Malhar 2011: The Labyrinth

You’re surrounded by walls. Cold, stone walls. You’re walking endlessly. Endlessly down serpentine corridors that may lead you to dead ends. Forks in the path that lays ahead. Options. So many options. Left, right, straight on. All, none, just one. Your heart is thumping, your mind is racing, adrenaline coursing through your veins. You walk faster. Jog. Start running. Just then, you see a faint light in the distance. You pick up pace, run faster, hoping your mind isn’t playing tricks on you. And then you find that it isn’t. You’re outside the maze. You have won. You’re victorious. You’ve conquered the previously unconquered, and emerged into the light. We know what that feeling can be like. We know you’re itching to feel it. And we’re giving you the chance for just that. Welcome to Malhar 201 The Labyrinth. 1: Featuring never-been-done-before events, The Labyrinth presents new challenges and novel ideas. With the inspiring and illuminating talks to be organised by Conclave, The Labyrinth offers you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and think beyond what you already know. Hide away from the mundanity of daily life and to give into the maze of the roads less traveled. Enter the labyrinthine Gothic structure of St. Xavier’s College as it presents: Malhar 201 The Labyrinth. 1: Come, lose yourself. Because you have to be lost to be found.

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Quartet Ankiti Bose
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We request you to follow these regulations, so that Malhar 201 is a safe and enjoyable experience to all concerned. 1 th • In addition to the physical pass distribution on the 10 , 1 th and 12th of August, Malhar Passes will be made 1 th available online on the 10 of July. • Please do not carry sharp objects, inflammable objects, and/or any other object that is potentially dangerous. • Please do not carry any beverages with alcoholic content. • Please do not carry or attempt to sell any narcotics, drugs, cigarettes or addictives of any sort. • Any sort of profanity or obscenity in any form will lead to disqualification and possible expulsion. • Any misbehavior on the part of the participants and visitors will lead to expulsion from the premises and will reflect on their college. • Anything that can be perceived as being offensive to any national and religious sentiments or gender will lead to immediate disqualification. • If contingents wish to bring their props to college in a truck, then these trucks must reach college before 8:00 am on all days. • Please also bear in mind that all venues are subject to change. • Malhar passes are not for sale.

10th July 24th July 24th July 31st July

St. Xavier’s College, 5, Mahapalika Marg, Mumbai — 400 001. Tel: 022 2262 1 150/6 1

CL Meet (10 a.m.) Passes available online Registration for Am Night begins Form Submission (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) Sound and Light Demonstration Participant Meet

31st July, 1st & 2nd August 3rd, 4th & 5th August 7th August 10th, 1 th & 12th August 1 13th, 14th & 15th August

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What's New
B-Boying Bole Toh?
Social Cause
It is said that there are few shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them. So, for our social cause this year, we’re bringing Bboying to street children. They will get a crash course on this wild dance form followed by a round of games and fun.

Fine Arts Exhibition
The box was exquisite, and the secrets it held within more so. Pandora was mesmerized and consumed with an insatiable desire to know what lurked beneath the sturdy lid. Her inquisitiveness changed the world forever. For those with a curiosity much like Pandora’s, the FA Exhibition will quench your every yearning by taking you on a trip in her shoes. For once, let your curiosity get the better of you.

What’s New | 7

We all loved those old cartoons as a kid. You know you never grew out of it. Consider this a revolt by all our inner children against growing up. Come to the LA Lounge, chill, and relive childhoods free from worries and Ninja Hattodi. Share your favourite memories, rewind and go back to the bliss that was Bachpan. Fly to Neverland; it’s never been easier.

World Wide Wakening
Imagine a dark room and you are the only one with the light. You can only shed light in the room if you open the door. The internet is the key. Use the power of the internet to touch the lives of millions. Contingents will be required to take up a social cause and create an awareness campaign. They will be judged on the number of hits they receive, content, mass appeal and overall impact of the campaign.

What’s New | 8

Not all sparks start a fire, but you never know which one might. Some people say an idea is the most resilient parasite, some say it is a fleeting thought. Either way, it could lead to a revolution, help break the shackles of misconceptions, or be buried in the sub-conscious. It is time for the youth to take their place on the global front. Come not just to voice your opinion but to form one as well. The Conclave, 201 offers you a platform to stand up, speak up 1 and make a difference. Let’s explore the labyrinth of our minds.

Since its inception, the keynote has been graced by the likes of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Lord Meghnad Desai, Dr. Jay Prakash Narayan, Gregory David Roberts, and Rahul Bose. Every year the keynote includes an address by an eminent personality who enlightens us on his area of expertise. This year, the trend will be continued.

The Great Indian Tamasha
Satire Forum
What’s worse than spam on Facebook, not being invited to the royal Wedding, 13% inflation, Muammar Gadaffi and Rebecca Black? Well, let’s see, waiting six months to make a trunk call, 0.81% growth, Zia Ul Haq, and the great depression, for starters. So don’t just sit there looking for a way to ‘Like’ something or the other – come be a part of this forum! Sometimes the answer is in asking the right questions. And what better way to do that than with a dash of sarcasm and wit? Unleash the satirical monster within. As George Orwell encapsulates it perfectly, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Conclave | 1 1

Aapki Seva Mein
Corruption-based Forum
Corruption, Bureaucracy, Nepotism – Words usually associated with the government, right? Let’s begin our discussion where most others end. Let’s explore how deeply corruption is rooted in the aam aadmi and the extent to which we are willing to go to ‘get the job done’. It is this attitude that causes us to knowingly or unknowingly allow a million atrocities to be committed against the defenceless. Has corruption always been a part of our history? Or is it something we have learnt as a quick escape from problems and inconveniences? Can we tell the difference between an ‘incentive’ and a ‘bribe’? Ultimately, are we heading towards a situation where corruption will be legitimate?

T 12
Stop-Motion Filmmaking event
Over 100 pictures, 60 seconds, 1 story … Making stillness come alive! 2-3 4 hours Classroom OTSEs will not be allowed. Direct finals: After the ‘One in a Billion’ forum, participants will be given a topic on which they have to make a stop motion film which should be one minute long. They will be accompanied by a volunteer and will have to take pictures within a given timeslot. The stop motion film has to be edited at the St. Xavier’s College premises and submitted on CD/DVD in .avi format on the same day. Judging Criteria: Originality, Incorporation of Given Theme, Visual Appeal. Please note: • Use of obscenity, nudity and profanity is prohibited. • Participants are requested to get their own cameras and laptops, which must be mentioned on the Prop List. • All participants are required to attend the ‘One in a Billion’ forum.

Oh Shoot!

One in a Billion
Culture and Identity
Identity has always been man’s prized possession. Yet he struggles to define it, often getting caught in a myriad of ideas and cultures. They say our culture defines our identity, but does it? Is our culture ingrained in the fabric of our personalities? Or are we men and women of our time? So am I an Indian? An Asian? Or a mere earthling in the grand scheme of things?

Town Hall

Shania Twain’s song, “Up up up, (we) can only go up from here” could well have been written about Mumbai. Caught between the sea on one side and an acute housing shortage on the other, up is – literally – the only way we can go. And since Obama has proclaimed that India has arrived, there is no looking back for us. If we hope to check the rise of the dragon, nothing less than 9% growth will do. Alas! It’s not that simple. Development has left millions hungry, homeless, and dead. The stage is set for a town-hall, where we will bring you savants to discuss all views and also allow YOU to have your say in the most interactive session at The Conclave. Vibrant debates, varied opinions and dynamic thoughts; we have it all ... And more.

