Inauguration of the new cancer centre & wards

Bangalore Baptist Hospital

Commemorating 38 years of quality health care



Message from the Director


ur hospital exists to serve all people in the spirit of Christ irrespective of caste, creed, religion, colour and socio-economic status. We strive to provide excellent holistic care at an affordable cost and subsidise or provide free care to the marginalized. We have accomplished much in 2010: the cancer center, the additional general wards, new staff residences, a new CT scan and a chatram for patient attenders among others. In the last five years, our bed capacity has almost doubled.

In addition, we have made significant progress on infrastructure, the number of patient services and measures to improve quality both in inpatient and outpatient departments. We are involved in initiatives with the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals as well as the National Board of Examinations. Several training programmes have been added to our existing courses. On our 38th anniversary, we want to remember with gratitude those who have supported us through the years. The BBH family gratefully thanks our friends, patients and well-wishers all over the world who have helped us with contributions and prayer. We thank the Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore, and the International Mission Board for their partnership and guidance. Above all, we thank God for His grace that sustains and nurtures us, as we grow from strength to strength.

Dr Alex Thomas


Editorial Committee Dr Gift Norman Dr. Alexander Thomas Mr. Sunny Kuruvilla Dr. Sindhulina Chandrasingh Dr. Chandy Abraham Dr. Anita Thomas Dr. Arun Kamath Mrs. Elizabeth John

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Bangalore Baptist Hospital
Commemorating 38 years of quality health care

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Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil
The President, Republic of India



Smt. Sonia Gandhi
President, All India Congress Committee

Phones : 23019080

All IndIA Congress CommIttee
24 AkbAr roAd, new delhI - 110 011

sonia gandhi President


I am glad to learn that the Bangalore Baptist Hospital is opening a new Radio Therapy facility for cancer treatment. This will undoubtedly provide a much-needed service in the region, especially given the high standards of medical excellence for which the Bangalore Baptist Hospital is renowned, and the holistic and compassionate care that it provides all its cancer patients, including the poor and needy. I am particularly heartened to note that the new facility will emphasize palliative care, which unfortunately does not receive priority in many of our hospitals. I believe that to ease the pain and suffering of terminally ill patients, and to provide them and their families psychosocial and spiritual support, is an important and indeed essential part of cancer care. I laud Dr. Alexander Thomas and all those associated with the Bangalore Baptist Hospital for their deeply humane and compassionate attitude towards their patients, and wish them every success in their future endeavours.

September 29, 2010 New Delhi


Dr M Veerappa Moily
Union Cabinet Minister for Law & Justice



Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Ali Khan
Cabinet Minister for Haj, Wakf and Minority Welfare, Karnataka
The word “Baptist” generally occurs in the context of religious connotation. Similarly, the word “Baptism”is used in the same context. Very rarely, I had heard this name in any other context. But when the Baptist Hospital was set up about 30 years ago in Hebbal, Bangalore, it was largely understood that Christian missionary has some special interest in matters relating to conversion. I was then a Professor at the Bangalore Agricultural University, Hebbal. I still remember all sorts of gossip going on in and around Hebbal. When it became clear that Bangalore Baptist Hospital was ushered in only to serve the poor and middle class people in general in matters relating to health care, it was a big relief. relation point of view added to its popularity in the nearby and also not too far areas. The hospital had the basic facilities needed for a newly established hospital. But its growth to meet the fresh needs of the people was at a fantastic speed. Today, every inch of this vast area is meaningfully occupied. The Nursing School, now likely to become a College, became a boon for young girls to seek admission and realize their dream to serve the society as nurses.

Bangalore Baptist Hospital and Humanism

Hebbal was still a village area where mostly agriculture was the dominating occupation. Its popularity was mostly because of the establishment of the Bangalore Agricultural University. But the newly sprung up Baptist Hospital added value and glamour to this tiny village which turned out to be an urban area in due course of time. The university recognized this hospital for medical assistance to its employees. The hospital too was quite small with spacious greenery available in all directions within its boundaries. This hospital attracted the people very soon. People started pouring in; demand increased. The people’s confidence in the quality of treatment, both from the health point of view and human

The main source of inspiration and confidence in the administration and expansion was Dr. R A Naylor, an angel in the guise of a human. Her name became very popular in Bangalore. She carved a name for herself as a surgeon. Her approach to patients and quality of services rendered made her extremely popular. Her name became a household name. She also earned a big name as an administrator and fund-raiser. Funds were pouring in as water. Baptist missionary groups abroad were enthusiastic in extending full financial support to expand the hospital building and challenging services. When I was looking for some organization to hand over the Mother Theresa Rural Hospital started by me in Kannamangalapalaya village of Devanhalli Taluk, Bangalore Rural District, I had no option but to donate the hospital to the Baptist Hospital. The main driving force behind this was the unquestionable confidence I had


Healing and Wholeness in the spirit of Jesus Christ

Our Vision


Mission: To provide quality wholistic care to all people and train others to do the same, sharing the love of Jesus Christ, drawing people to Him and growing together into a mature community.

Professionalism Accuracy Courtesy Timeliness

Dr and Mrs Jasper McPhail were the first Southern Baptist missionaries appointed to India. They began serving as the staff of Christian Medical College, Vellore. In 1963, Dr. McPhail made the initial efforts to choose the location for the proposed hospital, which was to be the primary work of the mission. Bangalore was chosen as the site, and Dr and Mrs Ralph Bethea began work there in 1966, and the first church ‘Sonnenhalli’ (now ‘Bethel’)


was established.

The property for the hospital was purchased in Hebbal, which is located on the northern edge of Bangalore. In 1969, Dr & Mrs John Wikman and Dr & Mrs Richard Hellinger arrived. The architectural plans for the hospital building were completed, and construction began in 1971. On January 15 1973, the ‘Bangalore Baptist Hospital’ was dedicated.


