real estate than what’s currently available. Weight: 1 lb. EOD and mortar teams. Unlike other panels out there. Construction: aircraft grade aluminum/fiberglass rods for support. 8 channels Dimensions: 36" long X 13" wide (3 adjustable heights) Rolled Dimensions: 13" wide X 3. . The Turn our packs (except Tailgunners) Quick Eject buckles let you offload in a hurry. PALS platform can be configured for a wide range of needs. pend) has been proven time and again to be remarkably utilitarian and trustworthy in the field for hauling huge. 19 in. ours can be used on our Duplex Frame. The load is spread over your entire back and waistbelt system. It is able to wrap and compress huge loads and carry sustainment pouches as needed. Construction: 1000 D Cordura. 2. our packs. Cost effective. easy to use! Colors: standard 20 This great soft panel carries the loads of our CargoChair. 1. (6 sets) Cargo Panel on a MOLLE frame swallows enormous. Also makes a great hydration carrier. and use the shoulder straps. and you have a dry and restful place to sit. CargoChair X-Strap Kit. bulky items in comfort on your hips. Includes: L&L #3 pocket. As a PALS platform only: already own a Marauder? Order the Platform only. etc. EMR. awkward loads. buy the Omni Yoke with or without frame. 8 channels Weight: 3 modularity available in a cargo panel . A secondary benefit is the "chair" aspect. jerry cans of fuel or massive amounts of water can be brought in on foot with incredilble efficiency and stability . belt and stays from your existing pack. length 26 in.includes Chamber stay length: 19 in. Colors: standard or ACU/Multicam PALS Grid: 16 rows. The choice is yours. all mounting straps and hardware.without getting into a pack. Easily access batteries. The configurations and uses are almost endless. to handle heavy. Colors: standard and special request CargoChair into a freight hauler by adding this unique optional platform. Simply flip the platform under. a dedicated platform with shoulder straps and frame stays. Ammo crates. 6 oz. Casualties cannot fall off with these straps in place. but offers much more modularity and versatility. awkward loads panel length is adjustable 36 in. Add multitudes of pockets. Quickly and efficiently secures large loads onto your CargoChair. Pack use: all Kifaru Tactical packs from Express on up Kifaru Duplex Frames (Armor Grip. MMR) older Kifaru models MOLLE frames. Colors: standard MOLLE Link. Set it up as a medical panel for instant access . Colors: standard or special request PALS Grid: 8 rows. shoulder straps and belt tab loops for lash straps tab loops for a Pod CargoChair anchors CargoChair™ (pat. Includes X-Strap and one Horizontal Utility Strap and storage pouch. Add the (optional) CargoChair (p. length removable compression straps with multiple attachment points . zippered top opening for hydration bladder . antennas.even haul out casualties while keeping your hands free. length UNDERSIDE: anchor loops for Lock 'n Load or Dock & Lock pockets. 15) and waistbelt. 2 models: Kifaru CargoChair or MOLLE frame. Cargo Panel new! shown compressing a duffel bag onto a Duplex frame tab loops for Pods. internal frame Chair mode.Omni Yoke Cargo Hauling OMNI SUSPENSION SYSTEM With endless modularity. etc. 15 oz. Our MOLLE Link lets you plug in our CargoChair to your own MOLLE frame. Rolls up into a small package when not in use.

AG2. Weight: 19 oz. it accepts a huge array of our pockets either on or off the pack. The drawstring closure ensures that Pods Dock & Locks quickly to a ruck and completely swallow quickly and easily. *we cannot exchange this lid for any standard lid you may already own. compresses. like boots or wet rain gear. ZXR or Zulu. 10 channels underside: 4 rows. not overwhelm it. Tailgunner packs fit easily into this Pod. or woobies. Dimensions: 12 h X 7 w X 9 d Medium: fits most size single sleeping bags. ghillie suits. and throw it over your shoulder. jackets. shrinks and stabilizes the entire top of your pack. like helmets. It compresses.retrofits any EMR. Gear that used to suck up precious interior volume can now be stashed onto any PALS grid. Pack compatibility: Scout on up. Buy them individually or a set of 3 at a discount! Colors: standard Small: holds small 2 season bags. MMR. Weight: 8 oz.i. A quick draw on the tension lock buckle adjusts the strap length. MMR. Ideal for sleeping bags. You can attach pockets or pouches compresses that have no attachment system. Our exclusive PCS (Perimeter Cinch System™) acts like shrink wrap to compress and conform to whatever is in your pack. bulky gear to the outside of your ruck .period. NBC gear. etc. Great for storing things for quick use. Grab-It 21 .Fits EMR. Zipperless the XTL option when ordering your pack. click out. drawcorded opening is securely compressed Dimensions: 18 h X 12 w X 12 d against the ruck Stuff wet or bulky gear in a flash with the Grab-It. 8 channels Volume: 600 c. and it becomes a fully functional Go Bag. XTL (Extreme Top Lid) PALS lets you add any MOLLE compatible pocket compression straps Velcro® patch for name badge Bulk Load Solutions drawcord cinches entire unit anchors for Pods quick release slot pocket for shoulder sling zippered map pouch Bandolier Strap Kit Our removable Top Hood is loaded with PALS webbing. ZXR or Zulu you already own* PALS Grid: top: 3 rows. Click the hood off. click in the optional Bandolier Strap Kit. etc). .and snug it up even further with the drawcord. shelter systems. making it easy to configure as a bandolier. other manufacturers (Outdoor Research. AG2. muddy stuff.. Weight: 10 oz. issue Gortex Bivy Bag. Contoured to efficiently wrap whatever gear is behind it . this one has unheard of multifunctional capabilities and modularity with the perfect balance of stand-alone interior capacity to graft WITH the pack. Includes: shoulder sling and Chamber Purchasing options: . Add the Shoulder Sling. ParaHootch and Pole Kit. etc. As a GO Bag. More than just a top lid. Weight: 6 oz. PALS on Top Hood lets you easily add pockets. Dimensions: 15 h X 9 w X 10 d Large: will hold a complete 2 sleeping bag system. Pockets: totally Molle compatible. that you don't want to put back in your pack. shrinks & stabilizes slotted map pocket zippered top contents always stay upright Pods The simplest. such as pouches available from the contents. quickest way of attaching large. .sold as a stand-alone product. Construction: 1000d Cordura Sizes: one fits all Weight: 4 oz. Easily segregates messy.