Conclave | 12

Conclave | 13

You Are What You Sell
A Business Challenge
Narayan Murthy, Dhirubhai Ambani, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerburg … Are you next? Come prove it! OTSEs will be allowed. Elims: The participants will have to pick a product from a range of products provided to them and will have to choose a type of media to advertise the chosen product. Later they will have to select a price at which they want to sell their product so as to make a profit. Participants will have to write a report detailing why their chosenprice justifies their product. This will be a written elimination round. Word Limit – 600 Judging Criteria: Strategizing, Product Pricing, Reasoning Ability. Finals: Details to be revealed on the spot. Judging Criteria: Marketing Skills, Investment Skills, Budget Allocation, Critical Reasoning Skills. Please Note: • Addition of any, other than the given attributes of the product, is not permitted. • Formation of cartels is prohibited. • Obscenity and Profanity is prohibited.

Simulated Crisis Management Committee
Life wouldn’t be life without problems, but it wouldn’t be life without solutions either. We are happy to provide the former, as long as you provide the latter. This is The Conclave’s conclave that will grapple with issues ranging from the environment to geo-politics to international security. There is a lot at stake – lives, money, and your future. The event is a direct final. OTSEs will be allowed. The Situation: The European Parliament has passed a resolution saying that they will end the use of fossil fuels, instead relying entirely on renewable and nuclear sources for energy. A summit of world leaders has been called. Each team will represent a nation that will be allotted to them. The allotments will be intimated at the participant meet. Judging criteria: Adaptability, Creativity, Negotiation Skills, Oratory and Presentation. Classroom

The Summit of All Fears

3 Elims: 1.5 hours Finals: 2.5 hours Classroom

2 3 hours

Conclave | 14

Conclave | 15


Administration is the only events department of Malhar that doesn’t have a single event of its own. However, that doesn’t stop this department from planting its tables outside every event location and cataloguing all the participants as they walk in. Admin mainly coordinates all the events in Malhar to make sure that everything runs smoothly and handles registration for events. Members of Admin also claim to be responsible for “scoring and making passes”, whatever that is supposed to mean! As has oft been repeated in high circles, Admin is the backbone of Malhar, a cog which is absolutely imperative to the functioning of a huge machine.

Entry forms are attached at the end of this booklet. The Contingent Leader (CL) is required to write ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ in the blank space provided alongside each event name indicating whether the college will be participating in that event. Please do not leave any blank spaces. The college seal/stamp is required on the entry form in the space provided along with the signature of the CL.

Entry Forms

Prior to Malhar: The Contingent Leader (CL) and/or the Assistant Contingent Leader(s) presence are necessary for submission of entry forms on Form Submission Day. Two ID samples of the college must be submitted along with the entry form. Elims and Final Days of Malhar: Registration for each event will start half an hour before the event is scheduled to begin and will shut 10 minutes after the event has started. All participants must be at the security gates at least an hour and a half before the event is scheduled to begin. A CL/ACL is required to register participants. He/she must carry his/her CL/ACL badge and college ID card. All participants must have their college ID cards (of the current academic year) for registration. Registration for all events will take place at the event venue, unless specified otherwise. The minimum number of participants has to be fulfilled for all events. Substitution with regard to both participants and CAs will not be permitted. Non-College Accompanists (NCAs) are not allowed. Cross-College Accompanists are not allowed. All CAs must register on the day of the Elims even if they are not required to perform on that day, unless specified otherwise. Workshop registrations will take place on the day of the Participant Meet. CL and ACL badges will be given out on the day of the Participant Meet. Registration for Performing Arts’ events — All participants must be present at the time of registration.

Registration Procedures

Administration | 17

All participants are required to attend the forum that precedes the event for Conclave. On the Spot Entries (OTSE): Some events will have slots open to OTSEs. The number of OTSEs permitted vary from event to event. OTSE registration will take place at the event venue and will happen on a first-come first-serve basis. Your valid college ID is required at the time of registration. OTSEs can register themselves. The presence of the CL/ACL is not required for OTSE registration. For FA, PA, W.Inc, ETC and Raga events, the OTSE desk is the same desk where contingents register. For LA events, there will be a separate OTSE desk either alongside or opposite the registration desk for contingents. OTSEs do not carry points towards their respective colleges but they will be awarded certificates and prizes if they place. Cross-College OTSEs are allowed.

Department-wise scoring: Fine Arts 1st place: 10 points 2nd place: 6 points 3rd place: 4 points

Raga/Crossovers 1st place: 15 points 2nd place: 9 points 3rd place: 6 points

Conclave/ETC/LA/WPA/IPA Solo/Duet Group st st 1 place: 5 points 1 place: 10 points 2nd place: 3 points 2nd place: 6 points 3rd place: 2 points 3rd place: 4 points

Flagship Events: Every department has one or two events that carry the maximum number of points. These events are called the Flagship Events. In case of a tie, each team will be awarded full points for an event. The scoring system is as follows: 2nd place: 9 points 3rd place: 6 points 1st place: 15 points Trump events: You can wager on any 4 events that you think your contingent will win. In case you trump on an event and you feature anywhere in the top 3 positions, you will be awarded an additional 5 points. There will be no negative marking for not placing. You can indicate your choices in the space provided for the same at the end of the entry form. You can choose any one event between T3 and T4; any one event between T5, T7 and T8; T10; and T12. World Wide Wakening +10 for participating in the event. -5 for not turning up after having registered 1st place: 5 points 2nd place: 3 points 3rd place: 2 points

Scoring System

+1 for registering for an event (saying ‘yes’ in the entry form) General Scoring on Elims: +2 for qualifying -2 for not turning up for Elims after having registered. General Scoring on Finals: -4 for not turning up for Finals after having qualified. -4 for not turning up for an event which is a direct final after having registered. Scoring for Workshops: +3 for participating in a workshop after having registered. -5 for not turning up for a workshop after having registered. Scoring for Conclave: -4 for not turning up for an event after having registered.

Administration | 18

Administration | 19

Certificates and Prizes Trophy System

The Finance department distributes certificates and prizes on the final days of Malhar outside the Admin Office. Only a CL/ACL may collect them on the day of the event. Time slots will be provided for the collection of certificates and prizes, at a later date.

The Malhar Trophy is awarded to the college with the highest overall score. This will be a cumulative total of points earned across all the departments. In case of a tie, the trophy will be shared by the colleges with equal points. We also have trophies for the colleges securing second and third places overall. The Conclave, FA, LA and PA trophies are for the colleges that score the highest points in events under those departments. The Outstation Trophy is a separate trophy for the outstation college that scores the highest points. Admin Office: The Admin Office will be located in Lecture Room (LR) 14 on all days of Malhar. Entry into the Admin Office is restricted. A courteous approach by all will be appreciated in keeping with the spirit of Malhar. Only the CL/ACL will be entertained with respect to discussions of any sort. No participants will be entertained with regard to discussions of any sort. The Organizing Committee will not entertain interventions by Staff Members from any participating contingent. Please Note: All rules are subject to change.