From the Pages of History


Leaders Over the Years
In 1963 Dr and Mrs Jasper McPhail sent by Foreign Mission Board of Southern Baptist Convention came to Bangalore to identify an appropriate land for setting up a clinic. At that time Dr Jasper McPhail was working as a cardio-thoracic surgeon at the Christian Medical College, Vellore Dr and Mrs Ralph Bethea opened the clinic and first Church at ‘Sonnenhalli (now Bethel) in 1966. In 1973 Bangalore Baptist Hospital opened its doors to serve the community. During that time Dr John Wickman (surgeon and administrator) and Barbara Wickman along with Dr Richard Helinger (physician and administrator) and Frankee Helinger provided the leadership. Dr. Rebekah Naylor (surgeon) joined the hospital in May 1974 and continued to be associated with the hospital as the IMB representative on the staff. Others assciated with the hospital are Dr.Russel Rowland and Betty Rowland, Mr William Mason and Mona Mason, Mr Truman, Ms Gwen Smith, Dr Van Williams and Sarah Williams, Ms Linda Garner, Dr Dem Ward and Susan Ward, Dr Jason Lee and Carolyn Lee, Ms Gall Hill, Mr Phil White, Dr Dick Fox and Joan Fox, Mr Cecil Hamite and Elise Hamiter,Mr Ronald Bolton and Mrs Bolton.

Chief Executives
1969-1973 1974-1977 1979-1980 1981-1984 1985-1989 1990-2000 2001-2005 2005Dr.John Wickman & Dr.Richard Hellinger Mr.Bill Mason Mr.Phil White

Dr.Van Williams

Dr.Rebeka Ann Naylor Dr.Stanley C Macadan Dr.Santosh Benjamin Dr Alexander Thomas


Cancer Centre & Project Believe

Project Believe BangalorE LInac to sErVE the Poor
The goal of Project Believe is to provide palliative / curative radiation therapy to the poor and underprivileged suffering from malignancies through a state-of-the-art LINAC radiation therapy unit


Over 10 years ago, a unique partnership was established between North Carolina Baptist Hospital (NCBH) and the Bangalore Baptist Hospital to provide cancer care for the poor regardless of race, religion, caste or economic status. Project Believe was conceived in 1996-1997.

The Need

Bangalore Baptist Hospital provides care to a growing number of cancer patients. It already provides Oncology and Palliative care services. Patients requiring radiotherapy had to be referred elsewhere. The costs of radiotherapy are prohibitive and beyond the reach of the poor, especially those needing palliative radiotherapy, who have no other option but to often return home resigned to a painful end. Curative radiotherapy is preferred to palliation. The Government Regional Oncology Centre is 30 kms. away and though they provide radiotherapy services at subsidized rates, it is difficult to access due to the long waiting list. It is our belief that project Believe would bridge this gap and enable us to bring health and wholeness to many patients, especially the poor and marginalized.


The Radiation Therapy Department
Since the initiation of Project Believe, many persons have contributed with hardwork and financial support to make this a reality. With Gods abundant grace, the radiotherapy treatment for our first patient was started in November 2010. The Elekta Synergy Platform has state-ofthe art technology and equipment to plan and deliver precise radiation with integrated IMRT facilities. We now have a dedicated team of Radiation Oncologists, Physicist, Technologists, Staff Nurses and Oncology Counsellors working together as a team to care for the many cancer patients. The poor and underprivileged are blessed through these service.

We wish to gratefully acknowledge the support received from the North Carolina Baptist Foundation (Bob Parker), Ed Shaw, Mrs Mays and Dr Dayanand Pai. We also acknowledge the support from Good News Health, Scotland and courtesy Ms Lorna Murray.

We hope to expand our department in the future through the addition of another machine with IGRT facilities and Brachytherapy.


Division Head: Dr Chandy Abraham

Medical Services

Dr Chandy Abraham Deputy Director and Chief, Medical Services Division
The back bone of any service is human resource, more so in this division. We have been blessed with an excellent group of doctors who have a commitment to ethical care that follows the best known practices in their respective fields, utilizing relevant technology that is truly a value addition. A major emphasis in this division is to provide compassionate care that is at the same time appropriate and cost effective. Training of future doctors and consultants form another cornerstone of the services here and it is indeed a matter of great pride to see our students and trainees performing well both here in India and across the globe. There has been incredible growth in this division over the last 5 years both in numbers of doctors and patients treated, as also in the variety of services offered – all basic specialties and most super specialties.


Annual Patient Statistics
Out-Patients Without Refferal
Unit Medicine Paediatric Surgery Obstetrics & Gynecology Dermatology Psychiatry Dentistry Ophthalmology Orthopaedics ENT Palliative Oncology Clinic Neurology Cardiology Total Total With Referral 140635 152457 156365 166256 174807 189577 181477 196423 2005-2006 36416 22343 14877 28566 6206 1235 5683 5332 12490 7274 213 -2006-2007 40358 24077 15913 32471 5627 1466 6257 6192 15135 8136 248 485 2007-2008 43627 26405 17572 37737 7187 1920 6818 7001 16277 8559 300 1404 2008-2009 44572 27431 17328 38080 8022 1993 6766 7371 17177 9227 391 1922 2009-2010 52306 27402 16866 37952 8303 1677 6682 7317 15940 9611 388 2163 1864 188471 202458

In-Patients –By Discharges
Unit Medicine Paediatric Neonatology Surgery Obstetrics & Gynecology Dermatology Psychiatry Dentistry Ophthalmology Orthopaedics ENT Neurology Cardiology Total 12739 13169 14639 2005-2006 3391 1949 1808 1850 2855 4 3 6 87 519 267 2006-2007 3185 1962 2132 1693 3158 4 8 9 72 633 314 1 2007-2008 3457 1906 2613 1774 3808 13 9 5 41 688 324 1 2008-2009 3778 1844 2714 1850 4048 6 16 2 52 779 340 -9 15438 2009-2010 3972 1935 2458 1712 3729 2 5 0 37 626 358 0 63 14897

Doctors In BBH
As on 31 March of 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Regular 30 36 35 46 49 Contract 15 23 21 20 23 DNB 26 34 44 44 42 SHO Intern 4 5 3 4 4 Total 75 98 103 114 118 23


• Department of Pediatrics takes care of all childhood illnesses till 15 years of age. • Well equipped Pediatric and Neonatal ICU to take care of high risk newborns and sick children on monitors and ventilators. • Over 27,700 out-patient visits and 1,935 inpatients in 2010. About 2400 newborns are cared for and over 100 paediatric surgeries are performed annually. • All newborns are screened for congenital hypothyroidism, metabolic problems and congenital deafness. • Immunization Clinic - every day as per revised Indian Academy of Paediatrics recommendations, including optional vaccines. • B.B.H lactation cell ‘Amrutha’ takes care of all the lactation problems and ensures that breast feeding is a happy process for mothers and babies.

• World ORS and World breast feeding weeks are celebrated every year to create awareness among patients, staff, students and public.