.. 5 oz. this pouch is crafted to be low profile for all tasks. a small pack or b). Dimensions: 14” X 9” X 4” PALS Grid: pack front: 5 rows.5 kg. 5 rows of PALS webbing on the front and sides for even more pocket options. 6 oz. Grab Bags Built for fighting on the move. the OTW is devoid of zippered openings and flaps . PALS Grid: 4 rows. and works decidedly well as either: a). The flat bottom lets you set it down on any surface to work out of if needed. this “Go Bag” is ideal for mounted ops outside the wire . or any small pouch that takes two rows of PALS 2 compression straps Standard Chamber Pocket included. The E&E has a full front panel opening for outstanding access.. hydration bladder with room to spare.with our rapid rip open/slam shut top. Dock & Lock lets you easily clip this pack/ pocket onto any PALS equipped vest or ruck in a heartbeat militarymorons. giving you immediate wide mouth access to your tools. pilot’s bag or range bag. grab loop full panel zip access Pack mode Pocket mode shoulder straps are carefully angled to lay flat and comfortably over the shoulders . Unlike any other “go bag” offered.000 cubic inches / 16. / . Well appointed with loads of organizational features . pockets and a Velcro backed panel.from exterior PALS to interior loops. common loops for more Chamber Pockets. 2 channels back slot pocket stores the shoulder straps or other items like maps or paperwork. pouches or to dummy cord Pull-Outs.and can be operated one-handed. it stays that way. or use it as a vehicle kit bag. Liter Pouch Plus.Outside the Wire Bag 3 lbs. E&E Back Pouch A dedicated E&E pack.000 d Cordura with HDPE sheets for support. grenades or med supplies.3 liters • 1 lb. A D-ring lets you hang items such as a PullOut. pouch on any PALS equipped vest or ruck. Velcro wall for Velcro backed pouches & holsters Velcro tack down patch for handle anchor for standard shoulder sling shown without standard shoulder sling common loops for Dock ‘n Lock pouches or hang extra gear Carry the OTW at your hip for rip open access. / 1. combat medics and corpsmen. sternum strap 22 interior: holds a full 100 oz.increasing load carrying capability.57 kg. Includes 4 Quick Attach buckles sides: accept mag pouches. GPS pouches. Once it’s 1. 10 channels Construction: 1. Includes shoulder sling rip tab for onehanded rip open/ slam shut access common loops for Lock ‘n Load pouches or hang extra gear Velcro ID tag strip flat map pocket common loops to hang pouches or PullOuts instant wide mouth opening provides access to ALL contents storage for Nalgene bottles. etc. Included: 4 additional slotted buckles in Chamber Pocket. This "doc bag style" is also well suited for law enforcement. 6 channels pack side: 5 rows. or rapidly cinch up the sling and it slides to your back for on-the-run carry.

1. you can pop the pouch or pocket off.75w” X 6.5h” X 3d” Weight: 9 oz. Dimensions: 6. Options: Neck Strap zippered pocket for mini binoculars. with a single stroke.050 c. this rugged pocket integrates well with any pack or vest. Mount: Lock 'n Load. expecting every element of our System to work as an integrated whole./Utility Pouch Rock solid performance for your canteen or other gear. Compressibility means less noise.keeping fingers nimble to finesse that trigger. we put as much effort and engineering into our smaller items as we do the big ones. Add grommeted drain holes for $5.i. Double paracorded sliders allow easy access. Built with a sturdy pack cloth shell. Mount: Malice clips. and mounts on any PALS equipped pack. and compressing our pockets onto the host pack .4 oz.000d Cordura 5. Zippered top with dual bungie zip pulls slips over the neck of a 2 quart canteen. We've fixed that problem with the Modular Handwarmer Pouch. headlamp or even a handgun. and just about anywhere onto Kifaru packs.5 in.5 oz. 2 or 4 point Weight: pack cloth 4.00 more. ANYTHING with PALS. and mounts to the top. is constructed of 1. Dimensions:12” X 8” X 4” Volume: 650 c. Not just an afterthought. Rhinoskin lining and 6 oz.i. MHP (modular handwarmer pouch) Numb hands impair straight shooting. Weight: 12. Each seam is taped.000 D Cordura and lined with 525d pack cloth.5 oz. Attaches to: Kifaru Koala. this is the quickest and most efficient way of docking. chest rig. Our pockets will fit any MOLLE compatible pack. No messing with finicky clips or awkward attachment systems! Dock & Lock System (patented) External Pockets DOCK LOCK & COMPRESS CLICK OUT REMOVAL Back Pouch A good all 'round gear handler that is bigger in volume than our Claymore or Long Pocket. front and sides of a Kifaru pack. plate carrier. with or without gloves . you can add our pockets to any pack or vest system you already own. Access: top zip Dimensions: 14” X 9” X 4” Mounting: Dock & Lock Volume: 1. Zippered top with dual pulls allows complete access. locking. Claymore Pouch 2 Qt. Includes grommeted bottom.all in one motion. Weight: 11. Throw in a heat-pack for brutally cold conditions. range finder. MOLLE compatible. Combat Climashield insulation.8 oz. full wrap zipper Malice Clip horizontal mount 2 internal slot pockets Dock & Lock for vertical mount G2 Malice Clip horizontal mount 23 .Pocket Modularity Our Integrated Systems Approach ensures that our packs and pockets universally function with each other for greater volume control and organization with the most possible efficiency. and big #10 zippers don't fail or jam in the field. or use with our optional neck strap. 3 Models. included. Waterproof coating inside and out. Each exceeds MilSpec. Colors: standard and specialty Dimensions: 9. Uniquely Kifaru. silence and weight reduction. Rock solid stability with a "sewn-on" feel better yet.25 X 11. this pouch is great in the field. Sized to fit a Claymore mine kit.