Administration | 20

Fine Arts

Pick Up Your Spade
Spade Painting
Because paintbrushes are overrated. This event has direct finals. OTSEs are allowed. The following materials will be provided: Cloth (1 X 1 ft), half a sheet of mount board. Participants will have to create a picture based on the given theme. Participants will be allowed to use only painter spade/painter’s knife, paper cutter, blade. The use of paint brushes, cotton, sponge or any other material is strictly prohibited. An additional border will have to be made around the picture . This will have to be complimentary to the theme. To make this frame participants may use only mount board and other stationary like scissors, cutters, pins, glue and paint, all of which must be mentioned at the Participant Meet. Judging Criteria: Creativity, Originality, Use of Colour, Interpretation of Theme, Aesthetic Appeal. 2.5 hours 1

A series of seemingly random pencil strokes converge to form a beautiful sketch. A brush glides across the canvas, blending colours into a visual medley. A touch here, a smudge there – voilà! You have created a masterpiece. Does this sound like your idea of Nirvana? Then F.A. is the department for you. With a host of events, you will surely be spoiled for choice. F.A. doesn’t just celebrate visual art in its conventional avatar. In fact, it takes particular interest in the off-beat varieties. The best testament to this spirit would be the F.A. Exhibition, which has, over the years, become an indelible part of Malhar. This year, F.A. invites you to go beyond the paintbrush and canvas. Grab some odds-‘n’-ends and head over to Malhar. Oh, and don’t forget to bring along your imagination!

Elims and Finals: Classroom

The Genesis
Designing Event
How often do you look at something and say, “I could have done so much better”? Here’s your chance. Show off your designing prowess and outshine the original. Participants will have to re-design an object given to them based on their own interpretation. A surprise element will be given on the spot that they will have to incorporate in their design. Judging Criteria: Creativity, Originality, Use of Surprise Element, Aesthetic Appeal.


2 hours Elims and Finals: Classroom

FA | 23

Literary Arts
The recesses of your mind are terrible places to be lost in. Like when you’re struggling to find that perfect verbal retort, or just the right word to complete the occasional haiku, or worse still when the Daily’s anagram proves to be something out of this world. Ah well, fret not. Hope is nursed in human hearts. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Like a glow bug or something. No, no… not that, nor is it Edward Cullen. Just LA 201 1.

Speak, Friend and Pass
Extempore Event
1 Elims: 3 hours Finals: 1.5 hours Outstation Elims: LR 26 Finals: Classroom Do you revel in the sound of your own drivel? When you speak, do the mighty become meek? Most importantly, if you can think on your feet, and on clouds, on fire, on coals, or any other hazardous materials we might throw your way, then do come. Extempore needs your words. OTSEs will be allowed. Judging Criteria: Content and Creativity, Diction and Vocabulary, Humour and Originality, Overall Stage Presence.

2 Elims: 1.5 hours Finals: 3 hours Outstation Elims: Finals: Classroom

The Last Stand
Rhetoric Event

Can you address your adversaries with conviction, grandiloquence, and just enough panache to bring them to your line of thought from their points of view? Can you confront, without batting an eyelid, a jury of five-year olds after being accused of doing away with Santa Claus? If you can, nonchalantly, defend your stand from in your seat, you might just have enough to walk away with Malhar 201 Rhetoric Event. 1’s Written Elims and Interactive Finals. OTSEs will be allowed. Judging Criteria: Content, Strength and Logic of Rebuttal, Ability to Interpret Study Material, Clarity of Thought.

LA | 25

Fission Impossible
Science Event


The future is bleak. We’re running out of food, land, water, air, fuel and ideas. Exploration is expensive, space travel financially unviable, and energy is at a premium. Think you can do better than teams of overfunded, up-to-date, technologically advanced researchers who are trying to improve old ideas that are, nevertheless, growing dusty and fungus-ed? Break the mould. Show us what you’ve got at Malhar 201 Science 1’s Exhibition. Basic format: Inventions or developments that are essential for human survival and/ or progress in the future. Direct Finals OTSEs will not be allowed What you’ll need: A model to illustrate your idea (at least demonstrative, if not fully functional), plans of your design (blueprints, circuit diagrams, simple diagrammatic representations, etc), a short presentation — PowerPoint or video. Guidelines: • You will have to create an entirely original design/invention and illustrate it by means of a demonstrative/fully functional model and an explanation, using a presentation. • You will need to explain your design using a two to three-minute presentation or video (PowerPoint, Keynote and .mp4 or .mov formats only). • You cannot bring or incorporate into your model items that are in the list of banned items (Turn to the Security page in the Rules and Regulations). 3-4

3 hours Classroom

• Be as original as possible. Your exhibit doesn’t need to be an entirely new invention, but can incorporate previous developments into an original design. Just using concepts like solar power, hydrogen fuel cells, etc. by themselves may turn out to be too generic. • Diversify. Have mental blueprints for airborne solar power-stations, underwater farms, wind-powered irrigation systems, and other not-so-mainstream ideas? Bring them on, remembering to keep them original, useful and futuristic. • You don’t need a fully working model, but it must at least illustrate your planned design, serving demonstrative and partly functional purposes without having to blast off into space on renewable power. • Make sure you are familiar with the intricacies of your design, and the scientific concepts involved. You will have to be able to answer questions. • Please make your work space to the bare minimum. • Also make your exhibit interesting and accessible to an audience who may not remember more than what was taught to them at high school. • This event has a direct final. There are no eliminations. To be submitted beforehand: (Participant Meet) • The exact details of the exhibit. A description of the materials used, circuit diagrams, blueprints, diagrammatic representations, apparatus for experiments and anything that you will be bringing or using on the day of the event. We must know EXACTLY what you intend on doing on the day of the exhibition. Last minute additions will not be accepted. • Number of plug points you will need and other electrical equipment that you may require. • Size, number and types of boards (soft board, blackboard etc.) needed, if any. • Details of laptops, if you are bringing any. • References and sources. Judging Criteria: Originality, Technical Creativity of the Design, Scientific Viability, Essentiality in the Future, Clarity and Depth of Explanation

LA | 26

LA | 27

General Quiz

Around the World in 80 Qs
3 Elims: 1 hour Finals: 2 hours Elims: LR 26 Finals: MMR 1 Elims: 1.5 hours Finals: 2 hours Outstation Elims: LR 27 Finals: Classroom

Write, Left and Centre
Creative Writing
The world is a terrible place, where poorly disguised clichés parade as bestsellers, little children think books are ancient, and older children sing ‘Friday’. But there is something you can do about it. Pick up your pen, gather your creativity, and join us. The journey begins – Write here, right now. Written Elims and Finals OTSEs will be allowed. Judging Criteria: Originality, Ability to work within a set frame-work, Style, Coherence. Please note: Do not profane the Queen’s English.

From Persia to Peru, Pakistan to Paraguay, Panama to Polynesia, this quiz is the ultimate test of knowledge of everything under the sun and beyond. Each team will battle it out to be considered worldly wise. So hop on to the LA train and if you prove yourself worthy, you won’t be taken for a ride. Written Elims and Interactive Finals OTSEs will be allowed.