Specialty Clinics
Comprehensive, multi-disciplinary clinic for developmentally challenged children

Tuesday 1.30 – 3:30 pm;
Paediatric Endocrinology

Dr. M.C Mathew, M.D Ph.D (Developmental Pediatrics) (Dr. Raghupathy P., M.D DCH FRCP (Pediatric Endocrinologist) Paediatric Cardiology Clinic (Dr. Mytri Chowdary, M.D., D.N.B. (Cardiology) Peri-natal and high risk new born Clinic

Wednesday 1.30 – 3:30 pm

Asthma clinic Patient education for Childhood Asthma patients

Thursday 1.30 – 3:30 pm
Paediatric Dentistry Paediatric Surgery Paediatric Opthalmology Paediatric Neurology

Paediatric Nephrology

Dr. Achamma Thomas M.D DCH Dr. Krishna Murthy P. M.D Dr. Madhuri Maganthi M.D Dr. Varsha B. Cavale D.N.B

Visiting Consultants:
Dr. Raghupathy P. (Pediatric endocrinology) M.D DCH FRCP Dr. M.C Mathew ( Developmental Pediatrics) M.D PhD Dr. Ashok Rizwani ( Pediatric Surgery) M.S Mch Dr. Varadarajulu ( Neurology) M.D, D.M Dr. Mytri Chowdary (Pediatric Cardiology) M.D, D.N.B (Cardiology)

Dr. Jacob Chacko (Nephrology) M.D,D.M, MNAMS

Paul & Ruth Dearing

Dearing memories at BBH – 1999 to 2010

or years the notion of doing short term missions trips was one we had “successfully” avoided. But in June 1999, the Lord convinced us of His call on us in that regard, and in December 1999 we found ourselves at Bangalore Baptist Hospital in India, half way around the world from our home in the USA.

standing missionary surgeon. We had heard Dr. Naylor speak at a church in Texas almost 20 years prior to that time, little knowing then that we would end up serving together in India, or how sweet a friendship would be forged as we did that. That is a friendship that continues to the present. In the years since that first, somewhat bewildering and challenging trip, MUCH has changed at BBH. The complete transfer of the management of the hospital from the IMB into the gifted and very capable hands within India has been a successful and important step forward in realizing the Lord’s expanding vision and purpose for this institution. The growth and development of the Pastoral Care Department (PCD) has been remarkable to observe and experience, as has that of many other departments. The physical facility has expanded tremendously with many new services and increased bed capacity made available to the community served by the hospital.

That first trip was a momentous one for us. Although in many ways, India was a new experience – the noise level, the making of 6 lanes of traffic in the marked 4 lanes, the vibrant colors, the flowers in the beautiful dark hair of the Indian women, the constant press of people regardless of where we were – it was also a nostalgic one for me (Ruth). Being of Indian descent, but having grown up in Kenya, much of what I saw reminded me of things in my childhood – the food, the physical items used to accomplish tasks, the clothing, among many other things. It was also the beginning of the renewal of a family relationship – my aunt also lives in Bangalore, and our regular visits to BBH have provided a good opportunity for restoration of that childhood family connection. The gracious hospitality of all at BBH has been profoundly touching to us. From the guest house staff members that take care of our daily needs, to the administrative staff and other members of the hospital, all have welcomed us warmly on every visit. Dr. Stanley Macaden was the Director when we first came and Dr. Rebekah Naylor the long

There is so much more we could enumerate, but in the remaining space allow us to express each of our hearts regarding our individual experience at and with BBH.

“I (Paul) have been profoundly grateful for the warm friendships I have enjoyed with members of the surgery department over the years – those still here, and others now serving in other venues. Their skill and personal character has had major impact and been a challenge that has

‘pulled me up’. I have so enjoyed the teaching opportunities with the residents on all fronts, especially keeping them ‘in knots’! J These friendships I will always treasure.”

“I (Ruth or Roopa) have had a particularly satisfying experience over the years, having been given the tremendous trust to share what the Lord Jesus pours into my own life by way of the opportunity to do the departmental Bible studies and chapel services. From the most casual to the more personal contacts, the establishment and development of relationships with the people I have encountered has been and will remain a special gift to me. Somewhere in all of that, the Lord has also seen to it that I accomplish the more pragmatic tasks within various departments,

For both of us, our association with BBH is more than just that – an “association”. The BBH family IS our FAMILY. The ensuing ministry to North India that has developed in our lives over the last several years is very much a fruit of the influence of people at BBH. WE always consider ourselves as missionaries being sent out by BBH when we go to serve in the north, linking hands with others in the larger circle of believers to minister to the needs of the people of India. We look forward to seeing what else the

and has graced me to see firsthand the lasting fruit of those labors… something for which I am, selfishly, gratified by and immensely grateful. All of these, and much else, are treasured gifts to me.”

Lord has in His heart toward, for and through BBH in the next season of the life of this institution and all of us connected to it. We also look forward with great anticipation to more time with you all – you who are near and dear to our hearts. May the Lord bless and may we, individually and as the institution named BBH, make a conscious choice to stay true to HIS vision and purpose for us.



Routine Services:
Dental Fillings
Different types of fillings are used to treat dental cavities. These include aesthetic composite fillings, silica based Glass Ionomer fillings and dental amalgam.

Specialist Services
Orthodontics - correction of improperly aligned teeth „ Prosthodontics - replacing missing teeth with artificial teeth „ Cosmetic Dentistry - its about good looking teeth and improving the smile on your face „ Pediatric dentistry - treatment of teeth related problems in children „ Implant dentistry - replacement of missing teeth by loading a artificial tooth on to a denatal implant „ Maxillo-facial surgery-treatment of trauma related detal and facial injuries „ Special care dentistry-treatment of dental problems in among special groups Monday – Friday 8.00 am to 4.30 pm. Evening clinics - on two days Mondays – Children’s Clinic Thursdays - Orthodontic Clinic „

Oral Prophylaxis

Dental scaling is routinely done on an appointment basis. Periodontal surgical procedures are recommended if required.

Dental Extraction

Routine extractions as well as extraction of impacted wisdom tooth are done. Surgical procedures including biopsies and treatment of dental cysts are done.

Root Canal Treatment

This specialized form of treatment gives hope to a tooth which otherwise would have been extracted. The infection in the root is treated and restored back to normal function.

