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Abstract In this journal authors discusss the die sinking electrical discharge machining, a fast growing machining technology

used in industries. But the development of high speed milling blocks the growth EDMs. So authors decided to make a research on this to reduce the operation time and cost. They conducted a survey in mould making companies and EDM machine manufacturers. Their aim is to find strength and weakness of the technology. They also find the impacts in the conventional EDMs. For a better structure build up, criteria matrix evaluation method was used and this results gives that EDM is the best technology for future by considering the steup time, cost, surface roughness and involving of operator. Introduction In 1990s, EDMs importance was very much valued to performaing operations in electronic industry, health care instruments and processing of special materials. But, simultaneously high speed milling growth blocks the path of EDMs due to time and cost factor. By technological point of, EDM is the right choice to machine small radius and large depth/width ratio of a hard material. Also EDMs, doesnt need more operator requirement than HSM. The conclusion given by authors is based on both scientific and industrial based research. That is to select a suitable process one must consider the mould makers knowledge and experience. By this mould makers get benefitted in both cost and time. But for implementing this result, we must value the company capacity too. In the end of the survey, SWOT analysis were implemented to find the deviations in time, cost and surface quality and these results are discussed in this journal paper. Die sinking EDM innovations Autonomation: In EDM, process automation can be achieved by implementing automating systems in electrode and workpiece changeover. This concept can be extended by using electronic communications. By this, it reduces the process time between 10% to 30%, reduction in overall cost 30%, reduced operator assistance 20%. The main is to work 24hr/day, 7/week. In this present days almost all EDM manufacturers includes this technology for higher efficiency. High Speed EDM: Edm manufacturer introduce a high accleration speed in Z-axis to reduce the machining time by the use of linear motors. Thisa results in increase of process accuracy and repeatability. Reduction in machining time Surface Quality Reduction in polishing time Reduction in operator assistance Reduction in maintenance 40%-60% 0.02m 40%-60% 50% 30%

Energy Consumption Increase in price

40% 20%-40%

The reason behind thes results are, because of natural flushing originated by the high speed movements of the electrode, EDM with additives By using additives better surface finishes are achieved between 0.8 to 1 m, in shorter time. In this two methods are followed, usage of additives throughout the process. This results in reduction of dielectric cost 20%. But this is more expensive technique. The another technique uses silicon based fine powder as additive only in finishing process. Here Increase in EDM cost Increase of dielectrtic cost Increase in finishing time Reduction in polishing time 10% of current Edm 20% 20% 50%

Synthetic dielectrics This is a operator friendly technology and doesnt affect the operator health and enivironment. But, bu the process point of view, it also reduces the machining time. The life time is higher than the traditional dielectrics. It results in Reduction in process time Reduction in polishing time Increase in cost of dielectrics 20% 40% 10% - 20%

Rapid electrodes It is the method used for reducing production cost and time. There are two types of approaches 1. Direct type 2. Indirect type

Direct types are based on sintered metallic powders which may electroless copper or electroplated copper to improve conductivity and surface finish. Indirect types are based on electroforming of rapid prototyping mastersback filled with a molten metal. The electrodes produced using rapid prototyping is the better technology, in future which can be used as an alternative. Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of die sinking EDM innovations: SWOT analysis is used for this simple quantitative evaluation method based on scored criteria matrix. It is basically used to identify the internal and external critical points of an organisation to find the strength and weeknesses. These techniques compares systematically based on the strength and weekness.