just as versatile as their bigger siblings.i. Dock & Lock Side Zip Dock & Lock side 650 c.i. i. multi-tools. Low profile ensures maximum arm freedom and prevents snagging. we've added two more models . Elastic webbing secures other items. a vest. Mini Malice* side 400 c. 10 channels each side Weight: 1 lb. front. Malice clip (includes 1 Malice clip) Weight: 2 oz. Solid. Mounting: Ambidextrous. Includes: 2 Malice clips. yet quick.5 oz. 26) .000d Cordura. 8. Ideal for small items like pens. 4 channels Mounting: Malice (clips included) Volume: 60 c.5”h x 4”w.5” X 4.5 oz. and allow the rig to stand.Carries any necessities you need fast access to. fold the whole unit up and you’re ready to drop it right into your pack or strap it on the outside rigid enough to stand up for great pocket access. GPS/Phone Pouch Interior: lined with padded 420 cloth to protect delicate items and provide insulation. Dimensions: 6”h X 2”d X 3”w 2 Models: 1. 6 models. 525d nylon lining Dimensions: 5. PALS Grid: 4 rows.. Attach other MOLLE compatible pouches to the Liter Pouch Plus such as GPS.5”l x 7.5”w X 3. lined with padded 420d cloth.the Skinny Mini and Mid Sized Long Pockets . horizontally or vertically. 4.i. 5. small binocs. 7. so as not to ride above or below the waistbelt line.5”h x 4”w 14. Long Pockets have been so popular.even with one handed operation . Construction: 1. like field dressings. Dimensions: 10. Top Zip Hybrid hybrid** top 650 c. reliable access. 6. Mount: 4 point Dock & Lock straps (supplied) let you attach this to the outside of any PALS equipped pack. Long Pockets External Pockets Models Attachment Access Volume 1.just rip it down the center.5”l x 7. Sized to fit a GPS unit or cell phone. sides.5”d Weight: 8 oz.5 “ deep PALS 3 rows.i. pistol mags. 14. Full length vertical zipper with dual pulls provides easy retrieval of gear . Colors: standard or special request Construction: 525d nylon exterior. The entire unit can be shoved into your ruck . with PALS on 3 sides to affix easily with Malice clips just about anywhere on our packs.a quick yank and you have it out again for instant access.5”w mid sized mini skinny mini Stash-It This belt pouch fits the contours of our belts perfectly. 12”l x 7.. 24 pockets not included: shown Lock 'n Load pockets (p. or multi tool pouches. 3 oz. 1000d Cordura interior.5” X 1. Attach them quickly in any location on our packs . interior: 4 loops of elastic on one side. Weight: 5 oz. Mid Sized Side Zip Dock & Lock side 500 c.5”h X 3. Dimensions: 16 X 9 in. 2.i.5”h x 2. Liter Pouch Plus Sized to carry a one liter. ambidextrous: PALS on both sides lets you mount it right or left side with Malice clips. Side Zip Hybrid hybrid** side 650 c. Construction: 1.5”w 11”l x 5”h x 2. Dimensions 14. Skinny Mini Malice* side 300 c.000d Cordura exterior. secure carrying of gear without any chance of losing the contents. etc. It also works well on pack sides and top lids.5”w 11”l x 3”h x 2. Universal (Velcro® attachment) 2.5”h x 4”w. wide mouth Nalgene bottle. but is ideal for a multitude of smaller gear that you need to keep safe and at 11 oz 11 oz 10 oz.i. Handy for guys needing a PALS platform for unlimited numbers of pocket combinations. *4 Malice Clips are included **hybrid = malice and/or Dock & Lock standard size Weight 11 oz. you’ll find this pocket is ideal for multi-use as well.5”l x 7. Can be mounted to the interior of a Marauder or Navigator and used as a med/utility pouch. 3. chest rig or belt PALS equipped belt. chem lights or utility tools Kifaru FoldOut This modular fold up insert provides a solid quick-grab platform for your internal pockets. Dual plastic sheets provide rigidity. 3 on the other to secure small items.

5” deep Weight: 9.. Ideally suited for Rite in the Rain notebooks and field books. Colors: standard & specialty 25 . Mount: internal Colors: standard Construction: 525d Cordura Dimensions: 11” w X 12” h X 4” deep Weight: 11 oz. While it does not open flat. It's loaded with assorted zippered and slot pockets.5” w X 9” h X 1. Padded Shoulder Sling tab loop Carry any of our pockets overthe-shoulder.... Kifaru Duffel (with a Snap Clip).. you still have excellent access to the inside without losing items. Padded Chamber Pull Outs These "grab-and-go" pouches are popular because you can easily organize permanent caches of gear that hang inside your pack. 6 X 10" • Mesh (olive drab) Large: . Affixes to the top inside of all our packs (or Duffels) against the frame to lay flat. or as a front pocket on a Scout or Tailgunner. Please see page 26 for mounting. Top tab loops let you attach our Shoulder Sling to carry it as a solo piece. The wide contour spreads weight. 8 X 13.. 3 Models: 4 Sizes: • 525d nylon (olive drab..5" • Ultralight (coyote brown) XL: . mesh front and back Access: top zip Dimensions: 12"x7"X3". Style: 3D. and Tuff Grip makes sure it stays in place.25 oz... padded 525d interior Dimensions: 9” X 15” Weight: 2... and an elastic band keeps your pens.5 oz. Attach it to the pocket tab loops. Radio Pouch Lock 'n Load#11 tabs for optional Padded Shoulder Sling Holds a standard large radio.5 oz. Dock & Lock convenience provides instant click-in. 5" X 8" or foliage) Med. Mount: internal Colors: standard only Construction: 525d pack cloth. Mount: internal Colors: standard only Construction: 525d nylon Dimensions: 11” X 15” Weight: 2.. Mount: 4 point Weight: 0 oz. 10 X15" More Pockets XL Chamber Twice the length of our Standard Chamber.. coyote brown Small: . Construction: 1000d Cordura Mount: malice clips (included) Dimensions: 7. mini mag lights. This padded version provides extra security for delicate items such as optics. this flat pouch hangs inside most of our packs ..: . etc. Works well as an external pocket for your Koala.ideal for maps or other paperwork. click out mounting. at the ready.. pocket or on a gear room wall. and transfers weight directly to the pack frame.Your pack comes with a removable Standard Chamber. Organizer This handy pocket is designed to mount to the outside of your pack for quick retrieval of all that little stuff.

secure. and allows many configurations (please see our website). mesh front and back Access: top zip Dimensions: 6"x7"X1. Lock 'n Load#8 Style: 3D. Lock 'n Load#4 Style: flat. mesh front Chamber Pocket . Lock 'n Load#7 Style: 3D. Mount: 4 point Weight: 2. and fast. p.5".ideal for maps.please see page 25 KU Lock'n Load 11 please see page 32 . Lock 'n Load#11 26 Need a convenient way to handle your Lock 'n Loads? Check out our FoldOut Platform. This "why-didn't-we-think-of-this before"? attachment system is simple. Colors: coyote brown (525d) or OD mesh Lock 'n Load#1 Style: flat Access: vertical center zip Dimensions: 5 "x8" Mount: 4 point Weight: 1. Mounting.5" Mount: 4 point Weight: 4 oz. Lock 'n Load#5 Style: 3D Access: top zip Dimensions: 7 "x12"X3" Mount: 4 point Weight: 4 oz. Lock 'n Load#9 Lock 'n Load#10 Designed to fit perfectly on the inside front panel of an Xray. Access: top zip Dimensions: 10 "x15" Mount: 2 point Weight: 3 oz. Lock 'n Load#6 Style: 3D pocket Access: top zip Dimensions: 6 "x7"X3" Mount: 4 point Weight: 3 oz. 24 External pocket . Lightweight fabrics cut bulkiness and weight dramatically. 1000 D Cordura panel with 2 rows of elastic loops.5 oz. mesh front Access: top zip Dimensions: 7 "x12"X1. Style: 3D. extra large body.5 oz. Mount: 4 point Weight: 3. paperwork. Lock 'n Load#2 Style: flat. Style: flat. mesh front Access: horizontal center zip Dimensions: 8"x12". mesh front and back Access: top zip Dimensions: 9"x7"X1. etc.5 oz. Dimensions: 8"x12" Mount: 4 point Weight: 3 oz. without sacrificing strength.5 oz. Metal 3-bars thread through a loop of PALS Lock 'n Load#3 Style: flat Chamber Pocket Access: top zip Dimensions: 7 "x12" Mount: 2 point with common loops for linking more Lock 'n Load Pockets Weight: 1.5 oz.Lock 'n Loads Internal Pockets These lightweight internal pockets let you freely organize any of our packs with internal PALS webbing.5" Mount: 4 point Weight: 2.