Dr Abey Varghese Chacko Dr Philcy Philip Dr Dinesh K John

Best Compliments from:

Whole Sale Pharmaceutical Distributors

# 16, 1st Floor, H. Siddaiah Road, Bangalore – 560 002 Tel: 65777928-929,930 Fax: 080-41670060



he Department of Ophthalmology since its inception in 1983, has grown, with its priority set on serving the community in the Spirit of Christ.

» »

Autorefractometer, For computerized vision testing Operating Microscope, For microsurgical procedures Slit Lamp Alcon Legacy Phacoemulsifier, For cataract surgeries

Refractive Error correction with the help of Computerized Vision Testing „ Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinic ROP Screening „ Diagnosis and management of eye diseases

Optical Shop
A well-stocked optical outlet functions from the premises of the hospital. All varieties of excellent quality spectacle frames, lenses and goggles are available.

„ Contact Lens clinic

„ Eye lid trauma surgeries

„ Phacoemusification

„ Small incision cataract surgery with Intraocular lens implant (rigid/foldable)

„ Diabetic clinic

„ Computerised visual field testing

„ Glaucoma services

Management of Lacrimal Sac Diseases

Dr Jude Hans Simmons Dr.Philip Thomas Dr.Reena Kumari


The Department of Ophthalmology reaches out to the needy patients from the slums of Bangalore and from the surrounding villages. Cataract surgery with an IntraOcular Lens implantation is done freely.

Community Ophthalmology: Project Ephratha



Microsurgery of the ear Cochlear implant, BAHA

Head and Neck Oncology
Oncology clinics Surgery for head and neck cancer

Balance and Vestibular System
Vertigo clinic Electronystagmography

Laryngology, Voice and

Snoring & Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
Sleep study (PSG) Upper airway endoscopy Surgery for snoring & OSA

Facio-maxillary Trauma Surgery
Surgery for Facial bone fractures

Dr Anita Thomas Dr Rupa Naik Dr Badridatta H C

Microlaryngal surgery Phonosurgery Surgery for laryngotracheal stenosis


The Department of Orthopaedics in Bangalore Baptist Hospital provides high quality comprehensive orthopaedic services that are comparable to any other major hospital in Bangalore. It is supported by a well equipped physiotherapy department.


Services Offered
24 X 7 Accident and Emergency orthopaedic coverage and surgery Joint Replacement Surgeries Arthroscopic surgeries Spine surgeries

Spine clinics

Tuesdays 2.30 – 3.30 pm


Dr Vikram K - Tuesdays -1.00 - 2.30 pm Dr Sharan - Tue. – Fri. -5.30 - 6.30 pm

Limb reconstruction and deformity correction surgeries General trauma Rheumatology Neurosurgery Paediatric Orthopaedics Plastic Surgery

Dr Niranjan Mallanaik Dr Alfred Cyril Roy Dr Saravanan S Dr Alexander Thomas Dr Girish K Dr Naveen Kumar C

Clinic Timings and Contact:
OPD, Regular Monday to Friday - 7.30 am - 2.30 pm Saturday - 7.30 am - 12.30 pm Evening clinics- Monday to Friday 4.30 pm - 6.30 pm Telephone: Ortho OPD: 080-22024379 080 – 22024497, 22024375, 22024451

Specialty Clinics
Sports Medicine and Pediatric Orthopaedics Joint replacement
Thursdays 2.30 – 3.30 pm Dr. Rudraprasad – 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month


The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology aims at providing quality care for women across all sections of society. With over 2500 outpatients and between 250-300 deliveries every month, of which 40% of cases are high risk and referred cases, it is one of the busiest departments in the hospital.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Services Rendered
„ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ High-risk pregnancy Clinic Ante-natal and post-natal care Well equipped labor room staffed by skilled nursing and medical staff Infertility Clinic Menopause Clinic

Facility for Tubecotomy, as well as laparoscopic sterilization, is available

Preventive Care
Screening for all gynecological cancers in the well women clinic Treatment for menopausal problems Counseling adolescents regarding any gynecological problems.

State-of-the art birthing rooms

Laproscopic surgery

24 hours obstetric care for all low risk and high risk pregnant women

Special Services Rendered
Dietary and nutritional counseling Antenatal classes Screening of all gynecological cancers including colposcopy

24 hour coverage by doctors and consultants in the labor room Painless labor - using epidural anesthesia Labor room with all modern facilities.

Management of all high risk obstetric cases including instrumental deliveries and caesarean sections. Round the clock coverage by anesthetists Availability of new born care

Gynecological oncology services - Dr Somashekar First and Third Wednesday of every month from 3pm to 5pm. Uro-gynecological services

„ „ „

Emergency obstetric operation theatre facility

Dr Padmaja P Dr Nirmala Mohan Dr Rajneesh Samal Dr Agita Kumari Dr Satyavani Dr Nalini Arunkumar

Women need medical attention at all stages of life. Expert advice is available for most of these problems. All the gynecological problems are managed by expert consultants All types of surgeries are done including laparoscopies

Clinic Timings:
Monday to Friday 8.00 am – 2.00 pm Saturday 8.00 am – 12.00 noon Evening Clinic 4.30 -7.00 pm Monday to Friday (Consultation only by appointment)

We provide low cost and high quality basic infertility workup.

Family planning (contraception): All the women are counseled immediately after delivery as well as in the postnatal clinic. This is done according to the guidelines laid down by dept of health and family welfare. Counseling is provided regarding contraception. All types of contraception, according to the choice of the patient, are offered including pills, Copper T etc.


Lotus surgicals Pvt Ltd 4 Gitanjali, 1st Floor, Plot No. 116 - A, Road No. 24 - A Sion (west), Mumbai 400 022, India Tel.: 91-22-2404 9302 / 2404 9307 Fax 91-22-2404 9301 e-mail: website:

“I was sick, and ye visited me... ” Matthew 25:36

Palliative Care

A Beacon of Hope! Adds life to their days!
“In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matthew 25:40

» » » » » » »

he BBH model of Palliative care is an integrated approach to active total care of patients facing life limiting illness such as cancer, AIDS or end stage chronic medical disease and support to their families. It was initiated as a joint venture with Wake Forest University, Baptist Medical Center, USA, incorporating Hospice & Home care services since 1998.
Palliative care is “patient centered” rather than disease focused “Death accepting” but life enhancing It neither hastens or postpones death Concerned with “healing” rather than curing

Comfortable and happy at home – few days before death

It emphasis on improving the “Quality of Life” and adding life to days It has a Multi-disciplinary team – comprising of a doctor, nurses and a counselor/pastor. Planned visits within 35 – 40 kms. radius of hospital It provides totally free services to the poor & needy

Services rendered
We aim to provide high quality holistic and compassionate care to give peace, comfort and maintain dignity and hope:
» » » » » » » Control of pain & other symptoms Psycho-social support Counseling and spiritual support Empowering the family to provide care at home Care and support for the family Death formalities and bereavement support as needed Supplying necessary equipment - eg: waterbed, cot, wheelchair, walker etc.