Gupshup and Gammat
Hindi/Marathi Event
“My life changed when I realized that the Hindi-Marathi event did not mean just another essay.” “Mujhe pata nahi tha ki aise bhi hote hain events...” “Aai ga... Kiti majja aali maagcha varshi!” These are only some reviews of our path-breaking Hindi-Marathi Event last year. Don’t go by just that…Pehle istamaal karein, phir vishwaas karein! Direct Finals. Judging Criteria : Ability to communicate fluently. OTSEs will be allowed. 3-4 3 hours Classroom

Advanced Booking
The Book Exhibition
You enter a world of towering bookshelves, thousands of good beginnings held together by bookends. You have not the time to browse through and prise your Final Choice from the debris of spurned offerings. As you approach the cashier with your hurried pick, you convince yourself that it’s the tome to go. It is. Welcome to Malhar 201 Book Exhib. 1’s

LA | 28

LA | 29

What's the Wordict?
Word Games
When faced with baffling testimony that’s part of an insoluble case, do you take pains to reach perfection, trust to a throw of the unbiased Even Dice or just Nag A Ram? The jury’s out on this one, you’re going to have to judge for yourself. Remember, bad counsel might lead you to court disaster. However, if your prowess at puzzles evokes a Certain Pity at others’ pertinacity, you may have nothing to fear. Written Elims and Interactive Finals. Judging Criteria: Ability to solve the word games and puzzles correctly and quickly. OTSEs will be allowed. 3 Elims: 2 hours Finals: 2 hours Outstation Elims: LR 26 Finals: Classroom

At Wit's End
JAM Event
Gone in 60 seconds. No, that’s not the pick-up of a sports car, it’s the fate of all those who can’t fuel their acerbic wit to stay in the running for an entire minute. ‘Tis the time to prove whether you be a wit with dunces or a dunce with wit. Judging Criteria: Wit, Alertness to Syntax, Adherence to Grammar, Speed. OTSEs will be allowed. MMR 1 Elims: 1 hour Finals: 2 hours

LA | 30

Indian Performing Arts
IPA celebrates the richness and intricacies of Indian culture with events that combine the various facets of Indian performing arts. This year IPA has completely revamped itself to give you the very best of Indian Culture while still staying true to its roots. With exciting and engaging new events like Folk-a-Thon, Tri-Acting! and The Big Band Theory, IPA seeks to present the traditional with a contemporary twist. Indian Performing Arts is out to conquer millions of hearts and minds once again and occupy a permanent place in your hearts. Because it believes that art is not something apart from life, but an intrinsic part of it, as it has been since ancient times. 8-12 + 0-1 CAs Elims: 6-8 minutes Finals:10-12 minutes Set-up Time: 2 minutes Elims: Classroom Finals: Foyer

A Folk Studio
India’s creative canvas is vast and diverse with a distinct sense of originality and cultural identity. Bring out the traditional nuances of a state through a unique blend of its folk forms. Come, be a part of this folk opera! Elims: Participants are required to depict folk culture of any one Indian state with folk dance and folk singing compulsory. Other folk forms representative of the state must be incorporated. Finals: Participants are required to perform an extended version of their Elims performance. Judging Criteria: Authenticity, Costume, Choreography, Rhythm and Melody, Incorporation of Other Folk Forms, Use of Props, Synchronization, Overall Representation of the State Please note: • A tracks are allowed. 1 • List of props and instruments should be submitted at Participant Meet. • No electrical instruments allowed. • The State chosen by the teams should be submitted at the Participant Meet. • A 360 degree stage will be provided. • Introduction is allowed and will be included in the performance time.

IPA | 33

Classical Singing


Witness a confluence of the exquisite classical dance forms that our rich heritage boasts of. With striking facial expressions, graceful movements and intricate rhythmic footwork, show the world the magic of Indian dance.

Classical Dance

‘Music is the purest form of art’ - Rabindranath Tagore We at Malhar couldn’t agree more! If you think you can scale the pure and pristine sargam, this platform for the melodious tunes of ragas and the enthralling sounds of instruments is tailor-made for you! Hindustani: Elims: Participants are required to sing a chota khayal followed by a tarana. Finals: Participants are required to sing a Thumri. Carnatic: Elims: Participants are required to sing a varnam of any ragam. Finals: Participants are required to sing the same ragam that they sang in the elimination. Judging Criteria: Improvisation, Authenticity, Choice of Raag, Sur, Taal, Use of Instruments, Raag Bheda including Chalan, Pakad, Vistaar, Swar and Lagaav, Overall Performance. Please note: • Movie and pop songs are not allowed • Any instrument is allowed. However the authenticity of classical music has to be maintained. A list of all instruments to be used must be submitted at the Participant Meet. • An electronic tanpura will be provided. The team may also choose to bring its own electronic tanpura. • Entries for Hindustani and Carnatic will be considered separately • Out of 5 participants, only 1 may be a vocalist and 2-4 should be musical accompanists 3-5 Elims: 5 minutes Finals: 6-7 minutes Elims and Finals: SCAVI 2 +1-3 CAs Elims: 4-6 minutes Finals: 6-8 minutes Elims: Classroom Finals: Hall

Elims: Participants are required to perform one or more classical dance forms. A two minute jugalbandi is mandatory. Finals: Participants are required to perform an Abhinaya piece based on one of the interpretations of the theme ‘Labyrinth’ as given: Illusion, Dream, Maze, Struggle, Lost and Found Judging Criteria: Choreography, Angashuddhi, Laya/Taal, Costume, Balance in Performance, Depiction through Abhinaya (finals only), Overall Performance. Please note: • The start and finish time of the jugalbandi must be submitted at the Participant Meet. • Use of movie and pop songs is prohibited. • Pre-recorded music and pre-recorded narration is allowed. Live narration is not allowed. • Introduction is allowed and will be included in the performance time. • A 180 degree stage will be provided. • All music must be in audio CD format • Props are allowed and the list of the same must be submitted at the Participant Meet.

IPA | 34

IPA | 35

Riding Solo
Bollywood Singing
If you have a soulful voice and great rhythm, and Bollywood music runs in your veins, then this is the event for you. The spotlight is on and the audience is waiting in eager anticipation! Elims: Participants are required to sing at least one paragraph of one old song and one new song from the list provided on the website after the CL meet. Finals: Participants are required to sing any two songs. Their performance should include two minutes of geetantar of the same two songs. Judging Criteria: Integration of the Songs, Improvisation, Versatility, Sur, Taal, Voice Modulation, Choice of Songs, Effective Geetantar (finals only), Overall Performance. Please note: • Only A tracks are allowed. 1 • Instruments are not allowed. • A list of songs selected for the Elims and Finals must be submitted at the Participant Meet. • No remixes allowed. • The start and finish time of the geetantar must be submitted at the Participant Meet. 1 + 0-1 CAs Elims: 4 minutes Finals: 6-8 minutes Set-up Time: 1 minute Elims: Classroom Finals: First Quad. 6-8 +1-2 CAs Elims: 3-4 minutes Finals: 6-8 minutes Elims and Finals: Foyer

Bollywood Bewitched
Bollywood Dance
Mix rhythm with grace, a dash of passion and creativity to taste. And what do you get? The recipe for an enchanting dance number, of course! Let the ‘Magic’ spread across to the millions watching this event spell bound. Elims: Participants are required to perform on one or more Bollywood songs on the theme ‘Magic’. Finals: Participants are required to perform an extended or modified version of their Elims performance Judging Criteria: Choreography, Energy, Synchronization, Interpretation and Incorporation of the theme ‘Magic’, Costume, Creativity, Use of Space, Overall Performance. Please note: • A list of songs selected must be submitted at the participants meet • A list of props selected must be submitted at the participants meet • All CDs must be in audio CD format • No dialogue or introduction may be recorded by the participants to supplement the original recording of the song. • 360 degree stage, 24 feet in diameter will be provided • Vulgarity or obscenity in songs, dance moves or costumes is prohibited. • No OTSEs are allowed. • One CA is compulsory to handle music.