these beefy duffels can swallow an entire mission’s worth of gear. Weight: 2 lbs. Fits in overhead bin of an airliner. Ideal for carrying your survival essentials if you need to dump the big pack in a hurry and make a run for it. 4 oz. big grab loops on each end. 36 inch lengths. 3. Includes: 12 ft.). Attach your Boot Bag inside a Duffel Lash Kits compression straps padded cross handle tab loops for Long Pockets These straps affix to PALS webbing. & large only I. pocket Horizontal Kit on CargoChair Interior: attachment points for accessories hypalon skids. With two moves. 3-bar slider on one end. Weight: 3 lbs. Use them to: 1. protects your gear and maximizes organization for transport. With double layer bottoms and third layer of hypalon on the ends. & large only Repair Kit All the components you might need to replace. Volume: 10. stabilize/compress awkward loads on the Cargo Haulers. 6 oz. Weight: 4 lbs. Waistbelts not necessary to use this kit.. and good to go instantly.000 c. compress in a snap . Colors: standard Dimensions: 9”w X 21”L X 13.and click off equally as fast. Quickly add lightweight gear in a small PullOut pouch. Just attach this kit and wrap in deployed fashion around the lower portion of the large pack. these light duty carabiners create a loop around any small anchor. Volume: 6. Attaches to the inside of our Duffels or our packs. of bungie.5”d Kits & Duffels Big enough to hold up to a loaded EMR pack and all your support gear for any can hold a remarkable amount of weight (up to 50 lbs.i.End grab loops allow for two-man carrying. the smaller pack is ejected.. optics and trip essentials. Volume: 3. D-ring or PALS web gap. med. provide extra bag compression either vertically or horizontally (please specify). Colors: black Construction: Hypalon/HD Dimensions: 7/8 in. Segregates and protects other gear from the grime of the field. 4 cordlocks Attach PullOuts to our packs or Duffels. lash gear onto any MOLLE compatible bag. Includes: 525d PullOut. and you’ll always have an efficient gun toting system with you. Construction: Urethane coated 525d pack cloth with paracord drawstring. affix one pack to another (in lieu of a Piggyback Wrap Kit) when the smaller one is sans a waistbelt.D. Colors: standard Belt Adapter Scout 27 . Attach a Combat GunBearer to each of your packs. 4. repair or just add on to your pack. haul in extra gear or carry a comrade’s pack. Colors: standard Horizontal Lash Kit 3 straps. tan or foliage Don't let this diminutive cord fool you .500 c.i. Please note: both packs need a waistbelt to use the Wrap Kit. Mount any of our smaller packs onto our larger ones for more versatility.300 c.i. Colors: standard to any loop. Medium Just right for a long weekend. shoulder sling Small Perfect for cameras. Run it through the PALS webbing on your pack to create a compressing web of gear storage for Snap Clips your big and bulky stuff. and will fit a fully loaded Navigator plus support gear. 3 Slick Clips allow extra anchorage within the length to any PALs web. Bound seams.Military Duffels Designed to be punished. Colors: Coyote Brown with Olive Drab accent Large Kifaru Boot Bag Ideal for any muddy or wet gear. Dock & Lock buckles slide right into PALS webbing Vertical Lash Kit 2 straps. SR buckle on other. it and can handle about whatever load you throw at it. med. 55 inch lengths. this bag is sized for combat boots. The larger duffels let you throw in your fully loaded backpack and still have plenty of room for extra travel stuff. 2. Small PullOut includes: • one 2 inch side release buckle • one Quick Eject buckle • 4 Slick Clips • 2 Slick Clip tension lock buckles • 4 one inch side release buckles with Quick Attach Colors: standard Bungie Kit Extra Buckles Pkgs: 4 or 12 pack of: • Slotted Quick Attach Female • Adjustable Female Side Release • Adjustable Male Side Release Colors: black. X 4” Pointman Upper Piggyback Straps Piggyback Wrap Kit Another keystone of our Modular & Multifunctional design is the Piggyback System.

The holster cradle secures the lower end of your gear. Will also accept up to 81mm mortar rounds. ours excels in rough terrain such as mountains and desert. this unique holster utilizes quick release buckles both top and bottom. wide belts Short Universal for a small webbing type belt. handling other equipment and duties to perform while still having instant access to your rifle. so you can add multiple units for carrying more than one firearm or mortar rounds. your firearm can be leveled in a split second Holster Cradle 3 GunBearer (patented) Models: 1. Auxiliary Holsters can be installed anywhere on our packs. while the upper portion can be secured with our upper Auxiliary Holster Strap (included).com patented While many gun slings function well for MOUT and CQB work. Auxiliary Holster Designed to carry additional long guns. while your Combat GunBearer lends fast access to your primary weapon. or compressed under your side pockets. Colors: black Weight is placed on the hips . Colors (all models): black Ice Axe Holster 28 Quick access to your axe (or many breaching tools) without having to remove your pack.but without the quick draw convenience of the upper strap. This holster affixes to the sides or back of your pack for long marches. Standard Combat GunBearer Works on any PALS equipped pack waistbelt.Combat GunBearer GunBearing/Ordnance Systems photo courtesy of militarymorons. skis or other awkward long objects with rock solid stability . 3. The weight of the firearm rests on our waistbelt to keep your neck and shoulders from fatiguing . where you need your hands free for bushwhacking. Attachment: malice clip. the compression more shoulder fatigue Easily carry multiple long guns or any long object with hands free convenience . Universal Combat GunBearer The standard Combat GunBearer has been so popular that we're offering the Universal Combat GunBearer to fit ANY (including non-MOLLE) waistbelt. Two sizes: Long Universal for padded. With the snap of your wrist. 2.a must with heavy sniper rifles.

