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Summary ASK Group is one of the client of SAMPARK PR Agency.

Their core customer s are HNI ( HNI customer are those customer who s income is more than 50 lakhs). ASK Group has divided its business into four, they are ASK Investment Managers, ASK Wealth Advisors, ASK Property Investment
Advisors & ASK International. So in all this category we have to profile the ASK Investment Manager business. While profiling this business I learned 2 important thing they are y y How to create positive image of the clients through non paid advertisement How to create positive image by neglecting the negative side of the clients

Challenges faced by us while dealing the case of ASK Investment Advisor are y y y y y y HNI form a very niche segment , hence difficult get coverage for products targeted towards this segment Promotion of FOB as a category difficult, on account of the corporate governance issues in past Industry story possible only if Entrepreneur firms or FOBs participate in the story ASK study is not a recognized research body, hence convincing media on credibility of this study is a challenge Target publications are limited in number hence coverage maximization is a challenge

COMMUNICATIONS OBJECTIVES Communication Objective was y y To position Mr. Sameer Kamdar as a thought leader in the Portfolio Management space To position Indian Entrepreneur-driven firms as the fastest growing category in comparison to PSUs and MNCs

Our Approaches Presentation on Entrepreneur firms through Media Interaction so as to maximize the coverage on our
communication objective. Our Strategy y y Exclusive interactions with key financial dailies Columns in key financial dailies like ET

y y

PTI flash on performance of FOB as category over PSUs and MNCs Press release of ASK study on FOBs potential in generating wealth for investors in comparison to PSUs and MNCs

KEY MEDIA ACTIVITIES y Result through Interaction.

DNA HBL BS (smart investor)

Activity: interaction of Sachin Mampatta with Sameer Kamdar on the performance of FOB business and PMS products of ASKIM Result: Interview of Sameer Kamdar on Budget day on expectations from Budget and economy in general

Activity: Interaction of Tanya Jaleel from HBL with Sameer Kamdar on Potential in Entrepreneur firms and PMS products of ASKIM Result: Sameer was been quoted in a story on investments in infrastructure sector

Activity: Interaction of Jitendra Gupta from BS with Sameer Kamdar on economy in general and the PMS products Result: a relationship building exercise with BS smart Investor

Result through Column.


Column in ET attributed to Sameer Kamdar on revisiting myths surrounding Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Column in ET attributed to Mr. Sameer Kamdar on how to pickup the Portfolio Management Schemes


(Expert Take)


(Guest Column)

Result through PTI Flash

PTI Flash

FOB comprise 60% of Market cap in top 500 companies in India Coverage appeared in Political and Business Daily, HBL, and Afternoon and online publications

Political and Business Daily March 28

Afternoon- March 28

Hindu Businessline March -28

Online coverage from PTI Flash

Result from Press Release

Press release

FOB comprise 60% of Market cap in top 500 companies in India Coverage appeared as a standalone story of ASK in all editions of HBL Sameer Kamdar was been extensively quoted

Result from Press Release

Press release

Mkt cap of PSUs account for less then 1/3rd of top 500 cos: ASKIM study Coverage appeared as a standalone story of ASK in all Sameer Kamdar was been extensively quoted

Profile of ASK Group


Group Overview


ASK Investment Managers Established in 2002

ASK Wealth Advisors Established in 2007

ASK Property Investment Advisors Established in 2009

ASK International Established in 2010

Discretionary money management in Indian equities

Financial Planning & Wealth Advisory

Real Estate Advisory

Raising assets from international investors

ASK Group AUM USD 1 bn


y y y

y y

It provide pms services THROUGH EQUITY investment to both domestic ,corporate & NRI. They also offer investment advisory services to offsore fund catering FII. They are the largest provider of PMS to high net worth individual and manages close to USD 550 million in onshore & and offshore mandates. It is the only boutique PMS provider to be ISO certified. the 1st one with ISO certified private discretionary wealth management firms in India. Their service is valuable to those investor who intent to invest in Indian Equity and has a desire to create wealth in long term. The service is only for that customer who appreciate quality services and hunt for for personalized program. Quality Business, Quality Management & Right value are the important attribute in any investment business. Its investment philosophy revolves around two key aspects: Preservation of capital and generation of positive, absolute returns. The investment philosophy is characterized by a focused and disciplined approach to long-term investing into undervalued businesses, run by people of integrity, vision and competence. Therefore, the three most important attributes that

are sought in any investment are: 'Quality Business', 'Quality Management' and 'Right Valuation'. Disciplined research and investment process is the 2 important way for their operation.

Profile of Sameer Kamdar y The CEO is Sameer Kamdar. He was appointed by Mr. Asit Koticha, Chairman and promoter of the ASK group on 24th August, 2004. He comes with a decade s experience of mutual fund distribution and is well regarded in the distribution and asset management community. He has represented the distribution fraternity in the round table discussions on the mutual fund industry. He was invited by the US government to study the US Insurance & Pension fund business covering all top insurance companies and asset managers in the US. His previous company has won several fund industry awards under his leadership.