IPA | 36

IPA | 37

The Big Band Theory
Freestyle Musical Ensemble
It is a well known fact that music is a universal language. Take a host of musicians, instruments and genres, put them on stage and what you have is a fine tapestry of percussion, vocals, melody and more. Elims: Participants are required to sing a medley of three Hindi songs, each from the list of different styles provided on the website after the CL meet. Finals: Participants are required to perform their own composition with a modified and extended version of their Elims performance. Judging Criteria: Rhythm and Harmony, Choice of Songs, Improvisation, Voice Modulation, Sur, Taal, Overall Performance, Originality (Finals only). Please note: • Remixes will not be permitted • List of instruments and songs should be submitted at the Participant Meet. • Out of the participants, 6-7 should be vocalists and 3-5 accompanists. 9-12 Elims: 4 minutes Finals: 10-12 minutes Set-up time: 2 minutes Elims and Finals: Hall

IPA | 38

World Performing Arts
The stage is dark. Only a spotlight illuminates the dainty figure of a girl, dancing an elaborate routine. The audience follows her every move – each sweep of her arms, each twirl of her skirt. The dancer is only human, with flaws in plenty. But while she is on stage, her blemishes cease to be. All one can see is the excellence in her performance. If you think you can enthrall the audience and command the stage in the same manner, W.P.A. beckons you to participate in their range of events. From singing and dancing, to theatre and band events, they have something to suit every performer. W.P.A. invites you to explore your talents and find the beauty in yourself. These words of Madonna aptly sum up their vision for you: “I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.”
2 +1 CA
Elims: 3 minutes Finals: Round 1 — 3-5 minutes Round 2 — 2 minutes

Latin American Dance
If you can cha-cha till you drop or give Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey a run for their money, you know where you’ve got to be this Malhar. Elims: Participants are required to prepare a performance to any song of their choice incorporating one or more dance forms from the list given. Salsa Mambo Cha-cha Jive Bolero Merengue Samba Tango Finals: Round 1 — Participants are required to perform any 3 dance forms from the list above. Round 2 — The two couples that place highest in Round 1 need to perform a twominute Rumba piece simultaneously for an additional 5 points. The total score of both rounds of the finals will determine the winner. The soundtrack for this round will be put up on the Malhar Website on the day of the CL Meet. Judging Criteria: Choreography, Use of Space Provided, Synchronization, Relevance of Dance Style to Music, Body Language, Technique and Overall Performance. Please note: Props are optional for Elims and Finals Round 1. Props are not allowed for Round 2.

Elims: Classroom Finals: Foyer

WPA | 41

Conflicting Acts
Drama Event



A Chorus Line
A capella Singing

You’re stuck in a labyrinth, not knowing where to go, every turn resembling the previous one. You break out into a cold sweat, look wildly around, wonder which direction to go in. Only one word can describe what is going through your mind – conflict. Elims: Participants are required to portray their creative understanding of the term ‘conflict’ in the form of a play. Finals: Participants are required to perform an extended/ modified version of their elims performance. Judging Criteria: Acting Skills, Dialogue Delivery, Creativity, Body Language, Content, Effective Presentation of Conflict and Overall Performance. Please Note: • Props are optional. • No Blackouts are allowed for the elims. Only 2 Blackouts will be allowed for the finals. • No pre-recorded music, sound effects or dialogues will be permitted. 2-8 + 1-2 CAs Elims: 5-7 minutes Finals: 8-10 minutes Elims: Classroom Finals: Hall 8-15 + 1 CAs Elims: 3 minutes Finals: 5 minutes Set-up Time: 1 minute Elims: MMR Finals: First Quad.

Want to start your very own Glee Club? We’re giving you your big break! Elims: Groups are required to sing a song of their choice for this round. Finals: In this round groups are required to incorporate a song from a musical into their performance. Judging Criteria: Harmony and Synchronization, Rhythm and Timing, Vocal Percussion, Delivery and Overall On-Stage Performance. Please note: • The songs are required to be sung without any musical accompaniment in acapella style. • No additional music/tracks are permitted. • Choice of songs should be submitted for verification at the Participant Meet. • Only English Songs are allowed.

WPA | 42

WPA | 43

Like a Rolling Stone
Band Event
This Malhar, we’re kickin’ it old school. Can you pay tribute to the legends who were at their prime before you were even born? Elims – Participants are required to pick a song from before the 90s and perform an improvisation of the same. Judging Criteria: Harmony, Rhythm and Timing, Improvisation, Quality of Vocals and Instruments and Overall Performance. Finals – The band is required to perform 2 songs: • The first must be an integration of a/another song from before the 90s and a song from the list provided. • An original composition. Judging Criteria: Harmony, Rhythm and Timing, Improvisation, Integration of songs, Quality of Vocals and Instruments and Overall Performance. Please Note: • List of songs for the finals will be provided at the CL meet • Profanity will not be allowed. • Distortion will not be permitted and will lead to immediate disqualification and expulsion from the campus. • 1 CA is compulsory. • Selection of songs and lyrics along with the original composition must be submitted at the Participant Meet. 4-8 + 1 CA Elims: 4 minutes Finals: 10 minutes Elims: Foyer Finals: First Quad. 1 + 1 CA Elims: 1-2 minutes Finals: 2 minutes Elims: Classroom Finals: Foyer

Bada-Bing Bada-Boom

Beatboxing Event

Can you produce a symphony of percussion using only yourself and a microphone? Do they call you the Human Turntable? Head over here and show us what you’ve got! Elims: Participants are required to beatbox without any musical accompaniment. Body percussion is allowed. Finals: Participants are required to beatbox to an A track from the list put up on the 1 Malhar Website on the day of the CL Meet. Judging Criteria: Rhythm and Timing, Creativity and Originality, Technical Ability, Clarity and Modulation and Overall Performance.

WPA | 44

WPA | 45

Du-et Differently
Duet Singing
Can you hit a perfect note (or two? Then put two and two together and head over here. ‘Cause there’s no two ways about it - this is definitely a game that two can play! Elims: Participants are required to perform an improvisation of a song without an accompaniment. No A tracks allowed. 1 Judging Criteria: Pitch and Tone, Rhythm and Timing, Clarity and Modulation, Coordination, Synchronization and Overall Performance. Semis: An A track is mandatory in this round. Participants are required to pick a song of 1 a soundtrack from the list of 20 movies that will be provided at the CL Meet. Harmonies and seconds will not be allowed. Judging Criteria: Pitch and Tone, Clarity and Modulation, Improvisation, Co-ordination, Synchronization and Overall Performance. Finals: Participants must perform a medley of any two tracks with an acoustic instrument. The CA registered can be the instrumental accompanist. Only one instrument is allowed. Electric guitars are not permitted. Judging Criteria: Pitch and Tone, Improvisation, Synchronization, Creative Blend of Tracks, Clarity and Modulation and Overall Performance. Please Note: • Only English tracks are permitted. • Lyrics of songs for all rounds must be submitted for verification at the Participant Meet. • Instrument being used for the final round must be also be submitted at the Participant Meet. • 1 CA is compulsory. 2 + 1 CA Elims: 3 minutes Semis: 3 minutes Finals: 5 minutes Elims: MMR Semis: MMR Finals: Hall 6-10 + 1-2 CAs