In-Patient Care
» » » » » » » Symptom control Treatment / procedures Respite care Terminal care Out Patient Care Combined clinic Palliative / Oncology clinic

Home care – assessment / family conference / explanation

Day Care Home Care
» » » » Visits are always planned. Emergency calls are attended on the subsequent day. Frequency of visits depends on the severity of symptoms and terminally ill patients. Assured of round the clock availability over phone Private agency


Home Care – Empowering the Family

Home Care - Provisions

Praying …..with their consent

Being with them … at the time of death

Palliative & Home Care Statistics

„ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „

2200 patients cared for > 8200 home care visits > 3600 Palliative - Oncology clinic visits 94% of deaths at home & peaceful Regional center for IAPC course. Conducted twice a year. In service training program for doctors & nurses – Family Med DNB Regional centre for clinical training of doctors for the NFPM course by CMAI and IPM -Calicut Conducts medical audit once in 3 months Volunteer’s training program once a year Collaborating centre with University of Liverpool for the LCP (Care Pathway)

Training /Community Program

Head of Department
Dr Ravi Livingstone 24 hours phone line: 9448496612 & 9448496607

Division Head: Dr Gift Norman


Community Health


he Community Health Department (CHD) has been an important part of Bangalore Baptist Hospital and functions as its outreach arm serving the poor and needy in the rural and urban areas of Bangalore.

living in the rural and urban areas of Bangalore Our activities can be grouped under 4 broad categories:

3. Improving access to primary care – We conduct mobile clinics in the remote and hard to access villages.

Our work in the rural area is located in Devanahalli Taluk about 35 km from Bangalore Baptist Hospital, serving approximately 35,000 people, living in 50 villages. The Mother Theresa Hospital in Kannamangalapalya village serves as the First Referral Unit for all our primary care activities. On the urban front, we partner the government in the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP); and the National Leprosy Eradication Program (NLEP).

1. Health promotion, disease prevention, curative and rehabilitative care – We conduct health awareness programs for different community groups, health screening camps and several specialty camps. The Mother Theresa Hospital was made a 24 hour facility from August 16, 2010 and has seen an increase in patient visits in the past year, reaching up to almost 600 patient visits in a month.

4. Community Development Initiatives – facilitating development initiatives by strengthening local women Self Help Groups (SHGs) and supporting a tailoring training unit in the Mother Theresa Hospital. About 25 young women have completed the 6 month tailoring course to date. In addition to our activities, we currently have two special projects, the AHBAAS (Hepatitis B) Project in collaboration with CMC Vellore and the Prevention and Management of Cardiovascular Disease Project. The activities in these projects are school health awareness programs, the Hepatitis B immunisation clinic, street plays and screening camps conducted in the villages.

Our mission is to develop strategies & programs that would make a difference to the lives of the poor and marginalized groups

2. Strengthening government systems and programs – We conduct regular capacity building programs for government personnel like anganwadi workers and Primary Health Centre (PHC) Medical Officers. The department also oversees the DOTS clinic in BBH and the activities under the RNTCP and NLEP.


Dr. Gift Norman Dr. Aditi Krishnamurthy

Training Programs
The Department co-ordinates the Dip. National Board in Family Medicine Guidance and support for protocol development and research for PGs Training PHC Medical Officers in leprosy Context Based Learning of M.Th. students from South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) Field based education and Community Health training for B.D. students from United Theological College


Looking Ahead
We look forward to initiating two new projects in 2011; a community-based program for restoration of persons with alcohol dependence (RESTORE) and a community based rehabilitation (CBR) program for persons with disability


Division Head: Dr Alfred Cyril Roy

Allied Health Services


he Allied Health Services Division is an important arm in the functioning of Bangalore Baptist Hospital and is headed by Dr. Alfred Cyril Roy. This division consists of five departments, i.e., the Medical Records (MRD), Pharmacy, Laboratory, Physiotherapy and Radiology Departments. This division is unique in that each department plays a vital role in direct patient-care. The first point of contact of any person who walks into the hospital is the MRD where enquiries are entertained, registration is done and the filing/documentation process begins.

The diagnostic process occurs in the Laboratory and in the Radiology Departments where dedicated personnel with state-of-the-art equipment perform advanced blood tests and imaging respectively thereby helping doctors make diagnoses and plan treatments. The Physiotherapy is equipped with all the modern modalities of treatment to help patients be rehabilitated as quickly as possible. The exit point of the patient from the hospital is the pharmacy where the customer can purchase good quality medicines and goes home for a speedy recovery.


Medical Records
The MRD has expanded over the years in keeping with the rise in patient numbers. It has seventeen staff , seven registration counters and is open round the clock. The efficient system here ensures that patients are registered quickly. The filing process is unique, in that out-patient files and in-patient files are preserved here for a number of years. Coupled with an efficient retrieval process, the files serve to maintain continuity of treatment, provide information for research and serve as database for future referral. The graph above shows an ever-increasing patient load.

The Pharmacy is a 24-hour service. There are sixteen staff and seven counters. The department moved into the existing new facility which is near the main gate in January 2010. This new facility is more customer-friendly and has more counters.


The state-of-the-art Chivikula Laboratory was launched in July 2006 by Shri. Ashoka, the Honorable Health Minister of Karnataka. The laboratory moved into this new area in January 2008. The number of tests done has doubled over the past five years. Apart from all routine hematology, biochemistry, microbiology, and viral tests, many new tests and equipments have been added. „ „ „ „

New Equipment

BacT Alert automated analyzer for automated blood cultures BD Facscount machine for doing CD4 counts New Blood gas analyzer New tests include ANA screening, ANA profile, Dengue Antigen testing, hormonal analysis(TSH, T3, T4, PSA etc) on the new Vidas Immunoanalyser have been started. The laboratory is providing Neonatal Screening tests. Blood-Bank Components Laboratory: Blood bank has been recently licensed to issue components, ie, packed red cells, platelets and fresh frozen plasma. This is a significant achievement considering the emergency need for platelets and its non-availability during the recent dengue epidemic

Fully automated Chemistry Analyser

„ „


Dr Neena John Joseph MD (Pathology) Dr Suni Augustine MD (Pathology) Dr Sindhulina Chandrasingh MD (Microbiology)


The department has five staff. The latest modalities of treatment are available. Hydrotherapy, one of the modalities available only in few in hospitals in India is available in this department. This department caters to all the rehabilitation needs of post-operative patients, ICU patients, post-stroke patients.

