Youth Perception Towards 3G- The Third Generation Techn

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Statement 3G Technology facilitate High speed data downloading It is convenient to operate Mobile live TV broadcasting on 3G 3G provide High speed broadband web browsing 3G Facilitate Faster MMS 3G Facilitate Faster SMS 3G Technology provides Faster Chat Services 3G Technology provide Faster music file transfer 3G technology provide Faster video file transfer It enables me to send messages in bulk 3G technology facilitate Video conferencing 3G technology facilitate Video telephoning It provide High Security I can use these Services efectively on roaming I Use 3G as a lifestyle and status symbol Price Matter in 3G Service for me I can access High speed data Downloading in 3G With the use 3G technology online games become easy to access 3G technology facilitate high speed music download 3G Facilitate to make clear voice calls 3G have better coverage than 2G 3G Facilitate Internet based Video Chat I can operate Tele-medicine in 3G

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23 24 3G enables Location-based services 3G Facilitate E-payment / Internet Banking Personal Details Name ._______________________________ Gender Age: .

5 Point likert scale 4 3 2 1 . agree.neration Technology n of MRP.

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