Street Dance Event
Celebrate street spirit with bold moves, passion and spontaneity. Because it’s not about where you’re from, it’s about where you’re at. Elims: Participants are required to perform a four-minute piece on any form/forms of street dance. Judging Criteria- Creativity, Choreography, Co-ordination, Effective Use of Performance Area and Overall Performance. Finals: Participants are required to perform an extended/ modified version of their elims performance incorporating one more dance style from the following list — Krumping, Whacking, Locking, Tutting, Stomping. Judging Criteria- Choreography, Co-ordination, Creativity, Incorporation of Dance form(s), Effective Use of Performance Area and Overall Performance. Please Note: • A 360 degree stage, 24 feet in diameter will be available. • Only English and Foreign language songs are permitted. • A list of props and tracks must be submitted for verification at the Participant Meet. • List of dance styles being used must also be submitted at the Participant Meet. • 1 CA is mandatory to handle music at the event. • Vulgarity with respect to songs and costumes should be avoided.

Step It Up

Elims: 4 minutes Finals: 6-8 minutes Elims and Finals: Foyer

WPA | 46

WPA | 47


The Mormons are right, who’d’vethunk? ETC is now the God of its own Planet 31. At first, Planet 31 was inhabited by a wide assortment of people including some recently migrated dolphins, several colourful furry creatures, hipsters, a BeeGees loving pig and Shaktiman. Peace and prosperity prevailed on 31 and it was a hub of all sorts of inter-planetary activity. However, in the 31st year of the cyborg age, King Ojas XXIII and the mysterious 9 Unknown Men discovered a terrible secret. Planet 31 held the backdoor to the real universe! What they saw beyond it, no one will ever know. Thus also the doors to 31 closed. They contacted the Others from the outside Universe only in times of desperate need. Mostly to borrow money. The peaceloving God of 31, ETC, not knowing the secret of the universe, induced upon itself a deep and eternal sleep. King Ojas and the 9 Unknown men in a moment of desperation jumped through the backdoor and locked it from outside/inside(depending on your philosophical leanings). The war destroyed 31 beyond repair. ETC is now stuck in a state of eternal dreaming. The King is stranded/freed(again upto you) in the real universe. All that remains on 31 now is a rundown doughnut place. Anyway, we organize events and fillers on the days of Malhar.

A Maze-ing Race

An Online Treasure Hunt

Have torrents replaced your television? Do you not find it creepy that people ‘follow’ you? Are you the ultimate web junkie? If so, this event is going to put your internet knowledge to test through a one-hour ride across the plethora of information on the World Wide Web. 1 Open to OTSEs. OTSE registrations must be online, on the website, between 24th and 31st July. Direct finals. Time and date will be announced.

ETC | 49

Mr and Miss Malhar

The Search for the Ultimate Entertainer
Have you been lulled into a stupor by soporific plots? Are you tired of the tedious tales of saas-bahus on television? Do you feel utterly exhausted by the ennui surrounding entertainment today? Well, then don’t just sit around. The quest for the ultimate entertainer is on! Open to OTSEs. There will be 5 rounds: 2 on Elims and 3 on the Final days. Judging Criteria: Changes as per round Please Note: Vulgarity, Obscenity and Profanity are strictly prohibited.

2: I male, I female Rounds: st 1 : 3 hours 2nd: 2 hours 3rd: 3 hours 4th: 2 hours 5th: 2 hours Classroom, Foyer 2

Film-making Event

Short Cut

Lights, Camera, Action: it seems simple enough. Sink into your director’s chair (you can even don a beret, we won’t judge) and brace yourself for a challenge that will test the mettle of any budding filmmaker. If you think you have a film that can make people sit up and take notice, we want it. Please Note: • The theme will be online, on the website on the day of the CL meet. • Open to OTSEs • OTSE registrations must be online, on the website, between 24TH and 31st July. • Duration of the films can be up to 5 minutes. • Eliminations will be on YouTube channel, the timeframe of which will be communicated on CL Meet. • For the finals, you will be required to submit your movie on a CD in .wmv format • Credits, if any should be included in your 5 minutes. • No live narration of any kind will be tolerated. Narrators will be prosecuted. Unless you sound like Morgan Freeman. • Vulgarity, Obscenity and Profanity are strictly prohibited.

Sell Division
Open to OTSEs Direct Finals

T 10


Enterpreneurship Event
An event that tests your ability to conceptualize, create, market and grow a business. It’s quite like The Apprentice except with a whole new quirky dimension.

3 hours

Judging criteria: Originality of idea, Marketability, Viability of concept


ETC | 50

ETC | 51

Raga is Raga is Raga. The creative writing department of Malhar, Raga features humorous slants on serious matters, with an emphasis on the idiosyncrasies of thought and style of its individual writers. We’re often despised for our #GrammarNazi ways, and can be spotted turning up our noses in disdain at typographical errors. We tend to assault Malhar attendees with copies of our wondrous publication, and attempt to establish our supremacy over the virtual world through The Online Raga. Keep your eyes peeled for the LCD screens around campus on Malhar, for Raga brings to you Malhar Bulletin, live updates of the goings-on of the mammoth that is the festival. We’re geeky, and unabashedly so. We’re crazy, and proudly so. Read the Raga, and you’d think so too. 2 Finals: 2 hours Classroom

Legend Has It
Blogging Event
Zeus’s thunderbolt, Minerva’s shield and Thor’s hammer can only once more sing their ancient songs through the words of us mortals. Have an epic in the making? Think you have the skills to bridge the gap between archaic classic and modern-day Twitterature? This is the place for you! Each team will pick a mythological character from out list of options. Characters shall be allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis. There will be 3 online rounds in the weeks preceding Malhar and one final round on Malhar days. Teams will be required to e-mail their entries by a specific deadline, and write on the topics provided. OTSEs will be allowed. Judging Criteria: Creativity, Knowledge of Mythology, Knowledge of Twitter and Internet Memes.

For the people who have more than a slight passing interest in Malhar, the Online Raga is a delightful precedent to the main festival. Articles range from workforce-centric to the strangest, most random things one could imagine. We like to believe that we have a little something for everybody, so do log on sometime.

The Online Raga

Malhar Bulletin The Malhar Bulletin is a service manned by both Raga and Computers on LCD screens set up at strategic
locations across the campus. It acquaints the spectator with details of ongoing events, results, general announcements, yada yada yada. Now people can watch their favourite events without getting trampled on.

Raga | 53

Poster-making Competition (Conclave + Raga)

Janhit Mein Jaari

A poster-making competition with a satirical twist. Bring out your thinking caps, quickwitted quills and graphic skills to wow the world. Judging criteria: Creativity, Incorporation of wit, visual appeal, and designing skills. Participants must attend ‘The Great Indian Tamasha’ forum.

2.5 hours Classroom

Please note: • Participants must bring their own laptops (technological requirements will be mentioned at the CL Meet). • Any obscenities or profanities will lead to immediate disqualification.