The department has five staff and the facilities have increased phenomenally over the last three years. Apart from the existing routine radiology facilities, new equipments such as the Automatic Processor, Advanced Image Intensifiers for the OT, new Ultrasound machines and computed radiography have been procured and installed. Dual slice CT Machine (SIEMENS- Dual slice ‘Somatom Spirit’) was commissioned and has been fully functional from January 2010. The department is well staffed with radiologists with expertise in X-Ray, Sonology, CT Scan and MRI.


Blood Components Bank
Components Transfusion is better than Whole Blood Transfusion most of the time.
While whole blood transfusions are still used in certain circumstances today, it is generally accepted practice now to administer the separated, concentrated components of blood as these can be stored for longer and delivered more rapidly than whole blood. Processing blood into components provides tailored treatment for patients, and maximizes the use of blood donations.

All around the world, most countries have stopped giving whole blood to patients for various reasons, the most important of which is that most patients require only one particular component of whole blood. Better patient management is achieved by giving only the desired and/or essential component, and also because blood products have a greater shelf life than whole Blood;
What blood components can be prepared from one bag of whole blood ? Following is the broad list of common components prepared from whole blood

Blood/ Component Name
Whole Blood Red Cells Platelets Fresh Frozen Plasma Cryoprecipitate

What is it?

Common Uses
Transfusions or broken down into components

Transports oxygen and carbon dioxide Anemia and replacement of traumatic to and from the tissues or surgical blood loss Promotes blood clotting and wound healing Contains all coagulation factors Precipitate recovered from thawing frozen plasma between 1°C and 6°C Hemorrhage Bleeding problems after trauma or liver transplants Massive bleeding or Haemophilia A

Facilities required for preparing components, which is being inaugurated, are as follows:
Infrastructure: An additional area of 50 sq. metre for preparation of components Equipments: Equipments for separation as well as storage of each component, since the temperature requirement varies for each component, including large centrifuges, and deep freezers at minus 20 and minus 80 degree Celsius.

Value addition to BBH services:
We have been issuing blood components since Oct 1st 2010. Blood components will be available to patients within the Bangalore Baptist Hospital. Presently, patients who need blood components have to go to a blood bank that has this service and get it from there. Persons in this area in smaller nursing homes etc who are not patients of the hospital may also be able to avail this facility.


Zandoz Medical System
1162, 2nd Cross, Kalastri Nagar, T.Dasarahalli, Bangalore-560 057. Authorized dealer: Wipro, Datex Ohmeda, Braun syringe pump, infusion pump; Fisher & Paykel Health Care BCPAP/Humidifier; Medela Breast Pump. Tel: 9686681170/71-80 Fax: 080-22731582. E-mail:

Vaman Pharma Pvt. Ltd.
No. 88/2B, Shreeshyla, Doddakallasandra Post, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore-560 062. Tel: 080-22560223 / 22560641

Pharmax Distributors
(Pharmaceutical Distributors) IMPORTED LIFE SAVING MEDICINES Specialists In : Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology & Nephrology, TPN GYNC & VACCINES PRODUCTS. 14/4, Subbannachari Lane, Cottonpet Cross, Bangalore-560 053 Phone No.:26706117/ 26705233. Fax: 26703124

FUTURE MEDICARE # 412/12, 2nd Floor, Soundarya Sampige Complex, 8th Cross, 2nd Main, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore-560 003
Tel: 080-65315841/ 23564166. Fax: 080-23564168. E-mail:

Suppliers of Spacelabs Healthcare USA, Mulitiparameter monitors, CNS, Blease Anesthesia work station, Holter, ABP Analyser, TMT. Shalya – Cautery Vessel Sealer Tele: 98450 89077

No. 1,2,3 1st Main Rd., 4th Cross, Chamrajpet, Bengalooru-560 018 Tel: 42799999. Fax: 080-26705581. E-mail:

# 1673/ 1, IIIrd Main Road, Ram Mohanpuram, Bangalore-560021 Tel: 23422133. E-mail:

No. 177/B, 19th Main, ‘A’ Block, Subramanyanagar, Bangalore-560021 Tel:23472390. E-mail: thirumala_brother’

Chief Nursing Officer: Ms Flora Edwin



he Nursing Division has grown significantly over the years. Staffing needs have increased due to new departments, services and increased activities. One of the main challenges to the division is the high attrition rate among nurses. Increasing the intake of nursing students and upgrading the School of Nursing to a College, financial support to needy students through scholarships, exchange programs for senior nurses with Alice Springs Hospital, Australia are some efforts to retain nurses. Despite these challenges, the nurse:patient ratio comparable to international standards have been maintained. The Dress code (uniform) was changed in view of pediatric patients and comfort of staff.


Nurse : Patient Ratio
Year 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 General wards 1:20 1:14 1:14 1:14 1:07 Private wards 1:08 1:08 1:08 1:08 1:05 1:05 1:03 1:03 Deluxe ward ICU 1:04 1:03 1:03 1:02 1:02 1:02 1:02 1:02 CCU On Ventilator 1:02 1:02 1:01 1:01 1:01

House Keeping:
House Keeping and linen department are functioning under nursing division; the main activities of the housekeeping staff are hospital hygiene, biomedical waste disposal and pest control activities.
Year 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Nurses 140 149 182 218 250

Nursing Division - staffing Nursing Support staff House Keeping 64 64 77 81 107 71

Total Strength 204 213 259 299 428


The Nursing Division headed by Ms Flora Edwin along with Ms Epsy Bai, Ms Auxilia, Ms Mercy P and committed supervisors.