Kifaru Ultralights (KU Series) Because less is more. More efficiency.transfers weight to your back & lumbar areas .lightening your pack by up to 9 oz. *except our own standard weight packs. webbing & buckles lightweight but durable Quick Eject buckles sternum strap raised torso pads for ventilation anatomical Lumbar Pad with dual density foam and PackLock™ bungie for storage individually adjustable shoulder straps for precise fit PackLock™ Grip (pat. Eleven years in the making.. meaning you can use two different stay lengths with the same pack .pulls load off your shoulders . these packs out-perform ANY pack* no matter the weight. 29 . The revolutionary KU stays are ultralight yet strong for proper load transfer. Comfort is critical to efficiency. which they equal The KU packs introduce our Precision Lift Plus™ stay length system--based on our patented Precision Lift design feature.interchangable at home. The inner layer is white— for visibility. You can choose from two stay lengths with every KU pack to perfectly accommodate your height. the new Kifaru Ultralight (KU) series delivers superior comfort. They handle extremely heavy loads in comfort. Our KU packs are constructed of two layers of our proprietary micro-weight tipi fabric. The packs are zipperless—for longevity and weight savings. The outer layer is a subdued (we stress function over eye candy) Coyote Brown color. More drawstring access hydro port grab loop Precision Plus SuspensionM . Better yet. which ensures new-departure levels of comfort for lesser loads as encountered by fast packers and general backpackers. pend. which has withstood sustained testing over eleven years. A second set for your son. Construction: laminated composite of carbon fiber and wood white inner layer for visibility entirely zipperless for longevity and weight savings .) bottom tab loops for Pods Cordura armor anchor points for KU GunBearer or pockets double layer mil-spec ultra high tenacity American nylon anatomical waistbelt with Spandura lining Construction and materials. You give up nothing…except a LOT of weight. This ensures you get proper shoulder lift functioning so that the weight is carried on your hip shelf instead of on your shoulders. True to our heritage. or in the field. these stays will retrofit your traditional Kifaru pack . while saving you very significant chassis weight. And they have all of the multifunction and modularity you’ve come to expect from hot spots. or a second set for expedition-weight loads. A great deal all around. Longer distance. Our KU packs use the very same suspension systems as our renowned standard packs. Available in different lengths for precise fit. in an ultralight format. and still achieves low-end weight in the ultralight market. foremost. The webbing and buckles are lightweight but durable. photo courtesy of Aron Snyder Kifaru Ultralights The Dual Stay Program.

of any weight*. So completely adjustable. in fact. and has been used extensively with loads exceeding 100 lbs. Of course “normal” –and even ultralight-loads will carry far better than any other pack this size. and confidence. Volume: 5.. yet can rise to loads far beyond that in load carrying comfort. The load is spread the load to your back. in relative comfort. 9 oz. Kifaru Ultralights have all of the multifunction and modularity you’ve come to expect from Kifaru to let you control volume and wrangle big hauls with our accessories. Weight: 2 lbs. Its Wrap Tech Suspension System routinely handles loads in excess of 70 lbs. Volume: 2. Even this smaller fast packer features a complete suspension for serious loads with comfort. 7 oz. Versatility is unmatched: expand it’s nominal capacity with our featherweight accessories. Our Testers agree. Our Precision Stay System will give even a 6’5 foot guy shoulder lift. This is accomplished with our meticulously engineered suspension systems that provide excellent shoulder lift.i. Volume: 3. It is ideally suited for deep field work. Weight: 2 lbs. Colors: brown with white interior 30 . hips and lumbar region for a stable carry. we guarantee the fit. *excepting our own standard weight packs—which it equals At 3700 cubic inches this pack is perfectly sized for lightweight packing.i. 13 oz. than ANY other pack.700 c. It is more comfortable.. This is no “hang from your shoulders” bag.i. Add our many KU accessories to accomplish just about any task that needs to be done. KU5200 KU3700 KU2200 100 plus pound loads in a sub 3 pound pack with new-departure levels of comfort Comfort is critical to efficiency. or your money back.. Spot on for fast and ultralight backpacking this 2200 cubic inch featherweight will carry any load in never-before comfort for it’s size and weight. Weight: 2 lbs.KU5200 Kifaru Ultralights KU3700 KU2200 The big KU5200 handles any size load with comfort.200 c. any long venture where self-containment is critical.200 c.

It clicks on/off your KU or traditional Kifaru pack* in an instant using our KU Dock & Lock attachment system.X-harness -KU Koala Shoulder Straps . this low profile grab bag is ideal for your daily stuff. Organizer. Weight: 9. magazine holsters (optional) pistol holster (optional) Velcro platform for holsters & pockets 31 . Weight: 1 lb.5 oz.i. sans gun.i. ie. An “E&E pack” is one that should contain a supply of survival necessities that is: 1) separate. your “office”. a Go Bag or an away-from-camp Day Pack as well . side (4 total) slot pocket for airline tickets. Use it as an EDC bag. The KU Koala rips right open with one pull on the rip-tab for instant access to your firearm. etc. Wearing options: • shoulder bag • as a backpack • fits on larger packs or plate carriers as a pocket • a lumbar pack • chest pack. *with the KU Adapter Kit. • utilizes the Koala Lift Kit for pack carry (see Koala accessories) Purchasing options: • KU Koala Bag • KU Koala Bag with X-Harness & Waist Strap KU Koala common loop for shoulder sling(s) & Lift Kit zippered flat pocket full wrap zipper dual zipper pulls ea. KU E&E Kifaru Ultralights The speed of access on this concealed handgun carry pocket is unbelievable. Worn as a chest pack. The uses are almost endless.belt attachments attachment strips for Lock 'n Load Pockets.000 c. can be used for items that require the utmost security .always have your gun. The KU E&E serves twin roles: • as a great EDC pack or • as a pocket affixed to our KU Packs. it is unrivaled for accessibility and security.with all your stuff instantly accessible. Volume: 1. literally at hand. etc. The KU E&E also accommodates a large array of Kifaru pockets . simple and fast. The same pocket. not inside. your fishing stuff.Clean. a larger pack and 2) can be detached as quickly as possible from the larger pack or 3) be kept ready-to-hand constantly. passports or other documents with X-harness & waist strap common loops for . where it rides securely.both KU versions and existing Lock & Load pockets. Volume: 800 c. or as a light travel bag.

