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The Falcon is a highly advanced, high end, full-featured alarm system that will fit any type of vehicle.

The Falcon system offers a large variety of features including engine kill, immobilizer, keypad and the possibility to use it with the original remote control of the vehicle (manufacturer remote control). When interfaced with the MTS AVL system, it offers unlimited features and full OTA control from the service center. The Falcon is designed to meet strict automotive standards for durability, power consumption, and temperatures. The system is supplied with a wireless cut unit, a keypad and a function remote control (to be determined by clients needs).

Features and Benefits

Increased vehicle safety Can be operated by the vehicles original remote control Very flexible - can be installed in any type of vehicle Programmable Modular: SNet (one wire Spetrotec communication for multiple accessory installations), wireless cut unit, keypad, function remote control, code remote control, and engine kill Can be controlled from the service center when installed with MTS AVL system

Controller Inputs/Outputs Inputs

PIC18F4620/4680 Main connector (24 pin) 2 power in lines Ignition (positive) Door (negative/positive) Hood (2) (negative) VSS (vehicle speed sensor) 3 wires to record cars original remote control Status LED Blinkers (1 input line, 2 output lines R+L) Central lock (5 wire for all car lock/unlock types) Siren/Speaker line-out Timer negative output line for Window lifter Auxiliary negative output for trunk release Arm-out negative output (for external cut relay) Panic negative input SNET - single wire bus for serial communication with external devices Detector connector (3 pin): 2 power out lines Detector input negative line Keypad connector (4 pin): 2 power out lines SNET - single wire bus for serial communication Ignition out line CANBUS connector (4 pin): CAN - H. CAN - L. Additional connector (6 pin): RS232/RS485/SNET (optional for AVL units) 2 power out lines RS232/RS485 (optional) CANBUS (optional) SNET - single wire bus for serial communication to optional accessories such as keypad or immobilizer Onboard RF Transceiver 433.92 MHz (optional) Built-in 30A cut-off relay (optional) Blinkers dual onboard relay 2 central car lock relays (optional) 8V-32V DC Standby mode (ARM) ~ 15 mA. Normal Operation: -30C to +80C 23x77x93 mm 0.115 Kg Plastic case


Serial Communication

RF Components Other Components

Electrical Characteristics Operating Voltage Current Consumption Other Characteristics Temperature Range Dimensions (HxWxL) Weight Enclosure