New Policies / Added Departments
New policies / departments 2006 2007 Wing III (Ortho ward) – 13 beds New Policy- Retaining certificates Nurse trainees - Freshers NABH accreditation DOTS TB Center 2008 Special Private wards (16 beds) Health Auxiliary training CCU and Cardiac Catheterization laboratory - 8 beds Dialysis Technology Course Alumni Association Up gradation of nurses salaries Supervision of CCTV in Nursing Office 2009 Creche for children of BBH staff Induction training program for new employees Ward Clerks 2010 Change in Nurses Uniform Linen Procurement & Training House Keeping Management of Chattram Chattram: A facility of 20 beds for male attendants to rest during the night Creche : A facility to take care of children of BBH staff during working house 77 New ward To control high attrition To cope with high turnover To maintain high quality standards New Department New Ward To cope with high turnover New Department New in-house training New responsibility New Policy New responsibility New responsibility New responsibility New responsibility New dress code New responsibility New responsibility New responsibility Remarks

Department both in the urban and rural areas of Bangalore; awareness programs using street theatre, projects, home visits, referrals are some of the activities undertaken.

Other Facilities
Owing to the demanding needs of the community, there is an increasing need for upgrading the facilities.

We are currently in the process of upgrading the diploma programme to a graduate program. This would increase the student strength to 300 in the near future. In order to meet the infrastructural needs to upgrade the existing facility, the institution has ventured into a major project which includes a new college and hostel building. Having graduated 220 students so far, the school currently aspires to accomplish its mission and is striving to carry it forward to transform the lives of young women.

Ms Leena Raj Ms Aniamma C Joesph Ms Kalavathy Ramesh Ms Sherlin R Ms Kavitha Ms Susan Mani Ms Ann Deva Priya Ms Mariamma Ms Bandana Principal Tutor Tutor Tutor Tutor Tutor Tutor Tutor Vice Principal


Dr Rebekah Naylor


Bangalore Baptist Hospital – Growing Into The Future

his dedication of the cancer center and general patient wards is another milestone in the life of Bangalore Baptist Hospital. Throughout its 38-year history, this hospital has steadily grown in facilities and services always looking to the future and the needs of the community. The hospital was established to provide care to all people in the spirit of Jesus Christ, showing His love through compassionate health care and education.

When I first joined the hospital in early 1974, there was one building on a 15-acre property surrounded by rice fields. At that point in time, there were only a few small trees and much open space. That itself represented the potential for a large institution in the years to come. I remember on my first day at work, there were twelve patients admitted in the ward. Surely this is in stark contrast to what we see today.

wings and staff housing. The educational programs were launched in that decade. BBH broadened its community outreach, adding a hospice/home care service to the already existing rural health programs. This rapid growth continued in the last decade with new ICU’s, a dialysis unit, a cardiology unit with cath lab, new laboratory facilities and another patient wing. Both the internal and external appearance of the hospital have constantly changed over the years as future became present and the needs of the community served were altered. It has been my great privilege to be an integral part of Bangalore Baptist Hospital since its earliest days. Its history has been characterized by service in the name of Jesus Christ bringing wholeness to many thousands. Dynamic growth has been a hallmark. All of us believe that there is a tremendous future for the hospital as it remains centered on its vision, mission, and values. This celebration recognizing an anniversary and dedicating new facilities marks a further step into that future.

The growth began immediately. In the 1970’s, housing and support buildings were constructed. The 1980’s brought major expansion of services including subspecialties and additional patient beds to a strength of 100 beds. At the same time Bangalore was moving its borders ever outward and Hebbal became an urban community. It was at this point that the partnership with Christian Medical College, Vellore, and the International Mission Board, the founding organization evolved. Though the changes were stressful at the time, this opened the way for incredible development of the hospital. Additions in the nineties included the private patient and outpatient


The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) - A Quality Management Initiative of BBH


angalore Baptist Hospital initiated a quality accreditation drive in the hospital to benchmark its services against international standards. The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) Accreditation Programme was flagged off on 16th Jan Dr Venkatesh Thuppil, Advisor to Quality Council of India, who officially launched the initiative on the 36th Hospital Anniversary. As a part of evoking staff awareness on the NABH initiative, a Quality Awareness Quiz and Poster competition was organized for the staff. An NABH top team (Col. Deepak Bunyan, Mr. Sunny Kuruvilla, Dr. Chandy Abraham, Ms. Flora Edwin, Ms. Leena Raj & Ms. Elizabeth John) was formulated to plan and execute the implementation process. Further, a NABH Core Team was identified through a formal interview session to champion the various areas of the hospital and also to carryout audit functions. This team underwent an extensive

training on NABH standard requirements for a period of one month starting from 16th June 2009. The NABH Top & core team successfully compiled the NABH assessment

Thereafter, an extensive gap analysis was carried out for all departments of the hospital and an action plan was initiated in terms of new policy/ procedure development, quality

tool kit for all areas of the hospital. On the basis of this toolkit an area wise gap analysis was conducted by the NABH core team in the month of August 09.

monitoring, training and development, etc. During the next phase, all identified gaps in infrastructure and processes with regard to NABH

requirements were taken up for closure.. The required policies, procedures and manuals (HIC Manual, Safety Manual, Lab Safety/ Quality Assurance/ Procedure Manual, Radiology Safety/ Quality Assurance/ Procedure Manual, Nursing Procedure Manual, Hospital Apex Manual etc.) as per NABH requirements were developed in consultation with the various departments in the hospital. Equipment Management Plan, Hazardous Materials Management Plan, Facility Management Plan, Hazards Identification and Risk Analysis (HIRA) for the hospital and follow up on licenses/ certifications required for the hospital, Fire Exit Plan/ Safe Exit Plan etc have been was initiated through the Safety committee. Patient information booklets, various patient care documentation forms including consent forms, fire exit plan, lab and radiology quality assurance and safety programme etc were implemented as a part of the NABH accreditation drive. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) have been identified for various departments which are being monitored on a monthly basis to improve the


Dr. Venkatesh Thuppil, Principal Advisor, QCI, Dr. R. V Karenjaker, Chairman, Accreditation Committee, Dr Praneet Kumar, Chairman, NABH Technical Committee and the BBH team at the book release.