this 7 and a half ounce wisp of a platform has hauled up to 200 lbs.25 oz. Housed in a small KU PullOut. Medium KU Pod Weight: 4. like boots or wet rain gear.and snug it up even further with the drawcord. Zipperless design. same great technology as our Kifaru Ultralight gear. Small KU Pod Weight: 3. Weight: 2 oz. KU CargoChair Same great load handling as our conventional CargoChairs (pat. black or foliage KU Adapter Kit 32 . Includes: 2 straps Weight: 2 oz. *with the KU Adapter Kit . Add them to your pack webbing and thread the 3 bar slider component of your KU Dock & Lock through it. Compatibility: all KU packs (will NOT fit Kifaru non-ultralight packs). pocket or accessory to your traditional Kifaru Hunting or Tactical pack. quick way to attach large. KU Lash Kit This split-bar ladderlock buckle set lets you affix any Dock & Lock KU pouch. pend). Construction: 500d Cordura with carbon fiber stays Weight: 7. it serves as a chair. And. and segregates messy. jackets. wet or awkward loads on the outside of your pack. then plug in your pocket. vertically. Large KU Pod Weight: 5 oz. bulky gear to the outside of your pack.KU Pods Kifaru Ultralights These lightweight gear eaters are a simple. freeing up valuable interior volume. Wrangle heavy..5 oz. shelter systems. like our standard CargoChairs. Great utility for minimal weight. Free up precious interior volume by attaching Pods to a variety of spots on your KU pack. muddy stuff. Color: black Compatibility: all KU packs.5 oz. heavy or bulky gear in a flash. Remarkably. or even diagonally. etc. this lightweight version of our classic Grab-It easily wrangles wet. They can connect to our matrix of common loops and can be rigged horizontally. drawstring closure. Quickly store things like helmets.see below. and folds flat against the pack when you don't need it. or woobies that don’t belong in your pack and contours to efficiently wrap whatever gear is behind it . Includes: 4 split bar ladderlock buckles Weight: 1/2 oz. A quick draw on the tension lock buckle adjusts the strap length. KU Grab-It A mere whisp of fabric. of game and gear. Dock & Lock attachment system lets you quickly attach PODS to any Kifaru pack* and compress the POD and contents onto the pack. Colors: coyote brown These straps attach quickly to lash and compress gear or awkward loads onto our ultralight packs. for 4 Colors: coyote brown. Colors: black Note: KU Strap Kits will NOT fit Kifaru traditional packs. Length: 55 in. Ideal for sleeping bags.

even with one handed operation. and paracord pulls for silence and weight reduction. KU Possibles Pouches The term “possible pouch” harkens to the day of the Mountain Men.5” x d:3” shown: KU Belt Pouch small 33 . Solid. Weight: 1. not your shoulder. Mount: Double Wrap Hook & Loop. etc. 20 oz. The "flare" top allows very clean access. Materials: double layer mil-spec ultra high tenacity American nylon. Lightning fast and lethal. KU Bottle Holster This ultralight pouch carries up to a one liter. Using our Lock'n Load attachment system (p. Bound seams and reinforcement where necessary. Mount: KU Lock ‘n Load Attachment System at KU pack waistbelt or KU Koala and KU E&E. and refers to their hard-learned lesson to always have a collection of essentials “at hand” for emergencies. Access: full length zipper with dual pulls for easy retrieval of gear . this ultralight version is ideal for adding to the outside of the KU Koala. mil spec. Operates just like our time-tested standard GunBearer but is lighter and is specific to the KU packs. and organizational efficiency when you need it. It is smaller than our Possibles Pouches. cameras. small binocs. yet quick. wider) Weight: 2. Dimensions: h:9” x w:9. KU Koala and KU E&E Three sizes: small.Each pocket we make is as finely crafted as our large ultralight packs to deliver added volume at a significant weight discount.5 oz. reliable access. gloves. bushwhacking or juggling other gear. Mount: KU Dock & Lock Attachment System Two models: KU Long Pocket Side Zip or KU Long Pocket Top Zip Weight: 4. This mount also lets you use it as a featherweight holder on every Kifaru hunting pack ever built. It is designed for use either on the side of the pack or on the waistbelt and this method is very fast to change from one location to the other. nutrition bars and gel flasks its zippers can be operated with one hand very smoothly.5 oz. Weight: 2. Designed for smaller water bottles.25 oz. KU Lock'n Load #11 KU Belt Pouch Fingertip ready.5 oz. though it is ideal for multi-use as well.5 oz. Top-notch utility for an insignificant weight. or any PALS equipped pack inside or out. Colors: brown with white interior unless otherwise noted Kifaru Ultralights KU Long Pockets KU Long Pockets provide quick access to the contents. You can also add them to your traditional Kifaru hunting or tactical pack with the KU Adapter Kit.great stability with “sewn down” feel Colors: black Note: KU GunBearers will NOT fit Kifaru non-ultralight packs. wide mouth Nalgene bottle. water reservoir. 26). Reliable #8 zippers have double sliders for ease of access. Spacious and unobtrusive. it mounts on your pack waistbelt so there is no need to remove your pack to get to your essentials: x-c ski waxes.removable . SOBE bottles and the like as well as several gel flasks.75” Large (2 in.i. Hands free. This mount has been proven for many years and is durable and secure. Double layered.fully adjustable for any length rifle or shotgun . secure carrying of gear without any chance of losing the contents. and all the weight of the firearm is on your hips. Attaches to: KU waistbelts. . yet safely carries it for hands-free climbing. Volume: 300 c. the KU Belt Pouch keeps smaller things at hand. Volume: 400 c. Dimensions: h:9” x w:7. the KU GunBearer delivers instant access to your long gun for firing. medium or large Weight: 2 oz. Regular Weight: 2. and are large enough to accept a 70 oz.5” x d:2. ultra high tenacity American nylon that is both durable and water resistant.ambidextrous .i. Will hold half liter Nalgenes. Access: top with drawstring Sizes: one fits all KU GunBearer® There is no better way to carry a long gun than in our revolutionary GunBearers. binoculars.