Crossovers | 55

Whose Tune is it Anyway?
Fusion Instrumental (IPA + WPA)
‘Oh east is east and west is west, and never the twain shall meet’ — Rudyard Kipling We beg to differ. Come, create an amalgamation of western harmony and Indian melody. Elims: Participants are required to perform an original composition. Finals: Participants are required to pick one or more songs from the list of bands given and fuse it with Indian instrumental elements. Judging Criteria: Originality, Creativity, Harmony and Rhythm, Balance of Indian and Western Elements and Overall Performance.

4-8 + 0-1 CA Elims: 4 minutes Finals: 6-8 minutes Set-up Time: 2 minutes Elims and Finals: Hall

Crossovers | 56

Workshops Incorporated
Out of the thousands of people who attend Malhar every year, only a handful participate in scored events. If you are a part of the vast majority who needs to do something other than cheer for your college contingent and twiddle your thumbs, then Workshops Incorporated is for you! Learn everything from claymation to black light painting, comic-strip-making to forensics, dance to baking, martial arts to graffiti. WInc would love to see you exiting with a big smile on your face and enough good memories to last a lifetime.

Martial Arts Workshop
The non-violent type? Aikido will take care of you! It is an art that teaches you self-defence while protecting your attacker from injury. It contains an ounce of spirituality - seen in the concern it shows for the well-being of the opponent. So come one and all, strong or weak, macho or geek, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life! Pre-registered + OTSEs.


2 hours Classroom

Suburban Picasso
Graffiti Workshop
3 hours You’ve seen it on walls and you’ve wished you could do it too. Here’s your chance. Stir up the rebel within you and express yourself with a dash of colour! Leave a mark at our Graffiti workshop. OTSEs are allowed. Classroom

W. Inc | 59

Bust a Move
Dance Workshop
It’s time to bring D-I-S-C-O back to town. Let’s kick it old school and groove to the beats of the 60s. But let’s not forget the breathtaking pop-lock and hip hop! Get yourself in shape with a brand new dance form the Zumba, a combination of all Latin-American dance forms. In memory of the great King of Pop, Michael Jackson, you can learn the moonwalk and thrill everyone on the dance floor! OTSEs are allowed.

Three 2-hour sessions Foyer, Classroom

Licence to Bake
Food Workshop
4 hours Classroom Why spend extra on doughnuts and muffins when you can make them yourselves? Yes, that’s right, come on over to Malhar 201 baking workshop and get your 1’s very own licence to bake without any hassle. All you have to do is show up and learn! The 3 easy steps – pour, mix and bake - can get you baking in no time. OTSEs are allowed.

Blood Lies

Forensics Workshop
The truth triumphs, the lie fails. Every drop of blood has its tale to tell, you just have to listen carefully. Indulge in the expertise of Blood Spatter Analysis and Micro Expressions! Who knows, you may be the next Dexter or Dr. Cal Lightman! Pre-registered + OTSEs.

2 hours Classroom

W. Inc | 60


If you feel like a complete rookie on the days of Malhar and are lost amongst the crazy crowd, if you are hurt and don’t know where to get First Aid, if you are running late for your event and need directions, fret not, fear not. You will find Assistance volunteers all across the campus. Feel free to ask for help. They will be much obliged. Green Room: The dimensions of the Green Room door are 4 ft 3 inches X 9 ft. Prop Room and Lost and Found: • Participants will be given a token when leaving the Prop Room. • Each event entry is allowed one token, but any number of items can be stored with that token. • The Log Book must be signed only by a CL/ACL when the props are kept in the room and when they are withdrawn from it. • Your belongings may be left overnight on 13th and 14th August, but not on any other day. • All items must be collected by 17.00 on 15th August. • The Prop Room also doubles as a Lost and Found Room. • You may contact Assistance for First Aid.


If evolution has endowed certain humans with technological intuition, this phenomenon can be witnessed on careful observation of this department. From streaming Malhar online to digitalising all Malhar-related work to documenting all that happens on the days of Malhar, Comps is the baap of all other departments.


“We didn’t actually overspend our budget. The allocation simply fell short of our expenditure.” – Keith Davis To avoid such an unfortunate outcome, continuous balancing of the budget is practiced like a precise tight-rope walk. Though there might be comparisons to a tight lidded pickle jar by us consumers, Finance is generous to a fault in getting the victors their spoils at the prize giving.


Management | 63


“Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is.” – Charles M. Schulz. And what better way than to provide a multitudinous display to soak in Malhar while moseying around the venerable corridors! Graffix makes sure you gaze, gape and gawk at the eye-catching art and also meditate, mull and muse over the mind boggling interpretations of the Malhar theme.

“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics” – Sun Tzu


With thousands of visitors, an over-enthusiastic workforce and a plethora of events, one wonders how a 19th-century Gothic structure is able to contain it all. The answer is simple: Logistics. They make sure that the infrastructure is in place, and organize the chaos that is Malhar. Specifications: • 1st Quad stage — 28 feet X 18 feet • Hall stage — 26 feet 8 inches X 24 feet • Foyer — 18 feet X 12 feet • Foyer circle for Street /Bollywood Dance — 24 feet diameter • SCAVI stage — 18 feet 3 inches X 7 feet 4 inches • Green Room door — 4 feet 3 inches X 9 feet


Even the best car in the world wouldn’t be able to move an inch without fuel. Hospitality makes sure that the Malhar bandwagon keeps chugging along smoothly by keeping the workforce well-fed. True to their name, they also help outstation contingents find accommodation in the city. However, the most important function of Hospitality arguably is the distribution of Card-O-Lates, which have long been a symbol of bonding for the Malhar workforce. What better way to express one’s feelings than through a delicious cross between a greeting card and chocolate? Please note: • Food will not be provided to the CL or participants, they may patronize the stalls on campus. • For accommodation, outstation students are requested to confirm the number of students and professors who would require accommodation for the three days of Malhar by the 24th of July i.e. the form submission date. Accommodation will be provided on a first–come-first-serve basis. • Outstation students are further requested to carry their photo ID proof (original and two photocopies) i.e. driver’s license/voter id/passport/pan card and a letter by the principal stating names of all the participants and CL to be submitted at the hotel.

All Hall events will be provided with the following standard props: • 4 chairs • 2 benches • 2 small tables • 1 large table • Fire and liquids will not be allowed on the stage • Furniture and props provided are expected to be returned in the same condition. • Additional props will be provided if the department organising the event finds it necessary.

Much of the Malhar pizzazz can be credited to the PR department. It handles everything from external publicity to press conferences and generates waves of feverish excitement. It not only starts the fire that gets Malhar going, but also makes sure that the embers don’t get cold.

Public Relations

Management | 64

Management | 65

Sales and Marketing Security

“I have never been in a situation where having money made it worse” — Clinton Jones Hence, money. More money. Better money. We get the freebies, vouchers, prizes and stalls that make your Malhar experience unforgettable. And all we’d like to say is — WE SELL.

Items which have not been mentioned in the above list may also be confiscated by Security if they are deemed unsafe. If you are carrying medicines, please carry only a day’s dose. Avoid carrying valuable items as the college will not be held responsible for their loss. If a banned item is absolutely necessary for an event, the CLs and ACLs will have to ensure that the item is mentioned in the Prop List with a justifiable explanation. The Prop List will have to be verified by Security, or participation shall not be allowed. On the days of Elimination and Finals: All participants will individually have to carry their college ID cards. The college ID cards or fee receipts of the present academic year, along with photo identification will be required for entry on the days of the Eliminations and Final days of Malhar. Entrance will not be granted to choreographers and makeup artists, unless they have been registered as CAs at the Elims. Participants must be present at least an hour and a half prior to their events. Participants are only allowed to carry items included in the Prop List approved by Security. Participants who have consumed any sort of intoxicating substance will not be permitted entry into Malhar. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and will lead to expulsion from campus. Security will be present at all times through the day of the Eliminations and Final days of Malhar. Please feel free to approach us if you need any help or information.