The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) released a new book “NABH Assessors Manual” during the ‘NABH Assessors Conclave’ held at Bangalore on 10th & 11th of December 2010. This book is intended to guide assessors to carryout NABH assessment most effectively. The book provides adequate information on areas to be addressed before, during and after the assessment. A team of NABH Assessors from Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Dr Alexander Thomas, Dr Chandy Abraham, Dr Vikram Kashyap, Mr Sunny Kuruvilla and Ms Elizabeth John initiated this manual which was published by NABH.

quality of the services being provided by each department. NABH awareness training programme was organized for the benefit of all employees. Various multidisciplinary committees (HICC, Medical Audit, Safety, Disaster Management, Transfusion, Complaint review etc) were formulated to support the governance of the hospital. for the effective implementation of standard healthcare practices with a comprehensive approach towards quality improvement and safety of the patients. Installation of centralized AC in OT was a significant NABH implementation. Among the others was implementation of safety measures for the group of vulnerable patients and visitors, mock drill as a fire safety measure, revising hospital signage, waste

segregation at the first point of generation using colour coded bags as recommendation of the regulatory body, KMC registration for medical professionals, KNC registration for nursing staff, annual health check for employees, BCLS/ACLS training programme and obtaining legal and statutory obligations. The first Internal Assessment started on 20th Jan 2010 over a week which was conducted by the NABH trained assessors from BBH including Dr. Alexander Thomas, Dr Vikram Kashyap, Dr. Chandy Abraham, Mr Sunny Kuruvilla and Ms Elizabeth John. Following the implementation of the corrective action identified from the first internal assessment report, the second internal assessment was successfully conducted by the same team. The

status of improvements in the systems and processes gave us the confidence to officially apply for the NABH Accreditation in the month of April 2010. With the full cooperation of the staff, the NABH pre-assessment was successfully conducted in the month of October 2010 and it is satisfying to note that the hospital complied with most of the NABH standard requirements. Now, as we approach the final assessment, we continue in our efforts to achieve highest level of quality.


Joining Hands with Others to Build a Better World
Over the years Bangalore Baptist Hospital has had the privilege to be associated with prestigious institutions in a symbiotic relationship. Christian Medical Association of India has been an umbrella organization over all mission hospitals including Bangalore Baptist Hospital.

Other Partnerships:
• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

CSI Mission Hospital, Bangalore CSI Mission Hospital, Gadag Adivasi Hospital , Gudalur

CSI Mission Hospital,Chikbellapur

Tezpur Mission Hospital, Assam St Martha’s Hospital, Bangalore ASHA Foundation

Kothagiri Medical Fellowship, Kothagiri Holy Cross Hospital, Chickmanglur Lutheran hospital, Padhar (Madya Pradesh)

PHANA (Private Hospitals And Nursing Homes Association) RDT Hospital, Bathlapalli (Andhra Pradesh) Mission Hospital, Manali Cardiology Associates



Photo Album

Administrative Committee Meeting

The Director making a point

Medical Services Division

itte e Comm inistrativ The Adm



Post Graduate Students

School of Nursing Division

Allied Health Division


Finance Division

Administrative Division

Pastoral Care Division


Nursing Division

Hospital Auxiliaries

Support Services Division



The Sports Day Spectacle


Bravo! to Women Power

Suprevisors & Heads of Departments


The Community Clinics in progress

New appointees

Dr Suranjan Bhattacharji, Chairperson, BBH Governing Board addressing the BBH community


Important Visitors to BBH

Dr Abdul Kalam with Dr Krishna Chivukula and Dr Alexan

Mother Teresa at BBH in 1980
der Thomas

Dr M Veerappa Moily Inaug

it urating the new CT Scan un

Col. Bunyan, Dy Director, BBH, welcoming Dr Mumtaz Ali Khan


The 38th Anniversary of the Bangalore Baptist Hospital is an important occasion. It is a time of celebration when one can reminisce and thank God for His innumerable blessings. There is no doubt that the institution has grown significantly since its early days in 1973. The Bangalore Baptist Hospital prides itself in the practice of ethical medicine of high standard and its commitment to serve the poor and marginalized. It is only appropriate that this souvenir is being published to commemorate this day and focus on the varied developments that have taken place over the past 38 years. This Souvenir was the brainchild of Dr. Alexander Thomas, Director (CEO) and the members of the Administrative Committee. I wish to thank them for all their support and guidance. I wish to thank the Divisional Heads for providing the material and their valuable suggestions. I gratefully acknowledge the help rendered by Elizabeth, Peter, Nayseba, Sahida, Hannah, Monthy, Kavitha, Kavya, Diana & Joel. My special thanks to Mr. Arun Hubert and Sindhu for their tireless efforts capturing hundreds of fantastic photographs that form the bulk of the souvenir. I also place on record my deep appreciation of the efforts of Mr. George Korah, who was key to the artwork, design and publishing and Mr. Gerard and Mr. Hari for the photos. I thank our vendors, suppliers and companies who have so willingly sent in their donations and advertisements. Putting together this souvenir has been a great experience though challenging at times. I thank my colleagues in the Community Health Department who willingly took on additional responsibilities and supported me during my involvement with this work. I hope you enjoyed the experience of browsing through this and I request that you continue to support us through your prayers and good wishes. May God continue to abide with us and bless us Dr. Gift Norman Chairperson Editorial Committee Bangalore Baptist Hospital Bellary Road, Hebbal Bangalore 560024 Phone : +91- 80-2202470, 22024424, 22024598, 23330321 E-mail : Web:



Our hospital exists to serve all people in the spirit of Christ irrespective of caste, creed, religion, colour and socio-economic status. We strive to provide excellent holistic care at an affordable cost and subsidise or provide free care to the marginalized. Dr. Alexander Thomas D. Orth, MS Orth, M.Phil (HSHM) The Bangalore Baptist Hospital, true to its commitment, Vision and missionary zeal has been rendering yeoman’s service by making available effective, affordable and compassionate health care to all especially the poor and marginalized section of the society. Shri H R Bhardwaj Governor of Karnataka I had the privilege of associating myself with the hospital from its inception covering 30 long years. I always feel at home whenever I visit the hospital. Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Ali Khan Cabinet Minister for Haj, Wakf and Minority Welfare, Karnataka

This dedication of the cancer center and general patient wards is another milestone in the life of Bangalore Baptist Hospital. Throughout its 38-year history, this hospital has steadily grown in facilities and services always looking to the future and the needs of the community. Dr Rebekah Naylor Former Director, BBH

My first experience at BBH was as a patient, and later it was my privilege to serve on the board of BBH for more than ten years. The consistent history of BBH in ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of patients and families has been a beacon of mercy and hope to all who have come to the hospital. Clyde D Meador Interim President, International Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention

Bangalore Baptist Hospital Bellary Road, Hebbal Bangalore 560024 Phone : +91- 80- 22024700, 22024424, 22024598, 23330321 E-mail : Web:

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