.... Width . Fits up to... + 20° Base Bag ...5 in... Fits up to...................... anatomical. Fits up to..... 1 lb............ Bag Only ......................... ..................................5 oz.. .................... ............ Lengths: regular or long Widths: standard or wide Temperature ratings: 40°.............................. .. while retaining the sturdiness of synthetic insulation Both our RhinoSkin™ sheathing and Climashield Combat insulation make this system a featherweight tough guy that compresses to a fraction of it’s deployed size ............................5 oz. .............................. 3.......51......2...5 oz........ 14........Foot 6 ft........Hip .. 2 oz ... . / square yard of insulation and the Doobie (Double Woobie) uses 4oz............ 2 lb.....5 in.................Chest.......... Incredibly compact One of the best benefits of the Regulators.... 2........................5 oz.......... they and are MUCH warmer and lighter.Foot 6 ft...........5 oz.......... ......... 2 lb...................................... 2 oz Doobie ........ 7 in......... Access: right or left hand zip toe box is big enough for boots Colors: interior: camo green 483........... 1 in..........Chest ..................................all without sacrificing inner room or warmth factor......2 lb. ..................66......5 oz..................... Length..2....... ............1 lb... 1 in.........Slickthan typical recreational mummy bags.................5 oz.5 oz...2 lbs.5 oz.5 oz............ Long Bag...............................5 oz. ............. the continuous filament Climashield insulation is so strong that no quilting is needed....................2 lbs.1 lb.........................66.................. Reg...................5 in.. + 20° Base Bag ............................. ...... 10............ *dimensions may vary slightly due to pliability of fabric and filler excellent draping properties tough RhinoSkin™ Shell with DWR coating Climashield Insulation provides unbeatable warmth Woobie ............................... .............. 8....... 3 lb................. + 20° Base Bag .................................5 oz............... 1 oz .. 20° and 0° bags..........................5 oz.......5 oz..... 4......... Reg.. and thickly insulated Materials: the best warmth to weight ratio on the market. ......... 3 lb.....43............................51....... Reg.......5 oz...... 12 oz .. 15 oz ...... 2..............2 lbs........... where restful sleep is more important than a bag built as light as it can possibly can be..2 lbs........ Stuff Sack ................ 1...Hip ........... 66 X 93 inches ........ Using the same materials as our Slick Bags...... 9 oz ................. 7 oz ........................2 lbs.......... ......62 in........1 lb.... .... .........5 oz.......................................... Colors: OD 483 on one side.........................Total + 40° Base Bag .5 oz........ Designed to replace the USGI poncho liner....... including boots Bags Much roomier Sleep Systems so that you can bug out if need be................ Woobie and Doobie use the finest shell material and synthetic insulation available... 7..... Bag Only ............................. ....... Not just a poncho liner....2 lbs......74.....43............Hip ... 2............2...3 lbs................. Fits up to........... + 20° Base Bag ................. 12............2 lb....... 10..5 in..5 oz.......... Bag Only ......Foot 6 ft....Foot 6 ft.. Kifaru Woobie & Doobie (double woobie) These high tech poncho liners are a hot seller for a reason...2 lbs......... + 20° Base Bag ...3 lbs........................ ............. 2... 5.. Our Woobie uses 2 oz..... + 20° Base Bag .. draft collar for neck/shoulders is large............. 2 oz.... 6 oz . ..............2 lb............2 lbs.. Plus..............Hip ........... Total + 40° Base Bag ............74................... . 4 oz ....2............ .... ................... foliage green on the other... the Slick Bag has a tough-enough shell so that you can sleep fully clothed....... 2..... ......... Stuff Sack ............ Length... 1 in... it has a better “feel” and better draping capabilities...70 in.. Total + 40° Base Bag ...5 oz.1 lb.....1 lbs.........5 in..........5 oz......2................ 8 oz standard USGI poncho liner reversible: foliage or olive drab 483 built-in stuff sack 34 very compressible and pack down quite small....2... + 20° Base Bag ...................Total + 40° Base Bag ... is how they shrink down to nothing using the Regulator Stuff Sacks........... Long Bag..........5 in.........1 lb......) and/or extra storage exterior: foliage green Reg......... they make a great sleeping bag liner or ground cloth (for two) as well........... 14 oz ... + 20° Base Bag ..........5 oz.5 in...............70 in.5 oz..Chest ..... Stuff Sack .. square yard of insulation........... 2.. Wide ......... 1 lb........................ 8 oz .......................... Stuff Sack ....They are built for long term living in difficult terrain and conditions............. Width ... ....... .......62 in..... 2...Chest....5 oz............5 in........... Weight 64 X 93 inches ..... ....... The Slick also compresses nicely into a quick-to-stash package................... Bag Only ....5 oz......1 lb.................... ......... .. Wide .... The Slick...........

warmth.ours do so circumferentially ONLY . Sizes: small. These featherweight sacks cut bulk and weight.Stow-Away These storage bags are built of RhinoSkin™ and mosquito netting to provide superb ventilation. and are exceptionally effective at compressing large bags and components into manageable packages. med.. Color: coyote brown. parkas. compact carrying. Regulator Stuff Sacks MUST be purchased separately. We highly recommend you store your Regulator™ long term in our Stow-Away Bag to ensure it doesn’t loose loft. No dead air space or “bowling ball” effect. Instead of bulky webbing to compress. or hang anywhere you’d like. 35 . Why do they compress as they do? Most stuff sacks compress lengthwise . and intended to be used vertically. large cord storage lashing slots grab handle 3 String Stuff Sacks ITW Line Locs provide great cam without the bulk of a big buckle Our Regulator Stuff Sacks are so popular that we are proud to introduce a smaller version geared toward clothing (including PackLock). and therefore. Sizes: small. but more big integrate neatly and tightly to the pack bottom. Keeping any sleeping bag in a compressed state for any length of time can compromise its ability to function top notch. med. tarps and smaller soft goods. Line Locs serve as your cam . and adds support/rigidity to the pack. Reduce anything big and bulky to a fraction of its size. either! Use these sacks for not only your Regulator. in a closet. They are narrow. Color: OD with white mosquito net Sizes: regular or large Storage Bags drawcorded top large hang loop small mosquito netting for breathability RhinoSkin™ Stuff Sacks Upping the ante on lightweight. etc. large Lashing slots let you easily strap a Regulator Stuff Sack onto your pack using compression straps or our Lash Kits.. due to the large number of possible elements and configurations. Color: coyote brown. we utilize cordage to do the heavy compression work.

Includes: Hypalon pads & peg loops. Advantages of a Kifaru ParaHootch vs. for support . Get a discount when you purchase your shelter and Peg & Pole Kit together.more coverage (see dimensions) Peg & Pole Kit An optional kit for those who can’t rely on the environment for their anchors. An overhead eave helps keep the drips out. a traditional military poncho . 13 oz. You supply the twig pegs. tree branches or ice axe for an A-frame pitch. Photo courtesy of militarymorons. the abundant space is worth it.. or use our ParaHootch Peg & Pole Kit. Front Elevation: from 12 to 42” Back Elevation: from 0 to 26” Weight : 1 lb. ParaHootch (and uses twice the fabric).ParaHootch & SuperHootch Shelters 24/7 Climate Control These Hootches are the latest in high tech ultralight shelter systems for operators in the hood to tie off or get in the way .yet big enough for 2 men and gear. pack stays. Pitch either Hootch as a lean-too. ski poles. meaning you can control the elevation of your pitch. They stand alone as the ultimate bivy / basha / hootch setup.5 in. dia X 8. Size ParaHootch SuperHootch Weight 11 oz. vs 25oz.compresses much smaller (will fit into a 3 mag pouch!) .5 in. 36 . . It is very versatile when it comes to setup.more setup choices . yet weighs just 16 ounces. and has everything to set up your ParaHootch up ultra small. so it’s At just 11 ounces. and the open front allows you to build a fire. For five ounces more than the ParaHootch. They use tree branches. the ParaHootch packs SuperHootch double the size of the is plenty large for two men and gear. Don’t have to bivy? These Tarps also function as a great catch-all shelter for your gear if you don’t want to clutter up the sleeping quarters of your base camp tent. The ParaHootch can pack up to about the size of a pair of socks .almost a pound lighter at 11oz. Packed Size 6 X 1 3/4 X 10 in. Full protection on 3 sides. and about easy to throw in your emergency kit .ideal for your emergency kit.will not “wet out” like a poncho in hard downpours . Photo courtesy of ksnake Use ski or trek poles. The poles “nest” inside each other. 1 lb. 4.or you can pitch it just as you would a poncho hootch with 550 cord and/or bungees. Comes with pre measured front cord for a tight pitch.

