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Targeted Slimming

The revolutionary VTREXTM PATTERN

for getting into shape without
surgery, drugs, machines or fasting

Vrushali Mehendale
Director, Vrushali’s™ Slimming Centre, Pune, India

Vijayanagar, Pune 411 030

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Targeted Slimming
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I dedicate
this book to all my clients,
who followed the VTREX™ Pattern
with determination and faith and achieved their goals.
Their success is mine too!

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All information regarding fitness and health presented in this book is intended as an educational re-
source and is not intended as a substitute for proper medical advice. The author strongly recommends
that you the reader consults a physician or healthcare professional before performing any of the exer-
cises described in this book or any exercise technique or regimen or any diet pattern recommended
herein, particularly, if you are elderly or have chronic or recurring medical conditions. Discontinue any
exercise that causes pain or severe discomfort, and consult a medical expert.

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the furnishing of, use of, or reliance upon information contained in this book.

1. The VTREXTM Pattern : What it is 1
How the Pattern evolved
The VTREX™ Pattern in brief
Understanding obesity
How to get into shape
Following nature’s pattern
What the VTREX™ Pattern achieves
How the VTREX™ Pattern is unique
An example of what the VTREX™ Pattern achieves
Selecting your dream figure
Men can follow the VTREX™ Pattern too
2. How to do the VTREXTM Pattern Workouts 12
How the workout charts are designed
How you must choose your workout chart
Parts of the VTREX Pattern™ workout
Following a workout chart
Maintaining measurement and weight tables
Taking body measurements
Taking daily weight records
3. The VTREXTM Pattern Exercises 22
How to exercise
Stretching exercises
Cardio-respiratory exercises
Targeted measurement reduction exercises

4. The VTREXTM Pattern Workout Charts 54
Index of workout charts

5. The VTREXTM Pattern Diet Guidelines 91

Why diets fail
Maintaining a marginal deficit
Practical guidelines
Keep a diet diary
A final word on this subject
6. Maintaining desired results 99
Making and following a maintenance schedule
A final word
7. Frequently asked questions 102
8. Testimonials and Case studies 106
Appendices 113
Measurement of fat
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Height to weight ratio
Major muscle groups
Useful calorie tables
How we collect data at our Slimming Centre
Averages of results achieved

I first met Vrushali when I joined her Slimming I treat hundreds of patients everyday in
Centre long ago. I desperately wanted to get my hospital. Naturally I get to observe people
rid of the huge pile of fat which I collected after from all the socio-economic strata of the soci-
my deliveries. Busy in my profession, home, kids ety. Based on my experience as a doctor I wish
and social commitment, I hardly had time to shed to add some relevant information for the benefit
it off for almost 10 years. One fine day I decided of the readers.
to do something for it and joined her Slimming • Obesity and related disorders, as Vrushali
Centre. I did the exercises from this Pattern mentions are no more limited to only the
relevant to my target and also followed her affluent class. In more or less proportion, it
dietary advice. Needless to say, I did get is spread across almost every class of the
satisfactory results. It also gave me back a society. Excessive and prolonged mental stress
better body and my lost confidence too! is one of the important reasons for obesity.
I read this book and I feel confident that People hardly have time to relax and rejuve-
this book will enable thousands of men and nate. The desire of 'still more' makes them
women to tackle their obesity scientifically, and keep chasing their ever changing goals.
in the right manner. • Hormonal changes in women are evident at
This book is written in a very simple yet any age. Probably since women have become
effective language. Vrushali’s VTREX Pattern™ career minded and have started taking up
is absolutely target oriented, and likewise she high profile jobs with higher responsibilities,
has not diverted from her subject anywhere and they also face stress and trauma as men do.
the contents are 'to the point'. I also appreciate In addition they also need to carry them-

that she has restricted herself from giving any selves fit and in good shape.

undue medical reasoning or explanations by • Thyroid disorders are also related to weight
frankly admitting that it is beyond her scope. gain. Though a proper treatment on them is

a subject in medicine, women must take book will take you in the right direction to
appropriate measures, if they are suffering reduce obesity gradually and stay fit thereafter.
from this disorder. This book does not advocate any artificial
'instant result' remedies like fat burning machines,
• Puberty, pregnancy and lactation are three
cosmetic surgeries or drugs that may reduce
physiological changes in women when fat
appetite or adversely affect metabolism. I have
deposition occurs naturally while passing
no doubts that, if followed conscientiously, this
through any of these stages. They have to
Pattern will give you good and long lasting re-
be watchful during these phases.
sults. It is said that to get cured from your
• As Vrushali has rightly mentioned, a thor- doctor you must have total faith in him. Likewise,
ough medical check-up before taking up this trust completely in this Pattern and rest assured
Pattern will be in your interest. Apart from to be successful!
confirming your fitness to carry out these
I wish Vrushali every success in her mis-
exercises, such a check-up by your quali-
sion to guide people in reducing their obesity
fied physician will also highlight any irregu-
and upgrading their fitness to enjoy life! I also
larities in your body that may not be appar-
wish all the readers success in achieving their
ent or visible in normal life. It will help you
avoid further complications.
Dr. Mrs. Vaijayanti Patwardhan
• You should exercise at one particular time
every day. It will ensure that your muscles
get a rest of 24 hours to recover.
Indian Medical Association,
I am sure that the Pattern described in this Pune Branch