The word ‘security’ tends to make one conjure up images of formidable men dressed in black, with tinted glasses and expressions to match. Rest assured, we aren’t like that at all. We love Malhar, and we love you too. We’re sorry if we’re a little aggressive sometimes. It is only for Your Safety™. Identification: Sample college ID cards of the present academic year must be submitted on Form Submission Day to Administration. Participant Meet and Prop List: CLs will be given a form where they will be required to list all the items they are going to use as props (Prop List). List of banned items: • Alcohol, glass bottles, fuels and all flammable liquids. • Drugs, pipes, smoking paper, intoxicants. • Condoms • Cigarettes, lighters, matchboxes, candles. • Any pointed or sharp objects – knives, blades, penknives, scissors, unpacked mirrors, sharp keychains, nail cutters, forks. • Metal combs and hairbrushes with sharp or pointed handles. • Geometry boxes with compasses and dividers; steel and wooden foot-rulers. • Deodorants, perfumes. • Laptops, cameras, batteries. • Branded or packaged food.

The sights and sounds of Malhar are too overwhelming for most people to take in, let alone remember for years to come. At Souvenirs, we help immortalize your experiences. Our vast selection of Malhar merchandise will not only please your eyes, but the memories you attach to your purchases will make them truly special. Do visit the Souvenirs stall on the days of Malhar, and be sure to take home your own little box of memoirs. Because happiness comes in tiny packages.


Management | 66

Management | 67

We’ll bring the lights and sound, and you bring the action. Don’t let those tangled cables and crackling plug points make you break out into a sweat right before your big performance! Approach a Texxx volunteer, we’d be happy to make sure everything is in place. • ALL CDs MUST BE IN AUDIO CD FORMAT ONLY. • No music will be played from a pen drive, I-pod, laptop, mobile etc. • ALL CDs must be submitted to the Texxx desk just after registration for the respective event, labeled with your college code, the event name and performance number. • ALL CDs must be cued in advance containing only the song to be played for that event. You will not be allowed to cue them before the event using our equipment. The technical team cannot be held responsible for any miscue. • All CDs should be collected immediately after your performance. We cannot account for it if you delay unreasonably. • We do not take responsibility for any CD related glitches such as skipping, wrong format, CD not being read etc. • No professionals and/or CAs/CLs/ACLs will be allowed to operate the technical equipment. It will only be handled by the Malhar Technical’s crew. • For each event, one CA will be permitted at the Texxx desk and one CA will be permitted backstage. For events in the Hall, it is compulsory to have a CA at the Texxx desk if you have any sound & light requirements. • Black outs are permitted for Hall events. • No additional light or sound props will be allowed like bulbs, tube lights, microphones etc. • Exceeding setup time would be at the cost of performance time. • No sound and/or light demos will be given on the day of the event. A complete Sound and Light demo is given on the Form Submission day. • No on-stage equipment will be rearranged for any performance. • Electric Guitars are allowed, but without distortion and similar effects. Violation of this may result in termination of the performance. • Keyboardists are not allowed to use any pre recorded patches. • A complete list of instruments for all the events has to be submitted on the participant meet. • All technical queries should be clarified, in advance, at the CL meet. The Texxx team will be glad to provide all the technical help we can to enhance your performances to the best of our ability.

Please fill in the following details in Block letters

Registration Form

Name of College:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Contingent Leader: Name:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Telephone Number:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E-mail Address:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Assistant Contingent Leader: Name:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Telephone Number:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E-mail Address:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Assistant Contingent Leader: Name:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Telephone Number:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E-mail Address:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Assistant Contingent Leader: Name:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Telephone Number:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E-mail Address:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______________________ Contingent Leader’s Signature __________ College Seal

Management | 68

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ The Triathlon _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Chakachak! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ World Wide Wakening Conclave _ _ _ _ _ _ _ One in a billion (Forum) + Oh shoot ! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Aapki Seva Mein? (Forum) + The Argumentative Citizen _ _ _ _ _ _ _ You Are What You Sell _ _ _ _ _ _ _ The Summit Of All Fears Fine Arts _ _ _ _ _ _ _ You Missed A Spot _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Pick Up Your Spade _ _ _ _ _ _ _ The Genesis _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Blind Man’s Buff _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Minotaur’s Cage _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Cramp Their Style W.Inc _ _ _ _ _ _ ClayStation _ _ _ _ _ _ Blood Lies _ _ _ _ _ _ Skadoosh Raga _ _ _ _ _ _ Legend Has It

Literary Arts _ _ _ _ _ _ Speak,Friend and Pass _ _ _ _ _ _ The Last Stand _ _ _ _ _ _ Fission Impossible _ _ _ _ _ _ Around The world in 80 Qs _ _ _ _ _ _ Feast On This _ _ _ _ _ _ Write,Left and Centre _ _ _ _ _ _ Gupshup and Gammat _ _ _ _ _ _ What’s The Wordict? _ _ _ _ _ _ At Wit’s End Indian Performing Arts _ _ _ _ _ _ Folk-a-thon _ _ _ _ _ _ Raagmatazz _ _ _ _ _ _ Nrityanuance _ _ _ _ _ _ Riding Solo _ _ _ _ _ _ Tri-acting! _ _ _ _ _ _ The Big Band theory _ _ _ _ _ _ Gaane Bhi Do Yaaron _ _ _ _ _ _ Bollywood Bewitched World Performing Arts _ _ _ _ _ _ Agitelo _ _ _ _ _ _ Conflicting Acts _ _ _ _ _ _ A Chorus Line _ _ _ _ _ _ Like a Rolling Stone _ _ _ _ _ _ Illuminati _ _ _ _ _ _ Bada-Bing Bada Boom _ _ _ _ _ _ Du-et Differently _ _ _ _ _ _ Step It Up

ETC _ _ _ _ _ _ Field Domination _ _ _ _ _ _ A Maze-ing Race _ _ _ _ _ _ Mr. Malhar _ _ _ _ _ _ Ms. Malhar _ _ _ _ _ _ Sell Division _ _ _ _ _ _ Short Cut _ _ _ _ _ _ Meme Screen _ _ _ _ _ _ Nitrous Oxide _ _ _ _ _ _ This is Not a Game,But DON’T PANIC ! _ _ _ _ _ _ University Of Persistent Pandemonium Crossovers: _ _ _ _ _ _ Penny For Your Thought Bubbles ? _ _ _ _ _ _ Lumos Maxima! _ _ _ _ _ _ Whose Tune is it Anyway ? _ _ _ _ _ _ Pardafaash _ _ _ _ _ _ Junkapella _ _ _ _ _ _ The Great Indian Tamasha Forum + Janhit Mein Jaari _ _ _ _ _ _ V for Vigilante Trump: Indicate your choice from: Trump 1 to Trump 4 _______ Trump 5 to Trump 8 _______ Trump 9 to Trump 1 1 _______ Trump 12 or Trump 13 _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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