kifaru. They are.more if necessary • Big. Coupled with our collapsible wood burning stove. • Ultralight paraglider fabric construction makes these shelters half the weight and twice the strength of 1. instant disaster housing that can easily be flown in. but removable for weight savings • Clothes Line: hang gear and dry out clothing • Floor: none Colors: solid white or Coyote Brown Height: 56 inches Packed Size: 5. strongest shelters ever built.html for details.while providing a large footprint with the ability to compress into a backpackable size. yet provides ample room for two men and their gear. without a doubt. ultralarge and ultra compact. Weight: 3 lbs. Kifaru Tipis Ultralight. (add 4 oz.. 14 ounces. mosquito netting and bigger footprint provide more comfort for longer term missions than our ParaHootch. the state of the art when it comes to design and materials for exceptional strength and weight savings . Command Post Since 1979. • A-frame provides a big footprint and weight savings • Mosquito Netting is standard.the lightest. designed to be backpacked in • Sleeps 2 men plus their gear . with Mosquito Netting) Includes: Dual Poles break down into 5 pieces Complete set of Dura Pegs Stuff Sack ParaTipi Shelters Mobile have a proven. even the enormous 24 Man Tipi packs down into an easy-totransport size 37 . Features & Construction • Absolutely windproof & waterproof • Easily portable. • Silicone impregnated on both sides to make it absolutely windproof and waterproof. the Kifaru Tipi makes excellent. med or cook shack. jam free zippers that open At only 2 pounds.5 X 16 in. A door. it is exceptionally light for its square footage.9 oz. 8 oz. these shelters make an ideal mobile command post. • Sizes: sleep from 4 to 24 people. even in a blizzard or sand storm. • All our seams are double stitched and bound for enormous strength Please see www. world wide track record for withstanding some of the harshest conditions on earth. ripstop nylon .This shelter is lean and mean.

000 cubic inches!) Rigid. They've been proven tough and effective both in exploration and the combat fields for their ability to haul huge amounts of gear over snow and easy portability.000 c. dual poles provide “no-slop” performance. Sled Pack Adapter Eliminates dual waistbelts by letting you plug the sled straight into your pack belt. This design does not destabilize or push the puller around Padded waistbelt with leg loops for superior comfort and guaranteed heavier loads and transportation bashing. Colors: white hull and a white cover All sleds include: shell. The sides are angled to inhibit rollovers and enhance flotation. Narrow profile hull allows for easy pulling in deeper snow. Rudder has adjustable depth to improve tracking. Expedition Our best seller because it is sized just right for all 'round gear hauling. Easy transport & storage. Rear Brake & Rudder Aluminum flaps bite into snow when sled slips backwards. Construction: high impact fiberglass Dimensions: 18" X 52" Volume: 18. eliminates unwanted slippage and makes turns a breeze. cover. harness. spare parts bag. poles. Quick draw pin releases in an emergency. Attaches to any snowmobile with a hitch. Construction: high density polyethylene Dimensions: 18" X 41" Volume: 12. Load is centered and stabilized with built in compression straps.i. 38 .i. more compact sled fits onto a large pack like a turtle shell. Great for towing smaller mission loads. Backpackable. These sleds are built to withstand the rigors of military use . Run into snowless terrain? Just strap the whole thing onto your back or backpack. Weight: 12 lbs.000 c. and can function as a litter when necessary. Full length #10 zipper with multiple pulls for spot-on access MilSpec 1000 D white cover with compression straps to stabilize the load. Armadillo A shorter. Big grab loops let you pick the sled up and run 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum runners on the bottom ensure straight tracking and last a lifetime. Accessories Snowmobile Hitch Allows you to haul an expedition’s worth of gear into the back country. Shoulder Harness allows you to pull from the upper torso as well. Provides enormous volume (up to 36. These sleds are designed to "nest" inside each other so that multiple sleds can be transported by vehicle or stored. Extra Puller Harness lets you add more haulers to your sled.Combat Sleds Sleds We've been supplying the military with our rugged back country sleds since 1979. Weight: 15 lbs.

coyote brown or foliage.5" x 1. 5. through XXL Kifaru Caps All American made. big logo on the back. They look great. back supporting rest that keeps your nether regions out of the muck. but with a 3X2 inch Velcro on front for your favorite patch. 9 oz. buckles and bulk of other back country seats. Kifaru logo on front left chest.. Front pouch pocket with bartacks for durability. foliage with black.this chair is devoid of the usual straps. Send us your waist size and we’ll cut it to fit! Colors: black.100% cotton.6 oz. Worth many times its weight in keeping you rested for the task at hand. Matching brim and embroidery contrast well with cap color. Your body weight tensions it for a comfortable.from bolt upright to snooze. and a 1. weight Champion Brand. and "Modular & Multifunctional" on back. these high quality caps are deliberately low profile with sewn eyelets. thin tubular webbing. Sizes: one fits all.5 inch Velcro square up top for an IR Patch Colors: khaki with OD under brim and thread or OD cap with khaki under brim and thread Sizes: one fits all.XXL Military Gear Hoodies 50% cotton 50% poly. Tactical Caps Same great cap. olive drab with tan or black with tan. T-shirts Kifaru logo front. Sizes: Med. Sizes: Med. jacket or vest. Colors: Khaki with OD ink. Colors: Tan or OD with black ink. these belts are svelte and mountaineering-proven to not bite in beneath a heavy pack waistbelt. Two-ply hood with matching drawstring. Washed cotton twill with a disappearing tail and brass closure. Perfect for glassing or in camp. . It allows you to sit at any angle . ribbed waistband. Construction: 1000d Cordura/aluminum Colors: standard or special request Weight: 9 oz. side seamed. Colors: tan with OD logo. Kifaru Garment Belt Comfortable. Anvil brand. Chairs / Logo Clothing militarymorons. or black with white ink. Dimensions: 3 X 2 inches Colors: Olive Drab on khaki 39 .Field Chair Design elegance at its best . and function as lash straps as Rolls up into a tiny 13 inch package Need a quick rifle rest? Its also a field expedient bipod to steady your long gun. olive drab. Kifaru Velcro® Patch Velcroed back lets you add it easily to your pack.

. you should have seen the looks I got walking around with this on my back and my pointman on the front. 2011 4:14 AM To: Angie Subject: Pics This thing weighs well over 125lbs . March 10.From: Dan Fredrickson Sent: Thursday. Dan ..